Will finals curb the girls' appetite for sex? Don't count on it! Fall Semester ends with a bang for the roommates!
Chapter 17

“So you swallowed both of them like a good little slut! Cool!” Jen praises Jess as they hurry across campus, on their way to finals. “But why didn’t you fuck them?” “I just met them that night. I never even found out their names. I’m really not into the idea of fucking guys that I don’t even know,” Jess replies. “Take it from me, you should try it,” Jen flashes her a wicked grin. “It’s such a rush when you feel the chemistry with somebody you don’t know and then get it on with them! Then you just both go your separate ways. And every guy is different. Size, technique…” Jen’s voice trails off dreamily as she reflects on her numerous conquests. “Well, I’m already juggling three guys. That’s more than enough,” Jess replies, even as she can’t help but feel aroused at the thought of herself in the arms of some anonymous stud that she’ll never see again. “Yeah, Heather’s got the same situation. Except she’s juggling four guys. Three here and her man back home. Plus, I’m trying to hook her up with Tyler,” Jen responds. “Oh, the linebacker! But I thought you were dating him,” Jess exclaims with surprise. “We were, but I don’t like being tied down to any one guy. And I know Heather wants him,” replies Jen. “Why doesn’t she go out with him, then?” asks Jess. “She’s never been with a black guy before, but she’s such a horny little slut she won’t be able to resist much longer,” Jen replies. The two friends continue their walk across campus, their breath visible in the cold morning air. “Tyler only dates white girls. He mostly likes blondes, but you’re so pretty, he’d definitely go out with you,” Jen suddenly tells a startled Jess. “And I can tell you first hand it’s true what they say about black guys!” she giggles. “Well, I don’t know,” Jess replies, experiencing a new feeling of inner excitement at the prospect of surrendering herself to the muscular, horse hung black linebacker. “Well, my final is here,” Jen says, turning to walk into the Smith Building. “Okay. Mine’s in Washington Hall. Good luck!” Jess bids Jen farewell and continues on her way. I feel like such a slut whenever I talk to her, Jess reflects. But being a slut is actually fun! she smiles to herself as she quickens her pace to Washington Hall.

Heather lets out a moan as the well hung stud slams into her yet again. She can hear the frat boy’s bed creaking underneath their horizontally stacked bodies, linked together below the waist by the stud’s stiffened pivot of flesh plunged deep into her wet love slot. I just hope the bed doesn’t break, she thinks, even as she lets out a gasp. He is fucking me pretty hard! Heather orgasms as the stud continues to thrust his pelvis at hers, in rhythm to the thumping party music just beyond the bedroom door. “You are so fucking good!” Heather moans, looking up into the eyes of her partner. The stud’s only response is an animal grunt as he slams into her even harder. “Oh my god! Oh my god!” Heather screams as the stud’s powerful thrusting reaches a fever pitch. Finally, the stud lets out a deep groan as his tool blasts a massive load of sperm deep into Heather’s pussy. A few more groans as the stud’s balls continue to spasm and drain, and then without uttering a word, he pulls his tool out of his beautiful partner and gets out of bed. “You were so good, baby!” Heather calls out, still lying in bed with her legs open, even as the stud quickly throws his clothes back on and exits the room, not even bothering to reply. Heather couldn’t care less about the stud’s gruff attitude; she has gotten exactly what she wanted out of him.

The first stud has barely left the room when the second stud walks in. He quickly peels off his clothes and jumps into bed with Heather, his tool already fully erect. Without wasting any time, he plunges his stiffened manhood into Heather’s eager pussy right to the root. “Oh yeah, baby!” she exclaims gleefully, as the stud begins to thrust. The stud is tall, handsome and well built, with curly black hair and blue eyes. He is also unbelievably sweaty. He begins to perspire heavily as soon as he begins thrusting into Heather, and soon he is drenched in sweat. Huge drops of perspiration fall from his nose onto the moaning slut and she takes delight in feeling the stud’s sweat lingering on her flesh, and mingling with her own perspiration. “Fuck me! Fuck me!” she exhorts the stud as his steading rhythmic thrusting builds to a climax. At last, bathed in sweat, the stud lets out a gasp as his balls are drained by a powerful ejaculation that rockets his white love nectar to the far reaches of Heather’s pussy. The realization that her lover is releasing his sperm into her propels Heather into her own orgasm. “Oh my god! Oh, baby!” she moans, caressing the stud’s sweaty back with her hands, even as his tool continues to spurt the white hot fluid of love into her. As good as this stud has been, Heather still can’t help looking forward to the next one.

Heather feels some trepidation as she watches the third stud climb into bed with her. Naked and erect, the stud’s tool isn’t especially long, probably only 6 inches, but it’s the thickest penis Heather has ever seen. Heather can feel the thickness of the tool’s bulbous head as the stud rubs it up against her nether lips. Holy fuck, is this thing even going to fit in me? she wonders, with a mixed feeling of dread and anticipation. She can feel her pussy lips parting as the thick tip of the stud’s flesh spear pushes past them and into the canal of love. Heather feels as if her pussy is going to split open as the thick shaft slides deeper and deeper into her. She soon realizes, to her amazement, that the entire battering ram is now buried in her pussy to the root. Her womanhood, while still hungry for male flesh, now has an uncomfortably full feeling. Oh my god! This is going to hurt! the thought flashes through her mind, even as she can feel the fleshy monster deep inside her begin to move. Like some great beast just awakened from its slumber, the stud’s thick tool slowly slides backwards and then lumbers forward again. Heather winces as discomfort becomes pain. Backwards and then forwards again, and this time more forcefully. Heather gasps but masters herself and does not cry out. Another even more powerful thrust, and Heather begins to whimper with pain. With each thrust, however, Heather’s pussy muscles are loosening up to accommodate the pile driver of flesh. As the once reluctant pussy becomes more welcoming, the brutal male intruder slams into her with increasing speed and force. Short lived pain now becomes pleasure as Heather screams out in ecstasy. She knows that her womanhood is being stretched beyond its normal limits, and the sweet ache she feels is unlike anything she’s ever experienced before. “Oh my god! Oh my god! Yes! Wreck my pussy, baby!” she cries out in the throes of passion. The thick cocked stud now pounds away mercilessly, his tool pistoning the now loosened pussy effortlessly. Heather begins to scream non stop at the top of her lungs as she is launched into a chain of multiple orgasms. “Holy shit!” the stud gasps, his senses assaulted by the screaming, even as he can feel Heather’s fingernails digging into his back. Heather, still yelling like a banshee, still enduring the relentless assault on her pussy, now moves her hands convulsively down to the stud’s hairy ass cheeks and digs her fingernails in with a vengeance. Finally, almost deafened by the screaming, the stud can endure no more. His white genetic nectar belches forth from his penile slit, filling Heather with the love offering of yet another human male. “Oh my god! Oh my god! Oh my god!” Heather moans loudly, her arms caressing the shoulders of her magnificent male beast, her aching pussy the focal point of ecstasy. To her own amazement, her only thought now is More! More!

It’s almost a blur now. A fourth penis is now deep inside Heather, and she’s almost unaware that she’s being fucked yet again until the owner of the penis begins to talk to her. “Having fun?” the hung, good looking, brown haired stud inquires, as he thrusts his pelvis at Heather’s. “Oh fuck, yeah!” Heather exclaims. “We could hear you screaming out there over the music,” the stud informs her as he slams into her yet again. “Holy shit! Was I really that loud?” Heather asks in an embarrassed tone rendered breathless by the new stud’s powerful thrusting. “Yeah. Everybody heard you telling him to wreck your pussy,” the stud tells her laughingly. “Gangbang!” Heather yells at the top of her lungs. “I hope everybody heard that!” she says to the stud as her pussy lips kiss the base of his shaft once more. Small talk now ceases as carnal fury consumes both man and woman. Male grunts and female moans until finally man surrenders his white, scalding hot liquid of love to woman. Heather now has a fourth load in her pussy. After pulling out his well used tool, still dripping sperm , the stud needs to have his curiosity satisfied. “Was he really that much bigger than I am?” “You’re longer, but he was super thick. But don’t worry babe. You were real good,” Heather replies affectionately, giving the stud a peck on the cheek before he throws his clothes back on and leaves the room. He was the only one who actually talked to me tonight, she muses.

He’s going to cum real soon, Heather thinks, staring up at the ceiling as the fifth stud hammers her into the mattress. He can’t hold out much longer, she reflects as she suddenly hears the stud emit a deep, visceral groan. Moaning softly, she watches her pretty little feet, with their red painted toenails, bob in midair as she takes the last few powerfully delivered thrusts of the now almost spent stud. The thrusting stops abruptly and the stud’s entire body seems to stiffen as he groans deeply. In the far reaches of Heather’s vaginal canal, the slit of the stud’s tool releases its multitude of thrashing sperm cells. Propelled into their new environment at high velocity, these millions of tiny swimmers will encounter countless millions more, produced by four other young men. All will fail in their biological mission, thwarted by the lustful young slut’s birth control. Heather, unaware of this genetic drama being played out deep inside her body, couldn’t care less. She has copulated with five men tonight. She now quickly gets dressed. I’d better get out of here before another guy walks in, she thinks to herself. I beat Jen’s record. That’s all that matters, she smiles triumphantly to herself as she shuts the door behind her on the sex saturated bed that was her carnal battleground of the evening.

Chapter 18

“Hello, Heather!” Heather, just leaving Adams Hall after her final, turns in the direction of the familiar male voice. “Oh, um. Hi, Jon,” she replies with embarrassed surprise, recalling the many times she had snubbed and ignored Jen’s nerdy tutor. “How are finals going?” Jon asks her, as they begin walking together across campus. “Oh, they’re going!” she laughs nervously in reply. “I saw you last night at Sushi Heaven. Are you a big sushi fan?” Jon asks. “Oh yeah! I love sushi!” Heather gushes. “How about dinner at Sushi Heaven, and then maybe a movie?” Jon suggests in a casual tone. “Cool! How about tomorrow night?” Heather shocks herself by leaping at the opportunity. “Well, it’ll have to be next semester. I’m not going to have any free time this week,” Jon counters, asserting control over the timing of their first date. “Oh, ok,” Heather replies, disappointment shading her voice. “Well, here’s my number. Call me over break,” she says as she eagerly scribbles her phone number on a piece of paper and hands it to Jon. “I will,” he replies confidently as he turns and walks off towards his dorm. Wow, thinks Heather, her head almost spinning. I know Lisa fucked him, but he just seems like a completely different person now. And he’s actually not that bad looking, she muses to herself as she continues on her way back to her dorm, her pussy still sore from the thick tool it had taken just two nights earlier. Good thing he doesn’t know what I did at that party the other night, she giggles to herself.

Jess watches the bulge in the frat boy’s jeans expand as they continue their conversation to the backdrop of the music blaring at the frat party. Yeah, he’s hung, she concludes with satisfaction. And he’s hot too, she enthuses, with his curly blonde hair and blue eyes. Kind of reminds me of Eric, but even better looking. The stud now has his arm around her, and she can feel the increasing wetness in her womanhood when he finally utters the words she has been longing to hear, “You wanna?” She drops her eyes demurely and replies “Well, I don’t know…” her voice trailing off suggestively with a tone that lets the stud know that she can easily be persuaded. Yeah, I’m a slut, Jess admits to herself. I just don’t want him to think I’m one. Gently, almost tenderly, the stud takes Jess’ hand in his. He inclines his head towards hers. No words are spoken. None are needed. He knows that he has her within his power. Jess lowers her head, once again dropping her eyes, and happily surrendering herself to the inevitable, she allows the stud to lead her by the hand from the party towards the back of the frat house. Her mind races as her feet carry her towards the stud’s bedroom. I was in love with Mike, or at least I thought I was, and I really, really like Bob and Eric and Doug, all three of them. But I just met this guy. I don’t even know his name. And I’m going to fuck him! She can feel her heart race as her excitement grows.

Behind closed doors, she makes one last pretense of reluctance. Standing just inside the door, she makes out with the stud briefly. “You wanna, babe?” he repeats. “Well…” she elongates the token word of reluctance into multiple syllables, even as her hand reaches down for the bulge in the stud’s jeans. The engorged tool is rock hard, and pulling down the stud’s jeans and briefs, and dropping to her knees, Jess soon has the tool in all its stiffened glory in front of her face. Gently massaging the stud’s balls, Jess swirls her tongue around the head of the tool, tantalizing the slit with the tip of her tongue. Soon precum is exuding from the tool’s slit, and Jess catches it on her tongue, savoring the oily masculine lubricant. She runs her tongue slowly all the way down the length of the tool’s shaft, eliciting a shudder and a groan of pleasure from the stud. Sliding the tool into her mouth, she slowly takes in more and more of the shaft until her lips kiss the base of the rigid penis. “Oh fuck! Yeah!” the stud groans his approval. Now dropping her act of demure hesitation, Jess gets to her feet. “I want to fuck you,” she breathes in a lust laden voice, even as she begins to undo her blouse. The condoms are not in her purse tonight. I want him to shoot his load into me, she tells herself again with lustful determination, fixing the stud with a smoldering look in her eye, as she unhooks and slips out of her bra, revealing her bountiful mounds of love with their hardened nipples. Sitting down on the edge of the bed, she holds out first one leg and then the other, allowing the now naked stud to pull off both of her leather high heeled boots. Jess now quickly whips off her socks, and holds out both of her legs to the stud. The stud tugs on her tight jeans, and assisted by a little wriggling from Jess, he pulls the denim casing off the gorgeous long legs. At last, lying on the bed, she raises her legs in the air, and sensually slides her love soaked panties up, up to her ankles, then up to her pretty feet, now pointed at the ceiling, and pulling them free, tosses them far from the bed. Lying flat on her back, she spreads her luscious thighs, offering the succulent feminine treat that lies between them to her stud. The stud thrusts his tongue at Jess’ yearning womanhood, and soon the once innocent and virtuous beauty, now completely consumed by lust, moans with passion as her clit is tantalized and tormented by the stud’s skillful mouth snake.

“Oh, god! Oh, god! Fuck me! Fuck me!” Jess moans pleadingly. The stud’s tool slides easily into the well lubricated canal of love and disappears inch by swollen inch into the welcoming pussy. The stud slowly begins to thrust. “Oh yeah! Oh yeah!” Jess gasps passionately, looking up into the stud’s face as he slams forcefully into her. I don’t even know your name, she thinks, but right now, we are one. She lets out a moan as the stud plunges deeply into her yet again. I am taking you inside of me, and soon you’re going to be leaving your very essence deep within me. The stud is grunting now and thrusting more rapidly, as Jess moans loudly in ecstasy. She is on the very precipice of orgasm, but only one thing can push her over the edge. She needs the stud’s sperm. “Cum for me baby! Cum for me!” she exhorts the stud in her lust suffused voice. The now sweating stud, driven to frenzy by his beauty’s words of encouragement, slams into her with manic fury. Finally, he achieves release as his balls explode and his tool blasts spurt after spurt of his thick white love product into Jess’ pussy. Jess now tumbles off the edge into the most intense orgasm she has ever experienced. There is no safety net of latex separating her from the stranger. He is pumping his sperm into her pussy, consummating lust in its purest form. “Oh my god! Oh my god!” she moans loudly as the orgasm seizes hold of her body, and even as the stud, his tool still spurting, lets out another deep groan. Yes, this is lust in its most animal form, but it is also love, Jess’ racing mind reveals to her in her heightened state of awareness, as she reaches the dizzying heights of ecstasy. It is love because I can only give my body in love. And if I can give my body in love to this unknown stud, I can also give it to others. Many others. Lying in her anonymous stud’s arms after their sweaty mutual climax, Jess reflects on all that has been revealed to her. He is just the first, she vows to herself. I won’t hold back on giving my love anymore. Tonight, she has cast aside the symbolic latex prison of the condom, and even better yet, she has embraced the ethos of the slut. When she returns for Spring Semester, there will be many others, she vows.
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