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Daddy bear takes a boy for his pleasure.
My lungs tingled as I exhaled the bitter smoke. Hands trembling as I passed the joint back to Tony. My nerves were on edge, being this was going to be my first experience with another man. It was something I had been fantasizing about for the last few years. Dreaming of a thick cock to play with. A big man to hold me, kiss me, explore my body. And I finally found one I liked.
Tony was every bit a masculine bear. The 43 year old man stood an impressive 6'4", 250lbs, covered with coarse hair, shaved head, thick bull neck, salt and pepper goatee. He was the picture of a forceful man. His thick, meaty fingers gently took the joint from my much smaller, more delicate fingers. "Good, isn't it?" he asked in his husky baritone voice. He put what was left of the joint to his lips and inhaled deeply. I nervously nodded my head in agreement. Tony leaned forward and put the roach in an ashtray as he exhaled. "Relax, son. We're here to have a good time." He slipped his arm around my shoulders and pulled me closer to him. It felt amazingly comforting to be craddled against his broad chest.

"I know...just...just a little nervous." I said weakly.

Tony just smiled down and squeezed me with his meaty arm. "Awwww, my boys nervous, smoking pot with his Dad!" Followed by a burly chuckle. He was really into the Dad/Son roleplay. It was something we had both agreed was hot when we met online. Definitely one reason I was so turned on by him. "Ohhh, thats a solid shoulder there, son. You work out?"

I had a pretty slim build, only 5'9", about 155lbs. Very fit though. "Yeah. I hit the gym 'bout 3 or 4 times a week."

Tony pulled his left leg up onto the couch as he turned his body towards mine. His leg in between us, he put his hands on either shoulder and began squeezing and feeling, grabbing my shoulders and biceps. "Oh yeah. That's tight. Bet you got a nice little six pack, too."

As a matter of fact, I did. "Haha, Yeah, I guess so." My mind was buzzing from the pot. I was having a hard time concentrating, my mind reeling. But not Tony, he seemed to have gotten extremely horny. His hands kept roaming around my body.

He was massaging my abs when he asked, "How ya feelin'? Little buzzed?"

"Definitely." I replied. "Kind of spacing out."

"My boy. Little light weight! Hahahaha!" he bellowed. As his laughter died his hand remained on my stomach. "I love your body. It gets me real hot. I can almost count you six pack with my fingers." He traced his way around my abs with his finger tips.

"I like your hands on me." After hearing that his hand move around my waist and pulled me close to him, pinned my body up against his. My crotch pressing against his belly. Our chests together, face to face. He nuzzled his nose against my cheek and brushed his lips across mine. I closed my eyes as he began to suck on my lower lip. He used his lips to open mine, his tongue flicking across my gums. He was a surprisingly gentle kisser. Mean while his hands move around my lower back, pulling my shirt up. One hand found its way down the back of my pants. That big rough mitt squeezing and kneading my ass. I opened my mouth and Tony seized the opportunity. Thrusting his tongue into my mouth, exploring it. His middle finger found its way between my cheeks and pressed on my hole.

A little panicked, my hands on his shoulders pushed us apart, breaking our embrace. I didn't really want it to stop, I was just surprised, as no one had ever touched me there. But that wasn't going to stop Tony. "Now, now, boy. Just let Daddy pleasure you." His hand in my pants reached down and gripped my grundle area. He lift me and pressed me close to him. In one strong, forceful, motion he was on top of me. He went right back to kissing me. I was a little worried about how cavalier he was with my body, but I was quickly overwhelmed with a strong sexual desire to be his. His ability to take me was exactly why I was attracted to him.

He laid on top of me and we kissed. It seemed like we kissed for a long time. Lips caressing each other, tongues wrestling, exploring. Tony broke our embrace and began kissing his way down to my chest, while his hands pushed my shirt up my body. He kissed my smooth skin, flicking my nipples with his tongue. Sending shivers down my spine. Suddenly, I realized where I was, what I was doing. My head swimming from the pot. I put my hand on my head and mumbled, "God, I'm high."

Tony stopped and sat up. "Hmmm, maybe you need to come down a bit. How 'bout a father-son shower?"

I really didn't know how to respond to that. I was second guessing my decison to come here. But I was reminded about how long I had dreamed of this. How much nerved it took me to come here. I couldn't back down now. "Yeah? That"

"Yeah it does, boy." He got off the couch, his massive frame standing over me. "Lets go, son."

I followed him to his spacious bathroom. He had a large glass shower. Mark leaned in and turned the water on. The glass cube quickly filled with steam. As I was looking around his bathroom, Mark pressed himself up against my back. For the first time I felt that unmistakable bulge in his pants as it was rubbing against my back and ass. He reached down and pulled my shirt up. I raised my arms to accommodate. My shirt thrown to the ground, Tony's big arms encircled me. His left hand rubbing my torso, the right reached down and began massaging my cock through my pants. Rubbing me hard and fast while he kissed my neck. I reached up and wrapped my arms around his neck and moaned.

Then, both his hands moved to my belt. In a few swift motions I felt the cool bathroom air rush to meet my naked genitals. His hands moved to my shoulders as he took a step back. Looking down he let out a low whistle. "Nice ass." Tony said while admiring me. "Put your hands on the sink." He said with a commanding air to his voice. My mind raced as I hurried to obey. Was this it? Is he going to take me? I wondered. Leaning on the counter I waited for him to spread me. But it didn't come. I looked over my shoulder to see Mark standing there, kneading an enourmous bulge through his pants. His eyes glued to my ass. It was smooth and hairless, just like we had talked about.

Deciding to tease him I began to shift my weight from one foot to the other. Swaying my ass from side to side, letting one hip dip then popping my ass back up. Tony's hand darted out and slapped me hard on the right cheek. "Get in the shower, boy." I turned, stepped out of my crumpled pants, and brushed by Tony. Walking on my toes I kissed him, our tongues mingled. His open hand made hard contact with my ass. Squeezed, then shoved me towards the shower. "Get in there, boy." Tony commanded. "Get real nice and wet for me."

Opening the shower door I paused, half in the shower, "Yes...Daddy." And I turned and stepped in to the wet, steamy, embrace of the hot shower. I walked into the stream and put my hands against the wall. Letting the water wash over me. It wasn't long before I heard the soft metallic clink of the shower door opening behind me. The sloshing of big feet on the wet tile floor. I could feel his massive presence behind me. Bending at the waist, hands on the wall, arms outstretched. Legs spread, wet nubile body glistening in the water. Daring him to make a move.

I felt a pair of big thighs brush my own. A firm belly resting on top of my ass. His rough, strong, hands gripped my hips. He tilted his pelvis forward and straightened his legs. Bringing his massive cock up under my own. My thin legs spread left a vacant spot where they met my body. Tony's cock filled that space. Easily. My balls rested on his smooth shaft. As I looked down I could see his throbbing erection under my own meager one. Running parallel to my cock, supporting it. I stood up straight, leaned back against Tony's chest. Beginning to undulate my hips hips, caressing his cock with my ass. It didn't yield an inch to my soft body. His thick shaft just pushed its way between my cheeks. He could have lifted me with that raging hard-on.

Tony's hands grabbed my hips again. "Yeah, boy. Ride Daddy's dick!" He began pulling be towards him hard and fast. Bouncing me off is big belly.

"Ooooo, Daddy!" I moaned.

Suddenly, he pulled his cock out from under me, causing me to stumble. As if the chair I was sitting on was suddenly removed. Tony quickly grabbed my arm and threw me up against the right hand wall. He was on me quickly one hand on the back of my neck, pinning me to the shower wall. The thumb of his other hand spreading my ass cheek, pulling it away from the other. His massive cock head intuitively found my quivering opening. "Now I'm gonna show you what it means to take Daddy's dick!" He said in my ear. He began to push.

I was terrified. In the lustfull state he was in he'd tear me apart with that monster. "Ohhhh....oooo...ddd...Dddaddddyyyyy..." was all I could muster.

He paused. His head not half way in my straining ass. Into my ear he whispered, "You've never sucked a man's dick before. Have you?" He already knew the answer. "No, no. You haven't." He said thoughtfully. "I want you to taste the first load I give you. Hows that sound?"

"Yes, Daddy! I want to taste you!" I replied. Relieved that he wasn't going to split me in two. Yet.

"Good. I have a big load for you, son. Besides, we still have business to take care of."

I had no idea what he meant. He leaned over and grabbed a bar of soap off the wall. His raging cock still pinning me to the wall. Lathering his hands he gave mini thrusts, driving himself into me. Amusing himself with his dominance. Reaching one soapy hand around me he grabbed my cock and began forcefully stroking me. Each down stroke pushed me into his cock, shoving more of his enormous mushroom into me. I grunted and moaned as he drove into me, stretching my soft ass. Each stroke on my cock caused more pain. I could feel myself being stretched wider and wider, until suddenly his bell end was inside me. It was an odd feeling. Kind of a relief. I felt almost a little triumphant, that he hadn't killed me. "Ummmmmmm" he moaned as he flexed his cock inside me.

Both his hands went to my ass. Spreading my cheeks he withdrew his cock. I relaxed. That's when he slipped his finger inside me. All the way. Pumping in and out, fingering my hole. It felt so strange, this thick finger stroking my velvet hole. He buried his finger in me to the knuckle. That was when he began massaging what I can only guess was my prostate. I let out a forceful "Uhhhh." The feeling was incredible. There was a pressure in my cock, feeling like an uncontrollable orgasm was building. He added a second finger. I moaned some more. "That's a mighty tight hole you have there, son." Tony said, in a cruel mocking tone. I moaned again in agreement.

He pulled his fingers out and washed them in the streaming water. I quickly turned around before he could penetrate me again. Sullen, slightly defeated, feeling completely submissive, I looked down. Only to see his massive cock pointing up at me. It was BIG. Over 8 inches, definitely. Thick and raging. I wasn't sure I could get my whole hand around it. Big blue veins running the length of his shaft. I was astounded that big mushroom tip was able to get inside me.

"Here." Tony barked. The bar of soap in his outstretched hand. "Take it." he commanded. "And wash Daddy's cock."

I took the bar and dropped to my knees. His throbbing member still pointing up to where I had been. As I got closer I could see he was wearing a cock ring. That was how his hard-on stayed so full this whole time. His cock and balls were smooth and hairless. Which was a heavy contrast to the coarse hair that covered the rest of his body. The forest of hair resumed right where his cock met his body. I got my hands nice and soapy, and gingerly reached for his cock. I wrapped one hand around his head the other around his shaft and began stroking. It felt good in my hands. Natural. Stroking his cock was like holding a baseball bat. Smooth and unyielding.

"Damn, boy. You were born to worship cock." When I looked up, innocence incarnate, he was smiling down at me. Pinching his own nipple as I massaged him. "That's enough." he commanded. "I could shoot in your face right now." He reached down and grabbed me by the arm, pulling me to my feet. Tony hugged me, and carried me into the water with him. We kissed under the stream until he reached one hand around and torqued the knob. Shutting off the water.

He gave me on last lingering kiss before turning to open the shower door and step out. When I stepped out into the humid air Tony handed me a towel. As we stood there drying ourselves I stared at his cock. So big and powerful. I knew I had to pleasure that monster tonight. At this point it was clear I didn't have a choice. As I stood staring he stepped towards me and threw one powerful arm around my waist, finger between my cheeks then in my ass. Tony smiled at me, then propelled me forward to the door leading to his bedroom. "Get in there, boy!"

I stumbled into his bedroom and stopped in front of his bed. I turned to face him. Tony strolled in drying his cock and balls with his towel. He stopped in front of me. "Time to suck Daddy's dick." I hesitated. Towering over me, Tony put one big hand on my shoulder and firmly pushed me to my knees. His hand moved to my face, thumb pushing its way into my mouth. "I know you want to please Daddy, boy." I turned my head toward his hand and gently began to suck his thumb. It was a big turn-on to be treated like this man's little fuck toy.

He removed his thumb and gently cupped my face, looking down adoringly. Tony moved his hand up the side of my head and pushed his fingers into my hair. His grip tightened. Using my hair as a handle he jerked my head back so I was looking up at him. With his left hand he gripped the base of his throbbing prick. He pointed his cock up and smiled down at me. Then brought his cock down hard and fast, with a resounding smack on my lips. It stung and I tried to pull away but he had a firm grip on my head. He continued bouncing his cock off my pursed lips while giving me a cruel grin. "Yeah! My little fuck boy looks so cute with his Daddy's cock all over his lips!" Tony rubbed the head of his cock back and forth over my lips.

"Stick out your tongue boy." I obediently stuck out my tongue, and his cock began bouncing and grinding on my soft pink tongue. I wanted so badly to lean forward and wrap my lips around his thick, pulsing head, if only to stop his abuse. But again, his grip was to tight and he held me where I was. He was enjoying his control over me while he rubbed his cock all over my mouth.

"Tell Daddy how much you want his cock."

"I...I want it in mouth." I'd never said that out loud before. It was strangely liberating. I decided to give in to this submissive cock pleasing desire and let loose with all my nasty pent-up thoughts. "I want Daddy's cock in my mouth! I want it bad!" I felt like a cheap slut. But it felt so good. "Give it to me Daddy! I want to suck you off! Cum in my mouth! Please, Daddy."

I could tell he was pleased by the wicked smile on his face. "That's a good boy." He pulled his cock up against his big belly. "Lick Daddy's balls, boy." And he pulled me in close to him.

Gently I began licking and cupping his balls. Taking them into my mouth one a time and suckling them. I moved my hands up his hairy legs. Allowing one hand to move up and grab his hairy, muscular ass. The other I move to Tony's shaft and began to rub it. He removed his hand and allowed me to stroke him. He grunted and groaned pinching his own nipples again.

"Its time for you to suck Daddy's dick."

With his permission I brought his cock down level and began licking and kissing my way up his shaft. When finally I reached the head I pulled back and prepared myself. I was finally going to attempt to satisfy a man. Hopefully satiate this oral fixation of mine. If only for a while. I rested the head of his cock on the tongue of my open mouth and squeezed his shaft. A sweet drop of precum leaked out onto my tongue. A little preview of the big finale. I closed my lips around his swollen head in expectation. The ridges of his head were exhilarating in my mouth. I let my tongue flick at the the underside of his cock, tickling his sensitive spot. Tony gave a mild grunt at my exploration. Pressing my tongue flat against his head I began pushing it back and forth massaging him. He moaned his pleasure.

There was so much I wanted to explore about giving head. I tried the next thing on my list and began sucking on his cock. As I sucked I pulled more of his cock into my mouth. I pulled my mouth further down his shaft. But it wasn't time for that just yet. I sucked at his cock, moving myself back and forward on his head. I stopped sucking and held his head in my mouth. With my tongue I pushed all put the tip out. Then sucked him back in. I did this again and again. Sucking and pushing, until I decided it was time to take him deeper.

As I sucked his head back into my mouth I slid my lips further down his shaft. Pulled back to his head, then sucked my self back down. Going deeper this time. It wasn't long before I began gagging myself. I pulled his cock out of my mouth and began rubbing his sloppy wet head with my hand. I looked up at Tony and asked "Am I doing well, Daddy?"

"Yeah, boy. Daddy's gonna nut in your mouth. You wanna taste my nut, boy?"

"Oh yes, Daddy! Please give it to me!"

"Then take it deep."

Looking up into Tony's eyes I relaxed my throat and opened wide. Sliding his cock into my mouth and down my throat. I was had little more than half his cock down before I couldn't take him any deeper. It was like my throat was too small for his raging cock. With a firm grip on his ass I closed my eyes and pulled him further into me. He moaned loudly as the soft tissue of my throat slid along his sensitive head. I was had little more of his cock down my throat before I felt I couldn't get him any further. I was about to pull back when I felt Tony's hands slide around the back of my head and grip firmly. He took a step back, taking my head with him. I was on my knees and had to put my hands on his thighs to keep from falling forward.

"Now, relax that throat, boy."

I did my best to relax and take a deep breath. Tony began pulling my mouth toward him and thrusting his cock slowly down my throat. He quickly triggered my gag reflex but showed no signs of stopping. I closed my eyes and tried to remain calm and keep from gagging as he pushed further into me. The feeling never went away but only became more bearable. My eyes were squeezed shut trying control my gag reflex, when I felt something tickling my nose. I opened my eyes to see my face being pushed into his pelvis. He didn't stop until my jaw was stretched around his base and my lips were pressed deep into his pubic hair.

Tony gave a short grunt, grabbed my hair and pulled my mouth off his cock. I gasped in breath with the time I was granted. His cock was slick and wet with my spit. A thin line drooped from the tip of his cock to my mouth.

"Again." He commanded. I obediently opened my mouth and his hand resumed pushing me back down on his cock. This time he did it much faster. Pushing his cock all the way down my throat. Tony used his left hand to grab my hair and control my mouth while his right pinched his nipple. He would pull my mouth up his shaft then push me back down. Grinding my face into his belly each time.

"Oh, Yeah! Daddy loves fucking his boy's face! Ooooooooooooooo!" He was now holding my head in place and thrusting into my mouth. Now with both hands on my head he was fucking wildly. My eyes watering as he abused my throat. Suddenly his breath caught, his body stiffened. I thought it would be impossible but his cock expanded. Grew harder, like an actual piece of wood in my mouth. Tony was groaning and grunting while he held my mouth on his cock. I heard a little squeek of air escape his mouth. Then I felt it. In the back of my throat. First it was a high pressure squirt, then a torrent. Like a gieser going off in my mouth. And it was hot. His semen erupted into my throat in a big spurt. It was so thick I could feel it sticking to the back of my throat.

But there was no time to dwell on that first cum dump, because Tony pulled his cock out my throat so his head was in my mouth. While exhalling Tony grunted, "Taste it, boy! Taste it!" With a firm grip on my head he moved my mouth back and forth, feverishly, over his head and upper shaft. Using my mouth to continue getting him off. And he just kept cumming. Enormous spurt after enormous spurt. His hot, thick, spunk shot into my mouth. I was struggling to swallow it all. I could deep throat his whole thick member but I felt like I was going to choke on his rich, creamy spunk.

Slowly his ejaculate shot less and less. Tony's breath evened out and he let go of my head. He withdrew his cock from my mouth and stumbled back into a soft arm chair. I was still on my knees looking at him. With my finger I collected the cum from my chin and put it in my mouth.

Tony grumbled, "Mmmm. Come clean Daddy's cock." There was cum dripping down his shaft and balls. I shuffled forward and began licking cum off his balls and shaft. His cock was still hard. "Mmmm, good boy. Are you horny, son?"

Our encounter had left me rock hard. "Yes, Daddy."

"Stand up." I did as told. My hard cock pointing right at Tony. I had nice 7" cut and thick, twink cock. No where near as big as Tony's, but a nice piece none the less. Tony leaned forward and took me into his mouth in one swift motion.

I gasped, "Oh, Daddy! Yes!" His hands began to aggressively knead my ass, his fingers pushing on my hole. Tony's mustache and beard tickled and scratched my shaft as he sucked me. He put his hands on my hips and roughly pushed me away. I stumbled back into the bed an caught myself. Tony stood up, towering over me, cock still hard as a rock.

"Get on the bed." He commanded. I scrambled up and sat on the bed as Tony went to the nightstand by the bed. He produced two things; a bottle of lube and a dildo. The rubber dick looked a like an average cock. Maybe 7" long and thick, a lot like mine. Very life like and covered in veins. With dildo in hand he walked over and stood in front of me. He brought his face close to mine and reached one hand around the back of my head. He kissed me roughly. Pushing my face into his. Grabbing a fistful of my hair he yanked my head back. Tears stung my eyes. His face close to mine he said, "You're my cock sucking slut. Not the other way around. Got it?"

His authority was scaring me. And exciting me. "Yes Sir." I stammered. He squatted down in front of me. He grabbed my hips and pulled me forward so my ass was hanging off the bed. Grabbing the underside of my thighs he pushed my legs up into the air. My ass completely exposed to him he began lick my asshole. Probing with his tongue and nibbling the skin around my hole. It was unlike anything I had experienced before. He began using his tongue to lick the entire length of my ass. When he'd had his fill on my ass he dropped my legs and spread lube all over the fingers on his left hand. He rubbed my asshole with his slick fingers. Then he entered me. Tony fingered my roughly, causing my hips to buck and slide around. His right hand grasped my cock at the base and began jacking.

"You love this, you little slut boy!" His fingers left my ass as he lerched forward. His mouth pinned my cock to my stomach as he sucked and licked at my shaft and head. Then I felt the hard, slick, rubber head of the dildo pressed to my hole. He rubbed it back and forth a few times, then with little ceremony he inserted a good five inches of the dildo in my ass.

"Ohhhh!" I gasped. Tony's mouth came off my cock at the sound.

"Yeah, take it, boy!"

My cock sprung up and be began sucking me. His blowjob was as wet and wild as the ass fucking he was giving me. The whole thing was quite amazing. Over whelming, actually. I'd never received so much stimulation before. The dildo was plunging into the depths of my ass. I was aware of it prodding that something inside that produced an intense urge, or sensation, again in my penis. I could only imagine it was my prostate. The dildo stopped moving and began pushing and massaging at my prostate. At the same time Tony's mouth moved to the head of my cock and began sucking and rubbing with his tongue. There was and intense and uncontrollable orgasm building in my cock. Tony must have felt it because his mouth left my cock and his hand massaged my sensitive head.

"Oh Daddy! I'm gonna cum!" I yelled.

"Cum for Daddy, boy!"

My back arched as I shot a hot, white jet of cum into the air. Only to have it splatter all over my chest. Tony kept massaging my head and prostate, and I kept shooting. Making a hot, sticky mess. Totally spent my back dropped to the bed. My cum covered chest heaving. Tony squeezed the last drops of cum from cock, then removed the dildo from my ass and let it fall to the floor. He stood up and licked the cum from his hand.
"Mmmm. Boy." He said, savoring my cum. He lowered his head to my stomach and began licking the cum from my body. Working his way up to my chest, stockpiling my cum in this mouth. Tony was laying firmly on top of me. His big body pinning me down. Rock hard cock resting on my stomach. It felt like a hot iron on my skin. He was propped up on his left elbow, hand cupping the top of my head. His right hand brushing his fingers lovingly over my face. He kissed me. Gently, but forcefully. The load of cum he had saved up in his mouth was now dumped into my mouth. His tongue pushing cum on to mine, rubbing it on my teeth and gums. I had no choice but to taste and swallow my own cum.

"Do you like your cum, boy?"

I didn't really know how to answer that. His cum was thick and potent. Mine was thin, by comparison, and sweeter. I thought maybe I'd tease him. "I like yours better, Daddy."

A wicked grin split his mouth. "Well, there's plenty more where that came from." He kissed me again. Rough and hard. His hand went to my neck and he kissed me all over my face as if I were his property. He kissed my eyes and licked the sweat off my forehead. Grunting and thrusting, his cock and balls pushed against my body as he dry humped me. One of his knees found its way between my legs. Then the other. Tony shifted his weight to his knees and spread his legs, spreading mine with them. He shifted his weight back and positioned his cock between my legs. With his right hand Tony rubbed his cock in between my still slick cheeks.

"Feels like my boy's wet for Daddy cock." Kissing and biting the skin on my neck he said, "You've been waiting for this. Haven't you?"

Now it was clear. He was going to fuck me.

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