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My friend owed me money but his mother paid me back.
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You Owe Me Money

Jim and I bet on lots of things like horse races, baseball, and football. We bet on our grades in school too. At first we bet nickels and dimes then that turned into dollars quickly. We required each other to pay off immediately.

Then we had this really crazy bet. We had placed bets as to when his mother would dump her latest boyfriend. Every month we would place a bet. I usually took the last half of the month and he took the first half. Needless to say the amount of the bet just kept increasing. When she finally did dump his ass it was on the seventeenth of the month and I had won.

Jim frowned and said that he didn’t have the money. It was the first time in two years that that had happened. He apologized and said that he had spent the money.

I simply told him that he owed me money and I left.

The next day at school Jim told me that he had a way of paying me what was due. Naturally I went over to his house after school. Jim was not there. When I asked his mother where he was and she told me that she had sent him away for a few hours so that we could be alone.

She explained that she had found out about our bet. She was not pleased that her love life had been the subject of our betting. She then said that she would pay off the full amount of her son’s bet if I would fuck her.

I was silent.

You see, Jimmy and I are only thirteen years old and in the sixth grade. His mother was our fifth grade teacher.

Without a word she took me to her bedroom and let me watch her undress. Mrs. Smith was a pretty lady and probably the prettiest teacher in our school…except for Miss Amore who was fresh out of college.

Mrs. Smith then undressed me and asked me to run my hands all over her body. I was to make sure that I touched every part of her including between her legs.

I thoroughly enjoyed touching her body. I enjoyed playing with her firm tits, her tight ass, and her bald pussy. I touched her nipples, her tiny asshole, and her sensitive clit. Her pussy leaked as I finger fucked her. Finally she got on her bed, on her back, and pulled me into her. I slipped in easily but I sure enjoyed the feel. I lasted all of a minute and a half before cumming in her.

Mrs. Smith sucked my cock hard and put me back inside her. I fucked into her for almost five minutes that time before cumming. She then sucked me hard and for the third time pulled back into her pussy. I thrust into her and I wiggled my hips, I pushed myself in and pulled up quickly toward her breasts, then I just thrust into her and pumped more cum into her pussy.

Mrs. Smith told me that I had many more times coming. She said that she was going to pay her son’s debt if it took the next ten years to do so.

That night as I lay in bed, my mother came into my bedroom and sat on the edge of my bed. She asked me if Mrs. Smith had started paying her son’s debt yet. I could not believe that Mom knew about it.

She told me that the two of them had discussed it before hand, that Jimmy needed to be taught a lesson, and I needed a great big reward. Mom had told Mrs. Smith that I was a virgin and that sex was probably the best thing in the world for me. She was probably right.

The next day in school Jimmy asked me what was up. I played dumb. He told me that his mother had set him up with an after school job with old Mr. Carlson. He would get home just in time to eat dinner, do his homework, and then go to bed.

I realized that he did not know what was up so I said, “You owe me money.”

He looked at the floor and said, “I know. My mother said that I have to give you part of my earnings each week until it is paid off.” Then he looked up at me and laughed.

I asked him what was so funny and he replied that he would be making a fortune and that our bets were going to get bigger. I smiled and told him that I had sworn off gambling at my mother’s request. He told me that his mother made him swear to that too but that he wasn’t going to keep his promise.

After school Mom sent me right over to Mrs. Smith’s house to collect my debit. She smiled and rubbed my pants to feel my hard cock. She told me how lucky Mrs. Smith was.

When I arrived, Mrs. Smith was wearing just a man’s button shirt without any buttons closed. She walked me right to her bedroom and undressed me. I fucked her three times in a row and we talked.

Jimmy got the job to keep him out of our way and to teach him a lesson. As to still wanting to bet she would take care of that.

Mrs. Smith told me that she and my mother had been talking about my sexual abilities. She told me that I was a better lover than most of her boyfriends and that my mother thought that I might be better at than my father was. Then she told me that my mother wanted to find out for herself. What! My mother wanted to let me fuck her too. Dad hadn’t been dead more than three years.

At home Mom just looked at me not knowing if I knew what was up or not. The phone rang and Mom listened, she smiled before hanging up. She told me that I could have let her know that Mrs. Smith and I had talked about her. I just smiled and took her hand leading her into my bedroom.

That time I undressed first and then I undressed my mother. She stood up naked and proud as I checked out her body. All I had to compare it too was that of Mrs. Smith. Mom’s breasts were slightly bigger, her areolas were darker, and her nipples were longer. Mom’s tummy was a little rounder, her pussy had hair on it, and her butt looked mighty fine. All in all, Mom looked better than Mrs. Smith did even though they were both the same age. Mom had a prettier face and long blonde hair while Mrs. Smith had short brown hair. Then there was their smells…Mom had a natural musky smell that made my pecker stiff, while Mrs. Smith used a nice perfume to cover up her heavy sexual smell at school. It is a good thing too, otherwise every boy in school would walk around with a hard-on.

When I had had enough time to check her out I pushed Mom back onto my bed. She fell back opening her legs up wide for me. I could smell her womanly odor much stronger then and it drove me crazy. My cock twitched and my eyes bugged out as Mom’s pussy lips opened up. Her clitoris was the size of my thumb, her pussy lips had opened up wide, and her vagina was gapping open for me. Boy, was she pink inside. Her piercings caught my eye too.

Mom told me that when Dad was alive he had insisted that Mom get pierced for him, so she did. She had one ring in each of her outer lips, one was for me and one was for Dad. Her clitoris hood was pierced too, that one was for Mom. She said that it kept her in a constant state of arousal. The only peace that she got was when she was lying completely still in bed. She said that walking made cum run down her legs.

I slipped my cock into her easily. Surprisingly, her big hole clamped down around my small cock and it felt good. Mom just rubbed my back and my ass as I fucked into her. She purred, she cooed, and she moaned out loud. I had become a mother-fucker and obviously I was good at it. In no time Mom was humping up into me during her orgasm. I thrust down into her and dumped my balls into her pussy.

Jimmy enjoyed working for old man Carlson and after graduation from high school he stayed on. He even took over when the old man finally retired.

Me…I fucked my mother and my mistress, Mrs. Smith, all through high school and through six years of college. I even took them both with me when I was hired into a very good position in a big city.

The End
You Owe Me Money
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