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So Zak (me) goes on a plane, and the passenger next to him is Sienna! There's More, Read On!
I just graduated from high school so I was traveling from Washington D.C. to Florida to attend University. It was the first time for me to travel alone, I was a bit frustrated but it all happened quickly. I reserved a ticket, scanned my bags, put the bags away, and finally headed to the plane. As soon as I entered the plane, I was relived.
In the airport I saw plenty of attractive women, but when the flight attendant showed me my seat I found a total HOTTIE sitting next to my seat. This plane had 3 vertical rows with only 2 seats next to each other horizontally per vertical row. My seat was in the middle vertical row, the horizontal row just before 1st class seats. Luckily the seats next to me and the HOTTIE in each vertical row were empty, now no one can see me nor the HOTTIE do anything except the flight attendants perhaps.
As I sat I gave her a smile, she smiled back at me with the sexist and best smile I've ever seen. When I finally sat I involuntarily let out a sound of comfort. I looked at her while she was talking to the flight attendant; she was a Blondie wearing black skinny jeans that made her ass look marvelous, a red shirt, and shoes that matched her shirt.
When we heard the pilot announce that the plane will take off, everyone tied his belt. Minutes after we took of I untied my belt; while I was untying it I looked at my right and found the HOTTIE untying her belt at the same time, we both laughed a bit about the event.
Minutes later I gathered the guts to talk to her. I waiter for her to look at me and then I said: “Hi, I'm Zak!”
She replied: “Hi.”
2 seconds later she recognized that she didn't tell me her name so she said quickly while giggling: “Oh It's Sienna. Sorry!”
I Exclaimed: “Wow that's a beautiful name, just as beautiful as you are!”
She smiled shyly. She turned towards me a bit which let me realize how big and sexy her tits were. They looked so firm and round, they were 34G I guess.
I asked her: “So, why are you heading to Florida?”
She said in a sudden: “College!”
I was a bit amazed when she said that.
Then she said: “Yeah, I know it's kind of hard to believe I'm 18.”
Now I was more amazed, she's just as old as me!
I answered: “No, it's just that this is the same reason I am traveling!”
She asked: “Really, what college are you going to?”
I said: “Florida International University.”
I can see her smile grow widely as she shifted in her place, giving me a lot of attention.
She said excitedly: “Oh My God, That's the same college I'm going to!” then she repeated the name of the college.
I asked her: “Wow, well what major did you choose?”
She responded: “Engineering.” “What about you?” She asked next.
I said smiling: “Believe it or not engineering!”
She exploded in joy saying: “WOW! We are going to have so much fun together!”
I couldn’t help but smile. Minutes of silence passed so I started to sleep, as my eyes were closing I could see Sienna watching me, I bet she liked me! I woke up 30 minutes later on the sound of the flight attendant telling me to wake up and eat. When I finally got my eyes open, there she was sleeping like an angel. I kept admiring her for about 2 minutes then I started waking her up. I admit it I was nude, I put my hand on her leg close to her pussy and started to rub her leg as if I’m waking her up. I can feel my cock harden as I held her leg. When she started moving I put my hand on her arm, because if she saw my hand on her leg she might have slapped me on my face. And when she woke up she gave me that sexy smile again saying: “Good Morning.”
I told her: “Good Morning beautiful.”
She smiled again and for the rest of the meal we were both silent, no one said 1 word. After the flight attendant collected the food trays Sienna started to talk again by an awkward question.
She seriously said: “So. Are you still a boy, like uuuuuuummm”
“Like What?” I said
She confidently said: “Are you still a virgin?”
Amazed I said: “Actually aaahhhh I am not, I have satisfied a couple of women as a matter of fact.” “Are you a virgin?” I asked expecting her to say no.
“Actually I am, I've never let a boy see me naked nor touch my body. But I've seen some boys naked as a matter of fact.” She replied
I surprised said: “Well if it's not personal may I ask you why?”
She trusting me said: “It's not. It's just because I never found a boy who actually liked me, all the boys I knew or liked just wanted to get in my pants. They didn't even do it right, they were dorks.”
I asked her: “So you actually wanted to do such thing?”
She Replied: “Yes! I was seeking to lose my virginity. I knew it felt good, all my friends told me. But I want to do it with the right person.” “Do you get me?”
“I do!” I said.
The she flirtingly said: “Maybe that person is you!”
I smiled wildly, and then silence took over us again. But that sentence she just said left me thinking. Did she actually mean it, or was she just flirting.
30 minutes later I was surprised when I saw Sienna's hand on my leg. I looked at her with an amazed look on my face, and she had that sexy smile on her face. I thought to myself was she thinking about me all that time. Then I was more surprised when Sienna pulled my hand towards her pussy. She was wet in there; I could feel it although she had the jeans on.
I exclaimed: “What are you doing?!”
She sexily said: “Don't you remember what I said 30 minutes ago, you are that person!”
For the next 5 minutes I was speechless, she had her hand on my cock now. My cock kept hardening until it was rock solid; she was surprised how big my cock was. I couldn’t blame her; I was 7.5 inches long and 4 inches in diameter. She cummed 3 times as she held my hand and kept moving my hand around her pussy. I knew it, she couldn’t handle it.
She quickly told me: “I will be in the first bathroom on the left side, and I will leave the door unlocked. Come!”
I waited 2 minutes. I couldn’t hold myself; I wanted to know that will she do when I come in. Will she grab me and kiss me, will she strip for me, will she undress me and suck my cock, ideas kept flashing by my mind as those 2 minutes passed. When they were over I stood up but I was smart enough not to go from the left side, I took the right side so it wouldn’t be obvious. When I got to where she was. I put my ear to the door, but heard nothing. I knew she was in there.
When I opened the door I was shocked. None of the ideas I got happened. She stood there with her sexy red bra that proved I was right, they were 34G, and red thong panties. I stood staring at her for about 10 seconds, until we heard the sound of heels approaching. She pulled me in and locked the door. We both waited as the heels walked away then I almost shouted: “What are you doing, what is this!!?”
She sexily said: “Well, do you like what you see?!”
“You're insane!” I said while unlocking the door.
She pulled my hand, and man I can feel her firm tits against my arm. My hand almost touched her pussy, but I didn't let it and I kind of regretted it. Man look at her.
She pleadingly said: “Please don't leave!” “Plus if you know I was going to do something naughty, why did you come in the first place?!”
I stood there for a couple of seconds. I was 5'8; she was about 5'5.
Then I said: “I don’t know, I must have been crazy to come here!”
I was about to open the door when Sienna suddenly locked it.
I told her: “Are you crazy?!”
A second later the airplane went through an air bump and Sienna collapsed. She grabbed my hand firmly against her tits, as if to help herself up. By the time she was on her knees, she noticed my semi-erect penis. She smirked at me and grabbed my penis.
She said: “See, you can’t stop your desires.”
As my cock started to harden, Sienna sucked it with my pants on. I pulled her up murmuring: “Just stop it, ok!” She was so horny, I could tell, I was horny too. I mean I’m standing in front of a total Hottie, and she wants me to fuck her. When she was on her feet now she had her lips meeting mine, then I went like damn. She shoved her tongue through my mouth and our tongues met. I was about to go crazy, how can a virgin girl be such a good kisser. I involuntary found my hand reaching for her left tit, when I came back to conscience I immediately moved my hand to my side. I was surprised when she pulled my hand and put it back on her tit. I couldn’t help it, I found my other hand holding her neck so I can properly kiss her. Her hands were totally free, so she rubbed my dick with one and unbuttoned my shirt with the other. Moments later I was shirtless, she caressed my muscular body as she started unbuttoning my pants. When my pants passed my boxers, my dick flew free.
Sienna amazed said: “Wow, what a dick Zak!”
I replied with a smirk on my face: “I knew you would be surprised.”
I pulled her up and wildly turned her around so that her back was against my chest, so I can get full access to her tits. I kept grabbing on them for about a minute. While I was unbuttoning her bra she said: “Yea baby let those tits free.”
I said: “oh yeah, I will let those fuckin’ big tits free!”
When her tits were free I wildly turned her again that now her face was facing mine, we kissed while I held her tits firmly. 10 seconds later I started sucking one tit while grabbing the other, and the other way around. Later she knelt down and pulled my boxers down, my cock was totally free now. Sienna started sucking on it for about a minute. Then she looked up at me and told me: “My pussy is too wet now, do you want to taste it?”
I pulled her up and pushed her against the toilet, she sat on the toilet and open her legs wide. I bent on my knees and approached her pussy, I took her thong panties off. I can smell the scent of her cum. I started licking and tasting her sweet pussy, she folded her legs around me and started moaning. I concentrated on her clit, 30 seconds later she was cumming. Moments later, when she gathered herself up I pulled her and took her place. She turned around and bent down a bit, I quickly slapped her ass with both my hands.
She unexpectedly let out a moan: “UUh!”
Then she placed her pussy on the tip of my dick. Sienna started of slowly and then started going a bit wild, I put my hand on her hips to support her saying: “Oh, ya girl jump just like a cowgirl. Uhh YEAH!”
She said while moaning: “My pleasure, UUHHH! Yea, Yea, Fuck, Fuck, Yea!” Then suddenly she cummed again, mixed with the cum was some blood. I opened the tap to clean my dick when Sienna raced me and watered her hand and started cleaning my dick.
She smirked: “You like it?” “Clean my pussy would you.” While sitting on the cabin with her legs open again.
I watered my hand now and started fingering her until I couldn’t find blood on my fingers any more. 10 minutes later I pulled her up and she sucked my cock for about 30 seconds.
She bent down to expose her asshole to me. I spanked her for a few times and then slowly shoved my dick in her pussy. After what seemed like 7 minutes she cummed one more time, I felt her cum hitting my leg. I was about to cum too.
I announced loudly: “I’m going to cum!”
Sienna said: “Oh Yea, cum in my pussy! I wanna know how it feels like to have a cum load inside me!”
Before she knew it I was already cumming, Sienna let out a wild moan. Droplets of cum was dripping out of her pussy.
She said: “Oh My God, It feels Awesome!”
We both dressed up quickly, I kissed her quickly and left the bathroom. As I was heading toward my seat some people eyed me, but I don’t thing anyone suspected it. 5 minutes later Sienna showed up and sat next to me. For the remainder of the flight we had some fun without someone noticing.
I am not assuming I will do any other parts, unless it becomes unanimous, and if it does there will only be part II.


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