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She was much loved by her family
Dear Reader,
I am about to tell you a story that even I have found hard to comprehend, I met up with a friend of mine over coffee I’d not seen her for sometime she’s young, 20 well if that’s young. We got talking; well I say talking we were there for nearly two hours, once us girls start!
I’d only just sat down at the table when June came into the café; I’d looked up and beckoned her to my table

“My Incestuous Home”

“June nice to see you! So how’ve you been then?”

“Fine, still at home!” June smiled sitting down opposite me at the table.

“But I thought you were getting engaged the last time I saw you?”

“Gail, you wouldn’t believe the life I live now, I’m not complaining mind, it’s just that so much has happened over the last couple of years!” June replied.

“What of your mother she was having a baby the last time I saw you!”

“Basically that’s where it all started from, the fact that she was having another baby” June stated, lifting her bag up onto the table. “I have a picture somewhere!”

“Let me get you a cup of tea” I got up from the table allowing her to rummage through her handbag.

“There you go!”

I took the photograph from her as I sat back down, placing her tea in front of her.

“My, what a pretty baby, boy or girl?”

“Boy, he’s nearly 14 months now!” June smiled.

“So how come this little fellow” I asked handing the picture back, “Has caused you so much grief then?”

“Well, it’s not really his fault, I’ll try to explain…but this has to be between the pair of us, not a word to anyone?”

“I’ll say nothing to anyone, you have my word!”

“Well it was about a month before Nicholas was born, the day that Philip and I were to get engaged. It was a Saturday morning, Mum came into my bedroom, I was flurrying around in my housecoat getting myself sorted as Philip and I were going out shopping, Mum and Dad had arranged a party for the evening. I knew Philip wouldn’t be coming until around till at least three in the after noon.”

“How is he by the way?”

“He’s fine, we’re still engaged!”

“You must be getting frustrated, I didn’t think you’d be one for long engagements!”

“Far from it, but as far as sex is concerned Philip wants to wait until we’ve married”

“As I say frustrated!”

“No, I’m not frustrated, let me explain, Mum sat down on my bed and watched as I worked, I asked if she was alright. She was sitting holding her tummy, being quite large by this time.

“I think its time you took your part in the family exploits, at present I think I’m past it, well at least as far as sex is concerned” She mused.

I found it hard to comprehend as to her words!” I turned back to her with a smile, sitting down next to her on the bed.

“I’m sure that Dad understands that Mum” I replied putting my arm around her shoulder.

She looked almost tearful as she answered me, placing her hand into mine.

“It’s not just your father dear, there’s Uncle Peter and James to consider!” she replied.

“I’m not with you Mum, what have they got to do with it?”

“Well as you know Uncle James isn’t married!”

“Mum, what are you trying to tell me?”

“Well, when it’s the wrong time of the month and they both need a woman”

“Wrong time of the month?”

“When Auntie Pauline has her period, Peter comes to see me, as does Uncle James. When I used to have my own, your father would go to see her!”

“For Christ sake Mum, what are you telling me?”

“Well as you can see I’m past all that now…I need to step down so to speak!” She smiled up to me holding her tummy.

“You’re not asking me to!”

Before I could fulfil my sentence Mum replied with a “Yes!”

“Your not telling me that you’re still a virgin then?” Mum quizzed.

“No, as a matter of fact I’m not!”

“Then you’ll settle to help out then?” Mum was still holding her tummy as she replied.

“At this stage I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry, I mean if your mother said that to you what would you think!” June asked of me.

“She was joking, surely?” I replied.

“Gail, as true as the day is long, she meant it, let me carry on!”

“Mum, are you telling me that you, for the choice of a word…Service Dad, and his two brothers?”

“Well yes dear, it’s only to be expected, it’s an agreement we all have, including your Auntie Grace!”

“Mum I’m getting engaged today, I’ll have my own man!”

“I’m sure you can look after more than just one I know?”

“But my father?”

“He’s an excellent lover I might tell you!”

“I’m not referring to his capabilities as a lover. Christ he’s my father!”

“My point exactly dear, then his needs should be paramount, as well as you’re Uncles. If we can’t look after our own, I think it’s a poor to-do?”

I thought no more of it, Mum left and went back downstairs, at dinner time I went and had a shower, when I got back to my room Dad was sitting on the bed, which took me by complete surprise.

“Dad, what are you doing in here?” Never did he venture into my bedroom, only as such time as to decorate or something that was needed.

“I hear your Mother has had a word with you?”

I was dumfounded, all as to what we’d spoken of had gone over my head, thinking no more of it.

“We did have a talk, but that’s as far as we got!”

“So you don’t feel as if you can help out?”

“Help out, Dad you’re my father, surely you can wait a couple of weeks?”

“It’s not as to a matter of a couple of weeks June, there’s from now until she has the baby, then at least six weeks after. At the moment my need is exceptionally strong!”

“Dad, we can’t do that!”

“Come, come you over here!” Dad put his hand out gesturing me to stand before him.

I walked over, I was going to sit on the bed beside him, but he pulled me in front of him, I’d just stepped out of the shower with only my housecoat on.

“You’ve grown into a beautiful young woman d’you know that!”

His eyes searched over my body. I can tell you Gail at the time I felt nauseated, my own father looking at me in such away.

“I think it’s time you left Dad!”

“No dear, at least hear what I have to say!”

“I’ll give you five minutes, then I’ll have to get changed!”

“Closer, just a little closer, just bare with me for a few moments, I’m sure you’ll not regret it”

I moved in toward him, I knew I’d given him five minutes to state his case so to speak, but I hadn’t realized as to his objective.

Chapter Two

“Gail, no sooner had I moved in front of him his hand went up between my legs, I couldn’t move back as he held me securely by the waist. It was then that I felt his finger, okay; I’ve been fingered before, as have we all. But this, it just took my breath from me, at the time I was fresh to sex, but the attentiveness he was administering on my body, I just couldn’t step back, I didn’t want to, to be quite truthful with you! I think that was my downfall at the time”

“Another tea?” I asked, but really I was to occupied with her story to want to leave.

“Thank you, yes I will! I’m not boring you am I?”

“Hell no, I’m intrigued!” I smiled.

“Why you’re downfall?” I asked as I sat back down with the tea’s.

“Well not perhaps a downfall, more of a heated interest, I’d never felt this way before from just a mere finger. Anyway, Dad pulled me back down onto the bed beside him, laying me into the middle of the bed. God, Gail...all I could do was just lie there. Then out of the blue he went down on me, Christ Almighty I thought, this was the closest thing to heaven that I’d known, his tongue was more like that of an elephants trunk!” June laughed at this.

“He must have a mightly big tongue!” I grinned back to her.

“Seriously, I think it was how he was working them together. Anyway I was flaked out on the bed enjoying all when I felt lips on my breast, it was then that I came too, I knew only too well his tongue wasn’t that long!” June grinned.


“Sorry!” she smiled. “Well, when I opened my eyes it was my Uncle James, I knew he was coming to dinner but I just hadn’t anticipated this, mind you again it was nice, nevertheless, where was all this going I wondered. Soon forgot my worries with the pair of them working on me. Uncle James moved up the bed sitting next to me, then offered his cock toward my mouth, I knew I just had to take it, believe me it wasn’t that small either”

“Where was your mother then?” I inquired.

“Oh, I’ll come to her in a minute! Well this was getting so orgasmic, I got so carried away that I didn’t realize my Uncle Peter had joined us!”

“There wasn’t much left for him to do surely?” I quizzed, with a smile.

“One would consider so, that was until later it was then that I realized his attendance as you might say. I thought it was Dad, but Uncle Peter had been working on my bum!”

I looked toward June with a look of anguish. At this stage I had my hand over my mouth, I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry.

“Then things really started to get organized, as if pre-arranged they all stopped, then moved around the bed lying me onto my side. Both Uncle Peter and Dad, placed their hands up to their mouths collecting spittle, dually rubbing it on their cocks. Dad entered me first, which wasn’t to bad, nevertheless the pain when Uncle Peter start to push himself up my bum. God Gail, it was horrendous it felt like a massif tree trunk, I could do nothing as Uncle James had his own cock in my mouth!”

“Well and truly fucked up by the sound of it!” I smiled.

June smiled then continued with her story.

“It was then that my mother put her head in the door. By the look on her face it told all. I’m sure she was as pleased as punch with the scene before her. “They’ll be a cup of tea on the table when you’ve all finished servicing her!” she implied then left the room.

Needless to say, I couldn’t reply as I had my mouth full, once again they all stopped, withdrew their three cocks and moved around me to the next orifice and in they all went. You may notice that I’m not complaining, Gail it was utter and sheer bliss, never have I had more than one cock at a time, but three all working simultaneously, Gail, this you must try for yourself sometime I was going though orgasm after orgasm. You considered me frustrated, never let it be said that I am that.

Before they’d all had their fill of me they’d moved around at least three times, then the finally each blowing separately. At the time Uncle Peter was in my mouth it was he who came first, and what a mouthful that was, it almost choked me. Both Uncle James and Dad placed their hands onto my shoulders as they cum, assuring full penetration, Dad was in my pussy, God the sensation of his blow was out of this world, either he wanted me badly or he’d not cum for a month, I sure did take a filling from him.

I’ll give them credit, they didn’t just up and leave me, all assisted me off the bed and downstairs. Trouble was Philip was waiting, he assumed that I’d fallen over or something due to my wobbly walk. He came to my assistance putting his arms around me, cuddling hard and then kissing me, that was the last thing I wanted at this time. There was a loud fanny fart and it came gushing, knickers alone would never hold the volume. Poor Philip,

I’d never ever done anything like this in his company, I slumped down onto one of the chairs with my head in my hands, I could sense the flood. Wind, I can understand but this, please excuse the pun Gail, but this was more like a gale. I had to wait until he himself left the room before dashing up to the toilet myself.

Later we went shopping, it was like living on the edge, Christ Gail, I daren’t even stretch up to a shelf.

Since that time Mum and myself have shared the three of them, but the sexual enjoyment now is sheer bliss.

“What of Philip, when do you hope to get married then?” I asked.

“You’ve a point there Gail, trouble is he thinks I’m squeaky clean like himself a virgin, Christ Gail, if I let his cock anywhere near me now it would think it was on walkabout, the local bus uses me as a turn around space”

I would be grateful if any of my readers know June,
please say nothing, you’ll reconised her easly by her walk!

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2009-01-23 22:08:12
I bumped into June yesterday. She's fine, six months pregnant, unmarried, but fine.

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2008-06-10 01:13:40
An allright story. A little too much insestual fucking. I thing it's much more erotic to have sex with just one or two parents/brothers/sisters/uincles/aunts and cousins. I enjoyed my sister,mother and mother's friend for many, many years. Then my wife and couple of other women along the way and then again my mother the week I burried my father.


2007-10-23 16:11:29
IM SORRY! I didn't write that comment!


2006-07-03 23:32:22
oh my god this was so sexy what about ch 2


2005-12-10 16:07:17
Plot was pretty far fetched, but detail was good. Keep up the good work and work more on plot and interlude.

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