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This is my first story. Hope the vocabulary, syntax and everything is acceptable. Please excuse the many errors I probably did. Since English is not my first language, I did my best.


Finally Friday night!
That week almost killed me. 3 of my teachers decided to give us major exams the same week one of my co-worker got sick. Had to work double shifts, study all night and go back to school in the morning. I barelly slept 8 hours in 4 nights.
But thank God it's Friday. And thank God my roomates didn't called a party at our place.

I live with 2 girls about my age. I know them since always. Our parents are friends so we hanged around each other since kindergarden.

The 3 of us always been close, but never really hung out together. Each of us had different friends in high school so we didn't mix a lot.

When the time came to move to the big city for college, our parents decided it would be a good idea to make us roomates.
We could refuse, but our parent proposed to pay our rent if we share the appartment. Only things we have to pay is our food and parties (and God knows how many parties Cindy organized this first semester)

Cindy's the youngest of us. Blond, blue eyes, perfect body. Leading the cheerleaders and sleeping with half the football team in highschool. Really not my kind of usual friend, but still, she's like a sister to me. In college? about the same.

What about Sonia? Sonia is the total opposite to Cindy. Long black hair, dark look, weird friends. If Cindy drink a lot, Sonia could double her consommation in drugs. Mostly weed all day long, but In party nights, Mushroom if she feel philosophical, MDMA if she feel wild and cocaine in any other occasion.

Always been closer to Sonia then Cindy, but still doesn't meet my needs. If Cindy was a sister to me, Sonia was my favorite sister.

What about me now? Me, I was hanging out with the bums, the punishment and the drunks. Not because I was really one of them, but because it was easy. They didn't care if I came or not, didn't care if I drank, took drugs or not. Always happy to see me in a party, but never asked questions if I didn't come. Honnestly, I was studying my way out of high school and partiing in my free times.

So this Friday was calm. Cindy went to bed with that "football player of the week" an hour ago. (can still hear her moanings from my room) and Sonia is probably falling asleep in a book.

Finally alone. I'm making sure the door is closed. Maybe I should put a lock on it, maybe next week. Open the TV and start my special DVD. Take my secret suitcase from under the bed. I hide many dildos, vibrators, butt plugs, oils and other kinky toys in that suitcase. I choose 2 dildos and a bottle of oil and push the suitcase on the other side of the bed.

I got naked and lie on my bed. On the screen, a 60 years old woman show a young one how to give a perfect blowjob to a young man. I love this scene. I know every second of it. I can feel my cock growing just by thinking of it. I poor a large amount of my oil on my cock. Caressing my fułly erected 8 inches oily shaft, I could feel the oil making it's way between my legs.

On the screen, the young one is deepthroating that large cock while the older girl is sliding her tongue around that lucky guy's brown hole. The middle finger of my left hand automatically started to caress my own anus, making it all wet and oily.

I watch her tongue moving around with desire, pleasure and perversion. I'm waiting for that moment where she push her long tongue inside his ass. At that same moment I push a finger inside me. Grabbing my cock harder, pushing the back of my head on my pillow and closing my eyes.

I don't have to watch the screen, I know what's going on. The young one get over the guy and start to fuck his cock. The older one push 2 fingers in him and start to lick that moving ass. After a while she push a third, then a fourth finger in. Everytime she forced a new finger in, I did the same on myself. When pushed her full fist in, I grabbed the 6 inches vibrator on my left and pushed it deep in my ass with a soft moaning.

What happened next was probably my fault. I should have hided when I heard the door slowly opening, but I was so much into my own pleasure that I didn't. On the contrary, I've started moving the rubber cock in and out faster and stroking my cock harder.

On the screen, the young girl, in reverse cowgirl, was now sliding the young cock in her tight asshole, her eyes reversing with pleasure. The older one was still fisting his ass deeper and deeper and was now trying to push her left hand inside that young shaved pussy.

I was moaning like them. Fucking my ass with this rubber cock and strocking my cock. I could feel the warmth of the oil on my body and those eyes behind that half closed door. Not knowing who of Cindy or Sonia was there, watching me pushed my pleasure to an higher level.

The vibrator was hitting on my g-spot, the guy on tv just came and was now forced to lick his own cum on the mature woman's face and my dick was ready to explode.

I finally spited it out. Big hard blows reaching almost 3 rests high. The first blow ended up on my cheek, the others on my chest, then closer and closer to its source. I heard a mute moaning from behind the door. That little sound made my body go from "satisfaction" to "give me more" in less then a second. Wihout knowing wich of my old friend was stalking me, I got hard again and needed her. whoever "her" was.

I started to lick my own cum on my cheek and spread the cum on my chest with my right hand. My left hand restarted to move the dildo in my ass. I took my fingers full of cum to my mouth, took a look to the door and said: Please, join me. Make me please you...

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qQiJ3e Heartfelt thanks..!

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May our lord jesus christ guide us to his part read pslmonefourseven vs eight to eleven lets give our lives to him d next second myt b too late

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pretty poor english. it makes hard to read.code's could be better. try and find an editor before you post again.

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