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A curious son of two swingers gets in on the action after a session of spying
I continued to watch for a few minutes while my mom Kelly and Tony continued to make out in the master bed. After about 3 or 4 minutes my mom sensually put her finger to Tony’s lips and said “I’ll be right back stud, I gotta go pee” and he slapped her ass as she bent down and put on her white g-string slowly. “hurry the fuck up” said Tony. “I will baby” she replied as she walked into Tony and Amy’s master bathroom.

I had been spending so much time thinking about them that I had forgotten about my dad Chris and Tony’s wife Amy. What were they up to? I decided to briefly retreat down the stairs and tip toed towards the guest bedroom(where Amy and my dad had retired for the night). I crept up to the room and noticed the door was closed but the lights were clearly on(dimly) inside. I pressed my ear to the door and heard giggling and slurping/kissing sounds. I quickly tried to think of how I could see what was going on in there, so I took a deep breath and opened the door. The lights were on but fairly dim, and Amy was slowly and sensually riding my father in a sitting up position, both of them were naked with their clothes flung onto the floor. I was happy to see these two were finally having fun, but in any case, I wanted to quickly check up on my mom and Tony again before I ran back to my room so I quickly snuck back up the stairs.

Kelly and Tony either didn’t care or didn’t think anyone was coming up because the door was now wide open, although the lights were off. Still, the master bedroom television was on loudly and I heard a late night sports broadcast on. I tip toed slowly, disappointed and thinking they had finished whatever they were gonna do for the night. The first thing I saw was Tony relaxing back in his bed, wearing his t-shirt but nude from the waist down watching the tv. My mom Kelly was wearing what she had gone into the bathroom with, her white g-string, and once AGAIN Tony had his hands wrapped around her hair as he pushed her face down onto his cock as she sucked his dick passionately, letting out the occasional and feminine “mmmm”. Tony’s one hand was aggressively pushing my moms head down but his other began to wander down her back and soon he was running his fingers up and down the string between her ass crack. “mmm, yea that feels good” my mom whispered as she continued to blow him.

“DON’T TALK……JUST….SUCK….MY DICK” Tony stammered slowly. Tony finally looked uninterested in the television as he licked his hand and began to aggressively rub up and down my moms g-string, Suddenly, Tony moved the string of my mom’s skimpy g-string panties to the left side of her butt cheek as he began to slowly finger her pussy and ass hole simultaneously. “yeah baby….how you like that?” Tony asked, “mmmm…it feelss sooooooo goooooood” my mom said in a high pitched and slutty tone.
Suddenly the horrible and unexpected happened, Tony saw me.

“Woah!” he stammered, releasing my mom’s scalp and trying to turn his penis away from me. “I’m really sorry! I….I had a cold and I need Nyquil and-“ I started, but my mom interrupted, clearly staying calm but looking quite nervous herself.
”you need some Nyquil baby? Its ok, give us ten minutes and I’ll drop some off ,ok?” my mom asked, not bothering to cover her tits or her g-string as Tony stared at me like I was some little brat and aggressively forced my moms head back onto his dick, which she took happily as she commenced sucking him off… in front of me.
“ok sounds good” I said as I quickly shut the door. HOLY SHIT THAT WAS EMBARASSING! I thought to my self. Suddenly the true panic of what I had done began to settle. OH. MY.GOD. My mom knows I saw her and Tony. I didn’t know what to do, but quickly retreated back to my room and got into bed with a huge boner, but remained very nervous nonetheless.

About twenty five minutes later….I heard a quiet knock on the door. My mom slowly opened it, I was under the covers wearing my t-shirt and boxers as to hide the hard on that had failed to go away.
“hey hunny….I brought the Niquel for you” she said, wearing a tight cotton pink nightgown. She stumbled just a bit as she walked to hand it to me and that was when I smelled the heavy stench of vodka for the first time. My mom wasn’t usually a big drinker, but now that I thought about it she had been drinking all night. My mom tip toed to my bed and sat on the edge in her nightgown and I could just see her tits swing as she leaned in to whisper to me. “baby, I want to talk to you for a second.”
I shot up in instant fear. “Mom, look, I Am SO sorry about walking in on you and Tony, I never should have without-“
“shhh, baby I don’t care about that. I’m your mother and I would do ANYTHING for you. I just want you to know that the fact that your father and I feel….comfortable doing this, well, it only strengthens our marriage. You know that,right baby?” she said this as she slowly crept her fingers onto my lower chest, scratching and tickling me ever so slightly. “I completely understand mom. Hahah to be honest I was just a little surprised to see you in such sexy underwear” I laughed.
“oh god, did I scar you for life?” she asked with a giggle, continuing to scratch my stomach, now lower than my belly button, slowly pulling the covers back.

“No, honestly, I felt gross because you looked so damn hot” I said. My mom stared at me long and hard after that comment, then said “how is it that you don’t have a girlfriend baby? You are so damn cute and sweet. Seriously.” She said. Then she added “hahah your trembling baby, why are you so nervous? Its just me” and then something I will never forget happened: she leaned in and began to kiss me. I kissed back and she inserted her tongue. We kissed for about 10 or 15 seconds before she slowly pulled back. “That wasn’t……weird for you was it? You seeing me sucking someone besides your father’s dick?” she asked. “No” I said quickly, my heart going a mile a minute.

“Good. Its not. I think two people can show their mutual love as adults if its between just the two of them, don’t you?” she asked sensually, as she slowly dipped her hand into my boxers and began slowly massaging my hard dick and balls. “take off your shirt mr. six pack”she said quietly. I began to take it off but she quickly helped me, still in the robe. She went in and we kissed for a minute or two longer as I fondled her tits under her robe. “I….I can get this off, hang on” she whispered after two minutes of the kissing. She paused and looked nervously at the door. “Is it locked baby?” she simultaneously asked as she undid her robe and let it slide to the floor. “Uhh yeah” I stammered, lying, unsure if the door was locked or not because she had just come through it! But there she was again, naked except for that white G-string, perfectly accentuating her thong tan line. “mmm, mom I never thought I’d see you wearing a G-string” I said.
“Oh GOD! I look fat don’t I! I’m sorry, here I’ll put my robe back-“
“No mom, you look amazing. Your ass, I mean, with that sexy tan and the g-string?!” I almost screamed it.
”you….you think its sexy?”my mom said with a mischevious little smile.
“Fuck yeah! Really hot,” I said.
“Turn off the lights” she purred. I quickly flipped the lights but luckily, the moon shown through my window so it was only moderately dark.
“take off those boxers baby” she sensually whispered as she put her hands on my chest and slowly ran her fingers up and down it.
“why? Whats in it for me?” I asked sarcastically.
“I dunno” she said back like a young girl.
“suck my dick….ok?” I said it trying to sound authoritative and manly but it came out sounding akward and mean. There was a brief pause as my mom stared at me, then quickly got onto her knees on the bed and peeled off my boxers. She stared deeply into my eyes as she licked the tip of the penis slowly.

“Can I face fuck you?” I asked

“psh what is it about men and doing that?.... yes, you can “face fuck’ me….I love you baby” she said as I grabbed her ponytail and commenced skull fucking the shit out of her.
She took it like a champ.
I skull fucked her for a few minutes before she took it out of her mouth and slowly licked up and down the shaft. “mmmmmmmmhhhhmmm” was all she said as she put it back in her mouth, never breaking sensual eye contact with me.
“oh fuck yea” I said, struggling to speak it felt so good. I looked down at the amazing sight before me and thought of how devastating it would be if either Tony OR dad walked in. I began to stare with fascination at my mom’s awesome ass and I started to gently run my hands over her ass cheeks. Slowly, my fingers crept onto her G-string and soon I was brushing my fingers up and down gently against her pussy, then ass hole. She responded by sensually grabbing me around the waist and slowly scratching her nails into my skin as I felt her take more of my cock into her mouth. Then, she subtly pushed her ass a little higher in the air, she was signaling that everything I was doing was O.K. with her.

“have you ever 69ed” my mom Kelly whispered as she pushed the white string of her underwear far onto the left butt cheek of her ass and got into the 69 position. “yeah, once, but how-“ “just lick me all over.” She said as I felt a warm, tight feeling as she began to engulf my penis into her mouth ferociously.
The warmth of the blowjob took me by surprise but even more surprising was how immediately she just sat on me, her ass literally on my face. The smell of perfume mixed with horny, sexual sweat engulfed me. I began to lick her pussy, pushing the patch of underwear to the left, as I felt her deep throating my cock. “Oh SHIT that feels good” I said as I put her hair into a ponytail and began to push her head gently onto my dick. “mmmm, just keep licking” she said as I continued just that.

After about ten seconds she stopped and turned her head to me, looked me straight in the eyes, her body shining in the dark light from the tiny beads of sweat all over her and whispered the hottest thing she called have said: “fuck my face” “are you serious?” I asked astonished. “what are you gonna complai-“ but I had already shoved her head onto my dick as I humped her mouth like I was banging the shit out of a pussy. I could feel her smile from the roughness, the fact I had cut her off by shoving her head onto my penis. She took it like a champ and sucked and deepthroated like a champ. Damn…she liked rough blowjobs. I started to lick her pussy as she let out some loud, feminine moans. “ohh! Ohhh god baby yes!” she whispered. I wondered how rough she would let me be with her after Tony. I pushed my luck. I grabbed her hair by the scalp and started to buck at her mouth hard. REALLY hard. She kept sucking as she pressed her ass into my face and I did something I never thought I’d do….I licked her ass hole a bit.

Sucking wildly, she paused to say “ohh yea lick my ass….do it” she said.
“Do it and you’ll what slut?!” I asked crazily, driven by the horniness and the moment.
“ mmmmmmhhhmmmm I’ll swallow your cum” she said in the sluttiest, raspiest voice I’d ever heard from her. I couldn’t believe this was happening but suddenly I started to feel myself coming and started to buck at her mouth wildly. “SWALLOW IT : I stammered as she did so. But only seconds after I stopped cuming, my mother was still licking up any last remaining cum on my penis, I heard Tony shout from the hallway “hurry the fuck up! Jesus Christ how long does it take to deliver some god damn medecine?!”
“oh shit, I’ve gotta go baby” my mom said nervously as she put her g-string back on and quickly wrapped her robe around her. She looked back at me”I love you hunny, I’ll see you tommorow” and she closed my door as I heard her walking back to Tony. Something about Tony treated my mom like such a slut was a HUGE turn on, I don’t know why, but I quickly crept up to my door and slowly opened it, peering into the hallway. The door to Tony and his wife’s bedroom(where my mom and him were spending the night) was wide open, but the lights were dimmed and I heard the two arguing.

“you don’t need to yell” my mom said as I tip toed closer to the door, hiding in the bathroom and looking at the two of them inside by the reflection of their giant bedroom mirror. Tony was sitting on the edge of the bed in his boxers, my mom was looking into the mirror, still in her robe.

“we only have 1 night together, I just want it to be special” he said. “now get over here and kiss me” Tony said, clearly sensing my mom’s anger.
Hesistantly, she walked over and sat on his lap and the two began to kiss. “wait, take this silly thing off baby, I’m sorry I shouted” he asked but she immediately obliged, removing the robe as she wrapped her arms around him and they began to kiss passionately. Tony scooted back onto the bed as the two kept kissing and my mom snuck her hand into his boxers as she began to massage his dick. But Tony wasted no time grabbing her hair as he put it into a makeshift ponytail and pushed it down to his dick and just said “suck……good girl” when she obliged. He began to immediately hump at her mouth as my mom stared into his eyes, dreamily. GOD! I couldn’t believe it, she really did like the guy.

“I don’t think I’ve ever sucked so much dick in one night” my mom teased before he grabbed her head and began to face fuck her harder. “mmmmmm” was all my mom responded with, as she continued to stare deeply into his eyes.
“yea suck it you little slut, suck that fucking dick” Tony growled at her as he continued to madly buck at her mouth. “say you love sucking my dick” tony barked.
“….I love sucking your dick” my mom whispered back to him, still wearing the g-string.
Suddenly I heard footsteps coming as I darted into the nearest dark room(an unused guest bedroom). My dad was briskly walking towards the bedroom(uhhh, might not be a good idea, I thought to myself) as Amy followed behind him, butt naked pressing a pillow to cover up her vagina but not even bothering to cover her tits.
“Baby, where are you going? Mmmmm I want some more of you” Amy said to my dad, trying to sound sexy.
Dad ignored her and banged on the half open bedroom door loudly. “Kelly?! Baby?” he half-shouted, not daring to peek into the bedroom.

There was a pause and I heard quick, muffled, whispered talking from the bedroom before Tony shouted “Hey what the fuck Chris? I thought we had all nighters going”
“I’m coming in” Chris said as he opened the door fully and walked in, he himself wearing only his boxers.
My dad Chris opening the door revealed the whole bedroom scene to me: my mom Kelly, visibly surprised, was on her knees while Tony was sitting on the bed. Tony was completely naked and the only thing Kelly was wearing was the tight, white G-string clinging to her hips. Tony had his hands clenched in my moms hair and although she stopped momentarily when Chris entered, Tony went back to face fucking her as my dad stood in the doorway….watching.
I couldn’t believe how humiliating this must have been to my father but my mom definitely looked a bit nervous, shooting nervous glances at my dad as she politely sucked with the rhythm of Tony’s skull fucking.
“Kelly, baby, come on. THIS IS OVER” said Chris sternly as he walked closer, but didn’t dare touch.
Tony was immediately furious and his face got red with anger…so did his penis. “Now listen hear Chris, we had a FUCKING AGREEMENT, OK?! We all signed on for this” he pointed to his own wife, ashamed and madly jealous of my mother so she hid in the doorway with the pillow and said nothing. As Tony said these words to my father confrontationally, he continued to grasp Kelly’s hair in has hand and roughly face fuck her while arguing with her husband.

“Besides,” added Tony, “this is what Kelly wants too, right baby?”
But my mom seemed removed, obsessed with sucking Tony’s dick as deeply and pleasingly as she could, obsessed with finding his approval, or love. I was starting to feel a bit odd, I wasn’t sure about this revelation that Tony and my mother “apparently’have real feelings for each other, to me it just sounds like Tony trying to take advantage and have twice as much sex, some with his wife, some with my mother. Regardless there is a long, ten second silence.
Suddenly my mom takes Tony’s dick out of her mouth quickly enough to coldly say “don’t embarrass me Chris”.
Immediately as she says this Tony lets out a loud, evil laugh and says “yeah baby yeah” as he grasps her scalp tigher and begins to buck at her mouth as hard as he can.
My father Chris’ face went from embarrassed to horny, and he slowly said : “Kelly, I hope your ass holes ready, I’m gonna fuck the shit out of it. There are consequences for embarrassing your husband in front of people.” Oh wow. Dad sounded pissed.

Kelly looked back, surprised, and took Tony’s cock out of her mouth, which he seemed pissed about. “you gonna fuck me from behind hunny?” she asked.
“yeah bitch, now hurry up and turn around” my dad snapped. Kelly pouted and let out a sexy but sad, high pitched sigh but Tony said “keep sucking my dick baby…please….oh my god ,please, yeah” as he grabbed her head and his fingers flirted with her ass hole, pushing her white g-string to the side of her left butt cheek.
“now ask your husband for permission to suck my dick….say you really want to” Tony ordered to my mom as he humped her mouth. Meanwhile, my father had wriggled her out of her white g-string and bent her over as he spread her cheeks and examined Kelly;s ass hole.
“mmmmm can I suck his dick hunny?” she asked sluttishly as she commenced her aggressive sucking off of Tony.
“only if I can….lick….that sweet little….ass hole of yours” my father Chris said, kissing between my mom’s butt cheeks every time he paused.
As I watched the scene unfolding infront of me: my father Chris with his face in my mom’s butt while she, her tight WHITE G-STRING flung to the ground, sluttishly sucks Tony’s dick as Tony aggressively presses her head down, bucking at her mouth, I’ll never forget what she said in a slutty whisper:
“mmmm, yeah, lick my ass while I suck his dick”

Suddenly, my father licked two fingers and inserted them into Kelly’s asshole. She let out a feminine purrr but kept sucking Tony’s dick. After 30 seconds of this, my father put in another finger. A minute later, Chris began to insert his dick into her ass. Kelly let out a loud moan of pleasure as she momentarily stopped the blowjob she was giving Tony and her nails dug into the sides of the bed.
In a moment of pure shock, I saw that Tony had slapped my mother. Hard.

“Tony, come on man, there’s no reason to get that rough” my dad said as he slid more dick into her ass, but Tony grabbed the back of my mother’s scalp and wiped away two tears from the pain of the slap and said:
“I’ve warned you all night about stopping when my dick is in your mouth, yeah? Suck it like the fucking whore that you are” and with that he plunged her head back onto his dick.
Suddenly Tony began to buck at my mother’s mouth as ferociously as ever, perhaps to humiliate the pops. Chris ignored it while Kelly sucked like a champ, hiding her annoyance and fear between a friendly and sexy face.
Tony was pulling at my mother’s hair very hard now, humping her mouth as fast and hard as he could, treating her mouth like it was a pussy.
“ooooooh yeaaaaaaaah!!! Oh god swallllooooww!! Swallllloooooow youuuuu sluuuutttt!” Tony shouted as my dad continued to plug away at her ass. But mom just swallowed and sucked his dick bone dry, making feminine soft moans as she swallowed his load of cum, although I could see that half of her face was bright red from the hard and violent slap.

I commenced watching the seen for a few more minutes before I started to retreat to my room ,afraid of getting caught. But I bumped into someone in the hallway outside the bedroom! SHIT! Staring up at me was Amy! Everyone had forgotten about her. And she looked damn sexy, wearing a robe that accentuated her amazing body.
“Well look whose been the little spy….or not so little” she smirked, staring at my boner. “Come on” she said quietly as she grabbed my hand. “You look tense, lets go to the guest bedroom and get you relaxed” she said as she led me by the hand.


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2014-03-30 16:01:01
a very good read. I knew a girl that enjoyed the hairbrush if you know what I mean. she really got off on the pain. have her son take advantage of that and turn her into his dominated play thing.


2014-02-04 01:52:41
Fuck Chris for letting his wife be abused, even if she seems to like it. Not for me, fuck this story.

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2012-03-24 14:23:25
Fucking good stuff. Keep it up!


2012-02-14 18:01:27
hot story more please

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2012-01-19 10:42:09
Got too rough for my liking....Didn't like the jealousy part. Wife swapping should be sharing and fun without all of that! Thumbs down from me. Could have been exciting, but wasn't!

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