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Wazza Sharp
By Wazza

I was just 10 year old when my mother went to live with her sister Daddy said she Loved her sister very much but she would come and visit us now and then. I liked living with my Daddy as he let me do things that I wanted to do. But Daddy had a big surprise in for me, as just after my 10th birthday when Mummy left us Daddy said I am going to take you shopping for some new things to wear, I was so happy as he said “you will really love what I am going to get you”. So on Friday we went to a young girls shop and he said to his Male friend Joel,that owned the shop, “this is my son CRIS but I call him CRISSY”, and Joel Said “he is a very lovely boy, but if you like we can dress Crissy up to look like a Little Girl”, Daddy said “That,is why I came to you as you would know what I want for Crissy” . Joel said to me “Would you like to get Dressed up as a little Girl” “OH Yes Joel I would love to dress up as a little Girl for my Daddy”,
So Joel said “The first thing we need is for Crissy to come into my Office so no one can see us and Daddy can sit down and relax as I dress you Crissy”, so we went into his Office and Joel said, “Crissy Take all your Clothes off, as I want to see what my little Boy,Oops Girl looks like Naked”, Daddy said “Oh Yes come on Crissy do what Joel Wants”, so I slowly took all my Clothes off and Joel came over to me and started to run his soft smooth hands over my naked body right down over my cute little Bum.
Joel said “The first thing is your little Panties” so Joel went out to get all the different clothes I would need and he brought back about a Dozen boxes.
The first box he opened had all different colour Panties and Thongs. Joel got me to try on the Panties and I was looking at myself in the Big Mirrors, so I looked over at Daddy and he was looking at me with Panties on and he said “By the time you are finished Joel will have you looking like a Little Girl” with that he run his hand over the BULGE in the front of his Pants, and Joel also had a BULGE in his pants, they both said “ you are starting to look very Lovely” Then Joel handed me a Dress that just covered my Panties, and Joel said to me “Swirl around and show off your Panties” so I did what was asked of me, with that my Daddy unzipped his fly and took out his BIG COCK.
I hadn`t seen my Daddies Cock for about 4 Weeks, the last time I saw it was when the Boy who was our gardener was in my Daddies Bedroom with him, they were both NUDE and Daddy was sucking Tims Cock, While I watched my little Cock got Hard and I started to rub it and after awhile it Tingled.
Then Daddy let Tim suck his Cock I could see Daddy was enjoying it because me took it out of Tims Mouth and Mounted Tim from behind, Tim Said to Daddy” OH YES!!! Fuck me good and Daddy was really FUCKING Tim hard driving his Cock in and out of Tims BUM. Then Tim said “ How is that Lovely Little Boy of Yours” Daddy replied Oh ! as
soon as his Mummy moves out and goes and lives with her Lesbian Sister which I Love seeing them both together FUCKING with their Strap-On Dildos I shall be letting Little Crissy sleep in bed with me and the best part is I shall have him NAKED all the Time”.
When I heard Daddy say this it made me want to do things all for my Daddy so I could please him and make him LOVE me more.
So on seeing Daddy with his Big Cock out in his hand playing with it and looking at his Little Boy OOPS Little Girl Swirling around in his Dress so the more I swirled around the more he stroked his Cock and I was egging Daddy on .
Then Joel went over to Daddy and said take all your clothes off and at the same time Joel took his clothes off and I was looking at my Daddy and Joel in the Nude, they were playing with each others cocks when Daddy said to me “get over here Crissy you are going to be my little Fuck Toy” Oh! Do you mean that, I will be my Daddies Little Fuck and like you said to Tim you will keep me in the NUDE and I can sleep in your Bed”.
“Yes That is right, When I bust your Virgin Bum-Hole, you will be my Fuck and whoever I want to Fuck you, You will do whatever I say” Joel said “ That is so right I will be one of your MAN-FUCKS”
That made me tingle more knowing that not only Daddy wanting to Fuck Little me I had Joel on my list and no doubt Daddy would get Tim on my list also.
As I came over to Daddy and Joel I took my Little Dress off so they could see me in my Little Panties and also they could see my little hard cock, Daddy got to me first putting his hand down the front of my Panties so he could play with my Cock, Do you like Daddy playing with you, this is the first time, I have got up the courage to get you in the NUDE and Play with you, Your Mummy has been saying for the last couple of years why don’t you get Little Crissy, SEE Below ( Mummy always called You Crissy as she wanted a Little Girl to Play with, as Mummy is a Lesbian That is why she went to live with her Sister June)
Below To get into bed with you, he will make a good Fuck for you, also you could teach him how to use the Strap-On Dildo and you could get him to FUCK you up your BUM not that I mind doing it to you but it would look lovely seeing my Little Boy Fuck his Daddy. Also when I come and visit you with his Aunty June, you make sure he has been Fucked by you so I can watch you Fuck him and at the same time he can watch his Mummy with a Strap-On dildo up her Cunt being FUCKED by his Aunty June, and after you have fucked my Little Boy I shall put on a Strap-On Dildo and mount my Little Boy and FUCK his Little Bum also, While I`m doing this Aunty June will FUCK you with her Strap-On Dildo”.
With that Daddy continued to play with me then Joel took my Panties down and started to finger my Bum Hole I was standing along side my Daddy while Joel Fingered my Bum Hole and Daddy was Saying to Joel “ make his Bum Hole bigger so I can get my Cock up his ARSE” so to get my ARSE-HOLE Bigger Joel went and got a Butt Plug, greased it
And pushed it into my ARSE-HOLE.
It did hurt for a little bit then it was going in and out easy as soon as this happened my Daddy layed me down on my belly with a pillow under my belly so my Arse rose up and spread my legs apart then for the first time I felt my Daddies Cock Head pushing into my Little Pink ARSE-Hole and the more I got it inside of me the MORE I wanted, “Yes Oh Yes FUCK your little Boy your little boy wants all that Cock of your up my BUM so keep Fucking me Daddy and when your Finished Joel can Fuck me next.
Daddy said “OH! Crissy you are the BEST FUCK I have had for a long time here I am your Daddy ,FUCKING my Little Boy, Do you like my Cock Crissy go on back onto it so you can get more of it up your ARSE Yes that’s it FUCK on it and at the same time I can play with your Cock”
Then Daddy Said to Joel “ Come around the front of us while I am Fucking my Son and
We will teach Crissy how to SUCK Cock” Joel stood in Front and Daddy took hold of his COCK and started to suck on it , Daddy said to me, “Crissy watch as I suck Joel`s COCK then you will be able to suck your Daddies Cock whenever I want you to, as when you are at home getting around the house in the NUDE I shall be Perving on your nice little BUM and when I get Horny Watching my Little Boy in the NUDE I will want you to SUCK your Daddies Cock”
With that I took over from my Daddy Sucking Joel`s Cock while he continued to Fuck his Litle Boy , Oh! I was enjoying my Daddy Fucking me, my Arse was full of his cock pumping into my Arse , yes he was saying that’s it Son OH Yes you are a great Fuck Crissy Yes and also you are going to make a good CockSucker that’s it Son look at Joel he is just about to come Don’t take your Mouth of it Son let him blow it down your throat
Taste that lovely Spunk with that I sucked Harder knowing that Joel was just about there
then it started Joel was filling my mouth up with his hot Spunk and at the same time my Daddy was filling Arse Hole With his hot Spunk.
So this was my first experience with MEN-Fucks I couldn`t of had a better Teacher as my
Daddy taught me well . But the best is still to come with Daddy having Parties at home inviting other Daddies to bring their young sons along to join in Boys only FUCK NIGHTS.
Watch for More. Wazza


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