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I fell in love with a Mermaid.
Fbailey story number 691

The Mermaid

I was fishing when I first met her. I know of this very secluded lagoon with a small island in the middle of it. The fishing is excellent and I always catch enough for dinner…which is usually only one fish. Not that I couldn’t catch more but I couldn’t eat more.

Actually I own that small island and all of the land around that lagoon. I keep my boat on shore and I keep firewood near it. When I want to go fishing I slip my rowboat into the water and put enough firewood in it to cook lunch.

On my island I have a very nice fire pit that I built myself out of red bricks. I also have a small lean-to for shelter and a really comfortable hammock. In the shelter is an old couch that someone threw out and a sea chest with pots and pans, plates and cups, and forks and spoons. I put some matches, candles, and flashlights in there too.

My dock is only twelve-foot long but that is plenty for my rowboat. On the far end of my dock is a very nice wooden chair with wide armrests. There are pockets for beer cans and for two fishing poles. I even have a big beach umbrella attached to the back. Of course my beer is in a perforated box down in the water on the end of a rope. I also keep a bottle of Jack Daniel’s in there too. I use it to season the fish.

In other words I can live on my island for a month unless I get tired of eating fish and drinking beer. Never!

Then one day I saw a girl swimming in my lagoon. I waved at her and she disappeared under the water. She did not come up and I was afraid that she had drowned.

The next day I saw her again and that time she waved back at me and then disappeared under the surface.

On the third day she appeared, waved, and started to swim toward me. She walked up onto shore and smiled at me. She was stark raving nude. She had no tattoos, not even her ears were pierced, and there was no jewelry of any kind. Her fingernails and her toenails were natural. Even her pussy was natural. I liked her immediately.

She spoke and she had a wonderful accent, Portuguese I think, maybe even Brazilian. She said, “I like your water. If you want a nice rainbow trout I’d suggest that you throw your line over there about seventy-five feet. If you can catch two of them I’ll stay for lunch.”

I asked, “Do you drink beer?”

She laughed and said, “No! I will just drink water from your lagoon.”

I threw my line where she had said and I pulled a nice size trout in, then a second one. I cleaned them and started a fire.

We talked while the wood burned down into some really nice hot coals, then I put the fish on the grill. I pulled up my beer and took one while I splashed some Jack Daniel’s on the fish after I turned it over.

I appreciated her nude body and asked her name. She replied, “Mer Maid.”

I asked, “What does Mer stand for?”

She replied, “Nothing! My parents had a sense of humor. Since our last name was Maid they decided to call me Mer Maid. I was born in the water and I practically live in it.”

I said, “You certainly swim like a Mermaid.”

She said, “Thank you.”

Then we ate the fish and it was perfectly done. We had spent about three hours together with her naked the whole time. She thanked me for lunch, kissed me goodbye, and then walked into the water and disappeared under the surface.

That night I could not get her out of my head. She came from nowhere and went the same way. Besides, I had never caught a rainbow trout in my lagoon before.

Could she really be a Mermaid?

She did not show up for the next three days but on the forth, there she was again. When I asked her where she had been, she replied, “I had my period and I can’t go in the water…the sharks will get me.”

I said, “This is fresh water, there are no sharks.”

She said, “You can believe what you want.”

I asked, “What should we eat for lunch today?”

She smiled and said, “Over there is a school of perch. Why don’t you catch us a few.”

So it went on like that almost every day for two weeks. Then one day Mer asked me to make love to her. She said that being naked around me was exciting. She said that I had been a perfect gentleman. Then she told me that I would make a good father for her children.


Yes, apparently she was shopping around for a sperm donor and she had picked me. Then it dawned on me that it was probably in the middle of her cycle and during her fertile days. I had been dreaming of making love to her, I was in love with her, and so of course my answer was yes.

She insisted that we do it in the water. She wanted her children conceived in water and born in water.

I undressed in front of her for the first time. She smiled. Then she took my hand and walked me to the end of the dock. The water was just up to the underside of her breasts, her magnificent breasts. She pushed me back against one of the posts, grabbed onto the deck with one hand, and then she wrapped her legs around me. She held my cock in her other hand and slipped her warm pussy down onto it. When her other hand got a good grip on my dock she started to fuck me. She did all of the work and it was quite different than bouncing around in bed or even on a waterbed. It was very exciting. It felt wonderful. Then I climaxed in her womb. She squealed like a little girl, untangled herself from me, and then put her feet up on my dock and floated on the surface of the water. I guess she was trying to let my sperm swim downhill to her egg to fertilize it.

An hour later I got a really nice kiss, a thank you, and she was gone.

The next three days were the same. At night I thought about making love to her every day for the rest of my life. There was only one problem…the age difference. I was near sixty and she was near twenty.

The following day I asked her to marry me. She laughed and said, “You don’t have to do that.”

I said, “But I want too.”

She said, “You can make love to me whenever you want too.”

I replied, “No! I can’t! Unless you are there when I want too.”

She giggled and said, “Okay, if that is what you want.”

I said, “It is.”

We were married the following month in a simple ceremony, in the water, in my lagoon. We were naked as usual in the water. The couple that stood up for us were dressed and standing on the dock, as was the minister.

Over the next five years Mer gave birth to five of the pretties girls that I had ever seen. Each one had Mermaid as her middle name.

I never tired of making love to her in the water.

The End
The Mermaid
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