I hate having a hard-on in class…
I hate having a hard-on in class…
My name is Chris. I am seventeen, five foot five, and I have brown hair and brown eyes. Normally I am the only one paying attention in class, mostly because I am a sponge that craves knowledge, but lately AP Macroeconomics is the last thing on my mind.
Her name is Jude, a transfer student from Tennessee. She is quiet, pale, and dresses in the anti-government gothic clothing that everyone from the South just “loves.” Personally I have no idea what it is about her that puts me in a trance, but in the past two weeks, I’ve only thought of her.
“Chris, what’s the answer to number four? … Hey Chris?” someone said pulling me back into reality.
“Huh?” I turn to see the confused redhead, Tammy. “O um… cooperate income growth.” I lied, but thankfully Tammy wasn’t the sharpest tool in the shed and went back to work without questioning.
After forty-five minutes the lunch bell rang and most of the class evacuated. The only two left, bless my luck, where Jude and I. She was still working on the hand-out we got at the beginning of class and I, being the gentlemen that I am, went over to help.
“Son of a bitch” she muttered under her breath, “where the hell is the answ-”
“Need any help?” I said scaring the crap out of Jude, making her jump out of the seat. Hitting the ground hard, her legs spread apart showing her panty-less crotch. My eyes locked onto her pussy, causing my cock to get rock hard.
“WHAT THE HELL! DON’T DO THAT AGA-” she looked up and then down following the path of my eyes, “WHATS YOUR DEAL PERVERT? SCARING ME JUST TO GET A LOOK AT MY CROTCH!?”
Realizing what I’m doing and I started to blush immediately. “I-I”
My face goes even redder and my dick gets harder. “I just-”
“JUST WANTED TO SEE IF YOU NEEDED HELP!” I blurted out, getting really embarrassed when my voice echoes of the walls, “… you know…since I’m a “genius” and all…”
“Oh…” it was her turn to blush.
The room got quiet for, what felt like, five minutes. It was Jude who broke the quiet. “ so… um… still wanna help?”
“Well after that explosion, economics might not be the right help.”
“How about after school we head out to dinner, my treat.” She said, almost blushing, “I could really use some help and we just skipped lunch, so why not?”
“Your treat? Alright I’m in” Just then the bell rang and we took our seats. Class continued the same as usual, but I didn’t pay attention to any of it. I don’t know if it is possible but I didn’t stop blushing all day and my cock wouldn’t stop throbbing.
Once the dismissal bell rang I sprinted out to the parking lot to wait for Jude. My heart shattered as I found her, she was surrounded by Barbie doll want-to-bee girls. Each one of them tried to out-do the other, saying the worst shit they could think of.
“O look at this girl, I didn’t know that white trash and Satanism went together!”
“Don’t hurt her, she’d like that! Emo, punk-ass, bitch!”
“You know, she probabl-”
“GO HELL!” I screamed, “YOU SAY ONE MORE WORD I’LL KICK THE SILICON OUT OF YA’LL!” without hesitation, or thinking, I slapped the head bitch, causing the rest to scramble. “…are you ok?” I asked Jude, only getting a light sobbing sound. Without any words, I took her into my arms.
“Thank you,” she muffled though my chest.
Not waiting for another word I leaded forward, kissing her lips softly. First she started out shy, but as our tongues met, the passion rose. While our exploring each other’s mouths, my hands searcher her body, eventually settling on her delicious ass.
Squeezing my throbbing cock Jude whispered into my ear, “Follow me.” Following her trace, I was led into the back seat of her car. Jude pounced onto me, locked her lips to mine, and ripped off my shirt.
I pulled off her black T-shirt only to find no bra. Of course, I thought to myself, why wear a bra if you don’t have panties? My lips latched on to one of her fully erect nipples, causing her to moan loudly and develop larger red hickeys across her breasts. In the process of doing this my hands must have unbuttoned her skirt on their own because I already had three fingers buried deep within her tight pussy. Jude bucked her hips, forcing my fingers to drive deeper into her. When I pulled them out I swear I heard her whine. “You love it don’t you?”
Jude tried to respond but right when she opened her mouth, my lips had already made their point. They started with just a kiss on her clit, but their hunger took over and my tongue explores every juicy part of her pussy. Everywhere from her outer lips to her hidden away g-spot was devoured. Every breath I made caused a moan and every lick a scream. I had officially lost control of my body, and I love it.
“I-I’m CUMMING!!!!!” Jude screamed throughout her car. Her legs clamped down and squeezed my head against her soaked pussy, not that I complained.
Without a chance to catch her breath, I pulled out my seven inch cock and penetrated. My slow rhythm didn’t last long before Jude pushed me on my back. Mounting me she rode me cock like a wild boar, thick and wild. With every buck, she gave a push, trying desperately to keep control. My cock slammed her insides with enough force to punch a hole in a basketball, but we didn’t care , it was heaven.
“UGH!” Jude managed through her screams, “IM…..CUMMING…..AGAIN!!” Her pussy clamped hard around my cock and if she wasn’t already soaked, it probably would’ve stopped dead in its tracks.
My balls began to tingle and the cum started to rise through my shaft. “HERE IT COMES!” I warned as I pulled out and seamen shot all over her savory body. My body collapsed onto hers with the only sound being our deep breaths.
“…So…” I said breaking the silence, “Is dinner still your treat?” Jude smiled and kissed me.

Author’s Notes
This is my first story ever and hot damn is it harder than I thought to write a story. Please tell me what you think and what I can work on, I won’t get mad. Any critic is good critic and with enough of them eventually I’ll improve. Thanks for reading!

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2012-03-24 08:53:05
Not too bad . Yes writing is a pain but do it for fun and you'll get better .:)

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2012-03-24 08:34:02
Not too bad . Yes writing is a pain but do it for fun and you'll get better .:)

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2012-01-22 01:21:33
Good start but I say build up some anticipation, not just go straight for it. Helps develop the plot that way, and makes fora better (longer) story too.

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2012-01-22 00:27:30
I find that it is also hard to write so many good ideas for stories just have trouble putting it down on paper.
Hey the storyline was good but there were places where mistakes were made. Just proofread. Other than that continue with the story. I tend to like stories that deal with outcasts nerds, geeks, emos, punks, hippies, etc.


2012-01-21 23:10:11
If you are reading this and it has way too many question marks/ where you would normally put a comma please let me know. on my ipad it has this problem but on my comp it doesn't

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