I could fuck three girls instead of just one.
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Three For The Price Of One

I was only fourteen when I attended my first underage drinking party. My sister had been invited to them just as soon as she got her tits, that was four years ago. Ann Marie was now fifteen.

I was told not to tell her and then wait a half-hour before following her to the clearing out in the woods where the kids always met.

There was drinking, there was music, and there was a big bonfire. I paid the girl five dollars for my plastic cup. That bought me all of the beer that I could drink before the keg ran out.

One of the boys told me that there was a girl over on the couch that was letting everyone fuck her. I looked over to where he had pointed and saw the couch but it was turned around facing the other way. I did see a head bob up a few times. When he stood up and came around the end of the couch he was zipping up his pants.

I figured that it was my turn and I really wanted to loose my virginity so I headed in that direction. No one else beat me to it so I rounded the end with my cock out and looked down at the girl. She was totally naked, lying back, with her legs spread. Her tits were full and her pussy had hair on it. Then I looked at her face. It was Ann Marie.

I smiled at her and got on the couch between her legs. I was just about to shove my very hard cock into her oozing pussy when Ann Marie said, “Stop! You can’t fuck me! You’re my brother.”

I leaned in and the head of my cock kissed her outer pussy lips getting the last guys cum on the head.

Ann Marie pushed me away and said, “I’ll find three other girls that will let you fuck them if you don’t stick that thing in me.”

I smiled and said, “Three for the price of one. Okay.”

I did grab my cock and let the head slip up and down her fat wet lips a couple of times before I got up, tucked it back in, and zipped up my cock. I went back to the keg and filled my cup a second time. I was not much of a drinker and I wanted to enjoy the upcoming sex.

A cute little redhead walked up to me and said, “Ann Marie asked me to let you fuck me. You’re cute so lets go.”

I asked, “Where?”

She giggled and said, “My boyfriends car. It has a nice backseat. We just have to be quick about it.”

What to hell, I went with her. I wanted to see her naked but she just lowered her jeans to her ankles along with her panties and crawled onto the backseat. With her ass in the air in saw her pussy lips. There was no hair but I really liked her puckered asshole. Anyway I stuck my cock into her from behind and started pounding away. I came all too quickly but at least I came. I zipped up and she pulled her panties up and then her jeans.

As an after thought I asked, “What’s your name?”

She said, “You can call me Candy.”

I said, “That’s an unusual name.”

She giggled and said, “Oh that’s just a nickname the other girls gave me at Bible Camp a few years ago and it stuck. My real name is Cindy.

I asked, “Why did they change the I to an A?”

Again she giggled, “No silly they thought that my pussy tasted like candy. It did, I used to poke breath mints in my pussy before bedtime.”

I said, “Thank you Cindy, I was a virgin.”

She giggled again and said, “I know. Ann Marie told me. She said that you tried to fuck her. She should have let you, I let my brother fuck me all the time.”

Later another girl walked up to me. She was pretty drunk and said, “Ann Marie said that I should let you fuck me.”

I took her hand and walked her out behind a big fallen tree. She was pretty drunk so I helped her out of her clothes…all of them. She was younger than I was and her name was Gloria. Anyway Gloria had nice tiny boobs and not much hair on her pussy. She lay in the grass and spread her legs. I rubbed the head of my cock along her slit but it was not very wet. I remembered what Cindy had said about the girls at camp and I leaned in to taste Gloria’s pussy. It tasted bitter but I didn’t care, it was my first taste of pussy. Gloria seemed to enjoy what I was doing. When I thought that she was wet enough I slipped my cock in. It wasn’t as wet as I had thought though. I had to pull it out an inch and push it back in. I had to do that several times before I was all the way inside of her. I was surprised that I hadn’t cum already. Maybe the time with Cindy had helped. Anyway I got to let my cock play around in her pussy for quite a while. Then I came in her and pulled it out.

Gloria said, “I thought that it was supposed to hurt my first time.”

I just told her, “It would have but I licked your pussy first.”

She said, “Thank you.” Then I helped her get dressed but I kept her panties as a reminder of my first virgin.”

The keg had run out of beer and the music had died down when Ann Marie caught up with me.

She said, “Seventeen boys fucked me. How did you do?”

I said, “I only got to fuck two girls, Cindy or Candy and Gloria.”

Ann Marie said, “God damn fucking bitch. Melinda was supposed to let you fuck her. I ate her dirty pussy for nothing. I’ll fucking kill her when I see her.”

I said, “You promised me three girls.”

Ann Marie said, “Okay, you can fuck me when we get home. I don’t want anyone to see you fucking me here.”

We made our way through the woods and to our house. Mom was up as was expected. We went to bed and then about thirty minutes later Ann Marie came into my bedroom. She locked the door and climbed in bed with me.

She whispered, “I douched for you if you want to find out what a pussy tastes like.”

I didn’t have the heart to tell her that I had already tasted a pussy. I wanted to taste hers so I moved down to her pussy and lick her hairy slit. It tasted good. It tasted very good. I wondered what she had done. I licked a long time before Ann Marie pulled me around, between her legs, and into her moist pussy. She let me take my time, she let me enjoy myself, and she enjoyed herself too. This was a different side of my sister, a really nice side. Usually she called me names but now she was spreading her legs for me, she was rubbing her hands over my ass, and she was moaning softly.

After I had cum inside of her Ann Marie said, “You were the best sex tonight. I let seventeen boys fuck me tonight and then I let you make love to me. You made me feel better than all of them put together.”

I asked, “Can we do this again sometime?”

Ann Marie said, “Every night if you want too.”

I replied, “I’d like that.”

She sucked my cock clean and then she kissed me on my lips for the first that I could remember. She didn’t try to stick her tongue into my mouth but she could have. I wouldn’t have minded.

That Monday at school Gloria came looking for me. Ann Marie had told her who the boy was that had sex with her at the drinking party.

Gloria asked, “Will you be my boyfriend? I’ll let you fuck me every day if you want too.”

I said, “I’d rather make love to you.”

Gloria asked, “Does that mean that you will be my boyfriend?”

I answered, “Yes. I would be honored to have you as my girlfriend.”

The End
Three For The Price Of One
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