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My wife, Audrey, and I were huge basketball fans.

Having spent a many years as a high school and college basketball coach, you can only imagine my great delight a year ago when I applied and actually landed a U.S. Basketball Association (USBA) job with the San Diego Sparks organization as one of several basketball recruiters. My dream job! Not only did I spend much of my day during the college basketball season watching, speaking, and recruiting the top-notch talent, but I received excellent perks from the organization: courtside tickets to all Sparks' home games and hob-nobbing with the players themselves are but a few of the greatest perks.

One night, while Audrey and I were watching the Sparks play their division rival Knicks at the Coliseum, Shaqueal Johnson was having one of his best nights as a budding star. Already in the 3rd quarter, he had scored 38 points, grabbed 16 rebounds, and slapped away 6 blocked shots (he had even made 8 of 11 free throws to that point, which is something of a miracle in and of itself). He was playing with furor, with power, and with domination. Audrey noticed Shaq's prowess and appeared quite hot while watching him. Audrey seemed to have lust for him. Being her husband for 7 years, I can tell when my wife is horny: she has a coy smile across her face, her nipples harden, her face becomes flushed, and her eyes say, "fuck me now, big boy." That was DEFINITELY the look she was showing while watching Shaq's skills that night.

After Shaq scored his 40th point, she casually turned to me and asked rhetorically, "I wonder how large his jock strap is?" Her blood-filled nipples protruded through her sun dress rather visibly now. There was no doubt; my wife had the hots for Shaqueal Johnson! Shocked, I didn't know how to respond. After all, I hadn't thought much about Shaq's dick size let alone wonder if my wife was curious of it's size. Admittedly, I became a tad jealous, but I was also becoming turned on at the same time. I felt my cock rise a bit when I imagined Shaq fucking my wife with his assumingly monstrously large cock.

It must have been the wine we were drinking. In any case, I suppose it didn't surprise me that she asked. After all, Audrey loves big men, which is part of the reason, I suppose, she married me (I happen to be 6'4'' tall and weigh 240 pounds). My wife happens to be rather slim and petite; almost a foot shorter than I and weighing about 115 pounds (although her nice tits easily make up 10 of those pounds) and the sun dress that she happened to wear that evening made her breasts look even bigger than usual.

My wife also likes the feel of a big man to envelope her when being intimate, whether it be my hugging & kissing, snuggling, or down right fucking. On many occasions, she has mentioned that small stature guys with skinny legs and arms are a huge turn off." Although I am considered a big man by most measures, I am a mere runt when compared to Shaqueal Johnson who measures 7' tall and weighs close to 300 pounds!

Unfortunately for me, the only part of my body that doesn't exactly measure up commensurately with the rest of me is my penis. Sadly, when erect, my dick is only 4'' long and has the girth of my thumb. Dumb luck, huh? My wife said she never cared too much about my lack of size.

"It's not the size of the boat, but the motion in the ocean, honey, and you've DEFINITELY got he motion."

Now, I consider myself a good lover; with a dick as miniscule as mine, men like me have no choice but to learn how to become good in bed. I like to use a lot of romance in my lovemaking with Audrey, candles, soft music, aromatic scents... you name it. I also like to spend a lot of time with foreplay teasing my wife's errogenous zones with my fingers, palm, tongue, and sometimes teeth (ever so gently). I would almost always get my wife to the brink of cumming without first having to insert my "mini-me" inside her. Soon after I insert my dick inside her waiting pussy, a few tugs of her clit with my pubic bone covered with course, curly black hair is all it takes to maker her cum with fervor. Of course, her excitement at that moment always makes me blow my load soon thereafter (my ability to make a beautiful woman like my wife explode with pleasure with a dick of my size always gets me quite excited).

However, being self conscious of my unimpressive nub, I had always wondered whether my wife had been disappointed in my size. Had she ever fantasized about being with a well-endowed man? Did her beautiful pussy every crave to be filled and stretched completely from a man with a big penis? Audrey and I are immensely in love with one another and we have everything a man and woman could have in a marriage, but was I "short-changing" her in the sex department?

Once the game was over, Audrey and I celebrated another Sparks win. We also celebrated Shaq's best performance of his young career: 51 points, 19 rebounds, and 10 blocked shots. His first triple-double in absolute dominating fashion! The GM turned to me and asked me and Audrey to celebrate with the team at Mustasi's Steakhouse, which is a common after-victory hangout for the Sparks team. Of course, Audrey and I accepted the invitation with great excitement.

On the way to Mustasi's, I told Audrey that I thought about what she said about her curiosity of Shaq's dick size and told her that she ought to feed that curiosity. I told her that I would love for her to experience her first huge cock inside her (that is, if Shaq was so kind as to oblige, which, being single and in his early twenties, I couldn't see how he or any healthy, heterosexual man could turn down a hot babe that my wife is). My wife responded to me in all the ways that typical wives do in situations such as these: "Ah, honey I'm COMPLETELY satisfied with our sex life;" and "Sweetheart, you're all the man I ever need" and "YOU are the best lover I've ever known." But the more we talked about this experience, the more intrigued she became.

"Audrey, I am completely secure in our relationship and marriage. The last thing I would do is suggest something that would potentially damage it. I just want you to experience something I could never give you: a huge cock for you to play with this night!"

(Not to mention, it would be a tremendous turn on for me too!)

I don't know if it were the few cups of red wine she consumed at the Arena or my way of talking her into this "event," or the utter horniness she was still feeling when she imagined Shaq's giant package swaying to and fro while running up and down the court. Whatever it was, although reluctant at first, she agreed to try to have this encounter with Mr. Johnson.

Since Shaq or no one from the Sparks organization had never met Audrey, I told her it would be best that we pretend to be related--cousins, which worked like a charm.

As luck would have it, Audrey and I entered the restaurant at about the same time Shaq and his bodyguard did. "Hey, Shaq, great game tonight," I said rather too excitedly. " I would like to introduce to you my cousin, Audrey, who came all the way from Denver to see you."

"It's a pleasure to meet you, Audrey," Shaq replied as he shook her hand. Audrey noticed immediately that his huge hand almost completely enveloped hers. She couldn't help but notice how thick his fingers were and how soft his palm was, as she turned to me and raised her eyebrows with a "damn, he's a big man" look. I'm certain she was also wondering what other appendages were freakishly big and thick as well.

"You were unbelievable tonight, Shaq. I picked a great game to see you play in person. You were absolutely dominant," she said flirtatioiusly.

Flattered and quite obviously attracted to my lucious wife, he asked her--or rather told--Audrey to sit next to him so they can talk more about the game. His flirtations with Audrey were quite obvious as well. A connection of chemistry was clearly budding into something more interesting that was soon about to happen.

Audrey was flattered too by Shaq's attention too. She couldn't believe that she was being "hit on" by Shaqueal Johnson!

Sitting on the other side of Audrey, I was able to hear their dinner conversation, if that's what you call it. After about half an hour after we arrived, the dinner arrived to our table. Obviously comfortable and turned on by one another, their conversation led from one sexual innuendo to another throughout the entire dimly lit dinner.

"Do you like your meat big, Audrey?"

"Yes, Shaq, not only do I love it big, but I prefer dark meat," as she winked.

I could hardly eat a thing since my stomach was in knots, resulting from a combination of excitement and uncomfortable jealousy. I desired to have this interaction end, but equally desired to have them continue this "dance" as well. What an unusual feeling I was experiencing.

After consuming several glasses of red wine (which really makes Audrey horny), I noticed that she was getting more bold and uninhibited.

"Shaq, watching you tonight was a turn on. I loved how you took control of the game and played with raw power. I couldn't help but wonder how big your cock must be. A man of your size and strength must have a huge penis. Would you be so kind as to show a curious woman?"

"Well, darlin', if you'll give me your hand I can do more than show you," Shaq responded back.

Audrey gave Shaq her petit, soft hand and he placed in under the table onto his lap. I heard her whisper, "My GOD, it's bigger than big... it's fucking GIGANTIC!" Everyone at the table knew what was going on, but they ignored it. After all, who would want to get Shaq angry?

I peaked next to her and noticed that Shaq's half-erect penis was running down his thigh, visibly seen through his thin, Rayon slacks. Audrey's stretched-out hand looked as though it was holding onto the base of a wine bottle. The material of Shaq's pants was so thin, that the head of his gigantic cock and the protruding veins that covered it were easily seen through the fabric. Audrey traced lightly her fingernail along the most bulging vein she could see (which, by the way, looked like a fucking earthworm that had settled ramdomly on his dick in contorted fasion!). His cock was getting even bigger, which didn't seem possible.

Instinctively, my wife placed her other hand between her legs and began rubbing her vulva with her palm over her dress. As she played with the head of Shaq's cock with her left hand, she then placed her right hand under her dress and through the waistline of her cotton thong panties and began to finger her labia and clit. I could see very visibly the thick curls of her blonde bush tangled in her fingers as she strummed her pussy.

Both and Shaq and my wife couldn't take this mating dance any longer, so they excused themselves from the table. Shaq awkwardly left the table (after all, what would you do if you had 14'' of man meat hanging heavily between your legs while wearing Rayon slacks?) and my wife followed him. She looked back at me with that "are you sure?" look. When I nodded that everything was ok, she proceeded to follow Shaq to the back of the restaurant. I noticed that several women (and a few men) all over the restaurant were staring at Shaq's massive meat that swayed like an elephant trunk between his legs as he walked. Again, my wife dutifully followed right behind him.

After an agonizing minute or two had passed, I too excused myself from the table to see if I could be a voyeur to my wife being fucked my Shaq's great man pole. At first I couldn't find them, so I asked a cook if he had seen them. He merely pointed to the back room behind the kitchen. As I walked toward the back room, I heard slurping sounds. I noticed the door was cracked open and was surprised the room was lit relatively well.

There I saw Shaq facing in the direction of the cracked door and sitting on what seemed to be a couple burlap sacks of coffee beans; his eyes were closed and his head cocked backward. My wife, whose asshole and peached pussy was in plain view for me--or anyone who happened to be there--to see.

" Wow, she must have had a lot to drink," I thought.

Inside her wet pussy were her two long fingers, while her other hand was trying to control Shaq's 14'' anaconda that had slipped through the fly of his boxers and slacks.

"What a gorgeous cock you have, Shaq," I heard my wife say with muffled sounds.

"Oh yeah? You like it? Suck my big dick, bitch," was all that Shaq said while my wife was licking and mouthing him for all she was worth. Spitting on his hefty shaft, she knew she had to get him extra wet before she was able to take him in her small, but very famished pussy.

Shaq rolled onto the floor lying on his back and motioned for Audrey to sit on his face. While he pulled her pussy lips far apart licked her dripping cunt, he spent several minutes on her clit while intermittently sticking his fat tongue deeply into her love hole. Ohhhhhh..... She let out a soft moan while licking the entire length of Shaq's thick sausage. My puny cock was hard as a rock now as I was stroking it through my trousers.

Shaq reached down and grabbed his cock and slapped it lightly against my wife's cheek. Every now and then he would slide the head of his donkey dick in her wide open mouth (that's all that could fit). Her pleasure was growing ever so fast while he was tonguing her cunt. HE was in complete control and she knew it.

Being as strong as he is, Shaq picked up my wife and laid her gently on the floor. His fucking man pole was too heavy to hold up erect; it just hung big like a third arm between his legs. Audrey obviously couldn't wait for what was about to happen. She was about to experience a monster dick that she now obviously craved for many, many years. Shaq knealt between her legs and grabbed her ankles and spread them out as wide as they can go, all the while the head of his dick was resting heavily on Audrey's light-colored, but thick bush.

"Now you'll see what a REAL man feels like, cunt." She placed one of her fingers in her mouth to muffle the sound of pain she anticipated the walls of her pussy to be stretched like never before.

Dipping his fingers in her drenched pussy, he lubed half of his man meat with the juices that was flowing out of her cunt like a waterfall. He slowly inched the head of his cock, which created an initial sharp pain deep in her love tunnel. With only the head inside her, he waited for her cunt to become acclimated to its size before he slowly pushed forward. The folds of her vulva spread out like never before (save the two children she gave birth to a few years ago). The fit was so tight that I could hear puffs of air escape her pussy as Shaq was ramming her. Oh great! Shaq was pumping his huge dick in my wife's hole and my wife was queefing with one of the greatest basketball players in the game!

"My husband can't come close filling my cunt as you obviously can," Audrey said out of the blue.

Ouch, that hurt.

"Your fucking dick is so big, I can cum easily without even having my clit rubbed," my wife continued. "Well, you know what they say: 'Once you go black, you can't go back,'" replied Shaq. "I know one thing for sure, Shaq," as they continued fucking slowly, "I know I'll be missing your big snake of a cock while I'm with my husband." Oooooo....

Double ouch! I got pretty agitated as my mini-dick suddenly became flacid.

Ahhhhhh.... Your big, veiny and beautiful manhood is every girl's dream!" Shaq responded, "Yeah, I bet you like it bitch. You like how it pumps your cunt. You like feeling all the ridges and veins that my dick has, don't ya bitch!"

"Yeeeeesssssss," replied Audrey as she climaxed all over Shaq's cock. I could see Audrey's white and clear-colored orgasmic fluid fully coat Shaq's giant manhood. Soon thereafter, Shaq spurted his love fluid inside my beautiful wife's pussy. Her pubic hair and pussy lips were drenched in what seemed to be a cup of Shaq's seed.

She continued to become so hungry for Shaq's cock that she proceeded to lick off all the remaining juices that had remained on his girthy shaft like a hungry child. She had never done that to ME before. I had become quickly angered. After licking him clean, mesmerized by--or rather idolozing--his dick she continued to hold it in her hand until it became completely it returned to its flacid state. How sad that even flacid, Shaq's dick was easily 8'' long and and about as thick as a dill pickle. Audrey was practically worshipping it! My jealous anger continued to rise quickly.

Audrey then said the statement the sealed her fate: "Shaq, I wish I could mold your lovely cock into a dildo so that I can have you anytime I wanted. Now that I've fucked you, I know my husband could never satisfy me like you could."

I couldn't take this torture anymore. I rushed into the room with a butcher knife I got from the kitchen and impaled them both with it until they died. I took Shaq's spend meat in my hand, cut it off at its base and threw it on my wife's naked body. "Here's his wonderful dick, sweetheart, if you want it."

The End

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I salute you and your story although the husband sort of brought it on himself by allowing his wife to fuck the nigger in the first place, but, the ending was brilliant............... she fucking deserved what he did to both of them

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Writer you snuck a nigger in the story, but you killed him along with the white nigger fucking wife. That earned you a positive


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Funny. Cute.


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THAT SHIT AINT FUNNY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


2005-01-27 08:48:17
Im with Wtf that last part is very funny and smart actually 10/10 because it is also got jeleosy (is that how you spell that:S) and murder... i have never read that in a sex story before. good make part 2 when it involves police blackmail (with them women police) etc.

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