Paul the new kid on the block comes into our life.
The month of July turned out to be a very hot month what with muggy temperatures well into the 90’s and all the intense hot fun Terri and I were having. After she gave me my first blowjob at the lake, I wanted one everyday. Terri being the friend she was gave me what I wanted as well.

At the same time in July, our bodies were going through changes as well. The changes were not only physically but mentally as well. Physically I was growing into a young man and mentally I was falling in love with Terri. Sure, it was only puppy love, as at that age I did not know what love was. However, there was one hurdle standing in my way with falling in love with Terri. That being Terri herself.

For the life of me, I could not understand that girl. I mean we were experimenting sexually and we kissed each other more than our parents kissed each other. Yet anytime I mentioned anything about her being my girlfriend or me being her boyfriend. Terri would either laugh it off or get angry with me.

“JOHN, I told you before we are very close best friends and that is all,” Terri would yell if I bugged her to much about it.

At the time, I did not really care what we were as long as we were having fun. My brother left for the Marines around the middle of July. My mom cried all day long before he left. I told my brother he had better not get lost in the jungles of Vietnam or I would have to come find him.

“You don’t worry about me bro,” “I will be OK,” my brother told me.

He reached between his mattress and he pulled out all of his dirty magazines. He handed them to me as he told me they are mine now. I stashed them between my mattresses as he watched me.

“I don’t know why you need those for anyways, you got your girlfriend Terri,” my brother laughingly said to me as he placed me in a headlock rubbing his fist into my head.

My mom and dad drove him and his girlfriend to the airport while I stayed at home. The reason I stayed at home was that the airport was over 3 1/2 hours away and the car was full. My mom wanted my uncle to come over and stay with me. However, my dad told her that I was big enough to be on my own. Cool I thought about 7 hour alone time with Terri. They no sooner pulled from the driveway than I got on the phone to Terri.

“You can come over now,” I told her on the phone.

It seemed like I had no sooner hung up the phone than Terri was walking into the kitchen. We sat down at the kitchen table; Terri told me that she had seen my parents and my brother leaving.

“Your brother is very brave,” Terri said.

“I guess so but you don’t have a choice of whether to be or not when they draft you,” I replied.

“I am sure he will be safe,” Terri said. “After all he taught us how to play army and we are dam good at it,” Terri added with a smile.

“Yeah he did and we are,” I replied. “But how about we play battleship now, I will be the ship and you blow the hell out of me,” I added giving her a smile.

Terri stood up and she took a hold of my hand as she said, “I will but you have to promise me something first John,” looking very seriously at me.

“What is that?” I asked.

“Promise me that you will never play army for real,” Terri said with a sad look in her eyes.

“Why?” I asked.

“Because I could not bear not having you around,” Terri replied looking sadder.

That was just how she drove me nuts sometimes back then. She did not think of us as boyfriend and girlfriend but she did not want me to leave her. I promised her I would never join the army or leave her alone.

I really only told her that so I could play battleship with her. I thought to myself that I see why my uncle and his friends had told me that women would drive you fucking nuts. As they would say, “Women can’t live with them, can’t live with out them.”

I walked Terri into the living room still holding her hand. I wrapped my arms around her and I kissed her lightly on her lips as I pulled her body against mine. I loved feeling her boobs pressing against my chest. I was about ready to push her down onto the couch.

“NO not here John lets do it in your bed,” Terri said giving me a big smile.

I shook my head OK and off to my bedroom we went. We both jumped up onto my bed. We were soon rolling around on top of each other as we had that day up in the woods only we had our clothes on now. Terri ended up on top on me and as she pinned my arms back.

“I have a couple new things to show you,” Terri said smiling wickedly. “Get undressed and I will show you,” She added.

I dam near caused her to fall off the bed as I got out from under her. I had to grab her or she would have. I had my shirt, shorts, underwear and socks off even before she started to unsnap her pants. I jumped back up onto my bed lying on my side with my hard cock dancing in my hand.

Terri stood beside the bed and she slowly removed her shorts. I was watching her as she did. I started with looking into that lovely, sweet innocent face of hers. Terri eyes sparkled as she looked toward me as she removed her shorts. How could her eyes sparkle as they did when she looked at me and yet not want to be my girlfriend? I thought as I gazed into those lovely eyes.

Terri took her shorts off and she bent over beside the bed. I think this was the first time I really noticed her butt. Her ass looked lovely even in her thin white cotton panties. Her ass filled out the back of her panties as she bent over. Her lovely butt cheeks and that crack showed through her thin panties. My cock started to twitch more as I watched her undress.

Terri turned back around and she saw that I was staring at her and she asked, “Why are you looking at me that way, John?”

“Just because each time I look at you,” “You get more beautiful than the last time my eyes fell upon you,” I replied romantically.

Terri stood there just looking at me then suddenly she busted up laughing as she said, “You need to stop watching Love American Style.” Some of you may remember that show from the late 60’s and early 70’s.

Once again, she had shot down my attempt to let me into her heart. However, my cock soon took over as Terri removed her shirt. She was standing beside the bed in her panties and her bra. I believe she was due for a new bra as it looked like her tits were too large for the small one she was wearing. Terri removed her bra freeing those lovely young tits of hers. They gave a little bounce as they fell into view.

Back then, I did not know that you would call her tits puffy. I preferred to call them derby tits. As her tits were like a derby hat, nice and round mounds with a derby hats on top, which her nipples sat on. Her nipples got instantly hard as they hit the air.

“I have something else to show you John,” Terri said as she stepped out of her panties.

Terri came over to me standing right next to my face as she pointed down to her pussy. She told me to look closely as she pointed to little stubs of hair starting to come in all over the top of her pussy. Terri took the finger she was pointing out her hair with and she rubbed it down over her pussy lips.

“This is fingering my pussy,” Terri said as she rubbed her finger on her pussy. “This is how a woman jacks off,” She added.

“Did you learn that from one of those magazines?” I asked as I started to rub my own cock.

“No, I heard my mom moaning the other day in her bedroom,” Terri replied smiling from ear to ear.

Terri stood there rubbing at her pussy as she told me about seeing her mom playing with her pussy. I told Terri to climb into bed and tell me all about it. Terri climbed into my bed but she lay with her head at my feet. She told me that way I could watch her and I would know how to rub her pussy just the right way.

Terri told me that her mom was moaning softly on the bed when she looked in. She told me that there was her mom rubbing at her pussy with her fingers. Terri told me that her mom drew her knees up as she watched her slip one finger up inside of herself. Terri drew her own knees up as she parted her legs giving me a nice view of her pussy.

I watched as Terri’s finger parted her own pussy lips as she slipped it up side or herself. Terri moaned softly as her finger entered. She told me that she watched her mom run her finger in and out of her pussy as she squirmed on her bed. Terri was now running her own finger in and out of her pussy.

I stopped jacking on my cock as I rather flipped myself down between her legs. I told her I wanted to see up close what was going on. Terri was sliding her finger in and out of her pussy at a steady pace now. She was moaning loudly as she did. Terri slipped another finger up inside her pussy and she went to town on herself.

Terri could not tell me anymore about her mom as her finger fucking was starting to get to her. Terri was breathing heavily and her tits were heaving up and down. Her nipples were sticking straight up and were hard as little pebbles. Terri ran her other hand to one of her tits where she tweaked her nipple. Suddenly I saw her thighs start to shake as she plunged her two fingers deeper and faster in and out of her pussy.

“AHHHHh JOHN,” Terri moaned out loudly.

I felt my own cock jerking and throbbing as I watched her have an orgasm. At first, I was a little worried when she started to flop around on the bed as I thought that maybe she had hurt herself or something. However, I soon realized it was pleasure she was giving herself as I watched her eyes roll up into her head.

Terri just laid there shaking a little as she with withdrew her fingers from her pussy. I could see that her fingers were all shiny and wet. I moved in closer to her fingers that were resting on her pussy. I had my nose right by her fingers. The smell was like that sticky stuff that was all over my stomach that day from us rolling around naked together in the woods.

I do not know why I did it but I stuck out my tongue and I licked at her fingers. I took them both into my mouth as I sucked on them. Terri raised her head up and she smiled at me as I sucked at her fingers. Terri pulled her fingers from my mouth.

That left me staring down at her young wet open pussy. Her pussy lips were sticky with juices. I moved my face closer breathing in the aroma of her pussy. I started to lick at her pussy with my tongue. I licked at her pussy lips one at a time. Then I just started to lap up and down on her whole pussy with my tongue.

I was lapping at it like a dog laps up water from his water dish. I noticed that my tongue would hit this little bump at the top of her pussy every now and then. When it did, Terri seemed to jump a little. I pushed my tongue against it; I was stabbing my tongue at it when I heard Terri let out a little yelp. I pulled my face from between her legs to look at her.

When I did, Terri raised her head off the bed as she said, “Don’t stop John, do that some more,” giving out a series of moans as well.

I put my face back down between her legs. I licked wildly at her whole pussy. I used my hands to pull her pussy lips apart as I buried my tongue up inside of it. Terri moaned as I felt her hands going to the back of my head. As I licked at her pussy, Terri used her hands to pull and push my face all around her pussy.

My tongue found that bump again and I noticed it had gotten bigger and harder. I swear it looked almost like a tiny dick. I flicked my tongue at it a few times before I sucked it into my mouth. Terri started to pull my face tightly into her pussy as she squirmed and moaned loudly.

“AHH John, what are you doing?” Terri moaned out as she shook on the bed.

I could not answer her as she had a death grip on my head. I tried to pull my face away from her pussy but she held it fast and tight. I realized I could not breathe as she was cutting my air off by pulling my face into her pussy. I managed to pull my head away as she loosened her grip. I sat up in the bed catching my breath.

“HEY I could not breathe you know,” I cried out at her.

I saw that she was laying there with a very funny look on her face. She looked like she had a glow about her, she was breathing hard and she was flush. I asked her if she was OK.

“John, that felt really good,” “You made my whole body tingle from head to toe,” Terri said as she looked toward me smiling.

Terri sat up as she said, “Your turn,” as she pushed me down on to my back.

Terri got on her hands and knees beside me. I watched her tits sway as she went down on my dick. Terri licked at just the head of my dick. My pre-cum was stringing from her lips each time she pulled off my dick. Terri engulfed my dick into her mouth as she started to go up and down with her head.

She would suck in her cheeks each time she got to the top of my dick. Christ my fucking toes would curl each time she did that. She sucked at my cock for only about five minutes. Terri’s tits were almost rolling as she worked her head quickly up and down my dick. Terri sucked at my cock once more very hard as her lips wrapped around the head of my cock.

“AHHHHHHHH FUCK,” I yelled out.

My cock throbbed once before it started to shoot its load. My eyes went closed and I fought to open them again as I wanted to warn Terri I was going to shoot. I tried to hold it back as my cock started to jerk. However, it was to late my cock was shooting ribbons of cum out before I could do anything or warn her.

I heard Terri start to choke, and then she was gagging. She pulled her head off my dick as cum dribbled from her mouth. Well it was more as if it flowed from her mouth. I realized then she had taken the full blast into her mouth. Terri looked at me as she wiped the sticky white stuff from her lips and her mouth.

“John, next time warn me,” Terri said as she wiped at her mouth with the back of her hand.

“Sorry I could not say anything as it felt to good,” I replied looking shyly at her.

Terri crawled up to me on her knees. She wrapped her arms around me and she kissed me deeply on my lips. I started to kiss her back. I could taste some of my own cum on her mouth as we kissed. Soon our tongues were roaming in our mouths. Terri broke our kiss as she laid her head on my shoulder as she squeezed me tightly with her arms.

“John I do so enjoy being with you,” Terri moaned out softly.

I had to fight my impulse to ask her if that meant she was my girlfriend. However, I held my tongue for I did not want to ruin the moment. We took a short rest and got something to drink. Then Terri told me that in the magazine she had read and saw that we could do each other together in what she called a “69.” We were soon rolling around in bed until we locked in a 69.

We played for over two hours before we stopped. We got dressed and we sat out in the kitchen playing some cards while listening to the radio. I went over to kiss Terri and right after I kissed her.

“Your face smells like my pussy,” Terri said with a laugh.

I realized then that I should probably shower before my mom and dad got back. I told Terri that we could shower together if she wanted too. She jumped at the idea. I loved soaping up her body especially those tits. She had my cock hard and throbbing as we showered. Terri had dropped the soap and when she bent over, I rather moved forward. I felt my cock slipping against her pussy lips.

“John, stop that,” Terri yelled.

“Stop what?” I asked not knowing what she was getting at.

“You know, you’re trying to stick your dick in me,” Terri replied. “I am not going to let you fuck me,” Terri added angrily.

I was not doing that but I knew I would lose the argument if I started one. Therefore, I just told her I was sorry it would not happen again. We dried each other off and got dressed again. Terri told me that she had better get back home before my parents get back. I told her we had time for one more game of battleship.

“John what ever am I going to do with you,” Terri said before she kissed me and left.

Terri was only gone about ten minutes before my parents returned home. It was a good thing that we did not have one more game of battle ship. If we had, my parents would have caught us. I could think only of my fun with Terri all night long as I watched TV with my parents.

The month of July flew by with Terri and I having fun every day. Whether it was up in our fort or down at the nearby lake. Our bodies were changing it seemed like every day as well. Terri’s tits kept getting bigger as my dick got bigger; we both got a lot more hair down below.

Terri had even got taller she was close to 5 foot 9. I sprouted up like a beanstalk as my mom kept saying, as I was almost 5 foot 11 by then. The only thing that did not change was her attitude toward us being boyfriend and girlfriend.

Midway through August while Terri and I were riding our bikes, we noticed that a new family was moving into the neighborhood. That meant her mom would be throwing a welcome to the neighborhood party that coming Saturday. The new family we found out had a boy our age and he as well as we would be starting the ninth grade when we returned to school in the fall.

I had told Terri I would help her clean up their back yard as well as mow it. I was out back mowing when I saw Terri’s mom come out onto their patio. She pulled her lounger out and she had on a swim wrap so I knew she was going to lie out in the sun. She removed her wrap just as I got close to her.

She had on a very low cut one-piece white swimsuit. Her skin was already golden brown and showed off nicely against the white suit. I had a hard time pulling my eyes from those lovely big tits of hers. However, I am glad I did, for my eyes looked down to the crotch of her swimsuit.

Her black pussy hair showed right thru her white suit. In addition, I saw what looked little two little mounds, what we call camel toe today. I turned the mower off a few feet from her. I knelt down on one knee as I made it look like I was checking something on the mower.

I was only three feet away as she lifted her foot onto the lounger. She squirted some lotion into her hand before she bend over slightly. Her big fucking tits hung down giving me a lovely view of them as she rubbed lotion onto her legs. I watched as she rubbed her lotion all over arms, then to the top of her breasts. She sat down on the lounger facing me and she motioned for me. I had to hide my boner sticking up in my pants as I went over to see what she wanted.

“John could you be a dear and rub lotion on my back,” Terri’s mom asked me.

I started to rub the lotion onto her back as she sat there. I was able to look right down her swimsuit top as I did. I rubbed the lotion down right to the beginning of her butt. When I had it rubbed in, I moved my hands to her neck and I started to massage at her neck. I massaged at her neck as I looked at her tits while standing behind her. I heard a soft moan escaping her mouth every now and then that only made my cock throb more.

“You have very skillful hands,” Terri’s mom said in a rather sexy tone.

I just kept digging my fingers into her neck as I leaned forward to gawk at her tits. Her tits were fucking huge and each time I dug my hands into her neck she moaned while leaning forward more. I was able to see both of her tits including her nipples each time that she did.

Her nipples were fat and long as they poked from her tits. I wanted to run my hands down over her shoulders to get my hands on her tits. My cock was rock hard and throbbing as I rubbed at her neck. I wished that she would just turn around and take my cock into her mouth as her daughter does.

I saw Terri coming out the back patio door. She handed her mom a glass of water or something. I was not paying attention to that as I was still looking down the top of her swimsuit. Her mom told me that was enough so I stopped.

“John, I need you to get something down for me in the garage,” Terri said as she came over grabbing me by the arm.

Terri and I were walking up between our houses she had her arm laced through mine. She stopped us about halfway up between our houses. Terri left go of my arm and she jumped dead in front of me. Terri had her face almost smack against mine.

“Were you looking down my mom’s top?” Terri asked me with a very serious look on her face.

“NO, why in the hell would you even think that?” I asked in return.

Terri stepped back from me and she brought her foot right up between my legs. Her bare foot caught me squarely in my balls. I moaned loudly as I grabbed at my balls. I fell over onto the ground cupping my aching nuts in my hands.

Terri looked down at me as she said, “That will teach you to get a boner over my mom or any other girl than me for that matter,” as she quickly walked away.

I rolled on the ground for a while until the sting went away in my balls. I was pissed about what she had done but then I remembered what she had told me, as I lie there rolling on the ground holding my balls. Terri had told me I could not get hard for anyone but her. Was she finally coming around to maybe being my girlfriend?

I went back to mowing and this time I did not pay her mom any attention. Terri even brought me over something to drink. She told me she was watching me from the window and I looked hot. She also told me that she was sorry for kicking me in my nuts but also glad that I had listened to her about checking out her mom.

“You are mine and no other woman will ever have you unless I say so,” Terri said as she walked away shaking that hot fucking little ass of hers.

At least she had not broken my dick when she had kicked me in my balls. My cock throbbed and started to get hard as I watched that ass rocking from side to side. Terri stopped a few yards from me and she looked back to me. I think she was just making sure I was checking her ass out.

My dick jumped in my pants as Terri took her finger and she started to run it in and out of her mouth as she sucked on it. It was fully hard when she walked up the back steps then turned looking at me and smiling as she jumped down each of those steps. Her tits would bounce up and down with each jump she took.

I did not know that was teasing until many years later. All I knew at the time back then was that it made me want her more. I had to readjust my cock in my shorts or I would have finished mowing their yard with a big boner.

That night we met the new kid of our neighborhood. His name was Paul he was a big kid. It was more in weight than height as I was still taller than he was by a few inches. He seemed like an OK type of a person and Terri seemed to like him right away.

The three of us went for a walk around the neighborhood. Terri and I showed him around so to speak. Paul had asked us what we did for fun around here. We told him we went bike riding, played baseball and football. I also told him we did some fishing and swimming at the lake, we were walking around at the time.

“We also do some of this,” Terri said as she gave him a little kiss on his cheek.

Paul turned a little red in his face before he said, “I may just like it here after all.”

I did not say anything the whole way back home in fact; I rather walked behind the both of them kicking at the stones on the road. Terri and Paul were talking the whole time back. They were having a good old time almost as if they had known each other for a while. We got back to the party and as we walked up to Paul’s mom and dad.

His mom asked, “What do you think of the neighborhood now?”

Paul wrapped one arm around Terri and his other around my shoulder as he replied, “I think I am going to like it here,” with a smile stretching from ear to ear across that fat fucking face of his.

I liked him up until Terri had kissed him on his cheek. He also seemed excessively friendly toward Terri after that little kiss I thought. When Paul was not around and we were alone at the side of her house, I asked Terri what she was doing kissing him even if it was only on his cheek.

“I was only making him feel welcome,” Terri said with a smile.

“Why didn’t you just push him down slut and suck his fucking cock,” I replied angrily.

A stiff right-handed fist caught me squarely on my jaw. The punch rocked my head and almost knocked me down. I turned my head back toward Terri. She was standing there with both her hands up made up into fists. I looked into her eyes and they were not sparkling. I rubbed at my jaw for a few seconds as I just stared at her. I believed she might have even loosened one of my lower teeth. Terri kept her hands up in that fighting stance until.

“Sorry Terri, I should not have said that,” I said to her. " Please forgive me," I added looking at her.

Terri dropped her hands as she came over closer to me and she wrapped her arms around me as she replied, “John don’t you ever talk to me like that again, you hear.”

I just shook my head yes, as she stood there with her arms wrapped around my neck. I wanted to tear myself from her arms and just run away. However instead I wrapped my arms around her waist as I pulled her tightly against me.

Paul walked up to us and he asked, “Do you guys want to be alone?”

Terri broke our hug as she said, “No we are good now.” Terri looked at me and she asked, “We are, aren’t we John?

“Yeah like two peas in a pod,” I replied giving up a fake smile.

Paul looked at Terri then at me as he asked, “Are you two like girlfriend and boyfriend?”

I looked at Terri and she looked at me before she turned to Paul and replied, “NO, we are so much more than that,” as she gave us both a lovely smile.

I was not for sure just what she meant by that. All that I knew was that I saw those lovely blues eyes sparkling in the moonlight. So I figured it must have meant something good. At least I hoped so.

It was not bad having Paul around as I got used to him. Terri and I would still sneak off without him to have some fun. I was still not comfortable when she would make a fuss over him. I especially hated to leave the two of them alone and I tried not too.

Soon summer was over and we all returned to school. Terri and I would walk to school while Paul’s dad or mom would drive him to school. I had told Terri one day that if he walked to school maybe he would shed a few pounds and be a fat fuck.

Terri stopped us dead in our tracks as she told me that I should not make jokes about his weight. Terri told me that it makes me a bad person to insult anyone especially behind his or her back. She also told me that I should learn to like and love everything and everyone on this green earth. Terri told me that someday when I did I would become a much happier and carefree person.

I just shook my head OK. However, I was really thinking that her hippie parents were rubbing off on her. As her dad had long hair that he wore in a ponytail and always flashing me the peace sign. Her mom would sometimes walk around with flowers painted on her face.

At the beginning of the school year, I could not walk Terri home as I had football practice after school. I had always thought she just walked home by herself. That was until I found out she was catching a ride home each day with Paul and whoever picked him up after school. I was really pissed when I found it out however I just kept my mouth closed about it.

Soon spring was here and we would be able to start going outside to have our fun. It was late April, a real nice spring day. The birds were singing, the trees were getting their leaves and the grass was turning green. Terri and I were having a good time kissing damn near every step we took on our way home from school. As we neared home, I felt Terri’s hand gripping tightly at my arm.

“Oh dear god,” She cried out looking up toward my house.

There in my driveway sat a Marine Corps vehicle. We both knew what that meant. Terri was crying as she walked up her driveway as I slowly walked up mine. Two Marines in full dress uniforms came out of our house. They stopped after walking out our door to place their caps on. They started to walk toward me and as they got to me.

“Sorry about your brother, he was a good Marine,” They both said together as they walked by me.

My dad told me that my brother died during a firefight over in Vietnam. My dad told me that the marines had told him that my brother had fought bravely and that he had saved many other Marines that day by giving up his own life. My dad hugged me as a single lone tear ran down my cheek.

I went to bed that night staring at my brother’s bed across the way. I wished he had never left it. I was also proud of him for giving up his own live to save others. I hoped to be as brave as him someday I thought as I drifted off to sleep.

I took a few days to be by myself; I did not go to school or even leave my house. We buried my brother a few days later. To me he looked like he always did lying there in his casket. To me he was in that bed across my room not dead just asleep.

Terri was at my side during his funeral. She cried as they played taps and she jumped and squeezed at my arm as each of the three volleys of rifle shots were fired. Tears flowed down from those lovely blue eyes as I held her tight when it was over.

I whispered in her ear, “I have you Terri, everything will be alright, I will never leave you” as I held her tight.

That night as Terri and I sat outside on the back swing like we used to do she took a hold of my hand as she said, “Remember your promise John,” “You will never play Army for real,” “And you will never leave me alone.”

School was soon out for the year and I could not wait to have fun with Terri. The first day of our vacation Terri put a little picnic basket together and we went to the nearby lake. She laid out a blanket and made us lunch as we sat side by side. She also pulled one of the new dirty magazines I had got and given to her. I should have known something was up that was why she had more or less wined and dined me at the lake.

“I got something to show you,” Terri said with a smile as she flipped through the pages. When she found the page, she was looking for she handed the magazine to me as she asked, “What do you think about this?”

I looked at the picture in the magazine. It showed two men and a woman in various sex acts. The woman in the pictures was jacking them both off. She was sucking their cocks together. There was even a picture of one fucking her from behind as she gave head to the other.

“It looks like fun, but who would we get to join us?” I asked as I tossed the magazine aside.

Terri placed her arms around my neck as she pulled me toward her. She kissed me lightly on my lips before she moved her lips to my ear lobe. Terri licked at my ear lobe a new trick she learned over the winter months. It drove me crazy too when she did that.

Terri whispered lightly in my ear, “I was thinking we should let Paul in on our fun,” before she went back to licking and nibbling on my ear lobe.

I was about to blow my stack at her when she whispered into my ear, “You will have to fuck me today to start getting me used to a cock in my pussy.”

“Are you serious Terri?” I asked looking dumbfounded.

“Yes I think two guys enjoying my body would feel great,” Terri replied smiling at me.

“NO, I mean about me fucking you,” I said looking deep into her eyes.

Terri’s eyes sparkled in the after noon sun as she replied, “Yes and I have one of these,” showing me a rubber or condom as they are called today.

“Where did you get that?” I asked.

“From my mom,” Terri replied. I must have had that look on my face because Terri added, “My mom told me that she would feel better if I was using something especially being with you so much,” as she smiled at me.

I asked Terri just what her mom meant by that. Terri told me that her mom had told her that I was turning into a strong handsome young man. Terri’s mom asked her if she and I have done anymore experimenting lately sexually. Terri told her mom what we had been doing up until now. Terri told me tat her mom told her that it sounded like we were heading for the next step so she gave me some rubbers.

I was stunned, shocked and speechless, however; my cock was hard and throbbing as well. I was not sure it was from the possibility of having sex with Terri or knowing that her mom knew what we had been doing. I just sat there staring at her with a blank look on my face.

Terri gave me a sad look as she asked, “What John you do not want to have sex with me?”

“No, that is not it,” I replied.

Before I could say another word, Teri pushed me down onto the blanket. She quickly got on top of me. She pinned my hands above my head. Terri kissed me and she licked at my lips with her tongue.

“Then take me John,” Terri cooed sexily as she stood up and started to take her clothes off.

I was not thrilled with the idea of Paul joining us. Something deep in my mind kept telling me repeatedly that it would be something I will regret for the rest of my life. However my cock told me just think of the fun three can have. Besides she is going to let you fuck her right now.

Terri was lying on her back naked on the blanket by the time I finally got undressed. I stood over her looking down on her with my hard cock throbbing and dancing around. I did not know whether it was the sun or something else but Terri seemed to have a glow about her.

It was as if a yellowish light was encircling her entire nude body. Her eyes sparkled as she lie there with her arms stretched out up toward me almost as if she was begging me to join her down on the blanket. I got down beside her on my side as I rolled her toward me. I placed my lips onto hers locking us in a deep passionate kiss.

My hand traveled to her breasts as I kissed her showing her some tongue. Her tongue flicked back deep in my mouth as I rolled her nipple between my finger and my thumb. I broke our kiss as I moved my mouth down to her lovely tit. I ran my tongue around her big hard nipple making it even harder than it was.

I took her breast into my mouth where I lightly suckled on it. As I suckled her tit, I ran my hand down her flat lean but muscular stomach. I traced a fingertip around her cute belly button. I started to nibble at her nipple using my teeth to bite them lightly.

“AHHhh John that feels lovely,” Terri moaned as she ran her hand through the hair on my head.

I pulled my mouth from her tit as I looked at her. Terri ran her hand down from my hair. She traced my face with one of her fingers. Terri glided her finger lightly and sensually over my lips. I opened my mouth sucking her finger inside.

I sucked on her finger as I ran my hand from her stomach down lower. My fingers ran through her patch of hair sitting near the top of her pussy. I ran two fingers down against her pussy lips. I rubbed them back and forth making her moan softly.

I pulled my mouth off her finger as I planted a few light kisses onto her forehead. I kissed down her nose to her luscious mouth. We kissed deeply slipping tongues deep as well as I still rubbed at her pussy. I felt Terri parting her legs as she started to work her pussy onto the rubbing fingers.

I slipped my self on top of her as I withdrew my fingers off her pussy. I used my knees to spread her legs wider as I got between them. I could feel my throbbing cock touching the hair of her pussy. I back my cock from her pussy mound as I slowly kissed down her body.

I kissed at her tits giving each of her nipples a little licking before I continued down her body. I ran my tongue down over her muscular abs that heaved up and down as I licked and kissed her there. I ran my tongue around and in her belly button as well. My tongue finally ran through her patch of hair.

I slipped my hands under her thighs as I gentle pushed them upward and apart. My eyes fall upon her hot little pink pussy. Her pussy lips were perfect laying there folded together as I ran my tongue across one then the other.

“JOHN,” Terri moaned out as my tongue touched upon her pussy lips.

I started to lap at both of her pussy lips. I could hear soft moans coming from Terri as I did. I pulled my tongue back from her pussy lips. They had opened now looking like a butterfly with perfectly formed wings. I felt Terri’s hands going to my head pulling my face back into her butterfly.

I licked and jabbed my tongue into her pussy a few times making her raise her hips as I did. I took my thumb and I pressed it into that bump at the top of her pussy. Terri had told me that it was her man in a boat. I used my thumb to rock her man in a boat as I shoved my tongue deeper up into her pussy.

The taste, the smell and even the texture of the inside of her pussy drove me wild with passion. I started to run my tongue in and out of her pussy as I used my thumb on her man in the boat. I could feel it growing as my thumb rolled around it. I gave her pussy a few more stabs of my tongue before I moved my tongue to her man in a boat.

“John you are going to…” Terri cried out not finishing her sentence as I licked frantically at her swollen clit.

Terri’s thighs shook and her hips raised from the blanket as her hands pulled my face into her pussy. I could even see her tits sort shimmering as she had a long powerful orgasm as I tongued her clit. I removed my tongue and I watched her for a while before I licked at her pussy, which was very wet.

I licked at her pussy with my tongue tasting what ever was all over her pussy. At the time, I did not know it was her pussy juices. All I knew was that I loved the taste it had. Terri started to push my head away from her pussy.

“NO more, John no more,” She cried out as she did.

I removed my face from her pussy as I got up onto my knees. I believe that my face had that glazed donut look. I could feel her wetness running from my chin. Terri sat up and she got onto her knees as well.

She wrapped her arms around me as she kissed, then licked at my face. Soon we locked in a deep passionate kiss. Our tongues moving in and out of each other mouth. Terri broke our kiss as she pulled herself a little ways from me.

Terri tilted her head slightly to one side and as her eyes sparkled brightly she said, “I LOVE YOU, John.”

“What did you just say?” I asked Terri smiling at her.

“Never mind,” Terri replied as she pushed me over then rolled me onto my back.

I lie there on my back with my hard cock throbbing. I am not for sure if she grabbed my cock with her hand or what next. For as I lie there all I could still hear or feel was her saying she loved me. I soon felt that lovely sucking she does so well on my cock; I knew she was sucking my cock.

Terri sucked at my cock as she looked at me. Her fucking lovely blues eyes just staring deeply as if she was trying to look into my soul. I could not blink nor could I look from her eyes as her mouth worked on my dick. Terri broke our stare down first as I heard her tearing open the rubber.

Terri placed it over my cock but it would not roll down my dick. I told her I think she has it upside down. Terri just smiled as she turned it over. This time it rolled very snugly down my cock. In fact, it felt damn right tight as she rolled it over my cock.

“I hope that does not break,” Terri said as she pumped her hand up and down my rubber-covered dick.

Terri once again looked into my eyes as she pumped her hand on my cock. She had a needing look in her eyes as she said, “Take me John, please take me,” before she rolled down onto her back on the blanket.

I got between her opened legs with my rubber-encased dick touching her pussy lips I asked, “Are you sure about this?”

“Yes John,” “Just go slow as your dick is rather big,” Terri replied as I watched her close her eyes.

Now that was the first time Terri had ever told me that I had a big dick. I had wondered if it was or if at least she thought it was. I pressed my cock forward against her pussy. I felt her pussy lips part as I slipped the head of my cock in. I started to push forward but it felt as if the head of my dick had ran into something.

When I pressed forward harder with my dick Terri grabbed at my arms. I stopped moving my cock forward looking at her face to see if she looked in pain or anything. Her eyes went closed and it looked like she may have had a little smile on her face.

I pushed my dick forward again this time with a little force behind it. Terri gave out a small scream as my cock slipped past what ever was blocking it. I could see a look of pain on her face so I just froze with my dick motionless in her pussy. I must have stayed that way for close to a minute.

Terri opened her eyes and as she shook her head yes she said, “Do it take me, John.”

I started to work my cock in and out of her tight fucking pussy. It felt tighter than my own hand as I started to fuck Terri at a good pace. It must have felt good to her as well. It felt good on my cock as it slides in and out of her warm, wet, tight pussy. Terri started to buck her hips upward toward me as I drove my dick upward into her.

I was soon driving my cock in and out of her pussy fast and deep. Terri was moaning with her tits rolling in circles as I fucked her. I watched her tits rolling as they were, until I felt my cock start to twitch. I went even faster in and out of her. Terri was rolling her head from side to side moaning my name.

“AHHHH TERRI,” I shouted repeatedly.

My cock twitched with each ribbon of cum that splashed into the rubber. I gave her pussy a few more pumps of my cock before I fell on top of her. Terri wrapped her arms around pulling me tighter against herself. I pushed myself back up off her as I slowly pulled my cock from her wet pussy. I looked down at my cock and at her pussy. My cock and her pussy had blood all over them. I rather jumped back onto my knees.

“TERRI, you’re bleeding down there,” I screamed in a panic.

“Terri just smiled as she sat up and replied, “That is because today you made me a woman,” as she wrapped those arms around me again.

We both ended up jumping into the lake to wash off. The water was a little cold but we both agreed that it felt good. We got dressed and we turned the blanket over as it had a blood spot on it.

“You sure you are OK,” I asked Terri.

“Yes John it is normal to bleed your first time,” “Besides your cock is a lot bigger than your fingers,” Terri replied.

We sat down onto the blanket as she took my hand into hers. Terri used her hand to turn my face toward her. She once again just stared deep into my eyes as I stared back into hers. She leaned into me and she planted a long wet kiss onto my lips.

Terri withdrew her lips from mine as she said, “Thanks John.”

“Thanks for what?” I asked.

“For always being here when I need and I want you the most.” “John, I adore you and I want you to know I will always want you but mostly I always will need you.” Terri said as she stared back into my eyes. “That is why we can not be girlfriend and boyfriend.” “If we were we would lose the special bond we do have,” Terri added as tears started to run down her cheeks.

I wiped at her tears as I said, “Don’t cry Terri, I understand and I will always be here when you need me or want me,” “No matter what I will never leave you till the ends of time.”

Terri wrapped her arms around me as she kissed me deeply, then she replied, “My mom tells me that the only true love is one where couples understand the bond between them.” “My mom also told me that being in love is not about sex and that sex is not about love.” “The most important things in any relationship are the wants, the needs and understanding.” “You and I have this plus our special bond,” as her eyes sparkled and a smile came to her lovely face.

We kissed deeply and passionate for the next half hour or so. We walked back home hand in hand. Terri was happy and so carefree. I on the other hand had questions running around in my head. Like what the hell was all that crap about our bond, wants and needs? Is she my fucking girlfriend or not?

My mind soon disposed of those thoughts as it drifted back to slipping my cock in and out of her tight hot pussy. I too now had that happy carefree look as we walked home hand in hand. I was whistling and swinging our arms together as we walked.

Terri looked at me and she asked, “What are you so happy about?”

“Nothing I was just thinking about your wants and needs that is all,” I replied giving her a big smile.

“So you were thinking about Paul too,” Terri replied.

I did not say anything I just kept walking, as I was not going to spoil this day.

End of Chapter 2

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