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December 2081 a.d. - Killing Time at Deimos Station
Béla was back in the lab. The actual, very same lab she’d been born in; or more accurately, reborn in, almost a hundred years after she’d died back on Earth in that horrible car fire.

The stark, cramped, utilitarian architecture which comprised most of the interior of Deimos was severely depressing after spending most of the last year ‘outside’ in an artificial forest traveling through space. Her father, however, was… breathing easy; actually happy to be home.

In this plain, inartistic environment, Sibilius radiated contentment. He felt free of the stress of his position as Regent for the first time in several years – at least for the first time since Béla and her father had come aboard the great ship to begin the long voyage to Jupiter. Béla suddenly realized that, as strange as it was for a member of a space-faring race, her father didn’t actually care for space travel.

‘I must be too self-absorbed,’ Béla decided. She hadn’t noticed the strain her father had been under all this time until now.

They would be here for six long weeks while the great ship was refitted once more for the Earth-fill project. Then it would still be three more months before they actually arrived on Earth.

‘That calculates out to fourteen boxes of blasting caps, Darling,’ Beth said in her mind. ‘In the meantime, you know your way around here? Where can we get some private time together? It’s been almost a whole day, now!’

‘Go take a walk! Or practice your flying, or something!’ Béla snapped back. ‘I’m as horny as you are! Leave me alone!’

That didn’t make any sense, Béla realized, but she didn’t care. Even this far from earth, she was feeling the effects of the little yellow sun that, for the time being, still sustained all life in the solar system.

‘The damned thing must have just finished its eleven-year sunspot cycle,’ Béla realized. ‘It’s going to be really noisy for next couple of years, now.’

‘Oh! Is that what this is?’ Beth asked, surprised. ‘I thought this was just a bad headache! Is it going to be like this all the time now?’

‘It is for a while,’ Béla replied. ‘Sorry.’

Beth didn’t reply. She was looking for some place to bury her head until that awful noise went away.

Béla went to the library to look up their orbital timetable. She planned to coordinate her sleep schedule with Deimos’ orbit so that most of her waking hours would occur when Deimos was orbiting behind Mars. The small, red planet would offer more protection from the sun’s noisy radiation when the tiny moon was behind it.

‘Well, in three hours, Mars will eclipse the sun. I guess I can live until then.’

She was going to have to schedule her days. In three hours, she would be good for the next ten, then she’d be hiding under a thought dampener for the next twenty hours after that, then the little moon would swing back behind Mars, giving her, at a rough calculation, another ten hours of relief.

She looked up Earth’s rotation periods. She could read them, but she couldn’t calculate in her head how to figure when which surface would be on its ‘night’ side when Deimos was on the ‘day’ side of Mars. She would actually have to dreamwalk to earth and then coordinate what promised to be a complex timetable indicating where she could go and when. Her head hurt more, now, and it wasn’t just from the distant, yellow sun screaming in her psychic ears.

Having spent the last several hours checking out what was really important, Béla decided to find out where she’d be living for the next few weeks.

“You can always stay on the ship,” her father suggested. “You already have quarters there, Child. Of course, you are welcome to stay in the lab.”

Another good look around Deimos and she was beginning to think that staying on the ship was a good idea, especially ten hours later when Deimos peeked its head around from behind Mars to bask in the sunlight again.

Bleary-eyed and short-tempered, Béla flew the three miles up to the great ship parked in the gravitational center of the hollow moon. As soon as she flew through the open doors of the busy cargo bay, the annoying noise from the sun was diminished and she immediately felt better. She’d forgotten that (of course!) the ship was shielded from outside radiation. She went up several levels to Officer Quarters and found her room. Entering it, she found her sister already there.

“I was wondering how long it would take you to get here,” Beth said, slyly. “I’ve been waiting…”

She radiated lust and physical pain. She had done something to herself and wanted her sister to guess what is was. Béla looked closelyat her darling demented sister. Beth was kneeling on the floor, her knees wide apart. There was blood dripping out from between her legs, forming a pool on the floor. Beth’s breathing was labored. She was in exquisite pain. It was radiating from her between her legs.

Béla mind-linked with her sister and staggered backward against the wall as orgasmic sensations flooded into her, overwhelming her senses. Beth had shoved one of those wickedly vicious fighting knives deep up and inside her vagina. She couldn’t heal because it was still inside her, but not deep enough to be digested in her central core.

Béla made an image of the arborium and teleported herself, Beth, her embedded knife and the expanding pool of blood out of her quarters and off of her clean floor while she could still concentrate enough to do it.

As Béla pushed her sister back into normal space in the arborium, she noticed that, besides the wicked knife, Beth had also secreted an explosive cap deep inside her belly.

‘I want you to hold me while I come, Sister,’ Beth cooed in her mind. ‘I need to come so badly. Embrace me tightly, Darling, hold me together while I'm being blown apart!’

Béla body reacted instantly and erotically to Beth’s tormented plea and her radiated lust for pain. She was suddenly so horny her legs wobbled.

‘Put a knife in me!’ Béla pleaded. ‘I need to feel it, too!’

The other fighting knife appeared in Beth’s hand. Béla dropped down on her knees in front of Beth, offering her body as a sacrifice to her sister, the Goddess of Lust.

‘Hey! I thought of that first!’ Beth complained, petulantly.

“I even have a sacrificial routine worked out to appease my personal Goddess of Lust.” Beth continued excitedly. “Do you want to see it?” Beth seemed very exuberant about showing her sister her self-created sacrificial ceremony.

“Go ahead,” Béla grinned, curious enough to forget the knife for a moment. “Show me!”

“It’s very simple,” Beth exclaimed. "But, Gods! It's hot! Watch me!"

She bent backward until her head almost touched behind her bare feet. The knife inside her sliced outward as she flexed her belly backward, its sharp, bloody point sticking out of her pelvis to glisten in the light from the artificial crystal sun embedded in the roof of the arborium. The sudden, intense pain of the fresh wound caused Beth to shudder in orgasm as the front of her belly was sliced open, along with her bladder. Red, yellow and clear fluids sprayed down between her widespread knees. Beth legs and belly shook and a strange, mournful groan came out of her throat.

“That… wasn’t… part… of the ceremony,” Beth gasped when she could speak again.

She was still bent backward, displaying her breasts and taut stomach to the open air above her. Her voice was strained with the effort of maintaining her position with all that orgasmic destruction going on down there.

“This… is the ceremony,” she promised, breathing heavily.

Straightening up her back so that she was parallel to the ground, she held out her hands and teleported two blasting caps into them. As the blasting cap in her left hand vanished, her left breast quivered and expanded slightly to accommodate its presence. The same thing happened with the blasting cap in her right hand as it disappeared into her other breast.

‘Do you know how hard this is to do with a knife sticking out of my cunt?’ Beth dramatically broadcast at her sister, her thoughts strained with the effort of holding her position amid all that sexual sensation.

“Would you like me to remove it for you?” Béla asked, politely.

She was really enjoying her sister’s performance. Beth’s body was incredibly sexy, especially in that position. She felt her sister radiate her answer.

‘No. Leave it. I like it there.’

‘I do, too…’

“I offer… the Goddess of Lust… my body, my mind, my soul,” Beth chanted, her voice still strained from holding her position for so long.

Béla was impressed. As horny as she knew Beth was, she thought it was remarkable that her sister could hold still at all.

“I offer… the Goddess of Lust… my perfect breasts,” Beth cried.

Her breasts erupted explosively, spewing gore a foot or so into the air and splattering down on Beth’s sacrificial body and face. Bright red blood flowed down her rib cage from her freshly ruptured breasts. Beth cried out and came so hard the knife actually squished out of her ruined cunt and out onto the ground.

When she could speak again, she continued, “I offer… the Goddess of Lust… my perfect belly!”

Her smooth, tight abdomen suddenly ruptured just below her belly button, spewing blood and half-cooked meat. Beth was screaming in agony, trying to force her body to stay level, even as the muscles holding her in position were ruptured and torn apart by the blasting cap. Blood and girl-cum leaked out of her wounded pussy. Losing her battle for control, Beth’s head and shoulders slowly sank down to rest on the ground behind her feet.

Blood and lumps of her own flesh flowed down her body toward her destroyed breasts and down her rib cage, dripping and plopping onto the ground. Beth was coming continually, gasping in agony and trembling violently. After several moments, she was able to continue. She was getting down to the best part.

“I offer my goddess… the Goddess, holy fuck, I’m coming again!” Beth cried, still gasping for air.

She cried out, her voice wavering in the air. Béla stared, completely enthralled by her sister’s performance, her hands working hard between her legs. She knelt on the ground, moaning and trembling in ecstasy as she watched her sister destroy herself sexually.

“I offer… my god… Goddess of Lust… my perfect… perfect… cunt!”

Beth exploded the device buried deep in her vagina. Blood and gore spewed out from between Beth’s legs in a final, body-rending orgasm. She passed out, unable to maintain the energy necessary to experience that much burning, orgasmic agony.

Béla tore at her own body, coming again and again, finally collapsing forward on the ground and landing her face in her sister’s gore. She lay, gasping in orgasm, her unseeing eyes finally focusing on the knife... just a few inches away... that hot, lovely sacrificial blade that had fallen from between her sister’s legs... I can reach it! Oh, God, I need that inside me!

Sliding one arm up through her sister’s blood and half-cooked pussy meat, Béla grasped the knife and dragged her arm and the knife back down toward her belly. She needed the knife to help her come harder. She needed to come harder – much, much harder!

Béla worked the knife around, using both hands, until she was holding it between her legs and pointed inward, toward her belly. In one spastic motion, she rammed the blade up through her tender flesh, deep into her pussy, slicing through her vaginal walls in the front. Sobbing with pure, unreasoning agony, she jerked the knife forward, still sawing inward and ever deeper with each stroke until the knife handle rested against her clitoris.

Béla lay on the ground in her sister’s blood and gore, whimpering in the agony she'd caused to herself. Her body trembled with her orgasms as sheradiated her sensations into her unresponsive, half-dead sister.

‘Where are you?’ Béla cried. ‘You’re supposed to come with me! We’re supposed to come together!’

Béla lay gasping on the ground, knowing she was alone, now. Beth hadn't waited for her after all. Savagely, Béla pulled the knife up, sawing into her pelvic bone and slicing her own clitoris in half. She stopped, unable to control her body as another orgasm raged through her entire consciousness.

As soon as she was able enough to control her trembling, she began sawing up and down with the knife again, cutting through her pelvic bone and into the soft tissue of her lower belly. Blood poured out of her body and she was starting to feel lightheaded and dizzy. Her world seemed to spin wildly as she came again, then passed out. In her mindless dreams, she continued trying to saw her belly open, trying to come harder! Ever harder!


Rivers of blood… flowing down my throat… hot… sticky sweet… The pain… the pain makes me come… Need to come harder… even harder… make me die coming… Light… Bright!

Béla blinked. As her eyes focused, she recognized the sun crystal embedded in the roof of the arborium. Something dark and heavy was lying on top of her, crushing her.

Can’t breathe…

The crushing, dark weight moved upward, eclipsing the bright light. It slowly changed from a dark fuzzy blur into dark haired young girl.

‘I know you… don’t I?’

The face was smiling down at her, a bright halo of light around her lustrous dark hair. A bright red design glistened on the side of her neck.

‘Are you an angel? I remember… the goddess… you're the Goddess of Lust! I sacrificed my body… my blood… I come just for you!’

Béla jerked awake, banging her head painfully against her sister’s chin.

“Ow!” they both said, Béla holding her head and Beth holding her chin, moving it back and forth.

As Beth blinked away the pain, she looked hard into her sister’s face, inches away from her own.

“You have the weirdest thoughts when you’re waking up!” Beth chirped. “You really thought I was the Goddess of Lust?”

Béla looked back into her sister’s grinning face, rubbing the stunned soreness out of her head and blinking away stars.

“Who else could you be? Béla asked. “There I was, lying on the ground wallowing in your blood, carving on myself and wishing I could come harder, just for you! You affect me that way. Every time you have some idiotic, erotic, stupid, cunt-rupturing idea, I totally lose control! When that happens, all I want to do is show you how hard I can come for you!”

‘Wow!’ Beth thought. ‘She feels the same way about me as I do about her! How neat is that?’

Then she said, “I thought you were just really, really horny all the time – like me! When you’re around, I want to do the same thing – display my sexiness for you, to perform for you, to come for you. I blow up my tits for the pleasure you get from watching me do it. I carve myself open so that you can enjoy my pain and my orgasms.”

Béla listened to her sister telling her the exact same feelings she felt for Beth.

“Maybe we’re the same, you and I,” Beth concluded. “One soul ripped in half in the beginning of time, only now coming back together as one…”

‘Boy, that sounds dumb...’

“Do you feel like half a person?” Béla asked, curious.

“Well, no,” Beth admitted, a little embarrassed about what she’d just confessed. It was easier to blow herself up for her sister’s pleasure than it was to explain why she did it. “But, I don’t feel like a whole person either... a lot of the time, anyway.”

“I don’t think anyone does, really,” Béla replied, sitting up and looking thoughtful. “There’s always something missing. Maybe it takes two people to make one whole person… But then, if that were true, two people could make two whole persons, together. Am I making any sense at all?”

‘This conversation is getting really weird...’

“Yeah, I guess,” Beth said, philosophically. “We like to perform for each other. That much I know. Maybe we should leave it there. That’s easy enough to understand.”

Béla agreed, more than glad to be off that odd subject.

‘Me, too!’

“Next subject: Why did you haul all these guns here?” Béla asked. “We haven’t used hardly any of them, and they’ve been setting here for months!”

“That’s because I discovered these darling little explosive gems!” Beth replied, adding a heavy sex flow to her thoughts. “These little blasting caps are so much more erotic, don’t you think?”

“Well, let’s see,” Béla was feeling horny again, even though she knew that Beth was the one putting the sex flow there.

She got to her feet and examined some of the toys they’d ignored in favor of those long, sexy little dynamite caps.

“How could you not think something like this,” Béla picked up a green leather belt with a gun holster, “isn’t sexy?”

She strapped the belt around her waist. Much too large, it slid down her legs, stopping as she bowed her bare legs to catch it with her knees. Béla clumsily pulled it back up and tightened the belt so that it fit around her tiny waist.

With a little effort, she pulled the clasp loose that held the pistol in its holster, then pulled the pistol out, examining it. It felt heavy and awkward in her hands. A lever on one side said “on” – “off”. The lever was pointed to “off”. Béla pushed it to “on”, aimed the gun in Beth’s general direction and squeezed the trigger. The trigger felt really tight. Holding the gun with both hands, she put both index fingers on the trigger, aimed at her sister as she sat watching and squeezed again, really hard this time. The trigger wouldn’t move.

“I think you’ve got the safety on…” Beth suggested.

She sat on the ground, calmly, but very closely, watching her sister fumble around with the gun. Béla looked at the heavy instrument of death more closely. The level she had set was pointed to “on”. She moved the level back to the “off” position.

“I thought I was turning the gun on…” Béla muttered, feeling really dumb.

She started to aim the gun at her sister again. The trigger depressed as she held it up and the gun went off with a deafening report, almost leaping out of her hands as it recoiled. The ground next to Beth exploded into the air.

Beth didn’t even blink.

‘You missed!’ Beth casually thought at her gun-toting sister. ‘You realize that if you’d hit me with that, you’d need a mop to pick me up, don’t you? That’s the second time you’ve nearly vaporized me...’

“Can I try out some different guns and practice on you some more?” Béla asked, somewhat chastised but still wanting to play with the guns.

Beth shrugged, pretending not to care. Her new tits bobbed as she moved her shoulders. ‘Sure, why not? I don’t think there are any more energy weapons in there, so the chances are fair that I’ll live through this…’

Béla rummaged over the stack of deadly hardware. She used to be pretty good with guns and was surprised at her apparent ineptness with them now.

“Hey! I found my bows!” Béla called out. Those were what she’d wanted to play with all along. “Do you know where the arrows are?”

Image of a duffel bag underneath everything else Beth had piled on top of them.

“Thanks!” Béla replied, half sarcastically. 'The fiberglass shafts are probably warped all out of shape with all that crap piled on top of them.'

She located the bag of arrows, then teleported the entire bag out from under everything. A precarious stack of lethal weapons slowly toppled over, suddenly deprived of its support.

Holding the bag out in front of her, Béla dumped the arrows out onto the ground, then tossed the bag on top of the clutter she'd made. Squatting down, she began to examine the arrows.

“Most of them seem to be alright,” Béla decided. “You want to play?”

“Sure!” Beth told her, “What do you want to be?”

“Hunted!” Béla said, laughing evilly. “Come find me!” Bending down and grabbing several arrows, she vanished. ‘The only rule is you can’t leave the arborium!’

‘Another rule!’ Beth called out in her mind. ‘No teleporting to cause your opponent to miss!’

‘No teleporting at all?’ Béla queried, disagreeing with the very idea. She had already just teleported.

‘No, that’s not what I said,’ Beth clarified very patiently. ‘Just no teleporting out of the way of a shot or teleporting an arrow once it’s in the air.’

‘Okay, find me, shoot me if you can…’

Getting to her feet and walking over to the deadly pile of goodies, Beth chuckled to herself and picked up the remaining bow. She was good enough with a bow that, If she could see her sister, she could shoot her, especially with a steel and pulley bow like this. She examined the bow more carefully, decided it was undamaged, and picked up a couple of arrows, noting the positions of the ones still on the ground. After all, she might need to teleport them to where she was, later.

‘Okay, now,’ Beth thought to herself, ‘Where are you, big sister?’

The arborium took up the entire middle deck on the great ship. The ship was over two kilometers in diameter at its widest, which was this middle deck. It was so large it barely fit inside Deimos. (That wasn’t quite true; there were several miles clearance in every direction, but it was a tight fit, especially if you were accustomed to navigating in open space.)

‘She’s off in that direction,’ Beth realized, hearing her noisy sister thinking out loud.

Teleporting most of the distance, Beth dropped down on her bare belly, seeking once again with her mind. She kept her own mind quiet, which was something that her sister either couldn’t do, or chose not to.

‘This is too easy!’ Beth thought, grinning and licking her upper lip in delight.

She was in a low area where several trees had been removed, probably replanted in New Eden. Scanning the surrounding area visually, Beth determined where she could be ambushed. ‘There’ and ‘there’ were the most likely places. Béla could get a good shot at her from either elevated position if she were to suddenly teleport to ambush her sister.

‘She’s just sitting there, waiting for me. She must know I’m nearby and has an ambush planned. Probably just waiting until I get to a certain spot…’

Beth decided not to wait. She stood up, notched an arrow and pulled it back. Tteleporting behind where Béla was sitting waiting for her, she loosed her arrow at her sister’s bare back.

Her arrow whizzed over Béla’s head as the false image faded. Béla’s true body lay on the ground, her own weapon aimed at where Beth materialized. Béla’s arrow sank into Beth’s taut belly, grazing her hipbone as it penetrated completely through and stuck out of her rump.

Béla quickly notched a second arrow and sank it into her sister’s belly right next to the first one. She jumped up and cheered as Beth sank to her knees, her mouth open, completely overcome by surprise and the sudden piercing agony of being unexpectedly shot in the gut, twice.

‘Nobody said anything about dreamwalking, ha-ha,’ Béla chortled in her thoughts.

Beth suddenly realized how she’d been deceived. She’d been stalking Béla’s astral form. The noise of Béla’s thinking in words camouflaged her physical form and hid it from Beth’s mental scan. Béla had been actually, or rather, metaphysically, sitting on top of herself, making it seem like she was an easy target.

Notching her third and last arrow, Béla walked up to her sister, her arrow pulled back tight on her bow.

“Where do you want it, darling sister?” Béla said, grinning. She radiated lust. “Belly or breast?”

Beth radiated her sister’s lust back at her, glad for any violent penetration. She didn’t care where she was shot, she just wanted to be shot. Right now would be great!


Béla released the arrow. It thudded heavily into Beth’s breastbone, knocking her backward onto the ground. Teleporting an arrow up off the ground where Beth had dropped it, Béla notched it and shot it up between her sister’s legs as they splayed out in front of her.

Beth lay on the ground, whimpering and shaking in pain and orgasm as Béla sat down on Beth’s legs and painfully jerked at the fiberglass arrows buried in her sister’s body. Beth screamed in agony as each arrow was twisted out. Béla had to kneel down with her knees on her sister's chest to hold her still while she twisted and yanked on the arrow she’d buried in Beth’s breastbone. After a moment, she finally jerked it loose and pulled it out.

“We can’t digest this stuff!” Béla informed her. “It’s like silk. Neither material is compatible with our digestive systems. Just be glad nobody makes fiberglass bullets. Those could poison us. Once they were in you, you couldn’t get them out.”

She tossed the gory arrows to one side, next to her bow.

Still kneeling on Beth’s ribs and holding her down, Béla held out her hand in front of her. One of the long, wicked fighting knives appeared in her hand. Béla raised it over her head, preparing to plunge it into her sister, trapped beneath her.

“And now you must pay the price of failing to kill me,” Béla intoned, grinning wickedly, “I offer the sacrifice of your beautiful, bloody tits to the Goddess of Lust!”

She plunged the knife down into Beth’s left breast, just missing her heart. At least, she would have, if the knife had still been in her hand. Instead, as Béla’s hand smashed into Beth’s tit, Beth was sticking that same knife into Béla’s soft belly, just below her navel. Both sisters cried out in pain at the double impact.

“The… Goddess of Lust accepts… your sacrifice of your… sweet belly,” Beth grunted as she carved into her sister’s gut.

‘God! You squashed my tit, you Bitch! That really hurts!’

Béla slid back and spread her knees to lie down on top of her sister, forcing the knife Beth was using deeper into her belly, the twisting blade making her come as she grimaced in agony. She sank her teeth into Beth’s bruised left breast, almost biting off her nipple.

‘You’re still sacrificing that tit, you double-crossing little cunt!’ Béla thought savagely, but playfully, at her sister, still trapped beneath her.

Béla bit down hard and shook her head, completely separating Beth’s tender, hard nipple from the rest of her left tit. She radiated her cannibalistic pleasure down through her sister as she forced the gristly little piece of flesh down her throat.

She felt Beth’s orgasm radiate upward through her body, her own pussy responding with its orgiastic wave of sensation, spurred to even greater sensual agony by the knife in her belly.

Beth lay, crushed and defeated by her sister, gasping as incredible waves of orgasmic sensation flooded through her body, reflected up into her sister, and swept through her again, amplified by Béla’s own orgasmic sensations. She trembled in shock and extreme pleasure, unable to even breathe until the sensual waves reflecting between them began to subside. She let her head fall back against the ground, breathing heavily and covered with sweat and blood.

Béla was in the same sweat-soaked condition, having ridden her own waves of ecstasy as they flowed through her body, then were amplified by her sister’s orgiastic pleasure and swept through her again.

Béla lay on her sister, holding herself up with unsteady hands so that she could gaze into Beth’s face. Sweat ran down her face and breasts in rivulets, speckling Beth’s torso and breasts with her wetness. She was breathing heavily, too.

“Wanna do it again?” Béla asked, still panting from the recent exertion and sensual pleasure. “I won, you lost! Nyah-Nyah-Nyah!”

“Who won?” Beth asked, still pinned beneath her sister. ‘I got more wonderfully holed than you did, I had more orgasms than you did, and…’

“You’re still gutted!” Beth panted, grinning at her sister, who was still holding her down. Beth squealed in laughter as she tried to prevent Béla from pulling the slippery, blood-soaked knife out of her belly.

After several moments of fierce wrestling and playful squealing, Béla managed to get the knife turned around and buried in Beth’s pelvis. They both came again from the exertion and the sensual pain that Beth radiated when that beautiful, white-hot blade sank into her, slicing her clitoris and cutting sideways through her vaginal walls.

“Now who’s gutted?” Béla asked, grinning through her clenched teeth, her face inches from her sister’s.

Beth was pinned again with Béla’s knee in her stomach and right arm pressing against her throat. Beth rolled her head back, experiencing another orgasm as her sister cruelly twisted the knife between her legs.

When Beth could talk again, her voice wavered unsteadily. “You knifed me in my cunt, not my gut, you sweet slut... You did what I wanted. I still won...”

She cried out in agony, twisting her torso around beneath her sister’s weight, having another orgasm as Béla savagely twisted the knife deeper into Beth’s shredded pussy.

Béla’s pussy quivered with desire as her sister’s orgasm swept through her. Suddenly getting an idea, she released her hold on her sister and positioned herself right over the knife handle. Lowering herself down, she began fucking the knife handle sticking out of Beth’s pelvis like it was a double dildo stuck into the both of them, which, after a gory fashion, it was.

Beth lay whimpering in orgasmic bliss as Béla humped herself up and down on the knife handle, forcing it in and out of Beth, cutting a new furrow in her already shredded, bleeding flesh with each of Béla’s downward motions. She radiated her agonizing orgasmic pleasure through her sister and felt it radiated back through her, causing her to come even harder with each thrust.

Catching her breath after one long series of orgasms, Beth just had to ask, “How can you come from that?” indicating the round handle of the knife Béla was humping up and down on.

“It feels good!” Béla panted as she bounced up and down. “I like it!”

“How can you feel anything?” Beth responded, grunting with each downward stroke her sister was making. “All it’s doing is going in and out, like a stupid dick.”

“I like dicks!” Béla gasped, her voice sounding strained from her efforts.

She was getting ready to come again. She arched her back and pressed her pussy against the knife handle harder as she came. The knife changed directions and carved a new slice across Beth’s cunt. Beth cried out from the agony and orgasmed simultaneously with her sister. They radiated their orgasms through each other, both sisters shaking uncontrollably.

Exhausted, Béla fell forward. The knife handle, still deep in Béla’s pussy, moved with her, causing the blade to carve its way back down and stick out a bit between Beth's legs. Whimpering in new agony, Beth came again.

They both lay on the ground, softly whimpering and sighing at each other for several minutes.

‘I came eight times from that knife jabbing me and you only came once!’ Beth thought into her sister’s mind. ‘So, how is a dick better than a blade carving through your insides?’ She was gasping in pain and too exhausted from her orgasms to speak verbally.

“Why… are you… so… competitive?” Béla asked, gasping for breath. “I came! I’m happy! I feel good!”

‘I have a fucking cramp in my leg!’

‘If you’d used the sharp end, you wouldn’t have to work so hard for that little bit of sensation…’ Beth admonished her sister, teasingly. ‘You can get a lot of sensation out of one little jab! It takes an hour of bouncing up and down on some guy’s dick to accomplish the same thing…’

‘I like to bounce, okay?’ Béla fumed. “You’re ruining my mood! Just shut up, will you? I love you. Now be quiet!”

‘It’s your leg cramp that ruined your mood…’ Beth began, and then she cried out as Béla twisted her hips, causing the blood-soaked knife to carve another path of white-hot agony through Beth’s already sliced up pelvis.


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