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The craft fair was not what I had expected.
Fbailey story number 682

Free Balloon Animals

Perhaps I need to start out by telling you something about myself first. I make animals out those long skinny balloons. Normally I’m paid by some committee or other to go to a festival or craft show and draw attention by giving out free balloon animals. I seem to draw the right demographic crowd for events like that. Basically the eighteen to thirty-five year olds spend most of the impulse money with older grandparents running a close second. They just happen to have the children the right age for me. Hence, I make a lot of extra money in the summertime.

As a side not, that is the perfect time to girl watch. Those sweet young things wear less and less as the weather gets warmer and warmer.

Most festival or craft shows rent out ten by ten foot areas of ground for the venders to set up in. I have a tent of sorts that keeps me out of the sun and a light drizzle. I just pound four stainless steel rods into the ground and slip my aluminum poles down over them. Then I slip my tent over the poles and I’m all set. It really is that simple. My tent is four by eight and it is six feet tall. The front has a zipper up the middle that extends to the far left side opening up half of the front. The other half of the front is painted to show several of the balloon animals that I can make.

I put my box of balloons in the shade along with a small cooler, a TV tray, and my chair. Actually I always bring two folding chairs because my wife usually joins me. Everything fits on a folding cart and I can pull it anywhere I want it. Normally they ask me and the vendors to park furthest away so that the paying customers can park closer.

This particular event was both Saturday and Sunday. I was placed between two ladies somewhere in the middle of everything. The one older lady was selling expensive jewelry and appeared to be stuck up.

The young woman on the other side was absolutely adorable. She looked to be between eighteen and twenty-five years old. One can never tell these days. She was selling driftwood with small paintings on them, mostly of lighthouses, fish, and other nautical things. It seemed perfect for the area that we lived in.

I had a steady line of children as usual. It was a nice organized chaos. We hadn’t been there for an hour when the younger woman whispered in my ear, “Can I nurse my baby inside your tent? Normally I’d just do it out here in the open but you have a lot of curious kids around and my mother keeps telling to be more discreet.”

I replied, “Sure, use the chair there in the corner.”

I went back to making my balloon animals but I kept an eye on her. She simply lifted her T-shirt up over her head and exposed both of her remarkable breasts. After squeezing both of them a few times she decided which one to offer her baby. After three or four balloons she put the baby up on her shoulder and patted its back.

After she had finished burping the baby she laid the baby down on the grass near me. I looked over and watched her remove her tiny white shorts, squat down, and pee in the corner. I could not believe it, that beautiful young girl was naked except for her flimsy shoes. She smiled at me and then used a corner of the baby’s blanket to wipe her pussy dry. She pulled up her white shorts, put on her orange T-shirt, and went back to her table.

Every couple of hours she would slip by me, remove her top, and nurse her baby. That was followed by her removing her shorts and peeing in the grass. I enjoyed watching her, every time.

The day went on like that until five o’clock. I hated to see it end. We both packed up and the young woman’s mother came to help her pack up for the night. I left my tent up, put the chairs inside, and just took my balloons and cooler.

On my way out the mother stopped me and said, “I’d like to thank you for helping my daughter out today. Doreen said that you let her nurse little Mary in your tent.”

I said, “No thanks are necessary, I enjoyed it.”

The woman looked at me, smiled, and said, “I bet you did. She is a pretty girl. Too bad the baby’s father is such a jerk. She could use a nice guy like you.”

That night I told my wife all about my day and she just smiled when I told her about the young mother.

She said, “I think I’ll stroll by tomorrow and check her out. Don’t worry, I won’t cramp your style.”

The next day I caught a glimpse of my wife checking Doreen out. She kept to the other vendor tables but kept an eye on us. Then when Doreen came in to feed little Mary my wife came over to Doreen’s table and looked around.

I heard Doreen say, “I’ll just be a few minutes ma’am.”

My wife replied, “Take you time sweetie.”

It was obvious to me that my wife could see that Doreen was topless and nursing her baby. As was her custom, she removed her tight shorts and peed.

She took Mary and walked past me giving my shoulder a quick rub.

My wife asked, “Who is the artist? You?”

Doreen said, “No my mother. I just get stuck here selling it.”

Then my wife said, “It is so nice that your husband can make balloon animals.”

Doreen laughed and said, “Oh, he isn’t my husband but I wish that he was. He is good around children.”

My wife then asked, “If he isn’t your husband, then why were you naked in his tent?”

Doreen said, “I’m an exhibitionist and I like teasing him. After I’ve stripped for him he can’t stand up for a few minutes. He is so cute.”

My wife said, “You better be careful. Most cock teasers get there’s in the end.”

Doreen laughed and said, “If I’d gotten it in the end I wouldn’t have gotten pregnant.”

Then my wife asked, “How old are you?”

To which Doreen replied, “Fifteen. I’ll be sixteen next week. I lost my virginity on my birthday and this is the present that I got.”

My wife said, “You look so much more mature.”

Doreen said, “All of us girls had to grow up early. My two sisters have babies too. Gale is sixteen and Ester is seventeen, but Ester has two babies.”

My wife said, “You girls sure must put out.”

Doreen took offence to that remark and replied, “Look ma’am, we might be extremely fertile girls but we aren’t sluts. In fact that was the only time that I had sex, believe it or not. And besides, my sisters have steady boyfriends. So there.”

I was smiling to myself as my wife went away, embarrassed.

The rest of the day went very smoothly. Doreen’s mother came to pack everything up and cart it back to her car. I did the same thing.

Before her mother had arrived I had been talking to Doreen. I told her how beautiful she was and asked her if she was interested in a relationship. She caught me off guard though when she assumed that I was talking about myself.

I guess the kid that mows my lawn is shit out of luck then.

So anyway I decided to see just how far she was willing to go. I told her that I was happily married and she didn’t mind. I told her that my wife and I occasionally like another woman in our bed. Doreen thought that a threesome would be great.

Then she confessed, “I eat a lot of pussy at my house. I’m sure that I can get your wife off.”

I asked, “Is it true that you have only had sex once and that was when you got pregnant?”

Doreen smiled and said, “Yes! I thought you were listening to me and that lady talk. She was looking at me in your tent the whole time I was nursing little Mary and her eyes really lit up when I got naked and peed.”

I said, “That lady is my wife.”

Doreen said, “Okay, she looked really pretty and she smelled good too.”

After the mother’s car was loaded Doreen told her that she had been invited to my house for dinner. She told her mother that my wife had stopped in and invited her. Her mother seemed pleased and told her to have a nice time. Then the older lady took Mary home with her. Older my ass, she was probably younger than I was.

When Doreen entered the house my wife gave her a big hug and kissed her right on the lips.

Doreen said, “We should hurry. In a few hours I’ll need to nurse Mary or my breasts will explode. We do keep frozen breast milk around though, just in case.”

My wife smiled at me and said, “Don’t worry honey, my husband and I’ll see to it that your beautiful breasts don’t explode.”

In a few minutes my wife had lifted Doreen’s T-shirt up over her head and was sucking on her nipples. It was a beautiful sight to behold. After a while I joined in and sucked on one nipple too. Of course one of my hands was busy playing with her pussy. Then before I could get down there my wife was eating Doreen’s pussy and telling me how good it was.

We spend hours, making love. My wife ate Doreen’s pussy, Doreen ate my wife’s pussy, and then my wife ate my cum out of Doreen’s pussy. Fucking that wonderful girl was the highlight of my sex life. She was young, she was tight, and she sure loved having my cock in her. It had been true, she had only had sex once almost a year before.

When I started cumming inside her she said, “Maybe I’ll get pregnant again.”

My wife laughed and said, “Not a chance honey, I had him fixed.”

That sweet little lady turned into God’s gift for man…me! She could not be happier that I had been fixed. After all the only time before that, that she had sex she had gotten pregnant. I was a blessing in disguise.

From then on Doreen and little Mary would come to dinner two or three times a week. My wife started babysitting Mary when Doreen found a job. I started going to all of the craft fairs with Doreen and setting up in the same space. If I put my tent to the back we had room for two eight-foot tables in an L-shape. I started charging a dollar a balloon for little Mary’s college fund and business couldn’t have been better.

Sex on the other hand, just kept getting better and better all the time.

My wife and I were introduced to her sisters in bed. They were great but I was hung up on Doreen. Even her mother joined us a few times in bed. Now that woman sure could fuck. She had three daughters by three different men and never married any of them.

On each of Doreen’s birthdays her mother and sisters would join us for a celebration. They would all be naked and I would get to fuck all five of them before the party ended.

The End
Free Balloon Animals
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