Fun Fucking in Norway part 1

This is my first story. my spelling ain't the best.

Me, my names Tom I'm 6'1" 208lbs lean, I'm 25 years old I'm in the Army i serve as a 1st lieutenant.
Jenny: she's 5'6" 110lbs, C cup perky, and a wee bit shy, shes a blond blue eyes very pretty
Aurora: she's 4'10" Filipino jet black hair, glasses, with the prettiest brown eyes, A cup

it all started when i was 18. i was visiting my aunt and uncle, who is living in Norway. on my way over to Norway i met the prettiest blond hair blue eyed girl a man could set eyes on. as she walked down the aisle in s skirt and tight top. i gazed at the legs on this bombshell of a beauty walking down to my row of seats.

she said in the softest voice "umm i am the window seat."

all i could do was try to mummer a word that sounded nothing close to yes. for the duration of the flight we talked about life and what the hockey teams were doing. then it got to the point where she started asking personal questions like do you have someone special back home, and other stuff like that i just answered no to most of her questions. When she told me that she was from Norway i was in shock and awe.

i pondered the idea of asking her to show me around some of Norway's wonders. near the end of the long long flight i asked “would you show me around?”

“ Oh i would just love to show you all the wonderful sites!!!!”

after we exchanged numbers and addresses, of where we were staying, we hugged and departed our separate ways.

i met my friend Aurora out side of baggage claim-i know you must be thinking whats a Filipino doing in Norway? it will all come in soon- she was really happy to see me sooooo happy she ran through peoples legs to hug me.

“oh god tim its been wayyyyyy to long since we last saw each other. that was back at your graduation right?”

“wow i guess it has been a really long time. if the last time we saw each other was back then. you dont mind if we go grab some grub i havent eatin for at least two days. man i never noticed how much i like the army mess.”

“ya i know this great place in town. lets go.”

“you dont mind if i drive? i get weird when other people drive.”

“sure that gives me time to do umm my hair...”

we climbed in her dodge ram 3500 4x4. i got up in to the driver seat. when Aurora got in she slid over next to me and just look at me with eyes that just screamed DRIVE!!!! as we gunned it out of the airport after about 10 miles of driving we just hit a wide open area filled with a whole lot of nothing just as i looked over i saw Aurora slipping one finger into her clean shaved small tight pussy with her eyes closed she started to moan this went on for a couple minutes then she moved to two fingers and after a while she put her third tiny finger in. after she did that started to swerve and she opened her eyes and stared at me but it wasent my eyes she was looking at my rock hard cock that i could not contain in my camo pants. just as i was about to try and explain she reached over and started to rub my shaft, through the pants, then after awhile she unbuttoned my pants and pulled the 8” long 3” wide spear out, her face was so close the snake jumped out and bit her on the nose. she slide her small silky brown hand then she brought her other hand in to the picture and just keep rubbing as i drive. then after ten or fifteen minutes she brought her head down to slurp up all the precum, that started to come out, she got the first inch down, then the second, then the third, fourth, and she got to the fifth inch she started to choke and gag. i just keep pushing her down till she could get to the sixth inch then she popped her head up with tears crawling down her face and cum dripping out of her mouth and her juices pouring out of her lushes pussy all i could do was start sucking on her lushes lips. i moved my hand down to her dripping pussy and shoved one of my fingers in her, i move my second finger in her then i put a finger in her ass. as i did that i could feel the bulge of her cum wanted to come straight out as i pulled out all my fingers she screamed like a banshee as a huge amount of gushing cum came pouring out and she collapsed on to my lap nearly missing my spear. then she started to lick my rod. we got to the dinnar and i asked if she still wanted lunch or just desert? she just wanted me....

we drove to her place and stepped in side to her small one bedroom apartment. i walked in with missing a beat she lets go and throws her shirt and her skirt off into a pile in the corner and walks up to me and drops my pants and rips my shirt off and we come together. i lay her down on the bed and start to lap up all the juices, that are coming out of her, that tasted like a mixture of heaven on earth or a mixture of pina coldas and hard apple cider. i reach up and start to play with her nice small perfect tits. i slide up to the point were my cock is next to her perches untouched pussy. i slowly try to put it in but her tightness was too much when i finally get the head in as that happens i hear her scream out of lust. as i push further in i get to a resistance i look up at her and ask “wait you’re still a virgin?”

“why yes i am. is that going to be a problem?”

“no its just perfect.”

i get my cock ready and start to push and i get to the resistance i tell her it might her a little. i shove as hard as i can. POP and the resistance went a way. i pull her up to me and the rest of my long rod goes in as fast as i could move i slam into her.
“oh oh oh oh oh girl i think i am gonna cum.”

“pull out i want it on my tits!”

i pull out and start jacking it like a rabbit and start shooting loads of rope on her aiming for her mouth and tits they land across her entire upper body. she starts to lick it up. then we laid together for hours until the next day.

if you want more let me now!!!!!


2012-01-17 01:20:17
It's my first one. It is made up no one is actually in the military and the guy that called me a yellow menace you can slobber on my knob!!!

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2012-01-16 16:23:55
no. just no. that was complete and utter horsecrap, you damn yellow menace.


2012-01-16 03:48:45
another load of shite, if you are as skilled in the army as you are at writing god help us all

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2012-01-15 22:51:39
you need to make it longer and get some more story before the random masurbating and sex...

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