a vampire goddess
Rayne the Vampire Goddess

This story is of a beautiful young maiden turn into a vessel of the living dead, living throughout the centuries as a Vampiress, and by her own rights became a goddess, living forever in the blissfulness of immortality, with a high price to be paid for that immortality, Loneliness until now.

The century is 509ad of the year of our lord, times were simple, farming and building was the way of life for the towns people where Rayne live, she had grown up all her life in this town just outside Tasmania, she had never gone anywhere further then the next town for trade, but as a little girl she always wanted more, to go beyond the two villages that she had been confined to for all of her life, to live a life better than just a girl working on a farm.

Rayne didn’t think much of herself, was always negative about her looks and her body, she didn’t think that men were interested in her nor did she care either, but she was a beautiful woman, however she never married, had no children, and yet didn’t even have the desire to have any of that, all she wanted to do was break free and to be free. Rayne was about 5’9”, nice body with curves, a beautiful ass, seductive sexy eyes, and a sultry sexy smile that could melt your heart, which later she would find out that her smile would melt men’s souls.

Rayne had just celebrated her 30th birthday, the whole town was very festive, and they always made a big deal about ones birthday, seeing that the town had a population of only 300 people it wasn’t hard to remember birthdays. However on this day Rayne was not feeling festive, wasn’t feeling like herself, she was lost in her want to go beyond her boundaries to explore the world, to get the hell out of this lame ass town, little did she know that tonight everything she knew, everything she loved and everything she wanted was going to change, she was going to be reborn, on her birthday!

Later that evening as the village calmed down and the festivities had died down, all you could see where the ground caretakers cleaning up after the party, since Rayne had no one to go home to or any children to look after she hung around the town square to help clean up as well.

As she was picking up discarded party favors she caught the glimpse of something moving thru the air, it had no actual shape or form, it was just there, and then it disappeared from her sight, a cold chill swept over her, she could feel it in the air, something wasn’t right, something or someone was watching her, but everywhere she looked she couldn’t see anything around her except for the others who were cleaning up.

after a moment or two she dismissed the thoughts of being watched and continued what she had been doing, but the moment she took her eyes away from looking around, the object she had seen floating by swept down to the ground and moved as quick as lighting right to her and stole her away into the night, without a sound without a trace, and no one saw what happened!

When Rayne awoke she couldn’t see, it was so dark in the room she was in, the floor was damp where she laid. As she looked around and her eyes adjusted to the dark she could see that the room was rather small, only 10 by 10, rats were running along the walls looking for a hole to dart thru, bats hung from the rafters, the only light came from the moon thru a small window near the ceiling. The air was damp and humid, causing her body to sweat little beads of water cascading down all the parts of her body. Her head hurt.

What seemed like hours sitting in the dark was only a short time when Rayne heard a noise outside door, the lock was being turned, slowly the door opened. A dark figure stood in the doorway. He was tall and slim, dressed in a dark tuxedo type suit, with a medallion around his neck made of gold. He was handsome, with an air of importance about him; his eyes were mesmerizing yet dark and empty, like he had no soul. He smiles as he walks in.

Walking up to Rayne, He introduces himself as Valentine, Count Valentine, grabs hold of Jens hand and pulls her to her feet as he kisses the back of her hand. She can’t take her eyes off of him, like she is in a trance, looking at her he asked how she feels, and for some strange reason she felt wonderful better than she has in her entire life, she wondered why? She felt a sharp pain on the side of her neck, she felt two soars on her neck, looking at her fingers she could see blood on them, the Count looked at her a smile, when he smiled she saw that his teeth, they were not normal, from the looks of them they had sharp points. She realized, “Oh My God……he was a vampire!”

Realizing what had happened she wondered if in fact she was one as well, I mean she felt different but wasn’t so sure about the rest. Count Valentine took her by the hand and led her out of the room, as they passed thru the door, he whispered into her ear: now you must learn to feed! Rayne’s eyes got wide with fear, Learn to feed? What does that mean? She thought to herself “I know how to eat”

The Count led her to another room in what seemed like a huge Castle from what she could see outside the windows it was bigger than anything she had ever seen built, they walked thru long hallways rooms large enough to hold two or three house from her village, it was beautiful, the architecture was awesome and intricate, everything looked like it was never touched by time. Little did she know that soon it would be all hers, and so much more, her life as she had known was gone……forever!!

Rayne was lost in a whole other world, not knowing anything that was going on, was it a dream or a nightmare, reality or fantasy it was all just so confusing her mind was whirling around, maybe she passed out in the field from shock or something, either way whatever was happening didn’t seem like it was real.

Rayne and the Count entered into a room with people in it, the people were chained to the walls and the floors it looked like a dungeon, the ages of the people were from 18yrs old till about 25yrs old, which struck Rayne as weird, Young boys and girls?

The Count turned to Rayne and told her she can have any of the prisoners she wished to feed on, with a surprised look she ask what did he mean The Count replied, “My dear Rayne, in order for u to survive you must feed off of other humans, for as of now you are a vampire, I have taken you to be my bride”. Whoa wait a minute; don’t I even have a choice in the matter?

No my dear he replied, I take what I want when I want it, I felt your pain, your wanting and you longing to be somewhere else to be free to go and do as you wish, I have granted these wishes for you, do you not like your gift I have given you? Rayne was Livid! How dare this man take her without her permission, to condemn her to a life that never ends, let alone be his bride?

Rayne Refused to feed off another human, and stormed out of the room, the Count followed behind her and grabbed her arm, “Rayne if you do not feed you will die, the transformation isn’t complete until you feed, Rayne glared at him with hate in her eyes, and said “ I did not ask for this you took me and did this to me, I refuse to feed!”

with that The Count brought her back to the room and shoved in hard, you will remain here until you either feed or die, the choice will be up to you! And with that The Count closed the door behind him and locked it. All Rayne could do was look around her at all the prisoners and try not to think on the fact that if she wanted to stay alive or in a sense stay alive she would have to feed on one of them or more.

It had been two days since the Count had lock her in this room full of fresh meat, she had seen others come and go to feed but never on any that where in the room she was in, the ones in this room were for Rayne and Rayne alone. Rayne was starving but she was holding out, praying that death would take her before she couldn’t fight the hunger no more, she didn’t want what had been given to her, she hated the Count for what he did, and all she could think about was if she survived this ordeal she was going to kill him, undead or not he was going to die.

It had now been four days Rayne couldn’t take it anymore she was hungry but her hunger wasn’t for food it was for blood, blood of a human, she could smell the blood in the air, hear the heartbeats of every person in the room, every time she moved she felt their hearts racing in fear that she might pick one of them to feed on, now they had a real reason to fear her, she couldn’t fight the hunger any longer.

As she stood up and looked around the room at the meals she had to choose from she spotted a boy not more than 20yrs old, and as she looked at him she started thinking how the boys in her village never paid attention to her, never asked her out or wanted to do anything with her, now she was in control she could pick what she wanted and do what she wanted to any of the males in this room.

In a flash she jump up towards him as she landed on him and grabbed hold of him her nails ripped into his back, he screamed in pain, as she bit his neck to drink of his blood the room fell silent, his scream fading as he felt his life force being drained from his body, Rayne couldn’t stop, she drank every drop of blood she could get from him until she had been satisfied and her hunger sedated, that night Rayne killed her first victim of many, he would not rise as the undead, for he was bled dry!

It was a new day, Rayne awoke to find herself no longer in the room full of prisoners, she awoke in a dimly lit room in the middle of a huge bed, looking around she could see the beautiful paintings on the walls the intricate carved patterns that adorned all the trim in the room, for some reason as dim as the lights were from the candles she could see almost like it a bright sunny day.

Getting out of the bed and walking around the room to more or less check it out, Rayne was astonished by the designs, so intricate, so pristine it was a marvel to look at, from what she could tell it took centuries to build this house into what it was.

A few minutes later the Count comes walking into the room, looking at Rayne he smiles, “Rayne your transformation is complete you are now a full vampire and worthy to be my wife, we shall be married at once!”

as the Count finished that statement, Rayne felt nothing but hatred and anger, how dare he do this to her, in a flash without thinking, and no regard as to what might happen, Rayne’s nails came out further from her finger tips, razor sharp teeth protruded from her mouth as she turned to the Count and flew at him with such power she had never felt, using every ounce of inhuman strength to attack him.

Before the count knew what was happening Rayne was on top of him, fangs biting into the Adams apple on his neck, nails digging into his chest thru his rib cage to his heart, in one felled moment she ripped his throat out and his heart at the same time, as Rayne stepped back holding his throat in her mouth and the heart in her hand and evil in her eyes, she watched as the Counts body fell to the ground into a heap.

It was almost daybreak, she knew what sunlight would do to a vampire if exposed from all the stories she had heard, just as that thought finished she walked over to the curtains, watching the Count writher on the floor, blood pouring from his throat and chest, Rayne threw the curtains open wide as the sunlight poured into the room, the Count was in the direct path. As the sun hit his body she started to smolder as he was exposed more he caught on fire, Rayne looking with evil in her eyes whispered to herself, “ashes to ashes dust to dust” as the Counts body turned to ash!

When the Counts body was nothing but dust Rayne pulled the curtains closed, being careful as to not expose her to the sun. At that moment the doors to the room opened up, in rushed the guards, looking at Rayne and then at the floor they knew what had happened, they went down on bended knee, and in unison they said “How may we serve you My Lady”, puzzled for a moment, she asked what did they mean by that?

The Main guard stood up, looked at Rayne and said you killed the Count My Lady, by rights this now belongs to you, no one has ever been able to get close enough to the count to kill him, his reign has been a horrifying reign, he was cruel, and a bastard he deserved to die.

He took most of us into slavery to himself and against our will as well, but before we could do anything he had control of us, he wasn’t able and did not have time enough to control you as he did us, we felt him die, and it released us from his hold, and with you having drank of his blood now, you have all the power that he had and so much more, our only wish is that you be a more kinder and understanding master to us and we will serve you well, with that the guard kneeled back down in his place, Rayne smile, this was all hers now, what could she do with it? It was a whole new world to her now, a whole new life!

Rayne’s reign had begun, she was going to rule the house in a way the Count never did, she ruled with firmness yet compassion, and she was going to live a long time!

The first couple of hundred years she satisfied her hunger for blood by taking whatever she could take, however the ones that she wanted to keep she gave them a choice if they wanted to be with her or not, most decided that they wanted that, the others she killed.

Rayne preferred young boys between 18 and 24 years old, their blood seemed the purist, and yet they were fun to have around for her sexual amusement, Rayne would let the young men have their way with her to ravish her body and fuck her good and hard, she loved when they were between her legs licking her pussy, they always tried to bite, but it excited her.

Other times she would have a multiple of the young men around to satisfy her sexual needs, there was nothing she could think of that she wouldn’t do sexually or at least not out of the normality of perversion, she loved a big cock when she had multiple young men, one would be eating her sweet wet pussy and finger fuck her, while another play with her breast, she always had to have a cock in her mouth no matter what, or even a cock or two in her hands, she had never had these desires this bad until the day the Count had turned her into the undead.

As the years and centuries passed she got bored of these young men, they were more or less willing slaves to her, with no opinion no soul no need for nothing in life but to please her, she wanted to find a mate, a man who would be by her side as an equal not a drone, someone she could truly spend eternity with, little did Rayne know that after 1500 hundred she would finally meet the man she would spend eternity with!

It was now the year of our lord 2009, it had been almost 1500 years since she had become a vampire almost to the day, her birthday was coming soon, in three days to be exact and she would actually be 1530yrs old, since she was 30 when the Count had taken her, her beauty never faded, her body never changed, her skin remained flawless, never gaining or losing weight, she looked the same over the years, she had taken good care of those she had inherited from killing the Count.

Tonight she would be out on the prowl, she was hungry for fresh blood the years had made her want young blood, tonight she wanted something different she wanted a man, not a boy, and she was determined to find it. But what she was going to find, she wasn’t prepared for or even expected.

Althoygh she had lived all over the world and could find a man anywhere, recently she had been Living in Los Angeles, where there was an abundance of men, of all types and perversions, but she was looking for a certain type of man, one she could lust after, one she could lose herself into, to drown in his eyes and claim his soul as hers!

Hitting one of the local night clubs, to check out the buffett so to say, the pickings were looking slim but it was early in the evening so there was no telling what the night might bring. A few hours had passed Rayne was getting irate she wanted something there was nothing here and decided to leave, as she headed to the door, not paying attention to the people around her in Walks a man, Matthew!

He was handsome, and very well dressed, he was unlike anyone she had ever seen over her years on the earth, it wasn’t the way he looked that really caught her attention it was the way he carried himself, the air around him was electric, she just could not stop staring, she felt warm all over, her pussy was getting wet, this had never happen with seeing a man before, oh my god!! Was this the man she was looking for, was he strong enough to be her eternal mate?

She would find out one way or another no matter the cost!
For days Rayne returned to where she had seen the mysterious man, hoping to see him again, and to her luck and surprise he again returned to the same spot she had seen him, with using the shadows, Rayne followed the man, doing this day after day for quite some time.

The man ducked into a local bar, it was very dimly lit, it was crowded, and Rayne thought it would be perfect; he wouldn’t be able to see her in the mess of people.

Being lost in a world of fantasy thinking about him, without thinking she stepped out of the shadows for just a moment, that’s when he saw her. Rayne could feel that the night was just about to get interesting.
All she could do was just stare at him, and with all her years she never had a fear of walking up to a man but why did she have that fear with him?

Almost as though he read her mind their eyes locked from across the room, you could feel the fire between them ignite, that’s when she realized, he had the gift, she could feel he wasn’t normal in a sense, she could feel energy from him and that he was powerful, but she couldn’t pinpoint what it was that made him different, it was like he was reading her mind.

He strolled across the room without losing his lock on her eyes, Hello, My Name is Matt, but most call me Master, Rayne broke her gaze, surprised that he was now in front of her, Hello, I am Rayne, Mistress Rayne, a pleasure to meet you.

Matt walked around me, checking me out like I was a piece of meat, he looked at every inch of my body, I was stuck like I could get away or move, even if I wanted to run I couldn’t, I could feel his presence around me, I even felt his hands brush over my body, which sent goose bumps all over me, what was he doing to me, how did he have this control over me?

That’s when it all started, Matt bought drinks for them, and they sat and talked until the bar closed about everything and anything like they had known each other for years. That’s when Matt asked if she would like to leave with him. Rayne was excited and agreed to go with him.

He drove us to his apartment and the next thing I know he slammed me up against the wall, pinning me and kissing me hard, as his hand slid down pulled my skirt up and found my already wet pussy, and my swollen clit, and not even a few minutes later we are both getting naked tearing each other’s clothes off and ending up on the bed.

Looking at his body I noticed his cock was hard as iron, I wrapped my had around it to feel it, I couldn’t resist so I got on my knees and started sucking his 8 inch cock like a pro. He grabbed my ass and pulled me around until my now wet dripping pussy was right above his mouth in a 69 position, his mouth met my pussy and sent shivers all thru my body, his mouth was hot against my wetness.

He started by licking my dripping slit and tasting me, he slid his tongue deeper then I had ever felt. He was so hard and I knew I could never get enough of him. He then found my clit and slowly started to lick it and nibble on it sucking it into his hot mouth. When he did this I moaned while his cock was deep in my throat. It was hard for me not to cum too soon.

The whole time he was eating my pussy, I was licking and sucking his beautiful cock, I could take the whole thing into my mouth, and every time I pulled it from my lips my tongue danced all over the head of his cock.

He slowly worked first one then two fingers into my wet tight pussy, god it felt awesome, he finger fucked me into an orgasmic frenzy. He began to rapidly lick my clit faster, while he kept thrusting his two fingers in and out of my pussy.

What he was doing to me was so fucking hot, at one point It was almost more than I could handle; as he pulled my pussy hard to his face, it happened, and all of the sudden I exploded and my cum covered his face, but he kept his fingers working not letting my orgasm subside. I tried to hold back as much as I could but I still ended up Cumming hard on him.

When I came I moaned, I was still deep throating him and I could feel that he couldn’t hold back as he pumped stream after stream of cum into my throat. I swallowed and drank all of it and quick as a cat she flipped around so we were face to face. He was shocked by her speed. When I locked eyes with him, I told him I was going to give him a gift of everlasting love and lust.

I wanted to and was going to fuck him all night, his cock felt good deep inside my mouth, I could feel the blood rushing through it, I could feel it pulsing, I could taste his man smell it was driving me nuts! I wanted him to fuck me fuck me good and hard like I had never fucked before, since I had become a vampire I had never had sex with a human, I had always bit them before anything sexual happened! I wanted to feel his passion his warmth and his lust, I wanted to feel his love at least one time before he became mine forever as an undead! I wanted to feel his huge member slide deep inside me I wanted to feel his cock explode deep inside me!

I grabbed his cock and placed it at my wet waiting slit. I slowly lowered myself onto his thick cock and when I had all of him in me, I stopped for a short time before I slowly raised up and slammed back down onto his cock impaling myself deep. In only a short time I was bouncing on his cock with raw lust. I could tell I wouldn’t last long. I slowed only a little as I leaned down and kissed his face and worked my way to his throat. I could feel my own orgasm Cumming when my pussy gripped his cock.

The orgasm that rocked my body was nothing like I had ever felt before, it consumed me to no end, all I could do was shake and cum, my orgasms were so powerful that they made me light headed, I was lost in euphoric bliss like nothing I had ever felt

In all the lust and fucking, Rayne asked Matthew if he wanted to be with her for an eternity, to be her mate in life and in death, looking into my eyes, Matthew said that he knew what I was, he knew what I wanted and that he knew this time was coming he felt it, he felt her and knew that this night was not just a random meeting, it was meant to be. I looked deep into Rayne’s eyes; I want to be with you in this life and in my death! I tried to be gentle when I bit his neck, but with the raw passion that I was feeling hit me, I bit him hard, blood came from his neck and was soaking into the bed, blood was on her lips and chin as it dripped down onto her breast.

It sent him over the edge as he pumped his hot hot cum into me, pulling me down so my breast were in his face he licked the blood from my nipples, my god it was hot to see and feel him lick the blood, it was like he was enjoying it. His hands grabbed my breast and the blood smeared all over them and where ever he put his hands he left blood. It was an awesome sight and feeling. My pussy gripped his cock as I was racked by multiple orgasms.

When our orgasms subsided I fell to my side, laying with my head on his chest blood all over the bed and our bodies it was almost like a horror movie but it felt so right., he was going to die, I knew this, he knew this and he accepted it. I fell asleep and when I awoke I was in his bed alone. As I got up I was thinking if it was just a dream. I then noticed I was naked but I slept naked all the time. It was still dark out. I walked over to the bathroom he wasn’t in there, and when I looked up at the mirror it was broken.

The house was quiet, I wondered where Matthew was, I started walking thru the house looking for him I found him outside on the back porch, it was odd though, most men once bitten and died took 2 – 3 days before they could do anything, this man was up and walking around merely a few hours after, how was this possible?

Looking at Matt, I asked him how was it that he was up and about; do you even understand what happened to you?

Matthew replied, I have been waiting for this day a long time My Love, I have been waiting for you to find me, I do understand what has happened tonight, but what you don’t understand is, that I have been a vampire a very long time before you, I have been around centuries longer then you Rayne, I knew when you were turned, I knew you killed the Count, I merely waited until you found me. Looking into his eyes, Rayne kissed him, forever had just begun!

how would the rest of eternity be? Would it be everything I could dream of with a man who now had my heart, and soul? Only time would tell.

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