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Josh knew this was dangerous, this could end my carer at best leave me in the brig for the deployment he thought as his long drab robes fluttered in the wind. He looked at his hand a light brown dye over his deeply tanned skin, if you saw him he would seem to fit in with any other Iraqi. This Iraqi was different after his parents immigrated to the USA he didn’t get the best grades mainly due to racially prompted bullying, that left him nothing but a military carer. “there’s one” Brad whispered as he subtly pointed to a women walking alone, “see were she goes” Josh replied softly as the women turned a corner into a dust filled alleyway josh and brad looked at each other they knew that this was there best shot trying to look as inconspicuous as possible the pair quickened their pace and crossed the street and rounded the alleyway corner.

The women was barely 50m away she was wearing a full burka and was walking quite slowly the two conspirators were gaining fast till they were just within arm reach, when Brad let out a massive punch to the side of the women’s head, there was no going back now josh reacted quickly catching her before she hit the ground the girl lay in a heap in josh’s arms “come on we need to get somewhere more private” said Brad as he gestured to a abandoned building. Josh carried the bundle into the building and gently lay her on the floor Brad chuckled and said “no point in doing that after we do this she will probably be killed by he father or brother it’s a custom” josh shot him a dangerous look.

He slowly lifted the burka to reveal the beautiful features of the young woman she seemed almost perfect except for the impressive bump developing where she had been hit. She must have been in he early twenties or late teens her dark hair extended past her shoulders. Josh’s admiration of the girls beauty was halted by Brad drawing his knife and running it down her robes, splitting it in half and with one sharp pull her young body was revealed her breasts were perky and rounded about a c-cup josh estimated, he also noted that she had natural pubic hair which was strange as he never thought girls grew hair “do all girls get hair like that” Josh inquired quite innocently Brad let out a burst of laughter “of courses they do you fucking idiot….but most of them shave it”

Brad positioned him self between their victims legs and inserted a finger “Goddamn she’s tight” Brad exclaimed, “she’s nice and wet though” he added, Brad pulled of his robes and took off his underwear letting his erection spring out, just as he was about to insert his rock hard cock into his victims pussy her eyelids batted “get over here and hold her down Josh” Brad breathed, Josh just stood their for a second, then dropped to his knees placing his hand on her shoulders.

At that moment Brad shoved all of his 9 inch member into her tight nether, her eyes, now wide open as she realised what was happing they were as deep and blue as the ocean. She tried to fight back but the two marines held firm. As she used up the last of her strength she lay there pathetically, her head to the side in the dust of the building this was when josh noticed the single tear rolling down her check, Brad was going to a penny chainsawing in and out of the girl a small smear of blood had developed on his penis “she’s a fucking virgin” said Brad “well not anymore” he chuckled at his own joke, Josh was less impressed. her breathing was quick and shallow a strange mixture of sobbing and pleasure Brad looked up from his task and smiled at Josh “they all want it no matter what they say” Said Brad, the remark cut josh in half “what the fuck am I doing” he thought as he released his grip slightly. The motion of his comrade fucking the women made her ample tits rock back and forth josh wished he had met her in the US. Brad’s cock widened the virgins pussy the strain was clear to see with every insersion hes hole gowned attempting to adapt to Brad’s size.

She the then moaned something softly to Josh in Arabic roughly translated to “stop him he’s hurting me” Josh was taken aback his grip completely released from the girls body. The next few second flew by as she launched her self as Brad clawing at his eyes as he fell backwards her punches and kicks were no match for brad who quickly slammed her on the floor and held her thought, her face went scarlet as the life was being squeezed out of her, Brad a sadistic smile painted across his face josh felt the knife has he stepped just behind Brad.

Grabbing his fringe Josh dragged the razor sharp blade across Brad’s thought, a spray of arterial blood like a fireworks display danced across the sky, landing on the floor they formed clumps in the dust. Brad fell lifelessly to the floor the girl stared wide eyed at Josh then the body and back, the silence was broken by her Corse sobs as what had just happened fully hit her. Josh was at a loss what had he just done assisting in raping an Iraqi national and the murder of a united states marine, the seconds turned to mintes the Josh said in Arabic “we need to go” the girl pulled her ropes over to cover herself they left in silence leaving Brad’s body to rot in the dust.

This is my first attempt at a erotic short story(Clearly) please leave me some constructive criticism so that I can in prove my stories thanks J

anonymous readerReport

2012-01-17 00:15:50
Interesting twist to the story,cant wait to fead the 2nd installment.


2012-01-14 19:07:34
Good story. Needs proper grammar and fiction format, particularly dialogue. Will make for easier reading.

anonymous readerReport

2012-01-13 22:16:11
a note on Qaddafi: some poeple in Iraq did that after a public exicution I believe...

a note on marrines: most are more honerable than what alot of America thinks, mostley because of the media outlets doing antiwar crap(propaganda)... though it is a good storie(juded by how well its written, not by content)

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2012-01-13 17:57:48
Quite a different type of story...but good. 'Thought' should read 'Throat'...... 'Corse' should read 'coarse' and there were one or two others, but it's still good. Don't know what the bulk of America will think if they are shocked at soldiers pissing on dead bodies....I've seen heads on stakes and genitals mutilated.......and wasn't Qaddafi's dead body buggered ????

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