A lonely divored woman and her friends
Dinner for 3

It was a bright sunny Saturday morning and I woke up with the sun shining through my windows. I glanced over to look over at the clock and noticed it was almost 9. As I lay back on the bed not wanting to get up, the phone rings, the caller ID said that it was Matt calling, a smile crosses my face he was so fucking hot, anyway he always wants to check on me and to ask how I had been holding up since the divorce.
I tell him that it has been hard, with not having a man around, not that I needed one but more because I’ve been extremely horny lately and no way of getting any pleasure.

He told me that he and Kati would be stopping by later because Kati had been thinking about my sweet pussy for weeks, My ex-husband never knew that I had fantasized about and had actually been having 3sum’s with Matt and Kati since the day I had met them, which was right about the time that me and my husband starting having our marital issues, I had found out my husband had been having an affair with several women and I finally busted him.

I knew that when they came over Kati would purposely not wear panties; Kati did that on purpose so she could expose her hot, wet, sweet, smooth shaven pussy to me, and she knew it drove me nuts to see her like that.

I couldn’t wait to get my tongue on her swollen clit and suck her slit until she climaxed over and over in my mouth.

After talking to Matt it was about thirty minutes later that I had decided to get out of bed, but as I started to move I felt how wet my pussy was, I slid my hand down to my pussy and I felt how wet I had become and that my clit was swollen and achy.

The thought of Matt and Kati had turned me on so much that I needed to relieve some of the pent up sexual frustration I wanted to reach my orgasm fast, my nipples got rock hard with the slightest touch, I closed my eyes and place my fingers on my nipples and squeeze them getting them even more erect.

My fingers slip down once again to my swollen nub and I rubbed it slowly in a circular motion making it harder, after playing with my clit for a few, my fingers found their way inside my pussy, god I wanted to feel Matt’s cock deep inside me, I pushed my fingers as deep as I could push them, Once I found my G-spot and started to massage it I couldn’t hold back anymore, my body had a sudden shudder and my pussy squirted and gushed out with hot juices.

After I had made myself orgasm several more times I’ve decided to finally get up and get ready.
As I gathered up my clothes and such to go take my shower, I couldn’t get Matt and Kati out of my mind, I wanted to play more in the shower but decided against it, so I finish my shower and got dressed and put my makeup on.

Glancing over to look at the clock, I saw that I still had a few hours before they would be showing up.
I walked into the kitchen to prepare what I’m going to make for dinner when the phone rings. It was Kati calling to say they’ll be here early.

Hearing the sound of her voice in my ear made me wet, and started to make me wish they were here now so we could have our hot steamy fun, but none the less it was still going to happen no matter the time they got here.

Working on the dinner causes me to lose track of time because the next thing I knew the doorbell rang.
I answer the door to see Matt and Kati standing in front of me. Seeing them increased the desire that was building deep within my pussy. They came in, took them to the couch so that they could sit down and ask if they wanted something to drink, they both replied that they would love some wine.

I brought each of them a glass of wine and told them to drink up while I finish fixing dinner, and I couldn’t help it but my eyes kept glancing over at them and staring at Kati’s sexy long legs.

She had on a very short black strapless dress. The dress hugged her sexy curves in all the right places. I stared lower and noticed that once again she wasn’t wearing any panties, god I feel my pussy start to get wet through my red lace see thru thong. She looked my way and I turned my head quickly back to what I was doing, hoping she hadn’t caught me staring at her.

I finally finished getting dinner on the table when I felt a brush of air come up from behind me.

Kati had walked up behind me and whispered in my ear, “Kathy I know you want me, and you want to eat my sweet pussy, I know because I’ve wanted your pussy for some time now.” With tht hse walked away and went back to sit with Matt.

God Kati made me weak in the knees when she whispered in my ear; it was so intense that I felt my pussy squirt a little into my panties, but then at the same time, Matt could do things to me Kati couldn’t do, and oh my god could he make me cum like no other man,

I was lost in a daze I could smell her perfume as she walked away, she smelled so fucking good, it was as if the sweet smell was inviting me to kiss her neck, I had to get my mind back on dinner, so I quickly changed the subject and announced dinner was ready so let’s eat.

We all sit on the table and started to eat the spaghetti and meatballs I had cooked for dinner, During dinner I felt something brush across my leg softly and very seductively, I looked over at Kati and she smiled that beautiful sexy smile I loved so much. Matt noticed the look me and Kati shared, and he knew how badly his wife wanted to fuck me.

After we had finish dinner, I already knew what was going to happen, but as a formality I asked Matt and Kati what they wanted to do.

Matt says, “Kathy you know what we want to do, it’s what we love to do with you, and all Kati talked about on the way here was how badly she wanted to fuck you, and eat your sweet pussy, hell she talked about it so much that my cock got really hard and she gave me a blowjob on the way here to help relieve the pressure!”
I blushed and smiled at the same time as I told them, “you know I love our time together, the way you and Kati make me feel, and it’s been way to long since I have had both of you, my pussy has be throbbing all day with the thought of you both in my bed fucking me!”

With that said, I grabbed Kati’s hand and walked them into my bedroom, as we all got in the room, Matt closed the door behind us.

Matt sat down on the bed and says, “I want you and Kati to play together so that I can watch.” Kathy smiled and replied, “My pleasure baby.” Kati and Kathy kissed me on the lips, then start to strip each other’s clothes off, Kati moved closer to me and put her hand behind my head and unzips my dress. The dress falls to the floor and her eyes widen, her hands are drawn to my bra covered breast and as she is caressing them she tells me, “Kathy you have such a beautiful body,” We start to kiss passionately as we gaze into each other’s eyes.

Matt watches in excited pleasure as his wife and girlfriend start making out wildly and passionately, Kati reaches behind my back to the snaps on my bra and with a quick snap unhooks it making it fall the floor, She stands there admiring my breasts for a few minutes.

I was so fucking turned on right now that I told her, “Kati I want you to lick my nipples, and suck them the way you love too.” Lifting one of my breasts to her lips she replies, “I will with pleasure baby.” After kissing and sucking my nipples until they were hard, she takes my hand and walked me over to the bed and she laid me down on it.

Kati laid next to me as she cupped my breasts in her hands and starts to suck on my harden nipples once again. Kati was still dressed, and to Matt that just wouldn’t do, Matt comes up behind her and unzips her dress and peels it off of her and exposes her naked sexy body just for me to admire.

After sucking on my nipples for while she looks up at me, I knew what she was thinking, and she seemed to read my mind as she said, “Kathy I want to eat your pussy so bad, I want to make you cum hard and squirt in my mouth!” “Oh god Kati, I want you to eat my pussy and make me cum hard just for you, I want to feel your tongue deep inside my pussy and feel you sucking on my clit!”

Kati kissed down my body, kissing all over my belly, her kisses were soft, exciting me more, as she reached my panties she pulls them down with her teeth in the front and used her hands for the back, I arched my back up, lifting my ass off the bed so they would come off.

Kati tossed my panties over to Matt, he snatched them out of the air and put them to his face as he smelled my womanly smell on them his eyes were closed as he inhaled, breathing me in.

As Matt sat and watched, Kati dove between my thighs like it was her last meal, she ate my pussy so fucking good, she licked me, sucked me, bit me and whatever else she could do with her mouth, I couldn’t help but start to cum a few minutes after she started to ravage me and rape me with her mouth, oh the things she could do with her tongue, then I shuddered as I felt her insert a finger into my pussy, that made me cum so fucking hard.

Kati started to finger fuck me, pushing her finger deep into me, after I had came a couple times she inserted a second finger into my pussy, my god she was driving me fucking crazy!

I reached down and pushed her head hard against my pussy as my orgasm explode into her waiting mouth, I was lost in ecstasy.

As I started to recover from my orgasm I looked over at Matt, he was butt ass naked sitting in a chair at the end of the bed, he was stroking his now hard cock while watching his wife pleasure my body, it turned me on even more as my body starts to quiver because I knew I was about to cum yet again feeling my lovers tongue fucking my clit.

Kati was far from being done with my pussy, She takes my pussy lips and spreads them apart, I had just came again and my pussy was glistening with my juices, Kati flicked her tongue on my hot waiting clit, I moaned out loud “Oh damn Kati, you know how to work the spots to please a woman.” I could hear Kati’s muffled response, “Fuck Kathy you taste so fucking sweet, so damn sweet that I could just eat your pussy all fucking night.”

I looked at Matt he was stroking his shaft which has gotten fully hard now, Seeing Kati eating my pussy got him horny as hell, he saw me looking at him, that’s when he got up and walked over to the bed, Kati was on her hands and knees bent over eating my pussy, Matt laid back on the bed placing his head under Kati’s pussy and spreads her legs apart and pulling her down to his face as he pushes his tongue into her tight wet pussy.

Kati’s body starts to shake as Matt buries his tongue deep in her tight cunt.
Kati starts to moan as Matt devourers her sweetness, as she continues to eat my pussy.
I shout out I’m going to cum again baby, She slides a few fingers deep in my cunt again pushing them in deep, I couldn’t keep my composure anymore and I shoot cum all over her face, Matt continues to eat Kati’s pussy giving her multiple orgasms.

When Matt was done dining on Kati’s pussy, he came up to share a kiss with each of us so we could share taste her juices.

Kati and I tell Matt to lie on the bed so we can take turns sucking his hard throbbing cock. I start licking up and down his shaft as Kati sucks his balls deep in her mouth.

Matt’s cock gets harder the more I lick it. I slide it in my mouth as deep as it’ll go. My mouth touches Kati’s as she’s continues to suck his balls, Matt was in fucking heaven, he pulled us up off his cock and said, “Kathy I want you to sit on my face so I can eat your sweet pussy, while Kati rides me and fucks me.” I slide my lips up off his cock and climb up and sit directly over his face, Kati straddles over him and gets on his cock and slides it deep into her tight pussy.

Matt teased my clit with his tongue making it swell up, and darting his tongue in and out of my wet slit, Kati and I start moaning simultaneously Matt fucks both of us.

Placing his hands on Kati’s hips Matt shoves his cock deeper in her pussy while I grind my pussy back and forth across his hot tongue. He makes her cum over and over as my juices run into his mouth. I get off of him and tell Kati that I want to fuck him and I want her to sit on his face.

We switched places as I climbed on his cock, I wanted to feel it deep inside my tight wet cunt. The scent of hot sex starts to fill the room and we all feel hot pleasure going through us. I arch my back as my hips move up and down his cock. His balls grind against my ass as my wet pussy makes wet smacking noises against our bodies.

I grab Kati’s tits and begin to suck and lick on her nipples causing her moan loud. We both tell Matt that we’re getting ready to cum, we both came so fucking hard, god the things Matt could do with his mouth and his cock was mind blowing.

Once Kati and I cum I tell Kati, “it’s my turn to taste your wet sweet pussy.” Kati lies back on the bed and I get between her legs, my pussy was dripping with my juices as I devour her juices and sucking them out.
I buried my tongue deep in her hot cunt sucking her dry, but instead I made her cum harder, watching me eat Kati’s pussy Matt says, “Kathy I love how you build my wife’s orgasm up and then make her cum hard.” I just looked at him and smiled and sucked Kati’s clit harder, right then she let out an orgasmic cream that she was Cumming, she squirted into my mouth, it was so much that it ran down my chin.

After Kati let out her major orgasm, Matt puts us on our knees and takes turns fucking our asses. We rub each other’s pussies and making one another cum over and over.

Matt shouts out, “I’m going to cum,” Moaning as loud as he can; Matt shoots his hot load on our backs and asses. After Matt came, me and Kati Take turns licking it off of each other Kati and I swap his cum back and forth until we swallow it. Finally, we lay in the bed with Matt between us. We fall asleep in his arms, thinking about all the great times we’ll have to come.

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