These are not true, found them on an online forum. Sadly.
Part 1
It's coincidence half the time. During a camp in Hawaii (this was my first pair of bitches when I was 15) they wanted to prank me while I was showering. They, in bathing suits, popped over the top (it was rocky so it wasn’t that hard to do) and said word for word "Hey Matt (obviously my name) is there room for us too?" I said sure, but they had to be nude. It was a large shower, and an outdoor shower. They came in but left their bikinis on. They went under the water and I grabbed my hair conditioner (fuck you I love my silky hair) and squirted some onto both hands. They were playing around with bubbles and shit when I put one of my hands of both of their heads. I began to rub it in and told them it was conditioner. Then I began to lower my hands until they were each right above the girls bikini covered asses. Mind you, I’m nude this whole time, now with conditioner on my hands with these two hot girls in front of me. I took a leap of faith and did this:
Shoved my hand into their bikinis, put my face between theirs (they were next to each other) and whispered, "I thought I told you two to strip first" then stuck a lotion covered finger into each of their asses.
That's how it all started. Yes there’s more to that story but pretty much, it's luck and a leap of faith.

Since I guess they had never done any anal at 15, they pretty much collapsed onto their knees. I kept my finger inside one of them; she later became a slave for the other one. They both had the tops of their bikinis in simple bows, so I untied them both with my one hand. One had a bikini bottom with a tie, she was the one with my finger inside her still, and I untied it. At this point, since they hadn't screamed or run, I figured I could do what I wanted. I took my finger out of Jess; the other girl was named Jill. I pulled Jill to her feet just to pull off her bottoms, and then pushed her back to her knees. I was now in front of them, staring at them as the water fell onto their nude bodies, they just looked up at me. I was full on hard, even though only about 5.5 inches at that point, I was a force to be reckoned with. I told them in one word, "Suck" and they both leapt forward, Jill licked my balls while Jess swallowed my cock. Before I came, I pulled them off of me and came on their chests. Best part was, they fucking thanked me. After they licked the jizz off each other, I gave them their rules.
>Whenever in private you call me master
>I decide what you wear
>I own you, you're both mine
>I can use you however I want
>Be ready at all times
>You can be punished
They accepted and went to leave. I didn’t let them take their bikinis, and they didn’t bring towels.
>mfw I made them walks 1/4 mile nude while walking with me, fully clothed holding their bikinis
I had fun with them during that 8-week trip

Part 2
Ok here I go. This is about 2 days later. There were about 4 other people in the group besides the counselors. 2 guys and 2 girls. They were off swimming in this water hole thing about 1.5 miles away. We were in Waipio valley (if you live in Hawaii) and there weren't any campsites nearby. Jess had earrings she always wore, tons of pairs. I decided we would have some fun with her specifically, give her new piercings. Jill helped me tie Jess to a close tree. So we had her tied and we were told to keep the fire running so of course, we did. It was for food and such. We had Jess tied using ropes the group used to get through rivers together. I tied her using climbing knots; I think specifically a figure 8. Jill fingered Jess a bit to get her wet, then pulled off Jess's panties (didn’t tie her feet, just arms/hands) and shoved them into her mouth so she wouldn’t scream. I untied her bikini top so she was nude with the tree bark rubbing her bare skin. She really got off on the pain of being rubbed raw, and from what we did next. We brought a sewing kit with us, in case of rips and such. I pulled out 2 needles from it. I heated one up then walked over to Jess. I slowly stuck it throw her erect nipple. Her panties mostly gagged her scream. I did the same with her other nipple. By that time her pussy was dripping.
We went into her tent (we stayed in tents) and pulled out her earrings, all of them. We decided on hoop earrings and put them into the holes in her nipples. We untied her after about 45 minutes. Fast forward to later that night the 7 of us teens were playing never have I ever. I said, "Never have I ever had a nipple pierced" this was obvious cause we never wore our shirts. The guys all looked at the girls, the girls looked at each other. I saw Jess blush then take off her shirt. She left her bikini on. "Don’t judge me guys, I like my pierced titties" (she said that word for word) then pulled off her top. She put it back on after showing off a little, and letting each guy cop a quick feel. If you are wondering where our counselors were, they were blackout drunk in their tent.

Part 3
So as you would expect, for the rest of the trip Jess's nipples were punished all the time. Jill, a very good sado-masochist loved to get a burning stick and heat up the piercings thus burning Jess's nipples. There was one time where we stayed at a place called Spencer Beach Park. Near it was a beach in walking distance with no people. We nicknamed it the corona beach because we found nearly 25 corona caps there. It was about a 5-minute walk if I remember correctly. So one night Jess and Jill decide they want to be the doms and want me to be the sub. They didn’t tell me this. While I slept, since i'm a heavy fucking sleeper, they carried me to the beach in my pajamas and brought the ropes. They stripped me and splashed me with water to wake me up. As usual, they were in their pajamas. Mine were a t-shirt and boxers. Theirs were short shorts, panties, tank tops, and bras. They had tied me up and kept doing stuff, teasing me and all that. They only tied my hands, and not well. I was tied to a very large downed tree. It took about 10 minutes to undo the knots. I waited for them to strip, which of course they did, then I pounced.
I grabbed Jess first, the more submissive one, and tackled her, pulling her nipples quite hard. I tied her arms behind her back then tied her feet. Jill was just standing by the tree, bent over the trunk watching. When she noticed I was looking at her, she froze. I grabbed their clothes and used them to tie her. Tied her hands to branches using shirts, tied her neck to a branch using a bra. Stuffed one pair of panties in her mouth. Now I got to punish my slaves. I dragged Jess over to the tree, kept her face down in the sand and tied up. I would get to her second. When I asked, Jill told me she planned it. I found a good smooth long rock on the beach then walked up to her (I forgot, it was night, everyone was asleep, they used flashlights.) I shoved it into her pussy to wet it then stuck it inside her ass. Again, gagged by panties. I grabbed Jess and retied her in a similar fashion on the opposite side of the tree. I had pretty much turned everything around. I found another rock and did the same to Jess, but her rock was larger. I grabbed her nipples, still tender, and pulled. Hard. This caused her to cry and cum at the same time. She started convulsing and I fingered her wet pussy. When she was done, I pulled the panties from her mouth and had her lick my fingers clean.
With Jill I was gentler, I fucked her ass with the rock and used Jess's rock on her pussy. They were fairly smooth but still hurt. She also came fairly hard. I untied them and told them to suck my cock. They did and I came on them. They went to wash it off in the water, I told them to lick it off. They had never done anything sexual with each other, so this was how I got them to start. Later I had them walk back nude, carrying everything. We went to sleep and that was that.

Part 4
So this is when we accidentally ended up at a nudist beach. We were staying at a beach and the rest of the group was screwing around. I asked if Jess and I could swim to the beach across from us (looked to be about 1/4 but was actually nearly 7/8 mile, not too bad) and our counselor said ok. We swam over and noticed something, or lack of something, clothes. All the people were nude. I pulled off my trunks but kept hold of them. I ripped off Jess's bikini and told her to let it float away, which she did. We walked on shore, talked to some people. We saw one girl, about 19 there. Fucking hot as hell. She also had nipple rings. The 3 of us started talking, she was there alone. We went into the water and the girl, (Amy) asked Jess when she got her nipples pierced. Jess told Amy to tell her first. Amy said she had them done when she was 17. She swam right up to Jess, put a hand on her face and whispered, "Now how did you get those” Jess blushed as usual and I told her. Amy was apparently bi and also somewhat drunk. I loved that combo. I told her that since we were far out in the water, why not have fun. We all could stand, so I put Jess in a full nelson, pulling on her hair. She moaned and Amy went at her. She started to finger Jess. Then she reached around and grabbed my cock. She lead my cock right up to Jess's ass and mouthed, "Fuck the whore"
I did what I was told. I went in full force. Jess came about 3 times before we stopped, she almost passed out, so we gave her a break and went back to talking. After about 15 minutes I was behind Amy and Jess was in front of her. I mouthed to Jess "Payback" and she nodded. I went up behind Amy, kissed her neck, grabbed her tits then rammed my cock up her ass. Before she could scream I turned her head and kissed her. She moaned into my mouth as I twisted her pierced nipples. Jess went under water and ate out Amy’s pussy. We went until Amy had passed out. When she came to, about 20 minutes later, She told me that was the best fuck she had ever had. She gave me her number and I told her I’d get in touch. Jess and I swam back to the other beach. I put back on my swimsuit; she told a lie about it getting pulled off by the tide and her not being able to get it.

Part 5
Here's one about Jill. The group was going on a tour of lava caves/tunnels and we all split into groups of two. As usual guys had on swimsuits and shirts, girls had bikinis and short shorts. I was paired with Jill. The tunnels start with being lit, but that's only for a few hundred feet, the rest is pitch black. The two of us went to the end of it. Relatively flat and such. We waited a little while and put some cones up (they were stacked in the corner) about 200 feet back. I knew that noise would travel so I, as usual, stuffed her panties in her mouth. I tied her hands behind her back using the bikini. She was nude and we were in a pitch-black cave. So what do I do? Bent her over a large boulder and fucker her ass. I came inside her one and on her another time. I told her to lick ass the cum off herself but to leave her ass as it was. She put her clothes back on and so did I. she sprayed herself with some perfume that she kept with her (showers were infrequent at best so we all had ways of smelling good) to cover the smell of cum. later, when we were back at the campsite I had her lick the bikini bottoms clean of cum while Jess ate out her asshole.

Part 6
On the last day, my plane and Jess's (ends up we lived an hour apart, so we came and arrived at the same time but didn’t notice) left aft night when everyone else left during the day. This left us with the task of cleaning out the camps storage unit while the counselors slept in the van. When I say slept, they actually took Nyquil shit to sleep. They said do whatever just sort and clean it. There were some firework type of things that we used etc. Kept cleaning. For some reason in the back, I still have no clue to this day why they were there, were various sex toys. I guess the previous owners left them as a joke. We kept cleaning and sorting. We found two chairs and put the counselors on them. We went into the van to have some fun. First thing I opened was the set of nipple clamps. I told Jess to strip for me. She refused at first, but once I tied her up she was easier to control. I took out two of the center seats and tied her so she was in the center, in the gap. I untied her bikini and cut the bottoms off. I attached the nipple clamps and I could tell she was enjoying the pain. Then I had an idea. I pulled out a disposable flash camera, fucked with it so it would release a shock, and shocked her tits. It was tit torture and she actually came from it. Hard. Then I found the gag, no more panties. I put it in her mouth, and then grabbed a very large butt plug. I had done anal with her, but this was bigger. I stuck it in her pussy to lube it up, and then shoved it inside her small asshole. I put another clamp on her clit and attached a tiny vibrator to the clamp. She almost passed out. I started fucking her, pulling on the clamps and spanking her ass. I pulled out and came all over her. I did this to more times before untying her. I left all the toys on her. We got out of the van.
Because it was nearly 5 pm there weren’t really any people there. This was when I found a tennis racket. I removed everything except the gag from her body. I had her bend over, put her hands on the van. Then I swung my hand back with the racket and let loose on her ass. She screamed but begged for more through the gag. I must have hit her 20 times on each cheek. She was extremely wet by the time I was done. I figured why not, and shoved the handle of it into her pussy. She fucked herself with it while I looked for more toys. I looked and found a lighter, some tweezers, and a set of cookie cutter letters. I grabbed M, A, T, H, E, and W then went outside. The racket was on the ground, she was still waiting. I walked up to Jess and told her I found a way for her to remember me. I branded my name across here perky ass cheeks. Sadly then the counselors started to wake so we got dressed again.

Part 7
So here's another story. Again with Jess. This was about a year and a half after we got back, I was 17 (I turned 16 the October after Hawaii) and Jess was 16. I was going to visit her; she forgot to tell me that two of her friends would also be staying over. 2 of her female friends. I decided why the fuck not and still went. We chilled and everything was normal until we decided to get changed for the first night. (It was thanks giving break so I was staying there for about 4 days, as were the other girls) I went to go to another room, they said to just stay and change there. I told them I slept in just boxers and a shirt so I didn’t want to be the only one stripping. As I said before, next was my leap of faith. "I'll stay here if you girl strip too." Maybe its cause we had taken some beers from Jess's parents or maybe they were just horny but they agreed. Jess obviously agreed. So all 3 stripped. Once we were all nude, I started to change. By the time I finished I looked up and saw the two girls (Sam and Becca) looking at Jess's ass and tits. I had refreshed the brand and made it more permanent and she still had the pierced nipples. I walked up to her; the two girls move to her front, I stood right behind her. The two nude girls watched as I sucked on my middle finger and spanked the center of Jess's ass. What they didn't see was I inserting my finger into her asshole. She tensed up and I said to her, "Why don't you tell these girls where you got the body jewelry and the brand" as I did this I started to finger her asshole quite hard. She told them the stories and once she was finished she collapsed into my arms. By that time I had 3 fingers in her ass. When she fell into my arms, Sam and Becca saw what had made her so flustered. Here's my second leap of faith. "So which of you is up next to confess your sins and feel my magic fingers?" I pulled my fingers from Jess's ass and Becca rushed up to me and licked them clean. I couldn't believe it, but there it was. I dried my fingers on my shirt and moved her in front of me. Jess was sitting on the floor and Sam was still standing.
I gave Becca one hard spank on her ass, she gave a small yelp but that was all. She started talking and I slowly stuck in my middle finger. She talked about how she was at a party and was in a hot tub and that another girl came out there with her. She said it was during the winter so only her and the other girl were there the whole time. She went on to say that the other girl went right next to her and pulled down her bottoms and fingered her until she came. Then the girl flipped her over and pushed her head underwater right to her pussy. Becca said she licked the girl’s pussy underwater then her ass. Right when she mentioned how the girl forced her to stand nude in the cold outside the hot tub, I shoved in 2 more fingers. She came and I held her up. She kept whispering "thank you master" then Jess, Becca, and I looked at Sam.
She was up. Jess and Becca were sitting, watching Sam walk up to me then turn around. By far she had the best ass. I whispered into her ear, "might want to take a deep breath" then spanked her, hard, at least five times. Once I was done my hand was throbbing, she had a hand-shaped welt on her ass, and she was panting. Then she began to talk. Apparently she cuffed herself to her bed for her boyfriend but he ended up not showing. Her brother was with hi friend and she called for him to help her. He asked what she needed help with, she said come see. He went but her bro stayed. (By this point I realized I was the luckiest bastard on earth with these 3 girls) the guy (Dan) opened the door and saw her. She started to say uncuff me, but she changed her mind and said fuck me. He ripped off his pants and fucked her pussy then came in her mouth. He un-cuffed her and she broke up with her bf. She told the whole story and was still panting, with 3 fingers in her ass. I reached around and started to finger her pussy. She was putty in my hands. Once I had 3 fingers in each hole she came. After that she sat down next to the other 2 girls. My leaps of faith paid off.
Now I had these 3 nude girls sitting in front of me. I had violated their asses and they spilled some hot secrets. Becca was the first to speak up, "I still don't think Jess is your slave. Prove it." So I did prove it. I told Jess to come suck my cock and swallow my cum. As a good slave, she did. Becca still didn’t believe and I got annoyed. I Whispered in Jess's ear "Go fuck her" Jess went over to Becca on all fours, pushed her down, then climbed on top of her. Sam just watched in silence as Jess fingered Becca's pussy and pinched her tits. Once Becca came, Jess came back over to me then stayed on her knees beside me. I asked Sam if she believed, she said she did. I walked over to Becca and pulled her into a sitting position with her lying on me. I whispered into her ear, "If you don’t think Jess is a good enough slave then show her how to be better. You're mine now." She panted a quiet "yes master" like before. She was more submissive than Jess. I gave them some time to cool off, recharge some stamina for later.

Part 7.5
We had 3 more days and nights to go. After about 30 minutes they came back to the basement, still nude. Except for Sam. She seemed to not be as submissive as the other two. Thing is, I had the other two on my side. Sam was wearing a t-shirt, panties, and short shorts. Before I could do anything, my two girls jumped into action. I had taught Jess well. "I'm pretty sure master told us to stay nude. Now you get punished,” Jess told Sam. Sam responded with a simple "Wait what? Master?" before Becca pounced. Becca had a roll of duct tape and she used it to cover Sam's mouth and bind her hands. Jess came forward with scissors and gave them to me. I walked up to Sam, clothed and silent and began to cut her clothes off. First her shorts, then her shirts, then finally her panties. We pushed her to her knees. I went under her and fucked her cute little ass while Becca ate her pussy. Jess forced Sam to lick her ass too. Very hot scene. Eventually I came inside of Sam and ordered Becca to swallow the cum dripping from Sam’s ass.
So now I had Jess and Becca at my disposal with Sam tied up. I decided it was time to make all my slaves match. I decided to go easy on Sam and not do this to her. I wanted willing slaves, Jess and Becca could fuck her but I wouldn’t if she didn’t want to do it. (I told Jess and Becca to go upstairs, I un-taped Sam and told her this etc etc) I went upstairs and told Jess to get a blindfold, a pair of panties, two needles, a lighter, and cookie cut out letters.
She got all happy and went to grab everything. Her parents were out at some neighborhood party thing so we didn’t need to worry about them. Jess came back with everything and we told Becca what we would do. Piercing and branding. If she were my slave, I would own her body. She was scared and started to deny it, but Jess shoved the panties in her mouth. Jess stuck 2 fingers in Becca's ass and said to her something along the lines of, "You know you really want this, so no matter what, I’ll make sure you get it slut" Becca moaned and nodded. I took this as my signal and went to work. Jess held her hands and we tied her legs with some rope we found. (Why does every family have rope?) I pierced Becca's nipples first. Jess ran upstairs and brought down a pair of hoop earrings and put them in the new holes. Next I went to brand her. Jess tied Becca's feet together, same with her hands. Once she was bound, I bent her over the back of a sofa. One by one I heated the letters and branded her ass with my name. After I was done, Jess my little sado-masochist, gave her between 10-20 hard spankings. After that I untied her. I went downstairs and got Sam. She had stayed nude. I told her we were gonna go chill on the deck. We all went outside, I was the only one with clothes on. It was cool, around high 50s low 60s so their nipples were all hard. Quite the site. Couple of sodas, nude slaves and nude Sam. Things got much more interesting later that night though.
So I was outside on the deck with Becca and Jess, both with pierced nipples and brands of my name on their ass. Sam was out their with an almost untouched body. We were sitting in chair like this from left to right: Becca, Jess, me, sam. After a while Sam leaned over and whispered in my ear, "I'll be your slave, but on one condition."
I figured why not and asked her what it was. She said I had to whip Jess and Becca 20 times (Jess owned a whip, we all had seen it) and she wanted to have Becca brand her. I told her it was done, and to get the whip. I told Jess to get the supplies from earlier and she ran off.
That left just Becca and me. Her ass and tits were still pretty raw but she was wet as fuck. I walked up to her and told her to stand up. She did so immediately. I circled her, taking in my second true slave. I gave her a nice slap on the ass and she begged me for more. I was nice and spanked her nearly 20 more times. Once I was finished, she was holding onto the railing of the deck, panting and sweating. I walked up to her and whispered in her ear that I was going to violate her in so many ways, that I owned every inch of her. I lowered my boxers then inserted my middle finger inside of her ass. She just whispered back, "Take me, Master" So I did. I pulled my fingers out, stuck my dick in her pussy, pulled out then plunged into her ass. She came almost immediately but I didn’t stop. In and out of her, spanking her and torturing her little tits. Finally I gave her some reprieve. When the other two girls came out (about 5 min difference) she was still panting and rubbing her tits.
I told Jess what Sam and I agreed to do. I told her to tie up Becca, she would be whipped first. I whipped her back, the first ten weren’t that hard, but I had fun with the last ten, mostly hitting her ass. We untied her and she passed out pretty fast. Then I tied up Jess. With her I had her face front. I whipped her tits and pussy. I swear every time I hit her she got wetter. Once I was done it was literally dripping down her leg. Then I turned to Sam. She had already blindfolded herself and was prepared. I tied her up and placed panties in her mouth. Seeing as how Becca was unconscious Sam agreed for me to do everything.
It went fairly well. Especially when Sam was tied up with a new brand on her ass and I got to spank her raw cheeks. Becca woke up soon after and we all went back inside. There the fun began. We realized how vulnerable Becca was, and how she was totally submissive. We had 3 days and nights to use. I would torture all of my girls, my old slave and 2 new. We went to bed that night with Sam tied with a vibrator in her ass and pussy, Jess was cuffed to the bed posts, and I fucked the shit out of Becca, whenever I came, I came on Jess. I would have Becca lick it off of her the next morning. That was all in day 1. Fuck yeah leap of faith.

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