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Just a story I found on wolfpub that I like and thought I would share. Note I did post who it is by, and I will post 3 to 4 a day till I am done.
By Jefferson on wolfpub

"Rebbecca Part Two"

Saturday, December 16th
When Dave woke two hours later, feeling much better than he had at six o'clock that morning, he went in search of his daughters. As he passed their bedroom, which he had furnished just for their visits with two single beds, two dressers for their clothes and a large bookshelf for storage of other items, he looked in but the room was empty.

He found the two girls on the couch giggling at some silly cartoon they were watching. Emily had always gotten into cartoons, Dave was proud to say that he had taught her how to watch and enjoy cartoons from the time she was a baby. Before the divorce, getting up on Saturday mornings to watch cartoons was a family tradition. Rebbecca would always sleep late and Dave would spend most of the day with his daughters. Hayley had never become a cartoon fanatic the way her father and sister had but she did enjoy them nevertheless.

Dave got himself another cup of coffee and flopped down in his overstuffed leather recliner, the one Rebbecca had always refused to let him buy while they were married, and watched cartoons with his daughters. He and Emily joked about the horrible state of children's animation compared to the cartoons made twenty and thirty years ago. There was just no comparing Ed, Edd and Eddy to Woody Woodpecker, Bugs Bunny and The Flintstones.

It was a half hour later that the phone rang. Hayley was about to answer it since she was the closest, but Dave told her to stay where she was. He was pretty sure who it would be. He went into the kitchen and answered the phone.

"Hello, Becca."

"I've told you not to call me that!" Rebbecca fired back. "Are the girls there?"

"You haven't checked the voice mail on your cell phone."

"Why would I?"
"Because I left a message for you on your voice mail nearly three hours ago telling you the girls were here. I tried calling the house early this morning to let you know but you told Paul to hang up on me. I really appreciate that by the way."

"Fuck off! I will be there in twenty minutes to pick them up."


"I told them last night that they were not going over there."

"What's happened that you weren't going to allow them to come over?"

"You know perfectly damn well why I wasn't going to allow it."

"No, I don't. Do tell me, Rebbecca."

"David, do not start this shit with me right now. I've already had a very bad morning."

"I'm sorry to hear that. Maybe you and Paul should spend the day together. Relax a little. Go shopping. Run some errands. Go visit with some friends. Hell, you've got the weekend to yourselves. Go into the mountains. Rent a cabin. See if you can bring back that old spark of romance."


"Listen, Beck, the girls are already here and have already unpacked. It's my weekend. Unless you have a valid reason for them not to be here this weekend, they are staying. If you want to punish them for running away or whatever, it will wait until Monday. Do not punish Em and Hayley because I was bad!"

She ignored him. "I will be there in twenty minutes." She slammed down the phone.

"Fine, but they won't be."

Dave pulled his wallet from his back pocket as he returned to the living room.

"Who's up for some shopping?" he asked, waving around two fifty-dollar bills.

Both girls were on their feet. Each grabbed a fifty from his fingertips.

"I gotta get my shoes!" Hayley screamed after grabbing the fifty and headed for the bedroom where she had left them.

"Mom's coming over, isn't she?" Emily asked once Hayley was out of the room.

"Yep. Go to the mall or something. Get yourselves lost again for a few hours."
Emily was about to respond when Hayley ran back into the room, carrying her shoes and jackets for both girls.

"Daddy, how do you always have money for us to go shopping but don't have any money to get a better place?"

Dave smiled. "Because I've got to save all my money to spoil two little princesses," Dave told her.

The two girls, now in jackets and shoes, moved to the door. Dave followed them.

"Well, Daddy," Hayley said with a smile, "I know this princess sure appreciates your attempts to spoil her."

She kissed her father's cheek. Dave got another kiss on the other cheek from Emily. Then both girls were gone. Dave watched from the balcony window as they drove away.

Without thinking, Dave's hand slipped into the pocket of his pants and he felt the leather glove. He pulled it out. He had prepared it last night for Mandy but had never used it.

"Maybe Rebbecca needs another reminder," he said as he returned to the recliner. He sat there considering his options until Rebbecca arrived fifteen minutes later.

Dave had the glove on his hand but casually hidden in his pants pocket when he opened the door. Rebbecca banged on the door as hard and as fast as she could.

"Hello, Becky," Dave said with a smile when he opened the door.

She growled at him and stormed into the apartment. "Where are they? I didn't see Emily's car outside."

"That's because I sent them away. I didn't want them to hear us fighting again. They got enough of that before and during the divorce, don't you think?"

"There isn't going to be any fighting. You're going to tell me where my girls are and then I'm going to go get them and take them home. Now where are they?"

"This is Old Town, Beck. Shops everywhere. Who knows where the hell they may have gone to."

Rebbecca snorted. "Were they here when I called?" Dave nodded. "You sent them away, didn't you?"

"I told you I did. You really should learn to listen to me. I also told you that they weren't going home with you. That this was a waste of a trip."

"Fine." She sat down on the couch. "I'll wait for them."

Dave shrugged and closed the front door. "Fine with me. I was just about to watch a movie." Dave sat back down in his recliner, turned on the DVD player and waited for the movie to load. Rebbecca was paying very little attention to the TV. Instead she was sitting across from him, glaring at him, focusing all of her anger at David.

Then the movie started. The first moan pulled her attention from Dave. "This is a porno!"

Dave looked over at her. "Yeah," he said nodding.

"This is sick!" she shouted as two young white women kneeled before a large black man with a huge cock and began taking turns licking it up and down. "Turn this trash off!"

"My apartment, Becky. If you don't like it, you're welcome to leave. In fact, I wish you would. I was hoping to jerk off some. Don't wanna embarrass myself by getting wood in front of my daughters."

"You are a pervert!" Rebbecca screamed. She stood up, grabbed her purse which she had set down beside her and headed for the door. As she squeezed between the recliner and the coffee table, David casually reached over and spanked her ass with his glove-covered right hand.

"OW!" Rebbecca screamed and literally leaped a foot off the floor. "What was that?"

"What was what?" Dave asked.

"Something..." Before she could finish, her body seemed to change it's posture and her eyes went glassy. "Oh, God. Not again."

"Again? Do we need to retire to the bedroom?"

"No!" Rebbecca said but with very little conviction. She yanked her arm from his grasp as he stood up. She closed her eyes and tried to calm herself even as her breathing became little more than gasps. "Oh, God! Fuck!" She shouted before opening her eyes, grabbing Dave's hand and dragging him into the bedroom.

"Are you sure you wanna do this again, Rebbecca? What if Paul finds out?"

"Fuck Paul!" she shouted as she reached behind her and unzipped the very nice red dress she was wearing. She pulled the dress off her shoulders and down her arms and allowed it to fall the rest of the way off of her, landing on the floor.

Much to Dave's surprise, she had nothing on underneath the dress. "Wasn't that a little drafty?" Dave asked.

"Shut up, get naked, and get into bed," Rebbecca ordered as she kicked off her shoes and threw herself into the bed.

Dave looked his ex-wife over and had to admit, even though she was a royal stuck-up elitist bitch, even at thirty-seven years old and having borne two children, she still had a nice body. Her tits sagged but not a lot. There were some stretch marks that still showed on her abdomen but her belly had only a slight paunch and her ass and legs were as nice as ever. He'd always loved her long legs.

Dave stood there, considering what to do for a moment. He pulled the glove off, carefully rolled it up, and slipped it once more into his pants pocket. He stripped off his shirt and started working on his pants. As he did, he came to a decision on what to do with Rebbecca this time around. He wondered if she would give him a third chance at this.

Last time, his anger had controlled him. He had wanted to hurt and humiliate her. He still wanted to humiliate her but this time, he was going to get something more out of it.

Dave dropped his pants and pushed his underwear down. He moved to the edge of the bed.

"Sit up and suck me!" He ordered.

Without hesitation, Rebbecca sat up and reached for his already stiffening cock. She licked the eye at the tip and then sucked it between her lips.

"Do a good job now, Becky. You don't want to still be doing this when Em and Hayley come back." Dave groaned as she took him into her mouth entirely. "Oh, yeah. That's good." He slid his hand over her head, wrapped his hand in her dark brown hair and guided her head forward and backward on his erection. "When I get ready, I'm going to cum in your mouth. Make sure you're ready cuz I don't want you to lose a drop. Once I'm done, I want to see it on your tongue and then I want to watch as you swallow it. Understood?"

"Mmm hmm," was Rebbecca's only response. It was the best she could do with her mouth full of cock.

"That's a good girl. Now, let's get things rocking."

Dave began thrusting his hips forward and pulling face her to him, burying her nose in his pubic hair, fucking her pretty little mouth. Rebbecca had no problems giving blow jobs. She never had. She had always refused to let Dave cum in her mouth, though, which pretty well shot down any thought of swallowing. Dave had always thought watching a girl swallow his cum would be real erotic. Dave saw this as his big chance to show Rebbecca that it really wasn't that horrible.

"Getting close," he told her and pulled her head all the way forward. He began to do short thrusts, pulling out only an inch or so before thrusting back fully into her mouth. He could feel his orgasm rising. He groaned and held his cock completely in her mouth as he unloaded. After the first shot, he pulled out all but the head of his cock and made her taste him.

"Don't swallow it all."

Once he'd run dry, Dave pulled out and made Rebbecca open her mouth and show him the small load of cum she had managed to keep on her tongue. Then he stood there looking her in the eyes as she swallowed it all.

"Good, huh?" He smiled at her. "Now, clean me off and keep me hard so I can fuck you."

Rebbecca eagerly returned to her task. The only thoughts in her mind were getting and keeping him hard so he could plow into her good, hard and fast. The compound stopped her from thinking of anything else.

After another couple minutes of her sucking and licking his cock, he pushed her away.

"Get on your hands and knees. I'm gonna fuck you like the bitch you are."

Even with the insult thrown in, Rebbecca spun around on the bed, got onto her hands and knees and watched anxiously as Dave climbed onto the bed, positioned himself, and then drove into her already well-lubed cunt.

"Oh, fuck, yes!" Rebbecca screamed as he buried himself inside her in one thrust. Her eyes rolled back into her head and arms went weak and she fell down onto her elbows.

Dave grabbed her hips and began thrusting into her hard and fast, just as he'd always dreamed of doing to her. He reached down and grabbed a fistful of her hair and yanked her face up off the bed.

"When I get done here," he told her without slowing down or easing up at all. "I'm gonna make you suck me again and you're going to enjoy it, aren't you?"

She tried to speak but with him driving in and out of her like a piston, all that came out were grunts.

"Say it. Say you're going to enjoy sucking my cock after I've fucked you with it. Say it or I'll stop right now."

"Don't stop!" she cried. "Please don't stop. I need it!"

"Then say it. Tell me what a little slut you really are. Tell me, Becky."

"Oh, God, I'm a slut. I'm nothing more than a fucking whore doing whatever my man wants. Oh, God, harder!"

"Say it. Tell me you're going to enjoy the taste of my cock after I've fucked you."

"Yes. Oh, God, yes. Yes, I will enjoy it. I love cock. I love sucking it and fucking it. It doesn't matter where it's been. Oh, shit, fuck me harder!"
Dave smiled, released her hair, grabbed her hips and drove into even faster and harder than he had been.

"You like that?" he screamed at her. "You want it? Yeah, bitch, take that!"

He pounded into her one last time and unloaded yet another load of sperm into her.

Once finished, he held himself up as he gasped for air.

"Damn, that was hot."

With her hair released and having had orgasm after orgasm, Rebbecca collapsed to the bed and lay there panting and gasping.

Once he'd gotten some strength back, Dave climbed off the bed and stood beside it just where he had been a few minutes before. He reached over, grabbed another fistful of his ex-wives hair and pulled her up.

"Come on, you little tramp. You ain't done yet."

She squealed from the pain of him pulling her hair but she got onto her knees and crawled to him.

"Open wide!" he told her. When she did, he drove his cock into her throat. "Now clean it off, you nasty little piece of pussy!"

Rebbecca did. Ten minutes later, Dave was getting dressed. When he had finally released her hair, after she had cleaned his cock off, she had crashed down onto the floor, exhausted and unable to move. He shook his head and turned to leave the room.
Even before he reached the door, Dave knew something was off. He was sure he had closed the bedroom door. The door was now slightly ajar.

Dave checked each room in the apartment expecting to find his daughters. After searching the entire apartment, he went to the balcony window and looked out, searching the parking lot for Emily's car. It was nowhere to be found. Dave shrugged. The door must not have latched, he thought to himself. He got himself a can of soda and went into the living room to wait.

Forty minutes later Dave had the TV on but wasn't really watching it when he heard the shower in the master bathroom come on. Dave turned off the TV and headed into the back of the apartment. The bathroom door was closed but he walked in without pausing. Rebbecca was in the shower, washing herself.

"Rebbecca," Dave said over the noise of the water. He expected Rebbecca to scream at him. Instead she pulled the curtain aside and looked out at him expectantly. Dave smiled, stepped forward, grabbed the shower curtain, yanked it from Rebbecca's grip, and pulled it aside, exposing her completely.

"Come out here."

Dave stepped back, giving Rebbecca room to step out of the shower. She closed the shower curtain behind her.

"On your knees," he told her as he began undoing his pants.

He could see that Rebbecca wanted to protest but the SLuT9 made it impossible. She dropped to her knees. Dave pushed his pants and briefs down around his ankles.

"You know what to do."

A tear rolled down Rebbecca's cheek as she moved forward and took Dave soft cock into her mouth once more. Dave didn't say a word. He smiled and looked down at his humiliated ex-wife. Her passions were still running so hot, thanks to the SLuT9, that she could refuse him nothing.

Dave put his hand against the wall to keep himself up as the level of pleasure increased with the hardness of his cock. Once he was fully hard, Dave stepped back, pulling his cock from her mouth. He reached over and opened the medicine cabinet and pulled out a bottle of baby oil.

"You know what I'm going to do with this?" he asked Rebbecca, showing her the bottle.

She shook her head. He bent down so his face was level with hers.

"This is for if you ever try and keep my girls from me again. I will rub this all over my cock and then I will jam my cock up your pretty little ass and fuck it. Understood?" Rebbecca nodded. "Do you believe I can do it?" Rebbecca nodded again. "Good. Now get back in the shower." He put the baby oil back in the medicine cabinet as Rebbecca got to her feet and climbed back into the shower.

He pulled up his pants. He raised his voice over the noise of the shower. "Once you're finished showering, I want you out of my house. Go home to Paul. See if he can satisfy you." Dave didn't wait for a response. He turned and slammed the door behind him.

Ten minutes later, once more in the red dress she had arrived in, Rebbecca left the apartment. She didn't speak but tears were rolling down her cheeks.

It was another hour before the girls came home from their shopping trip. Both of them carried at least two bags. Hayley was excited and insisted on showing her father every single thing she had bought. Emily stayed in the background, just watching the show.

Once Hayley finished showing off her new things, she headed for the bedroom to put them away. Emily stayed where she was. Dave began to feel somewhat uncomfortable under her glare.

"What's the deal?" he asked finally just to stop the stare.

"Just wondering what you said or did to Mom."

"I know I've been saying this a lot but that's not really any of your business."

"Why won't you tell me, Daddy? Is it so horrible? I know what a bitch Mom's been to you lately."

"It's not a bad argument, Em, but I promised myself right after your mother left me that I wasn't going to use you girls against her. I decided I wasn't going to try and get you girls on my side by talking bad about your mother."
"Hay and I have both noticed that about you. No matter what, you've never really said anything bad about Mom. Mom isn't the same, you know?"

Dave nodded. He hadn't expected Rebbecca to follow his example.

"She talks bad about you at every turn."

"That's your mother's choice. Not mine."

"Did you fuck her?"


"What? Daddy, I'm seventeen. I know all the bad little four letter words. So does Hayley."

"I don't care if you know them, Em. I just don't want to hear you say them. This is my house, my rules."

Emily stood up and headed into the back. She stopped though and looked over her shoulder. "Is that what you told Mom just before you stuck your cock in her mouth?"

Emily didn't give him a chance to respond. She just walked away and disappeared into the bedroom.

Dave was left sitting there wondering how much Emily knew about his time with Rebbecca that morning. He remembered the bedroom door being open. He chose not to confront her about it. He needed time to think. Emily seemed to do her best to avoid him the rest of the day.

For dinner, Dave called out to his favorite Chinese restaurant and had a large order delivered. He called the girls out of the bedroom once the table was ready. Emily and Hayley both came out of the bedroom, took their seats, and ate. Hayley, being a fifteen year old girl, was more than capable of dominating a conversation and Dave was glad of that during dinner. Hayley kept a running dialog going talking to Dave and Emily but not giving the two any reason to speak to each other. Dave wondered if Emily had said something to Hayley but if she had, Hayley didn't seem to care. The topics ranged from their mother's home to their mother to school and, of course, to boys.

After dinner, Hayley carried the few dishes from the table and dropped them in the sink as Emily and Dave picked up all the little cardboard boxes and either threw them away or put them in the refrigerator. Dave told Hayley to go watch TV or whatever, that he would wash the dishes. She gave him a kiss on the cheek and then headed into the living room.

Dave started the dishes as Emily continued picking up the small cardboard boxes. Once finished, Emily moved over and leaned her back against the counter and crossed her arms in front of her chest.

"I forgot my wallet this morning when Hayley and I went out."

Dave knew where this was leading but chose to remain quiet. He continued to wash the dishes.

"I had to be casual about it all. If Hayley had known Mom was here..." Emily didn't finish the thought, she just shook her head. "I parked the car right next to Mom's. Hayley didn't even notice it. She was too busy comparing the fifty dollar bills you gave us. I came up alone. I listened at the door before I opened it. You had already moved to the bedroom though. I gotta admit, Dad, that surprised me."

Dave finished with the dishes but left the water running to cover their voices. He turned, put his back to the sink and leaned back against the counter, just as Emily was.

"I know you still love Mom. Well, I thought you still loved Mom until I heard and saw what you did this morning."

Dave chuckled. "I don't think I've loved your mother for a year or two now. I still loved her when she left me but the divorce killed whatever was there."

"You're so angry with her."

"I'm not mad because she left me, Em. I've come to terms with that. I even understand it. I know your mother better than you do. She's always been impatient. She always wanted everything right here, right now. She had high expectations from me. Thought I'd be the president of some big multi-national corporation by now. I wanted that early on. I dreamed of the money, the big house, the nice cars, the servants, all that. But that was when we were kids, your age. As time went on, I didn't want that anymore. Your mother never stopped wanting it. I was a disappointment to her."

"So what is it, then? Why are you angry?"

Dave turned to his oldest daughter. He placed a hand on each of her cheeks and turned her to face him. "It's you, and your sister. Don't want you getting a swelled head. That's what your mother and I fight about most. She keeps using you and Hayley against me. She was going to try and stop you from coming for Christmas. That's what started it this time. Then she wasn't going to allow you to come this weekend." Dave released Emily and put his head up and stared at the ceiling. "You and Hayley mean more to me than anyone. You are my world. My reason for being here. My beacon of lights in a really dark world." He could almost hear Emily roll her eyes. "I know I'm getting deep and corny but it's true."

He looked over at her. "You two are the only good things in my world right now and your mother is trying to take you away from me. Not let me see you. Yeah, I'm angry. I think anyone who felt as strongly about their kids as I do, I think anyone would be angry."

There was a long moment of silence. "So, how much did you see?"

Emily smiled, turned and went into the living room.

"Damn it!" Dave said softly. He then turned off the running water and joined his daughters in the living room.
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