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An experience I had when I went to University
It was a few years ago, and I had found myself as a first year student at a respectable NSW Agricultural college, funnily enough, studying a bachelor of Arts. The College had amalgamated with another University, and this was the first year the Colleges were offering non-Agricultural degrees. The campus was consumed with rangy, rugged country boys, and I have to admit that the sight of a young, fit man in a tight pair of moleskin pants made my 19 year old pussy quiver. Although I wasn’t a virgin, I was what you could call naïve. Being away from my family home for the first time, I was relishing the new feelings of independence, and living just off campus with some other students meant I had a place where I didn’t have to fear my parents disapproval.
The first week of Uni flashed by quickly, with lots of hazing involving alcohol, dares and fun activities centred around getting to know the student body. And there were quite a lot of hard bodied young men I was very interested in getting to know better. The Orientation week ended with a Bachelor & Spinster ball, something I was very unfamiliar with. Our 3rd year student advisors told us to go to the charity store and find ourselves a formal dress, the uglier the better. I scoured the racks all over the small rural city, but all I could find to fit me was a tight Japanese style gown slit up to the thigh on one side. It was a little tight across my 10D bust, but I cut the neckline down, thus making my ample fun bags squeeze over the top in a becoming way. For shoes we wore our Blundstone boots, but seeing as how I was from the coast, I had to settle for my much loved 10 up Doc Marten boots. I put on a little make-up, styled my hair in a loose ponytail at the back of my neck and was ready for whatever the night would provide.

After paying my $20, I was given a wrist band with the words 18+ and told the bar was open, as long as you liked rum cans or beer. I was not an experienced drinker, but after a week at Uni, I felt like I could handle anything. I stuck to beer, and managed to hold my own with the rest of the party goers.

Several hours later I was outside in the hot February night. I was hot, horny and looking for a distraction. I found it with a rangy, strawberry blonde haired boy I’ll call Josh. He was a second son to a large grazing family, and was at Uni to sow his wild oats before knuckling down to the family business. I figured some of his oats could be sown in me! He was a little drunk, but still capable of turning the charm on me. In minutes we were locked in a sweaty, sexy embrace. His expert lips were biting and tugging at mine, and I was getting seriously drenched in my g-string. After a few minutes of passionate pashing, he grabbed me by the hand and led me into the parking lot and up to a battered, but powerful ute. His 18th birthday present, it wore all the badges that a country ute should. Massive bull bar, B&S stickers from all over Australia. In the back was his swag. I could hardly wait to see if he was built as powerfully as his ute…
I didn’t have long to wait to find out. I had already gathered he had a powerful love rod, having it grind against my snatch whilst we made out earlier. He was strong and fit, and he lifted my size 10 body up onto the tray of his ute with ease. My dress was by this stage creeping closer to my waist, With one swift move he had the slit ripped right up to my tits and was busy with his tongue on my love button. I had never had anyone lick me out before, and I enjoyed the feel of his stubbled cheeks and roving tongue. In what felt like seconds I was cumming harder than I ever had, and the whole time he had his tongue jammed up my pussy, riding the waves of my orgasm stroke by stroke. The ride was far from over though, and after he let me come back to earth, he hoisted himself up and put the weight of his gorgeous body on mine. His tongue in my ear, he asked me if I knew what rum did to the taste of his jizz. Being incapable of speech at that time, I mutely shook my head. “Well very soon you are going to find out.” I gulped, not through fear, but through excitement. He started unbuttoning his RM Williams shirt, and I saw in the moonlight a tanned and muscled chest, a light dusting of hair on his chest, forming a long trail down into his pants. Eager for him to be naked and on top of me, I helped him out of his pants, and he kicked off his boots and was very shortly buck naked and lying beside me. I ripped the remains of my dress off my quivering body, pushed him onto his back and started exploring. After biting at his nipples for a few seconds, I slowly made my way down his chest to his bulging, rock hard cock. He was totally ready, a drop of spunk gleaming on the head of his pulsing man rod. Tentatively, I started licking at his balls, realising that his groans were giving me the vital instructions I sorely needed. After a few minutes his hand gently led my mouth to his shaft, and with no further instruction needed, I deep throated his thick cock until I almost choked. He was thicker than my previous partner, but his length was perfect and I sucked on his donger like a professional slut. Sooner than I wanted, he pulled out of my mouth, and eyes gleaming with lust, he flipped me onto my back and very gently pushed his entire spam warrior into my wet and throbbing snatch. We were in sync within seconds, and as I realised he was about to blow his load into my girl cave instead of my mouth, I pushed him off me and made him stick his dick back into my mouth. He thrust like a man possessed, playing with my clit the whole time. Just as he came, knowing I wasn’t far off it myself, he jammed one of his lubricated fingers deep into my arse. This was a calculated risk. What if I was to bite his cock? But his expert finger found its mark, and he got me off on the first orgasm I had ever had without a finger on my clit. Powerful surges of sweet tasting spunk shot down my throat as I thrust my tight arse further up his index finger.
That was the night I fell in love with cowboys. And several years later, I married my own rum drinking cowboy. I think even now, he benefits from Josh’s lesson on that steamy Summer night.

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2012-01-20 23:50:36
I originally recorded this story to apply to a competition for readers stories in an Australian men's magazine, hence the colloquial terms. I hope you like it. It did actually happen to me. TerrorAustralis. xxx

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2012-01-20 14:27:34
heh-heh....spam warrior

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