A young man trades bodies for a day
I have worked the last three years as a research assistant at an off site lab in the south bay area affiliated with UC Berkeley. I'm a 27 year old male who hides behind the persona of overly intelligent nerd. Our research project is into brain wave technology and the deciphering of what goes on in its many areas. I report directly to Dr. Anna Siverson PHD who heads up this small budget project. Most often the two of us are the only people on site. Grad students are brought in at crucial times to help but budget constraints limit outside assistance.

Ms. Anna (as she likes to be called) is a 31 year old genius geek. She is tall, slender and attractive with dark brown hair and large horned rim glasses she wears more for effect than out of need. Her apparel is always conservative with knee length skirts and plain white blouses that she covers in a long white starched lab coat during the day. I have managed small glimpses of what she hides under the clothing by installing a spy lens and a hidden camera in the shared bathroom of the lab. I thought Anna might still be a virgin, as sex has seldom been discussed between us. She becomes uneasy if any of our conversations even stray into those areas.

I however am what would be called a cock hound. All my spare time is devoted to porn, women and lewd acts. I have always put up a good front for most other people (especially my boss). I appear to fit into her set as I talk, dress and act like an inexperienced intellectual. Over the years she has grown to trust me as she has given me keys to her apartment and the lab. When she travels I feed her cat and water her plants. I'm actually very fond of her and sometimes wonder if I may be a little in love.

While taking care of her apartment I have pried into all her most intimate secrets. That is why I'm very certain she has little or no sexual experience. I found some journals from her college days that elude to desires for sexual contact with both men and women and her confusion over those feelings. She had not recorded acting on her sexual longings in the journals I found. The rest of her belongings were of little help in my snooping. With the exception of a pair of crotchless panties in a gift box her lingerie is most sedate. The panties were a joke gift from friends at school and I’m sure she has yet to try them on. No vibrators or dildos were to be found. Of course I checked out all her underwear and masturbated with the most appealing items.

Our days are spent taping test probes to each other and plugging into monitoring equipment. We then watch programed visual stimulus looking for changes in brain wave function. She has recently received a drug from a South American colleague (Dr. Ames) that we have discussed at length. The drug is a combination of plant extracts used by an Amazonian tribe to initiate out of body experiences. We have discussed it at length and I'm hoping to assist if she tries it as it's purported to leave the user unconscious and in a vulnerable drugged state for several hours after the initial experience. I had hopes of stripping her down and explore her enticing young body.

A full on rape wouldn't be possible as she would be aware afterward I had violated her. I would however be able to strip, pose and photograph her in many positions as I fondle and taste every morsel she has to offer. The thought of the things I would want to do had me in a constant state of arousal. My lab coat hides the perpetual erection I went through the ensuing days with. Fortunately ethic's wouldn't allow her to ask me to submit to the drug until she has proven it safe.

We have also been experimenting with thought transference and have had minor success with being able to convey basic color, shape and number transfer from each other, with enough accuracy to assure it's not random. Tests using both of us and numerous others have proven there is a compatibility factor Anna and I posses and no others so far have. She had hopes of using the drug to enhance these abilities once she has assured herself of the side effects. We were to begin testing that morning and I could hardly wait. Besides the video equipment we normally use I had secretly brought my own in anticipation of what might happen after the conclusion of testing.

No joy that morning!!!. After numerous days of testing using small amounts of the drug Anna had established her base line and was ready to proceed in earnest. My sex life had become obsessive about her over the following weeks. I masturbated with only her in mind but never felt complete relief. I often wonder what it would be like to be a woman and experience having my vagina prodded and poked, then filled with a rigid hot cock. The thought drove me to increase my masturbation routine to several time a day.

The next test was to be a full dose and as usual involved her being wired to our monitoring station as she reclined on one of the two hospital beds we use for test subjects. She removed her lab coat and as usual was wearing a light weight blouse and mid length skirt. I completed the attachment of heart rate and respiration monitoring equipment. She had informed me she would ingest the drug in what Dr. Ames indicated was a full dose while watching a prepared video and try to verbally express what she felt and was thinking until loosing consciousness.

I have enough medical training to monitor her vital signs and if need be, inject her with the appropriate drug should an emergency occur. Something to either stimulate or slow her heart until EMS could arrive. She informed me she should be lucid for about 30 minutes and then unconscious for several hours after taking the drug and for safety I was to remain at her side monitoring her vital signs until she had regained full consciousness.

Within 15 minutes of the test start her heart rate had decreased slightly and she was verbally relating her thoughts and feelings of the video she was watching. She had started to slur a bit and respiration had slowed slightly below normal at the thirty minute mark. Shortly afterward the monitors of brain function showed an unconscious drugged state. I let the recording equipment run to make sure she was completely under. After an hour of test start time I had stopped the video recording equipment.

I left the brain wave patches attached to assure she was not waking up and was curious what they might show as I explored her body. I attempted to wake her by both talking and gently shaking her. No response was evident on either of the recorders or with her physically. I trailed my hand up her leg from her ankle and slowly raise her skirt above her waist, then stood there leering at her long shapely legs leading to her white panty covered pelvis. My attention was fixed on the small cleft at her crotch where the silky material was pulled slightly into her snatch. My personal camera was set up and recording as I pull the panties aside exposing her sparsely haired pussy. I could wait no longer and separated her legs enough to get my mouth affixed to her pussy lips.

The brain wave monitor showed her still deep under but with great mental agitation as I explore her inner lips with my tongue. Her breathing and heart rate both started to increase and her hips kept arching up slightly to meet my tongue strokes. She was secreting vaginal lubricants that I sucked up and swallowed. Not knowing how long she wouldl be out I stopped tongue lapping her pussy and started removing her clothes. I wanted to get as much video of her as possible for my pleasure later on. I unbuttoned her blouse and lifted her bra over her medium sized tits. Her small nipples respond to my touch as they stood erect and almost pulse as I licked and sucked them. I had her skirt pulled up and her panties around her ankles. With her legs pulled out like a bow legged cowgirl, she has the look of a woman who had been totally violated.

I had licked and sucked all her goodies and seen the monitor jump every time she was touched. I did gently open her vagina for a closeup video and saw her hymen was not intact. Slowly and gently I inserted my finger into her very tight vaginal canal, not wanting to leave her with the feeling she had been violated when she woke. I extracted my wet finger and inhaled her exotic inner essence, then plop my finger into my mouth to savor her womanly flavor.

For fear of discovery I carefully redressed her while fondling all the tasty bits. With her skirt still up and panties still down, I reached down and remove my painfully throbbing cock. Her soft warm hand invited me to lay my cock across it's open palm. I closed her hand around my member and with my hips pumping I stroked slowly enjoying the friction. She had a muscle contraction and griped me reflexively which sent pulses of pleasure through my groin. I'd leaked semen and left a slick lubricant that increases my pleasure. Staring at her exposed pussy and fantasizing I stroked faster bring on a fulfilling climax that was long overdue. I gripped her hand and shoot a large load into the waiting Kleenex as I continue to stroke. After finishing I hurriedly cleaned up all signs of my activity, gave her pussy one more lick and kiss as I carefully replace the rest of her clothing and remove my personal recording equipment.

As an after thought I went to the bathroom and activated my small spy camera in case I left her with unfulfilled sexual yearnings. As I returned to the lab her brain wave patterns were slowly returning to that of a person waking from a deep sleep. She looked up at me groggily and asked for something to drink. We sat and briefly discussed what I saw during the test and she revealed with a red face having had a very intense sexual dream during her unconscious state. To my disappointment she did not go into details even with my tactful but clinical questioning.

Anna excused herself to use the restroom and I follow as she went out of sight. I have a small hole in an adjoining room with a lens that gives a distorted wide angle view of the entire bathroom. I saw her sitting on the toilet urinating and after she finished by drying her pussy lips with toilet paper, her hand remained between her legs, where she began massaging herself. It was hard to see detail in the distorted lens but her ministrations appeared awkward and inept.

Returning to the lab area I waited her return. As she did she asked if I would be willing to undergo the drug on the following day so we might compare experiences. I had no choice but to agree and before leaving that evening I installed my video equipment secretly in the lab with motion activated switches. I also retrieved the recordings I made in the restroom for my evening entertainment.

When I arrived home my first act was to download and watch Anna's quick trip to the bathroom. It was entertaining to watch her frantic but unskilled masturbation attempt but at the same time unfullfilling. She left herself looking unsatisfied and frustrated. I was anxious for the next opportunity to use Ms Anna and more than a little reluctant to be the test subject on the following day. I have never liked the feeling of loosing control that comes with either drugs or excess alcohol.

The following morning Ms Anna looked tired and anxious as if her night had not been a pleasant one. When I inquired she said she had been plagued with disturbing dreams she believed were the result of a residual effect from the drug. She admitted they were sexual in nature and very embarrassing but we would compare notes after I had underwent the process as she didn't want to influence me with any details before.

She had reread her notes from Dr Ames about the use of the drug and decided not to have me use it for at least another day. He had indicated that the natives warned him of two people under the drug at the same time might have an intermixing of thoughts. She was concerned that the residual in her system might affect my test, but was very excited about exploring that very effect later on. We spent the day going over her video and comparing it to the recorded brain function charts.

The following morning I had dressed appropriately (in my mind) by not wearing under shorts. I wanted her to be aware of any erection I might have during the test. I knew my hidden camera would record her reaction if I was to loose consciousness. She had instructed me in the dosage and I was able to ingest only half the amount without her knowing. I went through the same process she had and let my mind think about her body at the same time. I soon had a nicely outlined semi hard on that showed down the leg of my slacks. I could tell she had noticed and was having a difficult time not staring. As the test proceeded I did feel groggy and was in and out of a sleep state for the next hour and a half. At some point during the test I could have sworn she had rubbed my dick. But it was just an impression in a hazy fog.

When I woke I had only been under about half the time she had. There was no faking it as she had the brain wave charts to prove it. After her commenting about it several times I admitted to only taking half a dose and blamed it on my fear of loosing control. She new I didn't drink much or do drugs and was tolerant of my fears, but did make me promise not to do anything else that might skew the data.

That evening I down loaded the video I had taken and was delighted to see the flustered but curious interest on her face as she observed my erection. After I had gone under she had stroked my cock through the material of my pants. She started with two fingers running up and down the length and later she had taken hold and squeezed numerous times. She had stepped in front of the lab camera to block her actions but my personal camera was located on the other side and captured her actions and the lewd glazed look on her face. Following the test I had done the same as her by going to the bathroom to pee and masturbate. I had some cleanup to do also as my pants were soaked from all the semen I leaked during the test.

For the next few days we compared video data and correlated it with brain wave charts but she was still reluctant to talk of the dreams she experienced. Her interest was in having us both use the drug at the same time. She didn't want to bring anyone else in to participate, using the tight budget as a reason but I felt she was worried about an observer seeing or hearing her loose control. Since I had already seen her in the altered state and she had a great deal of trust in me, we were to go ahead with the test on our own.

We then tested in tandem starting with small doses and progressing upward. She then made sure I didn't fudge on the dosage by giving us both a measured amount and watching me ingest mine. We had both been experiencing sexual dreams and discussed them at length. When I confide my dreams all involved encounters with her she in a very embarrassed manner admitted the same. It helped relieve the tension and she was much more at ease and able to convey some of her more intimate feelings in detail. I felt at the time we were each fueling each others dreams with our own sexual cravings. My plans for using her body had been thwarted by us both being drugged but the sexual talks we were having was chasing away most of her inhibitions.

The next morning we both took a full dose and were anxious to see the results. The test period showed little that was interesting to me personally but the deep sleep period after was filled with very hot passionate dreams and both of us later related very intimate acts. We had each written down lengthy descriptions separately of our dream sequences and found when we compared them they match closely. The acts we recorded included intercourse in numerous positions and a very erotic bought of anal fucking. We started by her being embarrassed describing the dreams of oral sex we performed on each other and I could see she was becoming aroused to a point she was having trouble controlling her desire.

Often during our discussions she would excuse her self to use the bathroom. I would always check and see if she was masturbating and to my delight she almost always did try. I would also go and use the bathroom for relief and told her about it after one session. In a very red faced stutter she admitted she was also seeking relief from the arousal it was causing her. We seem to be closer as friends and our relationship was changing drastically with all the intimate talks.

Our next session started out as usual and contained a lot of sexual dream activity afterward but this time as I awoke I felt strange and disoriented. I had to pee badly and as I looked to the side the bed Anna had been on was not there. As I look around I saw it was on the other side of me and empty. I hurriedly unplug myself with fingers that didn't seem to be mine. As I walked to the bathroom I looked down and saw I had on a skirt and my body was not my own. Though curious feeling I was sure it must be some type of drug induced hallucination or in a drugged state we had exchanged clothing.

Still in a groggy state I continued to the bathroom and on entering was shocked as I looked into the mirror. The reflection was of Ms Anna in a slightly disheveled state but her image mimicked every movement I made. Shaking my head I proceeded around the barrier to the toilet and found myself already sitting on the toilet with a very confused look on my face. As I spoke I didn't recognize my voice and the image of me sitting there was talking back to me in my voice. My head was swimming and the room seemed to spin slowly. I realized I was wearing Anna's cloths and as I explored myself with my hands I found I had tits and they were sensitive to the touch. I lowered my hand lifting the skirt and rubbing my crotch found I don't seem to have a cock.

In an effort to lighten the situation and still not believing what was happening I said “ if you were a gentleman you would get up and offer a lady a seat”. The body that was me looked back in even greater confusion and with a stupid grin asks me to remove my hand from under her skirt and please don't keep fondling the merchandise. The body sitting on the toilet said “ I still need to pee but can't seem to get it started”. I respond back with “go pee in the sink as I don't seem to be equipped to do anything but sit”. As the image of me stood to walk around the modesty barrier he had to shuffle as his pants were down around his ankles. I stood there watching while he tried to pee in the sink. He looked at me in the mirror and asked for a little privacy.

I walked into the stall and lower my panties to squat, then start laughing at the absurdity of the situation. As the muscles relax and the flow of urine started I was hit with a flash of eroticism and let out a moan of pleasure that brought my other self around the barrier to see what was wrong. I looked up and comment to my other self “if your not going to use that thing on me would you quit waving it in my face”. I then said “this is the first time I have been tempted to give a man a blow job”. Joking has always been my way of coping with stressful situations.

I told the other me his problem was its hard for a male to pee with an erection and I would leave and wait in the lab. As I sat waiting for Anna in my body to return to the lab I had worked out roughly what was going on. We had switched bodies during the experiment. I was wondering if we could find a way of switching back. As unique as the feeling was, I didn't want to spend my life as a woman. Being a lesbian would be great fun but fucking a man was something I would have to think about before seriously considering it an option.

The Anna/me returned and with a flustered face and almost in tears, confided he/she couldn't pee and it was becoming very painful. Every time she/he touched my penis it would get erect again and wouldn't let the flow start. The Anna/me pleaded for my help.

I took Anna back down the hall into the bathroom and stood him/her in front of the sink. In this situation I acted boldly as it appeared to be a dream like hallucination anyway. I stood slightly behind and to the right and reached around unzipping my pants while pulling out my all to familiar cock. Taking a squirt of liquid soap I slowly stroked the already rigid shaft in my usual and familiar fashion. As I gained speed I could see in the mirror the Anna/me scrunched up my face and start to breathing hard. I could tell by the familiar look on my face and the feel of my other body’s rhythmic motions it wouldn't take long.

The orgasm hit hard and caused spasms that almost knock the Anna/me over as she shot streams of cum onto the mirror in front of her and emitted a female type scream in a masculine voice. As the spasms subside Anna's knees got weak and he/she almost collapsed. I held and support her as best I could until she had regained control. As she steadied I told her to brace herself and wait where she was for a few minutes until she could relieve herself in the sink or go and sit on the toilet if she preferred.

I returned to the lab to ponder this perplexing dilemma. When she joined me in the lab we both took a bed and just laid there in silent contemplation for some time. She finally answered my unasked question with “I don't know how this happened or if we can get back in our right bodies but it seems to have only transferred our conscious minds as we both seem to have the right subconscious and involuntary actions”.

I questioned how she had deduced that and she replied “if not we would both have a lot of trouble walking and functioning. I noticed as you walked to and from the restroom you still possess a feminine walk in my female body and I have more of a lumber in your male body”. She went on to ask about the orgasm she had just had in my body saying “ I have never had an orgasm before and even though it was the best and most intense feeling I have ever experienced do you have to do that every time you urinate” she apologized and added “ I know better than that but I'm not sexually versed and find this all very confusing”.

After talking for a couple more hours we agreed to call it a day and go home. We had to exchange keys and go to each others apartments to collect changes of clothing. We decided to use our own apartments to lessen the shock by not subjecting ourselves to a new environment and further confusing our minds and bodies.

Needless to say when I arrived home I quickly stripped and headed for the bathroom. After standing in front of the mirror to admire my new body I sat on the toilet to relieve my self and also had a bowel movement. Just as urination I found this new feeling also erotic. After a quick shower I was intrigued with exploring this new toy and filled the bath with hot water. I gingerly entered to soak and began touching myself as much as possible in every intimate place.

I found a little stubble starting to grow on my legs and underarms so jumped back out grabbing a new safety razor then reentered the bath to enjoy Anna's body. Shaving underarms was quick but touching the long legs as I shaved was causing an arousal totally foreign to me. I missed the feel of an erection but what man has ever been able to grope a female body and feel his own caresses.

Anna had admitted she had never experienced an orgasm. That meant I would be in a position to enjoy the first. If it was similar to a males first orgasm it could be mind blowing. Each climax I have experienced as a male has been great but each one is an attempt to duplicate the first and they steadily decline slightly. Not to say everyone is less intense than the last one but the real wild mind blowers don't happen as often and never quite as intense as first.

Shivers of pleasure ran through me as I caressed and shaved those lovely long pale legs. Even the act of washing my feet caused me thrills of pleasure that somehow traveled up to center in the vaginal area. I started to slowly rub and massage those perfect medium sized breasts and would shiver with delight as I pinched and tweaked the erect pinkish brown nipples.

I soon realized I was not going to have any problem achieving an orgasm. What would be difficult was not having the first one too soon. I believe Anna's inability to achieve orgasm was not a physical thing, as I was on the brink now, but a lack of sensual mental stimulus. I had purposely not touched her pussy, leaving it for last. The pubic hair was sparse and soft as if it had been carefully trimmed but never shaven. I cupped my hand over the whole mound and squeezed. Before each caress of my legs and breasts seemed to shoot thrills of pleasure into my crotch area and now as I stroked the vaginal cleft with my finger the thrills that center there seem to move outward.

I couldn't hold back and plunge my finger into the tight canal as deep as possible. I was aware she had little used this scrumptious young pussy. Touching her clitoris was so intense the spasmic jerk it caused made me slosh water across the room. I stuck to rubbing the vaginal mound and inner walls for a time. I had always wondered what a woman felt as she is filled inside, and leaped out of the bath rapped in a towel looking for phallic shaped items to use.

My demented mind went straight to the large English cucumber in my fridge. As I contemplated insertion I realize I should start smaller and instead retrieved my collection of dildos. I have a large collection I enjoy using on female visitors. I selected a normal sized vibrator from the collection and stood in front of the mirror with one foot on the toilet seat. I inserted the first inch of the KY lubed vibrator. The feeling was exquisite. My sphincter muscles had contracted and the muscles inside my vagina were flexing and twitching around the vibrator shaft sending pulses of pleasure through me.

The vibrator was about average in length for a male cock but smaller in diameter. Even with the smaller diameter it was tight as I continue to insert it. I doubt if Anna had ever had anything larger inside her. Watching myself violate her in the mirror was driving me crazy and I plunge the rest deep inside. The pain and pleasure weakened my knees and I almost fell. I placed a large hand mirror on the floor and squat over it in an attempt to spread my legs farther apart and maintain a view of her pussy being stretched open.

I had brought every vibrator and dildo I own to use. They were laid out progressively in size and I took each in turn. I slowly plunged a new one in as far as I could and after taking several short strokes buried each one to the hilt. As I remove one I suck and lick all the juices off as I insert the next one using the other hand. In the back of my mind I heard something but it didn't register at first. I realized it was the phone and had been ringing for quite some time.

I walked slowly and precariously in to answer with a large dildo buried in my pussy. The friction of walking added to the pleasure I was feeling. When I reach the phone there were already two messages from Ms Anna on the answering system and I saw it was her number calling. As I answer, the male voice I heard was my own but sounded strange. She was worried when I hadn't answered and was concerned if I had gotten home OK. I sat down without thinking and drove the dildo deeper into myself causing me to let out a loud yelp of pain and then groans of pleasure that consumed my attention for some time.

Ms Anna kept asking “whats wrong”. I finally responded that I stubbed her toe and the reason I had not answered earliey was I had been lost in thought about the predicament we were both in and was thinking about what we should do. Her thought was we should go back to the lab right then and ingest the drug with hopes our conscious minds would return to own bodies. There was a hint of panic in her male voice and she was pressing me to do this immediately.

I stalled her saying I didn't feel up to it at present and asked in her small demure voice if we could wait until tomorrow. She wasn't happy but relented and said she would call me first thing in the morning. My thoughts were of using her body to the fullest before returning it. If returning it was even possible. My mind drifted back to the large dildo buried deep inside me. As my hand started toward her crotch I realize I should be video taping this for later enjoyment.

I return to the bathroom with a tripod mounted camera in one hand and the other cupping my lovely pubic mound to keep my large friend inserted. I set up quickly and continue by removing the oversized dildo as I did the others, licking off the luscious female cream. The next one was the last and largest with nobs and veins up and down its full length. It has a soft flesh like rubber on the outside with a rigid center and a suction cup on the bottom that will adhere firmly to any smooth surface. It's a good two inches across and eleven inches long. I was skeptical if I would be able to insert this one. Each of the others had made Anna's pussy feel it was stretched to the tearing point at first but after several slow strokes of the first few inches the pain lessens enough for the pleasure of full insertion to follow.

I carefully lubed the beast and positioned it on the edge of the bathtub. I reset the camera angle and smiled sexily into the lens. After placing one foot in the tub I squatted down to started guiding the large head into my dripping pussy. With one hand on the sink edge for balance I used the other to guide the monster in. The huge knobby head had my pussy lips stretched to the max. but penetration any further seems impossible. I reach down and with the thumb and forefinger of each hand, pull Anna's lips wider apart. The head sank in another half inch but again stopped. The pain was excruciating but sent wave after wave of pleasure through me. I started to bounce slightly and felt the pain of each bump go all the way to my head and strike like a migraine.

After a dozen or so bounces I let my weight go and the brute was forced into me a good six inches. The intensity of pain and pleasure at the feeling of being torn open brought on my first orgasm. Repeating waves of orgasmic spasms emanated from my groin and flashed out through my body. I thrashed and convulsed on top of the huge dildo I was impaled upon. The overwhelming feelings made me loose bodily function control and I slowly emptied my bladder. The urine running down the dildo and onto the bathroom floor. Fortunately I had already emptied my bowel earlier.

As I suspected a woman’s first orgasm is every bit as intense as a mans. The intensity at first had brought me to a point I feared my heart might stop. It left me shaken and slightly nauseous. I was stuck in a precarious position as my knees were too weak to raise off the beast and I had taken all the length Anna's vaginal canal could handle. The knobby head of the beast was pressed against her cervix and banging against her uterus. Each small move I made sent renewed waves of pleasure I could no longer handle. I feared I might pass out and fall on top of the beast, damaging something inside her.

I finally manage to break the suction seal of the dildo and lowered my body to the floor. Laying on the cold urine wet tile I started to recover. The huge dildo was slowly retracting itself from me and sending more pleasure through my groin area. As it receded it left an itch that craved to be refilled.

I managed to finally get up and walk to the bed. As I laid down in absolute exhaustion I start to rethink my position. Sleep sounded so very inviting but I worried if we both were asleep at the same time, might our conscious minds return to our own bodies automatically. Ms Anna and I live about a mile apart but I don't think distance will have anything to do with our consciousness returning to our own bodies.

As I continued to ponder the question in a half awake state I realized my hand had returned to the lovely crotch I now possessed and was fingering the very raw and sensitive lips. My rubbing had me responding even in a half asleep state. My evil little mind snapped awake with an almost instantaneous plan of a seduction I had fantasized about but new until then had no chance of fulfilling.

There was a gorgeous young woman living in the apartment complex that I was now equipped to seduce. I met Gina about a year ago in the apartment buildings laundry room. We became friends over a period of time as we both did our weekly laundry on the same night. Gina is a lovely petite total lesbian with little experience. We befriended one other and have spent many evenings talking of our desires and conquests. Her being a lesbian gives us much in common. It's become a Friday night ritual to sit at one anothers apartment sipping wine as we talk and wait for batches of laundry to wash or dry.

We had shared many meals over the year and I have become the friend she could come to see when she needs to vent about her latest failure in the love department. I'm that safe haven as the nerdy guy she has no physical desire for but who will always listen. Needless to say she has been the subject of my masturbation fantasizes on many occasions. She knows it and teases me unmercifully by wearing very seductive clothing while accidentally giving me boob & beaver shots. I think a lot of this is her way of practicing for her female seductions or just acting out the things she would like to do if she had the nerve.

Knowing I had little time as I may loose this lovely body soon I went immediately to the phone and called Gina. I had no plan and was winging it but somehow knew what would work. When Gina answered I told her my name was Anna and I was a relative of her friend John from the laundry room who was out of town for a couple of day. “I'm staying at his apartment and he left your number in case I got lonely”. As she listens I mention John had said “ you and Gina are kindred spirits and I would like you to get to know her”.

As I knew it would, this interested Gina and she was soon hooked. She was wanting to get together soon and was mentioning dates, when I told her I was in town for only a few days and might be called to return as early as tomorrow. I then asked if she would like to come over to John's apartment and have a glass of wine right then. I said I knew it was late and short notice but John had been very adamant that I meet her and I wouldn’t want to let him down.

Gina responded with “I will grab a quick shower and be right up”. I went in and redressed. I gathered all my dildos and laid them on the dresser after I cleaned the bathroom. As I was opening a bottle of Gina's favorite wine she knocked on the door. As I let her in I stood and stared as if I was seeing her for the first time. She blushed at the leer I was giving her as I openly ogled her body. I knew from past conversations she has always wanted women to give her a sign they are interested. Gina's very shy with other women and inexperienced as a lesbian. She desperately needs to know women want her from the first moment they meet and feels rejected if the desire is not blatant.

I was making sure of my conquest when I said “John told me I would be in lust the moment I saw you and he understated. I would love to take you into the bedroom and eat you up right now”. Gina was more than hooked. She held out her hands to me and walked right into my open arms. I bent down and pressed my lips against hers and shoving my tongue into her open mouth as far as possible with one hand cupping her butt and the other groping and massaging a breast. The kiss lasted at least two minutes and when we broke she was panting and said “ Oh God !! I have been waiting all my life for someone as beautiful as you to kiss me like that “.

I poured two glasses of wine, handing her one I took the other and the bottle leading the way into the bedroom. There was no hesitation on Gina's part as she followed me knowing exactly where we were going and what I was going to do to her. As I looked into her eyes I saw the mutual desire and lust I never could have achieved if I were in a male body.

As we entered the bedroom and sat on the bed, Gina saw the huge array of dildos on the dresser top. Her eyes and mouth both sprang open at the same time. She tried to speak but was at a loss for words as she looked at me with a face filled with frightened lust. I told her they were all dear and intimate friends of mine and I would like her to meet them. She blushed crimson red, taking a large gulp of wine as she searched her mind for a response. She finally said in a small meek voice “ it's always exciting to meet new friends. I hope I’m up to it”. She sat her glass of wine on the night stand and laid back across the bed slightly parting her legs as if giving me access.

If I had a dick at that moment I would have been shooting the largest load of cum in my life. As it was my new female body was secreting copious amounts of love juices that had soaked my crotch and was running down my legs. My pussy was craving to be touched but my mind was running amok deciding what to do next.

I stood at the side of the bed between her slightly parted knees and lifted her short skirt above her waist. As I hooked my fingers in the top of her bikini panties and started to pull them down she lifted her butt slightly. When they were to her knees both she and I working together lifted her legs to remove the panties. I placed each of her bare feet on one of my shoulders and as I lowered myself and leaned forward her knees were bent outward slowly exposing and opening her shaved pubis mound. I pressed forward buckling her legs until they were bent like frogs legs beside her body with my mouth just inches away from her wide open pussy.

An intoxicating slightly musty aroma was wafting up to me and sending thrilling little tingles to my vagina. I affixed my mouth to her vulva and inserted my tongue. As I did I slid my right hand under my chin and inserted my middle finger as far into her as it would go. She groaned out loud and clasped her hands behind my head. She was pushing me away with her feet on my shoulders and at the same time pulling my face harder against her vagina.

I continued to stroke in and out with my finger and lick the inner walls of her labia. I was careful not to touch her clitoris at first and then only once ever half minute or so. Each time I did she would go completely rigid while shuddering and moan in a high pitched squeal for as long as I continued contact. After seven or eight minutes she was panting and I could see her chest rise and fall as she took larger deep breaths trying to get more oxygen.

As she neared climax her hips thrust up at me and she kept trying to guide my head with her hands so I would concentrate on her clitoris. I finally relented and sucked it into my mouth and with my teeth and tongue gave it a fierce drubbing. I gave it little nips and a hard sucking as I drug it in and out of my mouth between my teeth. The orgasm started almost violently with her mashing my face into her crotch as wave after wave of pleasure crashed into her. As the orgasm started to abate she slowed the thrusting of her hips and would periodically clench her legs around my head as another spasm took her.

As the night continued I managed to insert all but the largest dildo into her and fuck her pussy raw. She reciprocated and after licking and sucking my already sore pussy to numerous orgasms she inserted the largest dildo into me while fucking me in the ass with a small vibrator. The sensations were like having a low grade orgasm that went on for twenty minutes.

We were still touching and fondling the next morning as the phone rang. I jumped up and answered in the kitchen. The voice that greeted me was my own. Ms Anna sounded tired and was anxious to see me at the lab. I said I would shower and meet her there in an hour.

Gina was also tired but sated and sad that our encounter had to end. We showered together and gave each other one last experience as we in turn knelt and tongued the other. As I had to leave she made me promise to contact her anytime I was in town. I promised I would and that until then I would enjoy the video we had made and would send her a copy as a memento. I asked if she would mind me sending a copy to John also as I knew he had a serious lust for her and as a way to thank him for getting us together. She agreed with a kind of cruel smile on her face. When I did send her a copy I included the action of me using the dildos on myself.

I also confided to Gina that my friends really belonged John and I was sure he would let her visit them anytime she wanted. Gina was surprised when I told her I had had many sexual experiences with John even though I was a lesbian at heart. She was very thoughtfull when I told her I had his cock in my hand many times over the years and we had given each other many orgasms. I also told her I had never had his cock in me but lately had been thinking about trying it. She confided she had thought about what it would be like and might give it a try, She said she knew they would watch our video together and it would be a good opportunity to do a little experimenting.

Gina left and I hurried off to meet Ms Anna at the lab. I brought coffee and her favorite pastry as I figured she would not have stopped for breakfast.

Anna was sitting in the office at her desk in my body as I entered. I had never seen my body looking so worn out and haggard. There were dark circles under my eyes and I could tell neither of use had had any sleep for at least 30 hours.

Anna was anxious to attempt another drug session to see if we could regain our own bodies. I agreed and hinted we might later add some enticement if this first time didn't work. She asked how we might go about that so I explained in a sheepish halting voice we could start by making love under the influence of the drug which might draw our minds back to our own bodies. With a very embarrassed look on her face she pondered my suggestion and then interjected that it was a very good idea. She said she thought we should try it this time as she was concerned about staying to long away from our own bodies.

The situation reminded me of a favorite old saying that went ( I have never had more sex than I wanted, maybe more than I could handle but never more than I wanted ). Even though I had had more sex in the last day than a person should be able to handle I still wanted to feel what being fucked was like. It would also create a somewhat lame but semi believable reason for giving her back a body with a pussy so rubbed raw and obviously stretched out.

We both rushed to the lab and as she mixed up the drugs for each of us I proceeded to remove my clothes from her and her clothes from me. I was happy to see my cock standing at attention and noticed it was red and abraded in several places. I asked as we ingested the drug if she would like me to get her ready. She was puzzled but not knowing how to proceed she said that would be fine. I have never had the urge to suck a mans cock but have always wished mine was long enough that I might suck it myself.

With us both nude I squatted down and took hold of my own cock at the base. Anna stood there not knowing what to do as I held it in one hand and plunged it into my mouth. I glanced up to see the shocked but pleasure filled look on her face as I slid it in and out of my mouth several times and stopped to pay special attention to the head. My other hand was steadily pumping two fingers in and out of my wide open dripping pussy. With my lips wrapped tightly around her cock I began to run my tongue all around the head. She groaned out loud as I jammed it deep into my mouth and down my throat several times.

Anna pushed me off saying she couldn’t take any more. And sat on the side of the bed. I stood up and motioned for her to lay back. As she did I threw a leg over the body she was in, straddling her and reached down grabbing my own cock then guiding it into my waiting pussy. The sensation as it slide easily into my very sore but well lubricated pussy was exquisite. I was feeling light headed and slightly dizzy from the drugs and the overwhelming sexual stimulation. I could swear I could not only feel the cock enter and fill my vagina but at the same time I had the sensation of my cock slipping into a hot and very wet pussy. As I stroked away on top a fever of lust enveloped me and I experienced what fucking and being fucked at the same time felt like. It was double the sensation and each stroke almost made me faint but the pleasure of the next would revive me.

I had felt Anna's presents in my mind and knew she was experiencing some or all of the same things. She was also picking up on my memories of what I had been doing while in her body. At the same time I had memories of her playing with my cock for hours on end and having more orgasms in the last day than I would believe possible. We both reached the point of release at the same time and all consciousness went black. I had flashes of the two of us continuing to fuck franticly with her sometimes on top and sometimes on bottom but no idea later of how long that continued.

We woke later in our right bodies and as we smiled at each other we collapsed back into bed and slept with arms and legs intertwined for about fourteen hours with several hazy trips to the bathroom to pee. During those trips I remember both standing and sitting to urinate through two different types of genitalia. Both burned like crazy from over use. Neither of us wanted to get up but hunger finally drove us out of the lab and into the nearest diner.

After eating we returned to the lab and tried to put into words what had transpired over the last day and a half. Any thought of lying about what we each had subjected the others body to was out of the question as we both had almost total recall of what had happened. I apologize for having performed some rough sexual acts on her relatively virgin body. She thanked me with a blush for the use of mine and for memories she thought she could never top until we had intercourse while using the drug. For her that was the most memorable part.

We talked of our experience and recorded everything as we went along but she was uncertain if our data and findings could ever be submitted to the academic world. Neither of us really wanted the scrutiny or ridicule it would probably bring. We did finally start an affair that was most fulfilling. We have continued to experiment with her South American drug that brings mind blowing orgasms, but have not had a full exchange of bodies again so far. She has timidly mentioned wanting to meet Gina again so she might explore some urges she has had for years.

Gina has been a lot of fun since my seducing her in Anna's body. She comes to my apartment several times a week to visit and asks for any news of Anna. She still has no desire for me to fuck her but enjoys letting me go down on her and use Anna's friends on her as she watches their video. She always gets a kick out of our mutual masturbation sessions by finishing me off by hand. I still hold out hope of her getting drunk enough sometime to let me screw her.

I have some ideas for the next time Anna and I again switch. There is a young guy I know from the gym that is absolutely pretty and has the longest fattest cock I have ever seen. In the showers after playing racket ball his cock is frightening even in a flaccid state. As we talk over beers after a workout he has revealed most women think he is gay with his feminine features. I have thought on more than one occasion if I were ever to have a homosexual experience he is the most desirable looking male I have ever seen. The last time we talked I showed him a nude photo of my cousin Anna and asked if her would like to give her a good fucking next time she was in town. He can hardly wait and has called me twice asking about her. I think Anna's pussy is going to get the pounding of a lifetime soon and we will both have another wild experience to add to our memories.

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