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So I haven’t written one of these in a while and the truth is I’m a little bored so I wrote this tell me what you guys think ;)
Tom McAdams head was throbbing hard, mere seconds from exploding but this soon lead to the thrill and the ecstasy he received from getting to hit that print button on his laptop. After 4 hours of constant typing he had finally finished all of his paperwork for the time being leaving him with some time to enjoy the luxurious 5 star hotel his company had put him in for the week. As he looked in the mirror to see his ever more greying hair he wondered if he was too old for all this travelling from state to state, city to city, and hotel to hotel. But at 49 he seen himself as being set in his ways with no point in changing carer now. He was raised with a strong work ethic and this pride in the work was what lead to the demise of his 18 year old childless and eventually loveless marriage with his former wife. His headache began to subside and his mind began to change to another primal urge, he wanted to go on the hunt for some food. However, keeping up with the fine dining experience in the hotel’s restaurant seemed like to much effort. All Tom wanted to do was order some room service and curl up in bed with a good action or thriller movie.

Mr McAdams was no slob and if he wasn’t working you would normally find him in the hotel gym or bar; he was a very sociable man and believed in good manors and put that, and hard work, to working his way up the rat race letting him be in the position he was in. But tonight he was not the night for him to be social. As he stapled the remaining sheets of work together he decided that ordering some room service was on the cards for tonight. He reached over for a menu and glanced down all the dishes with a nice big juicy rib eye sticking out the most in his mind. He flopped down on to the bed and reached over for the phone, which his 6ft 1 frame aloud him to easily reach and dialled the number for the restaurant.

“Hello main restaurant speaking how can I help you” answered a voice on the other end of the phone.

“Hello sir, I was wondering if I could order your rib eye steak please for room number 302” Tom asked “oh and can you make it medium-rare please” he added to his order.

“Yes, of course that will be no problem sir; we’ll have one of our waiters send it up for you when it’s ready. Can I offer you anything else at all sir?” The man on the phone politely asked.

“No, no that will be all thank you. Goodbye”

Tom hung up and began to undo his white shirt pulling it from out of his jeans letting it brush over his fat cock and it felt good. All he had on now was his light blue t-shirt which hugged his muscular body and he let his hands run down his chest resting his hand on his belt buckle which kept going down rubbing his cock again.
“Dam its been a while” he thought to himself , maybe that action movie would be a pay per view. His cock was getting harder he slowly began to undo his zip and slide his hand into….

KNOCK KNOCK KNOCK “ROOM SERIVE” a voice form the door shouted.
Now the only thing getting harder was Toms headache which was slowly seeping back.


Tom opened the door to find some 18/19 year old boy holding a silver tray who nearly “knocked” him on the chest if it wasn’t for some fast reflexes.

“Oh sorry man” said the boy obviously not really caring as he barged his way in. “I’ll just sit it over here” he said as he walked towards the table.

Tom was left in shock at the attitude of his server. If there was one thing he couldn’t stand it was rude people and the attitude on this one stunk but being the nice guy Tom tried to start up a conversation realising everyone is entitled to a bad day – after all this was the reason he wanted to eat alone in his room.

“Oh wow that looks good! Can’t wait to get stuck into that!” Tom said with enthusiasm.

“Yeh. Defo. Can you sign this for me” The waiter said as he held out a bill.

Tom was starting to get infuriated making his headache that little bit worse. This boy had to learn a good lesson.

“Excuse me boy, how about you rephrase that” Tom said looking down on his tiny frame. It was obvious this wasn’t his full time work probably some student from the college on a part time or summer job.

“Eh, sorry?” He said with as he screwed up his face looking at Tom.

Tom looked at his servers name badge as he sat his hand on “Brandon’s” shoulder and with a stern look on his face asked again;

“Well Brandon, why don’t you re-ask that and maybe I’ll consider it”

Tom began to squeeze his shoulder tight only to receive a similar answer

“Can you just sign this Please!” Brandon said getting nervous and understandably with this big guy starting to get slightly aggressive towards him.

“Brandon” Tom asked “Do you want me to phone your boss and tell him about your appalling attitude and behavior at your work?”

“What! No!” Brandon said shaking.

“NO! NO WHAT BOY!” Tom shouted.

Realizing he had but no choice to give in Brandon answered back;

“No. No Sir.”

Tom smiled. He knew things were going the way he wanted.

“So what is it you would like me to do” he said while relieving the pressure on his waiters shoulder.

“Can you sign this bill please Sir”

Tom smiled “There doesn’t that feel better” he said waiting for the correct response.

“Yes sir” Brandon replied.

Now what happened next even surprised Tom but he demanded to find out when the waiter finished and was delighted to find out it was in under an hours time.

“Now your going to come back up after this shift aren’t you boy” Tom demanded leaving him with no choice.

“Yea. Yes Sir” Brandon replied nervously not knowing what he had got him self into.

“If not I’ll be phoning your manager about your attitude boy”

Tom signed the bill and gave it back showing the boy out. He sat down and couldn’t believe what he said. He acted just like his father would with him when he was out of line. Tom planned to just apologise when he came back up and let it all slide. As he sat in his surroundings he realised that if his father hadn’t acted like that to him then he wouldn’t have been so successful and maybe he should teach the boy a real lesson. And besides the thought of having that cute little body all to him self made his cock begin to twitch. He finished his steak and then began to wait till 9.00pm – the supposed finishing time and sure enough a few minuets after the hour the door knocked.

Tom looked through the peep hole to see brown hair sitting on top a head looking down to the ground. He smiled and opened the door.

“Please, come in”

“Sir” Brandon said. “I really would like to apologise for my behaviour its been a long shift and I know its no excuse but I really am sorry Mr McAdams, Sir”

Tom walked up one hand on his belt buckle with a smile on his face and Brandon looked up with his deep brown eyes smiling back –glad that everything was settled. Or so he thought

“Ha! Do you really think your going to get away with just that boy?”

“Sir? What do you mean?”

“Well – you need to prove to me you know who’s in charge get on your knees now boy!” Tom demanded.

Brandon realised this was way more than he bargained for and tried to run pushing Mr McAdams out of the way but he was no match for him and he knew it. Tom stretched his arms out wrapping them around Brandon’s body. Brandon wriggled but there was no escape from the big arms holding him tight. Tom leaned down to his face and whispered in his ear;

“Oh if only you knew the things you’d be doing for me tonight boy” and slowly licked from the bottom of his neck up to his ear. Brandon could feel Mr McAdams huge beefy dick through his jeans grow as he slowly moved his hand down his shirt and took off his belt and flung it on the bed and then began to undo his trousers and pull his zip down. Tom was breathing heavily in his ear muttering about how he was going to make him into a good boy. Soon Brandon’s trousers were around his legs and Mr McAdams carried him over to the bed and placed him over his lap. His cock felt even bigger in his jeans now to Brandon’s surprise and he could feel his boxers been pulled to just below his bum cheeks.

“This… This is where you learn boy” Tom said as he reached over to grab Brandon’s belt from the bed covers. He folded it in half and then with a powerful stroke smacked his ass so hard Brandon let out a squeal.

“What was that you said boy – thank you Mr McAdams, Sir – I couldn’t quite make it out” Tom said laughing to him self. But Brandon remained quite taking his beating.

“Now look boy you ARE going to get 20 smacks but the problem is I wont know till I’m at 20 unless you be a good boy and count for me” Tom said as he continually spanked him harder and harder.
Brandon’s ass was getting more red and painful by the second. He was so humiliated being spanked by his own belt and the force of Mr McAdams arm leaning on his back holding his hands left him unable to move. He eventually mumbled out;


“One what boy?” was his answer

“One Sir” Brandon replied “Two sir”….. SMACK….. “Three sir”…. Leading up to “Ten sir”

“That’s half way boy” Tom said smugly “And my wrist is starting to hurt don’t you think you should be more
thankful boy?”

“Yes sir! Thank you for teaching me this valuable lesson Mr McAdams sir. Can I please have another ten sir?”
Neither Brandon nor Tom could believe what was just said and the bigger surprise to Brendon was he meant every last word of it and was actually starting to enjoy this.

“Twenty sir thank you for that sir is there anything else I can do for you?”

Tom let him stand up and gave him back his belt and told his server to get his trousers back on. Tom wanted him to look presentable before he started with him. Brandon pulled up his trousers tucking his shirt inside and the doing the button and the zip before putting the belt back on. Tom stood up and pointed to the ground and to his delight Brandon got on his knees instantly.

“MMMM good boy” Tom said as he ran his fingers through the boys hair. “Now get down and give these shoes a good clean boy!”

“Yes sir! Brandon instantly got his head down and began to clean the massive brown leather shoes. As his tongue touched the fine leather he could feel Mr McAdams toes wiggle inside. Being encouraged the boy found him self almost kissing the shoe occasionally looking up at his master as long drips of salvia stuck to his mouth from the shoe.

Tom kicked his chest and then placed his foot on Brandon’s white shirt applying some pressure. Tom could see the saliva glisten from his mouth and then began to stomp his crotch amused when Brandon shuttered forward but then lay down to take it like a good bitch.

“Get up boy” As soon as Brandon was up his head was pushed straight into Mr McAdams crotch. Soon Tom brought out his huge cock which in length was the size of Brandon’s face.

Brandon slowly licked the head, struggling to get it all into his mouth, he could taste the precum then he felt the shaft being pushed into his mouth. Brandon tried to push back but his head was squarely held in place all he could do was sit and let his mouth be fucked. The saliva began to drip from his mouth and occasionally Tom would pull his cock out and smear some more over his face and to let Brandon get a breath. As Toms breathing got heavier his thrusts got harder and harder it was obvious what was going to happen now. Tom brought out his cock and began jacking it harder and harder while Brandon opened his mouth and stuck out his tongue before he came Tom leaned down and shoved his own tongue into Brandon’s mouth swapping saliva and then got up and let burst. A fountain of cum filled Brandon’s face and covered his face. No words were spoken Brandon knew exactly what to do and swallowed it all. The two then moved into bed together, Brandon still covered in cum, ready to play again…

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2012-07-01 08:33:36
I'd love it if you wrote a second chapter, maybe explore some more extreem kinks

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2012-01-23 09:44:16
Mmm, hot! Please write more, but don't be afraid to go into a bit more detail about the shoe play. ;)

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2012-01-23 09:38:59
Mmm, hot! Please write more, but don't be afraid to go into a bit more detail about the shoe play. ;)

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