Part 2 of 3
Part 2

I woke up to the sound of my vibrating phone. It was a text from Jenny saying, “MERRY CHRISTMAS!!! :D”

I had completely forgotten it was Christmas Day. All I could think of was the night before. The way Jenny looked at me when she was sucking my cock, the way her pussy smelled and tasted, and the way it felt when I was pounding in and out of her.

Nobody in my house was up yet, so I decided to lay in bed, texting Jenny for a while. She told me about her gifts, including some especially sexy lingerie she got from Crystal. She also kept mentioning a special surprise that she had for me later on.

If it was any other year I would have been disappointed. It was tradition that my whole family visited my aunt's house for Christmas dinner. We would stay there all hours of the night, playing cards and board games, listening to festive music, and watching holiday movies. Luckily this year, my aunt had just gotten married, and she and her new husband were enjoying a relaxing vacation in Jamaica. My parents were cooking an early dinner, after which my sister, Amanda, was going out on the town, and mom and dad had a five star hotel suite booked out for the night.

I mentioned this to Jenny, who was more than excited to find an easy place to give me my surprise. She planned to show up at 7:30, shortly after everyone was to leave, bearing gifts and other surprises. As Jenny finished explaining the start of her plan, I heard movement outside my room. It was time to open a few gifts.

I got the usual fare, clothes, a few gift cards, along with some books and puzzles from my older relatives. One gift, however, peaked my interest, it was a card from Amanda, with instructions to find my gift in the back of her closet after everyone leaves for the night.

I was the longest Christmas Day I ever had. In the afternoon we visited our grandparents before returning home and waiting from dinner to be ready. All I could think about was the surprise in my sister's closet, and Jenny's special surprise for tonight.

Finally, dinner was on the table, and all I needed to do was finish, and wait for everything to fall in to place. My parents left first, clearly excited about their night alone, and soon after, Amanda was picked up by one of her friends. All she said before she left was, “Don't forget,” as she winked and stepped out the door.

As soon as the car pulled away, I checked the clock. 7:18, enough time to put away the gift, if need be, before Jenny arrived. I walked into me sister's room and turned on the light. I opened the door to her closet and the surprise was unmistakable, it was a medium sized gift, wrapped with a bow, with the words, “HAVE FUN!” written in bold. As soon as I picked it up, I heard the rattling and knew exactly what it was.

Amanda had bought me beer a few times when I had asked her, but before this morning I never had any real plans for the night. I guess she figured I could use it, and she was certainly right. I brought the case down to the rec room, opened it up, and placed it on the table. Then I turned on some soft music in the background. The doorbell rang just in time.

After Jenny took off her jacket, I saw that she was wearing an outfit that was quite a bit more revealing than what she had on to deliver gifts to families the night before. She had on a tight, low cut, lime green t-shirt that clearly exposed her bellybutton and the top of her lacy black bra, and a white miniskirt that barely covered her crotch while she was sitting down. She also had ruby red lipstick which complimented her hair, which was tied back in to a loose ponytail.

We had a few beers while watching TV and talking, but I held back, as I wanted to be able to remember the rest of the night. We had been chilling out in the basement for about an hour when Jenny finally mentioned the surprise gift. “I wanted to wait a bit, test your patience, maybe annoy you a little bit,” she giggled.

She hauled out a small gift bag and passed it to me. When I opened it up, it contained a large pink dildo, and a webcam. Jenny explained that the dildo was the second half of Crystal's gift for her, and the webcam was so I could watch her use it when we couldn't get together in person.

“Why don't we test it out now?” she suggested, as she repositioned herself on the couch, so she was leaning against the arm, facing me.

It was at this moment that I saw her juicy pussy barely being contained by a lacy thong, and my already stiff cock hardened as much as it ever had before. I sprang forward, trying to gain access to any part of her I could, but she quickly pushed me off with her feet.

“Ah, ah, ah,” she taunted, “I said I was going to test your patience, and that's what I'm gonna do.”

I wasn't happy, but I didn't mind playing along with her games, knowing that the reward would but so much greater. So without a word leaned on the other side of the couch.

She began caressing her tits, which looked even bigger with her tight shirt on. Her hands slowly moved up and down, her fingers pinching and twisting at her hard nipples, which were easily noticeable through her bra and thin t-shirt.

She soon moved down to her belly, slowly moving under her shirt, only to haul back out again just before reaching her tits. Finally, after what seemed like ages, she slowly began hauling off her t-shirt, and finally threw it to the floor grabbing her tits again, caressing them some more. Her black bra now clearly visible, and the thin, nearly transparent material just revealed enough to see the outline of her areolas.

After moving down to her belly for a second time, she eventually reached her waist, sensually rubbing up and down the outside of her thighs, slowly moving in for the kill, and finally reaching her panties. She began rubbing the outside of her panties which, like her bra, you could see through just enough for a tease of the shape and size of her pussy.

She kept rubbing through the thin fabric, beginning to softly moan as she did so. She eventually moved the fabric over, making room to insert her already wet fingers inside her waiting pussy.

Clearly getting hornier by the second, she soon reached for her brand new dildo with her right hand, while licking her own juices off her left hand. She flipped a switch on the dildo and it started buzzing. She shoved it in and out of her mouth a few times, priming it for the first use, and began slowly moving down her body.

She teased her tits a little bit more, and arched her back as the vibrations shook through her nipples. She kept moving further down her body, clearly enjoying herself with her new toy. Finally reaching her saturated pussy, she pushed her panties to the side again, and after making a few circles with the dildo, shoved it right up inside herself.

She was constantly moaning now, holding nothing back. She pumped the dildo in and out of herself, using a gyrating technique in order to touch every part of her inside, and causing herself to start gyrating, and she pushed herself even farther.

Her breath was getting shorter, her moans were now screams, and she was moving the dildo faster and faster, in and out of her pussy. Suddenly she stopped, her back arched high off the couch, spasms tearing through her pussy. Her juices pouring out, down her leg, dripping onto the couch. With the little strength she had, she leaned forward, lying on top of me, and we began making out.

Her legs were wrapped around mine, and I could feel the heat as her juices started soaking my leg. Her tongue danced around mine, twisting and turning, as my dick throbbed, stuck inside my jeans. I could not believe I had not came during her beautiful performance, but I knew it was only a matter of time before I would blow my load.

Jenny started to unbutton my shirt, as her tongue was still dancing wildly around mine. All of my shirt's buttons were undone before she separated her lips from mine. She began kissing down my body, starting at my neck, and moving down my chest, past my stomach, and finally reaching the top of my jeans.

She had them undone in a flash, and in one go licked from the bottom of my balls to the head of my dick. She then began sucking my dick, managing to get hilt deep without so much as a gag. My stamina had been used up watching her show, so at this rate I knew I wouldn't last long.

I could hardly think straight as I felt her lips wrapping around my cock, furiously moving up and down, as her tongue swirled around my shaft. I felt the very familiar build up in my cock, and I knew I was about to go. Just as I was nearing the point of no return, Jenny pulled away and leaned back.

“You fucking tease!” I said, as my cock yearned for that satisfying release.

Jenny never spoke a word as she reached behind her and finally released her beautiful tits. Her nipples were throbbing with pleasure as she kneeled on the floor in front of the couch and ordered my to stand up.

I did as she asked and she leaned forward, taking my cock into her mouth again, having bought a little extra time with her unexpected withdrawal. She didn't work as fast, but what she lost in speed, she made up for in detail, making sure to fit her tongue around every curve and bump on my cock.

I was just upon my release when, once again, she hauled out. This time she gave me a quick, simple order, as she leaned back against the cushions on the couch.

“ Cum on my tits.”

Because of the way she leaned on the couch, with her back arched, and her arms bent back, flat against the cushions, her firm tits were accentuated. They protruded out from her body, accentuated even more by her hard nipples, which stuck out as though they were waiting for my sperm.

I couldn't wait any longer. I grabbed my cock and started pumping as hard as I ever had before. There was hardly a build up, as I had had enough already. I surprised myself with the first shot, which flew in one long string, landing on her neck, and stretched from her left shoulder to the crease between her tits. The next three shots landed solidly on her tits, and the last few true spurts were spread across her belly, one going right in her bellybutton. My cock kept spasming six or seven more times, but nothing shot out. It was the hardest I had ever came by a long shot.

Jenny immediately backed up onto the couch, as she grabbed my shoulders and easily brought me to my knees on the floor. She then grabbed my head and shoved it toward her waiting crotch. This girl was not wasting any time.

I could clearly smell her beautiful juices, which still flooded the inside of her pussy from her performance. The heat from her crotch was emanating, I could feel it from nearly a foot away, and the sight of her rubbing my cum over her tits was the final bonus, as if I needed one anyway.

I dove in, pretty much ignoring her panties, hauling them to the side as I began to suck on her drenched pussy. I swung my tongue in and out, up and down, trying to lap up every last drop of her delectable juices.

Jenny was writhing with pleasure, biting her lip as she twisted and pinched her nipples. Once I was sure I had sucked up every drop of her succulent juices I started sucking her clit, flicking it up and down. She clearly enjoyed this, as she let out a loud scream and shoved herself toward me.

My dick had not taken long to get hard again, as it was standing at full attention, waiting to enter her gorgeous pussy. I did not ignore it, and I quickly stood up, surprising Jenny, and began pounding in and out of her.

As it did the night before, Jenny's tight pussy felt amazing. I could feel every bump and curve slide around my cock, and I had a perfect view of her tits as they bounced with every thrust. But it was time for a change of pace.

I leaned on top of Jenny still thrusting in and out. I slipped my hands behind her bare back, and rolled us both around. Now I was lying of the couch, and Jenny was bouncing on top of me. Her pussy seemed to feel even better now, as gravity aided how deep I was entering her. I could tell she was enjoying it a lot more, as her moaning was becoming louder and more constant.

I played with her tits as she bounced on my dick. Still wet with my cum, they were glistening, and slippery to the touch. I knew exactly what I was going to do next, I could only hope I had the strength to do it.

With every thrust, Jenny's screams were becoming louder and louder, and I knew she was nearing her climax. I still had a bit of energy left in me, but I was not sure if it would be enough to last as long as she would.

Suddenly, much sooner than I had expected, and by the look on her face, sooner than Jenny had expected, she locked up. I could feel her pussy begin squeezing my cock as the rest of her body began shuddering. For the second time that night, juices began pouring from her pussy, this time soaking my cock. The feeling was unbelievable, and the heat was amazing.

Jenny slumped on top of me, worn out from her second orgasm, but I was not ready yet. Once again I rolled us over, and Jenny's back was on the couch once again. The sight alone would have been enough to make some men explode.

My cum was covering her tits, while her own was still pouring from her pussy. Apparently the activity had made her panties rip, as neither of us had took the time to remove them, and they were on the floor. Her miniskirt was still covering her stomach, but were soaked and ruffled, certainly not fit to be used anytime soon. At some point during the last few moments she had managed to remove the elastic from her hair, as it was hanging loose against the couch, but was still in fairly good shape.

Jenny looked at me, as though to ask what it was I was doing, and I immediately started up again. I leaned over her chest, nearly sitting on her, and I placed my cock in between her two breasts. Jenny immediately understood what my plan was and squeezed her tits together, all but smothering my hard cock.

I began pumping, slowly at first, but quickly picking up speed. My cum from earlier still covered her chest, and acted as some very good lubricant. Fucking Jenny's tits never had quite as good a feeling as fucking her pussy or having her suck my cock, but it was different, in a good way, and that was good enough for me.

I soon felt my balls begin to tighten, and I recognized the same familiar feeling that I had felt countless times before. I began to thrust as hard and as fast as I could, as my balls started to contract. I shot load after load straight onto Jenny's face, spread from the peak of her forehead to the curve of her neck. We collapsed onto the couch, laying together for a while, not speaking a word.

We went upstairs to take a shower together. We were both too worn out to do anything, but we just enjoyed each other's company and washed each other off. We got dried off, climbed into my bed and fell asleep in each other's arms.

We woke up to the sound of the front door slamming. The clock read 12:27 PM. My parents were back, the couch was a mess, and Jenny did not have a change of clothes. I heard a minimal amount of talk, and the TV came on, it sounded like dad had turned on the football game. Why hadn't I heard anything about a mess?

That's when I noticed a pile of laundry on the dresser that hadn't been there. When I got up I noticed a note laid on top of it. I instantly recognized the handwriting.

“Got home this morning, noticed the mess, cleaned up. Here's both your clothes, and one of my old outfits. She can keep it. You owe me big time. - Amanda”

Jenny snuck out the back door, as I made small talk with my parents, before telling them I was borrowing the car. I dropped Jenny off, and my mind began jumping between when I would see Jenny next, and how I would repay Amanda.

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