I like mall sex, what can I say?
“Of all the days to go shopping for a bra…” Brenna grumbled to herself. She had just walked into a lingerie shop, where apparently a huge sale was going on, and the entire place was packed to the gills with shoppers. Normally, she’d do an about-face and come back another time. This, however, was an emergency. She was going to be going to Hawaii with her parents, as her sweet sixteen birthday gift. She had nothing but simple functional bras, nothing lacey or hot. She would want to show off the strap and part of the top of the bra, but still she really wanted a sexy one. She had decided that this was the best place to find such a bra so here she was.

Pushing through the women crowded around a ‘half-off’ display, Brenna made her way to the back wall of the store where she knew the sexy stuff was. Luckily, these were the higher priced items, so there weren’t so many browsers in the area.

A dark grey lacey push-up caught her eye immediately. She reached for it, taking it down and examining it closer. It was definitely an option. She found the right size and then let her eyes wander over the rest of the wall. Five minutes and three more bras later, she was ready to try them on. She picked her way through the crowd to the fitting rooms, dismayed to find a long line. She sighed in resignation.

After a minute of waiting, her ears perked up at the sound of a familiar voice. It was coming from the front of the line, and it was—it was her best friend Alana who was also 15. And she was just about to enter a fitting room.

Brenna stepped out of the line, cutting to the front, dodging the sales associate, catching the door before it closed and slipping inside.

“Hey, this room’s already—Brenna?!”

“Alana, you’re a lifesaver!” Brenna gasped. “It’s a zoo out there. I thought I was going to have to wait forever to get a fitting room!” They entered the fitting room together.

Alana looked awkward. “Mmmm trying on bras together, Brenn, this should be hot.”

Brenna smiled, at her friend. “Yeah I guess so.” She had rubbed her pussy off to many fantasies about Alana and in even in this public place Brenna suddenly felt a tingle in her pussy.

“I guess we better get in our tops off…I can wait to see your boobies,” said Alana whispering.

“Wow, yeah, this is kind of hot isn’t it,” Brenna said imagining of how warm and firm her friends tities would feel.

Brenna chuckled, and then whipped off her shirt. Alana’s eyes were immediately on her friends breasts. Brenna could see lust in her friend’s eyes.

“ Very nice.” said Alana slowly unbuttoning her top.

Brenna reached behind her and unclasped her bra. “So have you like my titties,” she said. “because they like you. My nipples are so sensitive right now,” she whispered pulling on her stiff little nipples.

Alana swallowed hard, forcing out a laugh. “Oh my you have lovely titties Brenna,” she said weakly. The way Brenna played with her boobs was making Alana’s young pussy wet.

Brenna laughed, “Whatever. I like it that these little tities are turning you on, I guess were both lesbo pervs.”

Alana flushed slightly, “I may have to buy panties too, mine are wet.”

Alana slid the lacey grey bra over her shoulders, fastening it and looking at herself in the mirror. She really liked this one. Brenna’s attention was on her friend’s lovely firm round titties. Brenna took off her pants and was standing in nothing but her bra and thong, and staring straight at Alana through the mirror with a smirk on her face.

Alana turned sharply to face her. “Why did you take your pants off?” she asked, her eyes involuntarily raking Brenna’s curves.

This didn’t go unnoticed by Brenna, whose smirk widened. “I was hot,” she said, “And getting hotter,” Brenna said under her breath.

Alana’s eyes dropped from Brenna’s face to her chest, She felt a wave of arousal run down her spine and settle in her shaved pussy “Brenna, you are so frigging hot!” she said aloud.

Brenna looked affronted. “I’m glad you think so,” she sniffed.

Alana whispered. “That bra makes your boobs look so damn good!”

“You really think so,” Brenna said casually, pressing her chest toward the mirror tlo gibve her friend a better view of her boobs. “If you must know, it’s I intend to wear it on flight to Hawaii, I hope to give a hot flight attendant a good view of my hot young tities.”

Alana stared at Brenna’s gently curving back in amazement. “Wow you want to dress sexy for Hawaii huh?” she asked smiling.

Brenna nodded. “I’ve been thinking of all the women, who were going to look at me in Hawaii and want my hot little body. It gets me all wet thinking about it. I mean mothers will see my hot teen body and think ‘Mmm that girl is hot, mmm I would love to taste her tight little pussy’, and I will do my best to seduce a few,” Brenna simply unclasping her bra and let it slide off her shoulders and drop to the floor.

Alana felt her body heat up at the sight of her friend’s tight round boobs, and the puffy nipples, wanting so badly to feel them on her tongue.

Alana was officially turned on now. There was no debating it. Even though she was looking at Brenna and the feelings of lust were burned into her brain and cunt. All she could think about now was getting her tongue on Brenna’s hard nipples. Alana quickly removed her bra

She took a shaky step forward, then another one, until she was flush against Brenna’s naked back and resting her chin on her shoulder.

Brenna’s eyes shot up to meet Alana’s in the mirror. “Alana, that feels—“ the words died in her throat when Alana brought her hands up to rest lightly on Brenna’s hips, where the top of her thong met bare flesh. Her eyes slid shut of their own accord and she leaned into Alana, the feeling of skin on skin wreaking havoc on her nerves.

Alana’s hands glided up Brenna’s sides, so slow, so agonizingly slow, and Brenna bit her lip to suppress a groan. The moment Alana made contact with the underside of Brenna’s breasts, she couldn’t take it anymore. Spinning around, she grabbed Alana by the shoulders and forced her backwards into a wall, devouring her lips in a fiery kiss. Alana responded to the kiss enthusiastically, tangling her fingers in Brenna’s long hair and tugging on it slightly. Brenna loved that and pressed even closer to Alana, until their firm young titties mashed together their stiff nipples on fire. Suddenly they were grinding their hot little cunts against each other, gasping into each others’ mouths and Alana’s head was buzzing and Brenna was making little whimpering noises.

Alana pushed her friend back and lowered her mouth sucking on her firm nipple while pushing her hand inside her friend’s thong. Brenna tried to suppress her moan as Alana slipped two fingers into her wet pussy, and pressed down on her clit with her thumb.

“Oh god Alana, I’ve wanted you so bad, I’ve needed you and oh yes fuck me, suck my tities, ” cried Brenna softly.

Alana nibbled and sucked on one perfect tittie capturing the nipple with her lips then swirling her tonge around before vacuuming it into her wet mouth and furiously flicking her tongue over the stiff flesh. She loved giving Brenna such pleasure, and her eyes smiled up at her friend as she moved to the other breast and let her tongue dance over the nipple finally sucking the hard nub through her teeth and nibbling and tugging on it with her perfect whites.

“Oh fuck, so good baby, so fucking good,” hissed Brenna.

Alana kissed her way down Brenna’s body. Now she was kneeling, looking at the wet spot on Brenna’s yellow thong she kissed her friend’s pussy over top of the cotton. Brenna moaned. Alana rolled the panties over Brenna’s curved hips and down her legs, Brenna stepped out of them and instantly Alana’s tongue was inside her pussy lips, licking the girl juice from her, and flicking the tip of her tongue over her friend’s hot stiff clit.

“Oh fuck yes, Alana I love your tongue there, suck on my clitty, Oh yes Alana make me cum!” Brenna pushed her friend’s blonde head against her cunt thrusting her hips forward. Alana responded by twisting two fingers into Brenna’s slippery cunt hole and lashed out at her clit.

“Oh fuck that’s so good, oh fuck me Alana, I’m gonna cum all over your beautiful face…oh god don’t stop.”

Alana increased the speed of her fingers as she fucked her friend, feeling her tight cunt walls grab at her fingers she knew she was close. She let her tongue and teeth dragged over the sensitive clit sucking it into her mouth then letting it pop out again. It was all too much for Brenna. Her hips thrust forward and her whole body began to shake as she tried to suppress a scream, holding onto Alana’s shoulders as her knees buckled..

“Oh fuck yess that’sssssssss it!” Brenna came spilling her girl juices all over Alana’s face. Alana continued to lick and suck up the juices, more gently with each stroke. She looked up at her friend who smiled down on her.

After a moment’s silence, filled with only the sounds of heavy breathing, the girls gradually became aware of their surroundings. A polite rapping on the door commanded their attention.

“Are you all right in there? What’s going on?” came the voice one of the sales staff.

Alana and Brenna looked at each other in a panic. They had completely forgotten where they were.


Alana cleared her throat, testing her voice. “Fine, fine, everything is good!” she practically shouted, licking her lips tasting her friends cum. Brenna was still standing, Alana’s her face was inches from her friend’s wet pussy, and she watched the pink tinge in her engorged cunt lips slowly fading.

“Alana,” she said, her voice low and raspy, “That was fucking amazing. I want to do you, but is there another place on the mall where we could go?”

Alana turned to meet Brenna’s eyes. “Oh I need to cum let’s just find a washroom,” she said honestly. “I need your tongue on my clit!”

They quickly dressed and left the change room reeking of sex. Brenna paid for the lacey grey bra, and they virtually ran down the mall looking for a washroom.
“Down here.” said Alana, as she led her friend to a door that said family washroom.

“Can we go in there?” asked Brenna.

“It’s perfect, we can lock it from the inside.” Alana opened it and rushed in with Brenna right behind, once they closed and locked the door they realized that they weren’t alone. There sitting legs spread wide on the counter was a young blonde girl hardly older than they were, Her black tights were on the floor, and she was finger fucking herself, squishy sounds filled the bathroom. The girls then realized that some of the squishy sounds were from the baby who was nursing at the young girl’s breast.

“Oh fuck, Oh fuck, “ said the girl oblivious to the fact that she wasn’t alone, the girl was nude and so was the baby.
The two girl’s looked at each other, and Alana being hot beyond belief moved toward the girl and kissed her on the inner thigh. The girls eyes popped open, “Oh fuck how did you…” but she didn’t finish the sentence because Alana’s mouth had sucked up her throbbing clit, “Oh fuck yes, suck it, suck my clit!”

Brenna seized the opportunity to take off her friend’s shorts and panties and begin sucking Alana’s wet pussy while kneeling behind her. Alana groaned as Brenna buried a firm tongue in her slick cunt hole. Brenna could see that Alana had replaced the teen mother’s fingers with her own and was fuck her hard and fast while she flicked her tongue rapidly over her clit. The baby continued to greedily slurp at her mother’s breast.

“Oh fuck this is hot,” said the mother, “I’m nursing my little girl while you fuck me!”

That statement spurred on both the girls. Alana’s tongue hummed over the young mom’s clit while she fucked her fast and deep, while moaning, sending vibrations over the unknown girl’s cunt. Alana’s moans were caused by Brenna’s tongue flicking over her hard clit, and twisting two fingers as she fucked her fast and hard. Brenna sensed that Alana was about to cum so she added a third finger to her already full pussy and sucked hard on her friend’s clit. As Brenna’s thought Alana’s was ready her whole body began to tremble and rock and she began grinding her cunt on Brenna’s face. Suddenly a spurt of cum flashed out of Alana’s cunt and Brenna sucked and licked at her the gaping hole to take it all into her mouth.

Alana screamed into the mom’s cunt which was enough to set her off . She pushed Alana’s head from between her legs screaming, “I gonna cum!”

In an instant she held her sleepy baby to her breast as a spurt of hot wet cum hit Alana in the face, “Oh fuck yes!” the teen mom screamed as the second cum spray soaked the front of Alana hair, the final blast of cum met an open mouth as Alexis moaned.

Brenna, quickly got out of her clothes, while the mom laid the baby out on the change table provided in the room. Brenna leaned over the counter. She didn’t notice that the blonde mother pull two dildos from her change bag, a small one and a cock shaped one that was eight inches long. She gave the large one to Alana and said fuck her in the cunt with this one; I’m going to take her ass with this baby.”

The mom slapped Brenna on the inner thighs, getting her to spread her legs and allowing Alana to push the bulbous tip of the dildo into her tight teen cunt. The mom parted Brenna’s tight ass and spit again and again on her puckered ass then buried her stiff tongue in the girl’s bum hole.

Brenna groaned with pleasure. The mom, convinced Brenna’s little ass was ready, slowly she twisted the diminutive dildo into the teen’s butt hole, causing Brenna to release a loud low groan. “Yes, you motherfucking bitch, fuck my tight little ass.”

Alana fucked her friend’s cunt hard and the mom butt fucked Brenna was nearly out of her mind. With each slow thrust the teen mom twisted the dildo, occasionally sending a dribble of spit down Brenna’s gaping asshole.

While fucking her friend, slick cunt Alana leaned over and started sucking on the young mom’s long stiff nipple. Almost immediately a stream of warm milk entered her mouth, and Alana moaned and began rubbing the mom’s shaved pussy, finding a large engorged clit. Alana, captured her clit between two knuckles and began grinding against it. The mom reciprocated by reaching behind Alana and entering her cunt with two urgent fingers.

Brenna groaned while her cunt was boiling and leaking over with her juices as she was fucked in both holes. She was on fire and couldn’t hold on much longer with the onslaught to her ass and cunt. Her whole body began to convulse as cum spurted around the cock that Alana fucked her with. The mom who moaned in the throes of her own climax, groaned and slapped Brenna’s ass. Alana soaked with her friend’s cum running all over the blond mother’s hand. cum trailing down her legs and dripping to the bathroom floor.

Brenna slumped to the floor spent the dildo still in her ass she took the dildo cunt ramming it in and out bringing herself to another crashing cum, both Alana and the mom, were on their hands and knees in front of Brenna’s cunt collecting cum from her multiple squirts.

In the end the teen mom, whose name was Lasha, was glad the girls crashed in on her. She was 16 and didn’t have many friends who would stick with her after she got knocked up. They arranged that as soon as Brenna was back from Hawaii, they would all get together, baby Tatum as well in a more comfortable venue. Lasha gave Brenna a long, tongue swapping happy birthday as they went their separate ways.

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