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A librarian's hunting instinct surfaces when he sees a gorgeous teen girl, and he must have her.
This is where things seemed to speed up, adrenaline pumping through my body and blood filling my cock she was a blur of screaming pleasure. Once on top of her, I caught her tiny flailing wrists easily, and pinned her beneath me as her body frantically tried to buck me off. Easily outweighing her by a hundred pounds, I found this delightful and began to grind my erection up against the crotch of her skirt. It thrilled me,and I swtiched both her wrists to one hand, so I could cup her face. Contorted in paina and terror, tears flowed freely as she sobbed "please no" and other stupid nonesence. I looked at her hard in her eyes,and squeezed her face and wrists hard even harder.
"Listen to me you little slut," I raged, "you will do everything EVERYthing that I fucking tell you, or I will slit your little throat and throw you in the lake. Do you want to die little whore?" My spittle flew onto her face the with impact of my words, and she flinched, growing more panicked.
"Noo!" she squealed, struggling harder against me-and offering more friction to my hardone pressed firmly agaisnt her little cunt bump. With my free hand I slapped her again acrossed the face, and hissed at her, "Then shut the FUCK up don't say a WORD unless I say so, or I will fucking do it right now, I'll kill you you little bitch. Stay the FUCK still." My warning seemed to scare her enough, because her struggeling subsided, and she struggled to keep her sobs under control. What hapenned to that raw sex appeal in her eyes? Apparently all show,because the wet grey eyes that I now looked into were the eyes of a child.
"Now tell me the truth. If I think your lying, I'll cut off one of your fingers. Do you believe me?" She nodded, sniveling quietly.
"Are you a virgin?" The girls face seemed to crumple again,and she began to sob harder. "ANSWER ME!" I screamed in her face, and she quickly cut the tears off mid-flow. "Yes" she whispered, refusing to meet my eyes, and I suddenly felt like I had won the lottery.
That was enough talking for me, and I kissed her again, muttering "Bite me again and I'll break all your teeth." before forcing my tongue into her mouth. This time she was compliant, not kidding me back, but allowing my tongue to explore as it pleased. I could feel the sobs tearing through her and I pressed my body closer, grinding my cock even harder against her, my breathing coming quicker now.
Bliss bliss, how her mouth tasted, I sampled her neck and it was just as sweet. Devouring her skin,revelling in her cries, my lips traveled further down the neckline of her shirt, until the light cotton was in my mouth and I pulled back to rip the shirt off. She let out a little cyr, and grew quieter again, sobs still racking her body. From abover I stared down at the tiny white breasts that I had exposed. Round and perfect, they were just an a-cup the with the tiniest pink nipples dotting the center. As if in a trance, I leaned forward to take the pink tip into my mouth, and swirled my tongue around the delicate flesh, suckling hard, and then biting down cruelly,emitting another cry from her.
Lost in her perfection, I wanted badly to spend my time and explore every centimeter of this virginal blooming body-But my physical need was too strong and I knew I had to fuck her now, or explode into my pants. I suddenly flipped her around, pressed her face into the floor with one hand, and letting her arms fly about helplessly. As she struggled, her cries muffled by the carpet, I quickly pulled up her skirt, and stared for a moment at the perfetcion of her tiny ass encansed in a pair of little girl cotton panties. I tore them down, and spread her legs easily, though they strained to stay closed. Her pussy had barely sprouted more than a few hairs,and uncovered it was a bright trembling pink. Such a tiny innocent pussy that I would break-but that was for later.
I slid my hand between her rounded ass cheeks, and spread them to see her tight little rose-bud. There was no question wether anything had been pressed into this virginal orifice-I would be the first trespassor. Easily ignoring her feeble struggling, I worked up some saliva and spat on her asshole, then without hesitation, jammed a finger into her. She screamed! As a reminder of my threat I pulled her head up by her hair, and smashed her face into the carpet, hissing at her to shut the fuck up. I began plugging my finger in and out of her, oblivious to her pain, only seeking to stretch her a bit so it wouldn't be uncomfortabley tight. I spat more, added a second finger, then and third. That's when I began to really jam that in ther, fucking her tight asshole with my fingers. Every time her muffled shrieks grew louder, I slammed her head against the floor, and she shut up quick. Obediant little bitch.
After a few minutes of that, I felt she'd had enough and pulled my aching cock out of my pants. I'm no pornstar, but I am a good size, six inches and very thick, and staring at my thick engorged cock, neck to that tiny little star of a hole got me very excited, imagining how she would stretch.
I straddled her from behind, spitting a final time on her asshole, before pressing the head of my cock against it. She was delerious now, just background noise babling please no's and it hurt's. Boring shit that I tuned out as I ever so slowly eased the tip of my cock into the tight ring of muscle. I felt a -pop- as the head dissapeard, and she began to pound her fists on the ground, screaming, I didn't care, the bitch could scream as far as I was concerned, and I sand my cock deeper and deeper into that tightest of holes. "Oh gos FUCK yes baby, sweet little girl just like that I knew you'd feel like this." I panted, as I pulled all the way out and slid back in easier this time. So hot, so incredibly tight , the third time I sped up and jammed it in, feeling something within her tear. I let myself down, and lay fully on top of her back, snaking my hands atound her throat and squeezing and I slit my cock up onto her anus, and out picking up speed.
"You love it don't you little whore, bet you wish your daddy would fuck you like this.Ahhh! Yes.yes you little fucking slut." I almost seemed to be chanting a prayer as I drove harder and faster into her, ripping her tiny little girl asshole open. My cock was a weapon and I stabbed her over and ove,r until I felt that familiar tingle of an orgasm building up, Squeezing tighter on her neck, I spread her legs wider with my own, pulled almost out, and RAMMED my cock into her, shoving as deep as I could, screaming my ecstasy into the back of her curls as I came deep within her bowels.

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2012-01-26 12:25:34
great story next time tell her age and make her younger

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2012-01-21 16:34:46
Awesome! Love it. Keep writing more.

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2012-01-19 01:49:20
need to write more on this one please... i enjoyed it

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2012-01-16 04:05:45
Oh no, damnit! The reason it seems so short is that I accidentally only published the first half...


2012-01-15 12:58:51
very very hot make my pussy so very wet oh god im so horny now mmm

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