God knows that I didn't need the money. After the auto wreck that killed my parents as they were bringing me back to college, the only good thing that came out of it was that the drunk driver was filthy rich. It didn't hurt that he lived long enough for me to clean his clock. I still wanted my parents back, but I walked away with millions. I would never have to work again, for life.

We were coming back from winter break at the time. By the time I got out of the hospital, it was pointless to attempt to take up school again until the fall. Not knowing what else to do, I bought a house near the college that I was going to, partly to keep me in the loop of going to school. I wasn't sure if my degree was going to do me any good, but finishing what I had started would give my life some sort meaning during this emotional time.

Really I rented one of the extra rooms out because I was lonely. That's the long and the short of it. A good supply of fellow college dorm kids wasn't hard to find-- a good roommate was. The first five were, noisy, drunk (she lasted about three days), gaming addict, smelly, and abusive. So I waited a couple of weeks before going back to the college cafeteria and posting an index card on the message board looking for a single college female non-smoker, no pets. Fully furnished, util, cable incl. $800/mo. I knew that my offer was a little too high when I wrote it, but I wanted to weed out the “undesirables” from before. This time the phone calls were few-- so much so that I almost went back to lower my offer when the phone rang. I picked up and Jill answered. We talked for several minutes and made an appointment that afternoon. When Jill showed up she was 5'11”, young, elfin faced, flaming long red hair in pig tails, and rather large breasts concealed under flowing robes that seemed out of place for such an attractive girl. If she were better dressed, I probably would have considered her to be model material. After showing her around the house and property, Jill was ready to sit down and discuss things when she realized that there was only one expansive central bathroom upstairs and only a water closet adjoining the garage downstairs. A bit of an oversight on my part when looking for houses, but there wasn't much I could do about it now. After some talking about it, she consented to continue as the upstairs bathroom had two sinks and I promised to coordinate for privacy. Although her sudden attention to bathroom arrangements did seem a little odd, she swore “up and down” that she was not a bathroom hog, so I didn't think much more about it. She paid a full six months up-front in cash and I set the money aside.

All went well for the first couple of weeks. Jill was also waiting to go back to school and spent most of the time in her room. Oddly enough there were the regular moans and groans coming from her door, but I didn't want to ask. It felt good not living in a five bedroom house-- alone. Then one afternoon I decided to cut my errands much shorter and came home early. I let myself in and after putting my things down, I thought I heard something and went upstairs to investigate. As I approached the top of the stairs the sound was unmistakable-- grunting and groaning coming from the bathroom. It was my house, I damn well ought to know what is going on inside of it so I crept toward the wide open door. It was Jill's voice doing the grunting and groaning.....

“Fuck me! Oh God Yes! FUCK ME!!!” As I rounded the corner, was I in for a shock. Jill was lying oblivious to me and completely naked in a tub full of bathwater-- and had boobs much larger than she had ever let on. And I could clearly see she had both hands wantonly masturbating a huge penis-- still attached to her body. Within seconds she-- or he, or whatever-- came to orgasm shooting cum high over its shoulder.

Without knowing what to do next, I crept back away before she could regain “her” senses. My head swam at the implications of what I had just seen. The thought of throwing her out right then and there crossed my mind. However, until that moment I never had any problem a roommate. I also knew that finding another one that I could tolerate wouldn't be easy. Although it may not have been the best decision at the time, not wanting her to assume that I was spying on her was the biggest reason why I didn't confront her on this. I knew what I saw, but even after only a few days the memory of her in the tub seemed to fade into the unreal-- especially the sheer length of Jill's penis. I felt silly at the time, but partly to refresh my memory I secretly looked up “hermaphrodite” in the dictionary. The more I thought about it, the more several little things started falling into place. She never had visitors. It was great for my serenity in the house, but just seemed odd at the time considering her attractive nature without knowing about Jill's...situation. Another thing was the regular moans coming through the door from her room. I naturally assumed that she had sneaked a guy in there, which would have been fine except for the sneaking around about it.

It wasn't much longer when one night we were sitting watching TV and it was so late that I was falling asleep. I decided to go to bed and made my excuses, leaving Jill on the couch to finish watching “Valentine's Day”. After I prepared for bed I realized that I was a little too hungry to sleep so I went downstairs again toward the kitchen. Now the only light in the room was the big-screen TV and as I turned the corner onto the landing, again I heard the telltale moaning and groaning of Jill over the movie.

“David fuck me.” wafted it's way up to me, “....fuck me harder.” The thought of confronting her again crossed my mind when to my horror it occurred to me that I was...eavesdropping. “Talk dirty to me.” Jill said. Rationalizing why I was still standing there and not doing something about it, I made a quick plan. It was an evil plan, but something of action and not just listening to my roommate masturbating in my living room. The layout of the rooms downstairs was open enough and dark enough that with any luck at all, I could continue to the kitchen as before, make myself a sandwich, and return without ever letting on that I was aware that she was there. It probably wasn't the nicest thing in the world, but a little bit of vengeance would ease my conscience too. It worked. As I reached the ground floor suddenly the groaning stopped and the DVD player ran alone all by itself in the dark. I tried to not take my time making the sandwich.

A few more days passed and nothing had changed other than the gentle moaning and groaning sounds stopped. By then I had almost learned to tolerate them and it was weird to be in the house without them. I could only suppose that my “sandwich” stunt had scared her into celibacy. I still didn't have any other hiccups with Jill as a roommate, or even as a person.

At night Jill went to bed early citing a screaming headache. Although unusual, it did seem normal insofar as everyone has headaches from time to time. The next morning, Jill was obviously sick, but refused to go back to bed and said that she wanted to get something to eat to keep her strength up. I agreed and we walked downstairs to get breakfast, Jill's robe swaying in the air as she tried not to swoon. “Want me to make some cold cereal for you?”

“Please. I'm just so sick right now.” She sat down at the glass dining room table and began to massage her temples.

“Want some Advil or something?”

“Nah, I took eight Tylenol when I woke up.” I turned and glared at her. Eight was enough to do serious damage. She tried to pitch a smile and admitted “Four.” She was 'giving me shit'. This was one of the biggest reasons why I kept her around-- she wasn't so formal or quiet all the time like most of the other roommates that I had had. After preparing the bowls of Cheerios, I placed one in front of Jill and another across from her at the table and sat down. As I was eating, Jill had taken two bites and stopped....massaging her temples seemed more important than breathing, let alone food. I wished that there was something that I could do for her, but nothing came to mind. She seemed off in another world of Pain and I sat and watched, not believing what began happening before me.

Jill reached down with one hand, whipped out her penis from her robe and began fanatically masturbating herself in full view underneath the see-through table right there in front of me. Quickly she began the tell-tale moaning and urgently added the other hand as well. I began waiting and “holding my tongue” fully intending to ask her Are you fucking finished??? As I watched she became a woman possessed and before I knew it, she was squirting her semen all over the underside of my table and yelling at the top of her lungs. At that point the only reason I said nothing was for fear that I might explode my anger all over her, which would have been pointless and counterproductive. She came to her senses after her chest stopped heaving and the look of fright on her was there. In the silence I glared at her:

.oO(I don't want an ex-roomie, I want an explanation! Say something!!!)Oo.

“Please don't tell anyone.” I let the cliché pass. I was already annoyed enough as it was.

“If I had wanted to, I would have done that days ago.” In my anger I realized that I had just painted myself into a corner-- either admit that I had technically been spying on her, or lie about it. “The door was open, I didn't mean to eavesdrop. I simply walked in on you while you were taking a bath the other day..” Now it was her turn to get angry and even though it wasn't my fault really, I understood. “I apologize. Now that this is out in the open, it won't happen again.” I waited and as she started to understand that I wasn't being hard on her or manipulate her she started to cool down and so did I. I realized that what was really bothering me wasn't nearly so much that she was openly masturbating in front of me:

.oO(She's having orgasms and I'm not!!!)Oo.

“I was born this way Jenn. I can't be something that I never was.”

“no.” I admitted, “No more than I could suddenly become a zebra.”

“Exactly.” she said. Now the next issue....

“So why do you masturbate so much?”

“I can't help it Jenn-- really I can't.” She pulled aside her robe to expose her testicles. For lack of a better word, her scrotum was large enough to look “deformed” in size compared to her thin frame. And then I immediately looked away-- I had had too many visuals already for one day. “If I masturbate, I do get some relief...but not for long.” she explained. “In the end, masturbating really just makes me even hornier.

When I don't do it myself, the pain from having an erection for so long gets worse and worse. Eventually I see red from the pain and start jacking off whether I want to or you just found out.

I just need a lover to help me out with this,” Jill lamented, “...that's all.” If she was intending that as a “come on”, I was too lost in thought. My past was coming back to haunt me. By pulling my “sandwich” maneuver, I must have forced her to stop masturbating for fear of her gender being exposed, which now caused this incident.

“So what you're trying to tell me is that this, all this, is a matter of self-preservation, and not being vulgar or lecherous, right?”

“Right.” I wasn't buying it, and I didn't think that Jill believed that I was accepting it either. I was getting tired of this and decided to move on:

“Do your parents know? Or how much do they know now” Jill rolled her eyes and flatly declared:

“I was adopted.” Jill broke down and started to come out with it, “The agency didn't want me anymore, ya know?” she barely gestured down between her thighs and I understood. “They knew that my new foster parents were rich and might be able to do something 'about' me. In a way I can't really blame them, my foster parents I mean. The agency didn't tell them until it was too late.

They took my having a sausage pretty well actually. My 'beating the bishop' routine they didn't. They uh, live back in Ohio and forced college on me.”

“Oh.” was all I could think of. My head was still spinning from all this information at once. “Rejection sucks, huh?”

“Yeah.” she said. Sympathy or pity I wasn't sure, but her story was starting to make sense. And then her hand started working its way back to the base of her “manhood” again. Catching herself, she stopped and seemed to apologize. I said nothing but just this once more I decided to let her do it in front of me if she had to. I knew that if I started thinking too much about this again, I could and would pick a fight about this whole thing. I was jealous, dammit!!!

“Do you consider yourself male or female?” A stupid question I regretted even as I just threw it out of my mouth to keep the conversation moving.

“I'm not sure that it really matters but I prefer female if that's what you are asking.”

“Thank you. That was rather thoughtless of me to ask that right now.” I was about to open my mouth and ask a question about how she hides her anatomy and stopped. Another thoughtless question. I had to do something. I just wanted to leave, to process this morning and figure out how to handle this moving forward. “I've seen them before Jill, just not so big. It's not like I've learned all that much....” I offered. The continued silence between us was deafening.

“You are who you are's not fair of me to punish you for that. And we don't have any visitors to speak of... So as long as you clean up your messes....” I said nodding to the spunk occasionally dripping onto the floor, “....and no-one finds out, I don't see anything wrong with it.” Jill's relief was almost melodramatic.

“Thank you Jennifer. I just needed a friend I guess, that's all.”

“You're welcome.” I replied and reasoned that this was small compensation for being forcibly ejected from her family-- foster or otherwise. After giving her a chance to respond, I stood up, grabbed my Cheerios, left them in the sink and walked out. Within five minutes I was talking into a speakerphone at a drive-through.

I wasn't home much for a few days after that. I even caught myself “hanging out” in the library to avoid being home. It was then that I realized that I may have agreed to what was going on, but I sure as hell wasn't going to be driven from my own home.

One thing that did change was that the moaning became a little louder and more brazen in the house. She even continued calling peoples' names as she worked herself up into a frenzy. The only relief that I myself could get was to masturbate myself quietly in my room. My jealousy subsided and in a way, Jill's masturbation complex seemed “normal”-- all things considered. We were watching “Sin City” one night and I guess she got too hot and bothered-- she whipped it out and started going at it right in the middle of the movie. When she was done, she pulled out her roll of toilet paper that she always carried around with her and wiped up the goop she had sprayed. “You've seen it before.” she responded to my stare. And it was true, so I let it slide.

A few days later had her stroking herself whenever she felt like it. I guess that it was bound to happen sooner or later-- I got a really good look at her anatomy. With a D cup pair of breasts, her penis was huge. There wasn't any doubt about that. Without a ruler, I had to say it was almost nine inches in length and about as big as a half-dollar in girth. And looking down a little, her testicles were still every bit of imposing as they were a few days before-- clean shaven and they swung very little. Not many porn stars would be less than fully envious of her equipment. Jill soon stopped wearing clothes altogether.

I didn't know it at the time-- I had no clue-- but gears were turning in my mind. From time to time I went back to thinking about my future husband possibilities and what I wanted in a man. Of course I wanted mind-blowing lovemaking! But I began wondering how I would accommodate a man if he were that “deformed” in actual size......

College was about to begin again in a few weeks and if anything, I started staying at home to relax and enjoy my freedom while I could. Jill had become much more inwardly relaxed and seemed to be doing much better. One gratifying thing was that she really appreciated the chance to be who she was, not what others would have her be. Other than being at home more of the time, I didn't know why but my jealousy started returning. Watching her prance around the house fully naked and playing with herself all the time was starting to annoy me-- and occasionally going up to my room wasn't helping anymore either. My emotions were getting the better of me.

The next morning I woke up, showered, and dressed preparing to go to the store and before I reached the bottom of the stairs, I could see Jill was sitting on the couch going at it again. But this time I stopped in shock:

“Jennifer.” Jill was moaning softly, “...fuck me Jennifer. I want you now. Fuck me.”

.oO(No. That can't be me.)Oo. My heart skipped a beat when I realized that from where she was sitting in the living room, she had a perfect view of the pictures on the wall across from her and I was in some if not many of them. I went back upstairs and didn't re-emerge until well after lunch. The thought of being masturbated to by a hermaphrodite-- or whatever-- screwed with my head all day. Did it seem normal? I didn't know what normal was anymore. There were times where it seemed that everything was almost surreal in an odd sort of way.

That night I slept. When I woke up things suddenly seemed a little more clearer. I knew that regardless of other considerations, it did feel good to be wanted-- in that way. Even though I had sex explained to me by my brothers years ago, watching them do it with their girls when they were too careless to cover up wasn't enough anymore. Jill was also stable and safe insofar as she wasn't “psycho”, all things considered. And she had managed to keep herself out of trouble for the last few months. She didn't drink and didn't smoke-- she just fondled herself continuously. And if things did get out of hand, I had a place to live and she didn't. I couldn't do that to her, but.... I couldn't believe that I was thinking these thoughts. They made no sense....but they were there. And most men were more trouble than they were worth when they weren't too horny to control themselves-- except the ones that were openly gay. With all that had gone on in the last several months, insanity seemed sane in such a chaotic world. And in that moment, no answers came, only more questions. I resolved to get on with my day.

That night it was a non-event to come home and find Jill lying on the living room couch flat on her back. The surprise was....

“OH GOD JENN! FUCK ME! FUCK ME HARDER! HARDER!” she was screaming it at the top of her lungs and before I could react she was ejaculating all over herself. To watch her that deep in the throes of an orgasm and knowing full well that I was the target, I couldn't help myself-- I was getting hot and bothered. I stood there stupid-- wanting something and on the brink of making a decision but not knowing what I really wanted or even how to go about it. Jill began to stir and was already caressing herself again. Carefully and very quietly I began to drop my clothes on the floor where I stood. I still wasn't entirely sure what it was I wanted or even if I could go through with it, but I had to try. By the time I had removed my watch and let it drop, Jenn was already building steam again. Semi-patiently I waited. “Jennifer,” she hissed. “....I'm out in the yard watering the plants. Come hither...” I wanted her to be oblivious at least until I was beside her. When I thought that she was ready, I made my move. It felt good to have my E cups outside my bra in the air as I stepped over to Jill lying prostrate on the couch as she was busy making herself feel good. As I knelt down beside her, I felt as if I were crossing a threshold of no return. By then I was far too horny to care. “Come play with my juggs” Jill urged and as she kept rocking and throbbing. As much as I wanted to watch in fascination and secrecy as she worked, I knew I couldn't wait.

I firmly caressed one hand onto her shoulder beside me to keep her from getting up and almost immediately grabbed a gentle hold around the base of her erection. Instantly Jill stopped short and her jaw slammed wide open. I smiled deep into her eyes and began stroking her up and down slightly “Jenn I, I, I....”

“Shhhhhh.” I whispered. “Relax. Let me help you.” and I waited, never stopping my hand from giving her pleasure. I was going slow to help her prepare. It was an insane thought, but I didn't want to take the chance of hearing no. “It's been too long Jill-- and I need comfort too. Comfort. And it makes so much more sense-- us being together instead of me being alone and you being frustrated. I'm going to test drive it.” I suggested as I continued to caress my hand farther and farther up and down Jill's prick. “Just relax and enjoy or I'll stop.” Begrudgingly, she obeyed and before long, I coyly admitted with a wicked smile: “You do feel good in my hand...really goooood.”

“You're not so bad yourself....” she replied and my mind wandered over her lithe body. It just wasn't that she was well-built, her entire body seemed to be built for a love machine. Larger breasts and penis, trim figure with well-toned muscles, everything pointed to wanton sex and appeal-- once you got over the whole mixed gender issue. Jill began to groan a little harder and I knew that her cream was coming soon enough. I wondered where I wanted to make her spray cum. In terms of cleaning up the mess I mean-- she never did squirt “just a little” that I had ever seen. Most of her previous ejaculations had covered her chest-- some hit the couch itself. After pumping her for a few more moments, I took out my dentures and brought my hungry mouth to her bulbous head. “Just stay relaxed and take my lead.” Taking her as deeply as I could, I sucked my way down and back up her member until it came out with a loud popping sound. Her pre-cum had started to flow and it was divine. “ even taste good Jill-- I'm going to be sucking you until I get tired.”

“Anytime, my dear.” she suggested as I took her in my mouth again and resumed my slow, deliberate sucking of her head, masturbating her with my other hand. Slowly she became harder and harder and her moaning increased to the point that her chest was heaving. There wasn't any point in hiding her groaning from me now. “I love it when you talk dirty too me.” she groaned. I should have seen this coming and I wasn't really surprised. Within reason, it seemed as if it could be fun.

“You know you want it Jill-- and I'm not going to hold back.” I paused to give her a few quick licks, “I'm going to swallow your cock. Cock, cock, cock.”

“Oh God yes Jenn, suck me off!” It surprised me at first, but without warning I felt one of Jill's hands cradle one of my boobs. And then it started feeling good too. Before long I was getting aroused too. The hotter she became, the rougher she massaged my chest-- the more so the way I liked it. Once she was about to lose control, I opened my throat as much as I could and prepared for her ejaculation by remembering how I used to guzzle ice cold milk as a kid. Even though Jill began thrashing about, screaming to God, and lunging her hips forward in the throes of her orgasm, it worked. I swallowed every drop, and no added mess to clean up. In so doing, a sense of joy and calm overcame me. Even my feet and toes relaxed more than I could remember in a long time. I couldn't help it, I wanted more....

I shouldn't have, I know. In my defense it was one of the few times I ever saw Jill's penis going fully limp. I stopped masturbating her and said:

“Uh, I think I've found a growth on your wee-wee.”

“Huh???” she said horrified. Jill's member started shrinking exponentially. “Where???” she demanded. I paused for effect and because I was enjoying watching her shrink.

“My mouth.” I answered with a wicked smile. It was a really cruel joke, I know. As a token of apology, I cut to the chase. “Want to be lovers?”

“Hell yeah.” was all she could say. I didn't blame her-- I wasn't even giving her a chance to catch her breath.

“Me too.” I said and waited a few moments for her to catch up. Meanwhile, her penis began growing again.

“That's some hell of a fellatio you've got there Jenn.”

“Yah like it? It was my first.” Jill didn't even attempt to hide the look of astonishment.

“That was one of the best 'toe curlers' that I've ever had. You really do have a knack for it.” she smiled broadly.

“Oh, well gee, thanks. It's nice to know that I'm good for something.” I knew what she meant by it and right or wrong, it was really good to hear it from Jill herself that I was good at it. I took her by the penis again and began stroking her.

“Come to find out, I loved swallowing you Jill.” I tried to hide it and knew that I couldn't: “I'll happily suckle you whenever you want.” I admitted.

“Oh God Jenn, I'm not the type but if I was, I'd be proposing marriage right about now.” I kept stroking her and remained silent, quickly considering the implications of that statement.

“Marriage is too messy Jill. Wantonly fucking and sucking each other stupid is much better.”

“I agree.” and with that, Jill's hand gently appeared at the base of my skull, guiding my hungry mouth down to her growing hard prick.

“I like your attitude.” I said with a wink and began tracing my tongue around the perimeter of her foreskin. “No more jacking off for you.” I insisted.

“No, never.” Jill agreed. I wasn't using my mouth on her cock as an instrument of sex, I was using it as a tool of love and giving of myself. I wanted Jill to relax, have pleasure and nothing more. “Shoot your wad in my mouth.” I urged. When she came close to popping again, the thought of doing anything but joyously swallowing her every spurt never even entered my mind. I couldn't help it-- the more I swallowed her goop and felt it slide down my throat, the more I wanted to suck. The more I swallowed, the more I relaxed and felt at peace. It was a wonderful feeling-- I had never felt better in my life. The joy of keeping up with her without missing a drop was a nice bonus too. Jill seemed insatiable and although I didn't want to stop, I really wanted easier access. Letting her pop out of my mouth, I grabbed a couple of throw pillows and stood up. “C'mon, stand over there.” and I gestured to the middle of the living room. Her chest was still heaving and she was still half out of her mind so I knelt back down and held her, caressed her, nurtured her. Soon again she was ready, and excitedly she obeyed.

After plopping the couch pillows on the floor in front of her, my height was perfect. Each hand caressing each of her hips and my gums massaging back and forth over the crown of her penis, I couldn't have loved it more. Jill was just starting to warm up again and I looked down over her boobs. Deep into her eyes I saw her innermost being and gave her a knowing wink. Jill was glowing as she smiled and gave me a wink back.

“Oh God Jenn, I love you.” I knew that it wasn't real beyond the pleasures of the flesh, but I didn't care. It was good to hear it anyway.

“I love you too, Jill. Now just relax-- I love to suck your dick.” I shot back at her wickedly.

Soon Jill's orgasms became less urgent, deeper, and more regular. What was happening was so beautiful that I never feared anything-- not in the least. What happened next was rather odd though. I looked up at Jill again to enjoy her fervor and she looked different. Her eyes were glazed over and she wasn't herself. So I continued to suck, nibble, and lick my way up and down her equipment and let her be. Just before she came again, this time she placed one hand on the rim of my forehead and with the other began masturbating wildly until she shot her spunk all over my face and boobs. When she was done she removed her hands and left me alone to “feed”, so I let her have her fun. Without thinking, I took one hand and spread her goop evenly about my upper chest and face. Over the next hour-- I'm not really sure-- she spunked me again, again, and again. I still didn't care-- it's what Jill wanted. By then I was bathed in her semen from my hair down to the bottom of my breasts. It was great. Before I took her back in my mouth again I heard myself say:

“Oh God,” Like I said I wasn't afraid of anything, but I felt that I was truly begging, for what I didn't really know, “....Aphroditie....” Jill's glassy eyed smile never left-- she planted one hand behind each of my shoulders and went berserk face fucking me. No regrets, not one.

When we were done, Jill was too exhausted to go on and couldn't even think straight, let alone speak. Her normal smile had returned and I had to help her up to my bed, then laid her down to rest and laid in her arms caressing her softly until I too fell asleep.

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All in good time....I'm a bit of a perfectionist. Sorry. Still working on it though....


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