Hey guys I am going to write about some of my more memorable sexual experiences. I am currently sixteen years old and feel I have a good body that is reasonably toned with a height of 5 ft 11”. I have dirty blonde hair with baby blue eyes. Oh and my name is Danny. I am from a far away land called Scotland (land of the whiskey, land of the drunks) Anyway this is my first story ever and It only seems fitting that it is of my first experience ,I would also appreciate any constructive criticism.
This is 100% True.

It was just a regular Wednesday afternoon and my only thought was to try and reach the weekend. I was thirteen and one hell of a lot smaller than I am now. However my mood lightened when I met up with one of my best friends called Louis. Louis was quite good looking with brown hair that had a sort of Justin Bieber look however it did suit him so no one gave him any grief for it. He also had blue eyes. As soon as he saw me he smiled.
“Hey Louis hows you”
“Not to bad Danny, I was meaning to ask you do you want to stay at mine this weekend”
“Yeah definitely”
“Great you will have to catch the bus with me but I will see you at cadets tonight”
(When I refer to cadets it’s a youth organisation called the Army cadet force which is quite popular in Scotland)
I spent the rest of the week waiting to go to Louis’. Eventually Friday came and me and Louis were on the bus and we started play wrestling and needless to say I got a semi and I think I saw Louis looking so I just laughed and got on with it.

We arrived at his house and we had the typical teenage sleepover, play Xbox and such like. Eventually his parents came through telling us that they were going to bed and not to stay up to late. Half an hour later Louis asks me if I want to have a shower so I agreed and we both went to share a shower (we weren’t all awkward about it because we went to Army Cadets and shared communal showers, which was great). We got to the bathroom and Louis was already taking off his clothes as was I, but I got quite a big shock when he removed his boxers as he had a hardon and it was throbbing “Sorry not wanked in a while” said Louis. I just dismissed it (getting slightly hard myself) and walked in. We were so close, closer than in the communal showers at cadets and whenever he moved his dick would rub against my body and I knew that he was doing it on purpose. Louis just said “Man I’m so horny” so I replied with “Well em do you want me to take care of it”. He was silent for a minute and I thought he was gonna start shouting but he just said “Yeah sure go for it”. I was in such disbelief here was my best friend with a 4.5 inch (big for his age) alright with me jacking off. I wasted no time in grabbing his dick and I started to pump it slowly. I then licked the palm of my hand and massaged his bell end with my palm, his entire body shook and he started to breath heavily. I look up to see his face looking at the ceiling with his eyes closed moaning softly. Louis then whispered in a state of rapture “Danny…. Please suck me off”, I didn’t hesitate in doing so and placed the head in my mouth slowly massaging it with my tongue. He was in a complete state of euphoria. I then started to take his entire cock in my mouth bobbing up and down until he announced that he was gonna come so I sped up until he came two ropes into my mouth and his cum tasted soo good. Louis slid down the wall still semi hard onto the floor of the shower breathing heavily, “Danny that was amazing”, when I looked down at him I will swear that he was the most beautiful thing I have ever seen, the water from the shower with the warm water cascading onto him and running down his amazing body, and how happy he looked, he wasn’t ashamed he was actually excited.

“Come with me”, he took me by the hand and led me to his bedroom and pushed me onto his bed and started to kiss me passionately. He slowly moved down my body to my 4 inch cock and started to lick my dick and then started bobbing up and down on my dick until I cant take it anymore and not even saying I was going to cum I erupted my seed into his mouth and he took it all and swallowed it. He then flipped me over and started to lick the outside of my tight pink hole carefully darting his tongue over my hole. Teasing me. I almost shouted “” Come on Louis just fuck me”. He was more than happy to comply and started to finger me and then spitting on my hole until it was so lubed up I thought I could shove anything in there. He then began to penetrate me, I will admit it was so painful, it felt like a knife was entering me, so I moaned softly but he continued until he was fully inside of me. He then just went crazy and started fucking me really hard, pain turned to pleasure and I was in ecstasy. Louis whispered loving things to me and I replied with moans of pleasure. After 15 minutes of fucking he came in my ass hitting my prostate which put me 100 miles ahead of the point of no return and I came all over his bed sheets. We collapsed onto his bed and just held each other. He fell asleep quickly and I looked at him and felt the happiest I have ever been.

Sorry It was so long but It was an experience I will never forget and I didn’t want to leave anything out.

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2014-09-21 16:11:58
WOW! I loved it, I'm so horny now wanting a hard cock in my ass as well


2013-01-06 02:04:17
A hot story that got my imagination going but what put me off was your intro more or less alleging all us Scots are drunk on whisky all the time

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2012-02-19 17:56:22
i would like to shower together with a guy

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2012-02-19 17:55:40
i would like to shower together with a guy

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2012-02-02 17:59:32
It wasn't long at all. Great story. To the point and believable.

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