Arapaho County Sheriff Davis adores tight bottoms
Chapter 1-Esmeralda

Esmeralda Santos was petrified. She’d stayed up until the wee hours following the election results for the position of Arapaho County Sheriff: her guy lost by 22 votes. Esmeralda (Essie to all her friends and acquaintances) had actively and vocally campaigned for Federico Fernandez, an Arapaho County deputy against D. Duane Davis.

Davis was a lieutenant with the State Troopers and well known to the electorate because of two major arrests he had accomplished in the past year. He was only twenty-nine, handsome, single and dedicated. His one weakness could also manifest itself as a strength; within law enforcement some thought he was a bit too zealous, it was felt by some that maybe D.D. Davis could be a little sadistic: but he got results and he got elected and Essie wet herself, sitting in front of her television at 1:03 in the morning Essie’s bladder let go. It was fear, pure, unadulterated and simple, Essie’s life was ruined. She knew it without question; she fell to the decorative pillow she kept on the sofa and wept.

Esmeralda Santos was the single mother of five children. Two were grown and out on their own but she still had three teen-aged daughters at home and Essie was forty-eight years old. She had a good paying job that she could well lose in the next two months. You see, Ernesto Vargas, Essie’s cousin was the outgoing four term Sheriff; he’d hired her as his receptionist thirteen years previously and, because he’d thrown his support to Deputy Fernandez so Essie had, too.

Ex-Sheriff cousin was selling his home and moving to San Diego, Essie was now dependent on a man whom she’d campaigned against for her livelihood; she was terrified.

The rest of the night was painful; Essie got almost no sleep and was fearful of even going into the office the following morning. Just coffee for breakfast, she donned her uniform and was at her desk at 8:00 A.M. when the Sheriff and the Sheriff elect came through the front door; they’d shared a breakfast of huevos rancheros earlier, now Sheriff Santos was going to show his successor some of the ropes.

An hour or so was spent making introductions, the detective, the patrol officers and the support staff. Arapaho County was a big county with not a whole lotta people. Some called it miles and miles of miles and miles, sand, serpents, lizards, mountains, arroyos and damned few people; still we “Protect and Serve.”

After the introductions and lunch DD moved on, Sheriff Santos was still the man; but before DD left he rested a hand on Essie’s left shoulder; “I’m in room 205 at the Holiday Night Motel, have them ring me and we’ll have dinner in the restaurant there, I want to talk with you; let’s make it at 7.”

Davis was waiting when Essie came though the entrance of the lounge; he walked to her, greeted her and took her arm, leading her to his table. She’d gone home, bathed, scented herself and had made the best of what a forty-eight year old mother of five could do; she knew, it wasn’t much but she had to try.

“Are you staying here?” she asked, “It’s beautiful, isn’t it?”

“Yes, I think so; but, Esmeralda, It’s not so beautiful as you. No, no, let me talk. I have such great expectations for our county and you are so important to me. You know our citizens better than I ever will, I need your help; will you give it to me?”

“I’m afraid I don’t know what to say…Of course I’ll offer any and all assistance that I can. I must confess, I thought you were having me here to terminate my employment, I was so scared.”

“Why, because you campaigned against me?”

“Well yes, that.”

“Essie…I’m sorry, may I call you Essie?”

She nodded yes.

“Let’s skip dinner, I want to talk to you more than I want to eat. I’d like to go up to my room, have a cocktail and talk about your future, okay with you?”

Essie did not disillusion herself about her appearance. She was forty-eight and looked every day of it, a middle aged woman with fading attractiveness. From behind she was reminiscent of a pear; narrow of shoulder and broad of bottom and from the front, unless she was supported by an expensive brassiere she reminded one of a Guernsey heifer; her breasts sagged nearly to her waist. Joining a man in his room didn’t register as risky. They rode the elevator to the seventh floor.

In the room DD asked for her preference in drinks then phoned for room service. Once they were settled he began.

“Essie, I know about your efforts on behalf of Mr. Fernandez and, honestly I can’t find fault with what you did for him. I’m aware that your cousin supported him and that you were faithful to your cousin. Instead of being angry I applaud your dedication.”

He waited for her response.

“Mr. Davis, I am so happy you are able to understand why I did what I did.”

“Yes, well…however, it really does seem to put a potential spy in my camp; doesn’t it? I’m not sure I’m comfortable having you privy to the inner working of my administration; you do understand my reasoning don’t you Essie?”

Essie had made some phone calls after it became evident that Davis was going to be the winner. What she found scared her. She wasn’t able to find a single job offer, it was stay with the Sheriff’s Office or she’d lose her home and she and the children would go hungry.

DD read the fear in her eyes.

“You want to stay on with me don’t you Essie?”

“Oh yes, please sir.”

“All right Essie, I want you to understand, you’re on a probationary period with me. There are certain things I expect from you, I’ll give you a list of your duties when I take office but we need to get straight on some things before then; come over here.”

Essie walked to him, standing directly in front of him. She was clad in her uniform, slacks, blouse and gun belt. He unclasped her heavy leather belt and handed it to her… “Put it in the chair,” he instructed.

“Esmeralda…such a pretty name, such a feminine name yet you wear men’s slacks and a mannish shirt hiding your femininity,” he admonished her as he unbuttoned her shirt; I want to see you in a skirt when you’re at work. Do you understand?”

Essie was in shock, she couldn’t speak, she could only nod. She nodded in the affirmative, as she stood frozen. He rose and took her blouse off, tossing it onto the chair with her belt before unfastening her bra and freeing her pendulous breasts.

He lifted off her bra and added it to the pile on the chair. She was large with dark nipples, he bent forward and sucked each of them, they hung nearly to her waist.

“Please Sir,” Essie pled, “Why are you doing this?”

“I suppose you do deserve an answer, so, first I need to be assured of your loyalty. You are loyal aren’t you Essie? And second, because I’m attracted to older women with big breasts and broad bottoms.”

His hands rested on her shoulders, she felt the pressure as he forced her down to her knees.

“Unfasten my slacks and take me in your mouth Essie.”

She’d decided she was going to resist. With a clenched jaw she shook her head no.

When she looked up at him he had a most evil smile on his face and a glint in his eyes.

“Oh well,” he exclaimed as he pulled her to her feet. My gal’s decided to revolt, has she?”

As he talked to her he was unfastening her britches, he pulled them down dropping them at her feet then he pushed her backwards onto the bed.
Esmeralda tried to kick out but her slacks restrained her. DD held her down with a single hand while he took off her shoes and pulled her pants over her feet.

Essie was wearing some really sexy panties, high cut on the thighs with a bow at the waistline they were pale yellow, obviously her vanity expression. DD reached between her legs and squeezed.

“Nice pussy Momma,” he told her.

Essie squirmed under his touch, trying to get away from his probing fingers. She flipped over onto her stomach, protecting her vagina from him, convinced that he was about to rape her; she was wrong.

“Oh hell Essie, you’re a forty-eight year old mother of five. I wouldn’t fuck you with someone else’s dick; it would be like opening a gate and fucking down the road. I like it tight, fifteen or sixteen year old pussy, virgins, young gals.”

Essie was still squirming, trying to escape. DD pinned her with his left hand, pressing down on the small of her back. He admired her bottom. Large, broad, her Latin heritage evident; covered in her pretty yellow panties, he rubbed her and slid a finger along her crack.

“Essie, you should have stayed out of it; the politics I mean. You had everything to lose and nothing to gain. If Fernandez wins you’re still have your job, the same job you already have but if I win you’ve made a potential enemy…do you think you’ve made an enemy Essie?”

“I’m sorry Sir, please let me go, I’ll work like a slave for you, please give me a chance.”

“You really need your job don’t you Essie?”

“Oh God Mr. Davis, more than you can imagine. I have three teenaged girls at home, I don’t get any child support from their father, I only have my paycheck.”

“I want to help you Essie, I really do but you were a bad girl, trying to smear my name during the election campaign, implying that I’m sadistic. Do you really think I’m a sadist Esmeralda?”

She didn’t answer. He was massaging her bottom while he talked. He squeezed her, “What do you think?” I asked you.

Again she remained quiet. DD leaned forward, with his mouth to her ear he whispered, “ I am.”

The blow that struck her bottom hit her like a jolt of electricity; she stiffened and screamed.

“You were a bad girl and bad girls get spanked Essie,” he intoned as his hand rained pain down on her. Essie screams turned to pleading as he continued her punishment. He thrashed her until her only sounds were the whimpering of a beaten child; finally he relented.

DD got off the bed, undressed and retrieved the small jar from the bathroom. Essie still lay on her tummy whimpering; he took her panties down commenting, “You won’t need these for a while Essie.”

He took a few moments to admire his handiwork. Essie’s bottom was crimson and hot to the touch. He unscrewed the top of his jar, dipping two fingers in.

When he spread her cheeks and anointed her with the Vaseline Essie realized what was to come.

“Please Mr. Davis, not this, I have never done this.”

She felt his weight on her legs then on her bottom and back as he lay over her. His hand spread her, his cock probed her most private of places, he thrust into her, saying, “There’s always a first time and Essie, this won’t be the last.”

Essie wailed, “Noooooooooo,”

DD was a fairly large man “down there”, his cock was nearly eight inches long and extraordinarily fat; when he penetrated her, Essie thought he’d split her open; with each inch he forced into her the agony increased; it took nearly five minutes before he was able to bottom out.

She was crying and begging, “Please Mr. Davis take it out of me, please, please no more.”

DD was lying on Essie’s back, he whispered to her, “God, your big Latina ass is spectacular,” as he started to pump her.

Essie grunted each time he forced himself deeper into her. She continued to sob and plead, “Please no more, Oh God you’re hurting me, take it out, take it out.”

“Yeah, I’ll take it out…I’ll take it out after I’ve filled you up with my cum then only long enough for you to get me hard again, I’m gonna fuck you twice tonight.”

He only needed a few more strokes and he was ready.

“Essie,” he asked, “How long has it been since a man came in you?”

She didn’t answer.

“Woman, when I ask you a question I expect an answer. You’ll earn yourself a spanking if you don’t.”

Essie moaned, “Over ten years.”

“Oh baby, your ass is fantastic, big, broad and beautiful,” he crooned as his big cock jerked with each jet of cum. He stayed in her until he’d softened then he rolled on his back beside her.

One hand casually massaged her bottom as the other pulled her to him. He gave her a little kiss telling her she was the best ever, so tight and so vocal. He loved to hear her scream, beg and cry. Her bottom was still warm from her spanking, he commented on it.

“You hurt me, outside and inside you hurt me Mr. Davis.”

DD felt a mild stirring in his loins. “Why don’t you get a warm cloth and clean me up Essie. Don’t bother with yourself, I’d just have to lubricate you again.”

“Please Mr. Davis, don’t do that to me again, you hurt me so much.”

“Baby, I took it easy on you the first time, this time I’m going to give you some rough play.”

“Please no.”

“Essie, get the damned cloth, wipe me off then suck me ‘til I’m hard, do it now.”

Showing some spunk Essie started to rise telling him, “I do not as you say suck men, I will not do it.”

He pinned her face down on the mattress with his left hand as his right struck, five hard and fast blows to her bottom. She wailed in pain.

“Lots of firsts today aren’t there Essie? First time you’ve had a man up your ass and, in a minute or two the first time you’ve serviced a man with your mouth. Now get the effing cloth.”

Painfully she slunk to the bathroom, got a washcloth and returned. She washed his flaccid phallus then rejoined him on the bed.

He placed her hand on his cock, “Let me feel your lips on me, no teeth, just lips and tongue. I’m not going to cum in your mouth, maybe another time but not tonight, this cum is destined for your bowels.”

Essie had a dilemma, she hated sucking him but she couldn’t stop until he was hard but when he was hard he was going to hurt her. He’d said he’d been gentle the first time but this time she was getting it rough. He stiffened, filling her mouth; Oh God, it was time.

“Perfect Essie, just absolutely perfect,” DD told her.

She folded down onto the mattress ready for him to take her.

She felt him straddle her supine body but instead of entering her he was lifting her by her hips.

“A little different this time, pull your knees up under you. That’s the way.”

He pulled a pillow over and pressed down on her head, forcing her down.

“Now arch your back, display yourself for me, ah yes, perfect.”

Her cheeks were still red from her spanking, her anus glistened with the Vaseline and cum from earlier but, surprisingly, her slit was pink, youthful looking.

He ran his fingers along her feeling her slick dampness, “I take back what I said earlier Essie, your pussy is beautiful.”

“What am I suppose to say Mr. Davis?”

He continued to finger her as they talked. Rapidly flicking at her clitoris he said, “Ask me if I’d like to fuck your pretty pussy.”

Essie’s breathing had gotten shallow and rapid, she was panting as she gasped out, “Would you like to fuck my pretty pussy?”

She was pounding her pelvis against his hand; she shuddered as fluid oozed from her vagina. “Please fuck my pretty pussy Mr. Davis, that felt so nice.”

“I don’t know Esmeralda, are you still fertile?”

Shyly she said, “Yes, my nipples get tender and my tummy is puffy when I ovulate then, of course, I have my period but I can get on birth control so we’re safe if you want me to.”

“What are you using now?”

“Mr. Davis, I have not been with a man in over ten years, I take nothing, there is no need.”

“Wonderful, I don’t want you to take anything, I only ask that you let me know when you’re ovulating.”

“You want to use the rhythm method?” She asked incredulously.

“No Essie, I’ll fuck you three or four times a day when you’re fertile. I want to impregnate you.”

“Mr. Davis…”

“We’ll talk about this tomorrow but now arch and show off that beautiful bottom.”

Squatting behind her, he eased forward until his penis rested against her rosebud then gripping her hips and holding her in place he thrust into her, impaling her on his entire eight inches; her wail was blood curdling then the tears flowed.

DD pounded into her, forcing himself deeper as Essie moaned. Rapid thrusts, hard and fast, up into her bowels then an explosion of cum. He stroked her until he softened.

He got up, grabbed a warm cloth and cleaned himself before wiping her. She still lay moaning.

Work starts at nine o’clock tomorrow morning. If you want your job be here in my room at eight. I want you dressed in a skirt and I want you to bring an eighteen inch ruler and a jar of Vaseline. So you’ll understand, I’ll use the ruler if you’ve earned a spanking and the Vaseline; I believe you know how that will be used. One other thing, always have a fresh pair of panties in your purse; you may need them.

DD helped her into her slacks and blouse; he stuffed her panties and bra in her handbag and, providing some support helped her to her car.

Essie hurt all over, she felt like she was going to be sick and finally did vomit as she staggered up her front walk. Her sixteen year old daughter, her oldest, Maria Elena met her at the door.

“Mama you look terrible, are you sick?”

“Yes, I am sick. Just help me to my bedroom, I’ll be okay.”

“Mama why is your underwear in your purse and what is the smell on you?”

“Maria Elena, I don’t feel like talking about it, just help me please.”

Esmeralda was still suffering the following morning but she took an extra few minutes with her make-up. She did think she looked nicer in her navy skirt. She was almost out the door before she remembered. Dashing back into her bedroom she took a clean pair of white cotton panties from her lingerie drawer and put them in her purse. She stopped at Kroger’s, bought the ruler and Vaseline and was at DD’s room with minutes to spare.

He had a smile on his face as he opened the door and ushered her in. Giving her a little peck of a kiss he stepped back and admired her.

“You look very nice this morning Esmeralda, very nice indeed. Come in, would you like coffee?”

“Please yes Mr. Davis, light cream and two sugars.”

DD poured then carried the coffee towards the bedroom.

“Come Essie, let’s go in here.”

They sat on the bed drinking their coffee.

DD said, “I have several things I want to go over, first you can call me DD when we’re in private. Second, the things I asked you to buy, did you get them?” She nodded yes so he continued, “Keep those in your desk, you’ll have them when I take office. And third, I’d like you to be here at eight each morning for the rest of the week, call them planning sessions.”

“I don’t think they’ll be planning sessions, I think you want to break me in to your liking DD.”

He stood, took her coffee cup and began unbuttoning her blouse. “Smart girl Essie.”

He removed her blouse and brassiere then stood her up and took off her skirt. She was wearing thigh high hosiery; he left them on. But lowered her panties.

“I love your stockings Essie, wear thigh highs or no hose at all, no pantyhose ever. I don’t want to have to fight with them when I want some treasure.”

“So that’s what it is, my treasure?”

“No it’s your lovely body, it’s my treasure. Would you like to cum?”


He sat her on the edge of the bed then laid her back. Kneeling at the bedside he placed her legs over his shoulders and took her with his mouth.

Essie began trembling, her large breasts and soft tummy were aquiver as she moaned, “I’m cumming, Oh God I’m cumming,” her vagina flowed and DD tasted her nectar.

He stood beside the bed.

“Did you like that Esmeralda?”

“I loved it. You confuse me DD, last night you hurt me and I suspect you will hurt me again in the future. I think you like to hurt women down there; you sodomize them, taking them by force if necessary as you did me the first time, and fuck them until they cry and beg; until they can’t sit and can hardly walk yet you can be sweet, loving and caring as you have been with me today. How is this?”

He gave her a little kiss then helped her to lie lengthways of the bed and climbed between her legs.

“I think it’s time for the sweet and loving. I want some of your pretty pink pussy.”

As he talked he was sliding his shaft along her liquid slit. He found her vagina and pushed forward, he was only able to get about half of his length in.

Essie groaned, “You are much larger than my husband was, I think you are going to have to stretch me a little.”

“I don’t want to hurt you, not this way.”

“And I don’t care if you hurt me this way, I want you in me.”

He continued to press forward until Essie wrapped her legs around him. She pulled him to her as she thrust her pelvis to him. With a gasping groan from her he was in.

“You have a mighty big cock Mister.”

“And you have a tight sweet pretty pink pussy Mrs.”

“Maybe not so tight now. DD it might be a good time to talk about us having a baby; you never know, this might be the one.”

“Esmeralda, I’ll take care of you and your girls financially, your only job will to be the mother of our child. I really want five or six if you’re able. I haven’t got every thing worked out so I have to ask you to trust me on this.”

“I do trust you; maybe foolishly but I do trust you. Now give me your cum, I’m ready to be a Mama again.”

Essie convulsed with her second orgasm as DD groaned and came. For the first time in over ten years Esmeralda felt the jerking of an ejaculating cock in her, it brought on yet another climax.

DD crawled up beside her. “I hope that was as good for you as it was for me,” he said.

“DD in all my life I’ve never cum three times while getting fucked, it was fantabulous.”

He rolled her onto her stomach and reached for the Vaseline. “Up on your knees Essie.”

“Please don’t hurt me again, I’m still so sore and tender from last night.”

He patted her bottom then lubricated her.

“I’ll be gentle Essie and I’d like you to help. Most important is that you relax.”

He moved behind her, pressing the head of his penis against her. She tensed.

“Essie, that’s what I was talking about. You’re tense and tight. You need to relax. Tell you what I’d like you to do. Press down like you are trying to go, do it now.”

She uttered a soft moan as he slid into her. Pressing forward he was able to bottom out.

“Am I hurting you Essie?”

In a quiet voice, “Nooo, not hurting but I feel so unbelievably full, like I have to go.”

“That’s me filling your rectum,” he told her as he began pumping her with long slow strokes.

He’d cum but was still in her, resting over her back, he began to talk, “Essie I want you to take an enema each time before we meet. If you don’t one of these times we’ll have an embarrassing mess, okay?”

“Yes DD.”

He pulled out, went to the bathroom and cleaned up.

Esmeralda was still lying on the bed when he came back. He picked up her panties and started dressing her.

“I want you to keep my cum in you today; think about me when you squoosh.”

While Essie was in the bathroom for her ablations DD poured each of them another cup of coffee. Hers light cream and two sugars, his black.

She sat at the table sipping her coffee. He was staring at her wondering why he was so infatuated with this woman.

She wiggled her bottom on the chair seat, said squoosh and added, “I see what you mean.”

It was twenty ‘til nine, she soon had to leave but DD had built a raging hard-on. He was only wearing a robe; his distress was evident. He stood, took Essie’s hand, pulled her to her feet and led her to the armchair in the living room.

“We don’t have much time but I need you again,” he said as he eased her down over the arm of the chair.

He turned her skirt up over her back then slid the gusset of her panties out of the way.

“Arch,” he instructed.

As his cock slid into Essie’s vagina she moaned with pleasure. He pumped her as she urged him on, “Oh that’s good, fuck me DD, Oh God my pussy wants more of you.”

Essie shuddered with her forth orgasm of the morning as DD emptied, filling her with his cum.

He pulled out and slid her panties back covering her.

She glanced at the clock; gotta run, I’ll see you in the morning, she was out the door and gone.

DD enjoyed a final cup of coffee, showered and dressed and went down to breakfast.

Chapter 2-Carolyn

On the way out he stopped at the front desk to check whether he’d received any mail. The person on duty was a small Oriental lady, attractive; her nametag said Mi Lin Papas, Manager. She smiled at him, “No, no mail. Are you enjoying your stay?”

“The room is comfortable and the food from the restaurant is good, I’ve got no complaints.”

“Well if you need anything, just ask.”

“There is one thing you might be able to help with, I’m in the market for a home, can you suggest a competent Realtor?”

Again she smiled, “You’re in luck, my best friend Carolyn Reynolds owns Reynolds’ Realty and she’s the greatest. Just a sec, I’ve got one of her cards.”

With driving directions he set off. Reynolds’ Realty was an attractive single story building; he parked and walked in.

There was only one person on the floor. She stood and walked toward him, her hand extended.

“Hi I’m Carolyn Reynolds, how can I help you?”

“Mi Lin at the motel gave me your name. I’m in the market for a home and she was sure you could help.”

“I’m sure I can. Let’s have a seat back here and discuss your needs.”

DD thought, this lady is tall. He was six-three, she had to be six feet or six one. He’d noted that though her breasts were small they were pert, standing proudly and as she led the way back to her desk he admired her body. Although he would guess her to be in her forties her slim thighs and high tight buttocks belied her age. She had a provocative swing to her hips as she walked. She certainly wasn’t his normal type, he liked large broad bottomed women, but he decided that should the opportunity ever arise he would love to sample Carolyn Reynolds.

DD had a pretty good idea of the property he wanted, he explained to Carolyn; a main house of no less than five thousand square feet, a large pool preferably with a hot tub, a pool house or guesthouse of a minimum of twenty-five hundred feet on at least ten acres. Not mandatory but nice would be to have a barn and a source of fresh water, he intended to have several horses.

“I believe I have two listings that might interest you but, before we visit them I need to ask, do you believe you will be able to arrange financing, these homes would have sold for several million dollars just a few years ago but even today it will probably take around half a million to close.”

“Honestly Carolyn, may I call you Carolyn?” She nodded her assent. He continued, “My Daddy left me pretty well off and I do have a fair paying job. I apologize; I haven’t given you my name. I’m D. Duane Davis, I’ll be the next sheriff of Arapaho County and the deal will be a cash deal if we can come to an agreement.”

Carolyn almost giggled she was so embarrassed, “Oh my gosh, I should have recognized you from your campaign ads. I guess I better confess, I voted for Freddy.”

“My you are a bad girl, you ought to be spanked for that transgression, by the way, call me DD.”

“You ready to go look at some property DD?”

“You got it.”

They took Carolyn’s Cadillac; she drove. Making conversation she commented that he must have a large family, the main house was six bedrooms and the guesthouse had four.

“Nope, just me. I’ve never been married, maybe sometime in the future but I’ll tell you there’s nothing on the horizon and I’m not lookin’. How about you?”

“I’ve been divorced for years, have a twenty year old daughter that’s away at college and I’ve owned my business for ten years. And DD, I love it here. Like you I’m not actively pursuing a relationship. I do enjoy dating but right now that’s enough, I’m having too much fun.”

“Well then Carolyn why not show me these houses then let me take you to dinner?”

They visited the first house; it was nice but just didn’t light DD’s fire.

Before they got to the second Carolyn explained that it was a bank owned property, the previous owner had been a land developer who, when the bottom fell out, had cleaned out the company assets and fled the country just a step or two ahead of the FBI. He’d left just about everything in the house.

As she steered up the drive DD asked, “How large is this property?”

“Thirty acres, bigger than what you specified but it’s mostly pasture. It runs from the road we came in on back to Cherokee Creek. There are the two houses, a horse barn and a stock pond on the property. Let’s go take a look.”

The main house was a two story colonial with a pillared entranceway. Wandering through DD saw what Carolyn had mentioned; nearly all of the furniture was still in place. There was one bedroom on the ground floor, Carolyn said that was in the event there was an elderly or disabled resident they wouldn’t be required to climb to the second floor.

The other five bedrooms were on the second floor. The master was huge with a massive California King bed. DD loved it; he could only imagine how much fun he could have on it. The master bath contained a large Jacuzzi tub, separate shower, commode and a bidet. Surprisingly the utilities were still on, he checked, the water pressure was fantastic, the bidet hit the ceiling.

As he walked through the pool house he imagined Esmeralda and her family occupying the home along with his child. It would be nice to have her so close for when he needed her. If he could close this deal he would talk to her.

A quick tour of the barn confirmed that it was solid, no wood rot or other problems. It contained six horse stalls, tack room and storage space. The hayloft above was full.

At the conclusion of the tour Carolyn asked, “So what do you think?”

“Honestly Carolyn, what do you think it will take to close this?”

“I think four seventy-five would fly.”

“Tell you what, I’d like to have an inspection done just to be on the safe side but, pending that let’s write a contract for four seventy-five. Is there any way I can get a key, I can have my inspector out here later this afternoon and we can sign tomorrow.”

“DD, I shouldn’t but I’m going to, here,” she said as she handed him the key.

Carolyn was giddy and flirtatious on the ride back to her office, sales had been down but this one could save her cute little butt. The 7% commission would be $33,250.00.

“I know you have some things to do and I want to get that inspection arranged. How about I pick you up at six thirty and we get dinner?”

She jotted an address and phone number on the back of one of her business cards.

“My home address and phone number. How about picking me up there, I want to get a shower after traipsing around in a horse barn all afternoon.”

“See you at six thirty Carolyn,” he said as he left.

Back in his room he made the phone call.

“Harry, DD, I’ve got a little work for you but it needs to be done tonight, I’ll pay extra for fast service.”

“For you DD, anything, what do you need?”

“I want you to install six hidden cameras, four in a master bedroom and two in the master bath and a jar of Vaseline in the drawer of the nightstand. Center the ones in the bedroom on the King sized bed, in the bath put one on the commode and the other on the vanity. I have a key; I’ll get one cut for you and leave it at the front desk in an envelope along with your cash. Anybody asks, you’re my home inspector.”

A quick jaunt to Ace Hardware, six hundred in cash sealed in an envelope and left in the care of Mi Lin Papas, shower, shave and he was off.

Carolyn was still putting on the finishing touches, she ushered DD in, showed him the bar, told him to fix whatever he wanted, she would like a McClelland eighteen year old, rocks, and retired to her bedroom to complete her artwork.

DD had to give her credit; the lady knew how to make an entrance. Attired in a black sheath dress slit up the side to well above mid thigh, gold four-inch heels, black stockings that went well above thigh high, suggesting a garter belt, gold earrings and a sparkling diamond on her right hand Carolyn sashayed in like a fashion model negotiating a Parisian runway.

“So, you like Sheriff?”

“I don’t know how they grade models in the fashion industry but, whatever, you get a ten, maybe even a ten and a half.”

Carolyn chuckled, “He likes.”

“Carolyn, you are spectacular. I can’t understand how you’d ever lose a sale.”


“Ah, yes I suppose so. You should specialize in horny young Sheriffs.”

“Are you a horny young Sheriff?”

“I am, I am.”

“Then I should caution horny young Sheriff that middle aged Realtor never goes to bed on the first date.”

“How about the second?”


“How about a date tomorrow. Say two o’clock at the house. I’ll have my inspection report by then. If there are any problems I’ll call you, otherwise two o’clock; you bring the champagne I bring the checkbook; does that qualify as a second date?”

“I think maybe it does.”

Dinner was good, not fantastic but good, the conversation was flirtatious, Carolyn understood that DD was going to make love to her the following day. DD understood that Carolyn had no idea what was coming her way the next afternoon.

They both savored dinner imagining what the following day would bring.

DD drove her home and walked her to the door. They shared a passionate kiss. With one finger Carolyn traced his semi-erect penis through his slacks.

“You’re a big boy, I like the big boys.”

DD responded, massaging her nether cheeks then allowing a finger to trace her crack he smirked, “and big boys like tight girls.”

Essie was at his door at seven thirty; she got him up.

“Damn woman why so early?”

“I was almost late for work yesterday, that’s why.”

“Get some coffee, I’ll be out in a minute.”

Her heavy belt was already off, she hadn’t worn it in. She had her blouse unbuttoned and her skirt unfastened.

She unsheathed her pendulous breasts and shimmed out of her panties.

Nude she gripped his hand.

“Pink pussy first, coffee second. You’ve got it going in me DD, I want to be a Mama again.”

She dragged him down on top of her reveling in the pleasure/pain of his big cock penetrating her.

“You make me feel so good DD, I haven’t felt more a woman in years and years so, even if you do hurt me so long as you take care of me I’ll be your woman.”

Her climax had begun when she felt the jerk of his cock meeting her in time.

“I’m ready for you DD,” she said as she rolled over onto her tummy.

He decided to play.

“Oh I’m only interested in that pretty pink pussy this morning.”

Affecting a stifling British accent Esmeralda replied, “ You insufferable baaastard, I’ve spent the early morning preparing myself for you. You WILL do your duty.”

DD almost laughed aloud. What kind of a monster was he creating?

“If you put it that way,” he said as he mounted her, “A man does have to satisfy his woman,” he continued as he buried himself into Essie’s big beautiful bottom.

After they’d finished as they lay side by side he asked, “Why did you insist that I take you this way? I know you don’t like it.”

“DD what I think you don’t understand is that I am your woman. I will try to satisfy you sexually, I will never complain about other women since if you need them I am not doing my job, I will even endure the pains that you give me. I am your woman and you are my man.”

She got a warm cloth and cleaned him before taking him between her lips. She wanted him hard; one more chance at motherhood. Again she left for work with messy panties, she wouldn’t let any potential swimmer escape.

Thursday, DD was waiting; the coffee was brewed yet it was nearly nine forty-five before he heard her knock.

‘I don’t want to hear excuses, we don’t have time,” he told her as he led her to the armchair and bent her over.

As he fucked her he talked, “Got some thing that need to be addressed don’t we?
I’ll pick you up at seven.”

“Why can’t I drive my own car?” She asked.

He turned his wicked smile on her, “ I don’t think you will be able to.”

Then he thought, his really good time would be at 2:00 o’clock with Miss Tight Ass, he caressed Essie, kissed her as a lover and mounted her.

As his cock penetrated her something struck him. Forty-eight, big saggy tits, huge ass, and yet she was truly his woman.

After he’d once again filled her, again attempted to impregnate her she said, “ DD I know I can’t satisfy all of your desires, I see you look at women and I see how they look back and I want you to know that I don’t care. I will be the mother to your children, I will be your cum repository, you can do anything to me, I will be there for you.”

He thought for a moment, what she’d just said, the “the I don’t care,” do you truly mean it?”

“DD if you have sex with another woman I know you’ll come back to me.”

“So you don’t care, is that true.”

“DD so long as you come back to me no, I don’t care; why are you pestering me about this?”

Because this afternoon I am going to be with a woman in the way I have been with you.”

“You’re going to hurt her?”

“Like I did you, yes, she will ache. My question is do you want to watch.”

Essie hesitated in answering but her breathing had changed; DD noticed.
Her uniform was in her locker; she planned on changing before reporting for duty.
Essie was wearing a cute pair of white shorts; he caressed her through her shorts.

“You do want to watch, don’t you Esmeralda, you want to see my cock slide into a woman, you want to see me make her cry and plead, see her reduced to a whimpering little girl. Is that what you want Essie?”

“Yes damn you, yes…you did it to me; am I so bad that I want to see someone else get the same thing?”

Her interest entailed a slight change in plans.

“Essie, call in sick and take today off, family emergency, whatever. If you want to watch we need to get going.”

She made the call.

DD drove to the house and parked.

“Who are we visiting?” She asked.

He walked her around the house, showing her the pool and guesthouse.

“What would you think about living here, in the guesthouse, you and your girls? After you become pregnant this would be perfect for you.”

“You’ve got to be kidding; this place is beautiful. I’d love to live here but it must cost a million dollars.”

“Actually I think I can get it for four hundred and seventy-five thousand. I’m buying this house at two this the afternoon. Do you know Carolyn Reynolds?”

“I know who she is, tall, slim, attractive Realtor?”

“Yeah, that’s her. This is her listing, I intend to fuck her after I sign the contract. Come here, this is where you’ll need to be.

He walked her back to the closet. It was large, some of the previous owner’s clothes hung but, moving them aside what was most evident were the screens, he was able to see the complete bedroom and, on the other two screens the bathroom was displayed.

“I had these installed yesterday. You can watch or you can look through the louvers of the door for a live view. You’ll need to be in place by no later than 1:30.”

He dragged a chair into the closet.

“All the comforts of home Esmeralda, all the comforts of home.”

It was nearing eleven o’clock, they’d skipped breakfast and both were hungry. They decided on brunch; eggs benedict, hash browns, pastries and Mimosas. It was twenty minutes ‘til one when they finished.

Back at the house DD led her up to the bedroom.

“Essie, I want you to be first.”

He moved behind her, steered her to the bed and bent her over. Lowering her shorts and her panties to her knees and entering her he told her, “I truly do love your pretty pink pussy.”

It was fortunate that they had arrived early. They heard the sound of tires on gravel. Looking out the window DD recognized Carolyn’s Caddy.

“She’s here,” he said to Essie.

Essie went to the closet while DD descended the staircase. He walked out to meet Carolyn.

“Wow, you look fantastic,” he enthused.

She was attired on an elegant gray pantsuit, coral shoes, a coral handbag and a Hermes scarf at her neck. Her clothes hung on her perfectly, her thin thighs and narrow, girlish hips accentuated her sexuality. She had a bottle of Moet Champagne and two flutes in her hands. She gave him an air kiss; he took the bottle and let her lead the way into the house.

His eyes were locked on her bottom. Her cheeks reminded him of two plump ripe grapefruits, wiggling in perfect unison.

In the house Carolyn said, “Let’s dispose of business so we can get to some pleasure. I already have the contract completed, let’s review it.”

“My kinda gal,” DD said as he picked up the paperwork.

He reviewed the terms; they were in order. He took out the check he’d prepared earlier; ten thousand dollars payable to Reynolds’ Realty Escrow Account and handed it to Carolyn.

Her eyes lit up with gleeful greed, “Pour the champagne, it’s time to celebrate.”

Pop, the cork exploded from the bottle, froth foamed out, DD poured and handed a glass to Carolyn.

She toasted, “May this be the beginning of our friendship.”

She took his hand, instructed him to bring the bottle and led him up the stairs.

Esmeralda watched through the louvers as Carolyn led DD into the bedroom. She is an elegant looking lady Essie thought.

Carolyn took off the jacket to her suit then sat on the bed and pulled DD into a kiss as she stroked him through his slacks.

“Big Boy seems interested in Carolyn.”

DD began unbuttoning her blouse. Her brassiere clasped in front, he unfastened it. Her breasts were small but firm, standing out proudly from her chest. Her areola were tan, her nipples pink. DD bent taking one between his lips.

“Beautiful,” he said. He took her blouse and bra off over her shoulders, “Beautiful,” he repeated.

Carolyn lowered his zipper and pulled out his penis. She was intimidated by what she found. He was much larger than any previous lover. Her long slender fingers couldn’t span his girth; the head was large, swollen and purple. She licked it.

“I don’t know if I can handle this,” she whined.

DD pulled her to her feet.

“We’ll soon find out, won’t we,” as he unzipped her slacks.

Lowering them, exposing her panties, he realized she’d color coordinated even her lingerie. Her brassiere and panties were the same coral shade as her other accessories.

He lay her on the bed and rolled her panties down over her narrow hips. Her bush was auburn, matching her tresses. She had trimmed and shaped it into a heart, this seemed to DD something that a young woman or teen might do, not a woman of forty or more; still she was a sight to behold.

He took her with his mouth. Carolyn spread her legs further and moaned as his slithering tongue turned her vulva liquid, he nibbled and tugged at her labia with his lips as her hips pounded against his mouth. She writhed under his attention to her clitoris then trembled as though she was having a seizure.

Her orgasm was magnificent, she screamed out her pleasure as her vagina spewed, shooting her precious fluids out over a foot, then another and another each less forceful than the previous until she lay spent.

She looked bedraggled, her makeup smeared and her hair in disarray as she whispered, “I’ve never done that before, God it was spectacular. What are you doing to me DD?”

“We’ve only just begun,” he replied as he stepped out of his slacks and boxers and mounted her.

God he thought, for a forty year old woman she WAS tight. He was straining, forcing his way in. Carolyn had broken out in a sweat, she was groaning. He was hurting her, stretching her delicate tissues. He lifted her legs to his shoulders, exposing her even further to his assault then he shoved forward. He sunk into her, burying his eight inch shaft in her. Carolyn was wailing, flailing the air with her hair as she swung her head to and fro. Then DD started pumping her.

Carolyn grunted with each stroke of her massive invader but at least she had accepted him, she was still experiencing some pain, she knew she’d never be able to get off, but still he would; soon she hoped.

Carolyn felt him swell then the jerking of his cock as he ejaculated into her. He kept cumming and cumming, My God she thought; he must have pumped a quart into me.

Minutes later as he lay beside her he commented, “That was good, you’re so nice and tight. Ready for seconds?”

He’s serious she thought, she could see that he was erect again.

“I’m sore and I hurt, no damn it, I’m not ready for seconds. I think your big cock is just a little too much for this girl.”

“That’s okay Carolyn, I understand.”

As he talked to her he gently turned her so she was lying on her tummy. He stroked her taut bottom, “I like your bottom, so small, tight and perfect,” he told her as he straddled her legs and sat on her thighs.

From the corner of her eye she’d noticed that he had taken something up from atop the nightstand. He had his hands on her cheeks, she felt a cool draft hit her as he spread her open then his fingers probed her. Something greasy was being spread on her.

She tried to roll from under him, he held her pinned.

In a voice filled with terror she said, “DD what are you doing?”

“Getting you ready Carolyn, getting you ready.”

She felt his weight shift on her legs as he leaned over her back then his cock was between her cheeks, the bulbous head pressing against her.

“It’s best if you can relax,” he whispered as he pushed into her.

“Noooooooooo,” her plaintive wail. “Oh God Noooooooooo, take it out, God please take it out.”

As he pressed into her he talked, “You were a virgin here weren’t you. Your ass is fantastic, small, compact, tight.”

She was almost babbling still, he understood her.

“Please DD take it out of me, you’re splitting me in half, please, please.”

“Carolyn I’m not even all the way in. After I get into you and I fuck you a bit I’ll take it out. Figure in about thirty minutes.”

Carolyn was beginning to beg and send pleas to God for relief. DD knew what her progression would be; he’d heard it many times before. Finally she settled into a tearful whimpering. With a grunt he thrust forward, she was completely impaled.

“Good girl, you took it all Carolyn now I’m gonna need a little help from you. Just do as I say.”

She felt some of the weight come off legs then he was squatting over her, lifting her by her hips, he was still in her.

“Bring your knees up under yourself.”

He lowered her back down then pushed her head to the pillow.

“Arch your back, show me that cute little ass.”

She was slow to respond, his hand came down on her cheek, “Arch.”

He moved tighter against her, gripped her hips and began to stroke into her; not viciously, slowly, gently but deep.

After several minutes he pressed deeply into her and paused.

“Feel me in you Carolyn, feel me filling you.”

She had finally settled down somewhat, only an occasional moan or whimper, she answered, “Yes I feel you. You’re making me feel so full, like I have to potty.”

“Do you like that feel Carolyn?”

“No damn you.”

“Oooooh, getting a little feisty aren’t we. I’m gonna cum in you Carolyn, I’m gonna fill your bottom with my spunk, will you like that?”


He shifted his weight; he was heavy on her hips and back. He pulled most of the way out of her; she thought her ordeal was over.

He rammed her nearly driving her into the mattress, hard fast and deep he pounded into her.

With a roar he blasted into her, still pounding her, momentarily she passed out and she fell to the mattress. He rode her down.

He was still in her when he whispered so only she could hear, “You’re the best piece of ass I’ve ever had,” then he pulled out.

She lay mewling like a hurt kitten. He was pulling her panties back onto her then he sat her up and put on her blouse.

“Time to go Carolyn,” he said as he helped her to her feet. He gathered up her slacks, jacket, bra, shoes and stockings and led her down the stairway.

He let her slump against the wall as he retrieved her purse and briefcase then led her to her car.

Tossing her belongings onto the back seat he handed her the briefcase.

“Be careful with this, the contract is in it and I think you’ll agree, you’ve earned your commission. Go home, take a bath and get some rest. It’s painful but not fatal, you’ll feel a bit better tomorrow. Maybe we can do this again.”

She started the engine and pulled the big Caddy into gear.

He said, “If the bank accepts the offer call me so we can get the closing scheduled.”

For just a moment she considered telling him to go screw himself; clad in only blouse and panties, barefooted, cum leaking from her vagina and anus, soaking her panties, staining her leather upholstery and she couldn’t say it, she needed the money, but for now she was free, she was escaping. She floored it, with flying dust and gravel she was gone.

Essie had come down the staircase as DD walked Carolyn to her car. She dashed back up when Carolyn careened out of the drive but she’d been out of the room long enough.

She now realized what Maria Elena had smelled; the odor was distinctive. A heavy, earthy scent, it was the aroma of male and female ejaculate, sweat and overlaying it all the mustiness that had emanated from Carolyn when her anus was still open and distended. That was why Maria Elena hadn’t noticed other times. The only time was when DD had sodomized her hard.

She slid her shorts down and off then went to the bathroom to get a warm washcloth. DD had not dressed nor cleaned up when he walked Carolyn out.

She washed him. Noting how she was dressed he asked, “Is Mama expecting something?”

“Please DD take off my panties, take me.”

He cupped her sex with his hand.

“That really aroused you didn’t it, your pretty pink pussy is a swamp.”

“Yes, I am amazed at myself, I don’t even like pornography yet watching you fill her, hearing her and even smelling her I found deeply and disturbingly arousing; and
no, not a swamp. My pretty pink pussy is weeping from loneliness.”

He took her shoulders and turned her so that her back was to him then rolled her panties down and off. At the bedside he bent her forward, spread her legs and entered her. She mewled in pleasure as he began to pump her. Her first orgasm shook her.

“Thank you, that feels so good, so very good.”

She had a second climax, he’d been in her for over fifteen minutes when he gripped her hips and pumped her rapidly several times. His cock jerked in her as he filled her.

Afterwards they lay in bed discussing future plans. The lease on her home was up on March 31st, it was decided that she and her family would move into the guesthouse then.

With the intense breeding they were engaged in they both realized it would not be long before Esmeralda was pregnant, she’d only be able to continue working for a few months at most before she began to show. When she had to quit she would say she had taken a position as his housekeeper, he would pay her a salary equal to what she earned from the Sheriff’s office.

“Esmeralda, we do have one further unfortunate thing to deal with. You were forty-five minutes late this morning.”

“I’m sorry DD, it was poor planning on my part, I didn’t allow time for dealing with the unexpected. I promise it won’t happen again.”

“I’m sure it won’t.”

He was already turning her onto her belly. She knew what was coming; she got onto her knees as he lubricated her.

She would be making her own smell tonight and her daughter would notice.

After he and Essie had parted his cell phone rang; it was Carolyn Reynolds. The bank had accepted his offer, they could close the following day if he liked.

When he said yes she told him she’d fax him a preliminary settle statement the following morning showing the cash needed to close; he’d need to bring a cashiers check for the balance of the purchase price plus associated closing costs made payable to America’s First Escrow and Title Agency; she gave him the address saying they could close at four.

DD asked teasingly if she’d be interested in a rematch after the closing.

Carolyn nearly told him to fuck off then she remembered his talented tongue.

“Tell you what, you’re on. You can tongue me and you can fuck me but my bottom’s off limits, there I feel like you kicked a two by four up me ass so far that I’m spitting splinters.”

Chapter 3-The Golden Goddess

Over the following weeks Essie and DD got together at every opportunity but because of distance she was unable to visit him each morning.

D. Duane Davis was sworn in as the Sheriff of Arapaho County during the first week of January. He intended that his first order of business would be to speak with and evaluate his senior personnel. He’d suggested to Essie he would like her opinion of these people. She demurred saying that he should meet with them first so his impressions were not colored by what she had to say. Her one exception was Lieutenant Constance Trask, his senior deputy.

They met that evening for cocktails at his home.

“Okay Essie, tell me about Connie Trask.”

“Chief Deputy Trask is incompetent, promiscuous with both men and women, completely self-absorbed and beautiful. She trades on her sexuality and her beauty to achieve her desires. She calls herself the Golden Goddess.”

“If she’s all that how in the name of all that’s holy did she ever get to be Chief Deputy?”

“Unfortunately, my cousin was not immune to her feminine wiles, not many are. She’s been to bed with most of the men and at least one of the women in the department.”

“Sounds like a real femme fatale, maybe I need to be careful.”

“DD about this I am completely serious. It would pain me grievously if it became necessary but if you fall under her spell I will resign.”

“Well that won’t happen so long as Mama takes real good care of me.”

He began his interviews the following morning. He started with the lowest ranking of his management team; the four Corporals that were the road supervisors. One tendered his resignation; he’d been a staunch supporter of Federico and said he would be uncomfortable working for him. After he’d finished with them he was satisfied that he had competent people, though only one of them really stood out. Abigail Dalton was a ten year veteran of the department. She’d started at eighteen and had steadily progressed. She was twenty-eight and single and reminiscent of an Irish pixie. Bobbed red hair, a spray of freckles across her pug nose with a quick and winning smile; DD imagined she would be a candidate when the next Sergeant’s position became open.

His next interviews were with his road Sergeants, two on the day shift and one who worked nights. He took Sergeant Harold Washington first. A fourteen year veteran he was one of only three black departmental employees. DD was impressed, he was knowledgeable, articulate and expressed dedication. His record for arrests was tops in the department. DD was planning to establish a drug enforcement unit; Washington would be his choice to head it.

The second Sergeant was Federico Fernandez, they shook hands then Fernandez tendered his letter of resignation. Nothing personal, he said but he’d accepted a position as the deputy head of security for the Fed-Mart chain of stores.

He broke for lunch. The interview he was dreading yet looking forward to would take place that after he’d eaten.

Connie Trask knew she would be meeting with Sheriff Davis that afternoon and she prepared, honing her formidable skills of seduction, she skipped lunch instead spending her time in the ladies room. Although she normally wore her long blonde hair in a ponytail, for the meeting she brushed it out, one thousand strokes ‘til it glistened. Fastidiously she put on her make-up, shadow and eyeliner to bring out her sparkling blue eyes, red lipstick under lip-gloss gave her a bee stung look and finally a light perfume. She lowered her uniform slacks and gave each inner thigh along with the crotch of her panties a quick spritz.

The Golden Goddess was ready.

At her appointed time she presented herself to Mrs. Santos who announced her to the Sheriff.

As she entered he stood. “ Hello Lieutenant, or do you prefer Chief Deputy,” he asked.

“In a formal setting I guess I prefer Chief Deputy,” Her voice now took on a sexy rasp, “But I do wish you’d call me Connie.”

With a smile that never reached his eyes he replied, “For now let’s stay with Chief Deputy. Please have a seat.”

“Please tell me about yourself and your law enforcement experience.”

“Well, I’m thirty-one years old and a widow. My husband, Jake Trask was with the State Troopers, he died in a vehicular accident six years ago. Perhaps you knew him.”

“Yes, I knew Jake, we trained together and though I never had the pleasure of meeting you I was aware of who you were. Everyone said Jake had married the most beautiful girl in Arapaho County, I see now it was true.”

There were no denying Connie’s attributes; she stood nearly six feet tall, the long blonde hair, a beautiful face, full shapely breasts, a slender waist and wide hips. If there was a complaint and DD thought of it more an occupational hazard than anything else; he termed it policewoman’s posterior disorder, was her broad bottom. It seemed like every female officer he knew suffered from it; no doubt too much time spent sitting in patrol cars, desks or donut shops.

He let his eyes rove over her; he knew she was watching, trying to gauge his interest. He wanted her to feel he was interested.

“Please, continue.”

“Maybe people were right about Jake’s wife. I was Miss Arapaho County when I was eighteen and took first runner-up in the state competition.”

“Sheriff Davis I think I’ll enter the State Mrs. Competition, how do you think I’d do?”

“You’re certainly pretty enough but I haven’t seen enough skin to venture a guess how you would do in the swimwear category.”

“I work hard in the gym keeping myself in shape, my body is perfect, they call me the Golden Goddess.”

“My you are a Goddess aren’t you Connie.”

With her sexiest smile she said, “Why Sheriff, if I didn’t know better I’d say you’re trying to get in my panties, are you Sheriff, would you like to drink from my Golden Chalice?”

“Lock the door Connie and come over here,” he told her then he opened his Vaseline jar, leaving it in his desk drawer and buzzed Essie, “Hold my calls for a little while please.”

Connie came and stood in front of him. He unbuckled her belt, unfastened the top button on her slacks, unzipped them and took them down to her knees. Her panties soon followed.

Her pubic hair was trimmed neatly. It was golden. She smiled, “My Golden Chalice, would you like to drink from me?”

He ran a finger along her slit then took it to his mouth. He stood as Connie began to speak he took the same finger and put it to her lips silencing her. Turning her around he bent her over his desk; he dipped two fingers into the Vaseline then asked,

“Connie are you on birth control?”

Her voice was a little shaky as she said, “Yes sir.”

He slathered something along her slit and into her vagina then he entered her.

When he finished he pulled her clothes back into place and handed her a slip of paper.

“My address, I’d like to see you there at six thirty; we can have a couple of drinks, dinner and then we’ll talk about your future here with the department. Wear something other than your uniform, I see enough blue here.”

Connie walked out on wobbly knees and headed to the ladies room when she locked herself into a stall. She urinated then continued to sit as DD’s semen leaked from her. She needed a few minutes to gather herself. Her encounter had shaken her; when he had her pinned to his desktop she was certain he was going to sodomize her. She was virgin there and had every intention of remaining so. The more she thought about it though the more convinced she became that she was mistaken. Had he wanted her he could have taken her yet he didn’t. She decided that the allure of her Golden Chalice, her vagina was to strong for him to deny. Further he’d invited her for drinks and dinner. She opined that the purpose of their getting together tonight was so that they could consummate and cement what was going to be their relationship. She knew her future was as golden as she was; she wiped. It was Vaseline he’d used, she nearly had been sodomized, only by answering that she was on birth control had she dodged that bullet. She realized she needed to be careful with Sheriff D. Duane Davis.

DD was surprised. With few redeeming qualities aside from her beauty and sexuality he’d assumed Connie would be the consummate lover. That had hardly proven to be the case. She was as inanimate as a mannequin without an ounce of bounce in that big bootie and even as large as he was he barely hit her sidewalls; crudely stated she had a cunt big as a cow’s.

Oh well, he thought, tonight he’d seek out where she was tight.

He called Essie in.

She started around to his side of the desk but he waved her to a chair.

“I want to get your input on the people I’ve interviewed. By the way, we have a few vacancies we need to fill.”

He explained about the Corporal’s resignation and that Federico was opting out, too. Additionally one of his detectives had retired on December 31st.

“I was really impressed with Abbie Dalton, I kinda like her for the road Sergeant’s position.

“Abbie is a good cop and a good person, I’m sure she would do well as a Sergeant. There is one thing you do need to be aware of though, Abbie is a lesbian and she’s Trask’s lover.”

Essie was in agreement with DD’s overall assessment of his personnel. She was of the opinion that road Sergeant Washington should be considered for the detective position and that Isabel Vargas to be promoted to Corporal. That still left one of the road Sergeant’s positions open with Washington’s promotion to detective. DD thought it should be a Hispanic male, to be decided later.

“Set up appointments for Dalton and Vargas for tomorrow, I’d like to meet with them, feel them about their interest. I’ll have to interview several other people but I think these are the best candidates. By the way, I’m having Chief Deputy Trask over for dinner this evening then we’ll discuss her future with the department.”

“So long as you don’t get too interested,” she teased. “Mama still wants hers.”

“Why not join me for breakfast tomorrow morning, say seven thirty. It would give us a little time, you can even review tonight’s recordings.”

“Mama says yes.”

DD had to give the Golden Goddess for credit for one thing; she was punctual. She was at his door promptly at six thirty.

As he ushered her toward the pool deck he took the time to admire her. She’s chosen her wardrobe well, alluring, sexy, showing her multiple attributes in their best light.

She was wearing strappy white sandals, white shorts tight enough to show a little panty line from her hipster panties, a white front button blouse with the monogram of a koala bear above her left breast. Her make-up was subdued, her jewelry minimal and her scent light. In other words, she was loaded for bear.

But as the old adage goes, sometimes you eat the bear…sometimes the bear eats you…

“What is the Goddesses pleasure?”

As she sat overlooking the pool, seeing his huge home, the pool house, the horse barn she entertained visions of being the Mistress of this house. It was obvious Sheriff Davis was an affluent man; she envisioned being Mrs. Davis; it made her a little giddy.

“Do you suppose I could get a Margarita?”

DD wanted to play with her, he worshipfully replied, “For a Goddess anything.”

He stirred up a pitcher of particularly potent Margaritas, sliced some limes, rimmed her glass with salt and poured. His personal poison was twenty-one year old single malt.

He carried their glasses along with the pitcher back to the porch.

“Steaks for dinner okay with you?” He asked, “I’ve got a couple of nice filets waiting your approval.”

“Perfect Sheriff, Perfect.”

“Please, call me DD and, of course I’ll call you Goddess.”

She smiled and raised her glass acknowledging his homage to her.

He put two potatoes in the oven to bake and lit his Weber Cooker. He’d steam some asparagus a little later. He set his timer and rejoined the Goddess.

“Connie, we never did finish our talk this afternoon, what experiences have you had in law enforcement?”

“Well, I rode patrol for a while but mostly I’ve been desk bound. I was Sheriff Vargas personal assistant for three years before I was promoted to Chief Deputy.”

“Well Connie, from my experience your upward movement was meteoric, you must have some amazing talents.”

“Perhaps I do, I’ll let you decide.”

He refilled her glass; he wanted her loquacious.

“Connie I have some vacancies that I need to fill, I’d like some recommendations from you. Who for road Sergeant since Freddy has chosen to leave?

“Gotta be Abbie Dalton, she’s the best.”

“Interesting, great minds must think alike, she was who I thought was the best choice. How about the detective slot, it carries a lieutenant’s pay grade, plus a car and clothing allowance, who there?”

He again refilled her glass as she expressed to him that she, herself might be interested in that assignment.

“I might be interested in seeing you in that position. You have a fantastic body but there’s only so much you can do in heavy blue wool, plain clothes work would certainly suit you.”

She gave him her most sunlight smile, “I knew we would agree about almost everything. You’re a really smart guy and I know a few things myself.”

“Hold that thought,” he told her. He got up and put the steaks on then went in and set a pot to boil to steam the asparagus.

Fifteen minutes later dinner was ready.

He teased and played with her, a sliver of steak on his fork to her mouth, a wish that it was breast of Goddess instead of cow, she was convinced he wanted her and would do anything to get her.

Another Margarita, draining the pitcher, after the bottle of Cabernet Sauvignon they had shared with their steaks, Connie was a bit lightheaded.

Connie hadn’t paid attention; DD had imbibed frugally, two single malts and a glass of the glass of the Cabernet. Not quite sober as a judge but damned close.

He directed the conversation to sexual matters. He learned that Connie didn’t do anal and didn’t give oral but she loved to receive it. She called her vagina her Golden Chalice and bragged that men and women alike begged to taste her nectar.

After they’d finished their meal they sat side-by-side overlooking the pool. He waited for her to speak; he knew her ego wouldn’t permit silence.

“You want me don’t you DD. All men want me, they call me the Golden Goddess and I grant you the right to partake of my Golden Chalice. I’m special DD, my scent, my taste, men would kill for, just the chance to drink my pee would send some men into ecstasy. Would it send you into ecstasy DD?”

Rising he took her hand and helped her from the chaise lounge, “Let’s go upstairs and find out.”

Connie smiled; she’d hooked her prey. She rose and let him lead her to his bedroom.

She looked around and was impressed, the bed was huge, a fantastic playpen but at that moment she needed a bit of relief.

“DD I’m afraid the Goddess needs to tinkle.”

He pointed toward the bathroom. She shot him a dazzling smile, “Do you want me to flush or would you like to save my Golden Fluids?”


He also thought, this is a six foot tall Chief Deputy, why the little girlishness, “I have to tinkle” for God’s sake. No he thought, she needs to cum, she needs to cry and bleed but she doesn’t need to tinkle.

She was totally nude when she came out of the bathroom, her eyes glistened, her mood was buoyant.

“Does the Sheriff like?” She asked in a teasing voice. She knew the answer, all men liked.

He smiled at her and led her to the bed. Turning her down on the mattress he contrived it so that she ended up on her tummy. She attempted to turn but he held her in place saying, “Stay, I want to admire you.”

He sat across her legs effectively pinning her, got several fingers full of Vaseline and began his conversation.

“Chief Deputy, a nice title and a nice paycheck but all really no more than a joke. Connie, you don’t deserve the job nor the pay but I’m going to give you the opportunity to keep it. We’ll discuss that a little later. For right now I want you to know that, No, you didn’t play me. Never try to work me again; you wanted to win me with your pussy but to me that’s a pretty cheap commodity, from what I’ve learned most of the men and some of the women on the force have already sampled, or as you so delicately express it, “They’ve worshiped at the Golden Chalice.”

Connie was whimpering.

DD continued, “No Chief Deputy, if you want to offer me something make it something of value. It’s evident you put no value on your pussy; you’ll share it with any man or woman that will accept it. I want something you cherish. He waited, she didn’t answer, the two Vaseline dipped fingers probed her anus.

“Tell me what you cherish Chief Deputy?”

“My bottom,” she gasped out, “Please don’t do this to me.”

He plunged into her with not a whit of care about her pain, she’d fucked the department and now he was fucking her.

Pausing he whispered to her, “Tonight I’m gonna fuck you just a bit. I want to be fair, give you choices. I’ll see you at seven o’clock Monday evening for what will become your job security or you will be unemployed, though I do hear McDonalds is looking for a fry cook”

He didn’t even bother to cum in her he simply rolled off, slapped her big broad bottom and said, “Monday, I’ll see you Monday at seven, understand?”

He hadn’t been particularly rough with her, he’d done it to humiliate her, take her down a notch or two.

Connie left like a whipped puppy. She’d be back on Monday, she was desperate for her paycheck, he could and would take it from her. She wasn’t civil service, her job was a patronage position, she served at the pleasure of the elected Sheriff.

After sending Connie Trask on her way DD climbed into bed, God he thought, an evening of rest, it had been a long time. Right, rest…the phone rang, the caller ID showed it was Essie.

He answered, “Esmeralda, I don’t want to talk about tonight, maybe tomorrow but not tonight, I’m tense, I’m angry that we have such incompetence in out department, I’m totally pissed.”

“Wanta a Blow Job?”

“You don’t do that.”

“Damn it DD if that’s what it takes to relax you…whatever, I’ll do anything.”

“Come on over, I’d like a little PPP.”

She had to smile, she was a saggy forty-eight year old mother of five children and her lover was the most desirable man in the county. She would never discuss her relationship with anyone, ever, but he’d awakened desires that she’d thought long dead. She was happy that he only wanted a bit of PPP, that was their shorthand for pretty pink pussy, her vagina, he was only going to breed her tonight.

He was tense when he met her at the door. What’s the matter mi amor? She asked

“Essie sometimes I don’t want my job. It’s 99% bullshit and a percent of chasing bad guys.”

“So make it more chasing bad guys, expand your drug interdiction efforts, position the right people in the jobs that you need to get done and, maybe just maybe you need to get tough on the offenders.”

Essie had unfastened his shorts, lowered both them and his boxers and taken him into her mouth, She only came off him for a moment.

His climax was worth viewing. “Pretty good for a novice,” he said.

“For my man I’ll do anything,” as she laid him back and mounted him.

The last thing he recalled were her enormous breasts jiggling as she rode him.

The following morning Essie arrived at seven thirty. He already had coffee brewed, she poured and with a plate of Danish they went into the living room to view last nights activities.

On the big sixty-inch screen they watched as he and Connie came into the bedroom then the camera changed; the Golden Goddess was disrobing. Naked, she sat on the throne. They were able to hear the sound of her urination. She took something from her handbag.

DD created a distraction by commenting, “She said she had to tinkle. That was no tinkle, it sounded more like a cow pissing on a flat rock.”

The moment had passed, Connie was coming out of the bath when DD’s attention moved back to the screen; but Essie hadn’t missed it.

“DD can you back up the picture. I think I saw something that will interest you.”

On the screen they watched as Chief Deputy Constance Trask snorted a line of cocaine off the mirror of her compact.

“Essie, please tell me I didn’t see what I think I saw. Did my Chief Deputy just take coke in my bathroom?”

“I don’t think your eyesight is failing DD.”

“Jesus H. Christ, I’ve even got it in my department. She’s visiting me Monday night, we’ll have some serious things to discuss.”

Then turning to Essie he said, “Her appointment is at seven on Monday, want to watch?”

“You’re corrupting me, first you turned a middle age woman into a sex starved wench who is trying her damnedest to get knocked up without benefit of clergy and now you’re trying to induce me to become a voyeur. Of course I want to watch, I’d love to see the Golden Goddess knocked off her pedestal.”

Their attention to the on-screen action wavered. DD guided Essie down onto her back, raised her uniform skirt up, exposing her then pulling the gusset of her panties aside he entered her.

Slowly, leisurely he stroked her. He caressed her breasts through her blouse then bent and kissed her.

Monday was slow in coming; DD wanted it to be over with, he was infuriated with Chief Deputy Trask over her cocaine usage; he was still undecided as to how he was going to deal with her.

“What do you think Essie, what would be my best course of action?”

It was six p.m., Trask would be there in an hour.

“DD I think you need to decide on one of two options. You can fire her and maybe even arrest her for cocaine position or you can discipline her severely but give her another chance. If you want rid of her take option one but, honestly, I’d like to witness option two.”

“You’re becoming a wicked woman Esmeralda Santos.”

“Too much exposure to you.”

“Option two it is.”

Chief Deputy Trask was again right on time and again she’d dressed to impress but the impression she wanted to convey was entirely different than her first visit. Her hair was pulled back into a ponytail, her make-up was minimal and she was wearing her uniform although she’d changed her slacks and was now wearing her navy uniform skirt.

Without preamble he led her to the bedroom. Her knees were nearly knocking with fright. Again she needed the facilities though this time she respectfully asked, “May I use the bathroom sir?”

“Of course Chief Deputy.”

When she came out her mood had changed, she seemed energized. He expected she’d self-medicated; he’d know for sure when he could speak with Essie or review the tape.

He was seated on a straight-backed chair, he told her to come to him and kneel in front of him.

“Chief Deputy we have some serious matters to discuss,” he began, he was unbuttoning her blouse as he talked.

“Yes sir, I want to help you in any manner that I can.”

As he unfastened her brassiere and removed it freeing her breasts he continued, “I have a decision to make regarding your future with the department. Stand up please.”

“I’m sorry sir, you said my future with the department; I thought you were going to give me an opportunity to make good if I appeared tonight, did I misunderstand?”

He had unfastened her skirt and let it drop to the floor as she was speaking. She now stood before him in only her panties. He removed them, took her hand and directed him over her lap. She was so tall that her feet reached the floor on one side while her platinum ponytail rested on the floor on the other side.

“Sir, what are you doing?”

From the floor beside him he picked up the Fleet enema that was waiting for her, he spread her cheeks, inserted it and squeezed.

“I’m giving you a cleansing enema. If I don’t fire you I intend to fuck you tonight and I don’t want any messes. Hold still, when it starts to churn in your bowels you’ll need to evacuate.”

After several minutes she got up and rushed to the bathroom.

There was no question; she was intimidated when she came back.

“Put your panties back on Chief Deputy, you’ll want them in a few minutes. Then come over and kneel.”

As instructed she knelt.

“Unzip my slacks and take me in your mouth Lieutenant.”

She looked up at him pleadingly.

“I know, the Golden Goddess doesn’t give oral and maybe that’s so but tonight Chief Deputy Constance Trask does. Unzip me.”

She unzipped his fly and took his penis out; it was only semi-erect.

“Suck,” was all he said.

He didn’t need to cum in her mouth; he’d only made her perform fellatio for the humiliation factor.

“That’s fine Chief Deputy, now let’s deal with a problem, a decision I have to make.”

“Yes sir.”

“Tell me Chief Deputy, how would you handle my dilemma? Should I arrest you before firing you, should I simply fire you or should I discipline you personally, no arrest, you keep your job and your position as my Chief Deputy with no one except you and me the wiser?”

“What are you talking about Sheriff?”

“Don’t play coy with me Chief Deputy, honesty may be your only salvation.”

Connie hung her head. “You know I use cocaine don’t you, that’s the only thing I’ve done that I could be arrested for.”

“Connie, I have at least one picture and, my guess is now two. There are security cameras in the bathroom.”

She seemed to deflate right before his eyes.

“Oh God, I was on such a high, Sheriff Santos introduced me to it, he’d get it from the evidence room. No crack only snow and we’d party, I liked it, I could fly and the sex was fantastic.”

“Connie, after tonight no more flying, you’re grounded and the sex, well I don’t imagine you’ll describe it as fantastic. Lay over my lap.”

As she eased herself down over his thighs she asked, “Are you going to spank me?”

“Twenty-five of my firmest strokes. Do you want to keep your panties on?”

“Please sir.”

He lowered them to her knees baring her bottom but he didn’t take them off entirely. He stroked her.

“You truly do have a desirable bottom. I’m going to enjoy the rest of the evening, unfortunately, I don’t believe you will.”

He struck. Connie reacted like she’d suffered a shock; rapidly he delivered four more blows. He massaged her cheeks saying, “That’s five.”

Thwack, thwack, thwack, thwack, thwack, that’s ten. Connie was squirming on his lap trying to avoid the blows. Her eyes had teared.

After five more she’d quit squirming, she was openly crying.

At twenty, through her tears she was pleading, “No more, please sir, no more.”

At twenty-five, only sobs were forthcoming.

He pulled her panties back into place and let her lie until she’d regained control then he helped her stand.

He led her to the bed and lay her face down.

“The easy part’s over Connie. Get up on your hands and knees.”

Mutely she did as he’d ordered. He stepped out of his clothing and joined her on the bed. Pulling a pillow under her head he forced her down until she was resting on the pillow.

“You’ll want that in a few minutes Connie,” he told her as he lowered her panties to her knees.

She shuddered when he spread her cheeks and lubricated her. He moved up behind her, lined his cock up with her anus and told her, “Try to relax,” as he pushed into her.

It was a violent thrust delivering over four inches into her. Connie moaned in pain as he forced himself deeper. Tears flowed onto the pillow, her moaning intensified as she got more cock. He had her gripped by the hips. He pulled back on her and thrust forward. She was impaled on eight inches of fat cock; she was in agony.

He rose on his haunches and pushed down on the small of her back forcing her bottom higher, providing a more inviting target; he shifted his weight onto her hips and started pounding her with long vicious thrusts.

Connie knew it wasn’t going to end soon. God she thought, he’s making me his bitch, fucking me like a dog on his bitch, fucking me like an animal. He is an animal; please God let it be over, playing through her mind like a mantra, please God let it be over.

Prayer didn’t help, pleas didn’t help, begging didn’t help he continued the assault, hard and spearing, he was deep in her bowels. His big cock was stuffing her; she’d never suffered such searing pain yet still he continued the lewd onslaught. It seemed like he’d been in her for weeks, he was like a machine powering into her then out then pummeling her with what felt like hammer strikes driving a spike into her guts.

At last, at long, long last she felt the jerking of his cock as he poured his cum into her; he let her fall to the mattress although he was still riding her. He continued to stroke until he became flaccid. He rolled off then gripped her cheeks and opened her, displaying her to the camera, her distended anus gaping open with cum oozing from it.

He pulled her panties back up. He wanted her to keep as much cum in her as possible, her souvenir of the evening. He pushed the materiel into her crack trying to seal her leakage, then he patted her and whispered, “Nice ass, I’ll be looking forward to our Monday trysts.”

Connie didn’t answer, she just lay unmoving, dazed. She, she who had always controlled the sex was paralyzed by the agony she was suffering.

Unfortunately she lay too long, DD liked to cum at least two or three times a night and Connie’s broad bottom was an open invitation, he lowered the back of her panties once again and mounted her.

That roused her, as he slid into her she begged,

“Please no more, Aaaaaaah God, no more.”

DD took her hard and fast but came quickly. He pulled her panties back up then went to her ear whispering, “If you continue to lay here I’ll fuck you all night long so you may want to get your clothes on.”

Dragging herself from the bed, she pulled on her skirt and blouse, pocketed her bra and staggered toward the stairway. DD helped her down and out to her car.

He cautioned her, he’d arrest her if her cocaine usage continued but, other than that warning, what she’d done was forgotten.

Chapter 4-Abbie and Isabel

He interviewed Abbie Dalton first the following day, he needed to be sure she’d accept the road Sergeant’s job before talking to Isabel Vargas about the Corporal’s slot.

Essie announced that Abigail Dalton had arrived. She sent her in.

“Hello again Corporal Dalton, something has come up. It may present an opportunity for you. You may have heard, Federico resigned; that has created an opening for a road Sergeant. I wanted to discuss the position with you to see if you might have an interest.”

An interest, an interest she thought, she was only twenty-eight, to be considered for a Sergeant’s position was almost unthinkable. Then she remembered, the man sitting across from her was only twenty-nine and he’d been a Lieutenant with the state boys; he must be a hellava cop.

“Yes sir, I would have a serious interest in the position,” was how she answered, what she was thinking was, I’d dance naked at noon in the center of Times Square for that job.

“Good, I’ll tell you you’re my first choice although I may interview other candidates. I also will need to go over your background to see if there’s anything that would disqualify you from consideration. There isn’t anything is there Abbie?”

“Unh no sir, nothing I can think of.”

“Abbie, I like to meet in a more informal setting when the opportunity presents itself, I’d like you to come by my house tonight say around six thirty. We’ll have drinks, dinner and conversation. Would that be convenient with you?”

“I’d love to sir.”

Standing and reaching across, he shook her hand.

“Until six thirty then.”

Essie, could you contact Sergeant Washington and ask him to come by my office. I’ll take Vargas this afternoon.

Essie had stepped away from her desk when Washington arrived. He knocked on DD’s door.

“Come in.”

“Harold, thanks for coming by I think I need your help. You know Detective Martin retired at the end of December.”

“Sure, I know Larry bailed.”

“Want the job?

“Sheriff, are you offering me a gold shield, a county automobile and a raise to work in plain clothes?”


“Then hell yes I want it, I’ve wanted to be a D as long as I’ve been a cop.”

“You’ve got it, start the first of the month, okay.”

“My head’s spinning, thank you sir.”

“No, thank you Harold, I know you’ll do a great job.”

They walked out of the office together, Harold to his desk and DD out for lunch.

Isabel Vargas arrived for her interview at two o’clock.

She stood in front of his desk waiting his greeting. He looked up and smiled, “Good afternoon Officer Vargas, please have a seat.”

Isabel sat down.

Obviously Hispanic and of Indian descent she was of a squat build. Heavy breasted, wide of hip she had raven black hair and eyes that looked like two coals. It was not that she was unattractive but she’d never be mistaken for a fashion model. She’d been a patrol officer for six years. It took only a glance, he thought she’s definitively a sufferer of policewoman’s disorder; her bottom was as wide as an axe handle. Although he wasn’t going to pursue it he’d bet she could throw quite a fuck one’s way.

”Abbie Dalton is being promoted to road Sergeant and you’ve been recommended for her Corporal slot that’s coming open. Would you like to be considered for the position.”

“Want the truth?”


“I’d kill for it, I want the promotion and I want the raise.”

“Isabel, you’re pretty outspoken, aren’t you.”

“Sheriff you always know where you stand with me.”

“Think you can handle the job?”

“I’m positive I can. Abbie’s a sweetheart but I’m tougher.”

“Is that a complaint about Corporal Dalton?”

“No sir, it’s just a statement of fact. I like Abbie real well.”

He thought on that for a moment then asked, “Isabel are you confessing something to me?”

“No sir, but Abbie and I do have a little history.”

“I can be pretty blunt, too. Are you a lesbian?”

“No sir, I like boys but one time I did dip my tongue into Abbie’s sweet little honey pot.”

DD chuckled, “Was it good.”

Vargas answered in a laughing voice, “Delightful.”

“Now that you’ve delved into my sexuality, care to answer a couple of questions for me,” she asked.

“Shoot Corporal.”

It took a moment to register then she asked, “You mean I’ve got the job?”

“That’s what I mean, we’ll make the change effective the first of the month, there is one thing though, I like my girls in skirts, any problem?”

“So I’ll be one of your girls?”

“It’s a figure of speech.”

“That’s not necessarily what I’ve heard.”

“What Corporal have you heard?”

“That you have a few girls and you sorta put your brand on them.”

“Care to elaborate?”

“Sheriff, I’m a cop, cops hear things. Essie, Connie and even that Realtor Carolyn Reynolds I hear you’ve been with them all.”

“So would you want to be one of my girls, after having heard all these rumors?”

“Damn I hope the rumors are true. I hear you’re hung like a horse and like to shove it up your girls’ asses.”

“Guess the old grapevine still works fine.”

“Isabel, lock the door. In the bathroom under the sink you’ll find a Fleet enema. I like my girls clean. Do you want to give it to yourself or would you rather I help you?”

“Would you, I’ve never had one.”

“Bring it here.”

When she returned he stood her in front of him, opened her slacks and took down her panties. “You’ll need to step out of these,” he told her.

He guided her across his lap and kneaded her bottom. “You’ve got a nice bottom Isabel.”

“I’ve got a broad, big ass Sheriff and I know it.”

“That works, that’s how I like them.”

He spread her cheeks then slid the pre-lubricated nozzle into her and squeezed.

“Oh yeah, it’s been a long time since anything’s been up there.”

“When you feel the urge, get up and go to the toilet,” he told her as he massaged her bottom and hips.

Isabel was moving with alacrity as she headed into the restroom.

When she returned he bent over his desk and got out the Vaseline.

“Oh yes, stick a finger or two into me, that feels so good.”

He moved up behind her and guided his rock hard rod to her anus.

“You ready Isabel?” He asked. Without giving her an opportunity to respond he pushed into her. She took over half of him with only a slight moan.

“God, give me a little pump or two, please,” she begged.

“ Oh yes, just like that,” as he felt her contractions squeezing him; she’d had an orgasm.

He pushed further into her.

“Damn Sheriff you do have a big cock, you’re straining me just a bit. Go ahead and give me all of it then give me a good fucking, I’ll cum a couple more times before you’re done.”

She did manage two additional orgasms. Pulling her panties and slacks back on she said, “Damned shame, I’d like a real good reaming, it’s been too damned long, maybe we can hook up some night when we have more time.”

He thought for a moment, he damned sure wanted more of Isabel Vargas; she was the only woman he’d ever been with who could cum from just anal sex.

“Friday,” he said, “Let’s hook up Friday night, I do want some more of you.”

Isabel gave him such a radiant smile, she was beautiful then her face fell, “Friday night is very difficult for me. I have a sixteen-year-old daughter who is wild and willful, if I leave her alone on Friday or Saturday night she will be out getting into trouble. She runs with a crowd, they will be smoking marijuana, guzzling cervesa and tequila having sex. My daughter is no virgin; I just can’t handle her. I have no man to help.”

“Maybe I can help, bring her with you, perhaps I can talk to her.”

“Do you mean this? I don’t think it will help, she will only sass you, and she is a smart mouthed little thing. What she needs is a good spanking only I just can’t do that.”

“Isabel, I have no reservations about spanking, in fact I don’t mind at all.”

“So I’ve heard. You spank them then you fuck them. Would you also fuck my little girl?”

“Maybe this is a bad idea after all Isabel.”

“No, no, I don’t think so. Talk to her, tell her what jail will be like if she keeps on; if she acts like she usually acts take her to your famous bedroom and beat her little ass then fuck the shit out of her. You have other bedrooms, after you finish with her we can put her in one of them and you can fuck the shit out of her Mama.”

“It’s a plan, make it around five thirty, bring swimsuits or not if you want to get in the pool and I’ll burn some burgers, okay?”

“Okay Boss, Friday it is.”

“Just a couple of things I want you to do. Like I told you, I like my girls in skirts, get a multi-pack of Fleet enemas and lock them in your desk, if I want you I’ll buzz you and ask you to come to my office in ten minutes. If you want to give it to yourself you have time, if you want me to do it just bring it with you.”

“I’m gonna like you Boss.”

“I think I’m gonna like you too Corporal Vargas.”

While DD was with Isabel, Abbie had phoned Connie Trask, even though Tuesdays and Wednesdays were Connie’s days off Abbie wanted to talk to her “Best Friend,” she was so excited about her promotion she was about to bust.

Connie didn’t sound too well when she answered. When Abbie inquired Connie told her she was having a little stomach trouble, Abbie asked if she could do anything, did Connie need anything but Connie said it was okay.

“Honey I got some fantastic news today,” Abbie enthused, “The Sheriff promoted me to road Sergeant, isn’t that great news?”

“That is great, when does the promotion take effect?”

“On the first of the month, I think. We’re going talk a bit more about it tonight.”

“Tonight,” Connie asked, “Where, when?”

Abbie laughed, “What, you’re a detective now or is newspaper reporters, who, what, where and when.”

“Abbie please answer my question.”

“Okay, at six thirty and at his home. Dinner, drinks and conversation is how he stated it, why?”

“Abbie, don’t walk away, run like hell.”

“What’s the matter with you Connie, I want that job.”

“Dinner, drinks and conversation huh, he didn’t mention fucking you ‘til you can’t walk did he?”

“No, that never came up, in fact he was quite the gentleman.”

“Abbie baby, you asked earlier whether something is the matter with me. Yes, there is, he had me over to his house last night. He spanked me then ass raped me so hard I can’t sit and my legs are still shaky; please don’t go over there tonight.”

“Connie, you know I don’t do guys, I’ll be safe I’m sure.”

“Well call me when you get home, I’ll be worried sick.”

“Okay, bye girlfriend.”

“Bye bye.”

Abbie got to DD’s just at six thirty, she’d taken the time to go home and change from her uniform. She was wearing a pale yellow short set, the color really brought the emerald gleam of her eyes, matching yellow sandals and, even matching lingerie; although the Sheriff didn’t need to know that.

DD answered the ring of his doorbell.

“Come on in, gosh you look cute in that outfit. Come on out, I’m out on the patio,” as he led her through the house.

“We can have a cocktail or two then I’ll fix dinner, or more to the point, finish it, everything’s done except grilling the salmon; I hope salmon is ok with you.”

Sheriff, I practically live on fish, no red meat for me, and salmon is my favorite bar none.”

“I’m happy to hear that, can I fix you a drink?”

“I’m an Irish lass through and through, and have you ever heard of an Irishman who could pass on a drink? I’d simply love an “Angry Irishman” if you would.”

“I would if you can give me the recipe.”

“2 ounces of Irish Whiskey and 2 ounces of Irish Cream over ice.”

“That I can do, I think I’ll have a dram of John Jameson’s finest on the rocks.”

He served the drinks and took the chair beside her.

“What induced you to choose police work as your career?”

“I guess I came by it honestly, I was born in Boston where my father was a cop as had been his father and his grandfather before him. Stereotypical, Irish Boston cop, my dad was killed in a shootout in Southie.”

“I’m sorry to hear that.”

“Yeah, well Mom remarried, my step-father moved us out here to Arapaho County.”

That would be the bastard that had raped her when she was eleven. DD had reviewed her file meticulously before offering her the Sergeant’s position; that information was contained in a psychological evaluation.

She continued, “I joined the auxiliary when I was sixteen and was hired when I was eighteen. So I guess you could say I’ve never been anything but a cop.”

“Your record is impeccable, I think you’re the perfect candidate for this job.”

“Sheriff, I can’t tell you how elated I am, I want to move up in the department, one of these days in the distant future I’d like to make a run for your job.”

“Well wait ‘til I retire, I don’t want to have to take on a cute Irish lass who happens to be experienced in police work and is a local. That sounds like it could be a losing combination for me. And by the way, please call me DD when we’re in a social setting.

Abbie reached over and squeezed his hand, “You’re safe for at least the next ten or fifteen years.”

“Whew, what a relief. Care for another drink?”

“Well, maybe one.”

He poured refills.

“How about you Sheriff, how did you get into this line?”

“Simple, I wanted to bust bad guys; murderers, drug smugglers, and particularly child rapists, I want to see them locked up. And it’s still DD out here.”

“So you have a strong dislike for child rapists, any special reason they stand out, I’d think murderers would top your hit parade.”

“Oh I can’t claim an affinity for murderers but, by and large they commit crimes of passion, they would kill their victim again but they’re no more than a minimal risk to anyone else. Yes, they end a life but the child rapists ruin a life. I’ve seen too many instances where a young girl or even a young boy was so traumatized that they couldn’t deal with what had happened. PTSD, frigidness in adulthood, even suicide so yes, I hate the bastards.”

“I do, too,” she emphatically stated and clicked her glass to his, “Here’s to bustin’ the baby rapers.”

They had finished their drinks with that last toast.

“Come on inside, you can sip a glass of the white wine I’m serving while you watch me cook.”

He brushed the salmon with a honey balsamic vinegar mixture, broiled it and served with saffron rice and a salad of mixed greens.

They had eaten and were relaxing as they finished the bottle of wine.

“DD I heard something very distressing today, something about you. In fact I was cautioned about coming here this evening.”

He interrupted, “Evidently you’ve been talking with my Chief Deputy.”

“Yes, but does it make a difference where I’ve heard something?”

“Abbie, do you have some kind of a relationship with Chief Deputy Trask?”

“Yes, I suppose you could term it a relationship, Connie and I are lovers.”

Confirmed he thought.

“How can that be Abbie, Connie has a reputation for promiscuity with the men in the department?”

“I guess there could be more delicate ways to state this, but the truth be told, Connie swings both ways.”

“And you Abbie?”

“I’m a lesbian, I’ve only had sex with a man one time and that was not consensual, I’m one of those victims you mentioned. My stepfather raped me when I was eleven, fortunately, I guess, my mother believed me when I told her. She should have had him arrested but instead she just threw him out. He never came back”

“Oh Abbie, I’m so sorry, I’ve investigated so many of these types of crime, at times it is sickening, their aftermath and the ruined lives. Unfortunately, in your case repercussions could still occur.”

“I’m sorry DD, I don’t understand how repercussions could still be ongoing.”

“Remember earlier when I asked you, I’ll paraphrase, I asked if there were any skeletons in your closet?”

“Yes, yes, I remember.”

“This is a staunchly Baptist county. If it became known that I’d promoted a confessed homosexual into a position of power and authority I don’t believe I could get elected as dogcatcher here; and when you reveled your relationship with Connie Trask another question mark came up about your qualifications.”

“What could that be aside from our relationship?”

“Connie is a cocaine user, the question, given your close relationship is, are you too?”

“No way, no friggin’ way, Connie’s no doper.”

“Abbie, I can prove it and will. I have pictures that I’ll show you later if we can figure a way to get around my problem with the Baptists.”

He almost hated himself, Abbie Dalton was one of the cutest, sweetest gals he’d ever met. He’d elevated her to the heights with the promise of her promotion, now he was taking it away. He thought, I am a manipulative son of a bitch; right now he simply felt like a son of a bitch. He truly liked Abbie, unfortunately for her; he also wanted her.

Tears were leaking from her eyes, He thought he sensed a little desperation, her big chance, building a career that could lead to election as Sheriff at a future date; gone.

“Abbie, how much do you really want this?”

She sniffled, “When I was sitting across from you earlier today my mind said I’d dance nude at New York City’s Time Square at noon for just a chance. Right now I feel like I’ve been punched in the stomach. I want this so much.”

“Abbie, I want you to come upstairs with me. I’ll show you the pictures of Connie. I told her last night that that episode was forgotten but she’s given it life. After we’ve dealt with that issue I am going to begin undressing you. You may leave at any time you choose and your Corporal’s position remains intact. If you stay I’ll warn you, I will fuck you. If I fuck you then you will have demonstrated that you have sex with men therefore you cannot be homosexual, maybe bi but people can accept that. Shall we go upstairs?”

She didn’t answer. He took her hand and led her to the staircase.

He’d printed stills of each of the two cocaine incidents. In the bedroom he seated Abbie on the bed and showed the prints to her.

“No, not Connie.”

“Yes Connie, your eyes aren’t lying to you, now let’s go over what happened to Ms. Trask last night. May I comment at this point, she is still my Chief Deputy? I gave her the choice of arrest for narcotic possession and termination of her employment. If she’d chosen this one the bull dykes at the state prison would have wrecked her within a week, she could accept termination with me not arresting her, this would have ended any future she might have in law enforcement and, with out current economic environment she’d find it impossible to replace even half the salary of my Chief Deputy, bankruptcy awaited or she could elect for me to punish her. No job loss, not even a demotion, no one knowing what happened to her but she and myself and now, unfortunately she’s chosen to share with you. You wanted to know, you’ve got the why do you really want to know what happened, suffice to say I spanked her and fucked her ‘til her eyes bled. She’s at home right now recovering. Tomorrow she’ll be fine and walking free. Am I really such a bastard Abbie?”

“DD I had no idea she was using cocaine. I’ve never used any illicit drug, not even a puff on a joint, please believe me about this.”

“I do believe you Abbie.”

“Thank you for your trust in me.”

He took her hand and lifted her from the bed to her feet then walked her to his chair. He sat with her standing in front of him.

“Now the other issue Abbie,” he said as he unbuttoned her blouse and pulled it from her shorts waistband. She stood frozen. He stood and took it from her shoulders then stepped behind her and unfastened her brassiere. Back in front of her he took the bra off her shoulders. Abbie stood trembling, afraid to run, afraid to speak.

“You have magnificent breasts Abbie.” And they were, the size of plump peaches, firm, desirable, a spray of freckles over each; he brought her toward him where he sucked each nipple. She took a large gasp, she began to swell, she was milk white, alabaster with rose areolas capped in pink.

His hands went next to her waistband; the cute yellow shorts fell to her feet.

“Step out of your sandals and shorts Abbie.”

She did as he asked then stood before him in only her pale yellow panties.

“Abbie, you can walk out of here right now. No harm, no foul, and I’ll see you at work tomorrow. Do you want to leave?”

Her eyes were leaking but she nodded no, she didn’t wish to leave, DD rolled her panties down and off. She was freckled on her tummy; he turned her around, viewing her backside and her freckled cheeks, he stood and led her to the bed. His hand fell to her fiery red bush, he stroked her then guided her down onto her back. He stripped and joined her on the bed. She was so pretty but terrified about what was about to happen. Sinking down between her legs he took her with his mouth, she had the freshest lightest scent and taste he’d ever encountered. It took some time, she was so frightened that her sexual response was slow in coming but DD finally got an orgasm from her then he positioned himself between her splayed thighs. In spite of her orgasm he imagined she would be tight and didn’t want to hurt her; he took a bit of Vaseline, lubricating her vagina.

Entry was slow and not without pain. Abbie had only been penetrated the once when she was eleven, she was the closest thing to a virgin DD had encountered up to that time. He worked into her. She grimaced as he slowly slid into her.

“Damn you’re huge DD, you’re killing me,” Abbie moaned.

“Next time will be easier Abbie, I promise.”

“There’s gonna be a next time DD?”

“Lots of them Abbie, lots of them, you’re one of my girls now, we’ll talk about that when we finish.”

When he finally got all eight inches into her he congratulated her.

“You’ve taken all of me, I swear you’ve got the sweetest, tightest pussy ever. Do you think you can cum for me while I fuck you?”

“God, I’d like to, I want some relief, you’re so big I’m getting stressed.”

“Abbie, are you on any type of birth control?”

She groaned as he stroked into her, “Of course not; I don’t do guys, why would I need birth control.”

“I won’t cum in you this time, not in your pussy but you’re gonna be doing at least one guy now; get on something unless you want me to knock you up.”

He stroked into her several more times, he wasn’t nearly ready but then he thought even a little leakage and Abbie could end up with child. He pulled out.

“Abbie, get a morning after pill, you don’t want to take the risk. Things are going to go well for you, your career is gonna take off.”

Gently he eased her over onto her belly.

She again started to tremble; this is what Connie had warned her about.

She felt his fingers between her nether cheeks, the smear of something on her virgin rosebud and the press of him against her tight ring.

“DD please no,” she asked, “Please don’t sodomize me.”

“Abbie, I am going to cum in you tonight and your pussy is off limits. Just let your muscles relax, it won’t hurt so badly.”

He pushed in, parting her sphincters, the swollen head leading the way.

She shed some tears, it hurt, it really hurt, he kept a constant pressure inching further and further into her.

Suddenly she felt an overwhelming urge.

“Oh God DD let me up I have to go, don’t let me embarrass myself like this, I have to go now.”

“Abbie you feel really full don’t you?”

“Please DD let me up.”

“Abbie you don’t have to go, yes, your rectum is full but you’re full of me. Just try to relax, I’m gonna fuck you for a while, enjoy your tight Irish ass then cum in you.”

He began to pump her; she certainly was a pleasurable ride. Tonight he’d take it easy with her, maybe some time in the future that could change but, honestly, he thought it might be nice to have one of his gals who hadn’t experienced his dark side.

He came; she felt the jerking of his cock as jets of his cum were pumped into her. A new sensation, a man’s ejaculate in her body; he was still in her when he whispered in her ear what he wanted from her. Come back over tomorrow evening, it will only take a few minutes to go over what I expect.

She dressed and he walked her to her car.

She didn’t call Connie, she was totally pissed at her; what the fuck did she think she was doing; cocaine for Christ’s sake. She got ready for bed, climbed in and couldn’t sleep. How the hell could this be happening, what he’d done had her sexually aroused to a fever pitch. She had to masturbate before sleep would come.

She still hadn’t talked to Connie by Wednesday evening when she drove over to the Sheriff’s residence.

He asked her in and offered a drink, which she declined.

He led her up to his bedroom, sat and began unbuttoning her uniform blouse. Taking it from her shoulders he unfastened her bra, unfettering her breasts then he unbelted, unbuttoned and unzipped her slacks. He knelt untied and removed her shoes, lowered her pants then rolled her panties off.

He admired her trim, tight body, her muscles firm and taut, her belly flat. As of yet, neither had said a word, he broke the silence simply by saying, “Stay here please.”

He rose, went to the bathroom and got one of the Fleet’s.

Regaining his seat on his chair he took her hand and guided her over his lap.

“Abbie, I like my girls clean, neither you nor I want a mess that can be avoided. I’m going to give you an enema to purge your bowels, when you feel the urge, go to the bathroom.”

He petted her bottom, spread her and slid the nozzle in then rubbed her back and bottom as they waited for the solution to work.

Shortly Abbie fled to the bathroom.

She returned to his lap as he gave his instructions.

“I want you to wear a skirt at work, I feel it is so much more ladylike and you are a lady. Also, you’ll need to pick a multi-pack of these enemas. If I buzz you and ask you to come to my office in ten minutes I intend to have sex with you, the ten minutes allows time for you to prepare. If you prefer I can administer it for you. Finally, keep a clean pair of panties in your purse, okay?”

He led her to the bed and poised her on hands and knees before entering her. She gasped and emitted a low moan as he slid into her but he was gentle. She even kinda enjoyed the full feeling.

Thursday proved to busy day. Short handed until the promotions he’d put in place took effect he had patrol officers but a shortage of supervisors. He buzzed Trask to come to his office.

“How you feeling Chief Deputy.”

“Honestly like someone ran a train up my butt.”

“You’ll recover. I need you on the road today, we need to cover for the missing people, I’ll be out, too. Let’s go to work.”

At day’s end he met again with his Chief Deputy, “How’d it go today Connie.”

“Smooth as glass sir, no problems.”

“Thanks for the help Connie, I really appreciate it.”

DD felt a little guilty, he hadn’t paid much attention to Essie for the past several days, he buzzed her to come into his office.

When she was seated he apologized for his inattentiveness. She understood, with the personnel shortage he’d been busy.

“That’s no excuse Mama, why don’t you take off, go home, change into something nice then meet me at my house. I want to take you out to dinner.”

She smiled, “That sounds lovely.”

She was wearing an attractive pale lavender dress when she got to DD’s. They went for lobster, ate like gluttons and were complaining about overly full bellies by the time they got back.

“Speaking of full bellies?”

“I should be at mid-cycle by the weekend but we’ve hit the proper days before. My doctor says part of the problem is my age.”

“I’ve got an appointment for Friday evening, how about we spend Saturday and Sunday together.”

“You mean I get you for two whole days?”

“Hey is that sarcasm I hear?”

“Well maybe just a little but I’m really looking forward to the weekend now.”

“You don’t think Thursday’s to early to start, do you?”

“Definitely not, it seems the perfect starting point.”

Friday mid-afternoon Isabel Vargas buzzed, Essie put her through.

“Canceling,” he asked.

“Nope, confirming five thirty, swim suits if we want, right?”

“Right but I did want to cover some ground rules. I’ll talk with young Miss Carmen, how that conversation goes will dictate what further action I deem necessary. I don’t want to go into this unless I have your full and unequivocal support. If I need help I’ll ask for it. If I don’t ask please don’t interfere. Can you live with that?”

“Fair enough sir.”

“Okay, until five thirty then.”

On his way home DD stopped and picked up two pounds of hamburger, buns, pre-made made baked beans, six ears of sweet corn and pre-made cole slaw. He had plenty beer and soft drinks at home.

Isabel handled the introductions as they were. It was, “ Sheriff Davis this is my daughter Carmen, Carmen, my boss, Sheriff Davis.”

He said, “Hello Carmen,” and offered his hand.

Her reply; “Yeah, yeah,” as she walked past him and slouched on the sofa.

“My that went well didn’t it Isabel?”

“She is this way all the time.”

DD studied the young girl, taking her measure. She was wearing baggy pants with cargo pockets, an MS 13 T-shirt and high top sneakers. Three earrings adorned each ear; she had a tattoo on her ankle. A wanta be gang banger, he thought.

“Let’s go out on the patio while I grill some burgers. Isabel what would you like to drink, beer, coke? Carmen, how about you?”

Isabel opted for beer. So did Carmen. DD glanced at Isabel who nodded her approval.

DD thought, it it will make her a little more communicative it would be worth it.

He fixed and served the meal on the patio table. Carmen just pushed food around her plate.

DD asked, “What’s the matter Carmen, don’t like hamburgers?”

“Don’t like being here,” was her surly reply.

“Where would you like to be Carmen?”

“Out with my friends.”

“What would you be doing if you were with them?”

“Just hangin’ out, you know.”

“Yes Carmen I do know, all too well I know. You’d be drinking, smoking some weed maybe using something stronger then the sex. How many of them would use you Carmen, after all there are never enough girls to go around are there?”

“Carmen your mother wanted me to talk to you about the risks you’re taking. You’re hanging with the wrong crowd. Drugs and booze will get you in some real trouble. She tells me that you had great grades, that you’re a smart girl; what went wrong?”

“Nothin’ went wrong, I’m doing what I want to do, that’s all.”

“Let me tell you the facts of life. You run with the bangers, you’ll be into stealing or dealing; you got to, you’re a money source for them. When they get a little tired of you, when they need more cash they’ll pimp you out. You’re looking at a short life, addiction, prostitution, beatings and jail time. And the girls in jail will really like you.”

Carmen was or could be a dark eyed cutie. Relative small of stature, long black hair and a curvaceous body she would be adorable if she weren’t so insolent.

“Yeah, the big gals at the jail will really like you but you probably won’t like them unless you’re really into five or six two hundred pounders working you over a little then giving you the chance to eat all of their pussies while they hold you down. And don’t depend on the guards to protect you. They’ll probably just fuck you. Is that what you want?”

“Ain’t gonna happen pendejo, I’m their queen.”

Isabel gasped at the profanity but kept quiet.

“This week, but they’ll get tired of you, pass you around with the other gang members, fuck you so much you’ll be a worn out hag by the time you’re twenty-five.”

“Vete a la mierda,” she spat at him; fuck off.

Ignoring Carmen he turned to Isabel.

“I’m afraid this isn’t working very well.”

“I live with this, every day this is what I get.”

“Maybe we need to go upstairs.”

Isabel had tears in her eyes, she really did love Carmen and she was pretty sure what upstairs would mean, still she nodded yes.

“Carmen do you know what “tough love” is?”

“Yeah, I know.”

“Ever seen “Scared Straight” on TV?”

“Yeah I seen it.”

“Unfortunately, seeing it isn’t enough. You need to live it; let’s go.”

He took her arm and led her to the staircase, Isabel followed.

Carmen tried to squirm out of his grasp, shouting, “Let go of me.”

“No Carmen, it will be a while before I let go of you.”

In the bedroom he sat her on the side of the bed, lifted her feet, untied and removed her shoes.

“What the fuck are you doing to me?” She yelled.

He lifted the T-shirt over her struggling shoulders. She wasn’t wearing a bra.

Carmen was beginning to feel fear.

When he pushed her backwards onto the bed, unfastened her cargo shorts and pulled them from her, she cried out, “Mama.”

DD said to Isabel, “Under the sink in the bathroom, bring me one.”

He pulled Carmen’s panties off, picked her up and carried her to his chair. He laid her over his lap.

“Let me go, damn it, Mama make him let me go.”

Isabel was back.

“Ever had an enema Carmen?”

“No damn you.”

She grunted when he slid the nozzle into her. “You have now,” he said as he squeezed the solution into her.

“Isabel please take her to the bathroom, stay with her, when she’s done bring her back to me.”

On the commode Carmen pled with her mother, “Mama, make him stop. Take me home please.”

“Baby I want to help you but you never want my help. Now, I can’t help I can only comfort you when your ordeal is over.”

“Ordeal, you’re scaring me Mama, what’s he going to do?”

“I think you may have a spanking coming.”

“Mama, I’m sixteen, I’m too old to be spanked.”

“Tell that to the Sheriff but I don’t think he’ll listen.”

Carmen had evacuated. Isabel said, “Get cleaned up, you need to go out and get this over with.”

Isabel held Carmen’s hand as she led her back to DD.

“Tough love, Carmen, this is what I mean by tough love,” he said as he pulled her over his lap and bounced her once positioning her.

The first blow struck, Carmen shrieked, the second scorching spank reddened her bottom, she squirmed, trying to avoid being hit, trying to escape, thwack, thwack, thwack; strong hand on soft bottom, tough Carmen was crying and begging.

The next five fell hard and fast, high, across her sit spots and on the back of her thighs.

Isabel sat on the edge of the bed watching. She was chewing on one of her fingers; she wanted to stop it.

Five more and Carmen was sprawling, her legs splayed, sobbing.

Then the worst, he spread her legs and gave her five on each inner thigh.

Because of her dark complexion her coloration was a ruddy red.

“Have anymore sassy comments or profanities you’d like to share,” he asked.

“I thought not. Good news your spanking is over.”

She breathed a sigh of relief.

“Bad news, the spanking was the easy part, the “tough love,” you’ve still got the “Scared Straight’ coming.” He helped her to stand and led her to the bed.

“Isabel please sit over here,” he said, indicating his chair.

He lay Carmen on the bed on her tummy then told her to get on her hands and knees. After pushing her head to the pillow he admired the color he’d achieved with the spanking. He rubbed her bottom and felt the warmth.

As he dipped into the Vaseline jar he said to Isabel, “If you like you can hold her hand and try to sooth her; she’s going to need it, I’ll probably be in her for at least an hour.”

“Are you going to rape me?” She whined.

“God, perish the thought; your miserable cunt’s safe; I wouldn’t fuck it with a borrowed dick. After all those gang bangers have been there you’ve probably got more diseases than a Tijuana whorehouse.”

His words were ominous to Carmen, the feel of the lubricant being applied terrifying.

“Mama what’s he going to do to me,” she pled.

“Baby I’m afraid he’s going to fuck you senseless.”

She was young, she was tight and she was tense, not a good combination. When DD bulled through her clenched sphincters it must have felt as though a red-hot poker had been shoved into her.

She wailed, “Maaaaamaaaa, hellllp,” as tears flooded her eyes.

“I’m here Baby,” Isabel crooned. She squeezed Carmen’s hand and stroked her hair, “I’m here.”

DD plunged forward forcing himself deeper into Carmen’s sixteen year old body, she was crying, “Mama please make him stop, make him stop, Oooooh Mama he’s hurting me.”

One more powerful thrust and Carmen Vargas was skewered on eight inches of fat cock.

She was whimpering, calling for Mama.

“I’m in her now. She’s really gonna need your attention and help Isabel ‘cause she’s about to get her fucking.”

He shifted his weight, came up on his haunches and launched his assault.

His constant rhythmic pounding went deep into her young bowels, filling and stretching the delicate membranes of her rectum, inflicting pain, inducing agony.

Carmen could only moan and even the moans had grown faint, her suffering was nearly unbearable, her torment intolerable. Isabel continued to hold her hand and stroke her hair.

“It’s almost over Baby, hang on, just hang on, it’ll be over soon,” Isabel encouraged her.

Isabel had watched, she’d never seen or experienced such violent sex. Her Baby deserved discipline, but this? Her child was limp on the mattress making only soft whimpering sounds.

DD slowed and stopped although he hadn’t cum.

“Isabel, I think she’s had enough for now, what do you think?”

“Please Sheriff, no more.”

DD pulled out of her and stood beside the bed.

“Put her panties on her and I’ll carry her into the other bedroom. I do want to talk to her for a few minutes then, though. Why don’t you get ready while I put her to bed?”

“DD will you help me get ready, I like it when you do it for me.”

“I can do that, get her panties back on then give me fifteen minutes or so alone with her, I do need to explain some things to her.”

Repantied but with no other clothing DD picked Carmen up and carried her to one of the guest bedrooms. He turned down the sheets and laid her on her tummy. She continued to whimper.

“I wanted to talk to you for a few minutes and also to thank you Carmencita. I’ve been with many women but I took more pleasure from you than any other. I have never been with one so young as you and I want you to know how much I have enjoyed you. In fact I enjoyed you so much that I look forward to you repeating your mistakes. If you cut school, I’ll be there and I will fuck you. If you smoke marijuana I will be there and I will fuck you, if you run with the gang bangers you’ve been hanging with I will fuck you. You are a nice Catholic girl, you know of Guardian Angels? Think of me as a Guardian Devil; you screw up; I will be there. Now, don’t be too good, screw up sometimes; like I said I am quite fond of your bottom so I want you to give me reason to correct your ways. Do not do it too often however, if I have to discipline you too often my big cock could make you incontinent and I don’t think a sixteen year old beauty wants to wear diapers.”

DD was caressing and massaging her cheeks as he talked to her.

“Are you going to be a good girl for me Carmencita?”

“Yes, yes, yes, I will be good,” she whimpered.

“Good, that is what your Mama wants. Remember though, I want you to stray, I want a reason to fuck you.”

He slid her panties down exposing her succulent cheeks.

“You really do have a cute bottom, in fact, you are a beautiful girl; but Carmencita you are a girl, you’re not a tough gang banger bitch. Tonight you cried for your Mama, tonight you were a little girl. Be your Mama’s little girl, she wants to love you and she wants your love.”

Carmen began to cry, “She let this happen to me.”

“No Carmencita she did not let this happen. She did not do the things that caused this to happen, you did.”

He pulled her panties down baring her bottom.

“What are you doing, please don’t, no more,” she pled.

He was already straddling her; he guided his cock to her distended anus and pressed into her.

She moaned as he slowly worked forward until she had accepted him entirely, “ Feel how I fill you, how I stretch you. Do you feel the need to use the bathroom?”

“Oh God yes, I feel so full.”

“Do you like it? Does it feel good to be so full?”

“Please stop, no more, please.”

“Little girl, I did not get to cum. I’m going to fuck you a little more and cum in you. I will take it slow and easy, feel how I fill you.”

DD began slowly stroking into her; he was already aroused; it only took about twenty strokes before his cum pulsed into her.

He pulled out, stood and pulled her panties back over her bottom, patting her and telling her how much he’d enjoyed her.

“Fuck up again soon Carmencita, I’ll be waiting,” he left the room and returned to his bedroom.

“Carmen and I had a nice conversation, I think she’s beginning to realize the consequences of her actions but I want to know if she gives you any trouble, call me, we’ll talk about it and decide on a course of action.”

“Of course Boss.”

He sat. Isabel came to him, handed him the Fleet enema and lay over his lap, she didn’t like to give them to herself. If the truth were known, having him do it for her put butterflies in her tummy. Big tough Isabel Vargas liked to be dominated by a powerful man, who more powerful than the County Sheriff, what greater subjugation than to lie across his lap, exposed to his wants and pleasures, he pressed the nozzle into her and filled her.

After her dash to the bathroom DD took the to the bed. Isabel, I would like to taste you before we begin, may I?”

“You want to give me oral sex, me?”

He helped her down then sank between her thighs.

Isabel’s slit was already leaking in anticipation of him filling her bottom; his tongue sliding along her slippery slit put her over the edge. She wrapped her powerful thighs around his head and with thrusting pelvis forced his mouth onto her clitoris.

“Eyyy, eyyy, eyyy, por Dios, what are you doing to me,” she wailed as he sucked on her vagina, drinking her hot, succulent nectar. DD stayed on her until he’d drunk her dry then moved up her body, nibbling on her darkly nippled breasts, kissing her swollen lips.”

“Oh Sheriff please take me for your lover,” she begged, “No other man has done these things to me.”

“But you are my lover Isabel,” he told her as he slowly turned her onto her stomach and guided her up onto her knees; he lubricated her and moved up, pushing his swollen cock to her tight ring; he pressed into her.

She emitted only a throaty moan as she took his complete eight inches on his initial thrust.

“Please stop for a few minutes, let me feel you way up in me, please.”

“Oh God, you stuff me, you’re so big, can you maybe pump me a little now? Yes, oh yes, that’s so good. Give me a few minutes of pleasure, fuck me nice and slow, let me enjoy your big cock filling me up.”

“”Do you like this Isabel?”

“It is fantastic,” she replied, but she felt his weight shift as he rose on his haunches, preparing to vigorously sodomize her.

“But now you are going to fuck me like you fucked my Carmen aren’t you?”

“It’s only fair don’t you think Isabel. You brought her to me, I did what needed to be done but maybe, just maybe her Mama feels guilt so maybe just maybe it is good for Mama’s soul if she shares that which her daughter has endured.”

He thrust into her. Forty-five minutes later he blasted a load into Isabel’s pain wracked body.

As he pulled out he asked if she’d like him in her vagina or a second penetration of her bottom.

“I always have my girls twice, which would you like?

“My pussy, it’s been too long, please my pussy,” she answered.

“Isabel please relax for a few minutes, I’ll clean us up and I want to check on Carmen then we can get together. By the way are you taking anything for birth control or do I need a condom?”

“No, I’m protected.”

“Okay, let me check on Carmen,” he said as he walked from the room.

“Carmencita are you awake,” he asked.

She was awake, she moaned as he caressed her bottom. Her panties were still pulled down in the back exposing her bottom.

“Remember our conversation? You fuck up I fuck you. That’s kinda all one way so I’ve got a deal for you, you don’t fuck up major; get busted, get knocked up by some gang banger and get good grades, I’ll pay for your college, is that fair?”

“What do I gotta do?” She asked.

“First, you say what do I have to do. You’ll screw up; I’ll have you on your knees with my cock up your ass, fucking you ‘til you bleed. Plain enough?”

Now, just a subtle reminder of what can happen.

He straddled her girlish hips and fucked her sweet ass again.


“You lied to me didn’t you Isabel?”

DD had just deposited a full load of sperm into Isabel’s vagina.

“What do you mean?”

“You aren’t on birth control are you?”

“No damn it I’m not. I’m thirty-five years old and I want another baby but I’m not pretty, I am broad, my Indian ancestry shows and I am not young. Nobody wants me. I don’t need a man, I don’t want a man but I want a baby.”

“So you want me to knock you up?”

“Is it so bad, what I want?”

“No Isabel, it’s not so bad, do you know how to track your most fertile days?”

“Si, yes, of course.”

“Track them, let me know when you are most ready and I’ll fuck you three or four times a day. I’ll give you a baby if that’s what you want.”

She hugged him, kissed him and thanked him with tears of happiness flooding her eyes.

“I think we could all use a little rest, don’t you?”

“Yes, I’m beat.”

“Would you like to sleep with me or would you like to comfort Carmencita?”

“I’ll join her, but I’ll be there for you if you like mi amor.”

Isabel joined Carmen in the guest room. Carmen, although she wasn’t completely awake was quietly mewling, her pain was still evident. Isabel stroked her back, her sides, her shoulders, her head; no conversation, just touch.

Carmen turned onto her side and snuggled against Isabel.

“Mama, he hurt me so bad, he came back did you know? He fucked me two more times and told me if I skip school, if I get busted, if, I guess if I do things you don’t like he’ll come back. He said he was a Guardian Devil, he is the evil waiting if I screw up.”

“Carmencita do you believe him?”

“Yes Mama, I believe he would come back.”

Carmen began sobbing; Isabel took her into her arms, squeezing her to her breast, comforting her little girl. Carmen felt so loved, in her mother’s arms being held like when she was small. Her head rested against her mother’s naked breasts, she hurt, body and soul, she wanted, no she craved love and comfort, feelings only a mother can engender.

“Mama please forgive me,” Carmen sobbed.

“Of course I forgive you, you are the fruit of my womb, the joy of my heart.”

Neither was exactly sure about what happened next but Carmen was locked on Isabel’s breast, nursing like a baby.

When DD went in to check on them Isabel was naked on her back sleeping with Carmen atop her between her legs, her mouth still sucking on her comforting breast.

DD gave a thought to dropping Carmen’s panties and giving her eight inches to remember him by but they looked like maybe, just maybe these ladies could get things worked out. He slept alone; when he got up they were gone.

Chapter 5-Esmeralda’s Daughters

He awoke Saturday morning to the enticing aroma of coffee brewing. In just a robe, barefooted he padded down the stairs. Esmeralda was in the kitchen, the coffee was burbling in the percolator and huevos rancheros were at work on the stove.

“Good morning Mamacita,” he said as he kissed the back of her neck and nibbled at her earlobes.

She pressed her ample ass back against his crotch, wriggled it, “Morning Papacita,” like what you’re feeling?”

He did like what he was feeling, she was ripe and ready, it was a great day to make babies and he was ready to start.

Essie was wearing a housedress, light flimsy fabric, a floral print that required underwear; it was so thin that all of a lady’s treasures would otherwise be displayed.

“For me or for everyone else,” he asked.

“There is no one else,” she beamed at him.

“Why has Mamacita wrapped my treasures in cotton,” he teased her as he lifted the hem of her dress above her waist. She was wearing white cotton panties, nothing fancy just something to wrap those treasures; he rolled them down and took them off.

“Even before breakfast I want some sugar, can you give me a little sugar?”

She was at the table; he stroked her vagina and let her bend over the table. Her bottom was spectacular, caressed by his groping hands she was nothing short of fantastic. He flipped the skirt of her dress over her back and entered her from behind.

“Uuuuum, this is so nice,” Essie cooed as she thrust her bottom back, meeting DD’s stroking, “So nice.”

Finished he helped her back into her panties. She served breakfast. Over coffee DD said, “I would like to spend all day with you, enjoying your company and exploring my treasure. What would you say to a picnic?”

He’d bought an Arctic Cat ATV; this would be a great day to try it out.

“We could ride down to the creek, explore a little, get more acquainted with the lay of the land.”

“DD it sounds wonderful, I get you all to myself for a whole day. I’ll make some deviled eggs and ham sandwiches; you have some pre-made cole slaw and potato salad. You can ice some beer and put in a bottle of champagne, I want this to be a little celebration.”

Then a thought.

“Oh DD I need to run home to change clothing.”

“I like you in that dress, please don’t.”

“In deference to my man’s desires I’ll suffer the indignity of riding around in an ATV with my skirts billowing up in the wind displaying your treasure to the world.”

“Yes, now fix the eggs and let’s get packed.”

He brought the ATV around to the door, they took their picnic basket, ice chest, a heavy quilt and two pillows and off they went.

They circled the two acre stock pond, they could see fish breaking the surface, the previous owner had stocked bass, bluegill and catfish.

“I really do need to shop for some horses, wouldn’t this ride be much nicer mounted than riding around in a noisy ATV?” DD asked.

“Speak for yourself, this lady’s bootie prefers this nice leather seat to rocking horseflesh.”

Cherokee Creek flowed along the back of DD’s property, they found a willow shaded bank and unpacked their things.

Essie spread the quilt, tossed on the pillows then walked to the side of the stream. DD came up behind her.

“Would you like to go wading or would you prefer skinny dipping?”

“Wading I think, yes, that sounds like fun, maybe a swim later in the day when the sun had warmed the water.”

Essie kicked her sandals off and she was ready. DD untied his trainers and took off his socks, he was in shorts and a T-shirt; he took her hand; leading her into the water.

“I think this is how Eden must have looked,” Essie said.

“Then you are my Eve.”

They found a deep pool only a few yards downstream where they could partake in their afternoon swim. Sunlight danced glittering colors over the surface, this truly was idyllic, it would be their special private place.

Essie set out their lunches, DD opened their beers; they dined al fresco, music provided by the rippling of the creek; afterward DD lay with his head in her lap.

He lifted the hem of her dress, her panties were damp; he could smell her arousal, the scent worked as an aphrodisiac, he was hard in a moment, he eased her back so that she was reclining on the pillow then rolled her panties off.

“My treasure, your pretty pink pussy; Esmeralda, I am nearly out of control, your redolence is so alluring,” he whispered as he fell upon her, his mouth enveloping her sex.

He’d never taken her orally before; as his talented tongue glided up her vulva Essie had her first quaking orgasm, as he lapped along between her minor and major labium she shook with her second but when he took her clitoris within his lips, sucked and teased her ruby tip she exploded, contraction after contraction rocked her body, her uterus pulsed, her vagina clenched; she was in absolute heaven, her man was doing this for her. Then his lips were on hers, kissing her and his cock was filling her hungry pussy.

She felt him swell within her, she felt his cock jerk as he filled her vagina with pulse after pulse of his semen and more importantly, his sperm; she came again adding more of her juices to his.

“Just stay in me for a little while mi amor,” she asked.

“Esmeralda, Esmeralda my lovely woman,” he said as he again kissed her.

“No DD it is you that are beautiful. I’m a forty-eight year old brood mare yet you make me feel like a young filly.”

“You know my young filly I’ve never ridden you, your pretty pink pussy from behind. I would like to do that now,” he said as he pulled out of her and helped her to turn.

With her head resting on her pillow, her legs parted and her hips raised to accept him, he entered her.

She worked her hips back against him, “Oh God yes, fuck me, fuck me,” she asked.

He’d cum but was still filling her.

“When you take it out of me, please help me onto my back and put a pillow under my hips. I want to keep all of your cum in me, I don’t want it to leak out.”

As she lay on her back she reached for him. Her arm encircling his hips she pulled him toward her.

He knee walked to where she wanted him, she pulled him down to where she could reach him with her mouth.

“You don’t do that,” he teased.

“For you I make an exception,” she answered as she deep throated him.

His taste blended with her own, she licked and sucked until he began to swell.

“In me now mi amor,” as she lifted her legs, pulling them back toward her chest opening herself to him.

She had him ready, only three or four strokes and he shot another load of hot cum into her adding to the massive quantity she already contained.

He unbuttoned the top of her dress, lifted her brassiere cups, exposing her breasts and sucked on them, “I’ve read that when a woman’s breasts are sucked it can cause uterine contractions, maybe they will help things get deeper. Also, I like sucking on your magnificent breasts.”

“You don’t need an excuse mi amante, my body is yours to use as you desire.”

“Are you ready for our swim now, Esmeralda?”

“I’m going to skip it if you don’t mind, my body is full; I don’t want it washed out. I just know and feel that this our day, that you have filled me with a baby.”

“If you don’t mind I’m going to take a little dip then.”

“Of course not.”

When he came back and rolled dry on the quilt (they’d neglected to bring towels) she had opened the champagne. She poured and they congratulated each other on their perfect day.

The sun was lowering toward the western horizon as the packed up and motored back toward the house.

DD fixed a simple dinner, a tossed salad, linguine with clam sauce and garlic toast and a cold crisp Soave.

Then, quick as weather in the Texas panhandle can change, something intruded on their perfect day.

Neither could remember what had precipitated what occurred though, in hindsight Esmeralda would take the blame. Probably it was that green eyed monster jealously that fueled her. She knew how their relationship worked, still she was a woman, she wanted DD as hers. She was shrewish, he reacted, asking what in the hell was with her. Her voice came up, his followed, a caustic comment from him and she slapped him.

His steely gaze stopped her.

“We don’t hit Esmeralda. I have never struck you and never will except for the occasional spanking which you so richly deserve nor will I allow you to strike me.”

“Oh DD I’m so sorry, please, I’m so sorry.”

“I think perhaps we need to go upstairs Esmeralda,” as they went to the staircase.

He led her to his chair, sat and brought her across his lap; positioning her he lifted the hem of her dress over her back and lowered her panties.

“Five is all I am going to give you, it was in your passion that you erred,” as he gave her five cracking whacks.

He helped her to her feet, led her to the bed and poised her on her knees before again lowering her panties and lubricating her.

The smell was on her when, nearly an hour later he was finished with her. He pulled her panties back up and helped her to her feet.

“I will talk to you tomorrow, perhaps we can get together,” as he opened her car door for her.

As she wobbled up the walk her daughter watched through the window. She met her at door and without questioning her assisted her to her bedroom. She got a gown and helped her undress.

“Would you like a bath Mama, maybe you would feel better?”

“No, I just want my bed, thank you.

Maria Elena helped her out of her dress then took off her bra; finally she removed her panties; what she found amazed and befuddled her. The panties were soaked, a white mass covering them from front to back in the crotch. Maria Elena thought she knew what is was but so much?

“Mama you were with Sheriff Davis today, what did he do to you, what did he do to my Mama?”

“He had sex with me Maria Elena, now, no more questions please.”

Maria Elena pulled the covers up over her Mama then turned out the light.

DD had just poured himself a single malt and was sitting wondering how such a wonderful day could have gone off the tracks so suddenly when his cell phone rang. Checking the caller ID he saw it was from Esmeralda. Oh yes, time for a little fence mending.

“Hello Mamacita,” he answered.

“This is not your Mamacita, I am Maria Elena Santos, Esmeralda Santos daughter. You are harming my Mama and I want to know why.”

“Hello Maria Elena, Esmeralda has spoken of you often. As to what we do, I suggest you ask your mother.”

“I have.”

“And what did she say?”

“She said that you had sex with her but it has to be far more than that. My Mama could hardly walk she was so wobbly when she came home, now she is laying curled up holding her tummy and her panties were soaked and coated with white goo. What are you doing to her.”

“Maria Elena I think you are delving into things that are no concern of a young girl.”

“I am no young girl, I am sixteen years old and I want to know why my Mama hurts.”

It flashed through DD’s mind, Carmen’s tight sixteen year old body, he answered, “Do you drive?”

“Yes, why.”

“Do you know where I live?”

“Mama has pointed out your house and even said that maybe we would live there.”

“Fine, be here by eight tomorrow morning, I’ll tell you and perhaps even show you what we do, after all you’re a grown up sixteen year old and are entitled to this information. That said, I’ll see you at eight: now I’m going back and enjoy my single malt. Good night,” the call was terminated.

At least now he had something interesting to contemplate as he sipped his scotch. He was considering having a cleaning lady come in once a week to take care of a few chores, dusting, vacuuming, and the laundry, perhaps it was something Maria Elena would like to do; it would put some money in her pocket. And of course there was the matter of her inquisitiveness about the relationship between him and her mother; she’d better understand that by the time she left his home on the morrow.

The pleasant anticipation inspired him to something he seldom did; he poured a second dram of the expensive single malt.

DD rose at seven, showered and, dressed in only shorts and a T-shirt. He brewed a pot of coffee and had just poured his second cup when he heard the car in his drive. Glancing out the window he saw that it was a young female; Maria Elena Santos had arrived.

He was waiting in the doorway when she came up.

“Good morning, you have to be Maria Elena, how are you this morning, I’m DD Davis.”

“I’m fine Mr. Davis and you.”

“Much better now that my morning has been graced by a beautiful young woman. I’m just having coffee, would you join me.”

“She’d blushed under his compliment about her beauty still, regaining her composure she answered, yes thank you, light cream and two sugars.”

“Her mother’s daughter,” he laughed, “She must have taught you. Come on in,” as he led the way to the kitchen.

He poured coffee then said, “Before we get into answering your questions, I want to speak to you on another matter. I want to hire a young lady for some light housekeeping work, just one day a week; dusting, laundry and vacuuming, I’d pay seventy-five dollars each week, is this something that might interest you?”

“You’re serious, seventy-five dollars for one days work: could it be Saturdays, I have school.

“Yes, Saturdays would be perfect for me.”

“I’d love to have that job, seventy-five dollars, I’ve never had that much money to my hand at one time, yes, I want to clean your house.”

“Wonderful, let’s start next Saturday.”

“Oh I could just kiss you Sheriff; it’s so exciting.”

“That’s settled, now on to your questions, okay?”


“First I’m going to ask you some questions; find out if you are mature enough to learn what you want to know, are you agreeable to that Maria Elena.”

“I will answer your questions, yes.”

“Are you proud of your body, do you think you are attractive?”

“That is embarrassing but, yes, I like my body, people say I’m cute, so yes.”

“Are you taking any form of birth control?”

“No, why would I need that, I am a virgin.”

“You’ve already answered my next question.”

“Maria Elena, you’re sixteen, you celebrated your Quinceañera over one year ago, you became a woman on that day, is that not true?”

“Of course that is true, I am a young woman.”

“No Maria Elena, Quinceañera signifies that your body is mature enough that you can become a woman, you only become a woman when you’ve lain with a man, when your hymen has been broken and you’ve shed vaginal blood.”

She didn’t answer; she had no answer.

He stood and took her took her hand.

“Come with me little one,” as he led her up the stairs to his bedroom.

She was trembling, speechless as he said, “Here, let me help you out of this.”

She was wearing a T-shirt that he lifted over her head then he unfastened and removed her bra.

Her breasts were like two succulent ripe peaches.

“Please step out of your sandals.”

She stood in her bare feet as he lowered her shorts. “Step out of those please.”

She obeyed; she remained clad in a little pair of pink panties.

“When you work here, I would like you dressed just like this, only panties; do you agree to do this?”

She nodded yes.

He lowered her panties; she was shapely, with a narrow waist and flaring hips. Her mound was an ebony pelt; he lowered her to the bed.

“Now you will become a woman Maria Elena. I must tell you, you will find pleasure but you’ll also experience some pain; that is part of becoming a woman.”

He wanted her to feel as good as possible on this her first time so; it was with his lips and tongue that he began her initiation to womanhood.

Her vulva was slick with his saliva as she started to lubricate, he dipped the tip of his tongue into her virginal vagina, then licked up and down her slit. Gently he nibbled and tugged at her labia before moving to her love button. Using his tongue to explore her he sucked gently on her clitoris. She was again trembling but it wasn’t in fear. Her body was experiencing sensations she’d never before felt.

He teased her little pearl, batting it with the tip of his tongue.

The muscles of her stomach began to ripple, she moaned, she pled, “Mi Dios, Oh you make me crazy,” as she experienced her first orgasm. Then they rolled over her in waves of pleasure. DD kept his mouth on her; he drank her sweet, light fragrant nectar, continually stimulating her until she begged for mercy.

He let her settle down then smiled at her, “You liked that? I know your Mama does, so is so a bad thing I do to her?”

“I’ve never felt anything so good in my life, no it is not a bad thing, it is a very good thing.”

“Next Maria Elena, I am going to take your virginity. It will hurt when I break your hymen but then the pain will be over and maybe you will even enjoy your first time; are you ready?”

“Yes, I am ready to become a woman.”

It wasn’t anything DD liked to do but Maria Elena was a virgin with no protection. From the drawer on his bedside table he took out a condom and KY Jelly. No Vaseline with latex, they were enemies.

He rolled the rubber on and smeared a little of the lubricant into her vagina. He positioned himself between her legs and prepared to enter her; then there was a shout.

“Maria Elena where are you?”

He looked at her, his eyes saying, what is that?

“Oh no, I forgot she rode with me, I told her to stay in the car. That is my sister Lourdes.”

Again they heard, “Maria Elena where are you.”

She answered, “Lourdes, go back to the car please.”

She didn’t, instead she followed Maria Elena’s voice.

Suddenly she was in the doorway to the room taking in with her gaze that DD was positioned between Maria Elena’s thighs.

“Please go back to the car little one, I’ll soon be out.”

Lourdes continued to walk into the room mesmerized by what she was witnessing.

Questioningly she said, “Maria Elena…”

“Please go back, he is making me a woman.”

“I want to watch you become a woman Maria Elena.”

Finally DD felt he needed to intervene. He asked, “Lourdes, have you had your first period yet?”

“Over two years ago I started.”

“Then you’ve probably touched yourself, felt a little tickle.”

Embarrassedly she shyly nodded yes, she had done that.

“Come over here to me little one.”

She walked to the bedside; he unfastened her shorts and let then fall to her feet.

“Sit over there and stimulate yourself, you may find this arousing.” He pointed her to his overstuffed lounger.

“Are you ready Maria Elena?”

She nodded yes and he entered her.

Her face was rictus of strain and pain as he worked his big cock into her tight virginal channel, he touched her hymen, she winced.

“It is now that you become a woman, you will feel some pain.”

He thrust into her, tearing her delicate hymen; she cried out in pain. He continued pushing into her. Slowly she accepted his full length, his girth stretching her as he inched into her.

He stopped when he was buried in Maria Elena. Her eyes were closed as he spoke to her,

“Congratulations you are now a woman, one of my special women.”

She opened her eyes, she was radiant, her smile like a sun beam, “Yes, now I am a woman, a special woman for you.”

He began slowly pumping her, she was so tight, he enjoyed her. He knew that the next time she would be looser, the next even more so; maybe that was one of the reasons he so loved women’s bottoms; they stayed tight.

Yes, it was a pleasure to fuck a young virgin, he never had before, and now the smile was staying on her face, she was enjoying her first experience.

Her breathing changed, deep and raspy, her body trembled, she climaxed, he continued to stroke into her, she climaxed again, finally, exhausted she begged,”

“Please can we stop, I am so sore down there; it is wonderful I’ve never felt such good things but you are so big, you know.”

He leaned forward and kissed her, “You are a beautiful young woman, I feel so honored to have been your first; lovely Maria Elena,” as he eased out of her, lay beside her and cradled her in his arms.

They’d both forgotten about Lourdes until she said, “Maria Elena?”

“Yes little one?”

“Are you a woman now?”

Maria Elena had to smile, “Yes little one, I think I am a woman now, I am one of Sheriff Davis’ special women.”

“Maria Elena, what we have here, what we do here is not to ever be shared with the uninitiated. I’m sorry but Lourdes needs to join us. We are not through with all we need to accomplish but please, there is a robe on the back on the chair, put it on then wait and watch Lourdes and me.”

“You are going to do this to my baby sister?”

“Si, mi amor.”

He helped her to her feet and got the robe for her.

“Come Lourdes, come to me.”

Her T-shirt came off exposing her budding breasts, small little strawberries, more swollen nipple than tit. At his command she stepped out of her low cut sneakers, she had no socks on; he lowered her lime green shorts and admired her then he rolled down her panties, he was almost ashamed of himself for what he was about to do; her underwear was that of a little girl, cartoon characters on a purple background.

Although she was as tall as Maria Elena; Lourdes was tall and slim; her development was that of a girl. Small breasted, little definition at her waist, her hips were boyishly slim and her mound’s covering was sparse; her bottom, though tight was small, a pair of soft balls, no more. DD wasn’t looking forward to this yet, he’d pledged to himself and to his ladies, no one that wasn’t involved would know what he and his ladies did.

His oral stimulation did elicit multiple orgasms, she was sexually capable, but as he readied to enter her he wished it were otherwise. He rolled on a condom and slathered himself with the lubricant before working some into her. Her vagina seemed so very, very small, just his finger seemed to stretch her; he mounted her.

“I’m sorry Little Bit, this will hurt,” he said as he pushed into her.

She writhed under him, when he broke her hymen she cried out in agony, he was more than her young body could deal with. He agreed, he’d only been able to stuff about three and a half or four inches into her but he’d done enough, she was now an initiate, he pulled out of her and took her into his arms.

She was sobbing, he held her to his chest.

“You’re a brave girl Lourdes, I’m so proud of you, you’re now one of my special women, you’re my special little woman.”

He held her until her eyes had dried.

“Baby, Maria Elena and I need some private time, would you mind going downstairs, watch a little TV, play some video games, there are Cokes in the fridge but Maria Elena and I need this private time and I promise you, you don’t want to share. I’ll give you this caution though; if you do come up here, you WILL share what we are doing and you won’t enjoy yourself; so please stay away; fair enough?”

She left them alone, Maria Elena was still wearing only his robe, he instructed her to go to his bathroom and bring him one of the pre-made enemas contained there.

She handed it to him, she was again trembling, “What are you going to do?”

“You wanted to know what your Mama and I do, this is more of it,” as he took her hand and guided her over her lap.

“Maria Elena, I like my girls clean, talk to your Mama, you’ll understand; but for tonight I’ll handle the duty.”

She wriggled when he slid the nozzle into her then relaxed as the solution flowed into her.

“Go when you need to, Maria Elena.”

She leapt from his lap; she had an urgency like she’d never felt. When she came out she came back to him.

“This is what you meant by clean; you are going to have anal intercourse with me?”

“Maria Elena, you want to know what your Mama does, this is part of it.”

He guided her to the bed and laid her down on her tummy then lubricated her.

“I’m afraid,” she said.

“It may give you some pain but if you will relax, relax your bottom and bear down like you are trying to go, it won’t be so bad, okay?”

She was flat against the mattress, he liked to use this position for the first penetration, he couldn’t go so deep and his strokes were limited. He thought about it as his training position; he moved over her, parted her young cheeks, guided himself to her tight little ring, asked her to push back then pushed into her.

It felt so very good, she was so tight, he was stretching her, her anus tight, her rectum small, he continued to force himself deeper, slowly, ever so slowly, he was waiting for her to plead to use the toilet, convinced she was about to embarrass herself, that her bowels were about to move; it came.

“Please let me go to the potty, don’t make me do this, please,” her tears were not so much from her pain but for the fact that she was on the verge of humiliating herself.

“You’re okay Maria Elena, you don’t need to potty, what you’re feeling is me filling you, filling your rectum. Now, I’m going to fuck you for a while then I’ll cum in you,” he said as he started to gently pump her.

She was only sixteen, she shouldn’t have reacted as she did but after fifteen or twenty minutes of gentle pumping she began to respond. The groans of pain had become moans of ecstasy; this little girl was beginning to take some pleasure. With that knowledge he reached under her, opened her slit and let her ride his fingers with her clitoris.

It was only when she started to push her tight little bottom back to meet his thrusts that he truly understood he had a rare jewel.

“Maria Elena, I’d like to get you up on your knees,” he said as he lifted her.

“Yeah, that’s right, now put your head down on the mattress and arch your back, I want to give you a little fuckin’.”

She was tight as a gnat’s ear but she took all he was giving her, he again teased her hot, wet little jewel, she began to pant, her climax was building, she was pummeling him with her pounding bottom.

She shrieked as she exploded, a climax, totally unexpected to him, a sixteen year old girl…no correction, a sixteen year old young woman had his big fat eight inch cock as far up her as he could put it and she seemed to want more. Her contractions squeezed him, he couldn’t hold back, he blasted into her, he rode her down to the mattress.

“Oh God, what have you done to me? That was so good, you hurt me a little when you went into me but it was so good when you made me full. I think I am your whore now, I want this again and again and again, please, do this to me again.”

He kissed the back of her neck, “We can share each other whenever you are ready, you are the best lover that I’ve ever had.”

“Even better than my Mama?”

“You cannot tell, if you do I’ll spank you but, yes, better than your Mama.”

And at that moment, from the corner of his eye in the reflection in the mirror he saw Lourdes standing, stimulating herself with the look of a shell-shocked sailor on her face. It was evident she’d watched the whole thing.

Maria Elena hadn’t seen Lourdes, DD whispered in her ear, “I’m afraid we’ve had an audience.”

“Lourdes watched, she saw everything you think?”

“At the very least she watched us at the end. I’m afraid she’ll need to get the same thing now.”

They were whispering, Lourdes hadn’t yet realized she was discovered, “Yes, everything Maria Elena.”

“Is she at the doorway?”

“Yes, she’s hiding behind the door and peeking around.”

“Okay, if you must, let me get her, talk to her a little while you get her enema. I want to make it as easy as possible for her.”

DD rose from her and walked to the bathroom; he did clean his cock before retrieving one of the Fleet’s. He saw that Maria Elena was already leading Lourdes into the bedroom.

He sat, ready to administer Lourdes’ wash out, Maria Elena was still talking to her, chastising her for foolishly intervening where thirteen year old girls should not intrude, then she led her over to DD.

Maria Elena took her panties off and helped her over DD’s lap. The young girl was scared, her big sister tried to sooth her, rubbing her back, letting her know that this part would not hurt. DD slid the nozzle home and filled her with the fizzy fluid, Maria Elena took her to the bathroom and stayed with her until she was ready to return. DD asked that she bring her back, his lap awaited.

“Lourdes, you were told not to come back to this room, that Maria Elena and I wanted some privacy yet you sneaked and watched. Is that true?”

She realized her precarious position, draped over DD’s lap, her little bottom exposed she opted for truth.

She let her eyes leak, “Yes but I am so sorry, I will never do something like this again.”

It always worked with Mama, contrite apologies, an oath of “won’t do it again” and away she went.

It was like a lightning bolt when the first blow struck her bottom, by the time the next four had rained down she was sobbing.

“I won’t put up with your conduct. You will become a better person, an honest person, a good person under my tutelage. But now you must learn something else, yes?”

He stood her up, picked her up and carried her to the bed where he laid her on her tummy.

Truth be known, DD felt little sympathy for Lourdes, thus far she appeared no more than a spoiled, whiny brat, yet Maria Elena evidently felt a protectiveness for her.

“Can I hold her hand, “Maria Elena asked

Lourdes was supine on the bed, tummy down, DD’s preferred position for anal virgins. For the benefit of the recipient it limited the depth of penetration, for the giver it allowed him to pin his partner to the mattress as she was penetrated, lessening her opportunity to escape; Lourdes was now pinned to the mattress, her anus lubricated and DD was poised for entry.

“Nosy little girl, stay out of things that are of no concern to you,” DD admonished her.

He gave her the head of his cock, no more, she writhed and she screamed.

He didn’t very much like Lourdes, he bored into her, at least an inch was now parting her cheeks’, she wailed.

He forced a second inch into her, she was begging for the help of her big sister and her Mama.

She was so tight, so small he realized he’d never get into her yet he started pumping her, forcing an additional half inch into her with each stroke but her agony was evident.

“Please DD take me, let Lourdes go, do whatever you want with me, pled Maria Elena.”

“She’s that important to you, you would sacrifice yourself for her?”

“She’s my baby sister, I have to protect and take care of her.”

“You’re a brave young woman Maria Elena.”

“No, I am a caregiver. I don’t have grand expectations for Maria Elena, I’m cute but not beautiful, I’m smart enough but, average grades, I’ll graduate high school but college won’t be for me. I guess I’m saying my expectations are not high. I want to marry and have children with a man that cares for me and can provide for his family; is that too much to ask from life?”

His cock was still in Lourdes, like a bear marking his territory he pumped her a few times and came in her tight bottom before turning her over to her sister.

Maria Elena handled her like she was tending to a dolly, she pulled her back into her panties, put her shorts back on and helped her with her T-shirt, she even put her shoes back on then she helped her to the car and laid her on the back seat for the ride home.

DD was standing at the door watching, Maria Elena came back to him, “I’m uncomfortable, what am I to call you?”

“DD when we are together, Sheriff or Sheriff Davis in a more formal setting.”

“And when can I call you mi amor?”

“When your Mama is not listening. Did you learn what you wanted today?”

“DD I learned many things today, I learned to be a woman, I learned you are a man that I want, I also learned that you can be cruel, maybe most importantly I learned I want to be your woman if you will have me but no, I did not learn everything I wanted to learn.”

“What do you feel is missing?”

“DD I may not be a genius but what I know I know. I have just been introduced to sex and you’re provided me with a most magnificent introduction; I’ve learned more in a few hours than most girls learn in a few years, wouldn’t you agree?”

“I think that’s a fair assessment, yes.”

“DD I am a little sore where you’ve so kindly visited but my knees aren’t wobbly to the point I can hardly walk and though I’ve been introduced to the joys of several kinds of sex my tummy isn’t so pained that only the fetal position gives relief and finally, I will have damp panties but they will not look like they’ve been sprayed with white glue when I take them off, and I don’t have my own musty scent, so no, we did not do the things, at least all of the things that you do with my Mama.”

“Maria Elena mi amor, some questions are best left unasked and for my young lover some questions are best left unanswered.”

Maria Elena began her housekeeping duties the following Saturday and she was meticulous, not a speck of dust remained, the nap of the carpets looked like a manicured putting green, she intended to earn the money Sheriff Davis was paying her.

DD had followed her around as she worked, not so much as to check up on her, more because he admired and lusted for her young body; clad in only a pair of lavender panties, her firm breasts high, proud and inviting, her bottom rounded and luscious she was totally desirable. Before she started on the laundry he took her to the bedroom where they added their musk to the soiled sheets.

Chapter 6-Odds and Ends (Odd Happenings & Tight Ends)

Esmeralda phoned around noon, they had resolved their differences of three weeks previous; they spoke for several minutes, he invited her to dinner; seafood, lobster, crabs, shrimp, a feast at the “Crab Trap.”

“Oh my mouth is watering, it sounds great,” she enthused.

“Want to come here, we can have a drink before we leave. Say seven?”

“Seven o’clock it is.”

At about two he received a surprising call.

“Hello Sheriff Davis? This is Mi Lin Papas from the hotel.”

“Of course, how are you Mi Lin?”

“I’m in the neighborhood and hoped you could spare me a few minutes.”

“And how may I help you?”

“I really would like to meet face to face. In this instance if I am wrong it could prove a great embarrassment to me.”

“Well I have an appointment for later this evening but I’ll be available at say three?”

“Thank you Sheriff Davis. Three it is.”

Maria Elena was just finishing her chores; he told her that he was going to receive a visitor and he thought perhaps she should be gone before she arrived.

“Why are you ashamed of me?” She pouted.

“Just the opposite, I’m afraid I would become so aroused that I would have to have you right in front of my guest.”

He gave the seat of her lavender panties a swat; “Be a good girl for me, okay?”

Mi Lin arrived at three, DD escorted her in offering the beverage of her choice; she opted for a gin and tonic, he had the same.

“Let’s sit out on the patio, it’s such a beautiful afternoon,” he invited.

Once seated he asked, “How can I help you Mrs. Papas?”

“Please, call me Mi Lin won’t you Sheriff Davis.”

With a smile he said, “Only if you’ll call me DD.”

“Okay, DD. I’ve heard some rumors about you. In fact, maybe something stronger than rumor; you’ll recall when you were looking for a Realtor that I told you that Carolyn Reynolds was my best friend?”

“Go on.”

“Carolyn recounted what had happened to her.”

“And if something did occur what interest is it to you?”

She continued, “DD the rumors I’ve heard suggest that Carolyn wasn’t the only one, that Esmeralda Santos, Isabel Vargas and several other ladies have shared your attention.”

“Please get to the point Mrs. Papas, and again what is your interest?”

“Please, it’s Mi Lin. But to answer, my interest is purely personal, I really have no interest in your other relationships.”

“Then what is it you’re seeking?”

“DD I was married for thirty years to a wonderful man. I, of course am Chinese but my husband was not. His name was Constantine Papas, I lost him four years ago and I miss him dearly each and every day. The point of my being here hinges on that. You’ve heard the jokes and myths about the sexual preferences of Greek men? Well with my Constantine it was no myth. He loved my bottom and paid homage to it several times weekly. It was painful at first but over time I came to enjoy being filled. The full sensation, I miss it, I’m fifty-nine years old, not all that many years left and, no pun intended, I would like to be fulfilled.”

“Mi Lin, are you asking me to have sex with you?”

“In a word; yes.”

He stood and took her hand, helping her from her chair he asked, “You truly are fifty-nine, I would have guessed twenty years younger.”

With an enigmatic smile she answered, “We Orientals age well.”

“Mi Lin, are you ready?”

“Oh yes, very ready.”

He led her up the stairs.

As he unbuttoned her blouse he told her that he would need to get her ready.

“Not to be crude DD but I gave myself a little enema before I phoned you, I wanted to be ready if you said yes.”

“Yes, well that is what I meant,” he continued as he removed her brassiere.

She was unbelievably firm; her breasts certainly would not have given her age away. He lowered her shorts and then her panties; her skin was like ivory, her areolas were dark with nipples a lighter brown, her pubis was smooth as an otter, covered with jet black hair and as he turned her to admire her bottom he was struck by her perfect symmetry.

He directed her down onto her tummy in preparation.

“Please, may we do this my way?” She asked as she turned onto her back. “I think you might like it.”

She positioned her bottom at the side of the bed, “Would you put a pillow under my hips please.”

“I’ve never done it this way. You’ll have to direct traffic.”

“You have lubricant? Good. When I lift my legs please prepare me to receive you.”

She pulled her legs back toward her chest.

“DD if we were having vaginal intercourse this would, of course be called the Missionary Position but for what we are doing, I think of this as the Perfect Position. Please, enter me now.”

He guided his cock to her rose bud then pressed forward, stretching her sphincters open, sliding into her slick channel, forward, she was accepting him but nonetheless she was moaning.

He was able to see her face, something he’d never done before as he entered a woman this way. He could read her pain as she strained to take him. He was larger than her husband had been; she was being stretched to accommodate his girth.

“Am I hurting you Mi Lin,” he asked.

She was panting, her brow damp with sweat, tears glistening in each of her eyes, “In me, DD, push it all the way in me.”

He flexed his hips forward, burying himself. She felt the brush of his pubic hair against her bottom.

“Can we rest for a few minutes please, it has been several years and you are so big.”

“Yes, we can rest.”

“So full, fuller than I’ve ever been, oh I love that feeling.”

“Now I’ll explain why this is the perfect position, give my your hand please.”

She directed his fingers to her clitoris, “See while you are in me you can stimulate my Jade Gate, helping me to climax or, she replaced his hand with hers, I can stimulate myself freeing your hands to attend to my breasts. You see, you are able to excite my three major erogenous zones, my breasts, my clitoris and my anus at the same time. You can lean forward and kiss me or you can suck my breasts while you fill me and maybe most important, you are able to see my face, read my expressions. If I am showing pain you can be more gentle with me, conversely if I am feeling no distress you may become more intense, do you see.”

She released her legs placing her feet up near her hips keeping herself displayed to DD.

“Pump me now,” she instructed.

Before he began he guided her hand to herself as he gently massaged her breasts.

She smiled, “You want me to climax for you; has a woman ever climaxed for you while your penis was in her anus?”

“Only once, it was indescribably delightful.”

“It will soon happen the second time for you, now pump me.”

He had maintained a steady rhythm for twenty or thirty minutes, Mi Lin’s fingers were working at the same pace when she asked, “Harder, pump me a little harder and squeeze my breasts.” Her fingers sped up, dancing over her clitoris.

“Aaaaaaah,” she moaned as a powerful orgasm washed over her.

Her sphincters contracted, squeezing DD, tighten, release, tighten with each successive orgasm. She again grabbed her legs, pulling them back to her chest, no cheeks to limit depth, her anus exposed for maximum penetration she wailed, fuck me hard DD, fuck me, fuck me, fuck me hard.”

She came again, giving him that fantastic feeling. Her face read that he was hurting her still she implored him, begging for it harder.

His cock jerked as the first jet of cum shot into her, she screamed out her pleasure and came a third time as he pumped his semen, flooding her bowels with his ejaculate.

She held her legs in place until he’d pumped out emptying himself then let them fall.

“Oh God, that was wonderful DD, thank you.”

“No, thank you, what you taught me today but, you like a little pain, don’t you?”

“Ah my secret is out, you don’t spank do you; Carolyn didn’t say.”

“I didn’t spank Carolyn.”

“DD how would you like to make an old lady’s day?”

“What would said old lady like.”

“She would like a spanking because she’s a naughty girl, then she would absolutely adore oral stimulation before being mounted and having her vagina given a vigorous workout and finally she’d like to be stuffed.”

“I always try to be kind to the elderly Mi Lin,” he teased.

“Make it an evening soon, I’ll cook a nice Chinese meal; hot and sour shrimp, spareribs Peking style, one of my specialties then for dessert I will serve you Chinese Lady four ways.”

It all sounds tasty but I think that dessert could become one of my all time favorites.

After Mi Lin had dressed and departed, DD showered and changed for his evening with Esmeralda.

At seven she arrived and she was radiant. she almost seemed to glow, her smile lit the evening. She asked if DD would be put out if they stayed home rather than going out to dinner.

“I thought you’d enjoy an evening out.”

“I would but tonight I just want to spend time with you.”

“Okay, maybe I can make a plate of sandwiches or something.”

“That’s fine with me.”

“Can I fix you a drink?”

“Just a glass of white wine, please.”

He poured himself a scotch and her wine.

She took the glass from him; “This, I am afraid is the last alcohol I can have for the next nine months.”

It took a moment for her comment to register with DD, then, “Esmeralda, you’re pregnant?”

“I’m pretty sure. It’s still too early for a pregnancy test but after having been preggers five times I’m familiar with my body. My breasts are sore, I feel bloated, my period was due five days ago and today I’m enduring constipation; all of these things tell me I’m pregnant.”

He grabbed her, kissed her and spun her around, “Ah Mamacita, I’m so happy I want to celebrate.”

“What I would like to do is lie with you like a wife. Take me to your bed, let us sleep together, get up together, bathe together and have our breakfast together, could we do this?”

They did, they made love together then slept wrapped in each other’ arms.

Over breakfast the discussed Esmeralda’s pending move. Thursday was the first of April. DD had arranged for movers to pick up her things on Wednesday. She and her girls were moving into the pool house. Both were anxious, both wanted the nearness.

Esmeralda wondered if DD could find some small jobs for her middle daughter Magdalena, something that could provide just a little pocket money. He assured her that he would, she could be Maria Elena’s assistant; help with the Saturday cleaning and asked that she come with Maria Elena the next Saturday.

“You know Esmeralda, I’ll need to recruit someone to replace you, do you have any suggestions?”

“I know someone who will be perfect. She’s now working part-time at the City Library; this job would mean a lot to her, she needs the money. My younger sister Beatriz; like me she is a single parent. She has three children but two are grown, she has her fifteen year old daughter still at home.”

“Speak with her for me, if she’s interested we can set up an interview for next week, okay?”

She left for home at nine, she wanted to take the girls to ten thirty mass.

DD had a day to kill, something that almost never happened. He put on jeans, boots and a pullover, picked up a fishing rod, mounted the ATV and headed over to his stock pond.
With no fishing pressure to make them leery he hooked a bass on nearly every cast. It was too much like shooting fish in a barrel; he mounted up again and headed for the creek.

Monday, back at it, meetings, instructions, reviews; no police work just bureaucratic BS. He buzzed Detective Washington and asked him to come by his office.

When he arrived DD asked him to take a seat then launched into what he wanted.

“Harold, we’re beginning to see more drug problems here, specially meth amphetamines; I’m beginning to wonder if we don’t have a producer to that stuff out in the hill country. What I want to do is set up a drug unit and I want you to head it. Pick four people, they’ll be yours, okay?”

“You got it Sheriff; can I get back to you on the people, I’ve got an idea who I want but I wanta feel them out first. I’ll be back to you Wednesday latest.”

Hell it was Monday, Connie Trask would be visiting this evening and he wondered why he bothered. The change in Connie was amazing. Her work was exemplary and the rumors had died down, it seemed that Chief Deputy Trask was taking her job and her reputation seriously. There was no need to discipline her any longer and besides, she was so well broken in she seemed to like her “punishment;” he decided tonight was the last time he’d use her.

As always Connie was punctual but for a change there was some police business to discuss.

“Connie, I’ve got a problem and it’s with Abbie Dalton. She should have been the senior officer on the scene where a civilian was injured but she was out of pocket when she should have been on duty.”

“I know sir, she was with me. We had lunch together at the mall and then did a little window shopping, we lost track of time.”

“She’s written a report and I have your report of the incident. She’s critical of herself and, although you’ve tried to paint a prettier picture still indict Sergeant Dalton. Connie, she has ambition, reports like these two in her jacket could be career killers. Now I think what she did was serious but I think all in all she’s a good cop. So, I’m gonna bury her report. I can’t ask you to do the same but I’m satisfied with Corporal Vargas’ version of things and am willing to close the oversight investigation on it’s basis.”

“Connie was ecstatic; my report sir, I don’t recall filing a report and thank you Sheriff.”

“Connie, I want to compliment you on how you’ve responded over the last several months, I think you’ve become a credit to the department. I don’t see any reason to continue our Monday meetings.”

“Unnnnh, aaaah, well Sheriff that’s something I wanted to talk to you about. See, after you explained the facts of life to me I sought a little counseling. My doc says my promiscuity was because I was trying to deny my feelings. We developed that, it seems I’m far more comfortable with a woman than with a man, I was a latent lesbian. I’m not latent any more, Abbie and I have decided to set up housekeeping together. I know what you told her and you’re probably right, we decided it doesn’t matter, we love each other; I’m truly happy for the first time in years. We’re house shopping already.”


“Well, maybe. See Abbie and I want children, I’ll have one and she’ll have one. Maybe it will look like two single mothers pooling resources to make ends meet. My point is, she can’t impregnate me and I can’t impregnate her; we want you to be our sperm donor.”

DD was in mild shock; “Let me understand, you want me to father your children, is that what I’m hearing.”

Talking fast Connie answered, “Abbie and me both, you’re tall, handsome and smart, you’d make a great father, please Sheriff, consider it.”

He led her the staircase and back to his bed but it was for the purpose of siring her child.

Later he walked her to her car. She turned and thanked him then asked if she could come with Abbie the following night.

“That might be a good idea, she may need some help. Be sure she has an enema before you bring her. If were lucky we may even get in a little work on your project.”

“Goodnight Sir.”

“Goodnight Connie, I’ll see you tomorrow.”

Tuesday evening arrived bringing a situation DD would have rather not become necessary. Of all of his officers he thought, he liked Abbie Dalton the best, she was the kind of person that made you feel better being around.

He took only a few moments to recap Abbie’s errors; there was no need to beat a dead horse. She swore it would never happen again; he was sure it wouldn’t. She thanked him for the handling of the incident reports; she did understand her career would have taken a major hit.

He rose and took her hand. Connie Trask asked if she could join them. He looked to Abbie who nodded yes.

She was still in uniform as was Lieutenant Trask. He unbuttoned her blouse and removed her brassiere then unfastened her skirt, lowered it and rolled down her panties. She was so damned cute, damn what a shame she was a lesbian; she was a man’s dream. He took her over his lap and gave her ten quick firm whacks.

She was teary eyed when he led her to the bed. He laid her on her tummy, straddled her legs, spread her cheeks and lubricated her. He’d start in his training position then bring her up to her knees.

“Abbie, just relax then push down like you are trying to go;” he pushed into her.

She groaned at his intrusion, he continued to push into her. He rested for a few minutes when he could go no further then he lifted her to her knees and rose on his haunches.

Connie spoke for the first time. “May I hold her hand Sir?”

“Sure Connie, she’ll probably appreciate the support.”

He drew back and plunged into her.

She tried to pull out from under him as she wailed, “Noooooo, Noooooooooo, Noooooooooo, please Noooooooooo; Connie help me please.”

He held her in place and pounded harder.

Connie was doing all she could do; she’d wiped the tears from Abbie’s cheeks and was holding her hand, stroking her back, talking to her.

DD really had to take stock in himself, he didn’t think of himself as a sexual sadist but, although it wasn’t something he’d wanted to do, now that he was in Abbie he was enjoying it. He liked to give a good hard fucking to a nice tight bottom and Abbie Dalton was tight.

After nearly an hour Abbie was reduced a moaning, dazed soul. She seemed incapable of moving. DD pulled out, he hadn’t yet cum.

“Connie why don’t you put Abbie’s panties on her and then take yours off. You can leave your skirt on if you like, I’m going to take you from behind.”

He walked to the bathroom, rinsed off and came back out. Connie was standing at the bedside, her skirt still on.

Connie climbed on the bed beside Abbie and got on her knees. DD turned the hem of her skirt over her back and admired her.

“Connie, you really do have a fantastic bottom.” He leaned forward and kissed it then he spread her legs a bit more and stroked her until she began to lubricate, he moved up against her and guided his cock in.

“Oh God, that does feel good; you know I’m so damned big down there I don’t usually get much of a sensation but you make me feel it.”

“Do you want to cum or just get bred. I can cum now or wait an hour?”

“Maybe you could pump me for ten or fifteen minutes, this feels good.”

It felt good to DD, too, wrapped around her glorious ass, his cock buried in her he felt pretty damned fine, it felt satisfying, too as Connie Trask shuddered and climaxed. DD pumped hard and fast for several strokes then blasted into her, spewing his sperm to chase her waiting ovum.”

“Connie, let’s cut back to one evening, I’ll take care of you until you’re pregnant but I’m not quite ready to let Abbie go, I think she still needs a little more breaking in. Which do you prefer, Monday of Tuesday?”

“Let’s go with Tuesday, Abbie’s worked it into her schedule and I’m off then anyway.

Connie pulled her panties back on, helped Abbie into her blouse, skirt and shoes, kissed DD on the cheek and took Abbie home.

Esmeralda was taking the following day off, she wanted to be there when the movers delivered her things so she could give directions, what went where what room this or that box went to, that sort of thing, he’d have one of the clerks man the front office for the day.

He got the grand tour when he got home; Esmeralda showed him through and introduced him to Magdalena, the one daughter he hadn’t met, the one that would be working with Maria Elena.

She seemed to be a delightful young lady. Not at all shy, she was quick witted and quite bright, it didn’t take long for him to learn she wanted to be an attorney. He thought, just what the world needs, another damned lawyer; at least this would be a pretty one.

She was pretty, too, she was tall, already at least 5’7” at the age of fourteen, raven haired with gold flecked hazel eyes, a beautiful face that was quick to smile and a trim little developing body, she’d be a heartbreaker in just a few years.

“I want to thank you for giving me a job, I want to start saving for college. I’m a straight A student; I should be able to get a full scholarship but there will still be books and other things.”

“You’re more than welcome Magdalena.”

“You can call me Maggie, everyone else does.”

“Magdalena is so pretty but, okay, Maggie it is.”

Then to Esmeralda he said, “It looks pretty hectic around here, how about I order pizzas and everybody can come over to my house and eat then you can come back and finish your unpacking.”

“That sounds great DD, I know I don’t feel like cooking tonight.”

So they had pizzas, beer and soft drinks poolside. The ladies returned to their unpacking, DD spent time in his office reviewing reports from his drug squad; he was having dinner the following evening with Harold Washington to get updated.

It was nearly nine when DD got home Friday night and he was feeling pretty good. He and Harold had dinner and a couple of drinks; Harold told DD that he thought they might have the location of a meth lab on the far west side of the county, it was under surveillance; he’d give daily updates.

He was surprised; his alarm was not set. He was certain he hadn’t forgotten that morning. He entered slowly; he heard a sound from the living room and went to investigate. The moon provided sufficient illumination; he could see that Esmeralda sat in the dark sobbing.

“What’s the matter Mamacita, why the tears,” he asked as he walked toward her.

“Don’t Mamacita me, you bastard,” she snarled.

He reached out for her, “And don’t touch me either.”

“Esmeralda, what is this about?”

“I saw the videos, I saw you making love to Connie Trask. DD you know I hate that woman, I told you if you had a relationship with her I’d resign now I’m trapped, you’ve knocked me up, God I wish I’d miscarry.”

“What are you talking about?”

“I told you I saw the damned videos, two of them of you and her.”

“Esmeralda, you know I see Chief Deputy Trask every Monday evening.”

“Yes, for discipline. That’s not what I saw; you two were making love with kisses and hugs. You even kissed her ass. How could you do this, I’m so humiliated, I’m just a foolish old woman.”

“Esmeralda, you don’t understand. Connie and Abbie Dalton are lovers; they are moving in together and want to have children. The asked me to be their sperm source and I agreed, it’s not romance.”

“That’s why you kissed her, you even kissed the bitches ass, that’s not romance? I saw that, too.”

“I confess, that was a mistake; I’ve been screwing that bottom for so long I guess I was kissing it goodbye. It was a spur of the moment thing, I shouldn’t have done it.”

“You’re God damned right you shouldn’t have done it. And now everyone will know, for Christ Sake DD you fucked her and kissed her big butt with Abbie Dalton right there.”

“How do you think it makes me feel? Everyone knows I’m your woman. Sure they know that you’ll fuck any tight ass you can but I’m your lover. Now they’ll know you’ve taken up with Connie Trask.”

“Esmeralda you’re being unreasonable, I’ve explained what that was about, now drop it please.”

“Then stay away from her, drop her and I’ll drop it.”

“I can’t do that, I agreed to help them start their family.”

“Fuck you DD Davis, you just want that big blonde pussy, I saw the videos, you worshiping the Golden Goddess.”

“Esmeralda, that’s enough. You’re beginning to make me angry.”

“Why, what are you going to do, you’ve already hurt me as badly as you can, are you going to put me out, move her in, have your Golden Goddess right here at your beck and call?”

He walked to her and took her by the shoulders, “Understand, please understand, what you saw means nothing, she means nothing to me more than she’s my Chief Deputy. She’s Abbie Dalton’s lover, not mine. It’s you I care about, you’re going to be the mother of my child, it’s you I want here.”

Esmeralda came up from the sofa spitting and snarling, “I told you to keep your hands off of me you bastard, don’t touch me.”

“You haven’t heard a word I’ve told you have you. I’ve explained as best I can.”

“And I don’t believe you, you’re fucking the slut you miserable bastard.”

“I’m afraid I misunderstood you, are you implying I’m a liar Esmeralda?”

“Not implying it, saying it.”

“I’m afraid this has gone beyond the point of conversation, I’ll not have you impugning my honesty. Come with me.”

Up the stairs and into the bedroom, DD sat her on the bed and told her not to move, he went to the bathroom, retrieved a Fleet and came back.

She was dressed for the work of moving she’d been doing earlier. A man’s type work shirt, blue jeans and tennis shoes; DD untied her shoes and took them off, next was her shirt. He unbuttoned it.

“Please DD, I didn’t mean it.”

“Esmeralda, you took it too far, I’m sorry.”

He unclasped her bra, her large breasts hung loosely; he eased her back on the bed, unbelted her jeans, unfastened, unzipped and pulled them off. She now was wearing only her panties; he sat her back up, lifted her to her feet and led her to his chair.

Bending her over his lap he lowered her panties and gave her her enema.

With her panties still around her thighs, Esmeralda rushed to the bathroom.

When she came back out she wanted to talk.

“DD I’m sorry I called you a liar, I don’t believe that but I was hurt.”

“I’m sure you were, but Esmeralda I tried to explain to you. Had you simply come to me with your concerns we could have sat down and talked it out, instead I got profanities out of your sweet mouth, I got hysterical shouting and I got accusations. It’s me that’s sorry, I hope and pray that we’ll never have to go through this again; come here please.”

Slowly she walked to him.

“I’m going to spank you for the swearing. There’s no place or reason for that. He lowered her to his lap and lowered the seat of her panties. She got ten strokes then he helped her to the bed and up on her knees.

Esmeralda felt the coolness of the lubricant then the searing pain as he took her.

Later, much later when she was able ambulatory albeit shakily, DD walked her to her door.

Esmeralda was quietly sobbing, “I’m so sorry DD, I don’t want to miscarry, I want our baby.”

“So do I, let’s talk tomorrow, okay?”

She opened the door and limped in.

Maria Elena was waiting inside. She gave her mother her arm and led her to her room.

“Mama, he did this to you again.”

“It was my fault Maria Elena, it was my fault. Please just help me to bed.”

Maria Elena lent assistance but she was angry and upset. Her Mama was in pain; she decided to confront DD. A decision that was like playing with fire; she could well get burned.

She and Maggie went to DD’s at eight. It was Maggie’s first day working with Maria Elena and she was anxious. She’d never had a job before. Her Mama, even though she appeared sick had wished her well on her job. She’d taken Maria Elena into her room for conversation.

Esmeralda had asked Maria Elena to leave things alone then had administered her enema.

Both girls were clad in shorts, T-shirts and sandals. DD greeted them, he wanted to take a few moments to give Maggie some instructions. Maria Elena removed her shoes, stripped off her T-shirt and took off her shorts. Clad in only her panties she got the supplies she’d need and began dusting.

“Maggie, let’s go in here for a minute,” DD said as he went to his office.

“You saw how Maria Elena is dressed, I expect the same for you,” he said.

He watched as she removed her outer clothing. She was a pretty girl with an attractive body; small firm breasts, her hips were just beginning to flare; she was endowed with a cute Latina bubble butt. He gave her a little pat; “Okay, get to work,” he smiled. She went to join Maria Elena.

DD was still in his office when Maria Elena barged in.

“Morning, what can I do for you?”

“You can tell me what the hell you do to my Mama, she’s aching and she smells; why?”

“Ask her.”

“You know I have.”

“And what does she tell you?”

“Always the same, “He had sex with me.”

“Why not accept what she says to you.”

“I’ve had sex with you and I don’t stagger and smell afterwards do I.”

“No Baby, you don’t.”

“So tell me damn it.”

“Maria Elena, there some things not discussed, not learned. This is one of those things, a thing you don’t want to learn.”

Her voice had come up, she was nearly shouting, “Yes I do.”

Maggie stuck her head in, “Is there something wrong?” she asked.

“No Maggie, just take care of the dusting, I’ll be out in a few minutes,” Maria Elena told her.

Before she could speak again DD said, “Maria Elena, drop it, accept what your Mama had said, I had sex with her.”

“And that sounds damned ominous to me. She doesn’t say, we made love, she doesn’t even say we had sex, she says he had sex with me like she hadn’t participated, why’s that DD?”

“Semantics, no more than that.”

“I don’t think so, tell me what it means.”

“Maria Elena, I’ve asked you to drop it, accept your Mama’s explanation, that’s all I have to say about it, now maybe it would be a good idea to get back to work.”

DD started to walk out of the office.

Maria Elena grabbed his arm, “Don’t turn your back and walk away from me God damn it, I want answers.”

He turned back to her.

“Such a filthy mouth.”

“Maria Elena, the language is unacceptable but unfortunately I guess you’re right, you won’t leave it alone will you?”

“Hell no I’m not going to leave it alone, tell me.”

“Tell you what, instead of telling you why don’t I just show you?”

“Finally, I’m going to get to the truth,” she gloated.

“Oh yeas, you’re going to get the truth but I doubt you’ll like what you learn. Come along, we need to go upstairs.”

She led the way, stomping upstairs. He followed; she had such a cute bottom, perfect cheeks moving in perfect symmetry; such a shame that she had forced things this far.

She paused at the top of the staircase.

“Into the bedroom,” he directed.

He took her hand, and led her along to his chair; he sat.

“Poor girl,” he said.

“I’m really fond of you, I never wanted this to become necessary,” he said as he lowered her to his lap.

“For the profanity I’m going to give you ten strokes.”

He lowered the seat of her panties then delivered ten firm strokes to her bare bottom.

He usually let his girls keep their panties, it wasn’t out of benevolence; they served as effective hobbles if she tried to escape.

He rubbed her back and bottom, “Come little one, it’s time for you to make your own smell,” he helped her stand and led her to the bed.

He laid her on her tummy, dropped his shorts and climbed astraddle her; he lowered her panties to her knees, separated her cheeks and lubricated her liberally.

She had some experience; there was no need to start in the training position, he lifted her to her knees. Squatting behind her, poised on his haunches he guided his cock to her tight ring; “try to relax and when I press against you push like you’re trying to go Little One, it won’t be quite as bad.”

“Push,” he instructed as he thrust into her.

“Oooooooooooooooo, Noooooo, please DD you’re hurting me, no more, no more, please,” she begged.

He continued to press forward, nice tight sixteen year old bottom, he had to confess, his very favorite. He forced himself deeper as Maria Elena moaned and sobbed.

She was shaking her head violently, wailing and trying to get away.

He just gripped her hips, held her in place and started to pump, driving his cock deeper until she had accepted his full length.

“Feel me in you Maria Elena, way up in your body, how full you are.”

“Full, oh God yes, so full,” she sobbed.

His arm was wrapped around her waist, his hand on her abdomen, holding her where he wanted her, he began to pump, his cock was so far into her bowels he could actually feel his pumping in her belly. He’d never felt that before, it was an odd but, to him, erotic sensation.

As he pumped her he increased the speed and ferocity of his thrusting until he was pounding against her bottom; Maria Elena was crying onto her pillow and uttering anguished grunts and moans, he just rode her harder.

He maintained a stead hard driving pace for quite some time then shifted his weight and rose higher on his haunches, increasing his leverage. He drove into her thrusting hard and fast and erupted, spewing cum deep into her guts. He let her fall to the mattress but he rode her down continuing to fuck her until his hard-on faded. Still he left his flaccid penis in her.

He whispered to her, “Maria Elena, I like you, I take no pleasure in hurting you so please never make it necessary for this to recur.”

I’m going to pull out of you now. Just lie here until you feel a little better, I’ll have Maggie help you home then.

He cleaned up, put on a pair of shorts and went downstairs. Grabbing a beer, sitting back and relaxing his eyes followed Maggie as she worked. She was only fourteen, soon to turn fifteen but she was a girl of inordinate beauty, eye candy, he enjoyed watching her.

After he finished his beer he supposed that Maria Elena would have composed herself a little, he called Maggie over.

“Maria Elena is in my bed, I’m afraid I had to discipline her. Would you be kind enough to help her home? Please come back when you’re done.”

“Mama is taking care of her,” Maggie said when she came back.

“Good, let’s get finished up here, I think maybe just launder the bed linens and we’ll be done. Strip my bed, put on clean bedding and wash the soiled things and you’re done, okay?”


Maggie took care of her chore, the washer was running and she was sitting with DD, she was drinking a Coke as they both relaxed, she asked, “What is that smell in your room. Marin Elena smelled that way and so do your sheets?”

With an enigmatic smile DD answered, “Sweet Maggie, pray you never have to learn.”

His smile and his answer gave her a little shiver, like someone walking on her grave.

“I haven’t gotten to know you very well, tell me about you and your plans.”

She smiled; this was obviously something she was very proud of.

“I told you before I want to be an attorney. I have very good grades, straight A’s, if I work hard I think I can be valedictorian in my senior year but to get into the best schools it takes more than just grades. Community service, participation in extra circular activities, things like that are important; I, of course am Latina and bi-lingual, that will help a little.”

“Are you doing anything toward these things?”

“I help our church youth group with feeding the homeless at the shelter, right now that’s all.

“Are you participating in any athletics, anything like that?”

“No but I want to, I just don’t know what.”

“I have some thoughts. Do you ride?”

“No, I’ve never been on a horse.”

“I’m going to buy some horses, would you want to learn, maybe participate in equestrian events.”

She smiled, “That sounds like it would be fun, yes, I would like to learn.”

“We have a Sheriff’s youth auxiliary, young people that assist in searches and things like that, maybe you’d be interested, it only requires one weekend a month.”

“Yes, yes, it is these kind of things I need to do.”

“Let me work on it for you. You’re what, fourteen?”

Proudly she said, “My Quinceañera is next Saturday, has Mama not told you. Has she not invited you to my party.”

“Yes, of course, I’d forgotten; she invited me unfortunately instead of getting to view young ladies in all of their finery I have to be in the Capitol for the annual State Sheriff’s Association dinner. It will be boring but as a new Sheriff I feel obligated to attend. I would much prefer to be there when you go from girl to woman Maggie, I really would.”

She gave him a little moue, “I am disappointed.”

“Not nearly so much as me,” he told her.

The washer had stopped; she went to transfer the laundry to the dryer.

DD thought: this girl is special; friendly, smart, attractive and such a pleasure to be around, he’d do all he could to forward her ambitions.

He would make time the following Saturday before he left for the dinner, time to give Magdalena his very special Quinceañera gift. He became erect at the thought.

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