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By Jefferson on WolfPub


Monday, December 18th
Dave was up and off to work the next day just like normal. He still had what had happened between he and Emily on his mind but he managed to push it to the back while he was working. Traffic was terrible on the way home because it had started snowing, though only lightly, about an hour before and, like every winter, people seemed to have forgotten how to drive in the snow.

When Dave did pull up in front of his apartment building he couldn't help but notice the big candy-apple-red pick-up truck sitting in the second space assigned to his apartment. He parked and stepped out of his car. Only then did he realize that someone had been sitting in the truck and that someone had now turned off the engine and stepped out to meet him.

It was a young woman wearing a calf-length dark blue wool coat with a red, yellow and green toboggan cap pulled down over her head and ears. The girl came around the truck and met Dave just as he stepped on the sidewalk.

"You're David Bernard, right?" she asked with a pretty smile.

"Do I know you?" Dave asked, fearing she was there to serve him some court papers that would tell him Rebbecca was trying to cut his visitation rights back even more than they already were.

"No. We've never met but I've heard quite a bit about you."

The girl had had both hands stuffed into the pockets of her coat. She now pulled one out and Dave noticed that she was wearing a green children's mitten. In her hand was an envelope. He took the envelope and looked at it.

It was a regular looking envelope. He flipped it over and saw, "Read this, Daddy," written in red ink. He recognized it as Emily's handwriting.

"You're a friend of Emily's?"

"More like acquaintances. We run in different circles. She told me to tell you to read the letter first."

"Let's go upstairs. Get out of this cold."

Dave waved for the girl to follow him. He led her into the apartment building and up the stairs to his second floor apartment. He unlocked the door and allowed the young woman to go in first. He flipped on the light as he went in and removed his coat.

"I don't know what's going on here but feel free to take off your coat."

"Thank you," the girl said and pulled the toboggan cap off her head showing off collar length brown hair and a very pretty face.

Dave hung his coat up in the closet and then tore the envelope open to find out what Emily had going on. He pulled out a single sheet of paper, unfolded it and began to read.

"Daddy, meet DeeDee."

"Are you DeeDee?" Dave asked, looking up from the note.

"That would be me. My real name's Deirdre but not even my mother calls me that."

Dave nodded and turned back to the letter. DeeDee removed her jacket, laid it over the back of his recliner, moved to the sliding glass balcony door, and watched the snowfall.

"DeeDee is the class slut here at the Academy. She's pretty, isn't she?

"Here's the deal, Daddy. Since I can't be there with you to help you pick appropriate girls/women for you to play with I have decided to arrange play dates for you. DeeDee is your first play date. Congratulations!

"I don't want to hear you protest too loudly here. Until you went out and picked up Elizabeth (that was her name, right?), you didn't have a social life. That means except for Elizabeth, and those who came after her, you haven't had sex in over two years. I'm figuring you need a week straight with some sexy young girls in order to catch up. I know you, Daddy. You feel guilty because of what happened this weekend and you're going to let that stop you from using your secret weapon. I'm not going to allow that.

"I already have a girl for every day this week, except Sunday. I'm still working on it though. Give me a few days, I'll find one.

"Anyway, you may use your secret weapon on her if you wish but I really don't think it's necessary. She is the class slut after all. DeeDee has seen you when you've come by the school and has told me she thinks my daddy is really handsome. I told her I agree.

"I figure that if you get used to getting lots of sex, maybe you'll get over this silly guilt thing.

"Now, don't worry. DeeDee may be a slut but she is also very sweet. She never talks, never brags. She's very understated, you might say. I've also made sure she is completely free of all STD's and is on the Pill so you don't have to worry about any of those nasty consequences they always tell us about in sex ed class. All of this will, of course, be true for the girls I send to you in the future as well.

"I have made sure all of the girls understand that this will probably be a one time thing, that this isn't the start of a love affair or a fling or anything like that. I've made it quite clear that it is JUST SEX!!!

"I can't stop you from sending her away BUT if you do, not only will you hurt DeeDee's feelings, you'll make me unhappy as well. Do you want that on your conscience, Daddy? Be happy, Daddy. Spend the evening enjoying DeeDee and tell her to enjoy you. Cum lots for me.

"Love you always and 4ever.

"Your loving (and cute) daughter,

"PS: Daddy, does this make me your pimp? (giggle)"

Dave rolled his eyes, folded up the letter and then looked over at DeeDee. She was wearing very little clothing considering the weather outside. Dave had to admit that if Em was telling the truth about DeeDee being the class slut, DeeDee certainly looked the part. She had on nearly knee-high black boots, a short red plastic mini-skirt, and a white halter top. She stood about five foot seven, had collar length blond hair, and a very pretty face. The red mini-skirt did wonderful things for her perfect little butt and Dave's hardening cock. Dave now understood why she had worn the thick wool coat and why she had stayed in her truck until the last possible moment.

He cleared his throat and DeeDee turned away from the sliding glass door to the balcony and faced him.

"So, you gonna send me away? Emily said you might. Don't worry, I won't cry or put on a big scene if you do. I'll just put my coat on, walk out the door, and go back to my truck. You'll never see or hear from me again."

"I don't know yet. You want something to drink?"

"I'll take a beer or, better yet, a scotch, if you have it."

"How about a soda, juice or milk?"

"Soda sounds good. Anything cola and nothing diet."

Dave nodded and went into the kitchen to get the sodas. He returned and handed DeeDee a can of Coke and opened one for himself.

"May I ask why you're here?"

"Didn't Emily's note explain it?"

Dave nodded. "It told me why she sent you here but I wanna hear it from you. Sit down."

Dave waved her to the couch. He circled the coffee table and sat at one end of the couch as DeeDee took a seat at the other end. She popped open the can of Coke and took a long drink.

"Why am I here?" DeeDee asked. "To have sex with you. Or that's what Emily told me. She said she was being your pimp."

Dave rolled his eyes. "She made the same bad joke in the letter. Why would you agree to this?"

"I like sex," DeeDee said very nonchalantly. "As I see it there's nothing wrong with two consenting adults having sex together just for the fun of it."

"Are you a consenting adult?"

She took another drink of her soda before answering.

"Are you asking me if I'm over eighteen?"

"That's one way to put it."

"No, I'm not. I'm five months and a few days shy of eighteen. Don't worry though, I ain't gonna press charges or anything."

"Why would you agree? We've never even met."

"You're cute and I owed Emily a favor. When she approached me with this idea, I expected her to ask me to deal with some girl who was bothering her or whatever. Instead she asks me to fuck her father. Gotta say, I was shocked."

"But not shocked enough to refuse?"

"At first, I did refuse. But the longer I thought about it, I thought, why am I refusing? I like sex! Emily swore you were clean and nice and she even said you were good in bed. Which, personally, makes me wonder but to each his or her own. After a few minutes, I thought why not. So I agreed."

"Why did you owe Emily a favor?"

"She came to my defense last year when I was accused of something I didn't do. She was just about the only person in the entire school who stood up for me. I don't forget my friends."

"Very noble of you."

"Ain't it though? A noble slut. What a concept?"

"You should write your autobiography. Maybe get a movie deal."

"Not a bad idea. My spelling sucks though. Oh well." DeeDee took another drink and drained the last of the soda from the can. "So, shall we adjourn to the bedroom or do you wanna do it on the couch? Emily told me to do whatever you asked, within reason. I guess that means I should let you pick the place and such."

"DeeDee, to tell you the truth, Emily didn't tell me about any of this. I had no idea she was going to do this. So, you'll have to excuse me if I seem a little behind."

"It's okay. Like I said, if you want me to leave, just say so."

"That's the problem. I don't want you to leave. You're a beautiful young woman." DeeDee fought hard to keep the blush from her face. "And I would love to get you in bed but I'm just not sure I should."

DeeDee stood up, walked over and sat down right beside Dave.

"Why don't we start with something easy. Something legal. Kiss me."

Dave looked at the girl. He had to admit she was a looker and he did want to get her into bed. What the hell? Dave thought. He leaned forward, their eyes closed, and their lips met. The kiss was friendly, verging on passionate.

"That was nice."

Dave laughed at the girl's condescending response. "Nice, huh?"

"Yep," DeeDee said nodding. "Nice as in, oh, my mother kisses me like that."

Dave didn't say a word. He brought his hand up, slid it around behind her neck and pulled her head to him.

"That's more like it," she said just before his mouth covered hers and his tongue pushed past her lips.

The kiss was long and hot and passionate. By the time they came up for air, DeeDee was laid back on the couch with Dave leaning over her.

"I don't mind if you fuck me right here, I've been fucked on couches quite a bit, but a bed might be more comfortable," DeeDee told him, breathless from the kiss.

Dave smiled at the girl and gave her one more quick kiss before standing up. He put his hand out to her. She grasped it and he pulled her up off of the couch and half led, half dragged her into his bedroom. He stopped them both beside his bed and pulled her to him. He then kissed her again, another hot, passionate kiss.

"You wanna undress me or do you wanna watch me undress myself?"

Dave couldn't get over how calm the girl was about all of this. He had known middle-aged women who were not as comfortable with their sexuality as this seventeen year old girl was.

"I'm not sure a woman has ever stripped for me before."

DeeDee didn't need to hear anymore from him. She stepped back and pushed him down on the bed.

"You sit back, relax, and enjoy the show."

Dave slid up until his back was against the wall at the head of the bed. DeeDee moved away from the bed, giving herself some room to move.

"Music would be good, but not necessary," she said.

Dave grabbed the remote from the nightstand beside him and pressed the power button. He quickly hit the buttons that would put the TV on a soft jazz music station.

"Oh, interesting choice. Want it slow, huh?" DeeDee asked with a smile.

As she spoke, she began to move her hips with the music. Her eyes closed as she got into the rhythm of the music. DeeDee's eyes would remain closed the entire time she was dancing.

Continuing to sway to the music, DeeDee's hands roamed up and down her body, caressing herself and moaning at the sensation.

"I've taken quite a few dance classes in my life. Mom started me out in ballet when I was five. Then I moved to tap. Tried clogging for a while. Then one of Mom's boyfriends took me to a club and they taught me to line dance. And I've been in modern dance classes since I started at the Academy. According to rumor the only reason I didn't make it on to the cheer squad was because the captain overruled the others saying she didn't want a slut on her team."

DeeDee continued to dance and run her hands over herself as she spoke. When she finished, her hands grasped the bottom of the halter top and she pulled it up. He breasts, which Dave thought were slightly larger than Emily's and Rebbecca's, flopped out and she slowly pulled the top off over her head. She tossed it away, not even bothering to look where it landed.

She ran her hands down over her shoulders and over her ample breasts, pinching the nipples to hardness as she did. She then cupped the bottom of her breasts in each hand and held them up, showing him exactly how big they were.

Dave's cock was growing steadily harder in his pants, so much so that he was forced to unzip to make himself comfortable.

DeeDee's hands slid down the soft skin of her belly and down over the red plastic mini-skirt. She continued down until she reached the hem of the skirt then pulled it up, showing off the small red bikini beneath. Without realizing he was doing it, Dave began to gently rub his cock through his pants.

DeeDee's hands released the hem, once again hiding the bikini and moved to one side of her skirt, still swaying her hips to the music, she unfastened the hook that held the skirt up and then slid the zipper down. The skirt dropped a half inch then snagged on her hipbone.

"Take it off," Dave whispered, not even loud enough for DeeDee to hear.

DeeDee slid both hands into the waist of the skirt and pushed it down over her hips and allowed it to fall down around the heels of her knee-high boots. She stepped out of the skirt with one foot and kicked it away with the other. Dave could feel his orgasm building as she slowly turned, putting her back to him and showing that her bikini was in fact, a G-string. The string completely disappeared between her two rounded butt cheeks. DeeDee bent over, somehow still swaying her hips to the music, her feet shoulder-width apart and reached down and grabbed her ankles.

Dave grunted and leaned forward slightly as he unloaded in his pants with only a grunt. Dave's eyes closed as he came, so he didn't notice DeeDee's eyes open at the sound of his grunt. By the time Dave opened his eyes again, DeeDee was once again standing up straight with her back to him, hiding the self-satisfied smile from him. Her hands slid into the sides of the G-string and she slowly slid it down over her hips and down her thighs. Keeping the G-String where it was, just beneath her butt cheeks, she then turned back to face Dave once more and bent over, hiding her pussy from him the entire time as she slid the G-string down around her ankles.

Dave watched, enraptured, as DeeDee got down on to the carpet on her hands and knees, finally opened her eyes and began to crawl towards Dave on the bed, kicking the G-string off from around her ankles as she did. Now dressed only in the black, knee-high boots, DeeDee crawled to the edge of the bed and got to her knees there beside the bed. She looked down at where the wet stain was starting to soak through the tan Dockers and smiled. She then looked up at his face.

"I guess you enjoyed the show."

"Definitely," Dave said with a huge smile.

DeeDee slid her hand up Dave's leg, over his still bulging cock to the button of his pants.

"How 'bout we get these off and make you a little more comfortable."

DeeDee undid the button and Dave lifted his hips up and she slid her hands into the waistband of the pants and his briefs and she easily pulled both down to his thighs. Dave kicked off his shoes and DeeDee pulled the pants and briefs off of him and tossed them over her shoulder, his keys and change jingling in the pocket as she did. Dave sat up and slid his polo shirt off over his head.

"That's better," DeeDee said as her hand once again slid up his leg and her fingers wrapped around his wet, sticky cock. "Why don't you spin around. Sit on the edge of the bed so we can get this cleaned up."

Dave smiled, happy that the girl had chosen not to say anything about his early ejaculation but instead just worry about getting him cleaned up. He spun around so he was sitting on the edge of the bed. DeeDee never released his cock and didn't when he got himself turned around. Instead, still holding his cock, she moved between his spread knees, smiled at him, slowly slid her tongue from her mouth, leaned forward and began licking his semen from his pubic hair and his cock. Dave found this show almost as sexually stimulating as the dancing had been.

Once Dave was cleaned up, she slid his cock into her mouth and began to suck it and tease it with her tongue as her fingers fondled his balls. Dave laid back on the bed and enjoyed the feelings she was giving him.

"Oh, God!"

Once sure he wasn't going to go soft on her, DeeDee stood up and climbed on top of Dave. For the first time, Dave got a look at her pubic mound and saw that it was clean shaven. DeeDee noticed his glance.

"You like?" she asked, rubbing her bald pussy. "Not all, but most guys, seem to like me shaven."

"How could I not like it? It's as beautiful as the rest of you."

DeeDee smiled. "Emily's right. You are a charmer. Now, you just lay there while I suck your brains out through your cock using nothing but my vagina." With that, she reached between them, grabbed his saliva-slick cock, lined it up with her entrance and lowered herself down. "Oh, yes! I love big cock."

As DeeDee began to move on top of him, Dave had his first chance to really touch her. His hands slid over the mattress to her knees, down over the black leather boots which she still wore, then back up, over her soft thighs, over her wide hips, back and over her ample ass and then up her sides to her breasts.

As promised, Dave didn't have to do anything except lay there and do what came natural. As the fucking got more furious, his hips joined hers, thrusting up into her, trying to shove his cock out through the top of her head and, when it was all over, dumping a huge load of cum deep inside her vagina.

Both sated, DeeDee collapsed down on top of him and laid her head on his chest. After a few moments, as both caught their breath, she looked up at him, resting her chin in the middle of his chest and spoke.

"If you can get it up again tonight, I'll let you do my ass if you want."

"Don't you have to get home? Won't your parents be worried?"

"Naw. It's just me and Mom. She trusts me. We made a deal. I can do pretty much whatever I want as long as I do five things. One, keep my cell phone with me so if she gets worried or needs me, she can call. My cell phone is in my purse out in your living room. I'll get it when we get up to shower. Two, I have to go to school, everyday unless I'm sick and must attend every class. Three, I must maintain a three point five GPA. Four, let her know where I am and when I'll be home. I called her while I was waiting for you and told her I was spending the night with a friend of a friend and, five, I can't get in any legal trouble. No drugs, no booze, nothing like that."

"Sounds like she really does trust you."

"Yeah, she's pretty cool most of the time." DeeDee kissed the middle of Dave's chest. "So what do you wanna do now?"

"A shower sounds like fun," Dave said.

"You aren't one of these guys who likes sucking his cum out of women?"

Dave looked at her, shocked. "No, I'm afraid not."

"Oh well. One guy did it to me and I loved it. It was all so kinky. Most guys won't do it though. Doesn't hurt to ask though, right?"

DeeDee gave him a quick kiss on the lips, then sat up, slid his still semi-hard cock from her vagina, got off the bed, and headed for the master bathroom.

"Give me a few minutes to use the toilet then come on in."

DeeDee closed the bathroom door and Dave forced himself to sit up on the bed. He looked around, spotting all of her clothes, as well as his. He stood up, on rather wobbly legs, and went around the room gathering up all of their clothes. He put hers over the back of a chair, removed his wallet, keys and change from his pants and tossed the clothes he'd been wearing into the hamper to be washed. Dave then went out to the kitchen and grabbed two bottles of already chilled water and returned to the bedroom. Just as he entered the bedroom, the bathroom door opened and DeeDee came out. She now had her boots off and Dave realized that the boots had some serious heels on them. She had shrunk from the five feet seven inches she had been when they came in down to just over five feet tall.

DeeDee noticed him looking her up and down.

"Why do you think I wear high heeled boots? I'm short. Live with it. I do!"

"Sorry," Dave said, laughing. "I hadn't noticed the heels on your boots. I had other things to look at."

DeeDee smiled at the off-handed compliment.

"Where are my clothes?" she asked looking around the room.

"I picked them up. Put 'em over on the chair." He pointed to the chair.

"That was very sweet of you. The last couple guys I stripped for like that, just left them laying on the floor. One of 'em even got mad when I wasted HIS time by going around and picking them up." She went over and dropped her boots in front of the chair by her clothes.

"Sounds like you need to find a better class of guys." Dave held out one of the chilled bottles of water and she took it.

"Thanks. Until I saw them in your hands, I didn't realize how thirsty I was. As for a better class of guys, there isn't a better class of guys at The Academy. They're all a bunch of A-holes."

She screwed open the cap and took long swig of water. Dave did the same with his bottle of water. They both sat down on the edge of the bed and made small talk as they each killed their bottle of water. They then moved into the bathroom and Dave started the tub filling.

"I thought we were taking a shower?"

"Baths are much more romantic," Dave told her as he stood up after getting the water temperature right and putting in the plug to stop the water from draining. "My ex-wife taught me that."

"Your ex-wife? Emily's mother?"

Dave nodded as he stepped into the half filled bath, sat down, and sank into the warmth and comfort.

"What happened between you two? Emily said it got nasty."

Dave held out his hand. DeeDee took his hand, stepped into the tub, turned her back to Dave, then sat down and laid back against his chest.

"It got nasty all right. But I don't wanna talk about it. My own daughters don't know the whole story. Emily would be furious if she found out I'd told you things I hadn't told her."

"Makes sense, I guess."

The two lounged in the tub, just relaxing and talking for about ten minutes. After that, Dave wet a washcloth, soaped it up and began washing DeeDee. Once he was done with her, she turned herself around and washed him. Before the water drained from the tub, the two were back in Dave's bed, still dripping wet and kissing again.

With the tension gone, and having gotten to know each other, the sex was better and lasted significantly longer the second time around. Dave very much enjoyed going down on DeeDee and making her scream as he tongue fucked her and very much enjoyed the blow job she gave him. He pulled her off his cock before his orgasm.

"I don't wanna cum in your mouth," he told her.

Dave then put DeeDee on her hands and knees and entered her from behind. DeeDee enjoyed that. Afterwards, they both climbed under the covers, curled up together, and went to sleep. At two the next morning, DeeDee woke him up again for another quick go around.
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