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He slowly turned me round in front of him, manoeuvring me with his hands on my shoulders. We still stood where my reflection could be seen in the full length mirror, and I blushed as I saw the way he looked over my nakedness. I saw him pause and look long and hard at my pert firm breasts, my nipples firm from his earlier fingering. And he looked equally closely at my bare buttocks, thrusting outwards between my narrow waist and my long svelte thighs. He caught my eye and grinned at me, not lewdly, not lasciviously, just a grin of someone clearly enjoying his power over me. I smiled back, happy to let him know that I felt in my element, at last beginning a relationship of sexual subservience with someone I really very much fancied.

Ranulph’s Story

I had looked forward to this since first setting eyes on Emma. I had instinctively felt that the horsewoman in her was being inhibited and frustrated by tensions in her body caused by lack of sexual fulfilment. With some women it could be that she was just not getting enough straight sex, but with Emma it was more. From watching her I could see how organised she was, how calmly controlled, and I know that women who are like that actually need and secretly long for someone else to take that control from them. They need a master to direct their every move.

Now here she was today, doing exactly as I asked, and now standing stark naked in front of me as if it was the most natural thing in the world. Not just naked but visibly aroused, her pretty dark nipples engorged and erect, her sex lips moist and tumescent. It was time for the second part of her breaking in. She had let me undress and caress her, but that was between her and me. Now to record her subservience, potentially for others to witness.

I took her out of the chapel room, and into my photo studio. White sheets and reflector parasols, and camera equipment was already set up. I positioned her in front of the reflectors, checked the lighting then moved the camera in front of her.

“Right, Emma” I said “I now need to get a set of shots of you on your first day here, innocent and lovely, uncorrupted and eager. Stand facing me, hands at you sides, legs gently together, stand up straight, and smile for the camera.”

She did as I asked and I ran off several shots, adjusting the zoom as I did so.

“Now place you hands behind your neck, elbows back and thrust these gorgeous breasts out for the camera”.

She happily obliged, enjoying the helplessness of obeying me, showing off the perfect tip-tilted breasts for my pleasure and aware as she did it that her nipples grew even more erect with the unfettered sensation of their exposure. I then asked her to part her legs slightly, bend one knee outwards, keeping her hands where they were. As she did so she knew that her sex lips were opening up to my gaze, moisture evident on the unfurling folds of skin, and she certainly gave a frisson of delight as the air of the room played over her displayed secrets. She seemed to realise what I knew would be true, that she enjoyed the exhibitionism of this, openly displaying and presenting to me what until now had been her secrets, between her and her bedroom mirror, not to be flaunted before others.

I then produced a chair, and had her place one foot up on the chair, opening up now quite widely her whole sex area. After taking some shots, I told her to turn round and resume this pose. Her bottom was now the object of the lens’ attention, with the rear view of her anus and sex lips now very evident. Her back, long and neatly curved, looked incredibly sexy above her parted buttocks. Further poses followed. She sat on the chair, and facing the camera, raised her legs and parted them, feet pointing at the camera but turned outwards, her whole sex area now definitely the object of the zoom lens. She had to touch her toes for a rear shot, and then lean back to touch the floor behind her, her legs spread wide and pouting towards the lens to retain her balance. She blew kisses at me as she caressed her breasts and nipples and exposed and tweaked her clitoris, opened up her sex lips and fingered her own inner moistness, all of which I captured on film.

After a good half hour or so, I led her back to the chapel room. I produced a velvet choker which I placed round her swan like neck, and velvet cuffs with D-rings round her wrists and ankles. I knew that she would now be feeling real anticipation, realising that I had scarcely really touched her, certainly not since she had been naked, and she had not been allowed to reach any orgasm although she was well up the arousal curve and beginning to feel both frustrated and wildly excited at the way I was toying with her. I knew too that going through her mind now was that the cuffs were likely to be a precursor to restraint, and restraint to the possibility of her feeling the “kiss of leather”.

While all this was going through her mind I produced a velvet blindfold and placed it over her eyes such that she could now see nothing but darkness.

Emma’s Story

My mounting excitement as Ranulph placed the cuffs on me mixed with my first real twinge of fear as he blindfolded me brought it home to me how much I had placed my trust in him. Here I was, a 22 year old young woman, voluntarily stripped naked and now restrained in the sole company of a man I had never met only a few short weeks ago. And yet I was loving every minute of it!

I now felt Ranulph again take me by the shoulders and lead me across the room. When we stopped he bent and taking each ankle in turn attached something to the D-ring in the cuff which left me standing with my feet well apart, and my legs stretched open. I could only imagine what I was now showing and, blindfolded, what Ranulph was examining of my exposed flesh. But then he took my wrists and held them out to either side of me before attaching them to some sort of bar which seemed to be floating in front of me. The effect was to keep my arms widespread, and I then heard a humming kind of noise as the bar was raised, lifting my arms up till they were well above my head. I was now stretched, almost up on tiptoe, my legs spread, and my arms up in the air above my head, my arms also spread wide.

I heard some rustling of clothes being removed and wondered if Ranulph was undressing. I longed to see, to look at him as he disrobed, and of course to admire his manhood which I had hardly dared to think of up to now. But he was of course my Master and I was not sure if I should be thinking of him like this. My thoughts were interrupted by his stepping up close in front of me, and two gentle hands took my head, and holding it steady I realised he was moving in to kiss me. The first kiss was delicate, just a brushing of our lips, but he exerted more pressure on the second kiss, before insinuating his tongue between my lips and seeking out my tongue. Our tongues explored one another, and the sensation was such that it took me a moment to realise that his hands had left my hand and were stroking up and down my arms. This action pulled him close to me, and I felt the bare skin of his chest against the tips of my breasts. He gently broke the kiss, as his hands moved down over my neck and on towards my breasts. Firmly he moved over the rising mounds till he fingered my by now very sensitive nipples, then cupped my breasts fully in his hands and toyed with my nipples, tweaking them and pulling them out away from my breasts, sending thrills of desire through my body. Then his hands moved on down, one round my waist onto my buttocks, the other over my midriff and flat belly and onto my pubic mound. Using the one hand to push my buttocks forward, he started a systematic exploration of my sexual area, teasing further open my pussy lips, seeking out my clitoris with his thumb, and causing me such sensual turmoil I could hardly think, but just let his ministrations wash over me. Again however he was careful to bring me to a high level of arousal without allowing me to reach orgasm. He seemed to sense when I was close and eased off his caresses till I subsided again.

Then I felt him move away from my body and I stood, blindfold, suddenly feeling very alone, not knowing where he was or what he was doing, wondering what would happen next. I still trusted him implicitly, but the possibilities running through my fevered imagination were legion and I could only wait in my isolation. Then, when I was least expecting it, I felt a tickle across my shoulders and down my upper back. At first I did not know what it was, and then slowly realised it must be a multi-tailed leather whip of some sort which Ranulph was teasing me with, drawing it in soft strokes across my flesh. Gradually the teasing strokes became more insistent, the whip being drawn away from my body and then the leather making contact again as he tenderly lashed my upper back. It gradually changed from tickling to a sensation of several leather strips landing on my skin, nipping as they hit then slid off. I unconsciously thrust my back and shoulders towards the oncoming lashes, and realised, almost as a third party observer watching this scene from above, that I was enjoying this treatment from this man. The strokes moved lower across my back, but did not become any more intense, simply letting me know that I was powerless to resist whatever Ranulph chose to do to me.

And then after a slightly longer pause there was a louder whoosh, and the whip landed with greater force across my unsuspecting buttocks. While not a severe blow, it was stronger than those across my back, and I gasped with the surprise. But again there was a pause and I realised I was now thrusting my buttocks back to seek out and meet the whip, eager for the next contact. And after a few moments I heard and felt it at the same instant, the tails of the whip curling over my rounded buttocks and igniting tiny fires of pain, but quickly subsiding into a warm glow. I now thrust my buttocks back, but in an effort to present the most suitable target, forced my thighs out to open up the target area. Once more the whip fell across the offered flesh, and I was aware of stray tails curling between my widespread buttocks, nipping at my anus and at the uppermost part of my inner thighs below my sexual area. But that did not quite prepare me for the next stroke, which was up between my opened thighs, not harsh, but concentrating the tails over my moist and open sex area and curling up to nip my clitoris. To my own astonishment that was enough to bring on my long delayed orgasm, and I shuddered and screamed as wave after wave of delicious climax rippled through my body.

I heard Ranulph say “Well done, Emma, you have fully justified my faith in you as a submissive and I am sure that you are now ready to go back to your horse and prepare him and yourself for a schooling session. We will continue your education tomorrow and I hope you feel more confident and assured within yourself as a competent horsewoman.”

That said he unshackled me and removed my blindfold and cuffs. He stood before me in his jodhpurs, his muscular chest naked, before taking me in his arms, kissing me tenderly again, patting my warmed up bottom, and then taking me back to a small room where my clothes had been neatly folded by some unseen hand and left for me.

I spent the rest of the day tending to my horse and schooling him, before going home to a well deserved and for once dreamless sleep. Tomorrow would be another day!

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For the pain use ice for fifteen muintes out of an hour whenever you can. Stretching is going to help but when you are standing or even sitting squeeze the buttocks together as if someone is attempting to pull a hundred dollar bill from between the cheeks. This will help to level the pelvis and reduce . Lie on the floor on your back and slowly bring one knee up to the chest. Bear hug it into the chest and hold for ten seconds. Relax but don't let go of the leg and repeat the pull four more times. Slowly return the leg to the floor and do the opposite leg. When the last repetition has been done do not return the leg to the floor but bring the opposite leg up and pull both of them into the chest. Hold for ten seconds and relax but hold both legs. Repeat that cycle four more times. At the end of the last repetition bring one leg down to the floor and put the foot flat on the floor with the knee bent at 90 degrees. Bring the opposite leg down in the same way and rock the knees t


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