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Jamie has a study session with her teacher, who has a "hands on" style.
A Reasonable Deal (Pt. 5)

Chapter 1

There was a light knock on the door, and Danielle opened her door to the night air, and a pretty girl. Jamie was standing in the door, her backpack—with laptop, notebooks, and a couple history books packed into it—was swung over her shoulder. Danielle looked at her teenage student for a moment with a smile.

Very nice legs...she thought to herself as she looked down at Jamie's tanned calves and lower thighs. Cute black short skirt, white blouse...wish another button was undone....but the cleavage is looking good so far. Hmm. Looks like she's not the only one doing some studying tonight...I may take a crash course in anatomy..... “Hey Jamie, good to see you. Come on in.”

Jamie was a little thrown off by the slight pause before the friendly greeting, and the awkward scan Danielle had made of her outfit.Yeah, she either isn't too happy with my skirt or is way too happy with it Danielle thought to herself, remembering the rumors she'd heard in school about this teacher. The teacher was clearly in her slouching gear: a light blue sweatpants/sweatshirt combo that was a little more form fitting than normal, but nothing sexy. Still, her large D cup breasts and perfectly round ass were clearly present and accounted for.

“Welcome to my humble abode. There are some chips and drinks on the table. Feel free to help yourself. Bathroom is around the corner, first door on the right.”

“Thanks, have a nice apartment” Jamie replied, looking at the abstract paintings that adorned her wall. Maybe three of them. It should have been too much for a smaller living room, but it worked, and Danielle's love of art was clear. There were art and art history books all over her shelf. Her teacher gave a slight, “thanks but its nothing to be too proud of nod” nod and decided to get things rolling.

“Well, let's jump into this. We know why you're here. I really should, and could, give you a failing grade on this class Jamie. You have not done the work as you should have. You have done poorly on the tests. We need to be clear about that. What I am doing is purely voluntary, and though I'm happy to, and am looking forward to our times together, I insist that you do exactly as I say.”

Jamie gave a few small nods of her head that indicated some degree of shame and perfect understanding of the situation. They began going through various topics that they had dealt with the previous week, and though Jamie was occasionally embarrassed by ignorance regarding earlier readings that she hadn't done, things that had been talked about in class seemed to have stuck in her mind, and Danielle quickly got the impression that, although Jamie didn't like reading history, she seemed to pay attention to her when she taught in class, which was something, at least.

They ended up discussing what Rome took from Greece, culturally, and some of the contributions Rome had left the world, and went over this or that battle, which Jamie wasn't all that interested in, and frankly, neither was Danielle, but the student gradually became comfortable with the teacher, and they were having a pretty good time. When they began discussing certain aspects of ancient Roman culture, they began to have some conversations that were very interesting to both of them.

“So girls got married, like, before they were 15?” Jamie asked....she was feeling a little warm, so she quietly undid another button on her blouse while Danielle was looking down at a book.

“Yes, often they married somebody much older than themselves, since it took awhile for men to come to the point where they could support a family, and there was such a high infant-mortality rate that women needed to have a lot of kids to make sure the parents would be provided for in their old age. It was pretty common all over the ancient world.” Danielle explained, instantly noticing the opened shirt, and the fairly deep cleavage Jamie had revealed. Hmmmm.....about time....

“Okay, like, I could see marrying an older guy, in theory” Jamie started to say, thoughts of John skipping through her mind, though marriage was not on her list of priorities, she understood that in somebody else's shoes it might make sense.... “but I don't get the whole, creepy, marrying-14-year-olds thing for the guys”

“Yes, I get what you're saying, some elements of life back then were weird. But that's the way it was, especially in the lower-rungs of society. Wealthier people were a lot more like us in that way.....but they were different in other ways too..... our society sees their lives as a lot more 'decadent' for example. They were always having orgies, and eating all the time, and having orgies while eating, and doing all sorts of weird stuff.” Danielle commentated, thinking about all sorts of debauchery she had read about powerful men and lecherous women taking part in, and their various sexual escapades. It always stirred her. I'm going to show you what decadent is in a second, Jamie.

“Yeah, like what you were saying about Tiberius and what's-his-name.....Calignus or something or other.” Jamie crossed her legs, and her skirt rode up her thigh.

“Caligula, yes.” Danielle said with a smile. He was her favorite emperor. And that thigh looked tempting.

Jamie kept going: “I think it would be weird to be a servant or something....what if they just decided to have you or whatever? Like, just grabbed you and started, you know, doing whatever they wanted?” Danielle shifted in her seat a little, and Jamie continued “....that would be, one moment you're just working, next moment you're like, having some creeper all up on you......” Jamie said. Inside she was thinking, John can get all up on me anytime I'm working. Hmmm...I wonder if Caligula's female servants ever enjoyed his attentions..............if he was hot enough I probably would.......... Jamie leaned forward a little to look at picture of a bust of Caligula, and her breasts, contained in a frilly white bra, were immediately being lusted after by Danielle, hungrily.

“Well, I guess it might seem weird....but you know, they were the most powerful men in the world, and some women didn't seem to mind.” Danielle sat a little closer to Jamie, “Roman Senators' wives were constantly carrying on affairs in that society. Particularly with decadent emperors....”

“Wow, well, I guess I can get that,” and as she spoke, Jamie stretched, her back arching beautifully, her breasts proudly standing out. She spoke in the middle of the stretch, “Who knows? If he made a move on me I might.....oh, hey....” Danielle had placed her hands on Jamie's shoulders and was gently massaging them. It took Jamie by surprise......but it felt good. Jamie thought to herself, Alright, went from scary/cool teacher to awesome teacher, in one second. Good job Danielle.

“What,” Danielle said, enjoying the feeling of her student's soft skin, even through her thin blouse, “you would carry on an affair with Caligula? Pretty brave, kid.” She was pushing her thumbs into Jamie's back, while gently gripping her shoulders. While she spoke, she moved her hands forward a little, up and over the shoulders, then she started running her fingers down and back up Jamie's soft skin—right below the girl's neck. Her hands went over her collarbone a little, than back up, then back down,.slowly, firmly pushing in.............she was doing a good job.

Jamie rolled her head around, enjoying the treatment, and repositioned herself so she was sitting with her back a little more towards her teacher. Danielle moved over and brought a leg up on the couch and around Jamie, so that Jamie's back ended up resting against her. Danielle's breasts pressed up against her young student. Her hands moved up and around Jamie's neck, her thumbs pressed in firmly where Jaime's neck met her head.....and Jamie loved it.

“Mmmmmm......well.....I wasn't thinking an affair really, I was just thinking if I was a servant girl or something....” Ummm... Jamie thought, this conversation is actually getting a little weird......I think I'll keep my thoughts to myself on this ma......

“Oh I see. The most powerful man in the world finding you desirable” Danielle's hands moved down her student's neck, one resting on her left shoulder, her right hand falling quite low on the chest, the thumb lazily drawing circles between, and right above, Jamie's breasts. “.....yeah, it might be a bit of a turn on. I bet he'd be all over you, actually.” Danielle leaned a little closer and said these words quietly.

Jamie laughed a little, and put her head back, as Danielle's left hand continued massaging near her neck. “Well, I'd like to think he would, but he probably could have whoever he wanted...” I'm diggin the massage, but her hand is pretty close to my boobs there...but whatever. She's been chill...I don't know what I found scary about her at all.

Danielle's right hand moved, slowly, a little lower, and her little finger dropped down and gently felt the top of Jamie's left breast, pressing ever so slightly into the soft skin. Her eyes closed as she felt the highschooler.... it was perfect. She breathed out softly, and with a low voice, “I think if he had his choice, he would take you......I know I would....” and her hand lowered itself to Jamie's boob and squeezed it lightly.

Jamie whipped around to face her teacher. Danielle's eyes opened quickly. Jamie saw them instantly change from warm and kind to stern and business-like; her hand was still on the girl's breast, but the squeeze had changed,in some weird way, like her eyes had, from a passing touch to a firm grasp. “Wha....wha...............What are you doing......?” Jamie breathlessly asked, her eyes shifting from her teacher's determined face down to her determined hand, which had taken possession of Jamie's boob. She started to breathe quickly, nervously, her breasts rising and falling.

The firm grasp softened slightly, and started kneading its object of interest, and when Jamie's hands raised up to grasp her teacher's arm, trying to push it away half-heartedly, the grasp became insistent, and wouldn't be moved. I don't want to offend her, but what's she want? Is she going me?? She can't. She won't. She'll lose her job, she knows that.

“Listen......I...uh....I know we were getting along and all....” Jamie started saying, incredibly distracted by her teacher's unwavering, direct eye contact, and the hand that was groping her “...and, you're really, really cool. I've had fun, didn't know you were a lesbian,” at this point Jamie tried to push Danielle away, but her teacher's left hand circled around Jamie's back and pulled her close, her other hand had left Jamie's breast and was very slowly moving down, finding another button on her blouse, pausing, and starting to undo it...

“Mmhm. And?” Danielle replied, not adding anything else. She broke her stare at Jamie and lowered her eyes to her student's chest.

Jamie didn't know what to do for sure. Her teacher had replied just like she was replying to one of Jamie's excuses for not doing any homework. A sort of been-there-done-that tone that implied she knew what she was doing and didn't need this conversation since she knew what was going on already. “And......look....I'm not comfortable with this. I'm not a lesbian. I'm not bi-curious or whatever.” The button came undone, the offending hand reached down to the next, and Jamie looked down towards it, then back up at her teacher, desperately, “Danielle, I'm not a lesbian.”

“Really? Yeah, I figured as much. That's okay, no worries.” the very attractive, dark-skinned woman said to her student—like she had dealt with this situation a thousand times before. Like Jamie was making excuses that didn't need to be made. Then she added, with a smile, “I'll enjoy you enough for the both of us.”

Then she leaned in and brought her lips to Jamie's.

Chapter 2

Jamie closed her lips tight, and Danielle's started a gentle but consistent attack in retaliation for the non-cooperation. Danielle kissed her student's lips once, then twice, quickly, and then planted her lips on the girl's for a good long, sustained attempt. Her hands, moved from the embrace to quickly and deftly undoing the remaining few buttons on Jamie's shirt, while Jamie haplessly held her teacher's wrists, making a sorry attempt to keep the hands from doing their work. The groping of the breast had been a demand for sex. That demand not being answered in the positive, there was a declaration of war, and Danielle had begun the battle.

Jamie was confused and unsure of herself. This was so unexpected. She had a dozen disconnected thoughts running through her mind, and the overflow of physical sensations was as overpowering as Danielle's body. The determined hands working away at her clothing, the large soft lips that were so aggressively enjoying her own, the feel of her teacher's breaths against her upper lip and nose were regulated and under control, but nonetheless felt passionate. She could hardly concentrate on fighting Danielle's hands when her teacher's lips were trying to get her to open her mouth, with the occasional flick of her tongue showing that she was not satisfied with simple kisses. Her shirt was undone and being pushed off her shoulders before she even realized it was happening. The kissing was really throwing her off. She was a step behind her teacher because of it. Her eyes closed, as the teacher was just too close...

Danielle was pleased. She looked at this like she was besieging a city or fighting a war. She opened her campaign against her opponent with a full-on surprise assault on her mouth, but she compounded the confusion by beginning an attack from an unexpected direction, and, before the defender could react, she was attacking somewhere else. First the buttons to the blouse were undone, and when Jamie's hands went to frantically fumble away at redoing them, the blouse was being pulled off her shoulders, and when her hands went to find her blouse to pull it back on, her skirt was being hiked up to expose her pink thong, but in the time it took for a hand to start pulling the skirt back down to cover herself, her bra was off and gone. Slowly but surely the girl was being undressed, and Danielle was happy about her progress.

She was a great multi-tasker, and working away at Jamie was the most fun she'd had in a long time, and she was going at it like a project that needed to be done. She was very efficient.

The bra was gone, and the breasts were ready to be enjoyed, but there was no need to divide the attack yet. The forceful kissing was Jamie's primary defense concern, since it was direct contact with her body, but since her clothes being steadily removed was not as jolting to the senses, her brain was slower to react to that affront.

The blouse was open and all the buttons, soon enough, undone. Shortly, it was almost entirely pulled off, just the sleeves were stuck at the elbows. Danielle switched to having both hands do different tasks. One pulling the blouse off her student's shoulders and the other alternating between pulling her skirt up by the legs, and down by the waist, confusing Jamie's reaction. Danielle's eyes were still closed, but she was concentrated and had complete control of the situation, but Jamie was just reacting to different stimuli....she didn't stand a chance.

But at the moment, most of all, Danielle wanted her tongue to penetrate her target's mouth....since she felt that would be a lot for Jamie to process.....and she really enjoyed kissing...... so she decided on a different approach to the problem: to try and divert and shock her student enough to gain entry. She immediately reached down between Jamie's legs and cupped the young student's pussy, through her thong, with her hand, getting a few gentle rubs in on her clitoris with a thumb. Jamie jumped, her hands shot down to grab the offending hand's wrist and pull it away from her most private of places, and both her eyes and mouth opened in shock.

Lunging at the opportunity, Danielle's tongue entered Jamie's mouth. Her head tipped slightly, and their lips locked.. It was a job well done, and the reward was well worth the work. Danielle pushed in with delight. Her tongue explored every part of her young opponent's mouth, and sought out her tongue to engage and play with.

Her hand left Jamie's genitals, and moved up her body. Her other hand joined the journey and midway up her torso they began a firm push, which Danielle leveraged with her whole body. This took magnificent coordination and concentration. As Jamie's body fell back, Danielle's followed it, not breaking the kiss at all, in fact fighting Jamie's attempts at liberating her mouth while she did it. She then moved her legs between Jamie's, spreading them with her own. As she did that, her hands continued up Jamie's body, and ended up cupping her face, lightly stroking by the ears, and following her soft jaw line, and feeling her hair.

Jamie could barely think now. Her hands were weakly grabbing at her teacher's sweatshirt, of no use at all. The tongue in her mouth was overwhelming. It felt good, there was no denying it. She just didn't want to be made to feel good in this way by another woman....especially forcefully. But these weren't linear thoughts in her mind. Everything was scattered.

Of all the senses, Jamie's hearing was the most focused at the moment, and it latched onto one sound that made an impression on her, emotionally. Thoughts flooded her mind because of it. As Danielle forcefully and passionately made out with her victim, the teacher took a single, very slow and drawn out, quiet, but strong breath. It was a deep inhale, and light, light exhale, as she kissed. It sounded so contented, like a hard day's work was done, and now she could relax and enjoy herself. It sounded pleasured, like she was experiencing a wonderful massage after a difficult and enduring struggle. It sounded like relief, like she was finally getting to eat after starving the whole day.... and even if what she got was a little, it was the most delicious thing she'd ever had. Jamie felt, more than she understood these things, and it made her, though she didn't want to have sex with this woman, understand that trying to stop this would be a fight, and how that fight had gone already was an indication that she wouldn't win.

Danielle broke the kiss, finally, and raised herself up so she was kneeling above her student, her hands moving to hold down Jamie's. She was looking directly at her, the hard, stern look replaced by the kind, warm, almost motherly one. Then she let go and raised her hands up to herself and pulled off her sweatshirt.

Her body was amazing. Very athletic, but not too muscular, she had the hint of abs, a tight waist, large, soft, fantastic looking d-cup breasts, without a bra, but with dark brown nipples and large, dark aureoles. Her arms had slight muscular development, but not too much. Jamie knew she didn't stand a chance against this woman physically.

“That was quite a fight you put up there,” Danielle said, smiling slightly, she crossed her arms under her large, awesome-looking tits. “I probably still have a little work cut out for me, but I'm going to make out with you some more and hopefully won't have to fight. Okay?”

Jamie was exhausted, and making out might be the best rest she could have. I can not hold her off, like, she is way built, what am I going to do? She's not stopping. She's, like, not going to stop. I'm going to take a break. Make out. Then try to keep her away from having me.......all the way. She's such a dyke bitch but.....thank god she's not one of the ugly ones.....I think I'll.. “Listen.....” Jamie started to say, trying to catch her breath, “I won't tell anybody about this, just let.....” oh here she comes again and “Mmmmmhhhmmmmphhhhh” Jamie made muzzled sounds as her teacher reengaged her mouth. She wasn't even going to try to fight. While her hands lay limp at her sides, her teacher's lips were kissing her own, eating them up it seemed. When Danielle's lips were done, they would settle into a lock on the girl's mouth, which reluctantly and tiredly opened for her, and her tongue would enjoy its stay and lick and touch Jamie's.

Danielle was pleasantly surprised to find an ever so slight movement of Jamie's tongue, just responding, a very little, to the ministrations of her own. She's even a better kisser than John. Man, this really isn't too bad. But I'm not letting her....Jamie thought. And so she continued to think, and for the next 10 minutes, they just lay there, kissing.

Danielle really started to get turned on. Jamie's skirt was pulled part way down her thighs, her thong exposed completely, her blouse was completely open and barely on at all, while her bra was tossed on the ground, leaving her breasts on full display. Her hair was disheveled, her eyes were closed, her hands were raised slightly in the air, and her legs and feet were moving a little this way and that, as her teacher continued to kiss her deeply.

Her teacher, wearing only some sweatpants, which were already beginning to sink lower on her body, the top of her perfect ass being brought slightly in view, was starting to move her hands over her young victim's body. Her hips began pushing her crotch against Jamie's, grinding away...

Danielle finally broke her kiss. She leaned over and nibbled on the girl's ear a bit, and said quietly, “Alright, time to move on to your boobs, girl.” Jamie let out a slight protest, a mix of “no” and a little feminine grunt, which really turned her teacher on.

“God you're so hot...” Danielle muttered, practically to herself, “it's on.”

She dropped down to Jamie's boobs, and started kissing between them, planting licks on their inner-sides. Her tongue began tracing the outline of Jamie's left breast. She tongued underneath, where it lay on her chest, her nose pushing into the soft tit as she continued her path around its circumference. As soon as she was back at the top, she began kissing around the same path, but closer in. Jamie was frustrated. She didn't want this, but it felt so good. “ know you shouldn't do this.....please Danielle......” Jamie pleaded, her attacker not saying a word, just continuing her kisses to the underside of Jamie's breast, then commencing gentle bites underneath it, “OOOhhhhhhh......AHHHhhhhhh......OOHHHhhhhh” while Jamie moaned, her knees tried to buckle together, laying on the couch, but Danielle had placed her knees on the inside of Jamie's legs, and when she flattened herself out, she spread Jamie's legs wide, which instinctively filled Jamie with feelings of openness and vulnerability. Danielle's mouth made its way back to the top of the boob, then her tongue began its much shorter path around her breast—just its tip circled her small aureola, brushing up against the long nipple. “Aah! Ah! Ooooohhhhhhhh....” Jamie exclaimed, a wave of pleasure sweeping over her. Danielle switched over to her other nipple, sucking on it with relish.

Damn I love girls, Danielle thought to herself, Especially younger ones. And straight ones.

She had taken her target's mouth, and was now in the process of enjoying her tits, but she had no illusions. Both her pussy and ass were going to be a fight, but the indications that Jamie was enjoying the attention to her boobs meant her resolve was weakening. Danielle was definitely loving this conquest. She sat up and looked at Jamie's body. It was delicious.

Jamie looked up at Danielle's imposing figure, and said very quietly, “That felt good,”

Danielle interrupted with, “of course it did.”

Not stopping, Jamie continued, “but I don't feel comfortable with more than what's happened and...”

“You weren't comfortable with me touching your breast almost an hour ago, and now you are,” Danielle said, “I'm comfortable with sucking on your tits some more, so let's do that, before I get to your pussy.”

Her hands went down to Jamie's body, and grabbed her right boob, squeezing it so the nipple was popping out invitingly, then she lowered her head down to the girl's chest and started sucking away on it.

Suck, suck, suck, suck...*pop* (nipple leaving mouth)...lick, lick, liiickkk, slurp...mmph (nipple going back in) suck, suck, suck, suck

Her hands were gently squeezing and massaging Jamie's boob as the sucking continued.

“Now........uhh.........Danielle............I...I didn't want you to, uh...” Jamie said, trying to deal with the feelings of her tits responding to her teacher's tongue.

Suck, suck, suck, suck....*pop* (Danielle looked up at Jamie for a second, then lowered her head back down to her tits), lick, lick, lick, lick.....nibble....

“AH! I...” Jamie was a little thrown off by the awesome feeling of teeth slightly pressing in on her nipple, but she continued, “...I just want you to know, that, like, uh.....I didn't want you to touch me, like, sexually, but since you have, if you stop now...”

nibble, nibble, lick lick, nibble.........pause....... (Danielle didn't even look up) “That's not gonna happen Jamie.” ….....slurrp, suck, suck, suck, suck

“Ooohh, okay, okay, but if you just, like, do whatever with my boobs, or we can make out or something, I'll...uh.....I won't say anything to....anybody.....just....don't....”

suck, suck, suck, *pop*..... “You're not going to say anything.” Danielle said, matter-of-factly.
She then left Jamie's breasts and begin kissing her way down her torso, her fingernails gently scratching down Jamie's sides.

“OH! Hey, hey, I will say, to my mom, my principal, everybody, I swear it.....”

Danielle continued down her body, not saying anything. Kissing her around her belly softly
. “Everybody will know that you're a dyke that, like, rapes people and stuff” Jamie said, her confidence growing. Danielle kissed her belly button, then started kissing her way lower.

Jamie's confidence was short-lived. Her teacher wasn't listening at all. She tried one more time, “Danielle.......really...uuuhhh (the offending lips were at the top of Jamie's thong)....I'll scream right now, call”

Danielle pushed her face into Jamie's crotch, smelling arousal and feeling dampness........unbelievably sexy. “Mmkay. You do whatever you want,” Danielle muttered a little, and then continued nuzzling between the teen's legs.

Jamie thought about it briefly.....I don't want the cops to come, her mom to know...... Everybody at school will like, figure out Danielle, like, had my clothes off and was, like, molesting me and stuff......ohhhhhhhh god she wants me..........I gotta get away, I can't scream.

Jamie started pushing with both hands against Danielle's head, keeping her from her target.

Hmm she's still got some fight in her. Figured as much. Knew she wouldn't scream though. Danielle engaged her previous tactic. She distracted her opponent. Moving her hands around Jamie's soft ass, she used her index finger to forcefully start pushing into the girl's anus.

Ohhhh! Not my ass!!!......uh....she's uh....god its going in....

Jamie stopped defending her pussy and reached back around to stop the penetration into her ass, at which point Danielle used her teeth to pull the thong aside, and triumphantly stuck her tongue up into the girl's pussy!

…...She loved Jamie's taste!! Danielle had had her fill of pussy in her life, but this was top notch. Well worth the sustained assault. As Jamie froze, Danielle's tongue went deep, and started circling and probing inside the teenage girl's warm, wet tunnel. Jamie's grip on the hand, whose finger was just inside her ass, loosened up, allowing it to continue burrowing, and moved towards the head that was between her legs. Jamie wasn't even conscious of her hands' movement. She lay her head back, the only thing in her mind was the feeling of the tongue moving softly, but insistently, in her pussy, and the determined finger circling in, and now gently exploring her tight ass. Her hands found their way to the back of Danielle's head, and out of their own volition began pulling it in.

“Mmmmmhmmmm” Jamie moaned as she was perfectly violated.

Danielle left off her tonguing of the teenage pussy in front of her and looked up at Jamie's closed eyes and open mouth. “Here we go. This is what you needed huh?”

Jamie looked down, tiredly, at the face between her legs. Danielle's question was obviously rhetorical, by its motherly, kind tone, and after making eye contact, the teacher lowered her head back down between her student's legs. Jamie watched her teacher's large, soft lips close over her pussy, sucking her labia up into her mouth, and gently chewing. Jamie gave up control of her body. She was done. The war was over. Now the pillaging would begin.

The finger behind her was probing her ass, getting deeper and deeper slowly.

“Ooooohhhhhh......I love........I...I like having my having that done.....feels sooo....mmmmmmm”

Jamie wanted to move her ass back into the finger, but the attack in front was equally delightful. Danielle's lips were firmly sucking on her labia. Slup, slup, slup, slup.......smack, mmm slup slup slurp....and Jamie, in response, was moaning and groaning with every penetration and caress.

Danielle came up for breath and said, “your ass hmm? Let's see what we can do about that...”

The teacher turned her student over and removed her finger, only to replace it with her tongue, which pressed down firmly, and began circling the girl's anus, probing it here and there, evoking delighted sighs and cries from its owner. “Ah!.......Oh!.......mmmmmmaaaahhhhH!........damn......ohh....... Danielle....ooh, lick it, lick.........yeeessss.....”

Jamie didn't know what to make of what was happening. It was almost like she couldn't stop the words coming from her mouth. Her orgasm was near, and her body was in full pursuit. I don't want this woman doing this....I don' don't want this, I don't want this, I don't wan......ooooohhhhhh – her body finally achieved its goal, and an orgasm washed over her young body as the tongue in her ass got as deep as it could.

“AAAGH, OHHHH, AAAAAAGGHHhhhhhh OHHH” the girl cried....

Danielle was having the time of her life. As the girl came, her asshole was contracting slightly, and she could fully feel the effect her tongue was having on the teen. It was very satisfying. She gently massaged Jamie's ass as her tongue slowly pulled out, and began caressing the sensitive spot once again.

“Okay girl, time for you to pull your weight here” Danielle said, matter-of-factly.

Chapter 3

“Wha.....what” Jamie muttered quietly and nonsensically, as she recovered from the aftershocks of her climax. She was in a haze as she was turned over by the strong black woman, who proceeded to remove her sweatpants, and place her knees and powerful thighs on both sides of Jamie's head, her shaved pussy ready to descend.

Jamie snapped to attention. Wait, she' way. No way. This isn't happening. “You're good at what you do Danielle, but its wrong, and my body....look....” Jamie said, but as her teacher's genitalia began coming down towards her face, she changed her tone to desperate, “Danielle! Don't make me do this, I am not going to enjoy this because, listen, Daniellepleasedon'tdon'tdon't..mmmphhhhhhhhhhh”

Danielle's pussy apparently made a convincing argument, as it silenced Jamie's dissent abruptly.

“I pleasured you, you pleasure me. Come on.:” Danielle reasoned with her victim, “Come on.” She sat her pussy down on Jamie's face, and, not feeling any tongue, began grinding. “You don't have a choice Jamie. Do it.” Danielle felt her pussy move over her chin, lips, nose, forehead, then back the opposite way. Finally it settled on the girl's mouth. The target was shifting as Jamie moved her head to either side to avoid its unwanted duty, but Danielle held the girl's head still and covered her mouth with pussy.

Jamie held her mouth shut tight, her hands involuntarily going up to Danielle's ass, trying to push her away, then just settling to hold onto it as her face was smothered in the folds of her teacher's snatch.

Danielle sat on the girl's face, waiting. Getting impatient, she rolled her eyes slightly, then reached behind her and pinched Jamie's nipple.

“MMMMPPHH!” Jamie silently screamed, not opening her mouth.

Another hard pinch, with a twist.

Jamie grimaced, but held her ground stubbornly. Danielle frowned, reached farther back, and pinched Jamie's labia—hard.

“AAAIIEE!! OKAY! Okay. I....mmphhhhhhphh...” Jamie's speech of surrender was interrupted by the impatient pussy of her teacher. Her mouth opened up, and was filled with soft, wet, warm pussy lips.

“Therrrrre we go.......good girl” Danielle said warmly. She felt a slight tugging sensation as Jamie began eating her pussy. Her young, hot mouth was very timidly sucking on what had been presented it. “Good girl,” Danielle repeated, closing her eyes and pulling Jamie's head deeper into her crotch. “Just needed to be shown who was in charge” Danielle mused, her voice growing deeper. “Start working that tongue Jamie.”

Jamie obediently dipped her tongue into the wetness that was all over her face. She'd never tasted a girl's cum before, and she didn't really care for it. But the warm wet softness of the pussy was pleasant, actually. No wonder John likes going down on me so much. She heard the vocal change with the woman dominating her, and the knowledge that her mouth was arousing her stoic teacher was.....well, there was something hot there.

As a tongue, virgin to a woman's pussy, cautiously explored the new phenomenon, Danielle moaned quietly....she loved this timid first attempt at lesbian oral pleasure. She's alright Danielle thought to herself, her tongue is really............alright......hmm..............

Jamie began trying some of the things John did to her, licking up and down the slit, chewing softly on the lips, sticking the tongue in and circling it around. Danielle was feeling so good, that she smashed her pussy down towards the mouth that was pleasuring it, trying to get more pleasure out of the source, Jamie could hardly breathe......desperately she began grabbing at Danielle's ass.

“OH you're good. OH you're damn good girl...” Danielle groaned as she pushed herself onto her student. “What? Can't breathe? Okay, hold up.”

She settled off of her student, allowing Jamie's tongue to rest. “Alright, you know how to eat pussy. I'm going to lay back, and you're going to get down and eat me out. If you try to make a run for it, I will smother you again. Okay?”

Jamie nodded. Danielle leaned back and put her arms behind her head, waiting expectantly.

Jamie leaned forward, she got on her knees and put her face into Danielle's lap, her ass rising in the air, which was cute. She then went to work. First she kissed around her target for a little.

“Mmhmm. Getting used to it? Go on,” Danielle murmured, thrusting her hips up at her young victim, “Get down in there.”

Jamie obeyed quietly, licking up and down the slit. “Mmmmmmm, that's good...” Danielle said, almost contemplatively. The tongue dipped in between the lips and kept going up and down. “Ohhhhhhh, yes.......yes.....” Danielle hissed. Finally, Jamie just closed her mouth down over Danielle's wetness and just sucked and slurped and munched all over. “AAGH, YEAH! Oh you're...OH!'re such a little bitch. OH! You're my little bitch” Danielle exclaimed, looking down at the teen laying between her legs. The teacher's face was twisted from pleasure into a cute frown, she was humping the girl's face, riding it. With one hand she grabbed a handful of Jamie's silky hair and using that to hold her head steady, started moving her pussy all over Jamie's mouth, enjoying every lick, every kiss, every nibble, and every feeling of complete power that was building in her.

Stiffening, Danielle spoke, haltingly, “alright your little white......mmmmmmm....alright. I'm going to turn around and I want you to lick around my ass. I don't like my ass being penetrated though, okay.....mmm......Just lick around......” as she said this, she slowly turned over, and again obediently, Jamie dipped her tongue into the cleft presented to her.

Jamie was grossed out, even though she liked having her own ass played with. But she did her job, and licked around her teacher's asshole. It was light, and around the edges, but apparently that's all Danielle wanted. In a few minutes her teacher came. It was interesting, she twitched, and she gripped her hands into fists, but she was very quiet, just making humming noises. “mmmmmm.....yeahhh..mmmmmmmhmmmmm mmhmm. Mmmmmmm” her eyes were closed and she was moving her hips in slow circles, enjoying her orgasm.

Finally Danielle returned to the universe, and looked at Jamie. I love that wet feeling around my ass after its been rimmed.....mmm...oohh look at this girl. Danielle had felt completely dominant, as she was. She could be harsh and uncaring, but she looked at Jamie, and Jamie was bothered. She'd done things that were gross to her, and though she had been turned on, when the horniness faded, she was left with a sad feeling that she had been violated, taken advantage of, and abused. Perversely, this turned on Danielle in her own way. She felt motherly. She wanted to be less aggressive but still sexual. She felt bad for the girl, but not bad at all for what had happened.

“Come over here Jamie,” she said to her student, which was odd, since they were on the same couch, but Jamie moved closer, as she assumed that's what she meant. “Listen, you've been good. You made your teacher feel good. That's good. You can suck on my breasts now.”

This was just weird. Jamie was completely confused. She didn't want to, and she didn't know why Danielle had said that, but her teacher's insistent hands moved to Jamie, and pulled her down towards her chest. In almost a cradling posture, Jamie was positioned so Danielle's large tit, with its huge aureola and thick nipple were positioned in sucking range. Knowing she had to anyways, Jamie's mouth closed over the nipple and started to suck.

“'ve had such a long night......” Danielle quietly said, stroking Jamie's hair away from her face, and running a thumb down her cheek. Jamie closed her eyes and continued to suckle. She didn't have any thought in her mind at all. In a strange way, it was soothing for Jamie. After being held down, and forcefully penetrated, and made to do all sorts of obscene things, this particular action was rather peaceful, and maybe it brought to her senses some distant memory of being an infant, but either way, she was obedient, and sucked.

“Mmmhmm......poor thing......your teacher has been so tough on you” Danielle said, quietly. Her nipple was being tugged at lightly, and the feeling was very pleasant. She had Jamie switch to the other breast after a while, and the sucking continued. Finally, Danielle felt Jamie was fine, and indicated she should get up.

“Go ahead and put your clothes on,” Danielle said. They both got dressed. Jamie couldn't look at her teacher. She felt confused. “Well, if you ever get the feeling that you might be into girls, I'm here. Also, we do need to get studying done, so you can come back when we schedule again, and we'll try to keep the sex minimal, okay?” Danielle stated, in perfect teacher mode, like they had just finished some normal study session.

Jamie couldn't say anything. All she could taste was her teacher's genitalia. It was weird. Jamie decided I don't know what to make of this or what to do. John is smart. I'll ask him. He'll know. I don't think he'll judge me for what happened at all. This was so so weird. I thought Danielle was cool too...and.....this is way too much to process.

“Well,” Danielle said, moving her hand down to get a quick little helping of Jamie's ass, which caused an appropriately startled jump. “We do need to keep studying. I believe we were talking about how the emperor Caligula would have totally enjoyed you....haha I guess I have a lot in common with that emperor” I would love to have been in his shoes.....or sandals....whatever Danielle thought to herself, I would have a girl like Jamie every night. Maybe several at once. Maybe....

Jamie, unexpectedly, had a question come to mind that she was very interested in the answer to: “Whatever happened to him anyways?.... Caligula?”

Danielle didn't see the question coming at all, and she certainly didn't like the answer. There was a pause, and Danielle looked very intently at her student. Then led her out to the porch.

“I don't remember,” she said, and closed the door.

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2013-04-09 06:41:30
Ok, part, but I say I didn't like it in a hole.

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2012-05-23 12:38:03
Very well written and erotic story. For those who want to believe you are exploiting a stereotype just ignore them. Ignorance is never something to be praised but by convincing yourself that someone is being racist or whatever when they are most likely are not is just unnecessary. Just enjoy the story with a little wank and stop assuming that every comment about a different race is automatically an attempt at being racist.

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2012-02-15 23:14:01
Why do some people think 'Racially Inclined'? It literally makes me sick at my stomach. I'm not referring to the Author or Characters in the story! Some people love to mess up a damn good story. NOW... To The Author: THIS SEQUEL TO YOUR STORY COULD HAVE BEEN LEFT OUT!!!!! I'M A WOMAN... HEAR ME ROAR!!! IT GROSSED ME OUT!!!

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2012-01-20 16:52:40
In fact our favortie line was that black best friend thing... fricken crap is constant. Anyway sorry for the spam :/. Story is GREAT and I will definitely be seeing it through to the end. Hoping on a harem end atm :p.

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2012-01-20 16:50:18
Oh and some of those "nigga" and "kkk" comments were probably black dudes trolling the shit out of you.... I know because I've seen it happen in person. We got high as fuck and they started posting random crap like that, and then reading all the replies. Apparently this was a favorite past time of theirs.... so your righteous speaches are probably just stoner amusement at least half the time. Thank you for your service tho..... cuz it really is some funny #$%=

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