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Features Dan from my "Ahh... Lochy" Stories
Outback Affair: Backchat.

6 months... 6 horrible months have almost dragged their sorry asses by since I moved to this hole of a location that's called western Australia.
The capital of the worst stereotypes of Aussies you could possible imagine.

Of course, however, they're not all bad.
After all, I do have a few friends here, thankfully.

I moved here from Melbourne because my Mum's work transferred her temporarily, I would've been able to stay but my Dad is in the army and was off on some mission of some sort and I wasn't trusted to stay home by myself for the 6 months that Mum was to be gone for.

So of course I had to go with her all the way across the country to Perth, for 6 horrible months.
I cannot stress to you just how much I wanted to stay home, with all my friends.
Especially my very good, close friend, Lochy.

But these are the cards that life hands to you, all you can do is play your hand the best you can...

So I'm stuck here, forced to attened school at Snob central, a Private school where the worst of the stereotypical wankers go to.

You have your cashed up Bogans, the type whos parent's are also bogans but work in one of the many Mine's in WA, so they have a lot of money to throw about.

Then you've got your really wealthy snobs, the kind that look down at you if you don't have the latest of the gadgets or fashion, not that I really cared for either.

I'm currently finishing off year 9 in high school at snob central, and for once I'm feeling rather adequate instead of down-right pissed off.
Because it's only a week or two until Mum's contract ends in this hole and we can finally move back to Melbourne!

And although the prospect of me moving back has lifted my spirits the school camping trip was the yang to it's ying.
Of course we had to finish the school year with a bloody weekend camping trip in the middle of god damn nowhere...

It's some sort of tradition here apparently, to go out into small groups of 4-5 with a survival guide who takes the students out in a separate 4-wheel drive and they spend their time learning to hunt and survive in the outback.

Did I mention that my school Is full of snobby bogans? Yeh.. I don't really get along with these people too much, so the idea of spending an entire weekend with a group of friends who don't like me is going to be hell!
And that's where I am right now, in the schools gym waiting to be told which group I was to be placed in with the rest of the students...

As one of the teachers approaches the podium the loud talking begins to fade into echoed coughing and slight whispers as the teach opens her mouth and begins.

“We're all here so I may begin,

As you all know this school has a proud tradition of which the students learn how to survive in the Australian outback.
This weekend will not be full of fun and games as some of you might have heard, it's a life-long lesson on the value's of life and how easy it is to famish in such an environment without team-work, co-ordination and organisation.

In a moment, I'll be reading out the names of the people who will be in the first car with Mr, Horsefall as your survival guide”

And just like that one by one the floor of students slowly dissipated into small groups standing by their respective survival guide.
Until all that was left was me, a sort of friend of mine, “Jared” and 3 other guys of whom im in no way affiliated with.

At least I have someone that doesn't mind me.

We were called together and then the teacher spoke.
“Since William here has already done survival training and has his own car I will make him the groups Survival Guide.
Do you mind William?” The teacher asks him directly.

He simply looks right back into her warm eyes with a slight smile and replies, “Sure, that'll be fine”

“Excellent” the teacher replies, “Just do the right thing and make sure everyone stays safe.
Here is a CBRadio if you need anything, although the groups will be spread out too far to walk to each others camp sites, if you need a hand or help they wont be too far away for that if any circumstances arrise, do you understand?”

“I do” He simply says.

Great.. now one of the snobs are in charge.

The teacher turns around to walk back to the podium, when this happens, William turns to his mates with a devious grin and one of them whispers something with a hint of anticipation.
“Were gonna get shit-faced this weekend, mate!” he says, excitement boiling from his lips.

Aww crap, I thought to myself, a bunch drunk jocks.
I can usually tolerate the shit I get given at highschool, but spending an entire weekend with them while they're drunk?! Man this is gonna suck something chronic!

“Hey Dan” Jose says to me standing next to me quietly.

“I'm glad I've got at least one friend with me on this stupid trip” I admit to him in secrecy.

Jose seemed glad for some reason that I felt more comfortable knowing that he was going to be around.
Luckily for me, he's one of the better looking guys at school.
He's been doing martial arts ever since he was younger and as a result of that has grown up to be a kind and mature person with a drop-dead sexy body.

His nearly hairless body sports a nice 6-pack and peks that are accompanied by his strong arms and legs, a soft yet chiselled face with deep brown eyes.

He came from the Philippines and speaks Spanish as well.

I sort of got lost in the thought of getting drunk alone with Jose in the outback.
All alone, with this hunk.
I wasn't even paying attention when the teacher announced the official beginning of our trip and only snapped out of it when I noticed the hords of students splitting up again into their groups and heading out to the car park.

“Right, ya sack of shit. It's your duty to tie down our luggage onto the roof of my car while we load the boot”
William barked at me. I looked right back at him with cold eyes, usually in situations like that I'd arc up, but that really wouldn't help with the trip.
I more or less figured that I'd be better off playing nice now otherwise I'd have an even worse time in the bush.

“Yeh no worries Will” I retort, trying to not sound threatening, or like a trouble maker.

“Good, and make sure you tie the ropes really tight, if we loose anything while were driving on the 4-wheel-drive track it'll be you're fault!” He begins again.

“Yup, no worries” I simply reply.

Jose was also given the chore of checking the tyre's and fluid levels of the car while we did our thing.

While I had bags and tent's thrown at me to secure on the roof one of Williams friends, Tyler (He was coming with us) Went off and brought his car right next to ours.

Tyler pops the boot of his fancy sports car and grabs a few cartons of beer from it and starts loading Williams 4X4 with it.

“Fuck me that's a lot of piss” I mention.

Brendon, one of the other guys that was coming with us turned to face me.
“Yeah, it's good isn't it, where's yours, Dan?”

The other boys heard it and all chuckled to themselves.
That comment really pissed me off, talk about “Working as a team”

I heard William and his friends crack jokes at me, laughing away hysterically. I chose to ignore them.

Fucking selfish pricks...

“Jose can have some though, he's cool isn't he guys?” Mark chimed in, the third friend of Williams that was also coming with us.

Now by now you should've noticed something wrong with this picture.
There's William, Mark, Tyler and Brendon, as well as me and Jose, all going together.
Thats 6 people in this team, not 4-5.

Turns out there was one student left over and instead of making 2 small groups of 3 they just made our group bigger... Great.

As the cars go, we're all going in Land Cruisers, also known as “Troopies” there's 3 seats in the front and 4 bench seats in the back, each bench seat can have 2 people sitting on it.
So we all had plenty of room for people, but more people meant less room for supplies and camping stuff.

And of course, seeing as I'm the most disliked, by the time I was done tying everything down and got off the roof the car was packed and the guys were already inside waiting.

I opened the back door of the Troopie to find everyones bags and stuff that wouldnt fit on the roof was all piled into the back corner of the car.
And that's where my seat was...

“Hurry up, Dan!” William barked from the drivers seat.

“There's no seats left, all the shit's in the way!” I argued back.

Jose was also in the back and was sitting in the seat right across from my supposed seat and right infront of the back door I had opened.

He scooched over, pushing some more crap across with him and let me sit right next to him.

“Here ya go” he says to me all wide eyed and such.

“Aww cheers mate” I said as I clambered in, the entire floor in the back of the troopie was all the cartons layed out with one corner being the designated shit spot where everyone had thrown their bags and what not into.

Brendon and Tyler were in the back as well and they had their own bench seats.
Next to them was their own bag and they were already getting stuck into some cold ones whilst facebooking on their phones.

Mark and William were in the front.
William is a rather tall but skinny guy, he has longish blonde hair and a rather large nose.
He's also quite stuck up and his parents are quite wealthy.
I kept seeing him glaring at me in the rear vision mirror as we drive along.

In the passenger seat was Mark, a rather short and sort of stocky kid. He is almost the epitome of normality, short brown hair and brown eyes.
Theres nothing special about him, he's moderately wealthy and has known William ever since primary school, so they're rather good friends and although William is a complete and utter fuckwit, Mark has been kinda nice to me in private.
But the moment anyone is even close by he just won't talk to me.

I gaze around the car and observe Tyler a bit in my boredom.
He was raised a super sheltered child, and as a result is quite skinny.
Almost too skinny in my opinion, he's almost 6foot and also has short brown hair.
He also has blue eyes and a shit-ton of pimples all over his face, I gather he just gives others a hard time because his parents would hound the shit out of him if he got anything less than a B+ at school.

Sucks to be him I guess! :D

In more bored I carry my gaze to the last of the guys that dislike me so greatly, Brendon.
At 16, It's odd to find anyone in the same age as you but is already starting to go Bald, his hair is incredibly thin and is showing signs of reseeding, not to mention that the Sandy-Blonde colour of it doesn't help the matter either.
He too has blue eyes and also suffers from pimples, he's also quite skinny too.

Which is good, no one likes a fat person eating all of the food and drinking all of the piss.

It's funny really, how almost no one at this school likes me.
I mean, at first I seemed to be getting along well with everyone but after “the incident” I quickly became an outcast by almost everyone, except for the few 3 friends that I have.
Jose, Brett and Lliam.

And since we have a long drive ahead of us I may as well explain “the incident” with you.
It all happened on a school snow trip to the blue mountains, all of the guys were crammed into one dormitory and the girls in another.
During one of the last nights the buys and girls all snuck out, some would just hang out with one another and others would pair off and go screw in the toilets or something.
William even rented a room for that one night and him and his friends all went there with girls and simply got shit faced and screwed.

I however was tired, but a female friend that I had, Abigale, had gotten some beer and snuck into the boys dorm to drink some with me and my friends. We all got pretty hammered and I ended up passing out in someones bed with abigale whilst he was passed out in it as well.

The early morning came around and when Abigale woke up I was spooning with this other guy (To which I still don't remember his name) she freaked out and told everyone.
Me and this guy were woken to the sounds of guys giggeling, cracking jokes to one another.
When I opened my eyes I quickly found myself in an awkward situation...

Here I was, in bed with this dude whos name I didn't and still don't know and all of the guys and some of the girls were all crowded around.
Some were laughing hysterically and others had the look of pure disgust.
What sucks even more is that most of the students were filming the whole thing with their phones and Abigale happened to forget to mention that she was sleeping with me as well.

Well, I guess u could imagine what happened next, High school life can be very unforgiving, especially once you get labelled as Gay.
And going to a Snob Central of a school didn't help it either.

So this guy that I was sleeping with quickly booted me out of bed and called me a queer-rapist, laying all of the blame onto me.
And that's how I was left the guy in school that everyone hated.

“Man, this weekend is gonna suck so hard” I said, trying to spark a conversation with Jose who was uncomfortably right next to me on this hard bench seat.

He stops playing with his phone and looks at me with a warm smile.
“Don't worry man, I'll make sure you have fun” he replies.

I don't know why, but a wave of warmth and peace washed over me the moment those words entered my head.

Jose openes one of the cartons and pulls out two cold beers and hands one to me.
“Here ya go mate” he says handing me a cold one.

“But William said I couldn't have any” I said reluctantly grabbing it.
Although I now disliked William and his stupid friends, I still didnt feel the need to step on any toes without a reason to.

“OI! What's that fuck-head got a drink for?!” William shouted from the drivers seat.

Instantly I had 4 pairs of eyes on me, and Williams was darting back and forth from the road to the mirror.

“Pipe down, Will, It's MY beer, alright? Just calm down and look at what the fuck your doing kay? Don't need the driver getting all worked up and crashing the car, alright mate?!” Jose snapped back.

William just huffed in anguish, clearly everything can't go his way and he hated it.

I must admit, it was pretty cool watching everyones eyes suddenly widen at Jose's sudden outburst.
He turned to look at me and held his beer out towards mine and tapped it on the neck.
“Cheers, Dan”

His smile and kind actions brought a slight blush to my face.
“Cheers, Jose”

After a swig from the beer Jose began, “You can help yourself to my Beer whenever you'd like, Dan, First rule of survival in the bush is to drink plenty of liquid” he said with a wink.

Another blush!
Guh, I've really got to stop that, “Looks like im going to have to stock up on some liquid fast then, aye” I replied.
We both laughed to each other and continued drinking until we stopped at a Servo in the middle of nowhere.

When we stopped we all got out of the car, I checked the time and it was already 4pm, we left school at 1pm and still had a good few hours driving left until we reached our designated camping area that the school gave us.

While William was filling up his dual-tanks with Diesel Jose and I went inside the store to grab something to eat.
“Oi, could u guys get me a packet of chips while you're in there?” William shouted out at us.

Jose and I both ignored him but I thought better of it. “I'll get him his stupid chips” I said to Jose.
“Why would you do that? He hates you!” He objected.

“Well, I may as well try to be nice and hope that he does the same during the camping trip, otherwise it'll just be an outright wart between them and us” I said placing my items and Will's chips on the counter to purchase.

“Wow, you really are quite nice, I cant imagine anyone disliking you, even after what happened at the snow” Jose replied.

I felt a cold chill go up my spine as he said that.

Aww crap, I thought to myself. I hadent thought about that trip in weeks, and the way Jose said it made it sound like I did something wrong, it almost sounded as if he resents me for it, but he's still trying to be nice to me.

After we left the shops I passed Will his chips and got into the Troopie where Jose was sitting.
The other guys were either still in the shop or going to the loo or something.

“So, are you just being nice to me for the sake of being nice?” I questioned Jose.
“No, what do you mean, Dan?” He replied, a hint of confusion in his voice.

“The snow trip, you obviously heard about what happened. So do you hate me as well because of it?”
I questioned, adding a bit of hostility in as the memories of the anguish and torment replayed in my mind.

“Yeah I know about it and I dont hate you for it as well” he said, a little worried.

It was at that moment that the rest of the guys all piled into the Troopie at the same time and it wasn't before long that we left.

Once we were on the road I felt william looking at me from his rear vision mirror again, and by this time I had already been wound-up from reliving the memories from a shit passed and the Beer was mixing in nicely with my bad mood.

“The fuck do you keep looking at me for?!” I snapped loudly towards William in the driver seat.

His eyes quickly returned to the road and he spoke softly.
“Uhh, just wanted to say thanks for those chips, Dan” He replied, fear was obviously evident in his voice.

I'd pretty much always been a bit of a push-over, only every getting evidently angry when I was alone, displaying a friendly face in public and such.
So an outburst like that coming from me was a shock to all of the guys in the car.

I turned my head to look out the back window which was right next to me, not even replying to William.
The light begun to fade and we found ourselves onto the 4-wheel-drive track, slowly putting up and down the steep bumps and such in the road.
Making a few turns and crossing a few shallow channels we made it to our designated site.

We all fell out of the car and begun unloading the car.

William pulled out his CB Radio and checked-in with the other teachers to let them know we got here safely and were beginning to set up our camp site.
While he was doing that Brendan told me to untie the ropes on the roof and begin passing down the luggage to Mark and Jose while him and Tyler unloaded our shit from the car.

I heard Tyler and Brendan whispering to each other quietly with brief moments of laughter below me while they unloaded the luggage from the Troopie.
I untied the ropes and begun passing down everyones bags and such.
After that was done I hopped off the roof and went into the troopie to grab my own bag of stuff and tent.

The car was empty...

I looked through the windows of the Troopie to see everyone taking their own bags and tents from the pile of everyones junk.

Ahh, I thought, they must've taken my stuff with them.

Climbing out of the Troopie I closed the door and made my way to the rest of them.
Tyler, William and Mark were sitting on Eski's, while Brendan went into the bushes to chuck a slash (Piss if you didn't know) and Jose was already setting up his tent.

As I approached the pile the boys talking to one another suddenly fell silent and I felt their eyes on me as I begun sifting through the pile of things.

Searching through the pile of bags I begun to realise that none of my things were there.
I stood up and looked right at William who was pretending to not notice my glare.

“Where the fuck is my stuff, Will?” I said in a deep tone.

His head turned to face me, he looked like as if he was trying to keep from exploding into laughter.
I looked around at the 3 guys before me.
“Which one of you have hidden my bag?!” I said even sterner.

Jose heard me and came over to see what was going on.
“What's going on?” he asked to the group.

“One of these cock-heads have hidden my bag!” I replied to Jose.

His confused expression changed to that of anger and turned to face the three guys with me, and thats when Brendan returned from his slash in the bushes.

He stopped dead in his tracks when Jose and I looked at him, my body full of rage, ready to explode with anger like I couldn't believe.

“Where the fuck is my stuff, Brendan?!” I said, storming over to him.

He tried to put up a tough-guy stance and retort, “And which one of these fuckin' liars said that I put it in Tylers' car, Huh?!” He was trying to pump himself up.

He clearly didn't hear me yelling at the guys before my bag, or he wouldn't have fucked up like that.
“So it WAS you!” I said as I reached him, grabbed his shirt with my fist and pushed him backwards hard against a tree.

“Are you fucking serious?! You fucking left my shit in Tylers car?!” I yelled at him.

I felt William, Mark and Tyler standing behind me, their hands grabbed me and pulled me away from Brendan.
I fell flat onto the hard dirt that was the ground.

“Look, I didn't know that Brendan and Tyler did that to your stuff mate” William begun.
It seemed like for once he was trying to be mature about this.
“You can either choose to have Brendans tent for this trip, or, you can choose to create your own shelter and have some of our Booze?”

I stopped to think about it for a moment, Brendan and Tyler suddenly piped up.
“You'd better not choose to stay in my tent, faggot!” Brendan started.
“Yeah, we will make this trip a living hell if you do” Tyler finished.

“Umm, you can share my tent with me if you'd like” Jose said as if from nowhere.

We all turned our heads to see Jose in the dim light with a fully pitched 4-person tent and a Beer in his hand.

I got up from the ground, “Whoa dude, you sure?” I said surprised.

“Nah man, don't let that faggot sleep WITH you!” Brendan yelled out.

“Shut up Brendan! Or I'll make you loose your stuff in a second!” William scolded Brendan.

“If you share with Jose you can still have some of our Booze still, Dan” William said kindly.
“I'll do that” I replied. “Cheers”

I made my way over to Jose's tent, he pulled out a spare seat and set it up right next to his and passed me a beer.
“I can't let a mate sleep on the ground on his own, mate” he said as he sat down.

“Thanks heaps man, you've been a big help today” I said thankfully.

What a head-fuck this trip was quickly becoming...

So the night begun, We all got stuck into booze while the rest of the guys struggled to set up their tents in the fading light. And since Jose and I wern't doing anything, William asked us to go get wood for a fire.
Just like that we were off into the darkness.

The buzz from the 5 Beers I had consumed already was slowly becoming a more dizzying drunken feeling as we wandered into the bushland in search of wood... in the dark.
“Hey thanks again Jose for helping me out so much, I don't know what I could even do to repay you” I begun.

Jose was right behind while we were walking and tripped over, he pushed his hands out infront of him to break his fall and pushed me right over.
And instead of falling forwards I somehow managed to twist around mid-fall.
I guess it has something to do with me trying to turn around to see what was pushing me or something, I'm not sure.

He fell right ontop of me, our heads collided with one another and we quickly rubbed them with our hands.
“Oww!!” We howled out aloud.

As the pain slowly subsided we gazed deep into each others eyes, both of our heads buzzing.
I didnt know what to do, so I did the first thing that came to mind.
I put my hands eitherside of his waist, he noticed this and thought I was pushing him off so he begun to lift himself. But I had other thoughts, instead of trying to lift Jose from me I pulled his waist in closer.
His eyes widened when he realised this.

“You......want me to...” He begun, voice quivering.

“I errr.... don't really know what I'm doing” I said, putting more pressure on his waist to pull his whole body onto me.

He finally let got and collapsed ontop of me again. Our cheeks were right next to each other, our lips mere hair-widths away from our ears.
My 7” cock begun to stir in my pants, I could feel the blood rushing to it, and I suddenly felt the urge to fuck him!
Jose lifted his head and looked into my eyes, and that's when I felt a massive bulge in his pants throb.
His eyes widened as he realised that I would've felt that and he got off.

I got to my feet and Jose was just staring at me with a confused look on his face.
“Uhh... s...sorry” I said to him feeling embarrassed at what had just happened.

He looked at the ground and spoke “I uhh...” he stuttered.
I saw his pants, the outline of a boner creating a tent in it and he was blushing profusely.
It was then that I realised exactly what was going to happen again... just like at the snow but this time I was awake!

That's it, i'm done for, I'll have to sleep on sticks and be treated like shit by everyone.
The fear causing me to tremble slightly at the thought of going through all of that crap again made me want to break down.

I heard Jose's footsteps come closer until he was standing right next to me.
This was it, I thought.
He's probably going to beat the living shit out of me and then go tell the guys at the camp.
His hand rested lightly on my shoulder, the moment of first contact causing me to flinch in anticipation for a hit.

“L.... look” Jose began.
“It's.... it's alright man... I... won't tell anyone, okay?” He continued.
“I'm just a little bit confused, that's all Dan”

I looked up at him, feeling pathetic... “You're not going to tell anyone?” I questioned, I was still afraid that at any moment he could slip out a joke about me being gay or something...
“I'll probably forget it in the morning, it's okay” Jose said, feeling a little more composed.

His change in emotion and attitude made me feel a little at ease.
I felt Jose's arm move across my chest as he pulls me in for a hug.

We eventually laughed it off, gathered some wood from a tree that had fallen over months ago and made our way back tot he camp site.
When we got back the guys had almost finished pitching their tents, some were putting the rain-covers on and other were setting up the bedding inside.
And William had moved his car closer to the site and was playing music through the stereo.

The sun had been long-gone and the only light was what was remaining of it.
Jose and I begun setting up the sticks and logs for a fire.
Once it was going, we set up our chairs close to it and grabbed a few drinks and begun our fun-filled night of piss, music and the wild-life.

It really wasn't long until we were absolutely smashed, William and Mark had gone to sleep already and the music had been turned off long ago.
All that was left was a giggleing Brendan and Tylor, the two of them seem to have not grown out of their childish ways.
The moment their tent was set they were running around, looking for sticks to fight each other with and such and playing pranks.

I felt myself getting to the point of being drunk where everything begins to spin a little but then it goes back to normal and spins again on repeat, over and over.
Feeling like I might throw up at the sight of the flames licking at the air I decided to call it a night.
“Right, I'm off so sleep. Night guys” I patted Jose on the back as I stumbled into Jose's decent-sized tent.

He had a massive blow-up Queen-sized mattress with a few blankets on it and two pillows right next to each other at the head of the bed.
I guess he wouldn't have brought a second bed for himself, so when he said “Share the Tent” I guess he meant the bed too.

I stripped down to my briefs and dizzily wobbled into bed, once in, I leant forward to close the zip of the tent, sealing me within the confined space of this dark tent. The light given from the moon and fire was just enough to see inside the tent once my eyes had adjusted.
I heard Tyler saying something to Jose in a joking matter. But I was too tired and drunk to concentrate on it.

I closed my eyes...

It seemed like I had only closed my eyes for a second when I heard rustling and Jose was coming in through the tent door, It was a lot darker outside and the fire was almost completely out.

Once in the tent, Jose closed the zip behind him, and I heard him attach something to the two zips for the doors.
He turned around and begun getting undressed, he was wearing some dark coloured boxers, I was watching him while he was trying to quietly undress.
It was so dark that he wouldnt even be able to see my face unless he was close enough so I just laid still and watched.

Once in nothing but his boxers he climbs down into bed, I close my eyes a little just so he can't see that I'm awake.
His head rests heavily on his pillow.
Maintaining a calm, slow breathing pattern I manage to fool him into thinking that im sound asleep.
I feel his eyes on me, scanning every part of my face and body that he can see.
He lays still for what felt like hours and I even thought that he might've actually fallen asleep looking at me.
Until I felt a movement in the blanket.
His hand moves under the sheets, along the mattress towards me.
Ever so lightly, he places a finger into my arm thats rested alongside my body, and begins making very light movements on my arm, slowly making his way to me stomach and chest.

He builds up courage and scoots closer to me, I can feel his warm breath on my cheek as his face rests right next to mine.
Lightly grabbing my right hand thats along my body he slowly picks it up and gently rests it over his waste.

He wants me! I think, should I pretend to wake up or wait for him to get a little more ballsey?
His hand moves back to my chest and stomach as he moves in closer again and I feel his crotch right up against mine.

I probably should mention that at his point, I'm already hard as a rock.
This was a completely new experience to me but I kinda figured I'd end up going for men as well as women.
Jose notices my hard prick pressing against his stomach and gently places his hand on it.

The feeling of human contact on my cock causes it to throb, I inadvertently moan from the small spark of pleasure his hand produces.

I've had sex with women before, and I've had girl-friends. But this was the first ever time that I'd done this with a guy, and I guess it's that mixture of something completely different and that feeling of being devious or naughty for doing something that is generally looked down upon that makes small things like this from a guy extremely pleasurable.
It's like that whole forbidden fruit complex or somethin' I guess.

Anywho, so I moaned, and just like that his hand shot right back to himself, Figuring that I could get away with it I wrap my arms around his waste and pull him in closer for a cuddle, all the while still pretending to do it in my sleep.

Jose freezes still, his heart pounding in his chest, his cock growing to its full size of 7” with some serious girth.
He doesn't move, but after a while he speaks,
“D... Dan?, I know your not sleeping.” he says, clearly still intoxicated.

I groan and give him a slight squeeze, still pretending to be ignorantly asleep.

“Well, I guess that means I can't do anything else then” he says with a flirtatious tone in his voice.
He moves his face in closer to mine, our lips just millimetres apart.
He places his hands on my chest and digs his nails into the slightly, my whole body feeling a rush a coldness running through it from his sudden contact.

Well, I think to myself, may as well have fun with this then.
I open my eyes and smile to see a drop dead teenager in bed with me, his face so close to mine that I cant help but lean my head in for a kiss.

Jose broke up the kiss first, “I knew you were awake, you're quite good at holding out though, I was certain that you'd be the first to make the move”
He pushes his body in close to me under the warm covers, his cock probing me in the leg.
I slide my hand across his body from his back and waste right to his boxers where I tug at them for him to take off.

He get's the hint quickly and takes them off and of course pulls the same thing on me.
We begin to kiss again, more passionately as our hands search each others bodies for anything that might make the other moan.
He grabs my ass and runs his fingers up and down my crack, causing me to moan and breath heavily.
I push him onto his back, me torso between his spread legs, I begin to kiss and lick my way down his dark-bronzed skin, over his pecks and 6-pack until I reach that sexy 'V' that leads to the buried treasures that lay beneath it.
After reaching his cock I begin to lick and such the sides of his cock whilst massaging his balls with my hand.
“Damn, Dan... that feels good, man.” He says between shallow breaths.
Continuing to just lick the sides of his cock slowly makes him beg me for more.
“Dan...... just put it all in your mouth.... cmon” he moans, craving more.

After a few more minuets I build my mouth up to the head of his cock. I allow a bit of the head through but instead of trying to tease him more he thrusts his cock right into it.
I got about 5” down before coughing it back up again.
We laughed at each other and Jose said “Sorry man, I'll be less rough”

I went back down on his, trying to take as much as I can while my other hand is working the rest of the shaft.
Jose's breathing begins to pick up pace.

“Dan... mate... I'm close”

But that was just an invitation for more as far as I was concerned.
I just hum in response and continue sucking his rod.
“Dude.... dude dude dude stop stop stop” he starts saying quietly but quickly as he reaches the point of no return.

I bring him to that point and he pushes my head off with my hands, his cock exiting my mouth with a loud “pop”
I look at him, this sexy guy sweating away, fighting his urges to cum just so he can cum a little later.

He looks up at me, and smiles deviously “Your turn now, bitch!” he said seductively.
“Ooh” was all I could think of to say.

Jose pushes my onto the mattress and instantly sinks under the covers.
I lay there patiently, waiting to feel something warm and pleasurable on my cock. But nothing but some weird tickling feeling.

I look under the sheets to see what's going on and theres Jose running his nails from one hand lightly all around my crotch but not touching the cock or the balls and his other hand out of the bed doing something.

I look put the covers back over him and look over them to see what he's doing with his hand.
It was rummaging around in one of the pockets of his bag.
“What're you doing?” I ask in confusion.

“You'll see” he replies confidently.

Fair enough, I thought. May as well lay here and enjoy.
The feeling becomes more intense, the primeval want to fuck starts to boil-up inside of me.

“Cmon Jose” I moan “Please...” I beg..
I just want to feel sexual pleasure and all i'm getting is the tease of my life!

“Just relax” he says soothingly “You're mine now” he finishes deviously.
Cheeky prick, I think to myself.

Finally I here something plastic click, moments later I feel warmth engulf my cock and a cold liquid probing at my ass.
The sudden feeling to fuck grows as the pleasure floods my nerves all over my body.
This hot and cold combination throwing my pleasures all over the place.

Arching my back I let out a low moan of absolutely bliss “Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh........”
I hear Jose laughing to himself in a low chuckel while his mouth slides up and down my pole, that and the feeling of his fingers dancing on the rose of my ass sends shockwaves of pleasure to my head.
“Duuuude, stick it in” I beg, trying to push myself onto his fingers, for some reason I want to be penetrated.
I didn't even know that your ass could feel so good just form a little rubbing, and all I wanted was that feeling deep inside of me, filling me up with pleasure.

Jose finally complies against my squirming and probes his two fingers into my ass.
The sudden penetration throwing me into further extacy. “Ohhhhh fuck...” I sigh.
He stops sucking on my cock and starts kissing and licking the sides of it, up and down slowly.
His slight probing becoming slow in and out movements, I feel his fingers gliding with ease.
It must've been lube that he was looking for.

His licking and kissing lowers to my balls. His bruital attack of his tongue and mouth continuing all over them as he continues downwards whilst trying to lift my torso up into the air.
I quickly figure out what he's trying to do and plant my feet onto the bed and help hold my body up.
He finally reaches my gooch where his attack continues.

And yet, he found another unknown pleasure for me as his attacks on my gooch provided a slightly tickling pleasure that I had never felt before.
“Ohhhhh I like that” I say between short breaths of air.

His fingers suddenly left my ass and I was left feeling empty, until his mouth moved down towards my ass crack.
He licked all over my rose bud and even pushed his tongue into me a little.

I gotta admit, a rim job fucking rules! Never had I thought that a rim-job would make any man want to be fucked!
No more than a minuet later of him lapping away at my ass did I start begging over and over for his cock.

“Jose... dude.... I think.... I want you to fuck me!!” I say inbetween quiet moans of please.
I keep calling out his name in extasy. I hear that same plastic clicking noise which brought my gaze to what he was doing.

He was lubing up his cock.
Fuck yeah!

“Cmon man, hurry up” I beg furthermore, his onslaught of tongue-lashings and probes finally stopped as he lowered my body back onto the bed.
Lowering his body onto me he moves my legs up to his armpits where I wrap them around his back and pull myself in towards him.
Sliding my back along the mattress I feel the head of his cock poke my ass, I move my hand down and wrap my fingers around the slick-rod, it throbs away as I place the head at the entrance to my hole.

“I'll take care of you” he said caringlys he begins to push down.
My ass had been loosened up a little by Jose before but his cock was pretty thick, the rose of my ass slowly and painfully stretching to fit around his massive cock.
“Owwww” the pain causing me to wince.
“It'll be better man, trust me” trying to reassure me, Jose looks into my eyes as he stops pushing.

I try to focus in my drnken mind at what is going on.
Here I am, undernieth this bloody hot guy and he's about to fuck me.
I place my hands on his 6-pack and run my fingertips along the bumps of it until I reach his neck.
He lowers his head onto mine and we kiss passionately, Jose starts putting pressure on my ass again with his cock.
We make really slow progress as his head isnt even inside of me yet and It's fucking hurting.

I break away from the kiss and wince from the pain.
Jose stops again.
“You alright?” he asks.
“You're just a bit big, but keep going I want you in me!” I say trying to push myself down onto him.
I force myself onto him, my ass being stretched apart from this monster of a cock.
“Grrrrrrr!!!!” I start moaning from the intense pain.

Jose stops and pulls out and I open my eyes.

“Here” he says, cutting me off.
He lays down next to me and pats on his stomach.
“Sit on me, it might be easier”

I scramble to my knees and spread them over his torso, now I had a better view of this sexy body before me.
Slowly, I lower my ass whilst guiding his cock to my entrance with my hand.

“Stop there” Jose commands.

So I just half kneel there, the head of his cock just resting at the entrance of my ass.
Jose wraps his hands around my waist and pulls me down to him and we begin kissing again.
During the kiss I hear him reapplying lube to his cock and then he starts rubbing my ass hole with his fingers again.

And just like that, I was moaning once more.
“Ohhh man...... that's sooo goooooooooddd" I moan into his neck, trying to be quiet.
He clamps his mouth onto my neck and begins kissing and sucking at it while he gently rubs my ass and then slowly sliding them back again.
“Hmmmmmmmffffff” I moan louder into his neck.

Withdrawing his fingers and cleverly replacing them swiftly with the head of his cock, he rubs his cock around my ass hole, gently probing at it with slight thrusts.
“Maaaaaaaannnnn” I continue to moan.
“Told you I'd look after you” he says.

Even though I couldn't see him I knew that he'd have that mischievous smile on him again.
Lightly probing harder and harder I suddenly feel the pressure from his cock disappear as my ass gave way, letting his cock sink a quarter of the way inside.
“Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!!!!!!!!” I moan deeply into his neck.

I lift myself and kneel up and begin sliding his cock in deeper before slowly bringing most of it out again.
We find ourselves in a steady motion.
The feeling of his cock gliding smoothly in and out of my ass slowly brings me to louder and louder moaning.
“Fuuuuuuck...... Jose, fuck me more.....” Wanting more I start to sink down deeper and deeper onto his cock until I end up sitting flat onto his torso.
“Good work bud” Jose commemorates me on my efforts.
He pulls me down onto his stomach and we kiss some more.
He clasps onto the sides of my chest as I feel him withdrawing his cock from my ass before lowing it all the way back in.

That first “SLAP” of skin to skin shacking my core. I stop kissing for a moment to let out a sharp breath of air as the first real wave of pleasure comes sweeping through.
Getting more worked up I begin to kiss him harder, driving him to fuck me faster.

“Fuck me Jose” I say quite loudly after breaking our kiss again.
He begins to work up a sweat and throws the blankets off of us and starts driving his raw meat in and out of me.
The increased speed throws more pleasure into me and I arch my back upwards to moan.
I stay kneeling upright to push against his fast thrusts causing our bodies to slap against one another.
“Faster!!! Faster!!! “ I moan over and over and over between shallow breaths of air.

This is pretty hard work, being ontop and being fucked that is, It took a lot of energy to keep going but I eventually started slowing down from exhaustion.
“Fuck me.... Im starting to wear out man...” I moan to Jose.

He leans forwards, his head right against my rising and falling chest and looks up at me.
“Lean back, man” he says trying to support my back with his hand while I lean my back onto the bed.

By now I feel like a fucking pretzel but turns out it's just some sort of Ninja-Move to get back ontop without having to take out his cock.

Before I knew it I was back onto my back, legs wrapped around his back and his face, chest and 6-pack were in plain view. What was even better was that he started fucking me harder and harder.
The sound of slapping became louder as Jose drove his cock hard and fast into my red ass over and over.

This hard fucking pushing us closer to the point of no return.
Jose Grabs my cock with his hand and starts gliding it up and down it.
“Fuuuuuuuck fuck fuck fuck fuck”
“I'm close, Dan”
“Fuck yes Jose! Fuck fuuuuuuuuuckkkkkk I'm cumming!” I start to moan quickly as my stomach
gets covered in my warm liquid.

My orgasm causing my ass to contract and relax with each spurt of white cum gets pumped from me.
Jose starts going flat out before slamming his cock into me as hard as he can.
“YYYYYYeeeeeeeaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh!!!!!” He lets out in a loud sigh of relief.

I feel his cock throbbing deep inside of me as it fills me with his hot cum.

Jose collapses ontop of me, his cock sliding out during the movement, some of the cum dribbling out.

We kissed each other one more time before we rolled over and Jose was spooning me from behind.
His soft, moist cock resting next to my ass cheek.

I fell asleep exhausted, but this newly found feeling of being full was a nice one to fall asleep with.

The End.

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2012-10-02 17:53:13
How can I pick . both! Each showed a diernffet side of Jose; tender and beautiful vs powerful and strong. I hope both of these dances will be on tour.Oh, but the contemporary he did will Allison was wonderful, too haha, but that wasn't one of the choices. I thought his Samba with Anya was also very good!

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Re163s Unbelievable. Class..!

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u could eliminate 50% of this and get closer to what matters.

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Oh yeah, what a story! I had greats visuals in my head and got hard now I'm off to beat off. Thanks, and please do continue the story.

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Needs a part two.. at least!!

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