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Two people find each other, and then find a new world neither of them expected
This story is based on the world of "Genie Chronicles" by Joe Brolly. There is another offshoot series call "Beautiful Wish" that also explores that world. I know someone has recently reposted those stories here, but I read them originally on another site. There are also some concepts from other stores, such as an element from "Bait & Switch" that I thought would fit well. This is the first major story of this type I have done (I did do a relatively short but intense one for a friend a year ago, but it got deleted. I may attempt to ressurect it if that person gives me permission though)

Now, HUGE WARNING - this is very long, and the sex isn't until WAY at the end, and it is rather short. I promise that when I write further parts that there will be far more sex, and it will be significantly more in depth. The first tag is romance for a reason. To make my premise work, the story was forced to work this way, and the characters needed to have significant development before any sex could happen. It explores a lot of themes along the way, but it is longer.

So, if you are looking for a quickie, this is not likely to be the story for you. If you like reading for the characters and can accept a deeper story, then this is likely more up your alley. And further installments will reward you for sticking with it.

I am a rather busy person, so I am not going to give you a timeline when parts will be done. I will certainly do my best, and I am open to themes and suggestions. However, I will NOT be getting the main characters pregnant any time soon, nor will I be including anyone underage. A pregnancy theme is possible, but please don't ask for it with the main characters. It just wouldn't work.

Without further ado, I give you the first part of "Sweet Dreams"

Chapter #1 - Awkwardness and Fear

Brandon trudged into the classroom and slid into his seat. He pulled out his pen and notebook, and just sat there waiting for class to begin. Brandon had the not so great distinction of being slightly above average, and that was about it. He was just one of the people that make up "everybody else", one of the crowd. He had a few acquaintances, but didn't really feel the need for any close friends. He was somewhat athletic, but not quite good enough to make the varsity teams. And while he was intelligent, and knew the answers to the questions the teachers often asked, he wasn't the type to raise their hands to prove it. In fact, the above deion of him is likely the most work anyone had ever done to explain who he was. He was just one of the many.

Class continued as usual, notes being taken, the teacher droning on. As with most students, he decided to let his mind wander. And as his gaze lazily surveyed the room, it chanced upon Jeanette, seated just to his left. Jeanette was beautiful, but not many looked at her much beyond that observation. She was the “untouchable” one. She seemed to live her life in a bubble. When she did talk or laugh with people, it was warmly accepted, but she always seems to be the one who was "mature", and didn't get caught up in the usual high school games or popularity contests. She acted more like a graduate student than a high school student. When she did talk, it was intelligent, incisive, and even witty. And with her looks, she could have been homecoming queen and valedictorian at the same time.

Those looks are what riveted Brandon at the moment. Her flowing auburn hair seemed to glow, giving the area around her a warm homey feel that seemed to make the fluorescent lights seem that much more weak and ugly. And her beautiful eyes, full of intelligence and wisdom, and with the power to make you think she knew your entire mind with one glance. She was taller than most girls, and built with grace, every part of her body proportionate and elegant. Her slightly upturned nose gave her face a cute quality, but the rest of her figure was pure woman, from her c cup breasts to her hips and classic hourglass figure, although in her case, the slightly narrower athletic version you would see in a swimmer. But it was her eyes that always caught Brandon's attention.

He was quick to make the look at her a short one. She was out of his league, like comparing a tee ball player to an all star pro. He was good at not being noticed, it was a skill he had perfected over the years, and that was certainly an embarrassment he was not going to chance. So he went back to trying to force himself to listen to the teacher.

The distinct clinking noise of a mechanical pencil hitting the ground made him look down. Her pencil had evidently rolled off her desk, and rolled right under his. Being a gentleman, he quickly picked it up, and half smiled as he handed it to her. And then the unthinkable happened. His eyes caught hers, and he couldn't look away. He was stuck, transfixed by her. He saw her gaze change from the embarrassed smile, to a look of confusion, then shock, then a smirk. The smirk is what broke the spell. His face flushed deep crimson, and he tried to sink as low in his seat as he could. He covered the side of his face with his hand, wishing he could hide, wishing he could escape. He lived his life enjoying his anonymity, but now the one person he wished would notice him did, but for all the wrong reasons.

The rest of class was torture, and the bell rang. Unfortunately, this bell would not save him. The next class had another teacher who liked to have assigned seats to help her learn the student's names in the beginning of the year, and liked keeping the troublemakers apart. And so he was going to sit beside her again, like he did for about a third of his classes. His own personal hell would continue in perpetuity, and he would never escape.

He waited as long as he could, and slid into his seat next to her just as the bell rang, and he leaned on his left hand to again hide as much as he could. He continued through the day, avoiding her as much as he could. He was watching the clock the last period, just wanting to go home and end today, and only a minute remained. As he lowered his hand to grab his books, a hand caught his forearm. Fear and terror coursed through him, but she had him in a firm grip, and he knew he was not getting away. He slowly turned to look at her, and again was caught by her eyes. They were hard and firm, just like her grip, and the adrenaline flowed through every fiber of his being, stopping time and making the horror stretch into eternity.

Her eyes softened then, apparently realizing the extent of his fear, and sympathy radiated from her.

She sighed, "I am so very sorry. And I think I owe you an explanation. Can we go somewhere to talk, please? I feel terrible about what happened today. Please, can we talk?"

He was stocked, stunned. What on earth did she have to be sorry for? He was the one staring at her, daring to look up at her on the pedestal. Why she would deign to explain anything to him was beyond him, but he knew he had no choice. He nodded his assent, and she almost reluctantly released his arm.

"Grab your things and meet me in the parking lot. I'll give you a ride home. I'm in space 211."

As if he didn't know what space her car was in, but that was besides the point. He nodded, but his entire demeanor spoke of his defeated attitude. His shoulders hunched, his head down, he still felt like the dead man walking. Just as he thought he was going to escape, he was now going to have to explain himself to her in person, and have her explain why she was not interested in a lowly guy like him.

He grabbed his things and headed out to the lot. He didn't want to appear rushed, but he also just wanted to get this over with. She was waiting, leaning on the top of her car, and smiled at him as he walked up. It was a warm smile. He thought of it as motherly in that moment, the smile of a queen who has found a peasant that she likes for some reason, but he still felt very much the peasant.

He put his bag in the back seat and sat down, staring at the airbag etching. She got in, started the car, turned off the blasting radio, and they drove in silence for a few minutes. He hated to be the one to speak first, but he felt he had no choice. "I'm off Palmer, on one of the side streets, if you are going to drop me off."

"Not quite yet, but don't worry, I know exactly where you live." Oh great, she knows. Not that she wouldn't have found out, but he didn't relish the idea that she knew where to find him already.

"We are going to my house first. I think that it will help far better than I can explain for you to see some things firsthand. However, before we get there, I would like you to understand a few things, ok?"

Of course, he nodded his head. As if he had a choice.

"First of all...", she said as she pulled up to a red light, "please look at me."

He turned and their eyes met.

"I really am sorry about today. I never meant to cause you such grief, but I got self involved, and I didn't really notice as soon as I should have what I was doing to you. I had a lot to think about, and unfortunately, it meant I ended up making today almost as hard on you as it was on me."

She had no idea just how hard today was obviously. Then again, the perfect never seem to understand how hard the little people have it. She continued, eyes back on the road, but he still felt he was supposed to keep his eyes on her.

"I want you to understand that I am honored that you look at me like that. And frankly, there are very few people who I really feel like I have anything in common with in the world. However, I have always respected you, and felt you were honorable."

As far as compliments from girls go, "respected" is one of the worst you can get. And “honorable” was a close second, almost a synonym for “chaste”. Welcome to being sort of friends, the one that she tell about her awful boyfriends as you act as her support, while you suffer silently. What a blessing...

"In fact, I've been wanting to get to know you better for years, but for some reason I could never get the courage or find a way to start a conversation."

He had glanced away as soon as she had said respected, but his head whipped around at that. His eyes were wide in shock, and his jaw almost literally fell open. They sat next to each other every day, how could she not find a way to talk to him?

"I'm different from most people, I know that. It is both a blessing and curse. And you will hopefully understand more clearly very soon. You are going to be the first guy I bring home, so I need to tell you a few things to warn you."

Oh goody, a daddy with a rifle collection and a mom who skins animals, he could just imagine the possibilities.

"My mom and dad are madly in love with each other, and they will absolutely be thrilled to meet you. They will be beaming, I am sure. They will be as nice as you can expect, but I imagine it can be jarring to people who don't know them. And..", she turned to glance at him, "I would like you to eat dinner with us tonight. I know this is all very sudden, but I have my reasons. And I want you to feel comfortable with us, so, please, take this to heart: I really do like you."

This was just a little weird, but then again, maybe he did want a friend. He was so used to gliding through life, that maybe he did want a change of pace. He appreciated that she was trying to be so nice, and he had to give her due credit for that. He decided to take the plunge.

"Let me call my mom, and let her know I won't be home until later", he replied, pulling out his cell.

Chapter #2 - Attempts at Understanding

They pulled into a very nice house shortly after, and Brandon braced himself for "the meeting of the parents". It would have been hard enough if she was his girlfriend, but she wasn't even that, which meant he wasn't sure if any of them were on his side.

He walked around the car, and turned to walk up to the door. Jeannette grabbed his hand and squeezed it, "Thank you so much for doing this. Everything will be fine, I promise." Then she led him up and through the front door, her soft hand never releasing her hold on him.

Jeannette announced her arrival, and her parents entered through a side door, holding hands as well. When they realized he was with her, they indeed smiled so large he was worried they might hurt themselves. Jeannette's mother hugged the arm of her father and squeezed it tightly. She looked up at him and said a simple word filled with tons of emotion, "Finally."

Her dad walked forward, proffered his hand and introduced himself. "It's a pleasure to meet you, I'm Jack, and this is my wife Jen. Welcome to our home."
Brandon took the hand, and felt the man's tight but friendly grip. He didn't seem to be much past his thirties, and his wife was gorgeous, and also appeared young. He saw where Jeannette's looks came from - her parents where the perfect specimen's of all that is attractive. But besides their model looks, they had a down-home, cozy feel about them. He oddly didn't feel judged by them, just accepted. It was the weirdest feeling. Even the piercing gaze of Jen's eyes as she seemed to know every fiber of who he was didn't seem to really bother him. Jen looked up at her husband, and it seemed like they had an entire discussion in that glance, and Jack's smile somehow got bigger.

Brandon then realized he had forgotten to speak, and croaked out, "Pleasure to meet you sir, Brandon Taylor.", and he blushed red at his perceived rudeness and inability to exude any confidence whatsoever.

"Brandon, again, welcome to our home. We would love to talk with you a little more, but we have a few more items of work to finish up first. Is there any way you would be willing to join us for dinner?"

"Daddy, I already asked, and he will stay. Will you excuse us, I think we should do some studying as well."

She led him, still holding his hand, up to her beautifully designed room. It was elegant and tasteful, and only served to enhance his feeling of how amazing she was, and how out of his depth he was to be with her.

"Now, can I explain a little of what happened today?" she asked, sitting him next to her on her bed. She folded her legs indian style and turned towards him, and seemed to settle in for a in-depth conversation.

"So, now you've met my parents. And like I said, they are madly in love with one another. And that is both my blessing and my curse. In my house, I have a view everyday of how perfect two people can be for one another, how lovely life can be, and basically, a vision of what I want my relationships to be like."

"However, that is also a curse. I've known for years that I may never find someone to compare to that. Someone who is intelligent, caring, and mature enough to know what love truly is. I don't think of love just as a feeling, that is just affection. Love is a choice, and a hard one to make. It takes commitment, and hard work, although it just seems to come naturally to my parents. No one I have ever met has even come close to getting to the base standards I have trained myself to thrust upon them. It's not even close to fair to any guy I would end up being with, but it's a reality I can't deny. I would need a partner, a match, someone who is able to push me and also be able to complement me. And no one has seemed to come close. This was all subliminal though, I didn't even I was even subconsciously doing it until today."

"And then you looked at me. And when I looked into your eyes, I saw something I never expected to see. For a brilliant moment, I saw pure adoration, but also a hint of strength. I have sat next to you on and off for years - I know how smart you are, and I know you don't feel the need to prove it to anyone. You are self reliant, focused, and have a will to excel. I've always appreciated that, but always from afar."

"Your look struck a chord in me though. At first, it confused me. I never expected to see that look from you, or any person at this point really. Everyone seems to leave me alone. Then it stunned me, as I realized the enormity of what you felt, and the person who was feeling it. I tried to smile, to let you know that I wasn't offended, but I think that may have made it worse."

"The rest of the day I spent realizing everything I've told you, and coming to grips with who I am. I had not realized any of this, it was just the way I was. I needed to do some introspection, and decide what was going on, and how I should be deal with it."

Brandon had no idea how to react. It was overwhelming to begin with, but he was still unsure why she was telling him all this, opening up her soul to him. He appreciated the compliments that were hidden throughout her words, but he still was not completely grasping where this was all headed. Thankfully, she seemed to understand that while he was listening closely, and seemed to comprehend what she was saying, he was still somewhat in the dark.

"Brandon," she smiled as she took his hand, "maybe I should make myself a little more clear."

She leaned forward, and her lips met his. The world exploded in his mind, every fiber of his being focused on their lips, the softness he felt there. He dared to take the next step, and put his hands on her shoulders, and then slid them around her back and pulled her towards him. She wrapped her arms around him, and he surrendered completely to the moment. In that instant, he felt fully connected with her, almost as if they were one, as if she was in his mind. Wait a second, she actually felt like she was inside his mind! This didn't seem normal, this seemed very, very odd. It was intense, and while he welcomed it, he had to make a decision. He decided that this was his one chance, and he surrendered completely. He felt their minds almost become one, and then the door slammed open, and Jeannette's parents flew into the room, a look of fear on their faces.

Chapter #3 - Unexpected Revelations

Brandon and Jeannette pulled away from each other, still stunned by the interruption. Her hand reached down and grabbed his though, and he felt both her reassurance, and her need to be reassured herself. They needed each other in that moment, as neither of them had any idea what was about to happen.

Jen spoke first, "Honey, we need to talk. Something unexpected has just happened, and it means we need to have a conversation we were hoping to wait until much later to have. And as it would appear the both of you are involved, so you both need to be a part of this. Can we go down to the living room to talk?"

Jeannette and Brandon looked at each other. Not that either of them had much choice, but they needed to gauge each other. They looked back at her parents, still holding hands, and followed them down the stairs, where they sat on the couch.

Jen again took the lead, as she and her husband sat in the love seat, "Dear, I need to ask you a few rather strange questions to be sure I fully know what is going on. First of all, is this the first kiss for either of you?"

They both nodded. Brandon thought maybe what had happened was more normal than he originally thought, and this was the next step in the birds and bees conversation. Then again, it seemed that most kids kissed without being interrogated, so that couldn't be it.

"Then that makes it a little harder to determine, so I have to ask you to try something else. Brandon, can you please think a word at Jeannette, focusing just on her?"

He picked the word "problematic", as it was at least random, and seemed fitting. Jeannette turned and stared at him, and repeated what he had just thought.

"I assume that was correct Brandon, based on your expression. Now, one more thing, I want you to ask her to make a wish come true for you, but it has to be, how to best say it, sexual in nature. No need to be explicit, just think of something slightly sexual, and ask her to grant it for you."

He tried to pick something innocent, so he told her he wished for a button on her shirt to come undone. She smirked at him, but after a few seconds of nothing happening, Jen sighed.

"Ok, good then at least we know where to begin, and what you are likely capable of. Jeannette, I think you should know about how your father and I met. It is not the usual way two people meet, by any stretch. You see, I am actually a genie, a sexual one. Your father opened my vessel, and released me. However, ours is a rare relationship of equality, where he wants me to be my own person, and allows me to do pretty much whatever I want. We both love and respect one another, and that is why I am always so happy. I could never ask for a better man to love me and take care of me."

"Your father can make any wish he likes, but he chooses to only make the wishes that are in the best interest of those involved, and he has never made me do something unsavory or cruel. We decided to take the risk of having a child, but we were never sure of what, if any, of my powers would translate. I knew you would be human, but I wasn't sure if nascent skills might be passed on. It seems some did, as you can communicate telepathically with at least Brandon. I basically heard a telepathic shout when it happened, as the powers emerged, which is why I rushed to your room to ensure you were ok."

"It has always been our wish that you would be happy. In fact, that was literally your father's wish, that you would always be strong, secure, and content with who you were. He also wished that you would make people happy, and you have certainly done that for us. You are a joy to be around, and you have made our jobs as parents extremely easy for us. We would like to thank you for that."

"Now comes a choice, and unfortunately, now that you know these things, it has to happen now. Due to the situation, I can erase the memories of this happening, or I can allow you to continue on, knowing all you know, but you can never tell anyone about your father and I without us allowing it. Can you accept this?"

They both nodded, slowly and deliberately.

"Now, you both need to decide if you want to try and continue your relationship. I think you two may have a connection, which is why Jeannette's gifts just opened up to the two of you, but if that is too much, I think you should decide that now. I don't want either of you hurting the other if you can't cope with the fact that once you two commit to each other, the circumstances may make that a lifetime commitment. I can tell neither of you have never considered something so serious and permanent, but if one of you isn't ready, I don't think you should take any chances. Jeannette, I'm so sorry it may be like this, but it is what the situation seems to have given us."

Brandon looked at Jeannette, and in that moment realized that there was no one else he would prefer to be with. No one that he had ever really fully desired to be with except her. She may have been unattainable, but she was also the embodiment of everything he could ever want in a woman. He smiled at her, and she widely smiled back. Then she leaned forward, kissed him lightly on the lips, gazed into his eyes, and said, "I can think of no one better to spend a lifetime with."

Chapter #4 - Acceptance

Jen and Jack smiled widely, then quietly left the room as it was apparent that the teens only had eyes for one another in that moment. Brandon couldn't even begin to fathom what had occurred in the past hours, but he was praying it was no dream.

He leaned forward, and kissed her lightly again. Her eyes closed, but he wouldn't close his, not wanting to take the chance of finding himself waking up in his bed.

She sighed, and curled herself into him, head resting on his shoulder, her arms wrapped around his, holding his hand in both of hers. He thought that it was the most relaxing sensation in the world, and he desperately needed to relax after everything that had just happened.

"Thank you for accepting me", she said very softly.

"How could I not?", he replied, kissing the top of her head, "You're perfect."

"Far from it,", she laughed, "but thanks. Let's try to be realistic though. Neither of us are perfect, but I am going to choose to accept you for who you are. I mean, I already have, it's not like you don't notice a person you've been sitting near for years. I know most of who you are, just by how you carry yourself and what you do."

He knew exactly what she meant, it's the main reason he was always subtly attracted to her. He felt he knew who she was in so many ways, but had believed he could never be in her world. Now he realized he was about as far in it as a person could get.

They quietly sat for a few more moments, and something niggling under the surface finally came to light in Brandon's head. He laughed, and she looked up at him with a very confused look.

"Don't take this the wrong way, I want to sit her like this until the end of time, but is it ok with you if I go talk to your parents for a second?"

She reluctantly released her hold on his arm, but gave him a sad look as he rose to go find her parents. He smiled at her as he walked out of the room, but felt she needed to be left in the dark for a little while longer.

He found her parents and talked through his plans, which they readily agreed to. In fact, they were so thrilled, that Jen and Jack even helped him out with parts of it. He laughed internally, realizing having a personal genie was kind of nice sometimes, it made things just so much easier.

The doorbell rang, and Jeanette jumped at the sound. Her mom called out asking her to get it, and she opened the door, shocked to see Brandon dressed in an extremely nice suit, holding out a dozen perfect roses for her.

She stood there dumbfounded, and her parents walked into the room behind her.

"Who is this dear? Aren't you going to introduce us to your date?"

Chapter #5 - Date Night

Jeannette was still slightly confused, but turned toward her parents, "This is Brandon, we go to school together. Brandon, these are my parents, Jack and Jen."

He entered the house then, showing none of the awkwardness that the earlier introduction had been full of. Brandon was confident and assured, and he knew he was making the right choice here. He also knew this was partly unfair to her.

He smiled at her, "I was thinking we were doing this kind of backwards. We have already decided that we can accept a lifetime together, but I thought you deserved a first date to remember first. Your parents were more than willing to help out with a few of the details that would have taken longer than was reasonable, so your dad made a few wishes to speed things along."

"I hope you don't mind, but we do have a dinner reservation in town, so you should probably get ready, but take your time, I'm sure they will wait for us as long as necessary. Your parents were more than kind to take a rain check on me having dinner with them tonight. They agreed this was a far better choice."

Jen then took her daughter by the arm, and let her back upstairs to her room to get ready, Jeannette's face still slightly confused, but beaming at the same time. The undercurrent of happiness and joy in her expression was one that Brandon hoped to replicate every day of their lives together.

Brandon sat down with Jack to wait for the girls. Jack suddenly had a far away look in his eyes, then smiled and said, "They will be right down."

Brandon realized that Jen must have also aided Jeannette's preparations, and immediately he saw a beautiful leg step down the stairs, slowly revealing Jeannette wearing a stunning dark blue dress, fit perfectly to her figure. She looked stunning and radiant, and she took his breath away. She smiled as her eyes finally emerged from behind the upper floor, and her hair was elegantly styled. She looked like she should be on the cover of fashion magazines, not going on a date with him.

Brandon reveled for a moment in the turn today had taken. How on earth did a guy like him actually get to this point with his dream girl? While he wasn't unattractive, and was in pretty good shape, he just never saw himself as someone girls would be interested in. He was just under the bar in almost every way. He was smart, but didn't feel the need to prove it. He was athletic, but didn't play any of the sports. He was good looking, but there were plenty of guys at school who looked better than him. He had a good sense of humor, but he usually reserved that to his inner monologues, not needing the attention that humor usually brought, although he did get laughs on the occasions he did say something.

The pity party ended when he really looked at Jeannette. She was smiling, but only focused on his eyes. He realized she wouldn't have cared if he was wearing rags – she liked him for who he was, not in comparison to anyone else. She wasn't comparing all his features to everyone else, putting their one or two best features against all of his average ones, she was focused on all that he was. He wondered why it was so easy to see the whole person when it was someone else, but when looking at yourself, you immediately started those negative comparisons.

He took her hand as she walked closer to him. “You look absolutely stunning. Every guy in the room will be looking at you.”

She blushed, but squeezed his hand, enjoying the compliment.

Brandon turned to Jack, “Is there a curfew I should be aware of?”

Jack smiled back, “Normally no, Jeannette can make her own decisions. However, it is a school night, and I'm sure your parents will want you back home at a reasonable hour. Let's say 9:00 tonight, and then discuss it further next time. That should still give you plenty of time to enjoy your time together though. Now, hurry up, the limo won't turn into a pumpkin, but you should get going.”

At the mention of a limo, Jeannette's eyes lit up, and she mouthed the word to her mother, who nodded and grinned widely, sharing her daughter's enthusiasm.

They made their way out to the stretch limousine inexplicably parked in front of the house, and Brandon opened her door and helped her to slide in. Once they were both seated and the driver had pulled away, Jeannette started playing with the buttons with a childlike glee. Brandon relished the experience, as it was a side of her he had never seen. She always came off as so mature, it was amazing to see her with such giddiness. So he just smiled and enjoyed her playing and tinkering with everything and anything in the limo.

Once she had finished and her curiosity was satisfied, she leaned into Brandon, again taking his arm and hand into both of hers, and laying her head on his shoulder, apparently not caring about the effect it could have on her hair, but much more interesting on being close to him. She sighed lightly, and Brandon couldn't resist kissing the top of her head again. She rolled her head on his shoulder and smiled up at him. He kissed her forehead and then her nose, and she giggled at his playfulness, wriggling her nose afterwards where his kiss had tickled her.

Their dinner was wonderful. They spent it talking about everything and nothing at the same time, enjoying the recently revealed feelings they each had for one another. They shared some of the different dishes, and grew closer to one another through shared experience, able to just be together instead of forced to analyze everything, which made for a very enjoyable and relaxing experience for both of them.

In the limo ride back to her house, he put his arm around her, and she snuggled into him. At the doorstep, he kissed her with a short, caring kiss, one he felt was appropriate for a first date, especially with her parents inside. After the kiss ended, Jack walked out from the garage and smiled at them.

“I was thinking I should give Brandon a ride home, but since you are here before your curfew, Jen would be happy to change you back into your other clothes so you can drive him home yourself, and have a little more time with him.”

The both agreed readily, and were all too soon sitting in Brandon's driveway, not wanting the night to end. He looked up, and saw a shadow in the window, and smirked.

“Now it's your turn, my dear, want to come inside for a minute?”

Jeannette went white for a moment, but when he squeezed her hand, the color slowly returned, and she nodded.

Chapter #6 - Meet the Parents

Brandon's parents were in front of the tv, relaxing after very long days. His father was actually typing away at a computer, still having more things to get done before the workload of the next day started. Neither of them looked up, but they both greeted him warmly.

“Mom, dad, there is someone I think you should meet....”

Both heads turned to him at the sound of his voice, and his mothers jaw dropped when she saw Jeannette, and it dropped even further once the meaning of her son's words registered to her. Brandon knew that while his mother adored him, she didn't expect to hear those words for a very long while, since he was always so independent.

“It's a pleasure to meet you,” Jeannette smiled warmly and offered her hand, “My name is Jeannette.”

Brandon's mother smiled broadly at her. She looked like she wanted to hug Jeannette she was so happy, but she seemed to dampen her enthusiasm for fear of scaring her off.

“It's such a pleasure to meet you, I'm Pam and this is Craig. I'm so very sorry we didn't greet you immediately, we just had no idea ..” Her mouth moved ineffectually, trying to explain her reaction while not wanting to demean Brandon at the same time.

“I completely understand, I'm sure this is a shock to you. Don't worry, he hasn't been hiding anything from you, this is very recent, and we are both trying to come to grips with it as well. He has been a complete gentleman, and wanted to make sure I met his mother as soon as we could. You've raised a fine son. Cute too.”, she added, making Brandon blush at the praise in front of his parents.

“Jeannette, it truly is a pleasure to meet you, and we hope you can join us for dinner sometime?” Craig offered, wanting to ensure this new addition to his son's life was properly welcomed.

“I would love to, I'll just have to coordinate it with my parents. For now though, I should really be going, it is a school night, and I know we have all have had quite the day.”

They said their goodbyes, Brandon squeezing Jeannette's hand as she left, wanting to hold on to it as long as he could.

Once she had left, Brandon's parents quizzed him excitedly about her, and he found it rather nice that it was so easy to tell them all about Jeannette. She had so many amazing qualities that if Brandon had just described her, he didn't think people would believe that she was real. In fact, his mother still seemed to be in shock that Brandon had found such an amazing girlfriend.

When he finally crawled into bed, exhausted but happy, he reflected on the astounding events of the day. He realized he had forgotten a very nice feature of their new-found relationship. He wondered if it would work now.

Jeanette, can you hear me?

Yes Brandon, I'm here.

I miss you already. Now that I've been close to you, I never want to be away.

I know, I feel exactly the same way. Being able to do this is certainly nice though, it makes you feel so much closer.

My parent's can still barely believe you are real. They can't wait to have dinner with you.

Mine are just thrilled that you were able to pull me out of my shell. Mom was praising you heavily for being thoughtful enough to think of a first date. Dad said she just likes showing her powers off since she can't do it that much. But you should get some sleep. I can't wait to wake up and be able to see you again.

It was that thought alone that relaxed him enough to finally fall into a wonderful sleep.

Chapter #7 - In Public

What a difference a day makes. Yesterday Brandon was bored and unenthused about being at school. Today, he held his head up high, shoulders back, excited at the new world he felt reborn into. The colors seemed so much brighter, the people far less drab.

As the crowd parted before him as he walked up to his locker, he saw the face that made his heart leap leaning next to it.

"Good morning", she greeted him pleasantly, an air of repressed excitement about her. As soon as he had finished gathering his books, she took his arm, "I've been looking forward to this all morning. I can't wait to see the expression on the girl's faces when they realize I stole you off the market."

She smiled up at him, and while he didn't really think that too many girls would be jealous, he admitted he had the same feelings about showing her off as well. He would have been at least attainable if some of the girls had tried. He was pretty sure quite a number of the guys would have been wanted her if she had seemed the least interested in guys at all, but most of them probably believed she was gay in order to protect their fragile egos from dealing with the thought that not every woman wanted them. He was definitely going to enjoy some of their expressions.

It took about two seconds for people to notice, and not much longer for it to be the hot topic of the day. Reactions ran the full gamut, from stares to giggles to jealousy and hatred. He was shocked to even see a few girls look at them together, then look away like they were upset because it wasn't them. It would appear that some people really didn't realize what they wanted until it was gone.

A few of the jocks and models seemed to laugh. He was guessing that Jeannette was going to get more than a few attempts at stealing her away from him. While he probably have been nervous with any other girl, the fact that they had been forced to make such a strong commitment to each other the day before actually made him smile to think of how they would handle the abject rejection he was hoping she would give them.

He noticed a couple of cheerleaders smirking at him. Evidently girls who liked the challenge of stealing something from someone else. Jeanette noticed them too, and made quick use of their special communication skills.

Have fun toying with them. Feel free to make them squirm and get a little revenge for how everyone has treated you. Just remember you are all mine.

Always and forever. You can have a little fun too, just don't let them get handsy. And if any of them seem like they might push things to far, tell me so you aren't alone.

Oooh, I get a knight out of this too! Hmmm, now that brings up some ideas maybe mom can help us with...

No fair, as if I wasn't already going to have problems in that department today. You wore that skirt and sweater on purpose, didn't you?

A giggle in his mind was the only answer he got. And with the initial excitement of people's responses waning, Brandon found his thoughts moving to much more enjoyable subjects.

Chapter #8 - Enticements

Jeanette certainly didn't seem to help with him keeping his mind focused on his classes. She seemed to move around during them in such a way as to keep him distracted. Between arching her back, crossing her legs and bouncing the one on top, sucking on her pen, and leaning forward and raising her eyebrows, he wasn't sure that he paid attention to anything that morning. In fact, twice he was called on by his teacher, and he heard her cough to hide her laughter when he could only stammer out a guess. This really wasn't fair at all.

You know I WILL get revenge for this, don't you?

Promise? I can't wait.

Really, really not fair. She seemed to be making up for her years of not flirting by driving him up the wall. And he couldn't think of a good response to this game. She had the allure and beauty that drove men wild, and all of her numerous skills were now aimed directly at him.

Near the end of the day, he accidentally found out there was at least some revenge to be had. As they parted for one of the few classes they didn't have together, he slid his arm from behind her back, and his hand slid down a little too far and grazed across her tight rear.

A sudden intake of breath and a barely audible moan made him grin. It would seem she was torturing herself while playing mind games with him. She narrowed her gorgeous eyes at him, but he innocently mouthed that he was sorry. Luckily a little red in his cheeks let her believe it had actually been a mistake, so she let him slide. Just a few minutes later, Jeannette contacted him.

You are SO lucky you are not in this class with me. After what you just did, you would have had no chance at all. I can't focus on anything, and it is driving me insane!

Serves you right for bringing yourself to a simmer all day by toying with me. It's only fair that you be forced to boil over once in a while.

I have not been that bad to you! I've been nice. I thought you enjoyed me being sultry!

Oh, I most certainly do. However, not being able to do anything about it is cruel beyond measure. Not to mention you were well aware of the effect you were having. Those coughs were so transparent as to be laughable. I'm just enjoying this minor reprieve to cool down a little.

This is so not fair. You get to cool down, and make me suffer!

Suffer? No, I wouldn't do that. Suffering would be telling you about how I wish I could caress your arm. Or brush your hair over your ear. Perhaps telling you how I would love to lightly kiss down your neck. Or maybe I would...

STOP IT! And all this time I thought you were a good boy.

He loved that he could almost hear the pout in her voice. He kept watching the clock for the rest of the period, not being able to wait to see how she had fared throughout the class.

She appeared in the hallway from her class, looking a little more flushed and disheveled than her usual immaculate appearance.

He smiled giddily at her, obviously enjoying her response to his suggestions.

She frowned back at him, "You are so mean. How did I ever get stuck with you?"

He smiled even wider. "Me, mean? Whatever are you talking about? And I believe you chose to stay with me, if I remember correctly.", he smirked as he lifted his hand and brushed her hair back over her ear, delicately rubbing all around her lobe as he did so.

Her eyes went wide, and she bit her lower lip slightly. "You're right, you're cruel and evil. Mean was way too nice of a word for you."

He laughed and hugged her to him, and she relaxed into his embrace, not being able to be angry at him for doing exactly what she wanted, and just enjoying being held.

They walked hand in hand to their next class, and they agreed to call a truce. That didn't stop her from being herself however, and even the innocent things she did still affected him at times. On the other hand, an innocent caress of her arm when he left her at her seat seemed to have an distracting effect on her as well.

The torture of the school day finally ended, not that either of them had learned much at all, except for how to push each others buttons. Since neither of them had any inclination of spending any more time apart than they had to, Brandon called his mother and told her that he was having dinner with Jeannette's parents. He got approval once he had given his promise that his parents would get their turn the next night.

Chapter #9 - Affirmation

They arrived to find Jeannette's parents leaving for a late meeting, but they assured them that they would be home for dinner. Her mom told them to have fun, with a seductive wink, which made both of them blush heavily, and then they found themselves alone.

"Mmmm, finally, " she sighed up at him, "now time for me to get some revenge!"

"Not so fast, my dear," he stated, pulling slightly away from her quick and rather tight embrace. "I want this to be perfect for you."

"Screw perfect, " she growled, pulling him back in, "Waiting for perfect is all I've done all my life. And you are as close as I am likely to find. So get your lips here right this instant."

He pulled his head back for a few more moments to tease her, until she grabbed his head in both her hands and forcefully pulled him to her. As soon as their lips met, he abandoned his game for one that was infinitely more pleasurable and satisfying.

Her soft lips felt amazing, and again her surrendered all his being to their kiss. And as soon as he did it, he again felt their consciousness mingling, making them even closer. As they kissed, they entered their own little world, completely dwelling in the moment together. Nothing else existed to them except each other, and time seemed to stand still, every sensation of their touch savored and enjoyed, basking in joy of finding one another.

Jeannette broke the kiss reluctantly, and stared deep into Brandon's eyes. "I love you, completely and absolutely."

He knew it was no lie. They were well beyond infatuation. This was no puppy love, although it was a freshly realized one. They had been around each other for years, skirting each other's lives. They knew how the other person would react to most situations, at least the ones likely to happen in school. They respected one another. And on top of that, they had made a very serious commitment to each other. Her love was a choice, not a mere feeling. They had both accepted that there was a possibility that there would not be able to be a second chance with any other person, that this might be the person they spent their entire lives with, and both had willingly and wholeheartedly agreed to being with one another. This was no simple fancy, this was most likely permanent.

"I love you too, and I can't imagine my life without you anymore."

"Last chance, are you sure you can be satisfied with me? According to some people, I can be a little mean." She smirked, "And you haven't seen me when I wake up in the morning. My mother says I can be rather cranky."

"Hmmm, I'm not sure if I can cope with cranky in the morning. If I have to spend my life with someone, I have a rule that they have to be at least chipper." He sighed, "But, I guess I can make this one exception. You better be perfect in every other way though, or I may end up regretting my decision..."

She playfully smacked him, "Fine, then I will make sure to keep a list of every way you don't measure up as well."

He shuddered, "That's not fair. You play dirty. Fine, I guess I have no choice. Now I'm stuck with the most wonderful girl in the world. I'm not sure how I'll muddle through, but I'll try."

He kissed her again, lightly, affirming his playfulness and confirming the decision he had made the day before, a decision he knew she would never allow him to regret.

Chapter #10 - Fulfillment

She took his hand and led him up the stairs to her room. She walked backwards, leading him up the stairs, and his eyes were torn between her eyes with the very naughty look on her face and the hem of her skirt as her knees kept pushing it up. He swore she did this on purpose, but at the moment he let it slide as he was sure she would make it up to him very soon.

She certainly did not disappoint, as she dragged him into her room, threw him onto the bed, and straddled his waist. He wasn't expecting her to be quite this assertive, but he wasn't exactly going to stop her either.

"There is no way I am letting you get away now. No more teasing. I've been thinking about this all day, and I am not waiting any longer." she breathed forcefully.

With a strength that surprised even him, Brandon rolled her over, and held her wrists by her head, "Who said anything about waiting?" he replied, "And I wouldn't call you innocent in all of this. You've been toying with me all day. Enough chit chat though, you are all mine now."

He kissed her forcefully, all of the feeling he had been repressing all day finally allowed to come to the surface. Their lips opened, and his tongue entwined with hers, touching and caressing each other intimately as they explored one another. His tongue traced her teeth, making her smile, and he pulled away for air, but not before taking her bottom lip in his teeth and pulling it back with him slightly, dragging his teeth lightly over the sensitive surface as he drew away.

She sighed, and he kissed her cheek, then slowly kissed across to her ear, and he traced around it with kisses. At the end, he lightly bit her earlobe, and she purred into his ear. He then proceeded down her neck, kissing lightly across it, and occasionally pointing his tongue and lightly flicking it or swirling across her sensitive skin. He took his time, enjoying the build up he was giving her, and taking the time to learn the little spots that seemed to give her the most pleasure. He kissed across her shoulder, down to the elbow, and then back up her arm, kissing the sensitive area at her wrist, then at each fingertip. She pushed he middle finger slightly into his mouth when he reached it, and he nibbled it lightly, causing her to emit a sigh he found quite pleasant.

He nibbled her earlobe again then to toy with her, and then proceeded to give her other arm the same treatment. This time when he ended, he went back to her shoulder, and then to the center of her neck, right where the sweater met her skin. He kissed down between her beautiful breasts, and he had to hold her still with his elbows as she tried to move him to finally touch and kiss them, but he kept heading down slowly.

The sweater had risen slightly in their tussle, and while he could no longer put any weight on her hands to keep her down, she seemed unable to move anyway, enjoying the thrill of his kisses. He kissed her just around her navel, then circled around it before flicking his tongue inside lightly, firmly pushing against the top edge as his tongue came out, making her moan in expectation. She pushed her hips into his chest, wanting to show him right where she wanted him to move to next. He had no intention of ending it so quickly though, enjoying prolonging her build up, and relishing exploring her body.

He kissed down to the top of the skirt where it rested on her waist, and kissed along the edge, randomly sliding his tongue enter the edge, and making her push her hips up even harder.

Instead of giving in to her wishes, he moved back up, and started moving up the center of her belly, pushing her sweater up with his nose as he trailed kisses up her middle. He was stopped by her breasts not allowing the fabric to move up further, so he decided to continue his exploration manually. She groaned in complaint when he rolled off her onto his side and arm, but then arched her back up as she felt him pull her sweater over her breasts, exposing her lace bra. She smiled when he noticed that it was a front latch, and whispered, "I was hoping this was where today would lead. You were such a perfect gentleman last night that I thought I would make it as easy for you as I could." Her eyes sparkled at him, and he loved that she had been thoughtful in such a minute thing.

He still liked taking the slow road though, and instead of immediately opening the clasp, he traced his fingers over the roundness of her breast, and she smiled at him, enjoying his appreciation of her body. After running the tip of his digits over the contours of her breast, he started randomly circling them, sometimes skirting her nipples, but never quite touching, and then veering off to less sensitive areas. Her eyes closed at his teasing, seemingly lost in the feel of his touch, and he took the opportunity to surprise her by slowly lowering his head, breathing softly on her lace encased nipple, and then lightly kissing it, letting the slight point pushing against her bra slip between his lips. and he pursed his lips, putting slight pressure on it. She groaned her satisfaction, eyes closed and head rolled off to the side, completely lost in his touch.

He grabbed and kneaded her breast softly with his other hand, as he continued to kiss around her nipple. She arch her back a little further, making his kisses cover more of her breast, and also sliding her hip into his crotch, pressuring his already rock hard erection.

He pushed it into her hip, and took that opportunity to finally release the clasp, and free her breasts to his full attention. He took the nipple fully between the his lips, and flicked the tip of it with his tongue, making her groan and arch her back even higher. He pushed down with his mouth then, forcing her to relax her back against the bed again, and allowing him to tease her breasts even more.

He moved over to the other breast, and she twisted slightly to minimize the time his lips weren't in contact with her body. As that was also the breast he was already kneading, he squeezed it slightly, pointing the nipple up to his awaiting tongue.

After giving both breasts their due diligence, plus a little more to ensure they knew they were well adored, he kissed down her belly again, this time jumping over her skirt entirely to kiss the inside of her exposed thigh. He started to move towards her knee to tease her again, but she closed her legs on his head, holding him in place. He smiled, and when his head turned slightly to go back to where she wanted him, she released him again. He kissed back down her inner thigh, loving the fact that her skirt provided no opposition for him to move ever closer to where her legs met. He kissed her mound on her matching lace panties, and then moved up to kiss on the edge of the to seam of her underwear. Since she had already indicated that playing games would no longer be tolerated, he slid her panties off quickly, and then kissed down the small strip of hair she had left on her mound, and kissed around her outer lips. She squirmed, trying to aim him at her center, but this was one part he was not going to rush. He loved her scent, and with a slow slide of his tongue just penetrating her slit, he quickly realized that he truly loved how she tasted as well.

He glanced up to see her looking down her body at him, eyes full of lust. He decided to give her a thrill, and pointed his tongue and ran it firmly up her slit, putting full pressure on her clit, and moving slowly when it reached it to prolong the sensation. She groaned loudly, then reached down and pulled his head back up to her, "That is quite enough. We will have plenty of time for you to play there later. I can't take anymore, I want you in me, and I want it now."

He nodded his assent, and she released her tight hold on him. He straightened up and started undoing his jeans, and she took that chance to pull his shirt over his head, complaining that she was the only one naked already.

He looked at her, a quick concern flashing before his eyes.

She obviously knew what he was thinking, and calmly said, "Pill, don't worry about it. Wrong time of the month anyway, so you would have been fine either way. Now stop dilly dallying and make me a woman!"

His eyebrows raised at her last statement. He hadn't really considered her virginity. He of course knew after yesterday, but he really didn't want to cause her pain. Of course, they would both be losing their virginity together, but it was obviously a much more pleasant event for him than her.

She stopped his train of thought by grabbing him with one hand, and his side with the other, and she pulled him into her, a look of pure desire filling her eyes. He pushed in slowly, and they both reveled in the experience, eyes fastened on each other, both of them enjoying both their own sensations, but also the pleasure they were giving one another.

When he hit the barrier, he froze for a moment, but she bucked her hips up quickly, and he pressed when he felt her move to ensure that it broke, and didn't cause her any excess pain from having to try again. He halted at her sharp intake of breath from the pain. He waited a few moments until she pushed her hips up again, and he slowly started thrusting ever deeper into her. He wrapped his arms around her, holding her to him until he was completely inside her. He loved feeling her entire body pressed into his, feeling completely connected with her, at one with her. He hadn't connected with her mentally yet to keep the suspense of teasing her, but now that they were fully joined, they opened their minds to one another and everything else simply melted away. They found a slow rhythm, letting the sensation build and build. He made sure his pelvis rubbed hard against her clit on each thrust, the firm pressure as he thrust even deeper when he did that made her moan into his ear.

He found her lips, and kissed her tightly, wanting to connect with her in every way they could. The pressure built, and the tempo increased as their bodies fought for release from their long repressed desires. They moved ever faster, pushing each other closer and closer to the edge. He felt her walls contract, her already extremely warm and tight cavity putting pressure on every millimeter of him, and she screamed her final release, and the pressure of her contractions caused him to finish at the same time, their love exploding at the same instant, every fiber of their being synchronized and connected. They were one now, never to be the same again, only fully themselves when the other was there as well, their very souls intertwined.

They continued to hold each other tightly, until he finally slipped out from inside her. She whimpered as the connection with him was lost, but she then rolled him off her, and pulled the covers up over the both of them, and put her head on his chest, arm wrapped around him, and leg across his. She pulled away for a moment, and slid her sweater, bra, and skirt completely off and returned to his chest, allowing them to fully connect skin to skin.

She caressed his side and chest, and snuggled as tight to him as she could, occasionally squeezing tightly to tell him she loved him.

He wanted to stay awake in this moment forever, but the events of the last two days, plus the relaxed feeling of her touch finally took their toll, and he felt himself drifting into a blissful sleep.

Chapter #12 - Awakenings

Brandon awoke feeling completely refreshed, and looked down to watch the serene sleep of the woman he loved. She stirred soon after, and lifted her head slightly to smile at him.

"Hello, my love", she whispered, then kissed him lightly on the chest.

"I think your mom is a liar", he commented, "you don't seem to be cranky at all."

She smiled, "Well, I never woke up after something as magnificent as that before. However, if you are willing to do that every time I am ready to go to sleep, I'm sure we can come to a reasonable agreement to keep my crankiness at bay."

He grinned, then looked at the clock. "Just 4:30? Wow, I thought it was much later than that. What time should we expect dinner?"

"6:00. Plenty of time to practice our new skills if you want. I'm sure no one will worry too much if we come down a little late.", she proposed, tracing her fingertips over his chest and stomach.

"I love the idea, but aren't you a little sore after your first time?"

She frowned, and nodded sadly and reluctantly when she realized his words were true. “I was going to try and work through it, but you're probably right. What else did you have in mind?”

“Well, as I do not exactly have the inclination to do homework anymore, how about a little walk to clear our heads? Plus, in public, there is less likely to be the temptation of forcing something we will likely enjoy far more later.”

They got up then, and while Brandon got dressed, Jeannette picked out a more appropriate outfit for a stroll outside. While Brandon was sad to see her putting clothes back on, he knew that he would have plenty of opportunities to undress as well. He had to fight the temptation to ask her to do it again right away, but a quick imaginary striptease was not out of the question in his mind.

They walked out the front door and onto the street. It was mid autumn, and it was getting cooler, so there weren't a lot of people around, plus most people were just getting out of work anyway. They put their arms around each other's backs and started exploring her neighborhood.

“What the heck is that?” Jeannette questioned out of the blue. Brandon looked where she was looking, but he just saw a woman get out of her car and head into her house.

“What was what?” he responded quizzically.

“Did you see the thing above her head?” Jeannette looked him dead in the eyes. “Please tell me you saw it.”

“I didn't see anything,” Brandon stated, a little nervously. He took her hand to reassure her, and his eyes were opened to a whole new world. “What the hell?” he breathed, eyes wide open in shock.

The man mowing his lawn across the street had a series of slightly translucent images flashing over his head, like a tv screen of his mind. The images were different sexual images, all of them involving the man. Since a few of them included rather famous people, he assumed they were fantasies.

He dropped her hand in shock, and the images disappeared. He looked at her hand, then at her face, and then touched her cheek, and the images reappeared. “Well, it looks like we found something your mom would probably want to know about. I think we should head back to your house now and wait for them.”

Jeannette nodded in stunned agreement, seemingly still trying to process what she was seeing. He held her close to him, but made sure to avert his eyes as much as he could, feeling like he was invading people's privacy.

Jen knew something was up when she and Jack returned home, and saw the two of them curled up on the couch, dazed looks on their faces as they stared at the floor. They explained what had happened, and she nodded her head.

“It would appear that you two did bond in some way when you made love this afternoon, and it also apparently awoke another power for you. I'm not sure if this is the end of finding new powers though, so don't be surprised if something else happens as well. It is very interesting that Brandon can share it so closely with you, that is something I can't really do with Jack. There is a chance that he may amplify or help you with your ability in some way though, but that will be up to you both to discover together.”

She continued, “As the daughter of a sex genie though, you still have some of the constraints that I do. You can only see their sexual fantasies, not their everyday ones. So don't let that make you think that the people are solely focused on sex. Usually it is a heavy focus of course, but there is far more that you are not seeing. So try not to be disillusioned by it. I know it is shocking now, but you will learn to tune it out, much as you don't notice the clothes someone wears. Your dad actually came up with a really nice system for... well, that is a conversation for another time.”

They continued to talk about everything that had happened further, and by the time that he went home, Brandon was relatively at peace with the situation. After wishing Jeannette goodnight mentally and reassuring her that nothing would change how he felt, he went to sleep.

The next day in school he took her hand immediately, wanting to show her his support and acceptance of what they shared. He was immediately almost overwhelmed by the flashing above the crowd's heads, but he tried to tune it out.

One image in particular drew his attention in. It was above the head of Becky Greenwood, one of the less popular girls in school.

He smiled, and pointed it out to Jeannette. “Now that we are so happy, how about we put these new skills to good use?”

She smiled, and squeezed his hand, and their brains started planning how to make Becky's dreams a reality.

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