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Near Erlangen, Germany 1985....Mark rate was good the beer was plentiful and it was pay day was on...only this time I decided to take a different route for the weekend....I had discovered a very nice little pub that I had been to a few times before but it was about 12 or 13 miles outside of a cab (Mercedes Benz) lol...made it to the myself....the other guys just wanted to go out and get drunk and dont get me wrong I can fight and I used to drink but I wanted to get out of the mainstream here and this place was really laid back and cool....on both of my two previous visits I had more than once stolen a glance at the Ober's daughter...she was Germany 16 is legal and would equal our 21 and I was 21 at the time....she had very long blonde hair that went almost to her ankles and would sometimes let it all the way down flowing ever so slightly as she walked.... She stood about 5'6 or so and had the most beautiful ass I had seen up to that point in my life....the Ober smiled as I walked in and immediately said, "AHH Klein Bruder" in German that means Little Brother. My family came from Germany, I am only second generation American so the language came not only easily for me but I had heard it and understood alot of it already so speaking it pretty fluently was no problem. That meant something to them, my last name didn't hurt either it was TOTALLY German and was a good name over there.....over the course of the visits by me to the pub I had stolen glances and exchanged smiles with her when she caught me looking at her, she had big green sparkly eyes the kind that are so beautiful they almost seem not real.....she smiled at me a few times and I returned the emotion....believe me I returned the emotion.....I was happy to just look at her move around the pub collecting the steins and shot glasses from the vacant used tables if nothing else.... she was really that stunning....they had a huge Rottweiler man they make them big over there and she was going to take it for a walk to the park about 3 blocks she was about to leave the Ober said.....Klein Bruder gehen mit meine frauline....go you with my young unmarried lady....maybe that was a hint never did figure that one out because it was not really correct to call her my unmarried lady....should have been more like go with my daughter....I, of course, accepted the request and put my coat on....I opened the door and we we walked through I got on the track for the outside back of the park....we walked together talking and still exchanging glances at one another.....she had a shy smile but it was true and her lips were full and proud....we got to the bench and tied the Rott.....sat down and just went silent together searching for something to say that was very, very appropriate, you have to understand the German people they are proud and strong but are also very principled so out of context speech can really get a person either into alot of trouble or ruin an otherwise great encounter no matter what the situation was at the time......she said the sky and flowers were pretty, I agreed with her.....yea no shit....but she was too....very I just came up with a reason to move closer to her all at once....told her that there was a huge bee above her head....she went for it...right on is what went through my here I am waving my arms around above her head at an imaginary bee....she is covering her face with her hands the dog is starting to look around which is really helping matters because she can see him on the ground....I stop and just quickly kiss her on the cheek not a big loser smack but a genuine caring kiss, there is a difference a kiss is not just a kiss....she immediately smiled then asked me why I did that.....I could not lie to her and spilled my guts about how she looked, and moved and spoke.....she was simply pure and untouched....not naive but a young lady with some real upbringing not to mention status because of her family....she looked up at me very sweetly and told me that she liked the kiss...then gave me one back on the cheek....I did not waste too much time after that and slowly went to kiss her on the lips, had to go slow she was in that zone that a young girl gets into that is somewhere between reality and a dream and I did not want to scare her.....she accepted the kiss.....we sat down on the bench after a few seconds both of us breathing just a little heavier.....I put my arm around her and she moved closer......shortly after that she put her hand on my knee and smiled at me.....I kissed her again more passionately than the first kiss and her lips parted slightly....I put just the tip of my tongue between her lips....she opened her lips even more and this time my cock is so fucking hard I cant stand it.....we embraced a little tighter and continued to kiss.....the dog saw something and took off....the fucking park bench going with it somewhat...well actually a whole lot.....scaring the hell out of both of us...snapped his leather lead and off he went into the un-mowed section of the park.....she ran after him and of course I was after her.....we went into the field which led down to a stream, and there he was with a big yellow cat in the tree wanting to devour it in one gulp....great the dog is found....I had her small delicate hand in mine as we walked along the stream sqeezing it for reassurance here and there.....we came to a small clearing sort of like a big picnic area where the grass was like a deep shag carpet....we made love on that grass with no one around and the sun shining down on us both of us feeling the heat of passion as well as the warmth of the sun.....intertwining our bodies like two bows....tasting, touching and enjoying the moment with sincere and obvious pleasure.....that girl.....Anya....was the most beautiful girl I have EVER laid eyes on in MY life....but she was not ready to leave her parents yet and it broke my heart that I could not ask her to go with me....marry me....I left 2 days later....ETS time to Ft Lewis, WA....Maybe this was a going away present from the Almighty, maybe it was the chance of a lifetime and just one of those things, I don't know....but whatever it was it was great but now just a memory that I truly wish I could repeat.

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2012-01-21 00:58:39
What was that your story you say? Nah fuck that that's bullshit


2012-01-16 12:16:21
what a load of bollocks


2012-01-16 04:43:01
Your flight left WAY too fast. Should've gotten creative -- fantasy awaits the words you could describe it with!

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