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Could you're daughter wind you around her finger
Gail Holmes

“For God’s sake Nina! He’s in the garden shed; leave the poor man alone, your perpetually wanting this or that. I don’t know why he gives into you all the time?”

Nina sauntered slowly to the bottom of the garden she could see her father working through the small glass window. Knowing this would be asking a lot, hoping that she’d still be able to wind him around her finger, as she normally did.

“Hi Dad!”

“Nina…I thought you’d gone into town?” Eric smiled, stepping away from his workbench, wiping his hands on an old piece of cloth.

“No, thought I’d come down and see if I could help you!”

“That sounds debatable!” Eric laughed. “You’re up to something young lady aren’t you?”

“Why d’you say that Dad!” Nina turned and sat on a stool beside the bench. “What are you making anyway?”

“An ottoman, your mothers been onto me for weeks, if I don’t do it soon, I’m sure I’ll get it in the ear”

“They’re a bit old fashioned aren’t they Dad? Nan has one”

“Doubtless that’s where she got the idea from. So come on what are you after, and what could you possibly do to help me?”

“Why do I have to be after something? I often used to help you!”

“You’ve grown up a bit since then, you mean when you used to clear up wood shavings in the old days, you where knee high to a grasshopper then!” Eric chuckled to himself. “Come on young lady your up to something, I know you of old!” Eric grinned down to her.

Nina had turned 18 just three months ago, she was a lovely girl and her father loved her to bits, Eric was a real proud father, they had two daughters Nina being the oldest then little Amy who was twelve he’d spoilt them both wicked from the word go. Nina had her mother’s good looks, and a stunning figure, with the longest of blonde hair. Eric never did make out how she came by that, there was no strain of blonde in his side of the family.

He worried as most fathers do with teenage daughters, over protective on most occasions, and well she knew it. Frequently she would leave her bedroom door ajar, if only just to goad him as he went by. Nina knew only to well of her pulling power with her good looks and figure, when her parents weren’t around she could be a right prick teaser.

“If anything this would be the hardest thing to get from her father, she hadn’t mentioned it to her mother, she’d have stood no chance should she have had an inkling of Nina’s needs.

“So come on then, what is it this time? You’ll have to come out with it sooner or later; you look fit to bust” Eric never turned as he spoke, more than likely trying to wind her up, he usually did this when she dilly-dallied, with her words.

“You know me only to well Dad, but this is something that’s really essential, I require it for my work!” Nina knew she’d be asking for the earth, it wasn’t really essential for her work. But she recognized it was a way of getting through to him, if he thought she was going to enhance herself, he’d succumb to her desires.

“Out with it!” Eric turned to face her with a broad smile on his face, never had she held back like this.

“It’s a Laptop…Dad, I really do need it!”

“What is a laptop for heavens sake?”

“It’s a computer that you can carry around with you Dad!”

“I thought they we’re big things, how can you carry one of those around with you?”

“That’s why it’s called a laptop Dad, its like a briefcase, it all folds up!”

“So how much is one of these fold up computers then?” Eric placed his hands on his hips and smiled.

“About…Dad, they’re not cheap! But they are necessary ”

“Knowing you, I wouldn’t expect them to be?” Eric chuckled

“Around £1500, give or take a pound here or there!”

“Give or take how much! Nina…Where have I got that sort of money, it doesn’t grow on trees you know?”


“You’ll get Dad, have you told you’re mother of this?”

“You…you know I couldn’t do that Dad!”

“You couldn’t do what dear?” Ann quizzed as she came to the door of the shed.

“It’s nothing Mum, I was just joking with Dad!”

“I need you to come down town with me dear, I have some shopping to get, I’m sure you don’t disapprove do you Eric? I’m sure you don’t require her, pestering you whilst you’re working?”

“No…that’s okay with me sweetheart, you go…do your bit’s and pieces, I have plenty to do here.

Nina realized that by her father not declaring anything to her mother, at least he was considering her laptop. She appreciated he had the money, but if her mother knew they’d be no chance, she’d have to work he way around him.

The trip to town was exciting, Ann did buy Nina a few bits and pieces then they stopped for a cup of tea with a friend of her mothers. Both weighed down with shopping by the time all was finished.

“Go down and get your father or he’ll be in that shed all night!” Ann informed Nina when they finally got home. “Tell him I’m just putting the kettle on!”

Nina said nothing about the laptop when she spoke to her father when she got to the garden shed.

“I take it that your mother has bought up the town the time you’ve been!” Eric looked at his watch as he spoke. “I suppose you’ve said nothing to her about this laptop of yours?”

“No Dad, but I am willing to do anything should the need be!”

Eric wasn’t too sure of her meaning, never ever has she suggested that she could help in anyway towards getting any of her requirements over time? He did wonder as to significance of her offer.

“I’ll have to put you to the test!” He laughed, following Nina out of the shed towards the house.

Nina realised the implication of her words, but did wonder as to how her father had taken them. She knew from time to time she’d wound him up, well at least she thought she had, if it’s possible for a girl to do that to her father. But would he get her the laptop she considered, it would be worth it.

“Ah, back from your hideaway then, didn’t think I see you till the early hours!” Ann sniggered, knowing how Eric was once he’d set his mind onto doing something. “Come on, sit you down, I’ve brought some nice cakes. Where’s Amy, she should be back from school by now?”

“She gone to stay with her friend, she asked if she could stay over being as it’s the weekend. Told me she’d be back early in the morning so I let her go, It’ll give us a bit of piece and quiet for once! I take it that you got everything you needed?” Eric looked on the kitchen worktop that was smothered with carrier bags.

“Think so!” Ann laughed. “Bumped into Wendy whist we were in town, she asked if I’d go down and see her tonight maybe a game of cards, would you like to come?”

“Heck no! I’ll take a rain check on that one if you don’t mind, I don’t think I could handle her all evening, I’ve never known a woman talk so much. Will you be late?”

“Back about eleven, Wally will drop me off I should think. That alright with you?”

“Yes fine! Make sure he only drops you off though, I don’t want him in here gassing!” Wally was all right in small doses; he and his wife Wendy could talk the hind leg off a donkey given the chance.

Nina knew this was her chance, with her mother and Amy out of the way she would be able to work on her father.

“What are you doing to night dear?” Ann asked Nina, whilst she busied herself clearing the table.

“I’ll stay in I think, want to wash my hair anyway”

“Are going to be alright; normally you say it’s to much for you to do it on your own?” Ann asked sympathetically knowing the length of Nina’s hair.

“You’d help me…wouldn’t you Dad?” Nina smiled at her father.

“Yes of course, you go on out and enjoy yourself.” Eric replied, turning to Ann. “We’ll manage won’t we Nina!” The thought of a night in on his own pleased Eric, Nina was no trouble, and usually she spent half the night in her bedroom anyhow.

I’m going up to have a bath now Dad, I’ll give you a call when I want to start on my hair, is that still okay!” Nina had given her mother plenty of time to get down the road before she stood from her armchair. “You don’t mind do you Dad?”

“Of course not sweetheart; you go ahead, there’s nothing on the telly anyway. It’s not a problem!” Eric put down his book, and took up his pipe and starting filling it as Nina moved away.

Nina knew, what she had decided would either make him or break him, she hoped the latter. She’d spent at least 40 minutes socking in the bath, making sure to add all the smelly bath salts.

“I’m ready Dad!” She called from the bathroom door; with a large bath towel wrapped around her, holding it around her waist loosely.

Eric laid his pipe in the ashtray and stood, “Little work, then a nice sit back with my book” He thought, making for the stairs.

“Right young lady, lets see what a mess I can make of this!” Eric grinned as he walked into the bathroom.

“Thank you Dad, I’ll lean over the bath if you like it will be easier that way!” Nina moved to the bath and knelt, bending over the edge, Eric noticed that the towel came up to just below her bottom as he stood behind her, her legs were slightly apart, allowing her the lowest position with her hair dangling into the bath.

Standing momentary for a few moments, he would have loved to put his hand up between her long legs knowing she’d nothing on underneath.

“You Ok Dad?” Nina asked, knowing what must be going through his mind at the time.

“Sorry sweetheart, I was looking for the shampoo!”

“It’s here Dad, I’ve already got it out!” Nina smiled to herself hidden by the amount of hair over her face.

Eric kneeled down beside her, the thought of her being panty less really effected him; he wanted to see if not feel between her legs. He quickly reached above Nina’s head collecting a small hand mirror from the shelf, putting it on the floor behind her.

“I’ll just sort the temperature out on the shower, then we’ll be well away” Eric informed her, as he started to run the water.

He hastily adjusted the temperature, then let the water run, reaching down behind her picking up the mirror and adjusted it up under the towel. A hornier sight he couldn’t have hoped for, her pussy was a delightful sight, with just a smidgen of blonde hair covering it. Eric could feel the effect it was having on him, as he’s cock started to harden.

“God, if only!” He thought.

“Is that not hot enough yet Dad?” Nina asked without moving her head.

“It’s fine now sweetheart…you couldn’t get a little lower down could you, or we’ll have it all over the floor”

Nina edged closer to the bath spreading her legs even wider lowering herself onto the bath. Eric lost no time in re-adjusting the mirror, this time he could see clearly, even her little puffy pussy lips we’re in clear view.

“What are you doing Dad, it must be hot enough by now!”

“It’s fine!” Eric replied as he started to let the water flow from the showerhead over her hair, rubbing his fingers thought as it got wet.

He’s thought’s we’re down between her legs, his cock ached with the notion of seeing under that towel once more. He couldn’t remember the last time he’d felt so horny. At this moment he could fuck a piece of raw meat given the chance.

“Make sure you rub the shampoo in won’t you Dad…right in to the roots!”

“I’d like to shove his cock into the roots.” Eric thought

“Hey, who’s doing this me or you, should have let me do this before, we’ll have your hair in perfect condition by the time I’ve finished”

“Didn’t think you’d want to be bothered with it Dad, you’ve never said before!” Nina muttered under the stream of running water.

“D’you always wash your hair when you’ve had a bath?”

Nina knew at this stage that he’d seen something, and realised that he must be able to see under the towel, she didn’t appreciate that he’d set up the mirror between her legs. Eric felt like lifting the towel and pushing his cock straight into her, he could feel his cock leaking at the thought of it.

“Why do you ask that?” Nina shuffled as she spoke opening her legs even wider.

“A good rinse now, then some conditioner I think!” Eric ignored her question, but it didn’t stop him looking over his shoulder.

“Your out to do a good job then Dad!” Nina laughed.

“I like to think I’m good at most things that I do!” Eric replied

“He’d make a grand job of fucking her given the chance,” He thought!

Nina didn’t appreciate just how much her father was worked up over her; if she had, she’d have debated the laptop there and then. Eric, like most men, think with their cock anyway. But she knew she had him just where she wanted him. If he said no by the time she’d finished with him, she realised it would be hopeless. But would she get away with it, what could he say.

Once Eric had finished rinsing off the conditioner Nina stood with her back to him as he rub dried her hair. After a while she turned to face him, allowing him to work on the front. It was then that her plan came into force; letting go of the towel she stood naked in front of him.

“My God!” Eric stammered, moving away from her, not really to leave but to feast his eyes on the display before him.

“Dad...Don’t go!” Nina said gripping him by the arm, as he turned as she thought to leave the room.

“Nina!” Eric quizzed as he turned back, Nina moved in tighter to him, immediately she felt the hardness in his trousers, placing her hand down between them.

“You really want to go Dad?”

“Your…mother will…be home soon!” Eric faltered as he spoke.

Nina picked up her watch from the stool. “In about an hour and a half Dad?” She smiled, her hand still holding Eric’s cock firmly.

Although Nina had had sex, she didn’t know that much about it. In saying she’d had sex, perhaps it would be better to say that she’d just been fucked, enjoyable as it had been that’s about all see knew of it.

Eric was overcome with desire for her, he knew she was right about her mother, in fact he’d be lucky to see her earlier than twelve midnight, of that he was sure. Nina placed her head on his shoulder as she manipulated his cock, she knew there could be no turning back as from now, or she’d end up with egg on her face.

Eric eased himself away allowing him room to slide his hand between them, as his fingers reach her pubic hair he gripped her tightly around the shoulders.

“Are you sure you want this sweetheart?” He asked, his fingers hesitant to go any further, but he knew he wanted her more than anything now, gone we’re the thought’s of maybe.

“Dad…don’t worry so!” Nina pulled her head back as she spoke looking at him in the eyes then kissed him on the lips, her tongue going into his mouth.

Eric allowed his hand to shift lower, crooking his finger and sliding it gently up inside her. Nina lifted onto her toes taking a deep inward breath. “God, Dad that feels good!” She inferred as he started to work it in and out soothingly.

He broke their kiss pecking on the lips, then started to make his way down her body, cheek, neck and then nipples nibbling as he went, this Nina hadn’t experienced before and loved it, Eric lingered for moments on her firm breasts, then decide that he’d to move on leaving her breasts he started down her body, paying special interest to her navel. This was new; Nina had never undergone this behaviour. His finger was by now deep inside gyrating at a soothing pace, she sensed his head getting nearer to her private parts, she’d heard of this, but up till now no one had done it to her.

“Oh God…Dad it’s orgasmic, I never realised! Jesus”

Nina raise her leg placing her foot onto the side of the bath as she felt his tongue tickle her clitoris, reaching down holding his head between her hands. Never had she envisaged so much pleasure could be had in this way, she quickly swung one arm across to the towel rail; gripping it rigidly with her long fingers, going into her initial orgasm. Eric forced his tongue up her deeply gathering her luscious juices as they seeped down from inside, he was a past master with muff diving, and what’s more he cherished the flavour, the more he lapped, the more Nina came. Nina let go of his head and leaned back onto the cold wall her body was racked with gratification, Eric brought his hand up then once more, thrusting his fat fingers up deep inside her, fingering her rapidly.
Eric looked up towards her tiny face, she was wheezing frantically, gradually he moved back up her body, kissing her hard on the lips, his fingers by no means faltering in their velocity. He distinguished she was moist enough for the next stage, although he wasn’t to well blessed in cock dimensions, which he made up for with his very proficient tongue and the size of his swollen helmet. Nina put her arms around her father’s neck, holding on to him firmly, her posture was more than adequate for his desire; he leisurely removed his finger, clasping his cock, then offering it up to her pussy.

Nina sensed the sphere-shaped helmet spreading her outer pussy lips, he’s cock slipped in with no struggle on either part, she gave out a low moan then took in a deep breath as Eric started to work himself in and out of her, the protuberance of his helmet reamed her inner pussy walls, the sensation astonished her, Nina bent her knee, allowing her father better positioning. Then she worked with him, until her body went limp after an incredible orgasm, which Eric fucked her through.

“Never…ever, would I have thought sex could be like this?” Nina murmured as she tweaked his ear with her lips.

Nina’s arms held him securely; he was now literally lifting her off the floor with each upward thrust, and they we’re thrusts. Eric fucked her like it was about to go out of fashion; his balls were smothered by her juices, her pussy was now creating thunderous slurping sounds as he withdrew, only to plough himself back in again. His hands cupping her tiny bottom wrenching her up closer to him, both now virtually joined at the hips. Nina’s head was swimming; she was becoming exhausted, never had she cum so many times in such a short period.

Eric threw his head back as he blew his load; Nina sensed the growing expansion within, squeezing his cock tightly with her inner pussy walls, restricting the flow of his sperm, but adding to the sensation of it’s force deep inside her holding herself securely down on him.

For minutes they held onto each other, embracing, kissing then cheek to cheek. As Eric’s cock was starting to wilt, she could feel her inner walls contracting

“Dad, that was sensational, you’re a fabulous lover, we must do this over again?” Nina whispered lovingly in his ear.

Eric slowly eased her away from him his hands cupped her face; he then lowered slightly, allowing his cock to exit. “Baby that shouldn’t have happened. I don’t know what came into me?”

“Dad, it takes two to tango! If you shouldn’t have, should I have let you? I thoroughly enjoyed it, and yes I’d like to do it again and hopefully often?”

Eric reached down lifting her leg off the bath and placing her foot back onto the floor, Nina began to wobble.

“Dad I feel very unsteady, my legs feel like jelly?”

Eric placed his hand under her arm. “Come, I’ll take you to you’re room, have a lay down, you’ll soon get your legs back. He smiled.

Once in her bedroom Eric laid her out onto the bad then sat beside her, leaning across her body kissing her gently on her lips. Then placing his finger onto her lips with a smile on his face.

“I suppose I’ll have to get you this laptop now?” He grinned.

“Not because of what happened Dad, I’ll want you another time, please don’t let us put a price on it. Thank you for you’re consideration, but I’d like our new found pleasure to be whenever we feel the need.

“That will be as frequently as possible!” Eric considered by the expression on his daughters face, the last thing he sought was to ignore his daughter’s wishes.

Eric was sitting up reading his book in bed when Ann finally got home it was gone midnight.

“I take it they kept you talking then?” He smiled, placing the book to the side of him.

“You’ll never deem what they get to chatter about, everything and everybody. I thought I’d never get home. Surprised to see you still awake!”

“The book got interesting, I just couldn’t put it down!” Eric watched as Ann started to remove her clothes, for 38 and two children her body was in excellent condition, her breasts were still firm her tummy flat, with a nice bush of hair between her legs.

Ann noticed the expression on his face. “That’s not a mucky book you’re reading is it?” She asked with a smirk on her face.

“Certainly not why do you ask?”

“It’s just the way you we’re eyeing me, anyone would think you were starved of sex!” Ann grinned.

“Chance would be a fine thing, I’m to tiered for that!” Eric turned to look at the clock as he spoke. “Should think your ready for a nights sleep anyway?”

“Yes I am tired, but I think I’ll take a pill tonight, my sleeping pattern has gone all over the place this week, it’s not as if we’ve to get up early is it? Nina alright?”

“Yes she’s in bed, well away now I should think!”

You managed her hair then?”

“No trouble, yes it all went well”

“Then you can do it next time, She’s a lovely head of hair but it takes some washing”

“You’ve only to ask dear!” He smiled as she walked towards the bed and climbed in beside him.

Eric lay for hours thinking about his session with Nina, he wondered if she really meant, when ever the need arises, He turned to look at the clock once more, he didn’t realise the night had gone so fast it was nearly 8 in the morning. Ann was still in a deep sleep, and he felt as horny as hell, he reached across placing his hand down between her legs, dipping his finger, you could do anything to her once she’d taken those tablets. Prising her legs gently open he climbed between them, after his night of thought, his cock was more than ready for more pursuit of pussy.

His cock slipped in easily, taking his weight on his arms, assuring he didn’t disturb her and started to fuck her gently. She always had been a good fuck, although asleep, she moaned as he hastened his pace, his thoughts went to the next bedroom, thinking of Nina, and her young body. He’d been fucking Ann for almost an hour, but his mind was not with it, he needed that young pussy next door. Slowly he withdrew his cock from Ann, pulling the bedclothes back he climbed out of bed, then covered her back up.

Gingerly he opened Nina’s bedroom door, closing it quietly behind him then went over and sat on the bed beside her. She looked like a fairy book princess. Eric’s hand went under the duvet; her legs were slightly parted. It didn’t take long his finger soon located the small fissure, once he’d established the opening his finger slid into her, he sensed the wetness of the load he’d pumped up her earlier. Looking down, his cock was still rampant from Ann and glistening with her juices.

Nina awoke suddenly pushing her hand down between her legs then looked up to Eric.

“Dad…I know I said when we had the need! But Mum must be home?”

“She’ll not wake, she’s had her tablets. Or did you not mean what you said last night?” Eric smiled down to her.

“Of course I did…but do you think it’s safe?”

With your mother fast asleep, Amy away, what better a time?” Eric eased the duvet up and climbed in beside her. Nina went to grasp for his cock, but Eric didn’t want her to feel her mother’s juices.

“They’ll be no need for that!” Eric lifted her hands putting them up each side her head on to the pillow; taking his cock he slowly pushed it into her, with the moisture from her mother’s pussy, his cock slid in without difficulty.
“That feels good Dad, I didn’t think a man your age would come back so soon!” She didn’t realise that her mother had already had an hour of his cock, and that was only until he’d got bored.

Nina lay back with her knees up, spreading them each side of Eric; she could take this all day she thought, she squealed as his helmet rippled within her tight pussy walls.

“You’ll have to stay a little quieter than this! Turn over!” Eric asked, pulling his cock out smoothly.

“Over?” Question Nina.

“Onto your tummy!”

As Nina flipped herself over, Eric raised her bottom pulling her back towards him, soon his cock was back inside, and then he ploughed deep, sparing no compassion, fucking her hard and fast. Nina buried her head into the pillow, screaming and moaning, enjoying the added depth that was now authorised his cock felt huge, the enjoyment was beyond all reason, her body repeatedly went into spasms. Eric reached under her body cupping her breasts squeezing them in each of his chubby hands. Nina lifted herself slightly looking down between them, mesmerised by the scene, her father balls swung wildly two and fro with each and every thrust.

It had been years since he’d had a fuck like this, she fitted him like a glove. He slowed the pace as it was bringing him to the edge; he gradually withdrew his cock then went down on her, Nina gasped when the renewed feeling of his tongue once more. Eric was grateful for the pillow to muffle her cries of pleasure; Nina arched her back, thrusting her pussy back onto his mouth

He was by now beginning to feel tired, he recognized that this was now not so much a one off, she was his whenever the need arose. Once more he knelt behind her, forcing his cock in, the sensations spirited him on, but now at a more leisurely tempo, leaning forward he gripped her by the shoulders pulling himself hard into her, Nina moaned loudly, he knew he’d have to finish soon, should Ann hear the noise she’d be straight into the bedroom.

He readied himself to blow, and blow he did, forcing his cock deeper inside her, pulling her back by the hips assuring he was fully inside. Nina cried out loudly, feeling the spasms along his shaft as he pumped his hot sperm into her.

Nina was woken suddenly once more, she turned thinking it was her father back again.

“Do you feel better now?”

Nina looked up into her sister’s eyes.

“Better?” She quizzed wondering as to what her sister had meant.

“When I passed your room earlier I think you must have been having a bad dream, the noises you were making!”

“Oh that…yes, I think I must have been dreaming!”

“Nightmare!” Amy asked.

“No I wouldn’t sat that, it was quite a nice dream actually” Nina smiled.

Later, they all sat around the kitchen table eating breakfast. Eric looked across to Ann as he spoke, then to Nina.

“Nina an I had a long talk last night, we spoke of her work, and it works out that if she had one of these new fangled Laptop computers it would enhance her work, possible offering her promotion. I have told her that I would look into it. We have to give her the chance to improve herself, would be a shame to hold her back at this stage.”

“Well I hope she’ll show you some form of appreciation, I take it your familiar with the cost of these items?” Ann quizzed looking to Nina

Eric worried in case his wife debated the gesture “Oh yes!” I have considered it for a couple of weeks now. I know I can afford it!” Eric lied; nevertheless the attraction of getting back into Nina’s knickers influence had him.

Nina shifted in her chair as more or the thick fluid seeped into her knickers. “Sorry I must go to the bathroom!” She stated as she stood once more.

“That’s the third time this morning! I think she needs a cork,” Ann laughed.

Eric just smiled to himself, knowing only to well of his daughter’s dilemma.

“Perhaps it’s good exercise for her!” he chuckled.

“Exercise my foot…She’d better make full use of that computer thing when she gets it?”

“Don’t you worry dear, I’m sure she will, she might be staying in a bit more at night now she’s found a new play thing!” Eric responded, but to what plaything did he mean?


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good fucking old man do your other daughrer next the both at the same time maby mom will join in to
incest is the best sex there is


2006-09-14 03:44:31
even though i was molested as a child this story is different because the daughterwanted him first. so i really wasn't offended i actually was turned on and i came


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clearly the stage is set for Amy to get it. If the next is as good as this WOW!!!


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