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Stranger: Asl
You: Looking for a sexting buddy ;)
Stranger: Male?
You: I am
Stranger: And I'm not(:
You: Great! age?
Stranger: 30
You: nice I'm 18, is that okay?
Stranger: Mhm(;
Stranger: I like them younger
You: great ;)
You: what do you look like?
You: ??
Stranger: Blonde hair with natural blonde highlights and lowlights, bra size is c42, green/blueish eyes
Stranger: 5'2"
You: holy shit you are perfect!!!
You: can I see a pic of you?
Stranger: I don't have a webcam :(
You: u don't have any pics? I wanna see dem titties
Stranger: Nope sorry
Stranger: Whatchu look like?
You: 5
You: '7
You: brown hair, skinny, athletic, glasses
Stranger: Where you live?
You: Maine
Stranger: How long is your hair?
You: eh not super short but not super long
Stranger: Is in curly?
Stranger: *it
You: no not really
Stranger: Eye color?
You: green
Stranger: Penis length?
You: 8''
Stranger: What would you do to me if we were alone??
Stranger: Full detail
You: I would lean in and kiss you, probing your mouth with my tongue until I could hear you moaning. Then I would tear off your clothes
Stranger: Then whatt?
Stranger: ;)
You: I'd suck on your tittes and nibble on your hard little nipples
Stranger: Then whaatt
You: I'd keep biting ur tits while shoving two fingers in your pussy and violently finger fucking you
Stranger: How hard would you bite my tits?
You: fucking hard ;)
Stranger: Mmmmmm(; keep gooiingggg
You: you take over babe
Stranger: Mmmmmm ok, I would kiss you hard as I sit in ur lap
Stranger: Id wrap my legs around your waist
You: mmhhmm
Stranger: After a few minutes of that, I kiss down to your neck and bite and suck on t
You: how hard?
Stranger: As hard as you like(;
You: mmmmm I like it fucking rough
Stranger: Then there's your answer(;
Stranger: Now where was I?
You: Biting my neck and suckin it
Stranger: Then I would lick lightly down to your nipples and suck and bite on them
You: mmmm
Stranger: Then I'd ask you to lie down
Stranger: And I'd kiss down to your dick
You: ohhh
Stranger: And I'd lick and suck for a long time
You: ohhh yeah don't fucking stop
Stranger: Then I'd lick up to your face and make out with you while I'm back in your lap
You: yeah bitch keep going
Stranger: Thn I'd lay down and pul you on top of me
Stranger: Without breaking the kiss
You: ur a good little slut
Stranger: (; you can take over for a bit
You: nah ur doing pretty good
Stranger: So were you, I just did a lot
You: I'd instantly shove my cock all the way in ur pussy and begin violently thrusting while biting and twisting ur cute little niplles
Stranger: Mmmmmmm
You: Your screams of pain and pleasure only make me fuck you harder
Stranger: Doontt stopp
You: I pull out and flip over and slam into ur tight ass and put 3 fingers in ur pussy
Stranger: Mmmmmmmmmmmm baaabyyy
You: take over
Stranger: After you were done, I'd flip you back over and lay on top of you and hump the shit outta you
You: mmmm
Stranger: While making out at the same tume
Stranger: Then I'd move my hand down to your penis and roughly slide my hand up and down until your screaming for more
You: keep going bitch
Stranger: ;) then id move my hand up more and suck on the tip while still moving my hand up and down
You: ohhh ur a good little bitch, call me daddy
Stranger: Ok daddy(; then I'd move back up to your face and kiss you, then I'd shove my rouge down your throat as deep as I could
You: ughhh yes, I am leaking cum you fucking whore
Stranger: (; then I'd cuff you and push you onto my bed
You: mmm i like where this is going
Stranger: Then I'd jump ontop of you hard and hump the shit out of youu
You: ohh fuck yes
Stranger: Then I'd pull your pants off nd start biting everything
You: ohh yes
Stranger: Then id start licking your balls and sucking
You: mmmm
Stranger: Then I'd put your penis into my cleavage and squeeze my breasts together and not stop until you've cummed all down my cheat
Stranger: *chest
You: ohh fuck yes don't stop
Stranger: Then Id rip your shirt off and suck your nipples hard
You: ohhhhh yes
Stranger: Then I'd start biting again
You: Bite me slut bite me
Stranger: Then I'd bite your neck
You: mmmm
Stranger: Thenn I'd bite your penis until your begging me to stop
You: that's my dirty fucking bitch
Stranger: You go(;
Stranger: Feel free to do more to my tits btw(:
Stranger: *;)
You: I bite right down on your clit while I grab your nipples and start twisting them
Stranger: Mmmmm
You: I'd lie down and let you sit on my face while I eat your tight little slut ass hole
Stranger: Mmmmmmm keep it up daddyyy
You: I keep going as you rock harder and harder against the face, my cock gets rock hard from the pain and aftter you cum I throw you down and start fucking ur titties
Stranger: Oooohhh pappiii don't stooppp
You: I keep going until till im about to cum then I shove all 8 inches down your whore throat
Stranger: Mmmmmmmm don't fuckiinggg stoopppp
You: i'd shoot my load down your throat until you gag begging me to pull my cock out. i finally do and slap you across your fucking slut face
Stranger: Mmmmmmm
You: your turn
Stranger: Id grab back your dick and shove it back down my throat swallowing any drip of cum
You: mmm
Stranger: Then I'd bite it as hard as humanly possible
You: ohhhh fuck
Stranger: Then id start sucking
Stranger: And lickig
You: mmmm
Stranger: And then I'd give you an extremely energized handjob. Pull your penis soo harddd
Stranger: V*pulling pn
You: mmm
Stranger: Then without putting your dick back in your pants, I would jump shirtless and braless
Stranger: And sit on your lap
You: mmmm
Stranger: Then I'd wrap my legs around your waste and give you a lap dance
You: ughhh yes
Stranger: While shaking my naked tits right in front of you
Stranger: Allowing you to do anything you want

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2013-07-13 18:12:47
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Then I'd pull down my pants

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Horrible. I feel sorry for the girl.

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