2 strangers on a train
The Ride

The cab pulled up to the Grand central train station in New York City. The cabbie jumped out of the car and made sure he opened the door to the cab for her. As she stepped onto the pavement with her black stiletto heels she was thinking what a foggy gray dismal day it was.

Her heart tugged at the thought of leaving the bright lights of the big city. She knew she was going to miss the stage, the glamour and style of the big apple but now it was time for it to come to an end and move forward to the presidential theater in Washington DC.

She paid the cabbie and gave him extra for turning in her bags. The cabbie then said "Thanks you miss and pardon me but aren’t you that lady who was in that musical on Broadway?" She waved him away and stated you must be thinking of someone else.

She loved her public but now she was only herself and wanted the silence and solitude of her private compartment and how all she wanted to do was strip her heels off and relax for the long ride. Just then she heard the sounding of the whistle of the train and quickened her pace so she wouldn’t miss boarding.
She grabbed tightly to her big rimmed black hat with a big bold satin red bow and quickly made her way to board. The whistle screeched again and she heard the conductor yell "All aboard!" She reached up to grab the rail and swung herself around to pull herself up onto the train. Just then another hand reached up above hers and felt a body push up against her back.

Startled she felt the heat up against her cheek as he whispered in her ear "Excuse me my lady can’t miss this train!" She reached up and took her hat off and looked slightly over her shoulder. She caught a glimpse of a strong chin with a partial well trimmed beard shaping around his mouth and a smile. She also got a glimpse of his dark eyes as he looked down at her.

She turned around and felt a tingle up her spine and goose bumps on her arms. As she caught her breath she was thinking what that feeling was all about. She shook it off and grounded herself. Just then the gentleman was standing in front of her and parted the way so she could walk ahead of them. The mysterious man gave a devilish smile and said "After you my lady." She turned her head slightly and threw her long light blonde hair over her left shoulder, gave a half smile and a nod.

Finally! She made it to her private compartment and began to slide the door open when she saw that strong mysterious man sitting in her private compartment! She looked at her ticket, and then looked at the outside of the door, then back down at her ticket. This must be a mistake she thought to herself. She could feel the heat of irritation come over her body. "EXCUSE me sir but you obviously are in the wrong compartment because I paid a large amount of money to have this one to myself."

He looked down at his ticket and with that devilish smile and a soft laugh said “Don’t think so my lady this is definitely where I am suppose to be. Would you care to check?" She moved into the compartment and angrily threw her hand bag on the seat across from him. While standing she slowly stripped her overcoat off her body to reveal her dark blood red satin wrap around dress.

It was low cut to show some cleavage and came up around her shoulders partially to show off her neck. She heard him let out a soft whistle and while bending down slightly to lay her coat down, turned her head with a raised eyebrow and an irritated smile to show him she was not amused!

"Sorry my lady" again with that devilish smile and my lady! Why does he keep doing that she thought to herself. And WHY does my body shutter every time he does that!

Mad as a hatter she sat down and crossed her legs. As she did it revealed slightly the top of her sheer black laced thigh high. When she noticed she fixed her dress while looking across at this mysterious man who was staring at her legs. Right at that moment before she could say something the conductor entered. She shot the mysterious man a quick smile and turned to the conductor...

“Thank god your here! There has been a horrible mistake Mr. Conductor. As you can see from my ticket this is my own private compartment which I paid a great deal of money for." The conductor took both tickets and began looking them over. I looked at the gentleman seated across from me with a huge smile of satisfaction knowing I would get my way!

The conductor then stated “I am so sorry ma’am you are right but it looks like someone double booked this compartment on accident and the train is full to the brim." She saw the mysterious man cross both arms and stare at her with a devilish grin and say “oh come on now don’t pout gorgeous maybe it won’t be that horrible." and chuckled.

She was irritated! "DONT YOU HAVE ANY IDEA WHO I AM!" she said to the conductor. "Yes I do but that will not change your situation. What can I do to try to make this up to you?" She started to think through the smoke coming out her ears and said "Fine if this is how it will stay then this is what you will do for me... This is now a smoking compartment and I want free drinks for the rest of the trip. You will start with getting me a dirty martini with extra olives. And give him whatever he wants!" The conductor said that will be doable and started to apologize again for the mistake.

The conductor looked at me and asked if I wanted to try and get moved to another compartment, as well as what I wanted to drink, I told him, “no I don’t believe I want to relocate to another compartment, I seem to find the view in here very pleasing to the eye if you know what I mean, and as for the drink I would love a beer and a yager bomb, thank you.”

Jennifer shot me a look that could kill, but in my case it was turning me on.

Well my lady aren’t you the strong demanding type, “do you always seem to get your way?” I asked her. Glaring at me with her now famous look that I found very alluring, she replied, “yes I do, I always get what I want, one way or another.” I sported my evil little grin, with thoughts in my head that I think she would find both very rude and wrong, or then again maybe it’s what she would like, or even what she needed, she was wound tighter than a banjo in a hillbillies hands.

What I think she need was to get laid! So smiling at her I asked, “So my lady, what may I ask is your name?’ she replied, “Jennifer.” “Well Jennifer very nice to meet you.” She replied in kind, “and what is your name sir?” I replied, “You can call me, Mr.X” looking stunned Jennifer shot me a look and demanded, “Excuse me? That is not your name, tell me your name or I will not speak to you the entire trip!!”

I smiled, “just call me Mr.X, that’s all you need to know.” “Jennifer shot back, “do you know who I am?” I replied, “Actually I am very well aware of who you are and what you do for a living, but it doesn’t mean I have to tell you my name now does it?” Jennifer crossed her arms and it looked like she was pouting, maybe because I didn’t fall under her demands.

I could feel my cock start to stir, I don’t think she realized that when she had bent over I caught a glimpse down her blouse, and I happened to catch when she sat down that she was wearing black lace thigh highs, very sexy, made me think what was further up those legs.

“Well my lady, since you see fit to not talk to me this trip, I do believe that I shall try to take a short nap, but however if you order any drinks please do for me as well.”, as I laid back in the seat and closed my eyes.

Me saying I wouldn’t talk to him for the rest of the trip was a little dramatic and premature of me, but ooohhhhh did he have this way of getting underneath my skin. Did I hate the way my body reacted to him or was it the fact that I truly missed my body reacting like that to a man.

She watched him as he was taking a so called nap and was actually impressed with his attire. He was wearing a Calvin Klein dress shirt that was dark red, and should I say almost matched exactly with my satin dress. He also had on black dress pants that were definitely tailored to fit him just right, I could see the bulge in his pants. You could tell he had his shoes shined recently too. So he must make a decent living at least.

I have to say he was quite attractive. Jennifer, Jennifer, Jennifer, what are you doing?! I must be losing my mind! This man is a total stranger and I am checking him out! From the moment his body was pushed up against mine there was this chemistry. And let me add that my hand could feel how hard his chemical reaction to me was. My, my, my it’s starting to get a little warm in here. I was getting turned on and wet as my mind began to wander in all kinds of directions.

Slowly I moved over until I was next to where he was napping. Once I realized what I had just done I tried not to laugh out loud in humiliation. I spoke softly, " Come on are you really sleeping??" He didn’t move but said "Yes I am trying to, do you mind??" " and let me just add the crawling over to me was quite hot!?"

"Shit! You saw that?" she said. "Out of the corner of my eye Jennifer." he replied. Of course the whole time he just kept laying there with his eyes closed. I started biting the corner of my bottom lip and sighed. Right then there was a knock on the door, I shot back to my seat and said “it’s open” and the waiter slid the door to the compartment open, " Here are the drinks you requested, and the Conductor suggested we also bring you both some appetizers and champagne." the waiter pushed the cart into the middle of the compartment. I waited to see if this Mr. X was gonna wake to give a tip but instead he continued to lay there and responded, "You want to tip the waiter Sweetie?" adding a laugh.

The nerve!!!! I reached up over my seat and grabbed my hand bag, "Thank you very much." I told the waiter while at the same time looking over at this Mr. X. Whatever in pure deep seeded anger. I wanted to take his beer and yager bomb and throw it in his face! But I didn’t and I certainly wasn’t going to allow this, this, this MAN get to me this way...BUT he was and I found my mind drifting to thoughts of me pushing him up against the wall of the compartment and kissing him ravenously on the mouth.

He sat up and took his shot then reached for his beer "Cheers Ms. Jennifer" as he tipped the bottle slightly in my direction with that sexy smile of his. We both stood up at the same time when suddenly there was a jolt and we landed in each other’s arms. I wanted to wiggle away but the feel of his arms around me aroused me in a way a haven’t been aroused in a long, long, while. He looked down at me with those intense eyes and said "Well Hi there!" I could feel him growing against my thigh and I liked it! He brought his mouth closer to mine and without physically touching my lips left them there playing with me. His mouth was so close I could feel the warmth. God how I wanted him to just kiss me hard on the mouth!

As I started to pull away he grabbed my hand and brought me hard against his chest. I found my hand reaching down the inner part of his thigh and found what I was feeling for. His cock was hard as steel and long the way I liked it. I rubbed up and down making it grow bigger. I knew what i wanted for dinner and I wanted it now!

"I am so sorry sir; my hand seems to have a mind of its own. Hope that wasn’t too bold of a move?!" He reached up and moved my hair off to the side and went right for my trigger spot, my neck. He bit and sucked and kissed away. The space between my thighs was getting wetter with every touch.

"This is insane! We don’t even know each other!" but I didn’t want to stop, and I didn’t. I threw him back into the seat and knelt down between his legs. With my teeth I unbuttoned and unzipped his pants and without hesitation out sprang dinner. I started to lightly suck the tip until I could taste the pre-cum on my lips then took him completely into my mouth.

His hands reached up and grabbed my hair. I took him deeper into my throat and added pressure with mouth as I moved up and down his beautiful awesome cock. I would start getting faster and faster and then I would slow down just enough. Then pick up the pace until he finally let out a groan and I could feel him Tense up and felt three shots of his thick cum shoot straight into the back of my throat. I didn’t waste a drop as he emptied his load into my mouth, my god he tasted sooooo gooood.

Laying back on the seat all I could think was that this woman was fucking amazing, she worked my cock like a woman who was hungrier than a woman in jail, her lips where soft against my cock yet hot and warm too, I couldn’t help but unload my cum down her throat, maybe she wasn’t as stuck up as I thought she was, so I figured what the hell it was my turn to see what I could do to her.

Jennifer sat back on her knees, licking her lips and a huge smile on her face, like she was proud of what she had done.

I stood up, my pants fell to the ground, I looked at the door and reached over and locked it, I didn’t want anyone coming in while I was going to have my way with her.

she stood up in front of me and helped me out of my shirt, I was butt ass naked in front of her, yet her dress was still on, of course I had to fix that.

I literally tore her dress from her, she protested a little, and it turned me on. I figured she need a good hard fucking and I was the man who was going to do it, she tried to push me back down, I stood my ground, with my evil smile my hand went around her neck and put her against the wall of the compartment, Jennifer gasped in surprise, I leaned in and kissed her hard and deep on her mouth, while sliding one hand down over her breast down to her pussy……OMG, she was so fucking hot and wet, she was being turned on like a wildcat.

I finger fucked her to an orgasm as I still held her by her throat against the wall, when she was weak from her explosion, still holding her in my hand I turned her around, standing behind her, my hand never leaving her throat, I used my other hand to start playing with her tits, grabbing them and pinching her nipples, she let out a little shriek.

Moving her over to one of the seats I released her throat and grabbed her hair as I forced her to bed over, and down to her knees, my cock was raging fucking hard again, even after the load she had just sucked from my cock.

I knelt behind her, my cock begging to be deep inside her pussy, I lean forward and whisper in her ear, “ so Ms. Jennifer, are you ready for the fuck of your life? I bet you didn’t think that a simple train ride would end up as one hell of a ride did you?” moaning Jennifer replied, “my god I didn’t think this would happen, I want you to fuck me, fuck me hard damn it,” with a smile I guided my cock to her waiting pussy and with one thrust I buried it deep, all the way in, I felt it touch her cervix, her pussy felt tight, and warm.

I moved cock slowly at first so she could adjust to my manhood, but shortly started to build up my pace fucking her harder and deeper with every thrust, looking down at her body, it was beautiful, her ass was heart shaped, her skin was smooth, these things made me even harder and really want to pound her pussy.

Jennifer just kept Cuming and Cuming on my cock it was like she couldn’t get enough, I felt my balls start to tighten up and my load wanting to be released, I grabbed her hair and pulled her head back, and started to kiss and nibble her neck as my cum started to pour deep inside her pussy, I couldn’t believe how much cum I still had built up, I shot stream after stream into her.

I kissed her on the middle of her back as my cock slid out of her soaked pussy.

We fell back onto the seats, spent from our wild fuck, but god damn it was fucking hot, I looked over at Jennifer, she was laid back on the seat her legs spread open, I could see my cum dripping from her cunt, as I watched her she slid her hand down to her pussy and scooped some of my come from her wetness and licked it off her fingers.

when she finished cleaning her pussy with her fingers and sucking it down she got on her hands and knees and crawled to me, taking my spent cock into her mouth licking it and sucking it cleaning up both of our juices from it.

next thing we know we hear the train whistle blow we were coming into the station in a few minutes, Jennifer and I got up and quickly got dressed, and it was just in time there was a knock on the door, it was the conductor, he knocked and said pulling into the station and walked on.

before we left the compartment I pulled her close to me and kissed her deeply a kiss that made her weak in the knees, and as we parted from the kiss she looks at me and ask, "so Mr.X, are you going to tell me your name?

with a devilish smile I replied, "Ms.Jennifer if I told you my name that would ruin our fantasy now wouldn't?" I smiled, grabbed my bag and headed off the train..........

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