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hope you enjoy! this one starts a little slow, but keep reading. if you have read the series from the beginning then you will understand what is going on. if not, go back and read the previous parts :) thanks you guys, for being so supportive!
The large albino wolf, my father, growls again when I don't move. Well? I turn to Mark, tears filling my eyes. Mark I... I'm sorry. I lick his nose and rub into his fur one last time. I whisper to his thoughts, I love you. He whimpers as I turn away and the sound breaks my heart.

I silently follow my father, my ears down and tail sagging. Tears stream down my fur, dripping into the ground as I walk. It's for the best, my father says to my mind. I turn my head from him and growl back through my tears, don't speak to me. After half an hour of walking, we arrive at our pack's living area. I go straight to my sleeping cave, which I share with my sister Poppy. Our brother, Sage, left our area when he found his mate, Sarah. Now a young werewolf, Oregano, shares the cave with us. He is only a year old, still learning how to do things on his own and very dependent on other wolves for almost everything he does.

I sulk into the cave and curl up in my usual spot, the back corner. I lay with my body curled as much as it can be, my ears down, and my tail wrapped tightly around me, covering my entire left side. I cross my paws in front of me and rest my head on them, staring at the floor.

5 days later, evening time

Poppy walks in carrying a rabbit in her mouth. She drops it in front of me and sits down, looking at me expectantly. I think to her, I'm not hungry. She frowns and pushes the rabbit closer. You have to eat something soon Rose. your starting to lose weight, she thinks to me. Her soft voice is full of concern. She is a good sibling. Although we look nothing alike, she is the sibling I am closest to out of our litter.

Poppy is a light brown color with tan markings. The same green eyes that our mother had. And she has a black nose. If people saw us outside the cave, they probably wouldn't even think we where related at all. I have our fathers coloring. Although he is albino, his genetics are black and silver. I am a copy of what he would look like if he wasn't white. And poppy is a copy of our mother. Our other siblings are a range of combinations and variations of our colorings.

I glance at the rabbit then look up at her, my eyes hollow. She nuzzles my cheek with her nose. Please, for me. she begs into my thoughts. I sigh and take a bite of the rabbit. She pushes the meat even closer, urging me to keep eating. I eat the whole thing. I have no appetite and the rabbit is tasteless in my mouth.

The next morning

I wake up and immediately feel sick to my stomach. I look around at my sleeping cave mates and silently step over them, bile rising in my throat. I run out into the night and dash to the closest patch of bushes I can find.

Just as I reach behind the bushes, I throw up. My stomach clenches and after the rabbit meat is completely out, I continue to gag. This is odd, I think to myself. I hear a stick break behind me and turn, my teeth bared and hackles straight up. I am one of the smallest wolves in the pack, but other members don't mess with me because I am the alpha male's oldest daughter. Only by a few minutes, but still, I am his oldest female descendant.

I turn to see Luke, a large tan werewolf. He smirks at me and I growl, walking past him. He nips at my tail and I snarl. I am not in the mood to deal with your attempts at courtship right now, I growl into his mind. He backs off, but I can feel his eyes on me as I walk away. This man has been trying to become my mate for months. Which is why I separated myself from my pack in the first place.

I walk back to my cave to find Poppy waiting for me at the entrance. She nudges me to turn around and walks back toward the woods. Let's go for a walk, she tells me.

I follow her, staring at the ground. She looks back and thinks to my thoughts, so you where sick this morning? I heard you. I look up at her. Yes, it must have been a bad rabbit; I answer. She smiles. Ooor maybe it's something else? She is hinting at something, but I am too tired to understand.

She reaches to touch my stomach with her paw and I growl defensively, baring my teeth. As soon as I realize the growling is coming from me, I stop and look at her. She smiles wider. See? Your with pups Rose! I knew it the moment you came home. She wags her tail excitedly. So who's your mate? Did you finally let Luke get some?? He's such a hunk! I frown and look at the floor, mumbling. Uhm no Poppy, its not Luke. My mate isn't here...

I turn and dash into the woods, leaving Poppy behind me. I navigate my way through, trying to remember the way to Mark's cave. I Sprint the entire way there, out of breath by the time I get close enough to smell our scents mixed on the trees. I catch my breath as I slow down, getting closer. I hear talking. Mark's deep voice, and.... Another shewolf? My heart sinks. Maybe my father was right... I drop to the ground and get closer, ears perked and ready to listen. I hear his thoughts first. Then the conversation follows.
"I told you to leave." Mark sounds irritated.

"Did you? I don't remember." She laughs.

"I also already told you, I have a mate."

"I don't see her around. Your obviously horny, I can see it in your face. Maybe you need a new girl."

"yes, I am horny. But I want my mate. Not you."

"If she left you, she apparently doesn't want you back. She is done with you."

He growls at her. "Don't talk about her like that!"

The girl laughs again, "well then where is your so called mate? Huh?"

I spring from my spot in the bushes and pounce the girl to the floor, growling deeply and snapping at her face. I'm right here. Mark is MY man and if you ever show your snout here again, I will rip it off your face. I snarl and snap, coming a centimeter short of her muzzle. I get off her and she scrambles away into the woods, yelping.

I turn to mark and press myself close to him, breathing in his heavy scent. I missed you so much, I purr into his mind. He nuzzles me closer, and I feel tears on my shoulder. He answers, I thought you wherent coming back. I haven't eaten or slept since you left. It was like there was a hole in my existance. Never do that to me again. He nips my ear and licks my face.

I purr back, I won't. And Uhm I have some news. He looks into my eyes and I lick his tears away. He morphs into his human form, and throws his arms around my neck. My wolf form stands to his ribs, about halfway up his height. He tangles his hands in my fur and pulls me closer into his embrace. I close my eyes happily, then change to my human form. Now his arms are around my waist, holding me to his body. He gasps and looks down, my already swollen stomach between us

(shewolves are pregnant for two months, same as any other canine. At this point in the story Rose is almost a week along, which would be the equivalent to a woman who is three months pregnant. The baby bump would just begin to show)

"are you... Pregnant?" he asks, his eyes lit up. I put his hands over my stomach, smiling up at him. I look down at his hands over my small, slightly extended belly as I answer.  "yes, I am. They are your pups." He pulls me close and nuzzles his face into my neck, smiling. "this is great Rose! Can you imagine it? Our pups running around? I wonder what they will look like?? We-" I cut him off by putting a finger to his lips.

After he calms down a bit, I kiss him deeply. "i have to go back now. I'll come to see you when I can." He shakes his head and locks his hold on me. "Rose.. don't go. Run away with me. We can start our own pack."

I smile up at him, "yeah? You really think so?"  He holds me closer. "why not? I love you, you love me. Love is enough"

I lean into him. "okay. Let's go, first thing tomorrow" I kiss him deeply, playing with his tongue ring. He groans and breaks the kiss. "Rose I... Don't do that. I'm horny as fuck right now." I smile and kiss him again, biting his lip. This drives him wild and he knows that I know it.

He pulls his hips away from me as he starts getting hard. I smile and turn around, pressing my ass against his hips. He closes his eyes as he let's his fall back and I hear him moan. I sway my ass side to side softly, rubbing over his erection. I notice it feels bigger. He puts his hands on my hips and groans into my ear, "I want you. I want to be inside of you again. I want to fuck you so badly, it hurts."

I turn to face him and kiss him before I get on my knees and reach to stroke him. I close my hand around his dick, or at least as much as I can. I begin stroking him as I glide my tongue over his tip, circling the edge of his head. He groans and runs his hands through my hair. I grind my tongue against the sensitive spot on the underside of his head and moan on him as he closes his fists around my hair, pulling it.

I push down, taking a few inches into my mouth as I rub my tongue against him. He grips my hair and pushes himself completely into my mouth. I look up at him, surprised. He looks down at me, the glazed look in his eyes. "no gag reflex?"

He smiles and I shake my head, then push down, taking him easily into my throat. He groans loudly. I swallow, my throat squeezing around his dick. He begins to thrust into my mouth and throat and I moan, my throat and lips vibrating on him. He groans again and thrusts deep as I start bobbing my head up and down on him.

I lift all the way until only his head is in my mouth, then push back down and let him into my tight throat. Everytime he thrusts, I moan on him. He groans, "fuck! Rose I'm close."

I quickly move up and down on him, taking him as deep as he can go, rubbing my tongue against his dick. I moan on him as I feel his grip on me tighten. His whole body stiffens as he gets closer to cumming.

I hear him groan and feel his cum splashing against the back of my throat. I moan around him, sending small vibrations through him to intensify his orgasm. After the spurts of cum stop, I swallow around him, my throat hot and tight around his dick. 

He groans loudly and steps back, morphing into his wolf form before he pushes me to turn around. I take the hint and change into my wolf form, turning and raising my hips.

He growls softly and mounts me, carefully finding the entrance to my already wet pussy before he thrusts into me. I moan loudly, feeling him stretch me as he penetrates deep inside of me. He  slowly slides himself into me, then pulls out to his head.

I moan into his mind, fuck me harder. please. He groans at the sound of my voice, soft and slightly out of breath as I moan my words to him. He bites into the scruff of my neck and begins pumping in and out of me wildly.

I moan and spread my legs for him. He stops and thinks to me, full of worry. Will the pups be okay??? I lean back into him, my tight pussy stretching around his dick as it disappears inside me. Yes, they will be fine. Don't worry. This is normal, I moan softly to his mind.

He nods, pulling my fur, and begins thrusting into me again. I raise and lower my hips on him as he thrusts, taking him deeper. I moan loudly as I feel him getting bigger inside of me, longer and thicker. He groans with me and lowers his hips, pushing into me until our bodies are pressed together.

He slowly pulls out until only his tip remains, then slams back into me. I moan loudly, almost howling with pleasure. He begins thrusting harder and faster with each movement of his hips.

I moan, my orgasm getting closer. He continues pounding into me as his knot begins to swell. I sigh and moan, quivering as his knot pops into me yet again.

This time it continues to swell, stretching my pussy as wide as it can. I moan louder and angle my hips up, taking him deeper. The feeling of his cum filling me pushes me over the edge. I lean back into his hips and moan with every breath, my pussy tightening around his dick even more.

I feel the ripples of pleasure tearing through my body. He groans loudly as my pussy convulses around him, milking out every drop of cum. He stands over me, panting and groaning in my ear. I rest my head back against his shoulder and smile, the after shock of my orgasm fading.

After a few minutes his knot slips out and I moan as his cum streams down the inside of my thighs. He steps over me and licks my face. We walk toward his cave house, then head to his bed room. Inside the room he changes to his human form then lays down on the bed, naked. I change then lay down in front of him on my side.

He smiles and rolls over to hold me in his arms, one under my head as a pillow and the other protectively around my stomach. He nuzzles his face into my neck. "Rose, I love you" he whispers in my ear. I hear him and feel myself smile, But I am already too far asleep to answer. I breath in his scent and smile, drifting to sleep in his embrace.

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