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I moved away from him, crawled up onto the bed, spread my legs wide, and purred, ?Come get it daddy.?
I awoke feeling sexy and hell. I thought about what would happen later on and could not wait for mom to leave. My pussy throbbed and nipples hardened because I knew that night daddy and I would fuck.

I decided to take a shower, and get dressed, and save the sexy energy for later that night. When I was done, I walked into the kitchen to eat breakfast.

The first thing I heard when I got into the room was mom growling at me. “You make sure you mind your daddy Sissy or there will be hell to pay when I get home!”

In my mind I shouted, ‘Oh aren’t we a bundle of joy this morning.’ I will momma, don’t worry.”

I left for school. Even momma’s foul mood could not change my happy mood. I swear the day drug by slower that ever, and I wondered if that final bell would ever ring.

When I got home, Jimmy was watching cartoons, and daddy was reading the newspaper. I did not notice mom anywhere. So I purposely jiggled my ass when I walked up to daddy to hug him hello.

“Hi dad, how was your day?”

He smirked and replied, “Fine now that your mother is gone. I want you to do your homework, as I fix dinner, that way, we will be free to play later, if you know what I mean?”

“Oh yeah, I know what you mean. I hope Jimmy won’t be a problem.”

“He won’t I told him he did not have to lie down and rest for a nap today, so I know he will be tired at bedtime.”

“Good thinking pops. Well I need to do my homework.”

I walked into my room threw my book bag on the bed and yelled, “Yippee, the wicked witch is gone.”

It did not take me long to finish my homework and the smell of something good cooking made my stomach growl. I went into the kitchen to investigate.

“Mmm, something smells good, what are we having for supper dad?”

“Spaghetti and garlic bread, plus your favorite cola. How’s that sound?”

“Delicious, I know mom would growl about the soda, but hell she’s not here!”

“Watch your language Sissy! Now set the table for me.”

“Sorry daddy, okay I will set the table. Where is Jimmy?”

“Where he is usually at this time, still watching cartoons.”

I walked over to dad, looked around to make sure we were alone and kissed him. Right on the lips, and it made my toes curl.

“I have been waiting all day to do that.”

He smiled and hugged me close. “Me too, but we have to be careful now, okay?”

“Spoilsport, but I understand, we do not want Jimmy to see.”

Just then Jimmy piped up, “See what Sissy?”

“What daddy is cooking, it’s a surprise,” I lied.

Jimmy giggled and squealed, “Oh goodie, I love surprises.”

He told daddy he was starving, and sat down at the table. I poured the sodas and then joined him. Daddy served up the food then sat down to eat.

Jimmy yelled, “Oooh yummy my favorite. You’re a good cooker daddy.”

We all laughed and enjoyed a peaceful meal for a change. Mom was not there to grumble.

I gathered the dishes, and started washing them. Daddy dried them and let my little brother play for awhile. I could not stop thinking about later, and I noticed by dad’s growing cock, he could not either.

I looked at him and whispered, “I cannot wait till Jimmy goes to bed.”

He winked and replied, “Oh me neither, but we have too. I will draw him a bath soon and add the lavender stuff to the water that helps babies sleep. It will put his lights out when he goes to bed.” He looked around the room to make sure we were alone and whispered, “So we can fuck.”

An hour later my little brother was playing in the tub, and I was sitting next to daddy watching TV. He had his arm around my shoulder, and was kissing me, like I was a girlfriend and not his daughter. My hand was on his thigh, and when I tried to touch his cock, he stopped me.

“Wait till later Sissy, that way, we can really have fun.”

“Okay, but I cannot wait, my pussy is throbbing. You can touch it if you want?”

“Girl quit teasing me like that; you know damn well I want to. If I do it now, I won’t be able to stop, let’s wait till we are alone.”

“Okay, when will mom be back?”

“She told me they plan to party till ten o’clock, which meant she would not be home till after eleven. Which is okay with me, because she needs to have a bit of fun outside the house? Besides it would give us more time to fuck.”

“Oooh I like that idea. You’d better check on Jimmy to make sure he has not poured the shampoo in the water again.”

“Oh he can’t I put it out of his reach. However it is time he got out. It’s his bedtime. I will read him a story. After that I will come get you and we can the next few hours naked in my bed. Don’t worry dear, I can hear mom’s car pulling in the driveway, and it gives you plenty of time to scurry to your room.”

He leaned over kissed me hard and uttered, “Oh god I cannot wait to slide my dick in your hot pussy again!”

“Me neither, I’m going to go change while you get bro ready for bed. By the way, daddy I will be sitting here on the sofa in my housecoat when you want to come get me.”

What I did not tell him was that I would be naked underneath my robe. I wanted to see his eyes pop.

“Okay sweety; give me thirty minutes. Then the real fun begins.”

I left the room, and changed, as he put my little brother to bed. I went back into the living room and was flipping through channels, as I anxiously awaited his return. God I wanted to masturbate, I was that turned on. A million thoughts were running through my head; ‘Would he eat me first, or would I suck his dick?’

He entered the room and touched my arm, and I jumped. All he was wearing were his shorts and t-shirt. I knew he was just as hot and horny, as his dick tented his underwear.

“Well baby-girl, let’s go fuck. Jimmy was out the minute I read the first page of his story.”

Before I could reply he picked me up, kissed me hard, and then carried me to my parent’s bedroom.

He kissed me again as he sat me on the bed, and then stripped. I licked my lips and swallowed hard, His cock was harder than I have ever seen it.

I stood up unbuttoned my robe and dropped it. Oh my god, I thought he was going to pass out. He didn’t he walked over to me, pulled me close and kissed me deep. I loved the feeling of his naked body close to mine, it turned me on more.

He looked into my eyes and with an excited tone, spoke. “Oooh looks like my baby is more than ready to fuck.”

“You got that, I have wanted to jump your pecker all day daddy.”

I moved away from him, crawled up onto the bed, spread my legs wide, and purred, “Come get it daddy.”

He climbed onto the bed and went straight for my wet pussy. He licked, probed, and teased me.

My head was spinning and my whole body on fire and I squealed, “Oh daddy, make me cum!”

He did not say a word, just continued to eat me until I climaxed hard. Then he looked up at me, with his face shiny with my juices.

He smiled and asked, “Wow you tasted so fucking good. Ready to fuck, I sure am?”

I squealed, “You bet! Fuck me daddy!”

He moved and slid his cock across the length of my pussy slit. He then parted the folds, and smeared his pre-cum, all over me.
He looked into my eyes, to make sure I was ready, grasped his member and slid it all the way inside deep with one thrust.

“Oooh god daddy, I love how your cock feels inside me.”

He fucked me with long, slow strokes, as he kissed my lips. He then moved a bit, and began sucking my hard nipples. He fucked me deeper and faster than.

I wrapped my legs around his waist and moved with him. I had never felt anything so wonderful. I felt like his woman now, my whole body alive with sex. I ran my fingers through his hair and quivered all over.

“Mmmmm, I love fucking you Daddy! Holy cow, I am cumming again!”

“That’s my girl cum hard baby. Oh your cunt is so fucking tight. Want me to cum inside you, or spray it all over you and lick it off and feed it to you?”

Now there a switch, he had never done that yet. “I like the idea of you spraying your cum all over me and licking it off daddy. Will you feed it to me too?”

“Of course that is so hot! Oh fuck I cannot hold it any longer!”

He grasped his tool and sprayed his cum all over my tits and tummy. I shivered in delight, and when he licked it off me, I thought I would pass out, it felt so good. When he moved up, and kissed me hard, his fingers toyed with my pussy again.

I loved the taste, and my whole body shook in climax as we shared his cum.

We lay entangled in each others arms when finished. I licked my lips and purred, “Yum, daddy you taste so delicious.”

He held me close, and looked at his watch. He kissed me again, and then asked, “Well looks like we have about an hour before mom gets home. May I suggest we take a shower together? I can light a scented candle in here, while we wash away the evidence.”

“Oh daddy, I’d love to take a shower with you. I might want you to make me cum again?”

“Wow you are something, but we don’t have time to do that. Mom will be home soon. Now tell me something baby-girl, how did you like fucking daddy tonight?”

“It was so hot! Fuck me again daddy?”

He just rolled his eyes and replied, “Race you to the shower!”

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