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This is my first story so let me know how it is.
This story is somewhat true, but has also been added with untrue things. Peoples names have been changed.

Zach rolled over and stared at his radio clock; it read 1 PM. This was a normal time to wake up for Zach, it was summer after all. Zach walked into his bathroom and relieved himself. He looked in the mirror and was happy with the way he looked. He hadn’t been very attractive in middle school but he had changed a lot with the start of high school. He stood 6’1, brown hair, green eyes, decent build and a good sized penis. He was the average sophomore in high school, always horny.

Zach went downstairs to have some breakfast when his phone vibrated. He answered the phone.

“What’s up dude?” said his friend Matt who was also the same age as Zach

“Not much man, just eating breakfast. Do you wanna do something today?”

“Ya, that’s why I called you, we should swim today. Maybe invite some fine females over too?”

“Hell ya dude, ill call up Jane and maybe her brother Greg can come too.”

“Sounds good to me, ill be over in like an hour?”

“Ya, that’s cool. Peace”

Matt is Zach’s best friend, Greg is Zach’s friend that lives across the street and Jane is the girl every guy in high school wants to fuck. Since Zach has known her since he moved into the neighborhood they have been close for a while. Jane is the same age as Zach and is 5’7 with long brown hair, 34B tits, long tan legs with a tight ass. She was the girl that every girl wanted to be and the girl every guy wanted to fuck. Zach called up Greg to see if him and Jane wanted to come over and they both said that would be fun and they would be over when Matt comes over.

All of them showed up later that day with swimming suits and beach towels except for Jane, she was dressed in the shortest pair of jean shorts that showed off the bottom of her ass cheeks and a very revealing tank top and a tote bag which contained her bikini. Zach invited them all inside and told them that they can hop right in and Jane could change in the bathroom. Jane said she would in a little bit while the guys ran for the pool and jumped in making two gargantuan sized waves.

“Damn you look good” Zach said to Jane. They always said stuff like that to each other but it didn’t mean anything.

“Same to you, sexy beast” Jane replied.

They both laughed and Zach lead her out to the pool area. Matt and Greg were splashing and trying to drown one another. Jane went to the side of the shallow end, crouched down and put her hand into the water to see how warm it was. Zach’s eyes followed down to the green thong that was showing. Zach instantly got rock hard. Jane turned around and looked at Zach and noticed that he was staring. He noticed too and instantly turned red in the face. Jane just smiled and walked over to talk to Matt and Greg.
Zach’s boner didn’t go down after three minutes and that’s when he knew what he was going to do. He went up into his room and got his camera. The camera was a pretty small one that could be concealed easily. He went into the family bathroom and put it behind the towels hanging on the towel rack. The plan was to set it to record so that he could see Jane changing into her bikini. He made sure that the camera angle would pick up the whole room and was satisfied that it would. He went up to his room to change into his swimming trunks.

Zach went back outside by the pool area and saw that Greg, Matt and Jane were all talking at the metal table that was next to the chairs and pool. Zach needed to see Jane change into her bikini and knew he needed to convince everyone to go back into the pool.

“Let’s do some cool tricks off of the diving board” he suggested

“Sounds good to me” Matt and Greg replied.

Jane looked un-amused by this suggestion and replied “Let’s have races from one end of the pool to the other”

Zach didn’t care what they did as long as she changed into her bikini. Matt and Greg said that would be fun and instantly jumped into the pool. Jane said she would be right back because she needed to change. Jane walked into the house and into the family bathroom that had the camera. Zach waited until Jane came back into the pool area before he went back to check the camera. Jane walked back into the pool area in the most revealing bikini Zach had ever seen. The top was white and had to have been at least 2 sizes too small for her breasts because they were almost falling out. The bottom of the bikini matched the white top and was too small also, the front showing a little of her camel toe and the back rode up into her ass crack and showed off a lot of her ass cheeks. Zach also noticed that there were no tan lines anywhere which made him hard to know that she tans naked. Zach put a towel over his lap to hide his raging hard on. Jane jumped into the pool and started to taunt Matt and Greg about how she could swim the fastest of all of them.

“Why don’t you come on in Zach?” asked Jane.

“I have to go to the bathroom” replied Zach.

“Why do you that have that towel over your lap? Hiding your boner?”

“Shit! She totally knows!” Zach thought to himself. Jane smiled a devious smile and winked, turned around and started laughing and saying she was joking. Relief washed over Zach as his boner died down, and he walked inside. He made sure everyone was in the pool so that no one would come in and interrupt him. He walked to the bathroom and hit stop on the camera. Zach bolted up into his room, jittery with excitement. He sat in front of his computer and plugged the tiny cameras USB cable into his computer and clicked on the video.

Zach was amazed at how well his plan worked out; his eyes were glued to the screen as he saw Jane walk into the bathroom. Zach was already hard and took his penis out and put it in his hand. He started slowly stroking his hard cock to the image on the screen. Jane had taken off her top to reveal her 34B breasts that were held in by a green bra.” The same color as her thong!” Zach exclaimed out loud. Pre cum was already leaking out of his 8 inch cock. Jane removed her green bra which revealed her perfect pink tits to Zach. Zach had never see a girl his own age’s tits before and the thought that he was now observing the hottest sophomore’s tits made him really excited. Jane was now taking off her shorts that were way too short for her. Zach could now see the green thong he had seen when she was bending over. The thong was very lacy and he could see through it a little bit. Zach was eager to see what was under the green thong. Jane then slowly removed her underwear to reveal her tight shaven pussy. At the sight of Jane’s pussy Zach came instantly, spraying strings of cum all over his hand. Zach went to get tissues and cleaned off his hand. After he was done he was still just as hard as he was 10 minutes ago. He watched more of the video with the intent of cumming again. On the computer screen it showed Jane standing in front of the camera she couldn’t see, stripping for the boy who wanted to fuck her. Zach’s eyes were still focused on the computer screen when Jane turned around revealing her perfectly tanned, tight ass. Jane then bent over to pick up her bikini bottoms but as she did Zach could see a perfect view of her tight pink asshole and the lips of her pussy. Zach was amazed that he had gotten to see this much of her body in the span of 2 minutes. After Jane was done changing into her white bikini she put her bra and green thong into the tote bag she brought her bikini in.

Zach watched the clip again to take in all details and saved it into his secret porn folder hidden in his computer. Zach remembers the night him and Greg had a sleepover and they were talking about girls they would fuck. That conversation eventually escalated into them telling each other things they masturbate to. Greg had told Zach that he had sniffed his girlfriend’s underwear one time and wrapped them around his dick. Zach thought Greg was crazy until he told him how awesome the smell and the felling of the panties were. Zach thought to himself that he would try that the next time he had the chance. Zach now had that chance.

Zach ran down the stairs, checked outside to make sure everyone was still in the pool, then grabbed Jane’s tote bag and brought it back into his room. He slowly opened the bag and looked inside. She had he socks, mp3 player, headphones, lipstick, tampon and her wallet in there. Zach dug through it and found the thing he was looking for. He held the green thong up to his eyes. Zach was rock hard as he felt the crotch of the underwear; they were damp! Zach went nuts; he put the crotch of the thong up to his nose and took a deep inhale. The scent of Jane’s pussy sent Zach over the edge, he immediately took out his cock and started furiously stroking it. Zach needed more than just the smell of the thong. He began to roll his tongue on the damp spot of the thongs and taking in the sweet taste. Zach felt his orgasm building, he took the panties from his mouth and put them in front of his penis head. Zach felt his orgasm rushing towards him, he put his penis in the crotch of the thong and blew his load. There was a huge shot of cum that landed right over where her pussy would lie when she put the thong back on. Zach put the thong back into her tote bag, went downstairs and put the bag where he had found it then went outside and jumped in the pool.

Everyone was having a good time swimming and when Zach’s parents got home they decided to invite Matt, Gregg and Jane’s parents over too for drinks and swimming. The parents arrived shortly after, but by that time Matt, Greg and Zach were tired of swimming and wanted to play videogames. Jane on the other hand was enjoying talking to all the parents about various things and decided to stay at the pool while the guys went to Greg’s house to play videogames.

They guys entered Greg’s very large house and raided his fridge for various food items. They brought the food upstairs into Greg’s room. Greg asked who wanted to play him in a baseball game and Matt replied that he wanted to. Zach didn’t mind because he didn’t like baseball. Zach really likes cats and thought he would go try to find where Greg’s cat Stephanie was at. Greg said that she would probably be in Jane’s room and that Zach should look in there.

Zach walked out of Greg’s room into the hallway and into Jane’s room. Jane’s room was like any other teenage girls room. There were pictures of boy bands and hot teenage boy actors. The walls were painted a light blue and a window next to a white desk. Jane’s bed was against the farthest wall; next to it were a mirror and a nightstand with a glass of water on it. In the middle of the bed sat the cat Stephanie. Zach walked over and started to pet it. It then occurred to Zach where he was. He looked at the closet door that was right next to Jane’s bed. He got up and slowly opened the closest door and hoped that Matt and Greg wouldn’t hear it. He went into the closet but couldn’t see anything because the room was dark, Zach didn’t want to chance turning on a light. Zach turned on his phone and used the light from the screen to see. He made his way towards her hamper and looked at what was in there. He saw a red sweatshirt, a pink shirt, a few socks, and a pair of jeans. He looked into the jeans and saw a nice pair of purple panties. He took out the panties and started sniffing them, he noticed they were a little warm and had an even bigger damp spot than the thong. Zach thought that maybe she had been rubbing her shaven cunt in these panties and then came over to his house to go swimming earlier. Zach already had a boner from the excitement of looking through all her dirty underwear and once again took out his cock and started stroking it while licking the huge damp spot in the middle of the crotch.

Zach was furiously stroking his cock when he heard the door to Jane’s room open. Zach panicked, turned off his phone and put the panties back into the hamper. He looked out the closet door and saw Jane walk into her room, to her bed, and begin petting Stephanie who was still lying on her bed. Jane couldn’t see Zach from the inside of the closet because of how dark it was, but he could still see her. Jane was still in her white bikini with her back turned to Zach. Zach still had a raging hard on and stared at her ass as he started to play with himself. Jane started to take off her bottoms and top and was soon completely naked. Zach was on the verge of once again blowing his load but decided to hold it in. He stopped stroking his throbbing cock and just observed Jane and how hot he naked tits, ass and shaven pussy look. Jane went and lied on her bed next to Stephanie and started petting the cat once again. Zach could still see her sitting on the bed completely naked and was still hard as a rock.

Then Jane did something that shocked Zach. She brought her fingers up to her mouth, licked her ring and pointer finger, then brought them both down to her clit, and started rubbing. Zach couldn’t believe what was happening; he was watching the hottest sophomore girl masturbate!

As she was rubbing her clit Zach heard a moan escape from her mouth, she started rubbing faster and harder. More moans came from her mouth as she was pleasuring herself. Jane then took her fingers that were covered in her own juices and flipped her whole body over on the bed. Zach was puzzled as to why she was doing this. With Jane’s perfect 34B tits facing down on the bed she stuck her fingers in her asshole! She then took her other hand and put it under her torso and began to rub her pussy once again while also fingering her tight pink asshole. Zach was so turned on right now he couldn’t stand it. He needed to touch his throbbing cock but didn’t want to make too much noise and give away his presence. Jane let out a really loud moan, flipped back over right side up, and removed her fingers from her ass. She took the fingers she used to puncture her ass hole with and licked them clean! She then took those fingers and began rubbing her tight shaven pussy again. A few minutes passed as she continued to do this. Then her whole body began to tense up and she was moaning a lot. Her knees straightened and her whole torso was being raised by her shoulders. She held the position for a few seconds as she let her orgasm take control of her body.

Zach was so turned on right now he couldn’t handle it! He had just watched Jane masturbate and have an orgasm right in front of him! Jane was getting up from her bed and walking towards the closet door. Zach was panicking at the thought of being found in her closest, with a boner after watching her masturbate. Zach hid behind some clothes quickly and waited for her to walk into the closet.
Jane walked into the closet and turned on the lights.

“WHAT THE FUCK?!” Jane said in a very low tone looking directly at Zach hiding behind her clothes.

“Shhhhhh! Please don’t say anything! I’m so sorry! I didn’t know what I was doing! I’m so fucking sorry!”
said Zach in a desperate attempt to convince her not to freak out.

“ What the hell are you doing in my closet and why do you have a boner? Were u touching my underwear

“Wait you know about that?!”

“Of fucking course I did. My thong was still wet and smelled like cum! How the hell did you expect me not to notice?!”

“I don’t know! I just thought it would be hot with my spunk touching your pussy…”

“……Well it did….”

“What? Seriously?!”

“Well ya, I haven’t had a boyfriend in a while, I’ve been extremely horny lately and when I saw you checking me out I got really wet.”

“I thought you didn’t find me attractive, that’s why I never made a move. I know we’ve been friends but I thought that’s all we would ever be.”

“Same here but I don’t know. When I got inside it was obvious you were looking at my thong and then I saw the cum and then I….. Licked it all off.”

Zach couldn’t believe what she just said and now had a full-fledged hard on that he couldn’t hide.

“I see that that turned you on” Jane said in a sexy slow voice as she noticed his boner.

“I guess it did, you should probably help it go down” Zach replied.

“With pleasure”

Jane got down on her knees and removed Zach’s shorts and took his 8 inch cock in her hand.

“Damn this thing is big!”

“Thanks, you look so fucking hot with my cock in your hand”

“Oh ya? How bout when I start sucking on it?
Jane started licking the head of Zach’s penis while stroking it. Zach let out a moan from how good this felt. Jane took the whole head into her mouth and started to wrap her tongue around it. Zach felt so good that he thought he might cum right away. He had to hold it in though or else he would look like a fool. Jane moved her lips lower and lower until she was halfway down the shaft of his cock. Jane was playing with his balls when she deep throated the whole thing! Zach looked down with amazement at how well she was sucking him off.

“You seem experienced with this…” Zach uttered.

Jane didn’t respond, instead she tightened her grip on his balls and made him moan with pleasure.

“I’m gonna cum, I’m gonna cum!” Zach repeated over and over.

Zach grabbed the back of her head and forced it forward. Jane swallowed all 8 inches while she still played with his balls. Zach’s knees began to stiffen as he blew his load into the back of Jane’s throat. Jane took Zach’s cock out of her mouth and swallowed every last drop of his spunk.

“Now that you came, I want to. Fuck me in the ass first.” Said Jane.

Zach didn’t say anything back. Instead he pulled her over to the bed, spread her legs apart and knelt down to look at her tight pink asshole. He grabbed her perfectly tanned ass cheeks and spread them, he then extended his tongue and began to lick his asshole. Jane moaned loud and told him to keep going. Zach said no. He took his cock in his hand and began to inch it into her asshole. It was a really tight fit but it felt so good how it was gripping his cock. He slowly stuck it in, inch by inch until it was half way.

“Oooooh, god that feels so good. Stop there, that’s as far as I can go”

Zach didn’t care, he wanted to stretch her tight hole to the limit, he began to push it in even further until he got all 8 inches in and Jane was begging him to stop but at the same time asking for more. He pulled his throbbing cock out to about half way and thrusted it back in with a great force. Jane cried out for more and he kept repeating that until she was saying it hurts.

“That’s enough Zach, my hole cant take anymore. Fuck my tight little cunt, I know I saw you checking out my camel toe. God damn that made me so wet.”

Zach flipped her on her back and looked at her shaven pussy. He knelt down and began to eat her out.

“Oh my god that feels so good! Keep going!”

Zach loved the sweet taste of her pussy, it was even better than licking her purple panties or her green thong. He kept eating her out until she pushed his head in even closer to her pussy. He knew she was going to cum but he wanted to make her cum by fucking her cunt hole. He pulled his head away fomr her pussy and stood up. He positioned his throbbing cock in front of her tight fuck hole.

“God damn fuck my pussy Zach! I want to cum so bad! Make me squirt!”

Zach didn’t believe what he had just heard.

“You squirt?”

“Sometimes, see if you can make me” she said with a sinister smile on her face.

Zach loved seeing girls squirt online and wanted to make a girl squirt really bad. He buried his 8 inch cock into her pussy inch by inch. He thrust his cock in and out until she was panting from the amount of pleasure he was giving her.

“Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god” she kept saying.
He knew she was close to having her orgasm and so was he. He needed to make her squirt though. He kept thrusting his hard cock in and out of her pussy and then started rubbing her clit. This drove Jane completely off the edge. She let out a loud scream.


Zach thrusted in and out a few more times then took waited for the cunt juices to come rushing out. The squirt not having enough room to make it around Zach’s cock sprayed every where, including on Jane’s face. The sight of Jane, the girl Zach thought he could never get, the hottest sophomore girl, the envy of every girl and guy, the girl he just watched strip down and masturbate covered in her own squirt drove him over the edge. With 4 final thrusts, he blew another load deep into her pussy.

Jane and Zach lay on Jane’s bed both panting. A mixture of Zach’s spunk, and Jane’s cunt juices were oozing out of her once tight pussy. Zach’s boner went completely flaccid in a few minutes.
Jane and Zach both got dressed kissed passionately and looked at each other.

“What does this mean?” Asked Zach

“It means you can come over any time and fuck the shit out of me” Replied Jane and adding a sexual wink.

Zach went back into Greg’s room and sat on his bed and watched them play their baseball game.

“What the fuck were you doing in there dude?” asked Greg.

“I was petting Stephanie for a while then your sister came in and we just talked about school and shit. I kept
trying to leave but you know her, miss chatty. “ replied Zach

“Ya I hear you man.”

Later that night Zach was getting undress when he noticed something in the back of his shorts. He felt inside the back pocket and felt something fabric feeling. He took out the mysterious item and examined it. it was the green thong that Jane had worn earlier that day.

The end. Let me know what you thought of it and leave me comments.

Thanks for reading!

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Very good but a little too short

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Very good but a little too short

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