A married couple renovate their home and their sex life
I have come to the conclusion that my sex life is about to take a turn for the better. I have suspected that my wife was growing tired of our union for a couple of years. We rarely spend any quality time together, and forget about sex. She might let me lick her pussy once every 3 months or so. She'll give me a blowjob even less frequently. I can’t tell you the last time I saw her completely naked.

We've been married for almost nine years, but dated and lived together for ten years before tying the knot. Our relationship started over many nights of partying. It seemed all we did was get drunk and have sex. Although she was never really adventurous with sex, there was plenty of it. I had always wanted to fuck her in the ass, but due to my size and interference from her friends, she would never let me. I was glad when that circle of friends started to dissolve, but it didn’t seem to help my chances of her becoming any more experimental.

I started to have an affair about eight months ago, but she began to act suspicious, so I decided to avoid the drama and just end it. I'm glad I did. It has allowed my conscience to remain clear. I must admit, though, peace-of-mind pales in comparison to the ultimate satisfaction that I felt this afternoon.
I recently undertook a small project adding onto our living room, thinking that a change around the house might mean a change in her libido. It seemed to only make things worse. Progress was not speeding along as one might have hoped. As she grew more impatient, she took it upon herself to assume the role of a general contractor. She began calling local subcontractors to collect bids for finishing the remaining work. Once she had settled on the subs that gave her prices she agreed with, she proceeded to have them come in to handle their individual parts of the construction.

I was concerned with the way she planned on handling these workers; partly because she knew nothing about construction, or being a general contractor, and also because she has always been afraid to have strangers in her home when she was alone. Now she appeared hell-bent on making sure that she supervised the remainder of this home renovation project.

After a few weeks had gone by, I noticed that progress had slowed dramatically. I also noticed that changes had been made to my planned layout without any consultation. This disturbed me, so I decided to find out what was going on.

"Hey, Baby. Have you been in constant contact with the subs so far?"

"Yeah, why?" she asked.

"I've just been noticing that things aren’t looking the way we had discussed. Have you approved any changes?"

She looked at me with a bit of annoyance. "I've made sure that things will be done in a timely manner. There had to be some alterations made to insure that happens," she bluntly stated. "I have everything under control. You just leave this to me."

Wanda's hazel eyes glimmered wildly as she glared at me. I noted her hostility toward the subject and resigned to step aside, leaving her in control of the project. I thought I could kill her with kindness. "If you need any help just let me know," I offered.

"I sure will," she assured me with a sarcastic return.

"How much more are these last minute changes going to cost us?" I queried, knowing that rearranging plans on the fly wouldn't be free.

"I've been talking to Jesse about the changes all along. I'll work it out with him."

This last statement worried me. Jesse didn’t come across as the type to consider discounts. He certainly didn't issue coupons for his work. His large stature was quite intimidating to most men, so I could only imagine how receptive he would be dealing with a woman who was constantly changing her mind, causing him to tear out and redo his work unnecessarily.

The next day I thought it would be best if I were around during the negotiating process. I made arrangements to leave work early so that I could get to the house about the same time as Wanda. I pulled into the back driveway, and thought it was odd that the work vans were absent. Only Wanda's car and Jesse's truck were present. I decided I would be as quiet as possible during my approach considering the red flag that was waving franticly in my mind.

I turned the corner of the house where the renovation was taking place and could hear a slightly heated conversation taking place. I looked through the window to see what was going on. Wanda and Jesse were standing in the middle of the living room discussing the latest revisions that Wanda had dreamed up. Jesse towered over her by more than a foot. I could tell by the look on his face that he wasn't happy about her latest ideas.

I was surprised when I realized that Wanda wasn't wearing her normal working attire. Usually, she would wear very conservative clothing – pants, or a long skirt, and either a long sleeved blouse or sweater. Today, however, was different. Her three inch heels looked out of place on the bare plywood subfloor. Her toned calves were sheathed with stockings that were a bit darker than her light, freckled skin. The hem of her skirt stopped about four inches above her knees, and there was a six inch split up the back. Her round ass was hugged from top to bottom by the thin material. I could see the bottom of her sleeveless, low cut shirt through the stretched fabric covering her protruding buttocks, but I couldn’t make out the panty line that I was expecting. The neck line of her shirt plunged half-way down her chest, revealing a chasm of cleavage between her heavy C-cup breasts. The sparse freckles that litter her chest were clearly visible, and matched the ones on her flushed cheeks. Her strawberry blonde hair was pulled back, and to complete the sexy, intellectual disguise she wore a pair of glasses that delicately framed her almond shaped eyes. I was sure that this was her tactic for winning over the agreement of the hired laborers, and it looked as if Jesse had taken notice of her bargaining chips. It also seemed to me that they weren’t having the effect that she was hoping for.

"Look, Lady. I've catered to every whim you've had for the last six weeks. If you want me to make any more changes it's going to cost you. I was willing to overlook the first couple, but this is getting out of hand," he flatly stated, his baritone voice booming throughout the empty room.

"I really appreciate all that you've done, but I don't have any extra money in my budget. Can't you make this one little alteration for me?" she pleaded. A smirk brought the corner of her mouth up slightly.

"I'm telling you, I ain't doin' this shit for free no more," Jesse said, his tone reflecting a growing aggravation.
I thought it was time for me to step inside to try to diffuse the situation. The language was getting a touch rough for my comfort level. Just as I was preparing to gallantly charge in and save the day, my wife's petite hand landed on Jesse's massive chest. He glanced down and then back to her face, a somewhat puzzled look washing over him.

"Isn't there some way to work this out? My husband thinks that I can't take care of this; that I can't talk to you guys to get the project done."

"I'm not sure. If the money isn't there, I don't see where there's a lot that I can do," he shrugged.

Her finger trailed down his chest, and her hand rested on his side as she said, "There's got to be something that could take the place of money."

My emotions were raging inside as I listened to my prudish wife barter herself for this giant's services. It was all I could do to resist storming in and putting an end to this nonsense, but a big part of me wondered just how far she was willing to go.

Her free hand joined the other that caressed the big man's ribs, and began to lift his shirt. He raised his arms to allow the stretched cotton t-shirt to be peeled upward. He finished removing the garment, since she wasn't nearly tall enough to get it much higher than his shoulders. As his vein-laden arms returned to hang by his sides he dropped the shirt to the floor. Both of her hands reached up to support the heavy pectoral muscles as she leaned in to plant a light kiss on his chest, her fair complexion starkly contrasting against the dark chocolate hue of Jesse's skin. Her neatly painted nails ran over one of his nipples and began to trace circles around it as she continued to shower his trunk with her lips and tongue. She was being very sensual in the way she touched him. There was a hint of caring hesitation as her fingertips roamed across his upper torso. I had never seen her act this way sexually, much less with a black man. I began to debate whether she was acting out a fantasy she had never shared with me, or just trying desperately to prove that I was wrong about her abilities to negotiate with the laborers.

Wanda's hands floated down to the buckle of Jesse's wide leather belt, and unfastened it before doing the same to the button of his jeans. All the while, her mouth had never left his chest. In fact, she had taken one of his nipples between her teeth to tickle it with her tongue. Her tender licks and kisses wandered down his belly as she knelt in front of him, and her nervous fingers worked their way into the waistband of his boxer briefs. I was frozen with anticipation as I stared through the window at my wife approaching the release of this brute's dick. She leaned forward a bit to work his pants and trunks down past his hips as he rested against a sawhorse that he found nearby. Jesse had to be disrobed to just above his knees before the stiff rod sprang up into Wanda's face. Even from outside I could hear a "THWAK!" as the small fist that was his dick head slapped against her cheek.

"Oh," she said with mild surprise as she rocked back a little bit. I imagine it was more from the sudden contact than from the actual force of the blow.

"Heh heh, you ok down there?" Jesse chuckled lightly as he inquired. "I don't want you gettin' knocked out durin' our negotiations."

"Don't you worry about a thing, Baby."

Baby?! What the hell? I could feel the tension in my furrowed brow.

"Now, why don't you kick off those boots and let's get these pants out of the way. You're going to need to get a wide stance to brace yourself," Wanda instructed with an unmistakable sensuality in her tone.

In mere seconds this massive, midnight menace was lounging against his shaky sawhorse with an 11" erection pointed right at my wife's freckled face. The fingernails of each of her hands raked up and down his muscular thighs like rigid feathers; barely grazing the flesh, but holding their angle and position fast. His thick neck turned to rubber and his head fell back when she leaned toward him, placing her tongue on the underside of his cock head. She bounced the hefty tool with her tongue, feeling the weight of his solid man-lumber. Her ticklish caresses switched to massaging strokes as the palms of her hands rubbed upward to meet at the base of Jesse's enormous dick. The tips of her thumbs and fore-fingers met on top and underneath to encircle and stabilize the dark stick. As soon as she gripped it, I saw the bulbous, light brown head disappear into her stretched mouth. If it had been cold, her lips would have certainly cracked from the strain of engulfing the fat knob.

Her head twisted and moved from side to side as she worked her tongue around the business end of his dong. I was painfully aware of the jealousy that was raging through me. She hadn't sucked my dick in a couple of months, and I can't remember the last time she did a number on me like she was giving Jesse. I just couldn't get over how fucking sexy the whole scene was turning out to be. I felt hypnotized as I watched my icy little bride slobbering all over that monstrous cock. Her drool began to drip to the floor as she lubricated its length to allow her hands to glide from one end to the other. As I noticed the puddle forming between his feet my eyes were drawn to the bottoms of each of her butt cheeks as they spilled from the skirt she was wearing. I could clearly make out two or three inches of her ass crack descending from the hem. It occurred to me at that moment that the reason I had not seen panty lines earlier was because there weren't any. I knew she didn't own a single thong or g-string, so the only explanation for not seeing fabric on her exposed rear was an absence of underwear. This whole thing had been planned!

"Damn, Baby! You need to let me get in that before I blow my wad." I snapped back to the reality at hand when I heard Jesse's intentions.

"Mmmm, I can't wait to ride that big thing," Wanda said as she wiped the spit from her bottom lip with one of her fingers.

I left my perch and headed around to the side door so I could get into the house without being seen or heard. I took off my shoes and crept through the kitchen 'til I reached the opening of the living room. By the time I got into position, Jesse had sprawled a drop cloth out on the bare plywood floor. Wanda was laying on it with her shirt open and her skirt pulled up to her waist. Wanda had her tits sandwiched between her upper arms pushing them toward Jesse's hungry mouth. Her nipples were standing a half of an inch from the tightly wrinkled areolas, begging to be teased. She gasped at the sharp contrast his warm mouth made to the autumn air when he dropped his head and latched onto her left breast. An aggressive nature began to reveal itself as he devoured the fleshy mound, then switched to the other. Each pink nipple glistened with saliva when the other was being sucked.

Movement around Wanda's crotch caught my attention. I figured that our skilled carpenter was about to start sawing his wood into my slutty wife, but then I realized that she had his veiny pole in one hand while her other molested her protruding bud. I could see the pure lust radiating from her fingers as she feverishly worked her clit like I've never imagined. Her whole hand started to rub up and down over her entire pussy until she wormed her middle finger inside, massaging and reaching for her g-spot. Her first orgasm rippled through her from her head to her toes while the quick breaths that rapidly followed each other transformed into repetitious groans.

He pulled away from her; his head leaving her breasts as his member slid from her hand, leaving her lying in front of him looking already spent. She uncovered her inflamed pussy to let him see it for the first time.

"Oooh, hell! I love that shit when it's shaved smooth. You musta wanted me to lick that shit, huh?"

Wait! What?! She shaved her fucking pussy for this asshole, but I can’t get the time of day?!

"Looking at that huge dick of yours I'd say the only way it's going in me is if you butter me up some first," she responded with attitude. That slut was playing this for all she was worth.

Jesse didn't have to be told twice. He dove in, encapsulating her clit with his lips. "Oh yesss, please!" she breathed as her back arched so that only her head and ass were touching the floor. His tongue flicked over her swollen clit before gradually wagging back and forth over her open labia on his way down to the entrance of her love canal.

"Suck my pussy!" she screamed through clenched teeth. "Holy shit, that's it! Don't stop, don't stop! Ohh, I'm gonna cum… uuuuhhhaaaahhh!" she began to howl from ecstasy as she let loose with a flood of juices that seeped past his lips, into the crack of her ass, and finally to the cloth covered floor.

"Damn, I'm glad you had your legs clamped to my head, or I might've gone deaf with you screamin' like that," Jesse said as he tried to catch his breath. "You gonna let me in there, now?"

"Only if you promise to be nice," she teased.

"I can't promise to be nice, but I can promise that I'll be good," He responded with a sly smile. "I'll be the best you ever had," he arrogantly boasted as he positioned himself over her.

"Mmm, I can't wait to feel your hard cock sliding inside me," she said with a look of desire as he rubbed the head of his meat over her sensitive clit. "C'mon, I need it nooOOWWW…" her words became a pointless cry, and her expression changed to fear and helplessness when the tip of Jesse's pecker breeched her tight opening. "Uuuugggnnhhh," was all she could muster while a mere third of his ramrod disappeared into her soaked pussy. I thought to myself that I wished she had been raped by that gigantic tool without any lubrication, and I hoped it would literally split her cunt. She obviously believed that it would by the look on her face.

Jesse moaned a little when he started his slow short strokes, and began to work his way deeper into her love tunnel. As he hid about two thirds of his length in my betrothed whore's squishy slit, I saw her begin to shudder. He held still and let her body do the work as spasms wracked her while her second orgasm coursed through her. I noticed a creamy white froth begin to build up in a ring around his obsidian fuck stick from the undoubtedly saturating climax Wanda had just experienced.

Once her seizure subsided, Jesse slowly returned to the repetitive dipping of his wick. Although he gradually increased his tempo, and was full-on fucking my slut-wife, he was still not able to sheath the full measure of his manhood.

"Holy fuck! That is the biggest dick I've ever had," Wanda shakily groaned between ecstatic breaths. She would exhale every time he thrust into her, like his cock was forcing the air from her lungs. I was sure he was bottoming out with every forward movement. "Please… keep… fuck… ing… me… AAAAHHHH!" Orgasm number three hit with a "boom", and it occurred to me that she would always cut me off after two. This shit was really starting to piss me off, but it was so damn erotic watching my wife let someone else fuck her that I couldn’t bring myself to stop it.

After the waves of pleasure had waned again, she had her big black lover roll onto his back with her still impaled upon his spear. She placed her hands on his chest, arched her back and slowly slid back, completely enveloping his hard cock. I realized at that point that I had a tremendous hard-on, too, and stripped away every stitch of clothing that I was wearing. Once I was completely naked, my hand instinctively found my throbbing boner and gently rubbed its length like I was trying to summon a genie.

I have always loved to look at her from the side when she was on her hands and knees. When she used to get on top of me and ride my cock, I would look in the mirror on our dresser to see the roundness of her ass flow into to back of her thigh. She had always had thick thighs, and I would get lost between them for an hour at a time. I would hug and rub her smooth legs and ass while I licked her dripping slit. Now, however, I was gazing at the spherical globes of her full ass and her big, muscular thighs as they bounced her up and down on that gargantuan prick. Every impact would send ripples through the fleshy meat of her rear, and each time she would raise herself to the tip of his dick it seemed as though it would pull her pussy inside-out; an inch to an inch and a half of her inner vaginal walls sticking to his engorged member and extending out of her glistening folds.

Her pace increased, as well as the rhythm of her panting. I could tell by her moans and grunts that she was approaching yet another climax. "Oh fuck, I'm 'bout to fill you up!" Jesse yelled as the furious fucking my wife was putting on him took its toll on his overfilled nutsack. She slammed down one last time and let loose with a scream that let me know the giant's beanstalk was socketed into her womb. At that moment it proved to be too much for the sexual behemoth, and he finally let go, sending his seed into the deepest part of the bitch's cervix. Then I saw something that I had never witnessed before; Wanda passed out. Her limp torso gently collapsed on top of her new fuck toy, leaving her glorious ass high in the air. Her whole body shuddered and shook while her orgasm continued through her otherwise lifeless body. I couldn’t take my eyes off of her quivering ass and pussy; some of their cum started to seep from inside her cunt to run onto his heavy balls, and I swear as I stared, her little asshole reminded me of a fish's mouth. The way it was contracting and gaping rapidly had me mesmerized. I knew I had to see it up close.

I dribbled some spit onto my knob and began to knead it in my fist as I approached the exhausted couple like a horny ninja. I made no sound as I crossed the floor and positioned myself over her vulnerable, pulsating sphincter and touched the slippery tip of my throbbing penis to her virgin orifice. I could only imagine that the two shared the same expression when they realized my presence at the same time. I thrust a couple of inches into her vise-like anus and put my weight on the small of her back, pressing her onto our third wheel and preventing him from escaping. Why a man of his size would have a look of terror wash over him for any reason escapes me. I felt almost as much pleasure from seeing his fucked up, fear filled face as I did from completely sinking my red, hot poker into my darling's reluctantly stretching rectum. There was no hesitation. I didn’t start slow, building to some sensual crescendo. I pummeled her fat pooper with abandon, reveling in the screams and squeals emanating from her wide open mouth. Her phenomenal ass had my dick in a death grip, milking me for all it was worth, and I loved every minute of cramming my cock into her colon. Jesse seemed to be enjoying it, too. His rod remained rigid inside her worn-out pussy, as I could feel it filling the void of her gaping cunt.

I couldn't believe the sensations I was receiving from plunging into her back door, as opposed to the usual dead-fuck vaginal intercourse I had become accustomed to. Wanda's hips and ass were actually bucking back into my pelvis, and the combination of my long, heavy strokes and Jesse's fat dong still being lodged in her pussy had her on the brink of yet another orgasm. I pulled back on her hips as I buried myself over and over, insuring that Jesse wouldn't be dislodged from the deepest point of her sex.

"Uuunnnggghhh, ungh, ungh, ungh." Wanda had lost her ability to speak momentarily as I hammered her plump rump from above. "Ro… bert,… what… the… fuck…?" her broken speech matched the cadence of my pumps. "Oh God, I'm going to EXPLODE!" she shrieked as her whole body started to shake somewhat violently. The milking actions that her poop chute had been performing on me moments earlier was amplified ten-fold as the final, and most powerful, orgasm of the afternoon encounter boiled in her loins and erupted outwardly to her farthest extremities.

I slammed into her a few more times after her inner o-ring clamped down on my turgid pole, and I couldn't hold it in anymore. Shoving my swollen cock into her as far as the physical world would allow, I began to spew every bit of anger; every ounce of frustration; every shred of pent-up sexual deprivation into her hot receptive ass. My scalding cum boiled in her rectal cauldron, and I knew Jesse was feeling the burn.

For the second time in the short span of a half hour, complete ecstasy overtook the used up whore, and she lost consciousness, again. I hesitantly withdrew my sex weapon from her exit wound, and pushed her over onto the floor; causing quite an unpleasant dismount from 'ol Jesse’s embedded cock. Wanda laid next to him in the fetal position, jerking and shaking uncontrollably.

"I think it's time you get your shit and leave, Jesse," I told him, trying to emulate Clint Eastwood in my mind. He scrambled to his feet and gathered his clothes. "Look Man, she started this shit! We was just talkin' and she started rubbin' me and grabbin' my dick and shit!" he regressed, a hint of panic in his voice. I let him get his pants on and head toward the door before I said, "you know you're fucking fired, right? I'll mail you a check for the $1,000 we owe you." "Shiiittt Man, that don't even touch what you owe me," he retorted with a slight attitude. "Consider today as covering the balance, and get the fuck out," I calmly added. "Man… fuck you," was all I heard before the door slammed.

I looked down to realize that I was positioned over my comatose wife in such a way that the remaining cum leaking from the head of my semi-hard dick was dripping onto her face and hair. I usually piss right after sex, and decided to give the slut a wake-up call. I squeezed out a short burst of urine into her face, causing her to cough and gasp as she bolted up off the floor. She could barely look at me with the mixture of tears, cum and piss coating her.

"Get up, get a shower, and head to the bedroom," I demanded, "I'm not done with you by a long shot." She hardly had her legs under her before she trotted to the bathroom, sobbing loudly on the way. I stood, stark naked, in the middle of my construction site - turned sex den, and broadly smiled as I thought about how cool I was going to make my new living room, and the fact that I was going to be fucking that luscious round ass as much as I wanted.


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Damn! That was fucking hot! My wife fucked a black 19 yo w/10 inch dick. I was out of town. Trying to get her to do it again so I can watch and play.

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I wouldn't fuck that slut after she fucked that black prick.......... I'd just kich her ass and throw her the fuck out on the street bare ass

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