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I awoke to the bright morning light as it streamed in through the window. I glanced at my watch and was shocked to see that it was only 4:15 in the morning. A look outside told me that the sun had been up for at least an hour and it was brightly illuminating everything that it touched. I then knew what it meant to be in the land of the midnight sun and although it wasn’t midnight, it still should have been dark outside.

I looked over at my sleeping beauty as she lay right beside me and saw the most wonderful sight that these poor eyes had seen in ages. She was cuddled up in a ball facing my body with her upper arm draped over my chest. She had a contented look about her as she slept and I wondered if I was the cause of that contentment. Her long blonde hair was splayed out in a halo fashion surrounding her beautiful facial features and she looked just like I imagined an angel would look taking a brief nap from her heavenly duties.

I watched this vision until my body told me that I had to get some relief for my blander and as I slowly freed myself from her arm laying on my chest, I slid out of the double bed and made my way to the bathroom. Afterwards, I decided that I should get up and do some reading about where we were in the State of Alaska and to determine our next destination and sights that we wanted to see. I didn’t bother to get dressed but opted to head out into the motor home wearing only my smile.

I opened the blinds just enough to see out but not enough so anyone could see in and noticed that we were the only rig that was parked there beside the raging Russian River. I understood that in another month or so, this area will be filled with RVs that will be the home of many thousands of fishermen trying desperately to fill their limits of three king salmon per day. This area along the river is notorious for “combat fishing”; fishermen standing six feet apart, lining the banks on both sides, casting their lines out into the rushing waters, trying to catch the abundance of fish as they migrated up the river to spawn.

As I began to examine the maps that Neal had left for me, the closed door to the bed room opened and out walked my beautiful sleepy bed partner from last night. She had slipped on the night gown that she had purchased from Wal-Mart a couple of weeks ago back in Minnesota to cover her enticing little body from my eyes as she stumbled out to find her bed partner. Her eyes were still partly closed as she asked in a squeaky voice, “Where did you go?”

I smiled at her as I welcomed her over to where I was sitting to receive a tender hug around her waist which she graciously accepted. As she got there she said again in a sleepy voice, “You don’t have nothing on” and tried to smile a little through her groggy looking eyes.

“You do,” I said taking her into my arms and hugging her around the hips and waist.

She cooed softly as I drew her in next to my warm body and slid my hands under the night gown and rested them on her cheeks. She looked down at me and gave me an accepting smile and snuggled her crotch right into my wide spread legs. I began rubbing all over her back and butt cheeks as she stood there next to me, enjoying my impromptu standing massage. She was pressing her hips in towards me as I slid my fingers along her butt crack.

Sliding them the length of her crack, probing deep into her junction from her rear position, I found her opening just starting to secrete the moisture from her vagina. I pried her legs apart slightly with my entire hand as she let out a slight groan from her lips and closed her eyes in anticipation of the grandeur that she knew would follow. I didn’t want to disappoint her so, finding her two lips moist and willing, I inserted one of my own up into her canal as her knees buckled a little and she moaned out loudly.

I penetrated her opening with the full length of my finger and curled it up in search for her G-spot. Her reactive response to my finding it was sharp and aggressive as she bent her hips backward at first and then pushed them forcefully back against my exploring finger. She was wild with excitement as I ground away at her rough pleasure zone buried just inside and upward in her vagina. “Oh my God,” she said as I rubbed it over and over.

My free hand worked it way up to her breasts and, grabbing one nipple at a time, I pinched and rotated each one as I manipulated my finger inside her vagina. She was really getting hot by my stimulating manual assault on two of her sensitive areas and then she suddenly picked up her night gown by the hem and tore it off of her small little body exposing it totally to my eyes and my hands. My cock was rock hard by this juncture and she could see that it was ready for some action.

She pulled my hand out from between her legs and moved closer to my sitting position. I scooted my butt off of the chair that I was sitting in, leaving just a small portion still on it for support. She stepped with each foot straddling my legs and before she situated herself down on my raging cock, her breasts were in perfect reaching area for me to take them into my mouth and suck down hard on each. She threw back her head and moaned again very loudly then settled down on my erection and guided it up into her opening.

It went in slightly and began to twitch a little in anticipation of the greater experience that it knew awaited it. She was holding her breath as she lowered herself down and it impaled her small but willing opening. Her lubricated vagina opened up to its assault up her canal as she bit her lower lip and eased her bottom down to rest on my pubic hairs. She had taken the whole thing into her womb as she moaned a receptive moan out of her open mouth.

I moved both arms inside of the outstretched legs and pulled up on her knees as they were cradled there. Pulling up with my arms and standing up on my feet, she grabbed me by my neck and settled down even further on my enraged pole as it went in a little further. I began to bounce her up and down on my shaft as she gasped for breath from my cock impaling her vaginal opening. She could feel it as it bottomed out against her cervix and with each strike against it, she would cry out with a loud, “OH!” Each “OH” got louder and higher in pitch until she was screaming at the top of her voice, “OH, OH, OH!!”

She was about to cum as I thrust upward with my hips, ramming it into her sloppy wet hole with no regard to where it was hitting her. I must have hit her cervix a dozen times with my hard cock as I was bottoming out inside her womb, but I couldn’t get enough of her wanting opening. It was engulfing my penetrations and demanding more so I was complying with those demands the best that I could. We both built and built until we reached the pentacle of desire almost simultaneously and then we exploded into a total release that brought us both to the brink of unconsciousness.

I had held my breath for I don’t know how long, to the point that I was dizzy and almost ready to pass out. She was bouncing down on my cock, fiercely trying to impale it deeper up her canal and satisfy her unscratchable itch that was driving her onward. She was tossing her beautiful head from side to side as her hands were digging into the flesh on my neck and then she went perfectly still. I began to spill my guts out of my cock into her receptive hole and as I felt the backsplash from it hitting her cervix, I knew that I had not shot so hard in my life.

She was tight as a rod, unmoving for a second, letting it build and to consume her very essence and then, in one final cry of ecstasy, she exploded into a writhing mass of nerve ending all demanding stimulating at one time. She was crying out her release as she thrashed around on my pole and ground her chest into my face. She was wildly rising and lowering herself down on it as if she had abandoned all sense of reason. She was releasing all of her pent up emotions in one final expulsion as each and ever one of them were trying to exit her body at the same time. Her mind was losing any grasp of reality and as it began to tumble down, so did her ability to maintain her consciousness. She became like a spent, wet noodle in my grasp as she jerked and twitched herself into a well deserved rest.

I staggered backward and sat down with her still in my arms perched high on my crotch with both of her legs wrapped around my middle. She was breathing very heavily and so was I as I could feel the need for sleep creep over my body and soon I relented to it and fell into that wistful feeling of afterglow and the wonderful sleep that accompanies it.

I slept for hours with the gratefulness of feeling this beautiful girl still sitting on my lap as I dreamed about loving her the way that I had. It was a feeling of satisfaction and contentment, a feeling of a longing sensation and the gratification of achieving something special and, with this deep feeling, I had no problem sleeping the hours away.

Again, I was the first to regain consciousness at about 8:30 and as I slowly rolled Chloe off of me, I started to the bathroom to clean myself some and to get dressed. She wasn’t very happy about being awakened from her slumber but allowed me to leave her again and while I was in the bathroom, she crawled into bed and was fast asleep when I came into the room. I put on my clothes and went out to continue with my studies and allowed her to rest.

I was on my second cup of coffee and was deep in my planning when the bedroom door opened and my beautiful young bed partner stepped out into the light of the day. She had gotten dress this time into a pair of shorts and a loose fitting sweater and she looked fabulously radiant. She smiled at me as she walked over to the pair of chairs that were arrange on either side of the table, stopped to give me a kiss good morning and asked me where another cup was for her coffee.

I continued to plan out loud while Chloe started breakfast for the two of us and I had reached a decision just as she put the plates on the table. While we were eating I told her of my plans but she seemed rather distant, like she had the weight of the world on her shoulders. I finished telling her what and where I had planned to go but she still seemed lost in another world. I wondered what she was thinking about but I decided to let her tell me in her own time.

After we ate and cleaned up the rig, we headed back out onto the highway and on to Soldotna and Kenai to see the Cook’s State Park. It is an area of ground at the northern most point of the Kenai Peninsula and it has a commanding view across Cook’s Inlet towards the many volcanoes to the northwest. As I was explaining this area to Chloe, she was still not really listening to my narrative and seemed almost uninterested.

I quit talking for a while and continued to drive in silence when she finally asked, “Chris, when you asked me last night if I knew that what we did was going to change our relationship, well, you didn’t say what it would change it to. What kind of relationship did we have and what kind do we now have?”

This question took me totally off guard and I had to think about it before I could answer. “As I see it anyway, our relationship was that of the love of a daughter by her father. I’ve always considered you like my daughter since I was the first to see you come out of your mother’s womb. And now, well, it’s just different I guess. It has grown into something much more intimate than a love between father and daughter, more like a man and a woman who are attracted to each other. What do you think or want it to become?”

“I don’t know. I’ve always loved you, like a father but much more too. I’ve always fantasized about making love with you and you making love with me. That’s more than a daughter should feel isn’t it? But now that we have, you know, been together, well, I was just wondering where it goes from here,” she said in a questioning way.

I pulled off the road onto a parking area and put the RV into park to look at her directly in the eye. This seemed to make her feel a little uneasy as she stared down into her lap. I told her as earnestly and sincerely as I could, “Chloe, what we did was wonderful and I wouldn’t change a thing about anything that we did. I know that I love you in a different way than I did when you first came to live with me this summer. But I’m too old for you Chloe. You deserve much better than what I can offer you,” I tried to explain but seeing her reaction, I quickly stated, “But, I would like to try and see just where this relation will lead us. I don’t know, what do you think?”

A smile replaced the serious look upon her face and she scooted over and gave me a gentle, warm kiss on my lips. She looked out the windshield of the passenger’s side and asked, “When will we get to this State Park anyway?”

We traveled for only about 30 minutes more and we were at the outskirts of Soldotna. I soon found out that the peninsula was not as big as I thought and that you could travel from one end to the other in about 3 hours so I thought that this would make a good “base camp” for our stay. We stopped at the “Visitor’s Center” in Kenai to get a map of the area and to inquire as to the local highlights and, while we were stopped, I thought that we could head for one of my secret information gathering places, the local “greasy spoon” and ask a lot of questions.

We were directed to the historic section of Kenai to check out a little sandwich shop that was there. All of the locals usually gathered to share their lunch time while they “chewed the fat” so we got back in the rig and drove the 4 or 5 blocks to the restaurant. It turned out to be a treasure trove of information and we left there with much more knowledge of the peninsula than when we walked in. We even found a place to spend the night and they had nice hot showers to clean ourselves up.

Before we went out to the RV Park I called to make arrangements for the night and also the next one. I figured that we would spend at least a couple of days here and as I mentioned, this peninsula was just the size to make day trips out of it easily. We then headed out to Cook’s Inlet State Park to see what it offered and upon arriving, I certainly wasn’t disappointed.

On this clean beautiful day with its clear blue skies, the four volcanoes that sprung up on the other side of the inlet stood out like gems in the ocean of blue. Their white tops glistened as one would occasionally burp out a cloud of sulfur just to let you know that it was still active and the others would almost applauded their approval. The inlet itself was a muddy grey tone of silt and mud that would wash in with the tide and then be dragged back out with the currents. The tidal surge on the Cook’s Inlet was some of the strongest and greatest in the world so it was no wonder that the bottom could not get a hold.

We took many pictures during the hour and a half that the tide was coming in and were amazed at the huge rocks that littered the bottom that were soon covered by the ascension of the sea water and, when it had come in as far as it could, there wasn’t a single rock exposed to the air.

We finally heaed back into town to formally check in to our home for the next couple of nights so we were all set up by about 6 that evening. We still had many hours of daylight left so we decided to go for a walk through the country side and to see what we could see. Of course we took along our cameras and we weren’t disappointed in the wild life we captured digitally.

One was of two bald eagles in flight that I caught just as one was on its back with its talons outstretched while the other was on top of it in a likewise threatening pose. I had seen a similar shot somewhere else but to think that I actually caught them in this dance and recorded it digitally was one of proudest moments in my photographing career.

It was about 10 o’clock when we got back to the rig to catch a quick bite and to get cleaned up from the next day’s activities. The showers at the Park were not gender oriented, in other words, anyone could use any shower so when I stepped into the room I was instantly amazed and grateful for the room it offered inside. I hurriedly went back to the RV and told Chloe to bring her towel and soap because I had a surprise for her and grinned.

She followed me back to the showers and as she walked into one, she paused for a second, looked around and with a big grin on her face, she muttered, “Oh my, this is going to be fun,” and turned to close the door. I went up to her and gave her the biggest hug that I could as she opened herself up to getting very personal with me. I kissed her passionately on the lips as my arms encircled her shoulders and drew her in to my embrace. She melted into my arms as she melted my soul and I knew that I had to have her that instant.

I stood back from out embrace and looked down at her eager face smiling back at me with a yearning that would have seduced a priest. I reached out my hands to her sweater and pulled it up over her head as she assisted me by raising her arms. I tossed it aside and reached for the fly of her shorts. She stood by while I peeled them down over her hips and she deftly stepped out of her sandals and then her jeans. She was wearing little boy shorts for panties with a matching bra that did a lousy job of covering her breasts because they stuck out over the top and were quite stimulating to the viewer.

I had to touch the soft fleshy part of her breasts so I moved my fingers up to the top of her bra and inserted the back of my knuckles into the cups and slowly drug the back of my fingertips down onto her nipples. She closed her eyes and groaned at my touch and then moved a little closer to the caress as I placed my fingers on her shoulder straps. Removing them off of her shoulders and letting them fall down her arms as far as they could go, I once again moved my attention back up to the cups that were clinging to her globes and peeled them off, exposing her two wondrous breasts to my starving eyes.

Her bra fell down to gather at her tummy but my eyes did not follow the motion; they were glued to the spectacle of seeing her two lovely bare globes. They were so perfectly shaped, all round and soft looking, I just had to touch them one more time. They weren’t so big that they hung down any yet they weren’t so small that they had no life in them either. They were just right and, for now anyway, they were all mine and I wanted to suck them one at a time.

But first, I had to see what her new panties were hiding under their lacy layering of fabric so I touched my hand right on her crotch and dug in with my fingers. She backed away just a smidgen as I pressed my finger into her pubic area but the sound that escaped her lips gave me all the approval that I needed. I cupped my palm under her junction and slowly pulled it upward, dragging my fingers along her slit as I finally touched her at her waistband.

Never taking my eyes off of her crotch, I slipped her panties slowly down past her hips on the sides, her crack on her rear and her pubic growth in front until I had them falling free down to the floor. I sucked in my breath seeing her naked once again as I tossed her panties aside to join with the rest of the clothing she wore but a few seconds ago and then turning back to her, I stepped forward to take her into my arms again and embrace my beautiful young woman standing naked before me.

I hugged her for a brief minute or so and then she stepped back away from me, looked up into my eyes and reached out to take off my pullover shirt. She made short work of my clothing and as she pulled my boxers over my semi-hard cock, she went down to her knees to take it into her mouth. I reached down and grabbed her by her armpits and pulled her up, saying, “Not yet Chloe. There will be lots of time for that but first I want to clean every inch of your body and let you clean every inch of mine.”

She smiled as she got back up on her feet and reached for the soap and washcloth she had brought along with her. Applying an ample supply of soap to the cloth, she started to smear it all over my chest and arms and then let her hands slide down my body until she was rubbing my crotch with the soapy solution. Her hand with the cloth went down between my legs and down to my thighs but then she brought it back up as she looked up into my eyes and smiled an even bigger smile. My knees started to buckle as she reached the shaft of my cock and slid the washcloth back and forth on it.

“Is that clean now,” she asked in a teasing tone to her smiling face.

“I think that it need just a little more,” I cooed back as her eager hand kept up the pumping.

She just grinned but added, “When do I get all clean and spotless?”

“Oh how about now,” I said, taking the washcloth out of her hand.

I applied another coating of the soap that she had brought to the washcloth and lathered it into a foaming mess before I started to smear it all over her young tender breasts. The suds gathered on the tips of them, right at the nipples and dripped down to the floor. I reapplied it and watched as it repeated the dripping and I then washed over her entire breast line. I stopped for a minute to admire my work and then proceeded down to her tummy.

Washing that area completely from her waist up to her breasts, I ran the soapy washcloth around and around her tummy area until it was clean as a babies butt before I took my concentration down to my favorite area. I reapplied the soap one more time before starting and I watched as it gently started to rub on her crotch. I noticed her eyes closing and her mouth opening as it made its way down between her separating legs and found the area of the opening between them. I hesitated there for a second before I started retrieving my touch back out into the light of day.

She still had her eyes closed as I massaged in the soapy lather around her tight labia lips and she moaned a little in response. I lowered myself down and knealed at her wide spread feet so I could get a good look at her pubic area as I moved the washcloth down to wash her legs. I went all the way down to her ankles before I retraced the cloth back up her inner thighs and in so doing, it caused her shutter and moan at the sensation. She was really get turned on by my presence at her eager pussy and she showed it by moving herself closer to the washcloth and spreading her legs out wider.

Now she was standing almost on top of my kneeling position so I scooted down and took my seat between her legs. I looked up between them and saw the most wondrous sight I had seen in a long, long time. Her two lips were puckered together tighter than a clam shell and the fuzzy hairs that covered them were dripping wet from the shower water running down her front. She was leaning into my face so I stuck out my tongue and ran it up her slit. She moaned and leaned in ever further.

I put my entire face up between her legs until my nose was nestled right into her snatch. She was grinding away with her hips as my tongue separated her two puffy pussy lips. She let out a scream as I licked my tongue right up against her pleasure node as she almost stumbled forward onto the shower wall. I steadied her with my hand but my fingers went up to her junction and then up into her opening. She froze for a second then cried out at the top of her lungs, “OH CHRIS YES, RIGHT THERE! YES RAM IT IN ME!”

I pumped it into her warm wet vagina a couple of times and then withdrew it and spun her around so she was facing the opposite direction. I got back up on my knees, pushed her over at the waist and put my hand directly between her legs and then I felt for her holes. She had separated her legs out wide so when I placed my hand directly on her junction, she bent her knees a little as she pushed her butt out into my probing fingers. I was in heaven looking into her openings and ready to penetrate into both.

I massaged her anus with my thumb first, running it around the perimeter of her little rose bud while gently pressing into its confines. While it was probing its way in, my middle finger was penetrating her vaginal canal. This was much easier to enter than her anus because of her natural lubrication but as I massaged it with my thumb, it began to form a little moisture around her anus and soon my thumb was penetrating itself up to the knuckle as she made a ghostly sound of pleasure and backed into my hand, trying to push it in further.

It began to work as I soon felt my entire thumb go into her rectum and she started to squeal in a high pitched voice. I was pumping my finger in and out of her vagina as she was arching her back but suddenly pulled away and turned around to pull me up to my feet. Grabbing me by my rock hard cock, she led me out of the shower and scooped up her towel and announced, “Let’s get dressed and go back to the RV so we can make love all night long.” I agreed with her suggestion and grabbed my towel in an effort to dry myself off so I could pull on my clothes. I led the way back to our campsite and held the door for her to enter first but I was right behind her.

I watched her rear end as she managed the two steps up into the rig, knowing that she hadn’t put on her boy shorts underwear and that giggle that I detected was from the freedom of constraint of her buttocks. As I entered behind her, I stopped, locked the door behind us and grabbed my little beauty by the shoulders, turning her around. I kissed her hard on the lips with my exploring mouth and was met by a tongue that was searching for its mate in mine. I mashed down on the lips and I searched out her back with my hands. I knew there was no bra either as I soon was under her sweater and I was pulling it up.

My hands were strongly squeezing her back and as the sweater made its way off over her head, her hands started tearing at my shirt to get it off also. Mine went immediately down to her fly as I had them open in a second. I thrust my hand down the front of her shorts and didn’t stop until I was cradling her crotch in my out stretched palm. She stopped in the middle of removing my trousers when I made contact down there as her eyes closed and she raised her chin for an instant but then she seemed frantic to get me naked. Finally, after we disrobed each other and were standing in a wild embrace, feeling our naked bodies rub together, I reached down and picked her fine little body up into my arms and carried her into the bedroom.

All the way in to the room, she had her eyes closed as she was panting out of her mouth with excitement. I threw her down on the bed and she bounced to a stop in the middle with her legs spread out wide and bent at the knees. I looked at her muffin and my eyes glazed over with lust it looked so inviting so I buried my face as deep as I could into her crotch and started to suck, lick and bite my way into her treasure. My nose was deep into her vagina and my tongue was reaming out her anus as she was screaming with excitement.

“Oh God Chris, that feel so good!” she kept saying. “I love the way you make me feel!”

Her heels were dug in to the bed and she arching her back a foot off of it. She reached for the hair on my head and pulled it down even further into her open snatch. Chloe was shaking her head from side to side as she continued to cry out with pleasure. I moved my mouth up to take in her clitoris between my lips and I started to suck on her little node as hard as I possibly could. Again she reacted in the way a wild and totally out of control person would act; thrusting up her pelvis and pulling down on my head. She was about to cum so I brought her home the best that I could by biting tenderly on her clitoris as I was sucking the very life out of her.

She strained her back higher than I thought it was possible as she held her breath. She acted as if she was trying to hold back her release to let it build until it would not build any further. Then in one last cry, she shuttered all over and proceeded to pump her hips and gyrate her crotch area around and up and down all at the same time, grinding her clitoris into my lips as hard as she could. Over and over her pussy pulsated as it spewed out her juices all over my face. I loved it so much that I willingly opened my mouth and drank in as much of it as I could.

Having tasted her most imamate fluids, I crawled on my hands and knees up her body until my knees were beside her head and my crotch was right above her face. She was panting uncontrollably with her eyes still closed as she felt my cock brush against her cheek. She opened her eyes wide, opened her mouth and eagerly placed her lips around my cock and began to suck it in to her hungry mouth. I almost died right there on the spot it felt so good. My cock was raging hard as she took it all in and while she had it there, I turned to face the other way and went down between her wide spread knees.

She cried out in protest, mumbling something about being too sensitive down there but that didn’t deter my efforts one little bit. I landed with my arms between her legs and hooking one with each elbow and pulled her legs back until I was looking at her crotch pointing straight up in the air. Once again she tried to stop me but her mouth was full of my cock so I couldn’t make out a word she was saying.

I wetted my middle finger with my saliva and placed it on her rectum and then, without any warning, I pushed it through her reluctant sphincter into her bowels just as far as it would go. I heard a muffled scream escape her mouth as I inserted my thumb up her vagina and began thrusting it in and out as fast as I could. I tilted my hand up to make room for my mouth as I plunged down on her unsuspecting clitoris and a cry went up out of her full mouth. It was more of a gurgle than a cry but I got the idea that she was loving the feeling and was responding with gyrations and convulsing that almost threw me totally off her body.

She took my cock further and further into her mouth as she was making the gurgling sounds of pleasure. It was coming out as a guttural groan but it was rhythmic to the ear as the pitch continued to rise. She was going wild with desire and lust when I bit down slightly on her pleasure button and that sent her over the top. She jammed my cock into the back of her throat as she locked her knees around my shoulders. Lifting her hips up off the bed with my face still buried in the crotch and my fingers still pumping her openings, she cried out in a loud gurgle but continue to devour my erection in her mouth.

Her orgasm became paramount in her life at that moment and she was working hard to get the utmost release from her ordeal. She was ramming her crotch up into my mouth and hand as she pulling my butt into her wide open mouth and sucking hard on my erupting cock. As I shot my juices deep within her mouth and down her throat, she swallowed it all and wanted even more to come out of the end. I shot another load and then another. She swallowed every last drop, still gurgling her orgasmic bliss.

She soon started to settle down and as she released my deflating cock from her lips, I heard her softly saying over and over, “Oh Chris, I love you. I love you so much.” The only real response that I could truthfully make was, “I know Chloe, I know.”

She fell fast asleep, totally spent and satisfied with our love making that evening. I fell into a wonderful slumber that lasted about a half hour and when I awoke, I gently got out of bed and walked to the front of the RV to reflect on just where I wanted this relationship to go. I didn’t feel that at that moment I had much control over anything anymore and I wanted that to change. But without an idea as to what I wanted it to be, it was going to continue to head in its present direction and I didn’t know if I wanted that or not. I had to think this through.

I poured myself a rum and coke and sat down to think about it for awhile. What did I feel for Chloe anyway? What did I want our relationship to be? I knew that she loved me; that was obvious and she readily admitted it tonight, but how did I feel about her? I thought the world of her; my gosh I helped raise her since she was born, but do I love her? But what is love anyway? If I could answer that question then maybe I could know if I loved Chloe or not. I love her body and love making love to her, but do I love her?

My mind went back to the time I met her mother. I mean I know I loved Julie, I asked her to marry me. But what did I love about her? She was fun and she made me laugh. She had a great body and she knew how to use it, but is that all love is; a few laughs and a great time in the sack? The more I asked the question the more confused I got so after awhile, and a few more rum and cokes later, I drifted off to sleep in the chair I was sitting in only to wake up about 4 in the morning with a neck ache and stiff muscles so I joined my lover in bed. I cuddled up to her bare butt and threw my upper arm under hers and placed it on her lower shoulder and went right to sleep all warm and close to her.

I slept like a log until about 8 AM when I felt Chloe’s warm little butt push back into my morning erection. I don’t think I had moved from when I went to sleep because my cock was wedged into her butt between her legs and with the morning hard on in full bloom, I was rubbing right up next to her opening and turning her on. She cooed a warm gentle noise as she scooted back into my cock and she moved my hand from her shoulder to her breast. I gave it a gentle squeeze and she cuddled back into it even more.

She began a rocking motion with her hips, sliding them back and forth across my protruding cock until I started to feel the warmth along it length. I moved my hand from her breast down to her junction until I suddenly felt my own cock sliding between her two lips. I placed my first and third fingers on the sides of them and pushed and squeezed them together around my now fully erect cock. The moisture that she was secreting lubricated her canal and my cock was sliding easily up and down its full length.

She moaned a little and turned onto her side and threw her leg over my hip, opening up her entire crotch to my exploration. I put my hand on her leg and drew it up to my waist and then placed it down right on her pussy. She moaned out loud and moved her hips apart inviting my manual pressure and manipulation into her treasure trove of pleasure and when I found her love button, she pressed her hips tightly against my finger and called out, “Oh Chris I love you.”

I wanted to tell her that I loved her too, but I didn’t want to lie to her. I don’t know if I loved her or not but one thing that I did know was that I wanted to make love with her right then. I wanted to take it slow and gentle. I wanted to make it last and last; I didn’t want it end. I wanted to be gentle with her, to make her want it more than anything she’s ever wanted in her life. I wanted her to orgasm in the most unbelievable way; one that she will never forget. I wanted to earn her love for me and I wanted to, maybe, learn to love her too.

I rolled her to her back and got up on my knees between her legs and looked down into her eyes. They were open and loving in her acceptance of my advances. I continued to search into her eyes as I slid my lower body down onto her wide spread legs while propping my upper body up with my arms. She was looking deep into mine with the warmest, surrendering look that I could ever imagine and as I slid my manhood into position to enter her, she bit down on her lower lip, closed her eyes for a second and then inhaled her breath in anticipation.

I eased myself down into her warm soft opening as she once again looked up with a grateful, loving look in her eyes and then opened her legs even wider. As it entered into her wet vagina and slid it all the way in, she strained her hips up into my gentle thrust to meet it half way. I touched her cervix with the end of my cock and she shuddered just a little and then relaxed as I slid it out. Still looking into those beautiful loving blue eyes, I reversed myself and once again penetrated her vaginal canal, separating the protective walls as I went in and then stopped again at her cervix. She sighed as she met my thrust and then whispered, “Oh Chris, you make me feel so good.”

Her eyes were looking into mine with this dreamy sort of stare as I continued to slide it gently in and out of her vagina. She was getting hotter with every entry as she opened her mouth and began panting her approval. I slid up a little on her body to change the position of my stroke and when I inserted it fully, she gasped out loud when I rubbed up against her clitoral area. She closed her eyes for a second as she arched her back and threw back her head. When she reopened those baby blues and looked into my eyes once again, she managed to whisper, “God Chris, how do you know what I want?”

Without answering the question, I began sliding my cock into her wanting pussy with greater speed and intensity. She was starting to build her excitement and was saying over and over, “Oh, oh, oh,” in an ascending tonal range. Pretty soon her was shrieking wildly, “OH MY GOD CHRIS, AH, AH, AH! YES OH YES!” She camped down on my cock with her vaginal walls as it slid in and out while her juices began to flow. She was humping her hips in rhythm with my insertion, trying to ram it as far into her tunnel as she could possibly could. She was holding her breath and was becoming rigid and tense, trying to hold her release off just as long as she possibly could until she could hold it back no longer.

Chloe grabbed me by my ass and pulled me into her as hard as she could just as she let out her release. She tightened her facial muscles, opened her mouth and closed her eyes and then cried out in an agonizing growl, “OH MY GOD CHRIS, I’M CUMMMINGGGG!!!” Just then, I grunted and growled my own release and exhaled my breath into a deep vocal response and began shooting my sperm deep into her wanting womb. I could feel it shoot over and over against her cervix; splashing and sliding its way into her depths and it wouldn’t stop. I must have spewed a gallon of my bodily fluids into her confines before I could gradually feel the pressure start to subside.

It was slowly sliding in and out of her now sloppy wet vagina as it started to deflate. She was past the needy part of her orgasm but her vagina walls were still sucking the last of any fluids out the end of my cock. I finally collapsed upon her tiny little body and slipped once again into a state of restfulness as did Chloe. We rested there for awhile, unmoving but content in yet another wonderful sexual encounter that brought us one step closer to that mutual love and respect that we both craved.

I rolled off of her but brought her with me until she was lying on top of my chest as she woke from her brief respite. She raised her head and looked deep into my eyes with this dreamy love that I could only imagine ever seeing in a woman’s eyes. She smiled and whispered, “I love you, Chris. I’ve always loved you and I always will.”

I needed to respond but I couldn’t confess a love that I didn’t trust. So I began, “Chloe, I…”

She put a finger to my lips and said, “Shush, I know Chris, I know.”

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You do realize a baby's butt is far from clean, right? :-)

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of his time way back when' as a backing sinegr and in a Temtations tribute There was no blue-eyed soul' IT WAS JUST SOUL'now can ye all get over her colour and just remember what a cracking sinegr she was

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part three, four and five please. You write beautifully.

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