This is the second chapter of my current series, which continues on from the MOM WANTS TO BE MY CUM BUCKET series.
This chapter has a harder edge to it, and involves bestiality and male bi-sex. If you don't enjoy these aspects please do not read further, or if you choose to read on don't positive negative comments about these forms of sexual behaviour!
Thank you to all have commented on my previous stories, and I sincerely hope you enjoy this one!

I awoke to sunlight streaming through the window and a brilliant blue sky morning. This suited my plans perfectly, as today was going to be a special day. Our distributor and our website clients were constantly asking us to release a bestiality movie, and it was Carole who had suggested that perhaps we should do it. This was a huge step for us, as we had indulged in almost every form of sexual activity you could think of, and enjoyed most of them immensely, but we had never gone this far before.

After a lot of discussion Carole and mom decided they were up for it, and talking about it got us so hot we enjoyed a fantastic fuck session, so the search began to find someone who would allow us to film on their property. After six fruitless months of discreet enquiries and anonymous ads on some fairly interesting websites we finally struck paydirt. A farmer named Joe, (I kid you not!) emailed us saying he had a remote ranch where he bred horses, and had a couple of well-trained German Shepherds as working dogs. His wife Beth had seen our ad, and after a few email exchanges he admitted she regularly allowed the dogs to fuck her, and would suck or fuck the horses when she was extremely horny. Beth had suggested Joe contact us, and Phil and I drove out to meet them and have a look around their property for suitable filming locations. Their ranch was like something out of a farm-stay brochure, with lush green fields nestled in a secluded valley with a creek running through. You had to drive down a long, winding dirt road to get there, and they were waiting on the porch when we pulled up.

Looking at Joe and Beth you would conclude they were father and daughter rather than husband and wife, talk about the original odd couple! Joe was this huge bear of a man and must have been in his mid-forties; Beth was a slim, curvaceous little slip of nothing who looked lucky to be just out of her teens. He was at least a foot and a half taller, and when Phil and I introduced ourselves and shook hands his grip was like a vice. Resisting the urge to massage some feeling back into our crushed fingers, we asked if they’d mind showing us around.

We walked around their property, and admired the beautiful horses they bred for ranch work. He whistled up the dogs and they bounded out of nowhere, running up with their tails wagging. “Ok to pat them?” I asked.

“Sure!” He replied. “Just let ‘em sniff you and get your scent, and don’t make any sudden movements till they get to know you.”

The dogs were curious about their visitors, and sniffed around us for a while. Soon they were behaving like typical pets, quite happy for Phil and I to pat them and wagging their tails in appreciation.

Beth gave me a curious look. “So you make porno movies. You must have a pretty wild love-life!”

I laughed at that comment. “Yeah, I guess we do! You and Joe must have some good times though, otherwise you wouldn’t have contacted us. Do you mind me asking how you started off having sex with your dogs? It’s not really any of my business, but I’m kind of curious.”

She smiled and blushed in reply. “Big Joe is a quite a man, and he is well equipped to take care of my needs if you know what I mean! But, our land spreads out a long way and sometimes he stays out overnight if he’s got fences to mend or other work, so I get kinda lonely sometimes and a girl needs her loving!”

I couldn’t argue with that, and we walked on until we found a perfect location. There was a grassy bank that sloped gradually down to the creek bank, with a large fallen tree laying there. I was picturing the girls sitting on the log with their legs spread while the dogs licked their pussies, before they knelt down and bent over it to take some dog cock. Trees framed the shot on either side, and overhanging branches would allow us to hang microphones to pick up the sound.

We sat on the log and went through the basics of the shoot with Jim and Beth, talking about setting up cameras on tripods and microphones to catch the action. Phil was keen to mount a camera from a tree branch to give us an unusual overhead shot, and we estimated we’d need around half a day to get setup for filming.

Joe was quite interested in the process. “Jeez, there sure is a lot to this isn’t there? I thought you’d just show up with a couple of handycams and start filming, and in couple of hours you’re all done!”

Phil smiled at that idea. “Well Joe, some movies look they’ve been shot on handycams but they’re pretty basic, and they probably don’t sell all that well. Some pornos have really good budgets and they have make-up artists and hairdressers and a full production crew. We can’t go to that level but we try to produce a professional movie, and we spend a lot of time editing footage. It can take 2 or 3 months after we finish filming before we’re ready for release.”

Joe rubbed the stubble on his chin, absorbing what Phil had told him. “Most of the movies Beth and I have seen are pretty much basic fucking. So do you guys work to a storyline or a script?”

“We don’t have a set script where we have to learn lines.” Phil replied. “But we do have a story outline for most of our movies, so we work to a plan or a theme, and we ad-lib the dialogue to go with it.”

Beth joined in at this point. “So what’s the storyline for this movie?”

Phil smiled. “We’re hoping this one will be pretty hot! Carole and Tanya and going to play hitch-hikers, and Rick and I are going to pick them up on the side of the road. We’re going to drive for a while with a bit of flirt-talk, then tell them we have to make a short detour to see a friend and we’re going to bring them here. Once we get here we’re going to get a little nasty and handcuff them, strip them, and fuck them. Then we’re going to whistle up the dogs and get them to lick and fuck the girls. Once the dogs have finished we’re hoping you or Joe will ride up on one your horses, and then we’ll force the girls to suck horse-cock until he blows. I’ve seen movies where a girl sucks a horse, and the amount of cum they blow is simply amazing! If it all goes to plan it should be great!!!”

Beth was starting to squirm as she listened to the details, and I nudged Phil to keep going. “I think you’ll get on really well with Carole and Tanya as they are great girls. Tanya is actually Rick’s mom and Carole is his fiancée, and they both get off on wild fucking. We play piss games with them a lot, and they both love sucking pussy and getting fucked in the ass!”

Beth gasped, blushing bright red as she looked at me. “You mean……you’ve fucked your own mom, and you piss on her too?”

I glanced at Joe and could see a prominent bulge in his dungarees as I replied. “Sure do! Mom and I have been fucking for years now; in fact she actually took my cherry! Them my sister Bec got in on the action, and Phil joined us then Carole. It’s been quite a ride when I think about it!”

Beth was squirming, clearly aroused by the candid discussion when Joe spoke up. “Damn it girl, you’re hotter than a prairie brush fire aren’t you? Only takes a little sex talk and you’re all wet and ready for fucking, I guess that’s why I love you so much!”

With that he stood and peeled off his clothing. “Well come on girl, when these boys come back there’s gonna be pussy flying in all directions, so if you wanna fuck let’s get to it!”

Beth was naked in seconds but it was Joe that captivated our attention. He was now stark naked, and man was he hung! His cock was only half-hard but it must have been at least eleven inches long and about as thick as my wrist. I’d seen movies with well-hung studs before, the majority of them black men as they always seem to be blessed with huge cocks, but Jim’s cock was simply massive! I’m sure Phil was thinking along similar lines as I wondered how a petite woman like Beth could accommodate more than half of that monster, but we were about to find out!

Beth knelt before her man and fondled his shaft and balls with both hands. She started slowly jacking his shaft full-length until the first drops of pre-cum oozed from his slit, and then she opened her lips wide and took the head in her mouth. We could see her cheeks sucking inward as she took more of his fuck-tool, and her hands kept jacking him as she slowly took more of his impressive size. Satisfied she had him primed and ready to go she released his shaft and looked up at him with a lustful gaze. “On your back big man, I’m ready to go for a ride!”

He lay back and she moved above him, her cunt glistening with her juices. She crouched over him and pulled her pussy lips wide apart as she started to lower her fuck-hole down onto his slick shaft. I was certain I saw her abdomen swell as his cock-head enter her cunt!

Beth had taken about half of Jim’s tool into her greasy fuck-hole, and from the glazed look on her face she was in seventh heaven. She moaned as she writhed over him, stretching her tiny cunt in her wanton attempts to swallow his impressive length. Phil leaned over and whispered. “Man, can you believe the size of that cock? Kinda makes you feel inadequate doesn’t it!”

“You’ve got that right!” I breathed. “I can’t believe she can take it. Look at the way her cunt’s stretching; we’ve simply got to get them to agree to be in the shoot!”

“Exactly what I was thinking!” He replied. “A guy with a cock that size will drive the women crazy! We’ll have girls buying our movie just to check him out, if we can get Jim and Beth on film this’ll go viral!”

We were interrupted by a loud squeal from Beth. “That’s what I want Jim! I love your big cock, I’m gonna fuck that monster with my tight little twat! Have you got a big load for me baby?”

Having finally stretched enough to take him, Beth was sliding up and down, massaging his shaft with her slippery pussy. He grunted his reply. “You know it girl, now ride my cock darlin and I’ll fill you up with baby juice!”

Phil and I were mesmerized watching her slide up his rod until the head almost slipped free, and then slam down until she was grinding against his massive balls. This woman knew how to fuck, as she pounded her slick cunt hard on her man’s impressive cock. Her eyes were closed and a sheen of perspiration glistened on her body, drool running from her lips as she focused totally on taking her pleasure.

Jim was grunted with every downward thrust. “Get ready little girl! That little pussy of yours is about to get a drenching!”

She screamed as she came, taking her man with her. Jim grunted and groaned as he dumped a massive load of steaming cum deep into her twat, lifting her well off the ground as he thrust hard into her fuck-box. Their combined juices blew past his shaft and spattered over his nuts with a loud farting sound. I have no idea how much cum he blew into Beth, but judging by the pool forming on the ground his load matched his impressive size! Finally spent she collapsed onto his broad chest, trying to get her breathing back under control.

“Oh baby, nobody fucks me like you do!” She moaned. “I love that huge fuck-stick of yours, especially when it’s deep in my tight little cunt!”

“Well darling.” He drawled. “Someone’s got to get your fuck-box primed and ready for the dogs. Their cocks may not match mine, but when they knot with you it’s a sure thing you gotta be stretched out first!”

We’d all forgotten about the dogs which was understandable after what we had just witnessed, but they were the main reason we had driven all this way. They were lying on the grass, as if patiently waiting for their turn. Beth looked over and crawled over to them on her hands and knees with a strange look on her face.

She patted the closest dog lovingly. “Momma’s ready for some loving boy, wanna fuck momma’s pussy?” He seemed to understand this and yelped in reply, rolling over onto his side. Beth started gently massaging his sac and sheath, and soon the pink tip of his cock started poking out. “Good boy!” She said softly. “Momma’s gone make this real nice for you!” She dipped her head and took the tip of his cock into her mouth, working it over with her tongue.

Phil and exchanged dumbfounded looks, this woman was amazing! We knew that we indulged in very broadminded lifestyles, but seeing Beth behaving in such as a totally uninhibited, wanton manner in front of two complete strangers just blew us away. I had a rock-hard cock doing its best to smash through the zip on my jeans and could see Phil was in a similar predicament. I think one stroke would have been enough to paint the inside of my jeans a creamy white color!

Beth clearly enjoyed sucking dog cock and soon succeeded in getting her pet ready, releasing her lip-lock on his now solid, pink cock. She turned around and waggled her ass to him, legs spread wide in a lewd invitation. He trotted over and gave her oozing cunt a tentative swipe with his long, pointed tongue, which brought a delighted moan from Beth. He nuzzled and tongued her greasy snatch, and she moaned encouragement until he decided it was time to fuck. He jumped up, landing with his front paws on her back with enough force to push her face and shoulders into the dirt. With a couple of tentative thrusts he found his target and ruthlessly thrust his cock straight into Beth’s waiting pussy. “Oh ….yes….yes….YES!” She screamed. “Give it to me boy! Give momma your cum!”

I swear the dog appeared to be smiling as he thrust deep into Beth with short, rapid strokes, panting hard from the exertion. Big Jim was smiling broadly as he watched his woman being serviced. “Ain’t that a pretty picture boys!” He grinned at Phil and I. “You boys can join in if you want. She’s hotter than a pistol right now and it don’t worry me none!”

Phil and I looked at each other, and I nodded to him. “Go for it man!” I hissed. “Knock yourself out!!”

I wasn’t sure if he was going to drop his jeans or just rip them off stripper style, but in seconds he was naked and kneeling in front of her. She looked up with a glazed expression. “Oh goody! Just what I need, more cock meat!!!” She managed to lift her head, close her eyes and open her mouth in a lustful invitation.

Phil being the thoughtful person he was, fed his shaft deep into her throat and I watched the erotic scene with an overwhelming urge to rip my cock free and spray cum everywhere! Beth’s canine lover was fucking her so hard that Phil didn’t have to move at all. Every time the dog thrust deep Beth was pushed forward, her cheeks sucking in as she worked on Phil’s cock. His balls slapped her chin in time with the dog’s thrusting, and I had no doubt she was about to receive a couple of buckets of cum any second. Sure enough the dog stopped thrusting with cock deeply embedded in her drooling cunt, his furry balls twitching as he pumped his seed deep inside her. She was moaning from deep in her throat and Phil joined in, throwing his head back as he started pumping his hot jism. “Take it cunt! Suck my greasy load you sweet little fucker!” This only spurred Beth on, and I could see her throat muscles working furiously as she sought to swallow Phil’s every drop.

“Oh man, you are one sweet fuck!” He hissed as his softening cock slipped from her lips.

She smiled back at him with a string of his cum hanging down from her chin. “You’re not bad yourself!” She giggled, making a show of licking her lips. “Sweet tasting cum Phil, I’d love to suck your cock anytime!”

The dog had swiveled around so they were positioned butt to butt, his knot still firmly embedded in Beth’s tightly stretched fuck-box. She reached around and patted him lovingly, until she was distracted by the other dog which was now whimpering around her, his pink cock-tip protruding from its sheath. “Shhh boy. Momma hasn’t forgotten about you!” She soothed as she pushed him over on his side. Once again she took the slim dog cock into her mouth and lovingly licked and sucked it.

Phil had sat down beside me, his softening cock glistening with fuck-juices in the bright sunlight. “Rick, if we can get this action on film it’s gonna be fucking awesome! This will be our best release yet!”

We were distracted by Beth, as she had finally been released by her dog and was ready and anxious to take care of her second four-legged lover. Once again she was on her hands and knees, looking over her shoulder as she encouraged her animal. “Come on boy! Momma’s got a nice wet pussy for you to fuck!”

Again the dog reared up and landed with his front paws on her back, which was already scratched from her previous fucking. Jim walked over and tapped me on the shoulder. “I think it’s your turn this time!” He grinned.

“Thank fuck for that Jim! My cock is about to snap in half!” I laughed in thanks.

I ripped off my clothing, loving the feel of the hot sun on my skin as I rushed over to Beth. “I hope you taste as good as Phil!” She smiled at me.

“I guess there’s only one way we’ll find out!” I laughed as I crouched down to feed her my cock. Her dog quickly made contact and ploughed hard and deep into her now well-fucked cunt. I fed her my shaft at the same time, savoring the sensations as I slid past her lips and feeling my cock head push into her throat. I was beginning to understand why Phil had dumped his load so fast, as Beth’s mouth was hot and slippery, and she sucked like an industrial vacuum. Beth was simply insatiable, a trait I truly admired! She has sucked and fucked her husband’s huge fuck-stick, taken one dog load and was building up for a second, swallowed Phil’s load and still wanted mine, what an amazing woman!

I tried to hold back, but even Superman would have blown early in this situation and I certainly don’t wear a cape! I gave myself over to the sensations firing from my cock like sharp electric shocks, and blasted a massive spurt of fuck-juice down Beth’s throat. He eyes blinked open wide and I could feel her throat clenching and releasing on my cock-head as she struggled to swallow my torrent. Jet after jet sprayed down her throat, and I starting to wonder if I’d ever stop cumming when my stream finally slowed and thankfully stopped, allowing me to collapse to the ground.

However while I was done, Beth was still going strong. “Fuck your momma, boy! Pound my little cunt and give a nice, hot cum bath!” She cried out just as he came. “Oh that’s it boy!!! Paint my pussy with doggy fuck juice!”

She slumped into the dirt, cum oozing from her ravaged fuck-box as her pet lay draped half across her, still knotted firmly to his bitch. Jim, Phil and I were sitting on the log or in the dirt, our cocks hanging limply and satisfyingly spent. “Big Jim, that’s one hell of a lady you got there!” I acknowledged.

“You got that right Rick! Damn little slip of a girl sometimes wears me out, coming home from a day in the fields and all she wants to do is fuck all night. That’s half the reason why I don’t mind her fooling around with the animals, it keeps her satisfied when I’m not around!”

Beth was lying there with a contented half-smile on her face, listening to our conversation. She propped herself up on one elbow and looked at me. “Now that’s what I call a solid fucking! Jim, we are gonna have to invite these boys back again! Rick, were you being straight with us when you said you piss on your mom, or were you just talking yourself up?”

Well, I had to admire her direct way of communicating! “I was being honest with you, as I don’t BS my friends. You can ask them yourself when we come back to shoot if you like, or maybe you’d like to watch us?” I smiled.

“So you just stand back and spray away?” She asked. “You just piss all over her?”

“Well, I’d like to think it’s not quite that way.” I replied. “Mom and Carole enjoy our piss games whenever we’re in the mood. Sometimes I just piss on their pussies and their tits, and I’ve found that you can actually piss inside a cunt after fucking. Carole really loves that, and she also gets off when I piss on her face and her hair!”

“Have you ever let them piss on you?” She enquired, clearly curious.

“Sure!” I responded. “It would be a little chauvinistic for me to piss on them, and then not return the favor.”

She was biting her lip gently, her face flushed as she considered this. “Ok then, will you piss on me, and maybe …… let me piss on you too?”

I smiled at her, thinking this was an unexpected bonus as I moved over and stood in front of her. She was obviously turned on at the prospect of her first golden shower, gently rubbing her slit in anticipation. I glanced over at Jim, as he was one man I wouldn’t want to get on the wrong side of, but he was leaning forward to see what happened next.

I closed my eyes and relaxed, and aimed the beginning of my golden stream over her snatch as she massaged her clit. She immediately moaned in enjoyment, and I moved my stream around for a few seconds before aiming higher and directing the flow back and forth across her tits. She was using our combined juices as lubricant to insert two fingers into her fuck-box, and started deeply finger-fucking her cunt. I had only just realized my bladder was in need of release, and I had no problem giving Beth a thorough soaking, moving from her tits to her cunt and back again. I became aware that Jim was now standing beside me, aiming his cock at his wife. As my flow slowed down he took over, and she looked up at him with a lustful loving gaze as he pissed on her for the first time. While my stream was exactly that, Jim’s was more like a fire hydrant being released, and in seconds rivers of golden piss were running all over her body and pooling on the ground around her.

“Piss on my face Jim, please!!!” She implored, and he obliged as she opened her mouth to taste him. Phil had decided to join the party as well, and I stood back watching this amazing scene until we were all spent. She blinked her eyes open and looked at me. “Oh my God, that was amazing! I think it’s my turn now!!!”

Well a deal is a deal, so I lay on the grass and she knelt above my face. She pulled her pussy lips wide apart giving me a great view of her well-fucked cunt, so I decided to give her a cheeky tongue swipe.

“Oooooo!” She squealed. “No fair, you’re trying to put me off!”

We all laughed. “Ok Beth, I’ll just lay her quiet for you!” I assured her.

We waited until it was clear she was struggling and I understood her difficulty, as I had found this unnatural the first few times. It takes a while to get used to the idea of pissing on someone rather than in a toilet or just pissing outdoors, so I gave her a little reassurance. “It’s ok Beth, just close your eyes and relax, don’t try and force it. I really want you to do this, so just breathe slowly and let it happen.”

She closed her eyes and I could hear her breathing deeply. A tentative spurt sprayed from her cunt and spattered over me, followed by a second short burst. I savored her taste which was a mix of tangy piss and goodness knows how many different cum flavors. Finally she succeeded and bathed me in steady flow of golden nectar. I lay there covered in her juices as she drained her bladder over me, until she finally slowed and then stopped. When I was sure she had finished I raised my head and French-kissed her dripping pussy, probing gently with my tongue as I cleaned her lips and clit.

She squealed and dropped her cunt on my face, grinding firmly against my lips. I probed her again, sliding my tongue in as deep as I could, and licking deeply into her wet tunnel. This time she moaned and took my head in her hands maintain our smoking hot contact. I lost track of time as I can eat pussy for hours, but at some point she thrust down on me hard and rewarded me with a gush of thick, greasy cum as screamed out loud. She was panting like a dog as she fell off me and lay beside me in the grass. “Oh shit! I gonna have to get you to teach Jim how to eat pussy! That was fucking amazing, I don’t think I’ve ever cum like that!!!”

Once we had recovered we collected our clothes and walked back to the house, the dogs trotting beside us with very satisfied expressions on their faces. Beth had a shower and kindly offered me the use of their bathroom when she had finished, and I certainly appreciated the opportunity to clean up!

We relaxed on the porch with some cold drinks and made plans to come back in the next few days for our film shoot. As their ranch was pretty remote Phil and I decided we’d come out a day early and set up our cameras and sound, after checking the weather forecast to ensure no overnight rain was forecast. I broached the subject of Jim and Beth being in the movie, and once we had satisfied them that the monster between Jim’s legs would more than compensate for any lack of acting experience, they were quite keen to be involved.

“Hey honey.” Beth said to Jim with a broad smile. “I’m gonna be a porn star!!!”

Phil came back with a response that brought the house down. “Beth, I honestly think it will be Big Jim who is the porn star!”

It was getting late so we decided to head for home, with hearty back slaps from Jim that nearly dislocated our shoulders and another round of crushing handshakes. Beth kissed Phil and I and then looked at us sadly. “I didn’t get to audition with a horse for you!” She said wistfully.

Phil and I just looked at each other in amazement. “We’ll certainly catch up on that when we come back Beth!” Phil responded, and we headed for my SUV to start the drive home.

We drove back toward the main road chatting about what an amazing experience the day had been. I was keen to come back and start shooting, as I was sure Mom and Carole would enjoy meeting Jim and Beth, and would come home stretched, satisfied and thoroughly fucked out.

Phil was really taken with Beth’s insatiable attitude to sex, not to mention Big Jim’s monster cock. “Oh fuck it!” He moaned, ripping the zip down on his jeans and freeing his rock-cock. “I am still so fucking hot! Watching Beth fucking the dogs and Jim and getting pissed on has got me so fucking hard!”

I was in a similar state and it was proving difficult to drive as my tenting fuck-stick kept getting in the way. Phil was stroking his shaft long and hard, with plenty of oozing pre-cum providing lubrication. Watching him masturbating wasn’t doing me any good at all, so I jammed on the brakes and we slid into a roadside gap between two large trees. I jumped out and started stripping off, throwing my clothes onto the seat. Phil was still stroking his cock, looking at me with a quizzical expression.

“Get out of the truck and get your gear off buddy.” I told him.

“Anything wrong man?” He responded.

“Nothing at all.” I replied. “But sitting in truck jerking off just isn’t going to do it for me, so get your ass out here because I’m going to fuck it!”

Now if you’ve followed my story you’ll know that Phil was openly bi when we became friends at school, and enjoyed sex with guys as much or more than with girls. I guess it would be true to say I was bi also, as Phil and I had enjoyed sucking and fucking each other more than once. However I was pretty ambivalent about bi sex, as I enjoyed the delights a woman can offer more than men. Today I was just climbing-the-walls horny and didn’t care what I fucked, as long as I fucked someone, and now!!! Phil followed my lead and threw his clothes into the truck until we were both standing naked on the side of the road.

I gripped his shoulders and positioned him beside the front fender, and pushed him forward so he was bent over the hood. I knelt behind him and spread his butt cheeks, giving me a clear shot at his puckered brown hole. I gave him a couple of swipes with my tongue before pushing hard and succeeding in pushing past his sphincter. In the meantime he had resumed stroking his dribbling cock as I worked to loosen him up and get him ready. My cock was waving in the breeze and slick with pre-cum, so I stood and aimed my shaft at his shitter.

“Slide that fucker in there Rick, it’s been a while!” He groaned.

“You won’t have to wait long buddy!” I hissed as I started to apply pressure. I knew Phil could relax his muscles easily, and was rewarded to feel my cock-head slide easily into his ass. I wasn’t in the mood for a gradual build up, and I didn’t think Phil was either so I just buried myself in his shitter until my balls were slapping against his ass. I slapped his hand off his own cock and replaced it mine, reaching around him to jack his shaft. He was as hard as I was, and I quickly got into a rhythm of simultaneously fucking and jacking him off. I was fucking him so hard that I was sure my balls would be black and blue tomorrow, but I didn’t give a fuck! The mental pictures of our fun with Beth and Jim were flashing through my mind, and magic sensations were pulsing from my cock.

“You ready for hot load Phil?” I shouted in his ear. “You’re going to be walking like a cowboy tomorrow!”

“Dump it man!” He moaned. “Fill my shitter before I spray paint your truck!”

“Ohhh yeah!!!!” I yelled as I fired blast after blast of thick goo deep in his sucking ass. I could feel his cock starting to twitch so I gripped him harder and jacked faster until he was good to his word, and he painted the fender of my truck! There was cum spatter running down the side of the fender, not to mention my nuts and thighs as it oozed past my softening cock. Phil eased free and spun round, dropping to his knees. My cock was in his mouth before I knew what was happening and his tongue was working gently around my softening shaft until he was satisfied I was completely clean.

“Oh man that was so good!” He smiled at me. “I was so fucking hot I thought my cock was going to explode!”

“That’s kinda funny Phil, I thought you just did!” We laughed as we put our clothes back on and resumed our journey home. It was just getting dark as we pulled into my driveway. I probably should have washed Phil’s cum off the truck but I figured that could wait until tomorrow.

We went inside, and walked into the kitchen where Mom and Carole were waiting for us. We exchanged hallo kisses all round and Carole gave my crotch a slow rub. “I’ve missed my man today!” She whispered in my ear.

She went to the refrigerator and took out some chilled glasses, and poured four glasses of our favorite white wine. Mom unable to contain her curiosity any longer. “Come on you two!” She implored. “Are you going to tell us what happened today?”

Phil and I exchanged broad smiles. “Come into the den and let us tell you all about our day, not to mention the man with the biggest cock I have ever seen!”


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