If you had told me a few days ago that the Devil was real and that there is a Hell I would have laughed at you, but there is a Hell and I'm in it right now and yes the Devil is real and he's such an asshole, but let me start from the begining.. My name is Hunter Belmont and I used to be an arrogant, cocky prick who thought I could have anything and anyone I wanted. I was a succesful Real Estate Agent so yeah I was sticking rich, I had a swimmers build, I had the right clothes, the right hair and the right look. My ego was always high and I let everyone know it, I always bragged that I could fuck any woman I wanted just by talking to her and that I have never had to pay for sex, everytime I went out I always had a smocking hot woman with me and after fucking them I would never call them again.

One night I'm at the V.I.P section of the hottest club in Montreal Canada when the hottest woman I've ever seen walks in, now I understand why but at the time I found it weird that none of the other men at the club noticed a woman that beautiful walking towards the bar. I start walking towards her thinking of the perfect pick-up line and counting how many times I should fuck her before I stop calling her, I stand next to her and order a bottle of Moet and I ask her if she would like to sit with me in the V.I.P section. She smiles and says " Your not the shy type are you? I like that in a man so yes I'll sit with you ", again I found it weird that no one noticed me walking back to my table with the most beautiful woman in the whole club.

Sitting at our table she says " This might sound a little forward but I want to go back to your place and fuck your brains out ", I grab the bottle and call my driver to bring the limo around and we head for the exit. I slipped the bouncer $100 and whisper in his ear " I might come back with her later so keep a table free at the V.I.P section " the bouncer looked at me with a confused look on his face but says " Ok sir, I'll make sure a keep a table open for you " and he puts the hundred dollar bill in his pocket. After a short drive we arrive back at my condo and as soon as we enter my home she says " You really should be more careful with the women you bring back to your home " and right before my eyes this beautiful woman morphs into a huge demon and before I could react this demon cut my head off.

I woke up in a prison cell trying to figure out if the whole night was a bad dream when the cell door opens and the Devil walks in, yep he pretty much looks like everyone thinks, with the horns, the red skin, the goat legs, the tail and the pitch fork, he looks at me and says " Your guilty of pride, that's a sin you know, don't believe me? I think it's written somewhere in the bible, I don't know I never read the fucking thing ". He snaps his fingers and the cell dissolves into thin air and I can see, hear and smell everything that Hell is supposed to be. I see the lava pits with Humans trapped inside them screaming as they burn forever, I can small their burning flesh and I ask the Devil what did they do to deserve such a punishment? he laughs and says " Their pedophiles and they deserve their punishment ".

I can see several demons gang-raping several woman, they scream again and again as the demons take their turns and I ask the Devil who were they? what have they done to deserve that kind of punishment? and the Devil says " They are all Black Widows, women who marry rich men and then have them killed so they can inherit their late husbands fortune and collect their life insurance policies " then he laughs and says " The demons are eternaly hard, even if they cum they stay fully erect so you see Hell isn't all that bad, man I love my job ".

The Devil says " Walk with me Hunter there's something I want you to see " and after walking a bit I see my mother chained to a wall and I say " Why is my mother here? she was a good woman, she died helping others, she was a nurse " and the Devil says " She knew how you treated women and did nothing about it so that makes her guilty of pride by association " then he laughs and says " Yeah I know i'm an asshole but what are you going to do about it? ". He snaps his fingers again and my mother chains dissolve and my mother starts getting younger and younger until she's around 20. The Devil says " It's your turn to be punished " and by snapping his finger I find myself paralyzed, I can see and hear but I can't speak or move.

I can see my now 20 year old mother walking alone when several demons jump on her and tear all her clothes off, I can't move or scream so I'm forced to watch as 2 demons hold her arms and another 2 demons hold her legs apart and the other demons take their turns raping her. The Devil appears beside me and he says " Is this what you want? if you were still alive and you knew this would happen to your mom unless you change your selfish ways would you change? " he laughs and he says " Oh yeah I forgot you can't move, ok blink twice for yes and blink once for no ".

I blink twice and the Devil says " That's good but I'm not convinced " he snaps his fingers and everything goes black. The lights come back on and my mother is again wearing clothes and walking alone as if the rape never happened, I still can't move or speak and I see a huge demon appear in front of my mother, the Devil says " Oh shit I almost forgot " and he claps his hands and everything stops. He snaps his fingers and now my mother is wearing a short black skirt with 9 inch black high heels and a tight white t shirt, he then claps his hands and the huge demon moves towards my mother who screams and tries to run away. The demon grabs her in its huge hand and lifts her off the ground, my mother screams and the demon shoves her headfirst into its mouth, her back on it's tongue, her legs kicking as the demon starts chewing on her.

I can hear her muffled screams as the demon starts to swallow her, it lifts its head and i watch as more of my mother is swallowed until only her ankles and 9 inch high heels are sticking out of the demons mouth. It keeps chewing and swallowing until my mother disapears into its mouth and I can hear a huge gulp and i see a lump slide down it's throat. The Devil smiles and says " Man I love Vore, let's see it again " and with a blink of his eye I see my mother standing again wearing that short black skirt, 9 inch black high heels and that tight white shirt and again the same huge demon appears in front of my mother.

I'm forced to watch as the creature grabs my mother and shoves her back in it's mouth and chews and swallows until again I can hear the huge gulp and see the lump slide down the demons throat. The Devil says " I love it, I could watch this all day " then he looks at me and he says " If you knew this would happen to your mother would you change your selfish egotistical ways? ", I blink twice for yes and the Devil says " that's good but I want to see it 1 more time " and I'm forced to watch the whole scene again.

The Devil claps his hands and everything goes black and he says " Your probably going to be really pissed off but there's something I have to tell you, your not really dead and your not really in hell ". Everything starts to shake as I feel a hand against my shoulder and a womans voice that says " Mr Belmont, Mr Belmont can you hear me? " I open my eyes and find myself in a hospital and I says " I'm in a hospital? what happened? " the nurse explains that while I was in the V.I.P section of the club a woman has slipped some LSD in your drink. One of the bouncers over heard her bragging about it and when he went to go check on you he found you unconcious so he called the ambulance and they brought you here. The nurse says " you should be fine but we would like to keep you here for another 24 hours just to make sure, so get some rest Mr Belmont ".


The morals of this story are: {1.} There is no heaven or hell, no god{s} or devils... {2.} There is no hell like a woman scorned..

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ese61H Major thanks for the blog article. Want more.

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ya know, there IS a hell.

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