Does it really need an introduction this is a serial.
I woke up sometime in the middle of the night to find my mother fucking me again her eyes closed as she slowly slid her sweet wet pussy up and down my cock. Her body had a thin sheen of sweat on it as she rocked her hips on my cock. I lay there passively as she got off on me several times before my balls boiled up and spilled inside her again, and she collapsed again on top of me. I waited for her breathing to become more regular and slow and slipped out of her bed and down the hall and into mine.

I dreamed of a world gone mad, big breasts of every size and flavor dancing before my eyes and tight young pussies dripping begging to be sucked and fucked. Then Carol and Claire and Noel and Nicky and Cindy all with enormous pregnant bellies, the image Mickey asking me why I don’t love her that much.

I woke in a cold sweat. Shrugging off the covers of the bed I hopped in the shower. Ten minutes of hot water later I felt almost human. I met Claire in the kitchen and helped her make breakfast. We ate and she told me how much fun yesterday had been and she hoped that today would be even better. The phone rang and I picked it up on the second ring.


“Bill?” said a muffled voice


“This is Amanda, I was wondering if we could you know maybe go after school some time or maybe next weekend?”

“I am sort of busy Amanda I have this regular babysitting job that I have to do”

“Oh? You babysit?”

“Yes well the neighbors kids and I make a few bucks”

“That’s cool, well when you have a chance next week, I’m still healing up from Friday.”

“Yes I can imagine that was a pretty intense fight you had”

Amanda chuckled “Sara is going to have a nice little bald patch for a while”

“Look Amanda it’s cool that you like me but I can’t have girls fighting over me”

“Bill you’re the hottest thing since Elvis and how about we go dancing next Friday night”

“I… I don’t really know how to dance Amanda”

“That’s okay I’ll teach you”

“I’ll see what I can do.”

“Okay let me know” Amanda said and hung up.

I shook my head and took a cup of coffee to mom who by this time was sitting up in bed still looking a little worse for wear. I handed her the coffee and she smiled at me. “I was really wasted last night, what time did you come in?”

“I guess around ten or so” which was the truth.

“Was there a man here?”

“No mom just me well and Carol for a little while you called her to keep you company or something”

“Hmmm… …Okay sweetie scoot I need a shower” I exited the bedroom and heard the shower come on. Half an hour later mom reappeared in a robe and set down with a glass of juice to read the paper.

I retreated to my room and closed my eyes for a little while. Then I screwed around on the internet playing EVE for a while and later screwed around with some yahoo games. There was a light knock on my door. “Bill?”

“Yes?” it was Claire she poked her head inside “Could you ride up to the corner and get some gatoraids?”

“Hmm how many?” I asked

“Six pack I guess” she said.

“Sure you got money?”

She handed me a twenty no doubt from Mom’s purse. I walked out to the Garage and got on my bike and rode the mile to the corner store and back. I got back to the house and put the drinks in the refrigerator.

“I’m really thirsty” I heard mom get up and come into the kitchen

“I went to the store and got some Gatorade for Claire”

“I could sure use one” mom said pulling one out and emptying half of it in three or four long swallows. “your sister has some friends over please be nice and don’t bother her.”

“Okay Mom” I said walking into my room

There was another note it read simply “same place” and there was a heart and a large letter C.

“I’m going to go ride around the neighborhood mom”

“Okay Bill” she said.

It took me all of ten minutes to get to the edge of the woods and set down my bike. I walked over into the clearing where I found Claire standing.

“Okay” Claire said loud enough

From behind a large tree three girls approached hesitantly. The one leading the way was Mickey she was half dragging the other four.

“Girls this is Bill”

They sort of stood there like they wanted to be almost anywhere else in the world. Mickey smiled at me. Mickey was already looking at me as if I was a steak dinner and I turned my attention to the other two girls. One was black and thin as a rail with almost no chest at all to speak of under her white little blouse and the other was brunette with largish breasts and long pretty eyelashes which she peered out from under with silvery blue eyes.

“Nice to meet you girls”

“You already know Mickey.” Claire said, “This is Keisha and Brittany.”

“You girls talked big as school about how you wanted to be in the club, and I told you that you have to drink a load of baby juice to get in” The two girls nodded “You still want to do it?”

The two girls looked at each other and then at Mickey who was salivating in anticipation. “I don’t know Brittany” said.

“I’ll do it” Keisha said. Then looking down and taking a deep breath she pulled her shirt over her head exposing her small lemon sized breasts which were slightly lighter than the rest of her skin which I found surprising. She had dark brown nipples that stood out from the puffy flesh surrounding them. It was like a little mound on top of a mound with a little thimble on top. She slowly knelt down in front of me and opened my pants, knowing what was coming already had me half hard and when her soft red lips pursed around the tip of my cock I almost fell over. When her hands reached around to my ass and she forced her head down on my cock in one swift move. I knew I found an natural I could feel her throat contracting around my cock and she held it there for what seemed like an eternity. She took her mouth of gasping as he small hands wrapped around my now sodden cock and then a few seconds later she was swallowing me again. I could feel my balls start to tighten and the cum boiling up inside and I grabbed her head as I pumped my hot cream into her mouth. She coughed and then looked up at me and smiled. “Did I do good?” she asked

“Awesome” I said and she smiled even broader.

Brittany looked at Keisha and said “That was… how did you get all that in your mouth”

“Practice” Keisha said, “My sister and I practice on banana’s and hotdogs and pretty much anything else”

“You practice sucking cock”

“No I practiced putting large long objects in my mouth and seeing how far I could get them down without gaggin” Keisha smiled “Didn’t know why I was doing it when I first started but now I do, and I wanna do it some more that was cool.”

“Oh no you already had some I’m next if Brit chickens out” Mickey said. Brittany shrugged and pulled her top off and then released two enormous breasts that jiggled wonderfully and pushed Keisha out of her spot and tentatively touched my cock. She leaned over and licked the tip, which was oozing a little bit still.

She kissed it lightly and then started sucking on it lightly. Through hand movements I got her going on a nice easy bobbing motion my cock still recovering from the amazing job Keisha had done on it. It took longer and Brittany was looked up at me as if to ask if she was doing it right after about five minutes. I smiled at her and nodded and she kept on. Working harder at it and trying new and some very interesting things with her inexperienced mouth. When my cum finally boiled up again and filled her mouth she dribbled out the sides of her mouth and then realized that she was supposed to swallow. My thick ropes of cum coating her teeth and she slurped greedily once she got the hang of it. She stopped when I stopped shaking giving my cock one long lingering lick. Claire dismissed me and I walked back to my bike and rode home.

I was resting on my bed drinking a soda and reading a copy of “Bio of a Space Tyrant”, when my sister walked in again. She plugged in her thumb drive yet again and copied pictures to my computer. She left a few minutes later. I didn’t get up in a hurry; hell waiting was the best part of this whole adventure. I did get up to see the pictures of the four girls naked in various poses. Keisha bent over looking up at her pussy. Mickey with holding up her tits as if offering them, Brittany in a similar pose. My sister bent over looking back at the camera. Keisha sucking Claire’s tits, Claire sucking Keisha’s tits. Keisha sucking Mickey’s tits. Claire with her mouth on Keisha’s pussy. There must have been fifty pictures. I got hard looking at them and I closed up the folder and lay back on the bed.

After a few frustrated minutes I got up and walked over to Carol’s house. I knocked on the door and Cindy or Nicky opened it and squealed which led to the other two girls and their mother coming to the door and me getting crushed in a hug from the three girls.

“What brings you here today of all days?” Carol asked.

“Well… I said slowly, I am curious about” I leaned over and whispered in her ear “Anal sex”.

“I see?”

“I was wondering if you knew like how to do it”

“I do, usually you want to have the girl get an enema, and have something in her ass to stretch it out.”

“Like what?”

“Usually an anal plug but you can use other things?” she smiled “Whom were you planning on boning in the ass?” Carol asked.

“Um well one of the neighbor girls I thought”

“I think I would wait on that” Carol smiled as she deftly opened the front of my pants “Anal is something of an acquired taste.” Just then the three girls burst in,

“Bill!” They cried almost in unison

“Hi girls” I managed as Carol was stroking my cock.

“Mom It’s not fair I want to get fucked too!” Nicky complained

“You got fucked last time” Cindy said

“Did not!”

“Did so!”

“Girls” Carol said sternly “first of all I was here first having a conversation with our Bill, secondly if you want to be fucked, you need to be naked don’t you?” There was a great shuffling of clothes as they were nearly torn from the lithe nymph like bodies. “And third you have all week next week to fuck bill, he just came over to ask a question”

“So what are you doing then?” Noel asked.

“Oh I hear he has some hot young girls over at his house and I’m just warming him up so that he can give them what they most deserve.”

“And what is that” Cindy or Nicky asked

“A nice hot load of cum” Carol replied. And with that she tucked my rock hard cock back in my pants and gave me a peck on the lips. I turned and a little dazed walked out the door.
When I walked in the door Claire called to me “Bill phone for you” I walked into the living room where she sat on the couch with the cordless phone in hand “It’s a girl!” she snickered, The girls were watching a movie

“Hello?” I said

“Hey Sexy” the female voice on the other end said.

“Hi um?” I responded

“It’s Laura you remember,”

“Oh of course I remember” I responded as I watched my mom walk to the kitchen, the second she was out of sight micky lifted her shirt up and flashed her breasts at me. “Whats up?” I managed to get out.
Keisha and Brittany both bared their breasts before Laura replied, “Well I was wondering if you might want to go for a drive you know get a burger and shake”

“Um I don’t know” I replied as Claire pulled her shorts to the side and gave me a view of her lightly furred snatch.

“Oh come on” Laura said “Mandy wants one with your secret sauce”


“Just come on”

“Okay fine”

“Coolies, see you in twenty.”

“Bill can you help me in here?” My mom called.

“Sure mom” I said as I squeezed a few breasts walking out of the room. I walked in and told mom I was going out with some Laura and Amanda.

“What happened to Sara?” she asked

“Um we had a fight?”

“Oh what about?”

“She was just too possessive” I replied.

“You weren’t cheating on her were you?”

“Mom it was more that some of the girls at school were hitting on me and she didn’t like it”, it was a half lie that was okay, jeesh the whole thought of my mom riding my cock the night before flashed in my head, I was already rock hard from the bouquet of breasts provided by my sister.

“Okay Bill,” she said don’t stay out too late.

“Yeah Bill” my sister echoed from the doorway “don’t stay out too late.”

“I put on a clean shirt and some deodorant and a little body spray, before a horn honked outside.

I climbed into the car to see Amanda smiling at me one of her eyes was black and her lip was split and still a little swollen as I climbed into the passenger seat, we made it maybe a mile before she pulled over and leaned in and kissed me. “Would you two stop that, you can do it later I’m hungry” Laura’s voice said from the back seat, I completely missed her and now that I did look I wondered why. She was dressed in a tight little mini skirt and a white school girl dress that was tied in front.

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2014-05-23 03:42:43
Great story so far..... Bill has become quite a man whore..... I'm think at some point quite a few chapter down the road cause I love where this story is going...... but at some point I could see him be transform by the theater teach, Carl, or by jealous and curious teens ( possibly being kid napped or blackmailed into submission) to become the teens tortured boy toy..... Carol submissive boi slut... and theater teachers slave for display and use..... maybe even bring Mom back in as she catch her son being slaved...raped ... dressed as there bitch... or be used..... The club goes switch on him... and Rose for sure should be the first to pop his anal cherry..... just my thoughts but loving your writing

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BS low - rtaionatliy high! Really good answer!


2012-08-02 00:14:56
Humm very good very good I don't usually write reviews words have a strog power but here I will make an exception. You are begining to show the mental fatigue of the character which has slowly been building from the start of the story I mean come on this guy is no gigolo and he was shown to be very loyal in the begining and obviously he may put on a mask or hide behind the pleasure but the mind can only take so much. Really, really, REALLY!!! Want to see where this goes.


2012-06-06 01:03:42
Friends and Rabid Readers... I do plan to continue this story.... and the next episode will be coming soon... I have been trying to work diligently on it. Sadly I had a computer crash and had to rewrite much of what I had written. But I'm working on it.

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You are one of the best writers on this site and this story is one of your very best works. Please take a little time and finish this chapter and maybe write at least a couple of more to go with it. He still has to make it with his sister and the newest of her friends. He hasn't got Sara or Amanda there is just to much material to leave us hanging. I'll be looking for a continuation of this story line I just hope you come through.

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