Gar-Nok meets his match in a tiny eleven year old vixen.
Chapter 3

My thoughts of Katya and the pleasure her holes would bring me occupied me through my morning meal—I smiled often in anticipation. Then affairs of state drew my attention away. It was necessary to conduct two trials even though the outcome was certain. The first for a Kozok man charged with stealing from the state; the second for a Mongol who forced sex upon a Kozok woman who already belonged to a Kozok man. Mercifully for me both trials were brief and the verdicts were final—death. The thief was caught in the act by one of my lieutenants. The fornicator was caught by the woman’s mate and her mother. The penalty for this act was also death. There was one big advantage to using the death penalty so frequently—rarely did an accused return seeking vengeance against me or my people!

I had to supervise the final sharing of the spoils we had taken from our northern raid. Like most nomads the invaders had carried all their belongings with them. There were animals, tents, furnishings such as chairs, stools, tables, rugs, pelts, and, of course the human spoils. My officers would have already seen to most of this division, but my decision was final. There had been warlords in the past who would have taken the best of everything for themselves, but I was not that kind of ruler. My tent may have been larger than the others but the furnishings were no different than the tent of the lowest shepherd. Also, I ate the same food as the others in the tribe, and the same amount. I bathed in the same pool. Yes, I had more gold, silver, and gems but those things were needed to maintain my household and pay for my army. I found these proceedings boring but they had to be done and I had to do them. It was late afternoon when I returned to my tent; I was greeted there by my mother.

“Gar-Nok, my lord, I understand that you will take the youngest this evening.”

“Yes, Mother, that is what I plan. Why do you ask?”

“Only because she is a child, naïve in the matters of love and sex.”

“Ha ha,” I replied, “she did not seem like such a child this morning when she promised me several wonders of her body.”

“That is what concerns me, my lord. I fear she will not be able to keep those promises and that she will anger you.”

“That is not your concern, Mother. Your job is to prepare her for me—nothing more. Have her here for me after the evening meal.” There was nothing she could say in reply. She bowed and backed out of the tent. She would have Katya here at the appointed time. I spent the rest of my afternoon discussing military and security matters with my advisors. There were no major issues or concerns, but I have learned it is best to be prepared at all times.

The sun was just setting when Katya walked into the tent unannounced. Instead of kneeling or bowing as was the custom, she strode to the center of the tent and, seeing that we were alone, slowly disrobed revealing her naked tiny body. Katya could not have been more than six hands in height and she was more skinny than thin. Her body was like a boy’s, but with female sex organs in the space between her legs instead of male, obviously. What gave her appeal was her long golden hair hanging all the way to her waist, high cheekbones, and full sensual mouth. She had a slight mound above her sex which was totally hairless and small bumps that would no doubt become breasts as she aged. She walked slowly to me, kneeling as she reached my chair. “I am here to serve you, my lord. May I begin?” I looked down at her and nodded.

She leaned forward to remove my organ from my breeches. It was almost, but not quite, hard. She stroked it slowly and softly using both her small soft hands. I was amazed that these simple gestures could be so sexually stimulating. When I was hard she licked the sensitive underside of my shaft staring at the base and moving oh so slowly toward the tip. My member was pulsing with desire, but before I could say anything to her she smiled again and took me into her mouth. Being so small I could not expect her to swallow all of me, but she made a valiant effort, getting more than half into her mouth and throat before she began to choke and gag. Her tiny mouth squeezed me as she bobbed up and down over me, her tongue tight against my shaft. She proceeded in this manner for some time until I felt churning within me, growing slowly as it surged to the surface. I grunted loudly several times in short succession as I poured sperm-laden fluid into Katya’s mouth and throat. She milked me as a shepherdess would a goat or sheep. My sperm raced into her mouth until small droplets dripped from the corners of her lips. She licked her face clean before even a single drop fell to the floor.

“That is one, my lord! I want your sperm in each one of my holes before you send me away in the morning. I want to prove myself to you, my lord.”

“You are doing well—very, very well, little one,” I told her, “but where did you learn such things? Did you have such experiences in your village?”

“Oh, no, my lord, at least not personally,” she giggled, ”but I have two older sisters who are married. Because they were poor they had to live in the house with my mother, father, and me. They slept in the loft with me and they only had sex when they thought I was asleep. But…my lord… I was not always asleep,” she said with a smile, “I saw and learned much.”

We spoke for some time during which Katya first cleaned my organ with her tongue and mouth then continued her gentle stroking. When I began to harden Katya led me to the bed where she stripped me and laid me back onto the bed. Once again she took me into her talented mouth. But this time it was only to moisten my organ as a prelude to fucking. I lay back eagerly awaiting her. Her tiny body was active—licking my organ and sucking my sack—before she moved my organ to her hole. Slowly she rubbed my member in her wet slit. She rose briefly, positioning the tip just below her hole. She stretched her lips out of the way as she forced me into her tightness. Katya was smiling as she lowered herself. I wondered where my length was going, whether it would all fit into her slim body. Eventually it did fit as her walls squeezed my organ tightly. Even the breaking of her maiden’s barrier was no obstacle to her. It was as though I was surrounded by a strong circular hand that exerted great pressure on me. Still smiling, but with her eyes closed, Katya rose on her small feet until only the head of my organ remained within her.

Then the process began again as she teased me toward another eruption of my sperm. I had erupted only shortly before so I expected it to take a long time, but her tightness brought me along much faster. I used my hips to drive into her as rapidly as possible, throwing her tiny body off the bed until… I screamed a long grunt as I drove deep into her, forcing my sperm into her tunnel. Despite her tightness it leaked and ran down her leg until she scooped it up with her finger, licking it clean with still another smile on her beautiful young face. “That’s two, my lord, and the night is still young. Shall we rest before trying for the third, my lord?” I nodded, pulling her to me. We lay together under a pelt, this young vixen and I, her leg over mine, her arm over my chest as we rested from her exertions. Having spewed my sperm twice in such a short time, I, too, was tired. We fell asleep after only a short time.

The skies were still dark when I felt stroking on my organ. Katya had decided it was time to explore her small, trim ass. She was able to bring me to hardness with little difficulty despite the activity of the evening before. The combination of her tiny hands and active mouth successfully brought me to readiness as she began to prepare herself. She applied liberal amounts of oil to her dark hole and even more to my member. “Now, my lord, if you will push against me I believe we will be able to make this happen. My sisters have told me it is a marvelous way to enjoy sex; they did it whenever they wanted to please their husbands but not risk having a child. They must have liked it for they did it often.” She bent onto her hands and knees facing away from me, holding the nearest tent pole. I grasped her hips as I placed my organ against her hole. I pushed hard as Katya grunted and moaned in pain. Steadily I pushed into her, gradually spreading her, opening her to my hard stiff organ. The oil--distilled from sheep fat was the finest available to us--worked extremely well as I began to slide into that dark place. Katya was right! The force of her muscles here gripped my hard swollen organ with tremendous force. It was an incredible sensation, unparalleled in my sexual experience. I was deep in concentration, moving toward another incredible conclusion when I heard Katya ask, “My lord, will you please rub my sex? My hard button just above?”

Katya was giving me such wonderful feelings that I felt I must help her. I reached between her slender legs and found her slit. It was running with hot juice and just beyond I found what she called her hard button. Touching it brought an immediate reaction as Katya purred in her desire. I plowed her ass while stroking her. We both started to shudder at the same time. My first river of sperm caused her to shake violently. The shaking continued throughout my seven eruptions, only ending after I was finished. We were covered in sweat when I withdrew my shrinking organ. Katya turned quickly, surprising me when she cleaned my organ once again in her hot mouth. “That is three, my lord, as I promised. Would you care for more?”

Like my mother I had experienced doubts when Katya promised me the use of all her holes, but now I wondered if I would be able to keep up with this tiny whore. I pulled her up to me and we kissed passionately. She responded as I thought she would forcing her tongue deep into my mouth as she held my head and rubbed herself over my chest. I pulled several pelts over us—the early morning was still cold—and we resumed our sleep. “Let us see what the morning brings, little one. But let us sleep now.”

When I woke with the rising sun Katya was still sprawled over my chest, her mouth just over my left nipple. I pushed my hand between her legs and lightly rubbed her sex. It was not long before moisture appeared—almost at the same time that Katya awakened. She looked up at me, grinned, and licked my nipple. “I think, my lord, that I may serve you yet again. May I ask how you wish to be served?”

I gave that some thought before I turned her onto her back, bringing my now hard member to her wet slit. I rubbed it several times up and down, moistening it for my entry. Clear fluid leaked from my hole. I knew from experience that this would also help to ease my entry. Leaning forward I pushed into her. Katya raised her legs, placing them on my shoulders. This gave me an excellent view of my organ moving in and out of her. Katya moved to meet my every thrust and soon we were rutting like goats in heat. Even though I had sent my sperm into her three times over the past evening I could not hold back in that tight hot tunnel for long. I groaned as I erupted once again; Katya smiled in her satisfaction as we relaxed, well satisfied with each other. “I hope I have served you well, my lord. I would like very much to serve you again…and again…and again.”

“Oh, yes, my little one, I can guarantee we will do this many times…many, many times in the future.” Katya gave me the biggest smile I had seen in many years. I pulled her up; we walked to the bathing pool, passing several other bathers on the way. All bowed and knelt as we approached; all had huge grins on their faces. When we met my mother she paused for a few words. “I see, my lord, that my fears were ill founded. The entire settlement could hear you all night and again this morning.” That certainly explained all the grinning villagers. My happiness was important for all of them and they all prayed to the gods for one or more heirs who could succeed me. I would continue my mating with all three of the Russ women until I knew they were with child. Then I would concentrate my efforts on the tiny and insatiable Katya..

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