Ana the Cum Bucket
By lovesyoungpussy

Gang-bang, Males/Female Teen, Cum Swallowing, School, Public

Ana boarded the crowded bus by the rear door. Seats were filled with passengers so she had to stand in the aisle. She grabbed a hand hold that hung from the ceiling. She could feel the bodies of the crowd pressing against her. It was then that she felt a large hand brush against her butt. At first she thought that it was merely an accident because of the crowd, but then the hand began to move about on her ass squeezing her cheeks. She tried to brush it away, but the person that was attached to the hand was stronger than her and kept up his vigil on her butt. It was then that Ana remembered that she had worn no panties that day. She wanted to be daring. The hand found the hem of her skirt and raised it waist high. As the crowd was so pressed together, she could not tell exactly who the offending individual was. She looked around, but could not see any acknowledgement of her predicament. Ana tried to pull her skirt down, but was not strong enough to do so. She could feel fingers sliding into the crack of her ass. As she stood there, a finger entered her asshole. She gasps, but not loud enough to bring any attention to herself from those around her. The finger was plunging in and out. Ana knew that her pussy was wet from all the attention. Shocked as she was by the public groping, she decided to go with the flow and pushed back against the hand, thus plunging the finger deeper into her tight ass. She could feel her cunt juices now running down her legs now and knew that combined with the openness of the attack, the crowed bus passengers pressed closely around her, and the fact that she was naked from the waist down that she was about to cum. With his other hand the stranger slipped beneath her blouse and found her breast. His fingers flicked the nipple several times causing it to harden. She could hold out not longer and released a soft moan as she came on the stranger’s hand.

Following this public orgasm that she experienced, Ana felt his hand push against her back bending her over slightly. From behind she felt him grope for her pussy. Two fingers entered her. They were pumping in and out of her pussy. Juices were flowing from her at a rapid rate. The fingers exited her and were replaced by something much larger. She realized that he hand entered her with his cock and was fucking her on a public bus. As he was fucking, she pushed back against him causing him to go deeper. His hands were now covering her breast and pinching her nipples. They had extended a half inch.

She moaned, but this time not so softly. The attention of those about her was alighted. Another hand found her clit and began to flick and squeeze it. Still another hand began to unbutton her blouse to gain greater access to her chest. Ana’s head was shaking back and forth from all of the attention that she was receiving from those around her. As she neared her second climax on the bus, her pussy tightened up around the strangers cock. This caused him to increase his speed in pumping her cunt. Her breasts were now exposed to those around her and one individual was sucking on her nipple. He had removed his cock from his pants and pulled her hand down to it. She was jacking him to hardness while he sucked on her nipple.

The one sitting in front of her began to rub her clit. He bent forward to suck it into his mouth while the one behind was fiercely fucking her nearing his own cum. Three set of hands were roaming her body. Her clit had extended itself as a result of the special attention that it was receiving. Her breast were being pinched and sucked by another. She threw her head back and let loose with a groan as she came. The one sucking her clit received most of her girl cum in his mouth as Ana was a squirter. Her cunt muscles tightened up so much that the one fucking her could not take it any longer and he let loose with a loud groan his own cum. Seven rope of cum entered her pussy. She felt everyone which triggered her aftershock cum. Ana lost all strength in her legs and collapsed. She was only held up by the cock in her pussy. The one sucking her tits held her upper torso. She had passed out.

The stranger that was sitting while sucking her clit got up so that Ana could sit and recover. She came to just as the bus was pulling into her school yard. Her cloths were in disarray. Quickly she buttoned her blouse and adjusted her skirt before she had to depart. Looking around, she tried to ascertain who had fucked her, but all portrayed innocence. She knew who had sucked her tits and clit, but they had moved away and out of sight.

She rose to depart the bus. As she did, the combined cum began to spill from her pussy and roll down her legs. She had to have a restroom and soon. She soon found one and entered the closest stall and sat down. Ropes of cum began to fall into the bowl. Ana smiled to herself. Her day had begun being fucked and groped on a public bus. What else was in store for her that day?

As Ana departed the restroom, she came across a group of her friends congregating in the exterior hallway. She saw her boyfriend, Sam, in the midst of the group and ran to him. Quickly he placed his arms around her, his hand finding her breast and nipple. Squeezing, he lowered his head down to kiss her full on the lips. While doing so, her hand found the lump in his pants and began to rub it in earnest. This was taking place in front of his buds. They formed a circle around the pair giving them a bit of privacy. Sam reached down to lower his zipper and placed Ana’s hand within his fly. She then broke the kiss to look down at the treasure within her hand. As she did, Sam began to push her to her knees. Ooos and Ahhhs emanated from his friends as they anticipated what was to come next. Ana slipped the cock into her mouth and began to suck. As she did this, two or three of the buds removed their own cocks and were jacking off to the scene.

Sam pulled from her mouth and turned her around so that he could enter her pussy from behind. In doing so, this movement placed Ana directly in front of another cock which she quickly began to suck. Sam was fucking her hard from the rear and his best bud was fucking her mouth. The rest of the group was forming a shield from the rest of the students at the school. The trio was moaning with anticipation. It was evident that the boys were about to cum into both ends as their cocks had expanded within her. She was close to her third orgasm for that day. Sam was the first to cum with her pussy. He shot gobs of white hot cum deep into her womb. Had she not been on the pill, surely she would be pregnant. His cum triggered her own. Her moans and groans were muffled by the cock in her mouth. It was not but a few seconds later that her mouth was filled to capacity with cum. Quickly, she swallowed every drop. Nothing was wasted. Just as she was finishing, the bell rang. Five minutes to class time. Her day had just begun.

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