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Having fun with Ned and his Niece
My Neighbor Ned
I’m an old guy widowed; living in the same house my wife and I raised our kids in. I have great neighbors some who have lived here as long or longer then I have. Physically and mentally I am in great shape for my age. I have only one problem I am obsessed with porn and sex. I am very bisexual; enjoy giving and getting oral, anal and anything else having to do with sexual gratification. I am having an ongoing affair with Alice that lives on one side of me and Neil that lives on the other.
I was in my shop one afternoon that has an outside door that opens from the carport. As I have said I enjoy porn and have a gay flick running on my small TV while I work. My cock was about to rip a hole in my shorts so I released it and was stroking. My eye caught a movement and there in the door was my neighbor from down the street, Ned.
Ned is a very interesting person. Rumor has it, and I have never tried to confirm this, that Ned is on the Government Witness Protection Program. He is Vietnamese, about 50 has a wife and two teenage kids and walks his dog every day. He speaks very broken English, sometimes very hard to understand. He stands there looking at me; cock still in my hand and at the guy on the screen jacking off a friend. He looks at me and says,
“You do dat me?”
He motioned to the screen where the handjob was going on. I smiled and motioned for him to come over and join me. He did and I unzipped his pants, put my hand in and tried to pull out his cock. It was no use. I was getting excited because it was very evident that this man had a big piece of meat. While I was fumbling Ned opened his belt and lowered his pants. I pushed down his shorts and gazed at the biggest cock I had seen in a long time. I stroked it until I heard Ned say,
“You do dat me?”
I had to turn to see the screen and there the guy who had been stroking was now down on his knees sucking his friend’s dick. I reached for a blanket, spread it on my dusty workbench and patted it inviting Ned to lay down on it. With a big smile he did and I resumed stroking his cock. I put his feet up on the bench and spread his legs allowing me unrestricted access to his cock and balls. With one hand I stroked, with the other I caressed his balls and then my oral assault began. My tongue started below his balls and licked up and around them. Then I took first one and then the other in my mouth and sucked. It was evident that Ned was enjoying my efforts because his moans became louder and more frequent. When I licked up his shaft and then took him in my mouth and down my throat he came unglued. He grabbed my head tightly and began fucking my mouth. I finally had to force my head out of his grip and take a couple of breaths of air. I was still stroking as I relaxed a little.
“I do dat you?”
I looked again at the screen and my ass puckered when I saw the hard cock of one guy get buried in the ass of the other. I turned and retrieved a bottle of lotion and put a generous amount on Ned’s cock. Then I worked a couple of fingers into my rosebud and laid over the bench. Ned got off the bench and behind me and with no caution or concern pressed the head of his cock on my asshole and pushed his monster all the way home. I cried out from the pain but my wails didn’t slow him down one bit. I was fucked harder then I had ever been fucked in my life, but not for long. From his moans it was evident that he was close to shooting his load so I told him I wanted it in my mouth. He understood and pulled out barely giving me time to get on my knees in front of him. He had a wonderful load and as it filled my mouth I wondered how long it had been since he shot one. Ned tried to pull away from me but I held tightly to his cock and grabbed his balls to keep him. I sucked him some more to make sure there was no cum left for me to devour. I also wondered what his reaction would be now that he had shot his load. Would he be angry at himself for letting me, or angry at me for allowing him to fuck me and cum in my mouth. I had no worries; he had a big smile on his face as he zipped up his pants.
“Do you fuck your wife often?” I asked, not knowing if I would get an answer or not.
“Not wife, sister,” was his reply. “Don’t fuck her often, she say it wrong, brother fuck sister but I make her.”
“Does she enjoy it when you get going?” I asked.
“She say no but I think does,” he said with a smile.
“Are the kids yours?”
“Hers, she rape twice by American soldiers have kid both times.”
I knew the niece, Tedi, was a beautiful girl just graduated from High School and the 20 year old nephew, Andy looked like a very angry young man. I had never seen Ned’s sister but naughty thoughts were running through my mind. Having real partner pleasing sex with anyone or all three of them. Giving them the sexual pleasure they deserved instead of the hard banging I had received. Not that I didn’t enjoy my hard fast fuck.
Ned turned toward the door and said he had to get back. I told him to come by again and he said he would. I had a lot more questions to ask about his family but he was obviously not interested in answering them at this time. So I would just have to wait.
I was working in my side yard a few days later when a pair of feet was standing next to me. I let my eyes drift up the long slender leg onto the shortest mini-skirt I had seen in years on up to a pair of very nice probably 36c breasts and onto a beautiful Vietnamese face. As I moved forward to stand up I sort of leaned over towards her and could see the lips of her pussy enclosed in a tight pair of red panties.
“Could we talk?” a soft beautiful voice asked.
“Of course,” I replied, “Would you like a soda?”
“Yes, Please,” she replied.
I led the young lady into my shop and opened the refrigerator. “Oh, I see some iced tea, would you rather have that?”
“No soda would be just fine.”
I poured myself some tea and led the young lady to a table in the back yard. We seated and looked and smiled at each other and I opened the conversation.
“What’s up?” I asked.
“I’m Tedi, I’m Ned’s niece,” she replied. “I heard him telling a friend of his on the phone that he had sex with you. That you sucked him and he used your butt. Is that true?”
That I was stunned is putting it mildly. This beautiful girl was asking me about having sex with her Uncle; how was I supposed to answer. The only way I could, honestly.
I looked her straight in the eye and replied, “Yes we did and Yes I did and Yes he did.”
“Was he rough and sort of mean?”
“Yes, he was very aggressive, almost like he had or has something to prove to himself. Why do you ask?”
“My Brother and I are the result of Mother being raped twice by American soldiers. She was a disgrace to our family and our village. About then the US Military was going to move my Uncle out of the area because he had been outed and his life was in danger. Why, I have no idea, but he took pity on his sister and her two little kids so had the Military issue new papers saying Mother was his wife and we were his two kids. I’m thinking he treats us so mean because that’s how families are treated back home and treats us so hard during sex because he thinks we owe him and he deserves it.”
All the time Tedi was talking she was looking down, never at me almost like she was afraid I was going to discipline her or something. I put my hand on hers and said,
“Look at me.” She did and I continued, “You nor your Mom nor your Brother has done anything wrong. I’m not sure about Ned but maybe he has a guilty conscious about what he did for our Military that hurt some of your people.” Her eyes never left mine as I spoke, “I’ll talk to Ned,” but Tedi broke in begging and crying, “No don’t tell him he will probably beat us!”
She continued to weep for a bit and then looked at me and smiled and said, “I was very fearful on how you would react if I came to you but you are exactly the person I knew deep down you were. You will never know how much better I feel knowing I have someone I can talk to.”
“There is no way I can ever know or imagine what you and your Mom and Brother have gone thru, or for that matter Ned too, but I do understand that you are all in a very difficult situation so if I can help I am here.”
“Well, I have almost a non-existent sex life except with my Uncle. When he walks into my room his hard cock will be in his hand and I know that within 30 seconds it will be somewhere in me. There is no foreplay or anything. He doesn’t ask me to do anything he just does whatever he wants. Slaps my face a couple times and stuffs his cock into my mouth or pushes me back onto the bed or sofa or wherever I’m setting and slaps my ass or my cunt and then just pushes it in whether I’m ready or not. I will barely admit to myself that after I get used to the pain I enjoy being fucked.”
I sat there amazed at this story. This girl was telling me that she actually enjoyed being raped by her Uncle. Amazing this young girl. She went on:
“The kids at school aren’t very friendly and I don’t know why. Maybe it’s because I know I am hard to get to know or maybe they don’t trust me thinking I’m a spy or something. Or maybe it’s because I won’t act like most of the girls, have sex with guys and girls and then talk about it with whoever will listen. That’s why the only sex life I have is with my Uncle.”
I poured Tedi another soda and watched her as she looked off into the distance. It was as if she were debating whether to continue her story or end it. She took a sip of soda, looked at me and gave me a very seductive smile and continued,
“The main thing my Uncle told his friend after describing how you had stroked him and sucked him and then he had done you in your rear was that he thought you actually enjoyed giving pleasure to your partner.”
She smiled again as she looked at me and I was wondering where this conversation was going but hoped it would include me and her. She didn’t disappoint me.
She stood up and without any fanfare lifted the t-shirt she had on up over her head, exposing two of the most beautiful tits I had ever seen. Big, firm, with big nipples that were hard as pencil erasers. Then she pushed down her skirt and only had red undies covering her pussy.
“Will you make love to me? Will you kiss me and caress my breasts and nibble and pull my nipples? Will you kiss and lick down my body to my pussy and then lick and suck my clit? And then will you let me take your cock in my hand and stroke it and lick it and suck it? And then will you fuck me, in every position that has ever been used and when you cum will you fill my mouth so I can enjoy it?”
Here was this beautiful young girl standing there begging me to fuck her. I looked up at her and smiled and put my hands on her hips. She smiled back as I pulled her to me. I first pushed my tongue into her belly button and licked all around it and down to the top of her red panties. Then I licked up and kissed each of her breasts, nibbling on her nipples. I sat back and pushed her an arm’s length away and asked,
“Are you sure you want to go on with this?”
She place her hands on the side of my face, bent over and pressed her lips against mine and forced her tongue into my mouth. It was a very passionate kiss. I stood up and took her hand and said,
“Let’s go inside to my bed.”
I led her in the patio door, across the family room and stopped. “You go ahead; it’s the door on the right. I want to lock up outside in case your Uncle comes over. I’ll be right there.”
When I got to the bedroom Tedi had thrown the covers on the floor and was stretched out on her back, one hand and arm across her tits and the other hand fingering her pussy. “Will you take over please?” she asked with a sexy smile. I still couldn’t believe that this sexy young lady was wanting to fuck a guy old enough to be her grandfather, maybe even great grandfather but I also couldn’t wait to get started. I tore off my cloths, grabbed her legs and pulled her pussy over to the edge of the bed and buried my face in it. She pulled her legs up around her head so I had complete access to her hot cunt. I pushed my tongue into her fuck hole, licked and nibbled on her clit and started fingering her. Then I ran my tongue down to her rosebud and pushed the tip in there. She was moaning and wiggling and letting me know that I was doing good. Then after a few minutes of me doing her she pushed her pelvis against my face and scooted back to the middle of the bed. “My turn,” she said as she wiggled her finger at me.
I slid up beside her and she pushed her body against mine and placed another wonderful kiss on my lips. “How much time do you have for games?” I whispered.
“Uncle will be home around 4, which I guess is about 45 minutes,” she replied.
Her hand was on my cock and my hand held one of her breasts as our kissing continued. When we paused for a minute I asked,
“Do you climax when your Uncle fucks you?”
“No, but I do once in a while when I play with myself,” she replied.
“Do you ever squirt?” I asked.
“What do you mean?”
“I mean, do you ever squirt a stream of juice out of your pussy when you climax,” I replied.
“No, I’ve never heard of that, wouldn’t that be kind of messy?”
“Oh yes, it is very messy but wonderful messy,” I said with a big smile.
I gave my lover another kiss, pinched a nipple and slid down between her legs again. “This session is going to be all about you,“ I said, “next time you can make it all about me but that will have to be next time.”
I started with my favorite move, burying my face in her pussy and moving it back and forth so my nose was rubbing her clit. I moved up so it was my tongue working her sensitive area and then went back to licking her love hole. Her wetness was increasing as was her body reacting to my efforts. My finger found her G spot which increased her moaning and movement. I was licking every bit of liquid I could find from up and down the crack of her ass back up to her cunt. I discovered using my tongue on her rosebud seemed to really turn her on. I kept my eye on the clock and when it was 3:15 I increased my efforts to give the final pleasure to this girl. She had had multiple orgasms but this last one was going to be the biggest. With both hands and my mouth and tongue working I rubbed her G spot, fucked her rosebud and licked and sucked her clit and cunt. She let out a loud moan and hollered, “Oh my god, what is happening?”
And then she started squirting. Long blasts of love juice, more then I could swallow although I really tried. Three, four, five times it happened and then she became stiff and was having like a seizer. I was really worried at first but then she started to relax so I knew she was OK.
“How was that? I whispered.
“Unbelievably wonderful,” she replied. I must have had a bunch of organisms but that last one was something else.”
“How do you feel?” I asked.
“Tired, wonderful, curious, ready to do it again but know we can’t,” she said with a laugh.
“Well you better get your hot cunt out of here, I don’t want to get you in trouble with your Uncle.”
She stepped into the bathroom and washed up a bit, then dressed, gave me a kiss, first on my cock and then on my lips and said, “Goodbye for now but not for long, we will meet again very soon.”

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